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Everyone knows that girls just gotta shop. But sometimes guys do too. I hope that you'll see something that grabs your patriotic spirit, and order from my always expanding catalogue of Americana Art. A portion of ALL proceeds go to my favorite non-profit organization, Move America Forward. Check in often for more Americana Art coming up in the near future. And if you have a design that you think will sell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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American Mourning
American Mouring Book
Touched by War & Torn by Beliefs - A Story of Two Families
The bodies of Casey Sheehan and Justin Johnson lie in the dirt of their hometowns. Justin's final resting place is decorated with handmade flags and miniature Uncle Sams. Casey's has no marker to tell the world that he lived, fought, and died a hero. This is their story. The story of American Mourning.
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Dog Tags
Dog Tags
Support the cause! Wear your love for Freedom!
Actual Size: H 2" x W 1"

Dog Tags come with a 24" ball chain and are machine finished metal with enamel in-lays. They're black and white, with red enamel. $12.00   Free Shipping