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From Melanie Morgan, KSRO Morning Show Host and Move America Forward Co-Founder:

Hello Everybody,

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well around the world, and in my corner, too! Our care package donation drive got off to a sour start shortly after Thanksgiving when a thief struck our donation bins at the Veterans Building in Santa Rosa, California.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's office, assisted by Sgt. Cecile Focha, launched a replacement drive that far exceeded my wildest imagination. KSRO Radio and all of the fine folks around Sonoma County can be proud of the effort going towards making sure our military men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and West Africa are going to receive care packages in time for Christmas and beyond. Move America Forward, a non-profit 501(c) 3 that sends packages year round is profoundly grateful to everyone involved, especially to Terra Vina Restaurants who also donated $500.00 plus a $100.00 check from one of their employees.

Thank you everyone,


From Sgt. Cecile Focha and the Sheriff's Office with the final tally...

North Coast Truck Inspections $ 200 - check to be mailed to MFA (doubled the donation I expected)

Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs' Association - $500 (maybe even more) check to be mailed to MFA

Personal check from SCSO member - $100 to be mailed to MFA

Biagi Brothers Trucking $ 500 - used for purchase of the truckload of items

Carla Miller Skincare $ 100 - used for purchase of the truckload of items

Gary Breazeale (pronounced Brazil) owner of Breazeale’s Automotive - picked up items at Coscto with me, stored the goods, helped repackage into boxes and used his truck for transport (for three days – what a guy!)

Gina Follansbee service manager of Auto Life Center - rallied friends and clients to donate hundreds of items (amazing people!!)

Ken Bauer DDS - donated a box full of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and other dental hygiene items

Deputies of all ranks and civilian staff members of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office - items, cash toward purchases, letters of support

My son James took the day off to do last minute pick-ups and load the final donations into the Breazeale truck (had to keep it all dry until Jim Dutra of Move America Forward showed up!)

There was so much stuff donated that it filled the bed of the truck to the top of the camper shell and I had to put some things inside the cab. The bed of the truck holds 36 square feet -it was packed full of the boxed items. I am sure that we exceeded the two stolen bins. There was thousands of dollars worth loaded into the Jim’s trailer and heading back to Sacramento to the capable hands of the Scout Troops for packaging.

I couldn’t be more proud of the outpouring of support demonstrated by my fellow Deputies, co-workers, private businesses and the citizens of Sonoma County. We showed that our spirit will not be damped by the actions of a thief. The men and women of the armed forces are not forgotten and Sonoma County supports them – today and everyday – until they come home!

What a happy ending!!

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You might be wondering why I haven't been a regular poster recently. Let me explain: I have a new(ish) job at KSRO Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those who are only casual followers (and I know who you are) I voluntarily resigned my job at KSFO in San Francisco over a year ago. I wasn't happy there, and I decided to take an early retirement. I was all set-up to travel around the world with my fabulous husband Jack, and continue my volunteer work with Move America Forward, the largest pro-troops, grassroots group in the country. But my friend Michael O'Shay at KSRO called up and said "let's meet." The next thing I know is I'm the News Director and Morning Show Host, with editiorial control over the 3-hour long program and beyond. I could not be happier. In fact, I would say this is probably the most inspiring time of my professional career, or at least for many many years. I get to work with Jim Murphy, the Operations Manager for the Sonoma Media Group, Lawrence Amaturo, owner of SMG, and of course Michael, one of the finest broadcasters in the business. For those of you who remember Lee Rodgers, Melanie Morgan and Officer Vic, thanks for all your support over the years. Lee passed away two years ago, but Officer Vic and I have re-united at KSRO 1350 AM and 103.5 FM and we are having a blast. Check us out on our stream if you don't live in the area and click on the listen live button.

In the meantime, I'll throw up some fun pictures that we've shot in the past 8 months. Any questions? Drop me a line.

xoxo, Mel

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It looks like Code Pink activist Madea Benjamin of Berkeley is still stuck in the last decade. She busted into an event in Washington in which Former Vice President Dick Cheney was speaking, alongwith his daughter and wife Lynne. Protestors heckled the Cheney family, calling Cheney a 'war criminal'. Cheney defended the Bush Administration's decision to invade Iraq more than a decade ago saying, "I believed in it then. I look back on it now - it was absolutely the right thing to do." Cheney's wife Lynne brushed off the interruption, joking, "I wondered why the line (to the event) was so long."

(My last encounter with CodePink organizer Madea Benjamin in 2005)


300k and still counting, exceeding our goal for care packages for our troops at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley! Thank you!