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For those of you who may have missed this story, the ultra-liberal hit squad ProPublica published a piece last week accusing pro-troop charity Move America Forward essentially of acting as a slush fund for certain TEA Party activists and bilking donors of money. Many folks, particularly in the establishment wing of the party, crowed about this piece as further evidence of what Steve LaTourette alleged about the TEA Party orgs in terms of being grifters.

This one story is but a small part of a coordinated attack by leftists and establishment Republicans that is intended to destroy the ability of TEA Party orgs to raise money.


I am in love with the Robertson family of W. Monroe Louisana. Apparently, I have some company. "Duck Dynesty" was the breakway #1 cable TV show in the country last week, and taking on killer numbers against the networks.

A lot of people are throwing Willie's name in the political arena, and while he says he is interested, he just can't manage a Congressional run right now.


The country needs our camo clad long-haired NON-HIPPIE friend.

“Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson says talk of a possible House bid was news  to him and that he’s “kind of busy right now” to hit the campaign trail.

The A&E reality TV star was responding to a report that GOP strategists  were eyeing him to run for the seat of Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.), who announced  his retirement last week.

“Yeah, I heard today that I was doing that,” Robertson told the hosts of Fox  News Channel’s “The Five” during a Tuesday appearance, “It was very interesting,  yeah, news to me.”

He added, “I’m kind of busy right now. I got a lot going on.”

Robertson, 41, whose family made their  fortune by creating products for duck hunters, was less tight-lipped about his  potential 2016 presidential pick. The Creole State native told “The Five” hosts,  “We’ll see who comes out. I’m curious to know about Jindal. That’s my guy,  Louisiana.” 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has not declared his intention to run for  president in the next election.

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The rumors are true. Melanie Morgan is back in town. After an extended trip to Madrid and London, I am back to home base in Novato, California with a deepened appreciation of the values and liberties of the USA and our delicious American food!


I know, I know. It's quite a shock to discover that the English can't cook. And I'm not a devotee of Tapas either.


in the meantime, I see that the leakers have been super busy discovering that the NSA is spying on the United Nations.


Maybe now the liberals will get up on their high horse a demand action. But I doubt it.


Hi everyone!


I'm off to vacation with my family and I won't be able to answer email for a few days. But I'm thinking about you!



Video: Governor Susana Martinez, "I'll be damned, we're Republicans!"

Video: Governor Susana Martinez, "I'll be damned, we're Republicans!"

Thursday August 30, 2012 - It was a rousing night for freedom-loving women. Governor Susana Martinez, the first female governor of New Mexico and the first female Hispanic governor in the United States, was wonderful and inspiring. How proud to be a Republican woman -- fierce, accomplished and happy. Personal responsibility and individualism never sounded so good.




Don't you just LOVE Ann Romney? I am charmed!

Transcript of Ann Romney’s remarks at the Republican National Convention

Transcript of Ann Romney’s remarks at the Republican National Convention

Wednesday August 29, 2012 - A transcript of Ann Romney’s remarks Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, as provided by the Republican Party:


2012 Republican Convention: Protesters Dressed as Vaginas Greet Delegates (Video)

2012 Republican Convention: Protesters Dressed as Vaginas Greet Delegates (Video)

Tuesday August 28, 2012 - Giant, walking vaginas have descended upon the Republican National Convention.


Original Article
TAMPA — The Republican National Convention opens this week with President Obama and presumptive nominee Mitt Romney running evenly, with voters more focused on Obama’s handling of the nation’s flagging economy than on some issues dominating the political debate in recent weeks. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Romney at 47 percent among registered voters and Obama at 46 percent — barely changed from the deadlocked contest in early July. The findings continue a months-long pattern, with neither the incumbent nor the challenger able to sustain clear momentum, despite airing hundreds of millions of dollars in television ads —
Original Article
Though he enters this week’s Republican National Convention with a decent chance at winning the presidency, Mitt Romney has made some blunders along the way--the most serious of which may be his campaign’s failure thus far to highlight the charm and personality of his wife, Ann. Today’s joint interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday showed Americans what we have been missing--and what an opportunity has been missed. The Romneys are a heartwarming couple, comfortable with themselves and what they have accomplished together, eager to share the hospitality of their home with family and friends.
Original Article
Galvanizing conservatives Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s documentary 2016: Obama's America grossed a stellar $6.3 million as it expanded nationwide over the weekend, beating a trio of three new films. The anti-Barack Obama film, opening last month in only a few theaters, now boasts a domestic cume of $9.2 million, the top gross of the year for a documentary (excluding nature films). Bully was the previous crownholder with $3.5 million. Among other records, Obama's America is now the top conservative documentary of all time, beating out Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ($7.7 million). Obama's America -- promoted heavily on talk radio...

People Who Hate Seatbelt Laws are Buying T-Shirts That Make It Look Like They're Wearing a Seatbelt

People Who Hate Seatbelt Laws are Buying T-Shirts That Make It Look Like They're Wearing a Seatbelt

Monday August 27, 2012 - There's a trend in China where people buy t-shirts that have a black diagonal stripe across the front. That way it looks like they're wearing a seatbelt to a cop . . . and keeps them from getting tickets. And apparently some people over here are doing it too, since the t-shirts are selling on eBay and other places online.

Dirty tricks in Missouri
   Original Article
Most voters like to think that politics — however rough and tumble it may get — is still on the up and up. But the more we know about how Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) won his party’s Senate primary nomination, the more likely it is that Democratic skulduggery played a significant role. Now mortally wounded by his lunatic comments about rape victims, Akin it turns out had a long history of being, well, unpredictably out-there. And Democrats rightfully concluded that the only way to save the sorry butt of Sen. Claire McCaskill — whose resume includes billing the taxpayers

This morning, we have spent FAR too much time discussing turtle sex. Because we can. You can follow the discussion here.

Turtle taped to balloons floats over Calif. city -- WITH VIDEO FOR HUMOR

THE CAT FLAP - Dead Cat Turned into a Helicopter

THE CAT FLAP - Dead Cat Turned into a Helicopter

Tuesday August 21, 2012 - An artist has turned his cat into a flying helicopter after it was killed by a car.


But don't count on it.

The conservative politican from Missouri who uttered controversial remarks about "legitimate rape" won't be around much longer, no matter what he says.



Why Green Attacks Blue

Monday August 20, 2012 - Surely one of the most disconcerting trends in the now nearly eleven-year-old U.S. military expedition in Afghanistan has been the increase in attacks on NATO and especially American military personnel by supposed allies among the Afghan government forces.



Now, We knew this was coming . . . but no matter what we did to prepare, it wasn't enough. Nadya Suleman or... as we know her... the heinous, money hungry, mother of 14 on every form of financial aid possible, OCTOMOM has a new dance song "Sexy Party" hit the Web yesterday, and it's GOD-AWFUL.

Listen to this ear bleeder here:

LINDSAY LOHAN wore a really loose, backless "shirt" that exposed some major side-boob.

KIM KARDASHIAN posted some new bikini photos of herself . . . and also a couple non-nude outtakes from her "Playboy" shoot in 2007.


The "National Enquirer" claims that KRISTEN STEWART is living on what we could probably call the LINDSAY LOHAN DIET:  Cigarettes, Red Bull and potato chips. -"Kristen is grief-stricken and has hit rock-bottom.  In many ways, Kristen living off cigs and Red Bull is a way of punishing herself." - She should be nicer to people and maybe Karma wouldnt be such a you know what....

PRINCE WILLIAM and his Royal Air Force Search and Rescue team saved a drowning girl off the coast of Wales this past Thursday. The 16-year-old girl and her 13-year-old friend were body-boarding when they got caught in a riptide and dragged out to sea.  The younger girl was rescued by a surfer, but the older girl swallowed water and was slowly going under. Prince William's team had just landed its helicopter after completing routine exercises, so they were able to jump right back in and get there in just 38 seconds.

The "Hollywood Reporter" says NICKI MINAJ is "at the top of the list" to join MARIAH CAREY as a judge on "American Idol". Nothing seems imminent yet . . . but if she IS brought onboard, there's a chance WAR could break out. Not between anyone on the show. Instead, it could reignite the old-school COLA WARS between Coke and Pepsi. Nicki has a big endorsement deal with Pepsi . . . while Coca-Cola has a huge sponsorship deal with "Idol". Coke has been partnered with "Idol" since Season One, and reportedly gives the show $26 million per year.

How do you get the General Fund budget reduced?  By transferring spending to off budget line items.

“But the number can be misleading.

While California has cut education and services for the poor, budget writers also have relied on creative revenue streams and accounting maneuvers to move programs off the general fund books rather than cut them.

That has made comparisons difficult and, experts say, contributed to state bookkeeping disparities that have emerged in recent weeks.”

Government is a liar.  The truth is that when ALL expenditures are counted in a fiscal year, California spends approximately $210 billion per year. Wonder if people would vote for a tax increase if they knew the truth?  Oh, we now know about the $11 billion in hidden money, slush funds galore.  Co you trust Jerry Brown to tell you the truth?  Did you really believe Arnold or Gray?

California’s general fund spending has dropped — but that doesn’t tell the whole story


By Kevin Yamamura, Sacramento Bee


“While the general fund has fallen 11 percent since 2007-08, California special fund spending grew more than 47 percent over the same period, from $26.7 billion to $39.4 billion this fiscal year.

The best example of why the general fund total can be misleading is Brown’s “realignment” of nearly $6 billion in former state general fund programs to local governments. To shift those responsibilities, the state last year created new special fund accounts



Friday August 17, 2012 - From Miss Melanie's report! Sexy photos of famous people, Green Day's new song and more!


The Ladies of KSFO and Their Fashion Sense

The Ladies of KSFO and Their Fashion Sense

Friday August 17, 2012 - Mel is wearing a #19 Trouble Jersey... and of course its ORANGE FRIDAY... but Katie Green MADE her shirt!



Gov. Brewer’s Executive Order Blocks IDs, Benefits for Illegal Aliens Granted Obama Amnesty

Gov. Brewer’s Executive Order Blocks IDs, Benefits for Illegal Aliens Granted Obama Amnesty

Thursday August 16, 2012 - After a day of lawlessness, with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens lining up across the nation to apply for Obama’s “deferred action” amnesty plan, and with spineless politicians cowering in the shadows, it took an Arizonan to stand up to Obama once again.


Gov. Brewer’s Executive Order Blocks IDs, Benefits for Illegal Aliens Granted Obama Amnesty

Gov. Brewer’s Executive Order Blocks IDs, Benefits for Illegal Aliens Granted Obama Amnesty

Thursday August 16, 2012 - After a day of lawlessness, with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens lining up across the nation to apply for Obama’s “deferred action” amnesty plan, and with spineless politicians cowering in the shadows, it took an Arizonan to stand up to Obama once again.


Obama: I Don't Think Anyone Would Suggest I've Tried To Divide The Country

Obama: I Don't Think Anyone Would Suggest I've Tried To Divide The Country

Thursday August 16, 2012 - We're going around the country, talking about, ‘How do we put people back to work? How do we improve our schools? How do we make sure that we're producing American energy? How do we lower our debt in a responsible way?' And I don't think you or anybody who's been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country. We've always tried to bring the country together,"


MAN TACKLES SUSPECT AND HOLDS HIM FOR CHP --- Katie Green's Best Friend is a HERO!!!

