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In Defense of Sean Hannity

by Melanie Morgan

The left-wing media is engaged in an attempt of character assassination against Sean Hannity, as part of their effort to try and destroy Fox News Channel.  

Let me speak unequivocally to this point:  I stand with Sean Hannity 100% and these terrible, awful accusations are completely malicious, reprehensible smears by the left-wing media to try and bring down a good and decent man.   I have known Sean for 18 years and every situation, whether working with him or watching him with others I have found him a  decent, kind, honest and professional person when dealing with everyone. That includes man, woman or even unhinged Leftists. 

The Left has hoped and prayed that Fox News could somehow be stopped in the ratings, but given their failure to accomplish that task are now resorting to character assassination.

So desperate is the Left to try and play the smear-and-destroy card on Sean Hannity that they had to resort to dredging up wild accusations from a woman whose career has consisted of one malicious attack after another.   The woman attacking Sean Hannity has attacked Sarah Palin ( ),  Steven Crowder (, Free Republic ( and repeatedly tried to attack Sean Hannity over and over again.  Oh, and she went after me the last time I defended Sean Hannity from one of her insane attacks ( ).

Seriously, folks - is this the best the Left can come up with in their brazen effort to try and take out the conservatives at Fox News Channel, one-by-one?

Well,  this is a bridge too far.  It's one thing that this concerted attack by the Left are trying to destroy a television network (Fox News), but I will not sit back silently and let ANYONE destroy the reputation, career and family life of a good and honorable man like Sean Hannity.

While hypocrites in the liberal media have been paying women less than men for the same equal work duties (, Sean Hannity has been out there for years actively supporting the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.

Sean Hannity has raised millions of dollars for pro-troop charities.  He has invested in personal time, heart and energy into supporting the men and women who risk their lives to keep this great nation safe and free.

Sean has inspired millions of viewers and listeners to engage in the political process to help Make America Great Again.

And if you try and tear him down you're going to have to go through his millions of viewers and listeners, AND ME, first.  Because we have his back, we support Sean Hannity, and we're not going to let you try and smear and destroy this great man's reputation.

Melanie Morgan

Radio Talk Show Host, Journalist, Independant TV Producer

Is the Marin County District Attorney Soft on Crime?

I have to say my week hasn’t been real great.
IMG 0269
Tuesday started off pleasantly enough as my girlfriends and I were enjoying a leisurely afternoon hiking the hills of Marin County, talking mainly about addiction and its devastating effects on some of our friends and family. Then imagine my surprise coming home to see my car being winched onto the flatbed tow truck at San Marin Drive and Simmons Lane, smashed to pieces by a drunk driver.
But what happened next was even more shocking.
Being a reporter, of course I had to find out very stitch of information that was publicly available. I went to the Novato police department the following day and asked for the official police report. I learned that young man who lives with his girlfriend and her mother not far from my house, was arrested for the three car pile-up that totaled my car, and stands accused of being way past the legal limit. Sgt. Nicholas Frey, Novato’s Traffic Sergeant, told me at the scene that the suspect blew .16 or higher on the breath test. He was staggering around, slurring his words, and even his girlfriends’ poor dog wasn’t immune from his drunken behavior (the dog escaped from the car after it finally came to a stop on Sumac Court and was taken away by Marin Human Society officers.)
What I find stunning is that this person had FOUR previous convictions for DUI, (there is some disagreement between the police and DA’s office whether is it two or four previous convictions.) Regardless, he was involved in a felony hit-and-run in Sacramento and his license has been suspended. He is required to have an ignition lock. The report stated he had taken his girlfriends car while she was at work, and his girlfriend actually KNEW he was taking her car and driving on a suspended license.
So ….here’s my question.
I was getting a very bad feeling about my situation. Thursday I marched down to the District Attorney’s office and demanded to see a Crime Victim Advocate. I got a nice woman named Donna who took my name and phone phone. Twenty minutes later I got a call from ADA Matthew Jacobs.
“Mrs. Swanson, I’ve been assigned to your case, but only temporarily. Someone else will be taking over next week,” began the soft-spoken young lawyer.
I replied “Mr. Jacobs, thanks for calling. But I think I’m fairly sure I know what you are going to tell me. You are going to regretfully inform me that the District Attorney’s office is going to offer the accused a plea bargain. Please tell me I’m wrong.”
Mr. Jacobs confirmed my worst fear.
“Well, it’s the law in California that we have to offer a plea bargain in 99.9 percent of cases, except for violent crimes.”
I could feel the bile in the back of my throat rising. “Mr. Jacobs, my husband is an attorney, my father was an attorney, and I’m a journalist. Please don’t insult me. I seriously doubt whether there is a law stating you have to offer a plea bargain. I know there is prosecutorial discretion. And I’m telling you what I want. I want you to prosecute this man to the fullest extent of the law, and then I want mandatory alcohol treatment. That’s what I’m telling you as the victim of this crime. And I’m also telling you, and you already know it, that this guy is a ticking time bomb and a serious danger to our community. So, please do the right thing. Save this man from himself and save all of us from him.”
I guess Mr. Jacobs overlooked this great tool called the Internet (thanks Al Gore!) because we used it to look up the minimum and maximum penalties for a third and subsequent DUI conviction. Assuming no bodily injury or death from the DUI the minimum penalty is:
   -a $390 fine plus over $1,000 in ordinary penalty assessments, plus other assessments for a total of $1,800
   -120 days in jail for a third offense, 180 days for a fourth offense and
   -revocation of your driver’s license for three years (third offense) or four years (fourth offense) and completion of a 30-month multi-offender program to get your license back.
   The maximum penalties for a third and fourth offense within ten years are as follows: $5,000 fine plus over $13,000 in penalty assessments for a total of $18,000, one year in jail for a third offense, 16 months in state prison for a fourth offense, if charged as a felony, impoundment of your vehicle for up to 90 days or even forfeiture and loss of your vehicle, revocation of your drivers license for three years (third offense) or four years (fourth offense) and a 30-month alcohol program before getting your license restored.
My friend who is a retired police Lt. says that if you are convicted of a third DUI are a Super Duece, or one bad hombre.
But Matthew Jacobs, the Marin County ADA assigned to my case (But-Not-for-Long!!!) didn’t mention ANY of these possibilities. In fact, he discussed maybe a little bit of jail time and some fines, but promised he would push REAL HARD for alcohol treatment, but it would NOT be mandatory, because you know, some people won’t get help even when it is offered.
I hope to be answer that question myself as I go through this process with the judicial system. I’ll keep you informed.