MAN TACKLES SUSPECT AND HOLDS HIM FOR CHP --- Katie Green's Best Friend is a HERO!!!

Thursday August 16, 2012 - Yesterday, following a car robbery, police pursuit and an accident, BRIAN CASEY tackled the suspect and held him until police arrived!




Wednesday August 15, 2012 - This is today's funny clip! Make sure you check back EVERY DAY for that day's funny clip!


President Obama is working to win over Iowa, one beer at a time Obama in Iowa: One beer - one vote

President Obama is working to win over Iowa, one beer at a time Obama in Iowa: One beer - one vote

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - Four more beers? President Obama is using the ubiquitous brew to connect with voters during his three-day swing through the Hawkeye State. --- And a few photos of the President enjoying a few... or a bunch... of brews.




Wednesday August 15, 2012 - By our friend Tom Del Beccaro


Joe Biden Told Supporters That Romney and Ryan Were "Gonna Put Y'all Back in Chains" . . . And Also Imitated the Sign Language Lady

Joe Biden Told Supporters That Romney and Ryan Were "Gonna Put Y'all Back in Chains" . . . And Also Imitated the Sign Language Lady

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - Even for someone as prone to gaffes as VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN, yesterday was a big day. -- VIDEO


Paul Ryan P90X: The Politician And 7 Other Famous Faces Who Love The Workout Program

Paul Ryan P90X: The Politician And 7 Other Famous Faces Who Love The Workout Program

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - Here's a VIDEO of Paul Ryan doing P90X.... just ignore the Rachel Mancow at the beginning.


Santa Clara County Planners Violate Private Property Rights-San Martin Mosque

Santa Clara County Planners Violate Private Property Rights-San Martin Mosque

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - Please watch and then send the link to this short video to everyone to show how the Muslims get their projects past our government officials. Send it to everyone you know in Santa Clara County who ever has or will have to deal with property rights or go before a planning commission. What about the planning commission in your town and/or county? Most likely that are pushing smart growth and sustainable development which are incompatible with private property rights and sustainable liberty.



A Brilliant New Dog Collar Will Send You a Text Every Time Your Dog Starts Overheating

A Brilliant New Dog Collar Will Send You a Text Every Time Your Dog Starts Overheating

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - We've got a BRILLIANT new invention to tell you about. It's a dog collar that measures your dog's temperature and the temperature around him . . . and automatically TEXTS you when the temperature reaches the danger zone. That danger zone is ONLY 79 degrees, by the way. The collar will go on sale next year for $20.


Paul Ryan P90X: The Politician And 7 Other Famous Faces Who Love The Workout Program

Paul Ryan P90X: The Politician And 7 Other Famous Faces Who Love The Workout Program

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - Here's a VIDEO of Paul Ryan doing P90X.... just ignore the Rachel Mancow at the beginning.



Santa Clara County Planners Violate Private Property Rights-San Martin Mosque

Santa Clara County Planners Violate Private Property Rights-San Martin Mosque

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - Please watch and then send the link to this short video to everyone to show how the Muslims get their projects past our government officials. Send it to everyone you know in Santa Clara County who ever has or will have to deal with property rights or go before a planning commission. What about the planning commission in your town and/or county? Most likely that are pushing smart growth and sustainable development which are incompatible with private property rights and sustainable liberty.


Top 10 Unscripted Movie Lines

Top 10 Unscripted Movie Lines

Wednesday August 15, 2012 - These are great! Here are the lines, and the videos!


Wednesday Entertainment Report

Wednesday Entertainment Report

Wednesday August 15. 2012 - Sexy pictures of famous people, Ron Palillo passed away, Ryan Lochte on TV and MORE!


Videos surface of Dems, including President Obama, praising Paul Ryan

Videos surface of Dems, including President Obama, praising Paul Ryan

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - Before Paul Ryan was pinned as an "extreme" and "radical" ideologue, Democrats actually kind of liked the guy.


And Now . . . "The Ultimate People Fainting Compilation"

And Now . . . "The Ultimate People Fainting Compilation"

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - If there's one thing YouTube has in spades, it's videos of people fainting. But now you can check out the very BEST of them. The website WorldWideInterweb posted a two-minute montage of about 40 back-to-back.


Soledad O'Brien Caught Reading Liberal Blog During Heated Debate With Romney Adviser

Soledad O'Brien Caught Reading Liberal Blog During Heated Debate With Romney Adviser

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - While filling in for Anderson Cooper, O'Brien was actually caught on screen looking at an article from the far-left website Talking Points Memo to assist her in a heated debate with Romney campaign senior adviser Barbara Comstock (video follows with commentary)


KELLY CLARKSON performed EMINEM'S "Lose Yourself"

 KELLY CLARKSON performed EMINEM'S "Lose Yourself"

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - VIDEO and it's GREAT


Showbiz Photo of the Day: Ryan Seacrest Photobombed British Commentator Gary Lineker

Showbiz Photo of the Day: Ryan Seacrest Photobombed British Commentator Gary Lineker

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - -It's a great picture, and I can easily see people taking Ryan's disembodied head and Photoshopping it into tons of other pics.


Help Out The Petaluma National Little League National Team!!!

Help Out The Petaluma National Little League National Team!!!

Monday August 13, 2012 - They earned a spot in the Little League World Series. 16 teams from around the world will play starting this Thursday, Aug. 16th.


And Now . . . "The Ultimate People Fainting Compilation"

And Now . . . "The Ultimate People Fainting Compilation"

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - If there's one thing YouTube has in spades, it's videos of people fainting. But now you can check out the very BEST of them. The website WorldWideInterweb posted a two-minute montage of about 40 back-to-back.


Soledad O'Brien Caught Reading Liberal Blog During Heated Debate With Romney Adviser

Soledad O'Brien Caught Reading Liberal Blog During Heated Debate With Romney Adviser

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - While filling in for Anderson Cooper, O'Brien was actually caught on screen looking at an article from the far-left website Talking Points Memo to assist her in a heated debate with Romney campaign senior adviser Barbara Comstock (video follows with commentary)



KELLY CLARKSON performed EMINEM'S "Lose Yourself"

 KELLY CLARKSON performed EMINEM'S "Lose Yourself"

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - VIDEO and it's GREAT


Showbiz Photo of the Day: Ryan Seacrest Photobombed British Commentator Gary Lineker

Showbiz Photo of the Day: Ryan Seacrest Photobombed British Commentator Gary Lineker

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - -It's a great picture, and I can easily see people taking Ryan's disembodied head and Photoshopping it into tons of other pics.


Help Out The Petaluma National Little League National Team!!!

Help Out The Petaluma National Little League National Team!!!

Monday August 13, 2012 - They earned a spot in the Little League World Series. 16 teams from around the world will play starting this Thursday, Aug. 16th.


Photos of the Morning: Dog Rescues Her 5 Puppies From Burning Home

Photos of the Morning: Dog Rescues Her 5 Puppies From Burning Home

Monday August 13, 2012 - A mother dog came to the rescue of her 10-day-old pups, pulling all five of them from a burning home in Chile. After the rescue, she placed them in the back of a fire truck for a little TLC. The dogs have been taken to a local veterinary hospital to recover.




Monday August 13, 2012 - Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus cut her hair and Lindsay Lohan is a maniac.

Original Article
The new Romney-Ryan team, looking for all the world like two people who had been partners for far more than 36 hours, moved swiftly Sunday to try to blunt Democratic lines of attack on the Republican ticket. The pair used an interview with CBS to insist it is President Obama – and not Rep. Paul Ryan through his dramatic budget plan – who is “robbing” Medicare and threatening the nation’s elderly. In a joint 60 Minutes interview that was partially aired Sunday night on television and partially posted online, presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his new running mate...
Original Article
The new Romney-Ryan team, looking for all the world like two people who had been partners for far more than 36 hours, moved swiftly Sunday to try to blunt Democratic lines of attack on the Republican ticket. The pair used an interview with CBS to insist it is President Obama – and not Rep. Paul Ryan through his dramatic budget plan – who is “robbing” Medicare and threatening the nation’s elderly. In a joint 60 Minutes interview that was partially aired Sunday night on television and partially posted online, presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his new running mate...

Obama- “If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Obama- “If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Wednesday August 8, 2012 - My name is Ray Gaster, and I am a very hard working small businessman, and a Vietnam vet. If you have ever owned your own business you know how hard it can be to make payroll, pay bills, pay taxes, and have something left over to try to grow. I have been doing this for 30 years without any government help. In fact, I have been doing it despite government interference, and they try to make business


Liberals threaten to murder 6-yr-old boy due to anti-Obama video

Liberals threaten to murder 6-yr-old boy due to anti-Obama video

Wednesday August 8, 2012 - Six-year-old Isaac Anthony surely must have learned his conservative political ideology at home.


Is This the World's Coolest Dad? Some Guy Juiced Up His Kid's Power Wheel

Is This the World's Coolest Dad? Some Guy Juiced Up His Kid's Power Wheel

Wednesday August 8, 2012 - An extreme-dad video is making the rounds online right now. It's some guy who juiced up his son's Power Wheel so it's more like a go-cart. And it goes just fast enough to make it seem a little unsafe.


Michelle Obama: Sign Barack's birthday card, and give us money

Michelle Obama: Sign Barack's birthday card, and give us money

Wednesday August 8, 2012 - A recent email from Michelle Obama asking supporters to digitally sign a birthday card for the President appears to be nothing more than a ruse to request campaign donations.


The media is trying to create a sense of momentum and of inevitability about the Obama candidacy. One benighted Newsweek reporter even speculated about a possible Democratic landslide.

On Friday, I saw the real numbers. These state-by-state polls, taken by an organization I trust (after forty years of polling) show the real story. The tally is based on more than 600 likely voter interviews in each swing state within the past eight days.

The trend line is distinctly pro-Romney. Of the thirteen states studied, he improved or Obama slipped in nine states while the reverse happened in only four. To read the media, one would think that Romney had a terrible month. In fact, the exact reverse is true.

Romney is currently leading in every state McCain carried plus: Indiana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, and Colorado. If he carries these states, he’ll have 228 electoral votes of the 270 he needs to win.

To win the election, Romney would then have to carry Florida where he trails by two points, and either Virginia (behind by two) or Ohio where he’s down by only one.

If he carries all three of these states and also wins all the others where Obama is now at 50% or less – Iowa, New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey — he will get 351 electoral votes, a landslide about equal to Obama’s 363 vote tally in 2008.

The strong probability is that Romney does, in fact, carry Florida, Ohio, and Virginia and a share of the other states where Obama is below 50% of the vote.

So don’t believe the garbage being put out by the media. The attempt to portray Romney as not catching on and as dropping in the polls is ludicrous. It is, at best, the product of incompetent polling and, at worst, the result of deliberate media bias. But Romney is winning and expanding his lead each week. That’s the real story.

Just last month, NASA supporters and scientists resorted to bake sales and carwash fund-raisers to make up for robotic planetary exploration program funds slashed by President Obama. Flashback:

Scientists are trading telescopes for aprons this week to sell Milky Way cupcakes, Saturn cake, and chocolate chip Opportunity cookies in an effort to salvage U.S. planetary science projects.

The 2013 budget proposal submitted by the Obama administration earlier this year would cut funding for NASA‘s planetary science projects by about $300 million. While Congress is still deliberating over the federal budget, groups of scientists are planning a series of demonstrations — in the form of bake sales, car washes and other events — for Saturday (June 9) to plead their case.

Though planet-studying spacecraft usually cost millions, or even billions, of dollars, every penny helps. That’s the reasoning behind the Planetary Exploration Car Wash and Bake Sale to be held by University of Central Florida students and professors who hope to sway lawmakers into providing more money for studying the solar system. It is one of nearly 20 planned demonstrations for Saturday at sites across the country, organizers said.

“We’re not asking for more of the pie, we’re asking for less of a bite out of the pie,” Laura Seward, a graduate student at the university who organized the event, said in a statement. “A strong robotic planetary exploration program is essential for a strong human planetary exploration program.”

Late tonight, the world watched and cheered as NASA oversaw the landing of the lab robot rover Curiosity on Mars. We’ve got comprehensive social media coverage of the event at Twitchy in case you missed the live landing.

As the Obama administration readies for a rush of applications from young illegal immigrants seeking work permits, a new study predicts one of the largest contingents will come from the Bay Area, perhaps more than from all of Arizona.

And while the majority of the applicants here and across the country were born in Mexico, the Bay Area also has a large number of Asian immigrant youths who are likely to benefit from the new policy.

More than 46,000 Bay Area immigrants who are younger than 31 and were brought to the country illegally when they were children could immediately qualify for two-year, renewable work permits and protection from being deported. Another 19,000 here are children younger than 15 who could benefit when they grow older, according to the estimates by the Immigration Policy Center, an advocacy and research group based in Washington, D.C.

That's about 65,000 young immigrants eligible for relief, more than the 53,000 estimated in the entire state of Arizona and the roughly 39,000 each in New Jersey and Georgia. California as a whole has about 30 percent of all potential beneficiaries.

Nationwide, the policy center joins other researchers in saying nearly 1 million could immediately qualify when the policy takes effect Aug. 15, but the center is the first to make regional estimates.

DAN FRIEDMAN:  Why I like Donald Rumsfeld:“He gives you a straight answer.”

Me, too. I gave Rumsfeld a copy of my book "American Mourning" in which I reported on him. He gave me a check for $25.

I asked him in person why he sent the money, and he replied "it's the rules." And smiled broadly.

Economic forecasting model predicts Obama will lose in near-landslide


Political scientist Douglas Hibbs looks at two factors when forecasting presidential elections: a) per capita real disposable personal income over the incumbent president’s term, and b) cumulative U.S. military fatalities in overseas conflicts.

And he’s predicting a near-landslide win for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, with Obama losing by about as big a margin in 2012 as he won back in 2008. Under Hibbs Bread and Peace model, Romney wins 52.5% to Obama’s 47.5%.

Here's how much financial trouble Barack Obama's presidential
campaign appears to be in: He's stiffing the California city of Newport Beach
$35,000 for extra security costs incurred when the campaigner-in-chief held a
fundraiser in the oceanfront community early this year. The bill is already
nearly two months overdue. The Democratic National Committee and Secret Service
are giving the city the old "Talk to them, No, talk to them" routine that would
immediately get any real business operation on the Better Business Bureau's "Do
Not Hire Again" list.

more chicken? Rallies, protests of support
and opposition begin at
Chick-fil-A restaurants

An angry nation flips the bird to
despots, jamming
traffic, parking lots and cash registers
at Chick-fil-A

Dick Armey's FreedomWorks has been a reliable grassroots partner within the Tea Party movement but today has made a surprising decision to pull out of the Tea Party Express "Re-claiming America Tour."

FreedomWorks is protesting the decision to allow Governor Mitt Romney the opportunity to speak to Tea Party activists at one of the Eastern seaboard stops.

More on the controversy here.

For more information on the Tea Party Express tour, including the CNN Republican Presidential debate co-sponsored by the Tea Party Express, go to


I just recieved news this morning that a friend of mine has passed away ...a true heroine for the conservative cause.

Jane Jamison, 55, blogger and broadcaster, died sometime in the between August 26th when she last posted about a family emergency, and last night.

Jane ran the conservative aggregator "". She was an investigative television journalist from Michigan before she moved to the Bay Area in the 1980's where she appeared on the air as a news reporter for Metro Shadow traffic. She auditioned for a spot on KSFO's morning show with Brian Sussman, but decided that she really belonged in Texas (she was disgusted and discouraged by the political changes in California foreshadowed in 2008.) We lost touch shortly after that, but I continued to post her bloggings on my site.

I am truly shocked. And very much saddened. She was a "glamazon" ...gorgeous, smart and VERY funny. She was a real warrior for conservative ideology and a fearless searcher for truth.

Jane leaves behind two adult daughters.

Rest, Janey. Rest.

Original Article
On November 16, 1990, Barack Obama, then president of the Harvard Law Review, published a letter in the Harvard Law Record, an independent Harvard Law School newspaper, championing affirmative action. Although a paragraph from this letter was excerpted in David Remnick's biography of Obama, The Bridge, I had not seen the letter in its entirety before this week.  Not surprisingly, it confirms everything I know about Barack Obama, the writer and thinker.

The Superintendant of the Schools in Fresno, Ca. has stepped up to the plate and renounced his $800,000 contract...and asked the district to hire him back at $31,000 ( less than a rookie teacher plus NO benefits.)

It's a gesture much appreciated in these lean times.

But my question is: why are taxpayers allowing school boards to pay these kind of salaries to begin with?

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Some people give back to their community. Then there's Fresno County School Superintendent Larry Powell, who's really giving back. As in $800,000 — what would have been his compensation for the next three years.

Until his term expires in 2015, Powell will run 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students, all for less than a starting California teacher earns.

"How much do we need to keep accumulating?" asks Powell, 63. "There's no reason for me to keep stockpiling money."

Powell's generosity is more than just a gesture in a region with some of the nation's highest rates of unemployment. As he prepares for retirement, he wants to ensure that his pet projects survive California budget cuts. And the man who started his career as a high school civics teacher, who has made anti-bullying his mission, hopes his act of generosity will help restore faith in the government he once taught students to respect.

In this Friday Aug. 26, 2011 photo, Fresno County School Superintendent Larry Powell poses for a photo in his office, in Fresno, Calif. Powell is forgoing $800,000 in compensation over the next three years of his term. Until his term expires in 2015, Powell will run 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students, all for less than a starting California teacher earns. As he prepares for retirement, he wants to ensure that his pet projects survive California budget cuts. (AP Photo/Tracie Cone)

In this Friday Aug. 26, 2011 photo, Fresno County School Superintendent Larry Powell …

Wow!  Check out this coverage of yesterday's events in Napa and SF.  Is local coverage of the Tea Party a' changin'?  

"...They've been dismissed as the inconsequential, angry, funny-hat-wearing political fringe. But conservatives and Tea Party activists at lively celebrations in the Bay Area say they're beginning to be recognized as something else as the 2012 elections loom: a mainstream movement.

With two big gatherings - a California Young Republican Federation convention in San Francisco on Friday and a Tea Party Express gathering in Napa on Saturday - it wasn't so lonely being a conservative in the Democratic bastion of the Bay Area."

Click Here.

And here

And Finally, Here.

Ruth Ney (second from right) and others form a chorus line during a Tea Party Express rally at the Napa Valley Expo

From Radio Host Andrea Shea King (on the road with the Tea Party Express)

Today's rally in Elko, NV will run about 90 minutes if we can keep to the schedule (we are notorious for running behind - but that's another story, LOL). Following our get-together with the good folks from Elko...


We have a long drive to make our Salt Lake City fireside chat later this evening.  Out of respect for the strong LDS presence in our local tea party groups, the format for this event will be totally different.  It is an educational fireside chat that allows Mormons to participate on a Sunday. 


Thus, Mike Holler is the featured speaker on The Constitutional and Religious Freedom.  We also will have the Governor Gary Herbert, and U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch joining us.  The TPX team will have limited speaking and entertainment opportunities at this stop, making it a unique event on our national tour.

Here are links to the posts I've written so far.  I invite you to click and follow along with us!  And check back for new entries in my "On the road diary with the Tea Party Express" at
The Radio Patriot.


Meet Kylie, keeping you up to date on Twitter!

The Daily Beast is reporting that Rick Perry is a Tea Party favorite?


Miles and miles to go.


God's hand.


Jimmy Labriola and fun in Napa Valley



Weeknights  @ 9 pm EST


First Lady Michelle Obama is treating herself to multi-million dollar vacations on the taxpayers dime....and some folks are reacting with outrage and demands for it to stop.

Original Article

"...With the United States facing a national debt of more than $14 trillion, the largest since World War Two, wouldn’t it make sense for the White House itself to start trimming its own spending? A good place to begin cutting would be Michelle Obama’s rather generous vacation programme. Keith Coffler, who edits the influential White House Dossier, notes that Michelle Obama spent no less than 42 days on vacation over the past year--that’s one in every nine days: Her vacations, the cost of which are mostly borne by taxpayers, include trips to Panama City, Fla., Martha’s Vineyard..."

Original Article


MONTERREY, Mexico — Two dozen gunmen burst into a casino in northern Mexico on Thursday, doused it with a flammable liquid and started a fire that trapped gamblers inside, killing at least 28 people and injuring a dozen more, authorities said. The fire at the Casino Royale in Monterrey, which has seen a surge in drug cartel-related violence, represented one of the deadliest attacks against an entertainment center in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against drug cartels in late 2006.
Firefighters try to extinguish a fire after an arson attack on a casino in Monterrey, Mexico. - Firefighters try to extinguish a fire after an arson attack on a casino in Monterrey, Mexico. | Victor Hugo Valdivia/Reuters
Enlarge this image

Every single Hurricane season we hear frightening predictions of doom and diaster from mainstream media.

Usually, it's hot air.

Hurricane Irene is coming,though, and the fear associated with it is blowing up ratings.

Good luck, East Coasters. Let's hope the hysterics are just that.


Kinky Friedman once ran against Rick Perry for the Texas governorship. So would the singer and writer vote for him for president? Hell, yes! The world’s most famous Jewish cowboy on why he wants to live in Rick Perry’s America.

| August 24, 2011 7:45 PM EDT

Rick Perry has never lost an election; I’ve never won one. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world. On the other hand, I’ve long been friends with Bill Clinton and George W., and Rick Perry and I, though at times bitter adversaries, have remained friends as well. It’s not always easy to maintain friendships with politicians. To paraphrase Charles Lamb, you have to work at it like some men toil after virtue.

I have been quoted as saying that when I die, I am to be cremated, and the ashes are to be thrown in Rick Perry’s hair. Yet, simply put, Rick Perry and I are incapable of resisting each other’s charm. He is not only a good sport, he is a good, kindhearted man, and he once sat in on drums with ZZ Top. A guy like that can’t be all bad. When I ran for governor of Texas as an independent in 2006, the Crips and the Bloods ganged up on me. When I lost, I drove off in a 1937 Snit, refusing to concede to Perry. Three days later Rick called to give me a gracious little pep talk, effectively talking me down from jumping off the bridge of my nose. Very few others were calling at that time, by the way. Such is the nature of winning and losing and politicians and life. You might call what Rick did an act of random kindness. Yet in my mind it made him more than a politician, more than a musician; it made him a mensch.