BREAKING NEWS (of a personal sort..)

After more than 30 years of setting an alarm clock for an unbelievably crazy early hour, I have decided to end my reporting and anchoring stint for morning drive radio. I am ready for a new lifestyle, but I don’t exactly know what that looks like yet. I hope it will include lots travel and definitely heaps more time with my husband Jack Swanson, Director of News and Programming at KCBS Radio in San Francisco, who has stoically put up with this crazy schedule of mine for far too long.

This change also means the opportunity to be more involved in my work for Move America Forward, the organization I co-founded in 2005 which advocates for our troops and their missions. We have raised over $4 million dollars for care packages we send to Iraq and Afghanistan where our men and women serve with distinction and honor.

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So many reasons to give thanks. America IS the beautiful

unnamedCelebrities Come Together to Help Raise Over
$300,000 for Charity to Send Military Care Packages

Sacramento, Calif. - The nation's largest grassroots pro-troop organization, Move America Forward has announced their 9th annual Troopathon fundraiser brought in $303,435 to send care packages to troops on the front lines in Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Syria and other areas where troops are deployed as part of the War on Terror.

This year’s Troopathon ended June 23rd and was held at a studio in Sacramento, California where Move America Forward is headquartered. Co-hosts were Rita Cosby, WABC Radio host and Emmy Award-winning TV host, Melanie Morgan, KSRO Radio host and co-founder of Move America Forward, and NewsmaxTV Anchor and Managing Editor John Bachman. Morgan received the Mark Twain Award for Best Special Program in 2006 when she broadcast live “Voices of Soldiers” from one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces during the U.S invasion of Iraq. In 2016 she won the Edward R Murrow and the AP Award for Best Local Newscast. Rita Cosby is a winner of four prestigeous Gracie Awards.

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Sacramento, CA – Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization, announces their 9th star-studded live fundraiser that helps send care packages to American troops deployed in war zones overseas.

In a major boost to this year’s efforts, Troopathon is proud to partner with Newsmax TV and where the program will be seen in its entirety on both platforms. Along with their strong web presence, where they are a go-to source for independent news, Newsmax TV is growing rapidly and now reaches over 40 million cable/satellite homes and subscribers, making this the largest audience to-date to view Troopathon. As in year’s past, it can also be viewed on as well.

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BREAKING: Troopathon lineup is amazing

Great news everyone!

It has been an incredible last couple of days for Troopathon as celebrities from all walk of life are lining up to participate in Troopathon 2016!
We are honored that so many great folks have agreed to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in Troopathon because they understand that we still have tens of thousands of America's bravest men and women in harm's way risking their lives everyday to protect our freedom and safety that deserve our appreciative support.  
Just to name some of the great guests participating in Troopathon are Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Buzz Aldrin, Nancy Grace, Laura Ingraham, Montel Williams, Tony Orlando, Scott Baio, Coach John Harbaugh, Texas Gov, Greg Abbott, Pat Boone, and many, many more.  

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