These days, of course, I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama. Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay. Obama has been perpetually behind the curve. If the issue of the day is jobs and the economy, Rick Perry is certainly the nuts-and-bolts kind of guy you want in there. Even though my pal and fellow Texan Paul Begala has pointed out that no self-respecting Mexican would sneak across the border for one of Rick Perry’s low-level jobs, the stats don’t entirely lie. Compared with the rest of the country, Texas is kicking major ass in terms of jobs and the economy, and Rick should get credit for that, just as Obama should get credit for saying “No comment” to the young people of the Iranian revolution.

More to the point, could Rick Perry fix the economy? Hell, yes! Texas is exhibit A; Rick’s fingerprints are all over it. He’s been governor since Christ was a cowboy. The Lone Star State is booming. The last time I checked, Texas is kicking in a hell of a lot of the U.S. GDP. Unemployment is lower than the vast majority of the other states. Hell, we could probably even find a job for Paul Begala.

As a Jewish cowboy (or “Juusshh,” as we say in Texas), I know Rick Perry to be a true friend of Israel, like Bill Clinton and George W. before him. There exists a visceral John Wayne kinship between Israelis and Texans, and Rick Perry gets it. That’s why he’s visited Israel on many more occasions than Obama, who’s been there exactly zero times as president. If I were Obama I wouldn’t go either. His favorability rating in Israel once clocked in at 4 percent. Say what you will about the Israelis, but they are not slow out of the chute. They know who their friends are. On the topic of the Holy Land, there remains the little matter of God. God talks to televangelists, football coaches, and people in mental hospitals. Why shouldn’t he talk to Rick Perry? In the spirit of Joseph Heller, I have a covenant with God. I leave him alone and he leaves me alone. If, however, I have a big problem, I ask God for the answer. He tells Rick Perry. And Rick tells me.

So would I support Rick Perry for president? Hell, yes! As the last nail that hasn’t been hammered down in this country, I agree with Rick that there are already too damn many laws, taxes, regulations, panels, committees, and bureaucrats. While Obama is busy putting the hyphen between “anal” and “retentive” Rick will be rolling up his sleeves and getting to work.

A still, small voice within keeps telling me that Rick Perry’s best day may yet be ahead of him, and so too, hopefully, will be America’s.


August 24, 2011 7:45pm

NBC News is refusing to give credit to Senator Marco Rubio (R) from Florida for saving former First Lady Nancy Reagan from a fall. How small.

It's enough to make a skunk vomit.

Original Article
While both ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's Early Show on Tuesday gave due credit to Senator Marco Rubio for catching former First Lady Nancy Reagan as she tripped at Reagan Library event, NBC's Today strangely avoided making any mention of the Florida Republican being present, even as video footage clearly showed him holding Reagan's arm.In a news brief on Today, Natalie Morales reported: "And a scary moment for former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who tripped over a post used for crowd control during an event

FRUGALITY IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money on her vacations.

Plus this: “The Obamas’ summer break on Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.” And, yes, I don’t want to hear one more goddamned thing about my carbon footprint.

Ditto, Glenn.

(Photo Courtesy - Getty Images)
(Photo Courtesy - Getty Images)


Posted 8/23/11 2:42 p.m.

BRISTOL, Tenn. (AP) - Police in Tennessee were called to a funeral home where workers found two intruders sleeping inside caskets.

The employees at Weaver's Funeral Home in Bristol called police around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday after finding two men asleep in caskets. The men fled through a window after police were alerted, the Bristol Herald Courier reports.

One man escaped, but police caught and arrested Barrett Lance Hartsock, who was charged with burglary and vandalism over $1,000.

Police said there was more than $9,000 in damage done to the caskets the two men were sleeping in.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

WASHINGTON -- The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s family has charged the foundation building a monument to the civil-rights leader on the National Mall about $800,000 to use his words and image -- and at least one scholar thinks that Dr. King would find such an arrangement offensive.

The memorial is being paid for almost entirely through a fund-raising campaign led by the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation.

"I don't think the Jefferson family, the Lincoln family [or] any other group of family ancestors has been paid a licensing fee for a memorial in Washington," said Cambridge University historian David Garrow, author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Dr. King. ". . . [He would've been] absolutely scandalized."

Financial documents revealed that the foundation paid $761,160 in 2007 to Intellectual Properties Management Inc., an entity run by the King family. They also showed that a $71,700 "management" fee was paid to the family estate in 2003.

Read more:

There is going to be a lot more to this story than greets today's headlines ....and I'm betting that Newsweek's John Soloman will get to the bottom of this sordid mess. Until then I withold judgement.

Original Article
She sobbed in recounting a fictitious gang rape, only to tell more lies as she admitted she'd made it up. She lied about her whereabouts after the so-called attack, only to tell new lies after promising to come clean. And when confronted about these layers of lies upon lies, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's hotel-maid sex-accuser collapsed in a roll-on-the-floor tantrum. "But I wasn't under oath!" she told prosecutors. Manhattan prosecutors yesterday filed a 25-page document asking that the charges be dropped in the Strauss-Kahn case -- a document that literally labels the horndog Frenchman's accuser a liar and a fraud.

The eyes of the world are on strong man Muammar Ghadfi alive or dead? We prefer dead, but no one can say for sure.

Original Article
The man who could expose Britain’s tangled relationship with Colonel Gaddafi apparently made a dramatic return to the heart of Tripoli last night. The Libyan leader’s son Saif al-Islam, who had earlier been reported captured by rebel forces, was seen arriving in an armoured vehicle at the back of a hotel used by reporters and TV crews.During a brief exchange, one journalist asked Saif if his father was safe and in Tripoli. ‘Of course,’ he replied.
The Hill [DC], by Michael O'Brien    Original Article
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) would beat President Obama among registered voters, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) would tie the president if the election were held today, according to a new Gallup Poll. Obama leads both Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) among registered voters, but by 2 and 4 percent margins, respectively. The numbers reflect a worrying slide for Obama heading into the 2012 campaign season, and the poll gives each of those four Republican candidates the ability to sell their electability to primary voters.
FrontPage Magazine, by Matthew Vadum    Original Article
The Obama administration’s new immigration amnesty is a purely political calculation intended to shore up the president’s sagging support among Latino voters. President Obama has a habit of not enforcing laws he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like the Defense of Marriage Act so he won’t defend it in the court. He doesn’t like energy exploration so he has ignored court order after court order that would allow deep-water oil drilling. He doesn’t like the free speech protections in the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC so he’s planning an executive order to undermine it.


Unit protecting Gadhafi surrenders...


'End of regime in 10 days'...


Libya’s leader, Moammar Gadhafi, spearheaded the most deadly crackdown of any Arab country against the wave of protests sweeping the region.


U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama depart their vacation home in Chilmark to go to the beach on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts August 21, 2011. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Obama departs his vacation home to go to the beach on Martha's Vineyard

 Vacation freeze in sunny Martha's Vineyard? I've been wondering about the state of this marriage for awhile.

Separate airplanes to and from the island. Separate trips to visit in-laws and out-laws.

Separate lives, it looks like (from the outside.)


The Presidential vacation during the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, is sheer stupidity on the part of Mr. Obama, according to political pundits. And the American public. 

Telegraph [UK], by Nile Gardiner    Original Article
President Obama begins his 10-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard today, the third year in a row he has taken his summer holiday in one of America’s most expensive resorts. During his time there he will be experiencing the kind of luxury that the vast majority of ordinary Americans can only dream about: Barack Obama will be staying in a compound which costs more to rent for a single week than most American households earn in a year. In previous years Obama’s expensive vacations have attracted relatively little attention from the US media, with the...


Thousands of unemployed waited overnight, camping out in their business suits and office heels and braving the tormenting heat in Atlanta to stand in line for a job fair Thursday. Authorities treated 20 people for heat exhaustion as they struggled to keep the line moving and get people moved inside.

The incredible turnout at the job fair comes on the heels of the state labor commissioner's announcement that Georgia's jobless rate rose.

The state unemployment rate increased to 10.1 percent in July from the 9.9 percent in June. The unemployment rate for African-Americans stands at 15.9 percent, far above the national rate of 9.1 percent.

July marks the 48th consecutive month that Georgia has exceeded the national unemployment rate.

The line was full of hopefuls who waited for hours in a line that wrapped around the Atlanta Technical College where the event was held.

The For the People Jobs Initiative, hosted by U.S. Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson and sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, is a series of job fairs and town halls at some of the urban areas hit hardest by unemployment and the financial crisis.

Rick Perry's last minute jump from the Texas statehouse to the (hoped for) White House has set off a GOP explosion ...and the salvos are coming from some of his so-called friends in the Republican party.

Who, or what, is behind this politcal warfare? A fascinating read today from Matt Latimer at the Daily Beast on the onslught from Karl Rove, and by extension, the Bushies.

"...Just because Karl Rove is behind a plot doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work.  That we’re still talking about the former Bush aide at all is a testament to his singular tenacity. 

How has he done it? The man helped elect the Pelosi Congress—it was Rove who in 2006 was in charge of holding on to GOP majorities in the House and Senate. He helped elect Barack Obama—insisting that John McCain was the only “electable” Republican in 2008 and bad-mouthing most of the others running. His indispensable support of his boss' overspending and government bailouts even helped create the Tea Party, which has bedeviled Rove and other GOP establishment figures ever since. 

And yet billionaire donors to the Republican Party seem oblivious to the record, handing Rove big, fat checks to fund his activities further. Perhaps this is because he is charming and witty, has a statistic for every occasion, never stops calling people until he gets what he wants, says all the right things about battling “them liberals,” and wallpapers himself across The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages and Fox News Channel, where his words are rarely challenged.  To his everlasting credit, Rove has truly lived up to his Bush-conferred nickname, “Turdblossom.” He can make any mess he's involved in still smell sweet.

His brazen and transparent attacks on a leader of his own party, Texas Gov.  Rick Perry, may be the greatest test yet of Rove’s remarkable resilience. Some, in fact, are starting to question if we have at last reached “the moment.” Years from now, will we look back at the 2012 primary season as the time when Rove put on his Fonzie jacket, flashed a thumbs-up sign, and then—finally—jumped the shark?

Yes, at long last, the 2012 race is actually starting to get interesting."

Read more here.

In a bizarre incident, former Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell today walked out of the taping of an interview for CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, which is set to air tonight. The tipping point was Morgan's question about her stance on gay marriage. (By that point, he had already quizzed her on witchcraft and sex with the tension between the two visibly escalating, especially when Morgan repeatedly asked O'Donnell to address old comments about masturbation she had made in an 1990s MTV documentary special.) "You're being a little rude," she told him several times before asking her handlers "Are we done?" and taking off her microphone. But not before schooling Morgan on conducting interviews: "Don’t you think as a host if I say 'This what I wanna talk about', that’s what we should address?" O'Donnell was on the show promoting her book Troublemaker. “My first ever walk-out in 25 years of interviews,” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “I guess viewers can decide if I was 'rude' or not tonight.” Here is the video, judge for yourselves. UPDATE: After airing the unfinished interview on his show tonight, Morgan invited O'Donnell to return tomorrow and promised not to be rude.
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U.S. Presidential candidate Rick Perry find himself between a rock and a hard place with the conservative base over support for the former Democrat Vice-President Al Gore and his whack-a-doodle global warming nonsense.

In an interview with an Iowa radio station on Monday, the Republican presidential contender explained his role as the Gore campaign’s Texas chairman by saying that “this was Al Gore before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming.”

VandeHei on Perry's fundraising woes

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But in fact, global warming was already a significant theme for Gore in 1987 and 1988 — long before his activism led to several books, a Nobel Prize and a part in an Academy Award-winning film. It was also well before the right gave him the "Mr. Ozone" nickname and talk radio heaped endless mockery on the future vice president.

Gore, then a young Tennessee senator trying to break out in a crowded Democratic field, mentioned the warming planet as one of his priorities for his presidential campaign in April 1987, according to news coverage at the time.

“He laid out a broad list of national objectives, from combating AIDS and Alzheimer's disease to curbing the ‘greenhouse effect’ — the threat to the Earth's atmosphere from the burning of oil, gas and coal,” The Los Angeles Times reported in covering Gore’s announcement. In May 1987, according to The Washington Post, his stump speeches included a call for the nation to “confront the emerging problems of the greenhouse effect and the threat to our ozone.”

Later that summer, Gore joined Republican Sen. John Chafee in calling for urgent action on climate change and the threat of coastal flooding.

Read more:

President Obama needs to fire someone, anyone on his campaign staff. This mortuary bus that he is riding around in (2.2 million for 3 days of political campaigning) doesn't read well with the American public.

Our tax dollars are going to pay for this?

Obama's $2,000,000+ non-campaign bus will drive him around
his non-campaign 3 day whirl giving non-campaign speeches.

The Tea Party confronts one of the most partisan Presidents in American history.

President Obama came face-to-face with the Tea Party last night in Iowa, clashing with members during and after a town hall last night.

Ryan Rhodes, a group leader in the Hawkeye State, stood up and shouted a question during a town hall asking the president how he can call for more civility when "your vice president is calling people like me, a Tea Party member, a 'terrorist.'"

Obama, who had not called on the man, said the town hall wouldn't work "if you just stand up when I asked everybody to raise their hand ... I didn't see you. I wasn't avoiding you ... Please."

After calling another person, Obama circled back to address Rhodes' question: "First of all, in fairness to this gentleman who raised a question, I absolutely agree that everybody needs to try to tone down the rhetoric."

President Obama vs. the Tea Party
By Carolyn Kaster, AP
Obama added: "Now, in fairness, since I've been called a socialist who wasn't born in this country, who is destroying America and taking away its freedoms because I passed a health care bill, I'm all for lowering the rhetoric."

After the event, Obama came up to speak with Rhodes and another Tea Party.

It's hard to quote their conversation exactly, because of the music, but Rhodes again raised "the terrorist" comment and Obama defended his vice president, Joe Biden.

Biden has denied calling the Tea Party "terrorists." A House Democrat used the term during a group meeting with Biden over the debt ceiling debate, but the vice president denied news reports that he echoed the comment

American Spectator, by William Murchison    Original Article
So, to the surprise of exactly no one, he's in. A single question remains, concerning Rick Perry, governor of Texas. If he wins the Republican presidential nomination, as well he may, can he be counted on to send Barack Obama, Joe Biden​, and Tim Geithner to the unemployment lines (pending their recruitment by the lobby or the universities)? Will America accord him that chance? (Snip)My governor, as a presidential candidate, brings various strengths to the table:(Snip) Rick Perry loves business and the spirit of enterprise even more than Barack Obama seems to look down his nose...
President Obama's summer woes have dragged his approval rating to an all-time low, sinking below 40% for the first time in Gallup's daily tracking poll.

New data posted Sunday shows that 39% of Americans approve of Obama's job performance, while 54% disapprove. Both are the worst numbers of his presidency.

Obama's approval rating has hovered in the 40% range for much of 2011, peaking at 53% in the weeks following the death of Osama bin Laden.

But Americans' view of his job performance continued to tick downward as the debt-ceiling debate heated up. By the time he signed legislation averting a federal default, he was mired in the low-40% range.

The polling setback comes as the Republican race to unseat him has kicked into overdrive. The past week has been dominated by the activity in Iowa ahead of the Ames Straw Poll, and the entrance of a new contender in Texas Gov. Rick Perry. The candidates have routinely assailed Obama's leadership in appealing to conservative activists who dominate this stage of the nominating contest.

Obama is set to launch something of a counter-offensive on Monday with a three-day bus tour of the Midwest, a trip that includes two stops in Iowa. The White House denied that the itinerary was politically motivated, however.

The three-day tracking poll was conducted from Aug. 11-13.

Gotta hand it to Mitt Romney ....The "Magical Misery Tour" has a nice ring to it.

"..A new web video and harsh criticism emerged from the Mitt Romney camp today as President Barack Obama launched his three-day bus tour that will make stops in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Dubbing the president’s trip the “Magical Misery bus tour,” Romney said in a statement that “it is unlikely President Obama will speak with unemployed Americans, to near-bankrupt business owners, or to families struggling to survive in this economy.”

“He is more interested in campaigning in swing states than working to solve the economic crisis that is crushing the middle class,” said Romney. “Turning this economy around will require real leadership and the experience of someone who has actually worked in the private sector.”

And in the web video titled “Obama Isn’t Working: Minnesota,” the campaign interviews several Minnesotans ahead of the president’s visit today.

One such interviewee, Joseph Bromley of Minnetonka, Minn., says in the video, “In the last election I voted for Barack Obama and I just feel like I can’t.”

This is the 14th web video the campaign has produced since making the campaign officially in early June."

Emily Freidman, ABC's The Note.

The feisty lady from Wisconsin serves up Tim Pawlenty's Waterloo in Ames!

Pawlenty ends bid for White House

Pawlenty ends bid for White House

Former Minnesota governor decides to drop out of the race after a disappointing third-place finish in the Iowa straw poll.

It was highly enjoyable watching last night's GOP debate sponsored by Fox News and the Examiner newspapers. Usually, I find them quite boring, even when I am highly motivated to watch.

Not so last night. Tim Pawlenty looked small, Michele Bachman, despite her diminutive stature, loomed large. The only one missing was Texas Governor Rick Perry, and it won't be long before he arrives at his Waterloo (Iowa.)

Original Article
Ames, Iowa - A slow-moving Republican presidential campaign came to life Thursday night in a GOP candidates' debate that featured the fiercest face-to-face exchanges of the 2012 contest. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has lagged behind in national public-opinion polls, came out swinging: He jabbed front-runner Mitt Romney, mocking his wealth, and he criticized surging fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann for what he called her lack of experience and successes. (Snip) Mr. Romney was also asked about his record as the head of Bain Capital, a private-equity firm, and about cases where he laid off many workers from some of...

I dare anybody on the Left to read this article from my friend Sally Zelikovsky and call her a crazy "teabagger" ...instead, you may find that you agree with her on many points, as well you should.


"..AMERICA is in big trouble, but with the recent passage of the Budget Control Act, we took a giant leap toward SMART government and sustainable governance.

SMART (Save My America by Representing The People) government empowers citizens to elect representatives who listen and enact legislation according to the majority. Sustainable governance occurs when legislation yields a sustainable budget and a viable, prosperous economy with minimal intrusion into individual liberties.

While the debt ceiling fiasco didn't produce perfect results, it did generate SMART and sustainable outcomes.

Primarily, the voice of the people prevailed.

According to a July 2011 CNN poll, 74 percent of Americans supported a balance budget amendment and 66 percent supported "Cut, Cap and Balance."

While the Budget Control Act doesn't accomplish what "Cut, Cap and Balance" would have, it comes closer to public sentiment than anything the Democrats proposed — and, as demonstrated when Democrats rammed through health-care reform, ignoring public opinion is how they govern.

Senate Democrats emerged as obstructionists, prohibiting debate on the bipartisan "Cut, Cap and Balance" favored by 66 percent of Americans. Before any vote, Sen. Harry Reid announced the legislation would be dead on arrival.

Worse, President Barack Obama​ threatened to veto anything with a balanced budget amendment or spending


caps tied to debt-ceiling increase.

This isn't some cockamamie scheme — 49 states and most municipalities require balanced budgets. With a $14 trillion deficit and frenzied spending, the Democrats refused to govern sustainably, putting a pernicious "tax-spend-and-raise-the-debt-ceiling" ideology ahead of real solutions.

The Tea Party​ emerged at the vanguard of American sentiment. Together with their conservative House brethren, they brought the debt-ceiling debate to the kitchen table and kitchen table solutions to Washington.

This is big news.

Predictably, the press revealed its bias. While excoriating Republicans for being "intransigent" on taxes, the press applauded Democrats for their willingness to compromise when, in fact, they stubbornly insisted on raising the debt ceiling and taxes.

An inflexible and out-of-touch president and Democrat-controlled Senate were on full display. The president emerged as an impotent negotiator whose stubborn ideology and failed policies exacerbated the economic outlook.

In the debt-ceiling debate, the winners were clearly the American people. They regained their collective voice and took the first steps toward SMART government and sustainable governance.

Every president has raised the debt ceiling, but that doesn't make it right. While hard-working citizens watch their dreams slip away because of Washington's spending addiction, they understand that this intervention is the first step toward eliminating the unsustainable practice of "spend-raise-spend-raise."

Fortunately, the people are more fiscally judicious than the politicians. They urged Washington to hold firm and save the country for our children by clinging, not to their "guns and bibles," but to the principles of cutting the size of government and reducing spending without debilitating tax hikes.

Sen. Reid said "The Tea Party direction ... has been very, very disconcerting, and very unfair to the American people."

What's unfair is that Senate Democrats and President Obama​ refuse to exercise fiscal restraint.

What's disconcerting is that they do so on the backs of average folks.

That's neither smart nor sustainable."

Sally Zelikovsky of San Rafael is founder of Bay Area Patriots and coordinator of the San Francisco Tea Party.

The internals of the Washington Post poll released yesterday were so surprising that WaPo forgot to headline the results. Gee, I wonder why?

   Original Article
Buried deep in the internals of The Washington Post's latest poll, and not reported at all in their front-page write up, is some troubling news for President Obama's reelction prospects. Fourty-four percent of American adults, and 46 percent of registered voters, told The Post they definitely will not vote for Obama's reelection. Only 20 percent of respondents said they deifinitely will vote for Obama in 2012. Thirty percent said they would consider it. The 46 percent that say they definitely will not vote for Obama also matches Obama's 46 percent disapproval rating.

As usual, it takes awhile to sort out the actual facts in any story from a war zone.

Leave it to the highly talented Rowen Scarborough at the Washington Times to do so.

    Original Article
The top NATO commander in Afghanistan said Wednesday that the doomed Navy SEALs mission that claimed 30 American lives was intended to stop fleeing Taliban fighters and not necessarily a rescue mission as first reported. After the crash Saturday, news reports quoted NATO officials as saying commanders dispatched the CH-47 Chinook helicopter with 22 SEALs onboard to rescue an Army Ranger team pinned down by the Taliban. (Snip)U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, told Pentagon reporters via a teleconference from Kabul that the mission was to stop Taliban fighters from fleeing

Let us bow our head in prayer and give thanks to the hard work and amazing discovery about to change the world. Thank you God. Thank you Leukemia researchers around the world and at the University of Pennsylvania!

Original Article

In a potential breakthrough in cancer research, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have genetically engineered patients' T cells--a type of white blood cell--to attack cancer cells in advanced cases of a common type of leukemia. Two of the three patients who received doses of the designer T cells in a clinical trial have remained cancer-free for more than a year, the researchers said. Experts not connected with the trial said the feat was important because it suggested that T cells could be tweaked to kill a range of cancers, including ones of the blood, breast and colon

Ultra Left-wing financier George Soros is accused of slapping his girfriend around while playing a real life real estate monopoly game - in bed. I swear I didn't make this up. No one can.

Original Article

A beautiful Brazilian soap star has the lead role in her own daytime drama, which casts George Soros, the billionaire financier of lefty causes, as a heavy who not only broke her heart, but also reneged on a promise to give her an Upper East Side apartment worth $1.9 million. The drama will be staged in Manhattan Supreme Court, where 28-year-old Adriana Ferreyr yesterday filed a blockbuster $50 million suit charging, among other things, that the frisky octogenarian slapped her around while they were in bed discussing his real-estate betrayal.

Tea Party Made Up of 'Freaked
Out White Men': Whitney


Last time I checked, I am neither freaked out, nor a white man. And I'm sick of the characterization. Tea Party people are loyal Americans who are legitimately concerned about the direction of the failed socialist policies of President Obama. Jobs disappearing. Credit ratings evaporating. Economic stability vanishing.

Way to go, O.


CNBC, by Jeff Cox    Original Article
Tea Party members are primarily “freaked out white men” who pose the greatest political threat to Democrats in 2012, according to banking analyst Meredith Whitney. Speaking in the broader context of a discussion on CNBC regarding the Standard & Poor’s downgrade of US debt, Whitney said the dissenters represent the type of problems that have led to the current predicament in Washington. “Call it Tea Party, whatever you will, the fringe element is I characterize (as) freaked-out white men who are unemployed and have been unemployed for three years and they’re scared to death,” she said.

For all the bitter bluster from the Wisconsin (and national) labor unions....the Recall of Republican Senators voting for sensible reforms last year fizzled yesterday.

"The protelariat did not take over the streets", said former Democratic lawmaker Mordecai Lee.

This is an important lesson for all GOP poltiicans who are holding the line against the special interests who are shouting revenge, and throwing millions of dollars down ratholes.

Stay strong.

"..After tens of millions of dollars spent by outside interest groups, dozens of attack ads and exhaustive get-out-the-vote efforts, Democrats on Tuesday fell short of their goal of taking control of the state Senate and stopping the agenda of Gov. Scott Walker.

Republicans won four of six recall races, meaning the party still holds a narrow 17-16 majority in the Senate — at least until next week, when Sens. Robert Wirch, D-Pleasant Prairie, and Jim Holperin, D-Conover face their own recall elections. A third Democrat, Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay, easily survived a recall attempt last month.

Sens. Robert Cowles, R-Green Bay, Sheila Harsdorf, R-River Falls, Luther Olsen, R-Ripon, and Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, successfully defended their seats Tuesday.

Challengers state Rep. Jennifer Shilling, D-La Crosse, and Jessica King unseated incumbent state Sens. Dan Kapanke, R-La Crosse, and Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac.

Going into Tuesday, Republicans controlled the body 19-14, so Democrats needed to win at least three seats and hold onto two more next week to take over.

"The revolution has not occurred," said UW-Milwaukee political science professor Mordecai Lee, a former Democratic lawmaker. "The proletariat did not take over the streets."

Read more:


A perfect storm of horrible economic news is raining down on President Obama's approval ratings. So here is the news flash for the dopes at ....what Obama is selling, America ain't buying.

"Gallup delivers two blasts at the Obama administration today for its handling of the economy.  The first comes in its daily tracking poll, which reacted rather badly to Barack Obama’s speech from the White House yesterday.  His approval rating dropped three points to its previous low of 40% after only one cycle of polling.  Disapproval rose back to 50%, up two points from the day before.  That sharp drop could amplify over the next couple of days, especially considering the beating Obama is taking across the political spectrum for his ill-considered rehash of an address.  It’s possible that we will see Obama drop below 40% for the first time ever as Saturday and Sunday responses roll out of the survey data.

In not unrelated news, economic confidence plunged to its lowest level since shortly after Obama took office:

Americans’ economic confidence plunged to -53 in the week ending Aug. 7, a level not seen since the recession days of March 2009. This deterioration coincided with the final wrangling over the U.S. debt ceiling and Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the United States’ debt rating. Economic confidence is now far worse than the -43 of two weeks ago and the -34 of a month ago.

U.S. economic confidence deteriorated even faster in July and the first week of August than it did in June compared with May. This plunge in confidence contrasts with the relatively flat trend in 2010. It also places consumer perceptions of the economy in the range of March 2009 during the recession. Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index hit its recession/financial crisis weekly low of -65 — just 12 points worse than now — during the week of Oct. 6-12, 2008.

Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index combines two measures: one assessing Americans’ views about whether the U.S. economy is “getting better” or “getting worse,” and the second involving Americans’ ratings of current economic conditions as “excellent,” “good,” “only fair,” or “poor.” The Index’s inception was in January 2008. Both weekly ratings are at their lows since early 2009.

Friend and fellow conservative George Mason University Economics Professor Walter Williams is convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is most certainly going to be re-elected President, clinging to power through a second term...despite raging unemployment, a downgraded credit rating, and a plunging stock market. This, according to an email circulating around today.

I hate to say this, but are wrong.  Or at least I disagree with you, and that may be the same thing. If the election were held today, (and last I checked, my polling place is closed) Obama would be drop kicked from the Oval Office, and Michelle would be clinging to the doors of Air Force One.

STOP THE PRESSES! Williams email claiming Obama can't win is a hoax - mostly likely perpetuated by 

Now, for the rest of my thesis for the panicked, curious or mildly irritated reading public.

....Proof? Just look at what his friends in the MSM are writing today about him.

A familiar air of indecision preceded President Obama’s pep talk to the nation.

The first draft of his schedule for Monday contained no plans to comment on the downgrading of the U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. Then the White House announced that he would speak at 1 p.m. A second update changed that to 1:30. At 1:52, Obama walked into the State Dining Room to read his statement. Judging from the market reaction, he should have stuck with his original instinct.

“No matter what some agency may say, we’ve always been and always will be a AAA country,” Obama said, as if comforting a child who had been teased by the class bully.

When he began his speech (and as cable news channels displayed for viewers), the Dow Jones industrials stood at 11,035. As he talked, the average fell below 11,000 for the first time in nine months, en route to a 635-point drop for the day, the worst since the 2008 crash.

It’s not exactly fair to blame Obama for the rout: Almost certainly, the markets ignored him. And that’s the problem: The most powerful man in the world seems strangely powerless, and irresolute, as larger forces bring down the country and his presidency.

The economy crawls, the credit rating falls, the markets plunge, and a helicopter packed with U.S. special forces goes down in Afghanistan. Two thirds of Americans say the country is on the wrong track (and that was before the market swooned), Obama’s approval rating is 43 percent, and activists on his own side are calling him weak.

Yet Obama plods along, raising gobs of cash for his reelection bid — he was scheduled to speak at two DNC fundraisers Monday night — and varying little the words he reads from the teleprompter. He seemed detached even from those words Monday as he pivoted his head from side to side, proclaiming that “our problems is not confidence in our credit” and turning his bipartisan fiscal commission into a “biparticle.”


The Stunning Demonization
of Fiscal Responsibility
Big Government, by Frank Salvato    Original Article

Just when you thought the Progressive Movement could be more deeply invested in denial, now comes the absurd notion that somehow, the TEA Party Movement, whose pinnacle tenet is fiscal responsibility; which has devoutly insisted that the federal government cease the practice of spending beyond the tax revenue it gleans from taxpayers, that somehow it is the TEA Party Movement and their affiliated members of Congress who are responsible for the downgrade in the US credit rating by S&P and not the glad-handing spendthrifts of the big government, nanny state Progressive Movement. “Bottom up, top down…inside out.”


Tim Gunn mocks Hillary
Clinton’s pantsuits
Yahoo! News, by Laura Rozen    Original Article

The Twitterverse was abuzz at the undiplomatic critique leveled this week at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's pantsuits-favoring fashion sense by style expert Tim Gunn. "Why must she dress that way?" Gunn lamented, in an appearance on TBS' "Lopez Tonight" Tuesday, after host George Lopez asked for Gunn's judgment on the style of various U.S. female politicians. "I think she's confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits. "The audience gasped. "No, I'm really serious,"


Tea partiers take on McCain
at Gilbert town hall meeting
Ahwatukee Foothills News [Phoenix, AZ], by Dan Zeiger,    Original Article
Local tea party activists felt that Sen. John McCain had some explaining to do. As a result, McCain, R-Ariz., spent some of a town hall meeting at Gilbert Municipal Center on Monday defending his comments last week in the U.S. Senate, where he read from a Wall Street Journal editorial referring to "tea party hobbits." McCain said he quoted the editorial to make a point about some Republicans' insisting on a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution in exchange for agreeing to raise the nation's debt limit. "What apology is in order?" McCain responded

Standard & Poor’s historic downgrade of the U.S. credit rating is an attempt to bring adult oversight to the political squabbling over out-of-control government spending. But rather than “eating his peas,” President Obama is throwing a tantrum.

And now this - The Dow dives 350 plus points afer its open today.

Fasten your seat belts...we're in for a bumpy ride.

Original Article

Futures were off their worst levels, but were still sharply lower Sunday after Standard & Poor's cut the nation's AAA credit rating. Futures for all three major indexes had sank as much as 2 percent at the open. This comes after all three major averages tumbled to log their steepest decline in over two years last week. The 7.19 percent decline the S&P 500 over the first week of August marks the worst start to the month in the index's history.

With great sadness and sympathy in our hearts today, we must report a tragedy for the American people, and especially for the small, but close-knit community known as The Navy SEALS.

"...[Last night] insurgents shot down a Chinook transport helicopter on Saturday, killing 30 Americans, including some Navy Seal commandos from the unit that killed Osama bin Laden, as well as 8 Afghans, American and Afghan officials said.

The helicopter, on a night-raid mission in the Tangi Valley of Wardak Province, to the west of Kabul, was most likely brought down by a rocket-propelled grenade, one coalition official said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, and they could hardly have found a more valuable target:
American officials said that 22 of the dead were Navy Seal commandos, including members of Seal Team 6"

- Reported by The New York Times
6 August 2011

This tragic loss of life is a reminder that these SEALS (as well as all of our troops who serve overseas) put themselves in a great deal of danger because they are willing to sacrifice
ANYTHING to serve the country that they love so much.

They do it to keep us safe. Please support them today,
send a care package to troops on the front lines who are putting themselves in harm's way for our sake.

It is the least we can do as a sign of our thanks and gratitude for all they have done and given up for us.


Believe it or not, the headline above is an exact quote from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney-Barker.

Really? Then why does the administration take credit for private sector job growth (when it rarely happens?)

Yes, Jay, we know that the White House doesn't create jobs. Business creates jobs. So why don't you cut business some slack, quit attacking it and threatening to raise taxes and levy crushing regulations?

These people and their stupidity astonish me.

Carney: "The White House Doesn't Create Jobs"

Carol E. Lee of the Wall Street Journal asks White House press secretary Jay Carney about creating jobs and the point of the President's upcoming bus tour in the Midwest. The White House denies this is a campaign event, instead calling it an "official event." Transcript from today's briefing below:

Q Sort of to follow on that, why should Americans believe that the White House can create jobs when the unemployment rate has been so stagnant and the record is sort of anemic?

MR. CARNEY: Well, the White House doesn’t create jobs. The government together -- White House, Congress -- creates policies that allow for greater job creation. And that can be through tax cuts, for example, for working Americans; everyone who works pays a payroll tax. And the tax cut that this President pushed for, for one year, for this calendar year, he’s pushing for to be extended next year.

They can -- he can work to do the things that I just talked about, in terms of fuel-efficiency standards or clean energy investments. He very much supports the creation of an infrastructure bank, which has bipartisan support, which would leverage very relatively minimal amount of taxpayer dollars to allow private companies to hire folks to rebuild our infrastructure, which in turn will help create a more solid foundation for economic growth and job creation.

All the gains made from the year have now been wiped out by the falling Dow. Clearly, the President's economic policies are not working.

U.S. eats up most of debt limit in one day
So what do we do now?
Poll: Thumbs down on the debt-ceiling deal
People more disgusted with the way they did it than
what they did. Go figure.
Analysis: Obama, Bernanke out of ammo to boost jobs, growth
Still, GOP pleased with the few peas they made Obama eat.
Obama: Congress to blame for economy
Obama's "dog ate my homework" blame game growing old.
Hackers infiltrate computer networks of thousands of companies
Report released yesterday shows deep and astonishing
penetration and theft.
Must Reads for Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Yesterday's Must-Reads for those who missed.


Poll: Debt ceiling fight
hurts Obama in Florida
    Original Article
President Barack Obama is losing support among Florida voters, especially among independents, a poll released Thursday shows. Fifty percent of voters surveyed randomly by landline telephone between July 27-Aug. 2 by Quinnipiac (Conn.) University said Obama would not deserve a second term in the election were held today. However, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was the only announced Republican candidate with enough support in the poll to give the president a strong challenge.

Gotta love any story that starts with "Emboldened Tea Party" ...and yes, it does get better (which is to say more fair) in its coverage of a national movement that has changed the direction of this country.

Read this unusual article from today's SFgate, written by Joe Garofoli.

Tea Party activists gather on Capitol Hill for a "Hold the Line" rally on June 27, 2011 in Washington, DC. With the debt limit impasse reaching a critical juncture, activists from all sides of the debate are reaching out to members of the U.S. Congress.

National Tea Party leaders in California were thrilled about one by-product of the political bloodbath over raising the federal debt ceiling: The fight showed that after two years of rabble-rousing from outside the Capitol, the Tea Party has real power to shape the debate in Washington.

Their challenge now that President Obama has signed the debt limit law: Can the Tea Party transform its government-shrinking mantra into long-term power, or will it be a one-hit wonder?

They're not stopping to think about it. This month, Tea Partiers will storm town hall meetings of Republican and Democratic members of Congress and demand even more cuts. It's the same strategy Tea Party groups used two years ago to protest - and ultimately water down - the health care reform law when they burst on the national scene.

"You're going to see a lot of heat at those meetings," said Mark Meckler, a Grass Valley (Nevada County) resident and co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, a national organization that called House Speaker John Boehner's plan to lift the ceiling "an embarrassment."

Tea Partiers say the debt deal didn't cut enough federal spending, was crafted behind closed doors, and assigned responsibility for further cuts to a small, joint committee of Congress.

That heat will be stoked further on Aug. 27 in Napa, when thousands of supporters and at least two GOP presidential candidates are expected to attend a rally to start a Tea Party Express bus trip across the country. It will end in Tampa, where the group will co-host a Republican presidential debate with CNN.

Two years ago, the idea of the Tea Party co-hosting a debate with the self-proclaimed "most trusted name in news" was unimaginable.

'Fundamental switch'

"They've changed the debate," said Sal Russo, a longtime Sacramento GOP operative who is now the chief strategist for the Tea Party Express. While the Tea Party has minimal impact in California, several of its national leaders are based here.

"They haven't been able to get the government turned around, but this is a fundamental switch in how they're talking about cutting government and not growing it," Russo said.

The strategy of Tea Partiers during the debt-ceiling debate, "whether it was thought through or not, was ingenious," said Sarah Binder, a professor of political science at George Washington University and author of "Stalemate: Causes and Consequences of Legislative Gridlock."

"By taking the issue of the debt ceiling hostage" by taking a hard-line position against raising the debt ceiling, "they were able to keep pulling the policy choices over to the right," Binder said.

"What was so brilliant about this is that the consequences (of not listening to them) were so steep, the White House almost had to blink," Binder said.

Helping the Tea Party's cause was that their supporters were more engaged in lobbying Washington than before.

Twenty percent of GOP Tea Party supporters contacted an elected official about the federal budget deficit in the past month, compared with just 5 percent of Republicans who don't agree with the Tea Party, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

Challenge to sustain power

Another mark of the Tea Party's influence is that its political opponents are name-dropping them - albeit negatively.

Said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland: "We cannot allow the extreme Tea Party Republicans to advance their agenda to dismantle our government by rewarding their extreme tactics with this bad deal."

Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., said, "The Tea Party acted like terrorists in threatening to blow up the economy" in a meeting with Democrats this week.

The Tea Party influence was felt in the debt-ceiling debate, but little more than half of the 60-member House Tea Party caucus voted for the bill Monday. That makes Binder and other analysts wonder whether the Tea Party can sustain its power.

Binder said that "holding hostage" the debt ceiling is an issue - unlike immigration, for example - whose consequences affect every American. She wondered how cohesive the House Tea Party bloc is. Only 41 of them - out of 240 House Republicans - voted against the budget deal in April and the debt ceiling package Monday because neither included cuts deep enough to satisfy them, Binder said.

For now, Tea Party passion is hot in local districts. Some Tea Partiers want to support primary challengers against lawmakers who supported Boehner, such as Tea Party darling Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.

"One minute they're saying I'm their Tea Party hero, and three, four days later I'm a Tea Party defector," West said last week on Laura Ingraham's syndicated conservative radio show.

E-mail Joe Garofoli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Read more:

..that downward facing dog move in Yoga reminds me of President Obama's cratering approval ratings. This debt-ceiling vote may be his Waterloo.

Obama Tied With Romney,
Santorum in Pennsylvania
National Journal, by Steven Shepard    Original Article
President Obama has seen his popularity dip significantly in the pivotal swing state of Pennsylvania and is now tied in matchups with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released early Tuesday. A majority of Keystone State voters now disapproves of the job Obama is doing as president. Just 43 percent of voters approve of his job performance, while 54 percent disapprove. That marks a significant decline from mid-June, when voters were split evenly on Obama.
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Mike Lillis    Original Article
House Democrats on Monday expressed outrage at the White House for how it handled the debt-ceiling negotiations, claiming the administration caved to the GOP and left them in the dark. The irate lawmakers took exception to the lack of balance between cuts and revenues; they railed against the White House for excluding them from the process; and they accused President Obama of bowing to the demands of Republicans without putting up much of a fight. “Our negotiators weren’t tough enough,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said Monday. “They didn’t do the work.”

...check it out tonight on ABC at p.m.

Executive Producer Bertram van Munster gives details about ABC's new reality game show

By Lie Shia Ong

What if you were given $100,000 and told you could keep it only if you could hide the money for 48 hours? Seems simple enough, right? Not exactly. In ABC's new show "Take the Money and Run," contestants are given $100,000 in a suitcase and are given exactly one hour to hide it. After the time is up, they're taken into custody by police detectives and are interrogated for 48 hours. The detectives can use cellphone records, any receipts and GPS coordinates to try to figure out where the money is. If the detectives are able to find it, it's theirs. If not, the contestants are $100,000 richer.

Bing: More about 'Take the Money and Run'

MSN spoke with Executive Producer Bertram van Munster ("The Amazing Race") about how the idea for the reality game show came about, and where he'd hide the money if he played the game.

MSN TV: How would you describe "Take the Money and Run"? It seems like a very interesting premise.

It's a reality show that almost becomes like a drama. It is interesting how the show develops into something very original and totally riveting. I don't think it's ever been done before. Every show had a completely different outcome, to our great surprise. ... It has a lot of twists and turns ... and it's completely fascinating.

Where would you hide the money? Tell us on Facebook and on Twitter!

How did the idea of the show come about?

Somebody came to me with the concept of the show, and both [producer] Jerry [Bruckheimer] and I loved it. We said, 'This is a very good idea,' and then we developed the show into what it is now.

Where was the show filmed?

It was filmed in San Francisco, Chicago and Miami.

Do you have a memorable moment from the taping?

There were a lot of memorable moments, and I'm not just saying that. The whole thing is just completely riveting. We've shot six shows for ABC, and everyone was just like, 'Wow. I can't believe this is happening!' A great reality show comes from great casting ... and I think we are very fortunate to have a great cast.

How tough are the interrogators and detectives in this show?

It's more of a mind game. They are tough, but the contestants are tough, too. It's really a mind game that's going on. There's no waterboarding, if that's what your question is [laughs].

What sets "Take the Money and Run" apart from other reality TV shows on the air right now?

I think most of the reality shows on TV right now are just copycats. I think people have just run out of ideas. ... I think this particular show is completely unique and it has nothing to do with anything else. It stands on its own.

If you had an hour to hide $100,000, where do you think you would place that money?

I'm going to hide it behind the carport at my ex-wife's. How do you like that? [Laughs]. I hope [everyone] likes the show. It's quite riveting.

"Take the Money and Run" premieres on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Drudge Report today:

GOP senator threatens filibuster of debt deal... Dem rep calls pact 'Satan Sandwich'... Conyers: People should march on WH... Boehner rallies his troops... 'It's all spending cuts'... Pelosi balks...

"I am concerned about this because we don't know the details. And until we see the details, we're going to be extremely non-committed but on the surface it looks like a Satan sandwich," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Missouri) said on MSNBC.

(CNN)– Sen. Mike Lee of Utah told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Sunday night that he will filibuster Monday's Senate vote.

Breaking a filibuster would require sixty votes in the Senate.

Washington (CNN) - The American people do not want Republicans to compromise on their opposition to any form of tax increase as part of a deficit reduction deal being negotiated with Democrats, veteran Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said Sunday.

“The principle of not raising taxes is something that we campaigned on last November and the results of the election was the American people don’t want their taxes raised and they wanted us to cut spending,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “They don’t want compromise.”

Read what other lawmakers said Sunday.

Big Government, by Joel B. Pollak    Original Article
Liberals are already licking their wounds from the debt ceiling debate, wondering how it is that Republicans managed to get Democrats to abandon tax increases and shift the terms to spending cuts and entitlement reforms. Though there are many conservatives who are critical of the bill that House Speaker John Boehner passed, and worried about splits within the Tea Party, the fact is that the left feels it lost the deal as well as the debate. The left did lose–or, more precisely, it lost more than conservatives did–partly because it has failed to confront economic and financial reality.


Hey everyone, can I just say: this has been one long, tough year? I have moved to Washington, D.C. and back again to California, I sent my last baby off to college, stared at some difficult health challenges, and gone toe-to-toe with the EVIL CodePink (and lived to tell about it!)

So ....I am going on a vacation, and I intend to enjoy it every single second of a European swing with my handsome hero husband.

Please feel free to browse my website and return again for new material on September 5th. Meantime, don't forget to check out or

Happy vacation to me and to you!

Mel Morgan

Tea Party Express leader Sal Russo tells Newsmax that Sen. Lisa Murkowski had "lost her bearings" in Washington, and says the grass-roots conservative movement is now having a sweeping influence on the primary races around the country.

The victories [show] that candidates from both parties are trying to sound like 'tea-party candidates,' which means the issues we feel our vital for a safe and prosperous Americans are now being placed center stage," Russo tells Newsmax.

The Tea Party Express endorsement of political newcomer Joe Miller was key to mobilizing Miller's activist base.

Miller, however, singled out the endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with appearing to put him over the top.

Miller currently leads Murkowski by fewer than 2,000 votes, with the hand-count of more than 7,000 absentee ballots scheduled to begin Aug. 31.
Russo was happy to share the credit for Miller's remarkable surge.

"It is a powerful combination when Gov. Palin and the Tea Party Express team up, because we are able to focus conservatives on the real differences between the candidates," Russo tells Newsmax.

"It was our working together that made the effort in Alaska so effective," he says. "The whole tea party movement has come about because of disenchantment with both political parties."

Russo said the grass-roots conservative movement also had a big impact in Arizona, where incumbent Sen. John McCain won handily over former Rep. J.D. Hayworth.

"Senator McCain saw the handwriting on the wall and changed," Russo adds, "which is why he was re-nominated at the same time that Senator Murkowski may have been defeated."

Russo adds that activists won't be satisfied until the politics of Washington actually change.

"Victory will not be achieved until the candidates elected actually behave like they promise," Russo says, "which is why tea party activists have to stay hard at work through November 2010 and then to retake the presidency in November 2012."

If there was ever any question about the REAL CHANGE that is coming, just look at Jesse Kelly, a young Marine who faced a Republican-establishment candidate in Tuesday’s primary and won. 

Our PAC,, wasn’t listening to the establishment. We didn’t care that the money was against Jesse Kelly. “No, we can’t help him. He won’t win.” That’s what we were told by “establishment” folks when we asked them to help Jesse.

We knew better. Jesse Kelly is a Warrior. We looked at him and saw a man who put his life on the line for our Constitution. We saw a Warrior who would take the Hill with our other candidates and help turn this country around. No more open borders. No new taxes.  In fact, push back the taxes. Yes to “we the people.” No to “Pelosi, Reid and Obama.”

“The message is that the voters of southern Arizona want a businessman and a combat veteran to fight for practical conservative solutions,” said Kelly’s campaign manager, Adam Kwasman. “They are rejecting career politicians.”

The message is also that people outside of Arizona believe in men like Jesse Kelly. Our friend, Mark Levin, put his name behind Jesse when the “establishment Republicans” pooh-poohed him. Thousands of Americans across the fruited plains came to and supported Jesse and our other candidates, including Allen West, who also won last night!

Now Jesse will take on a career politician with a load of cash and we need to stand together again. Let’s get a jump on Jesse’s opponent now. Give what you can. If 100 people give $50 or more, that will help us get the message out that we ARE taking American back with men like Jesse Kelly.

Go Here NOW and let’s give Jesse an boost for November’s election.



Code Felon?: Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Threatens Wife of Xe/Blackwater Founder After Trespassing Arrest

Susan “Medea” Benjamin, co-founder of the anti-American, pro-terrorist Obama and Jerry Brown-funding group Code Pink, has publicly threatened the wife of Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) founder Erik Prince for having her arrested for trespassing at the Prince family home in McLean, Virginia on Friday.

Photo by Code Pink

In an article first published Monday at the leftist site Alternet, Benjamin wrote about the incident at the Prince home where she and other Code Pink activists went to protest Erik Prince for recently relocating to Abu Dhabi. Benjamin ends the article with a threat urging Mrs. Prince to drop the charges or face further harassment.

Will her husband, a man who shuns publicity, tell her that she is crazy to pick a public fight with CODEPINK (or Pinkwater, as we now call ourselves) and make her drop the charges? Will I be able to sue her for false arrest?

Benjamin’s article also was published at The Huffington Post Monday night, headlined “Blackwater vs. Pinkwater: The Wife of Erik Prince Picks a Fight With CODEPINK.” That’s right, the headline blames the victim. Benjamin describes what happened when Code Pink arrived at the Prince home. The text was the same in both articles.

But when we got there, to our surprise we could see through the window that the house was full of people and furniture. There were no moving boxes, no empty rooms. Could the new owners have settled in so quickly? Curious, I rang the doorbell and before I knew it, I was invited in and found myself inside the living room with a bunch of young children and several adults, who turned out to be grandma, grandpa and wife Joanna Prince.

The rest happened very quickly. Joanna asked who I was and why I was there. I asked the same questions: Was this the Prince family and if so, why weren’t they in Abu Dhabi? She freaked, told the grandparents to call the police, and she pushed me out the door.

Benjamin can be seen in a YouTube video that Code Pink posted, being shoved out the front door of the Prince home.

At the conclusion of both articles, Benjamin threatens Prince’s wife with further harassment and a lawsuit:

When the police arrived, Joanna Prince lied and said I’d been told to leave the house and refused. I was arrested, charged with trespassing, held for 5 hours and forced to pay $500 in bail. I have to appear in court on September 28. So does Joanna Prince. Will she show up in court or will she–like her husband–run away to Abu Dhabi? Will the court subpoena her to appear?

Will her husband, a man who shuns publicity, tell her that she is crazy to pick a public fight with CODEPINK (or Pinkwater, as we now call ourselves) and make her drop the charges? Will I be able to sue her for false arrest?

After terrorizing Mrs. Prince, her children and her children’s grandparents inside the Prince’s home, Benjamin has the gall to threaten Mrs. Prince with further harassment and legal action. The Prince family would be well-advised to seek a restraining order against Benjamin and anyone associated with Code Pink, and urge Fairfax County authorities to seek further charges against Benjamin over her public threats against Mrs. Prince. Especially since Benjamin and Code Pink have a thoroughly documented history of stalking and harassing people at their homes, workplace or out in public.

Even the mafia doesn’t go after families. But Code Pink does. very sweet this morning. All of Warriors for Congress endorsed candidates win their primary races and the Tea Party candidate in Alaska is winning (although it is still being counted.)


Miller, Joe REP 45909 51.09%
Murkowski, Lisa REP 43949 48.91%

 Update: Factually biased MSM embarrasses itself over Joe Miller/Lisa Murkowski race in Alaska. Read this knife-twisting account of stupidity from The Daily Caller.

Lt. Colonel Allen West knocked his opponents down like bowling balls in Florida, and Jesse Kelly shocked the establishment Republicans by winning his GOP primary in Arizona.

"... In Arizona, Iraq war veteran Jesse Kelly defeated establishment pick and former state Sen. Jonathan Paton in the 8th district Republican primary and moves on to face Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in the fall. Democrats believe the Kelly victory greatly strengthens Giffords' hand and her campaign went on television today with an ad this morning accusing Kelly of wanting to get rid of Social Security."

The only better outcome would have been if Senator John McCain and his lovely wife Cindy were sent packing back to the Bud brewing factory. Oh well.

Red Tide Is Rising.

...says Mark McKinnon, fomer Ad Guru to George W. Bush.

Though liberals and the media are quick to call the Tea Party over with any loss for their candidates, Sarah Palin’s endorsement record is more wins than losses. Though not all Tea Party candidates made it out of the primaries, the movement has been a force, firing up voters, and forcing most Republicans to lean right to woo their vote.

Conservatives are getting educated and energized. There’s new blood and new life in the GOP. Take a look at Lt. Col (Ret.) Allen West, the new Republican nominee for Florida House District 22 endorsed by Palin. West is a dynamo, a fearsome warrior who quotes classic Greek with a warm, Southern charm. Put this guy on the watch list for future stars of the GOP.

In his acceptance speech Tuesday, West said, “We have crossed the Rubicon,” an allusion to Julius Caesar’s invasion of Ancient Rome.


The prelims are over and legions are now ready to do battle in November.

"...We know that Jodie Evans, Code Pink said to a mother of a son that was killed in Iraq, "Your son deserved to die for being stupid enough to go," and she's headlining a fundraiser for Jerry Brown.  Jodie Evans is a major bundler of campaign donations for Obama.  Now, certainly she's got the right to say that, but is it the right thing to do?  Would Obama support -- I mean he takes money from Jodie Evans at Code Pink.  Would Obama think that it's wise to support Jodie Evans in saying to the parents of fallen heroes in Iraq, "Your kid deserved to die, stupid enough to go to Iraq."  So maybe it's the wording here, and maybe for those of you in the media, maybe for you to better understand how Americans feel, they think building a mosque is essentially having their face rubbed in it.  Our Constitution grants them the right to rub our face in it, but is that something that our government wants to support?  The position here of the anti-mosque people is not unreasonable.  It's, in fact, totally understandable.  But look at how it's being portrayed.  The wife of the imam, what's her name, Daisy Khan, is saying that this reaction, the opposition to the mosque goes beyond Islamophobia. "

Xcellent points, Mr. Limbaugh.

The Liberal San Francisco Chronicle and its liberal Washington correspondent Carolyn Lochhead on Nancy Pelosi's chances for keeping her gavel: slim.

WASHINGTON • It is a sign of how bad things are for Democrats that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's best shot at keeping her job come November is to lose no more than 38 seats in Congress.

At 39, Republicans would take control of the chamber, and Pelosi would hand the gavel to Republican leader John Boehner and almost certainly face a coup attempt from within a demoralized new minority.

Control of the House is "on the bubble," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. He now projects that Republicans will come up just short, but cautioned, "We're going to be revising that all the way to Nov. 2."

Political forecasting models can predict elections based on one factor: the economy. On that issue, the news keeps getting worse for Democrats. The economy is in a serious stall, with unemployment stuck at 9.6 percent and economic indicators turning south almost across the board.

With energy and zeal, Pelosi marshaled the most productive Congress in recent memory: health care reform, financial reform, a record-shattering fiscal stimulus, an unprecedented bank rescue and a host of other victories.

This was not the "do-nothing Congress" of lore. By the accounts of her conservative detractors, Pelosi did too much.





Former radio talk show host Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice mansion of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans at a Saturday afternoon fundraiser for California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

Morgan reports the pro-American protesters "blocked the entrance of hundreds of wealthy Democrat liberals, including Sally Kellerman and Cindy Asner, ex-wife of Ed Asner."  Protesters laid down on the sidewalk outside the entrance gate where guests had to step over them.

Event host Jodie Evans was visibly angry at getting a taste of her own medicine, and had several confrontations, including one in which she denied, against the evidence, that she supports the terrorist organization Hamas. Several guests were put out at being protested, while some had no idea they were attending a Code Pink event.

Jerry Brown sneaked into the house from the back door while Melanie Morgan threw her body onto the sidewalk shouting, "Code Pink supports terrorists!"  When not lying on the sidewalk, Morgan stood outside the back gate "yelling through a screen at (Jodie) while she sipped her white wine as Brown's security guard watched from inside his SUV with the engine running for two hours."  Though the Dodge Durango sat idling, presumably waiting for Brown's departure, he reportedly snuck out through the front door into another vehicle.

Protester Danny Gonzalez lies on the sidewalk outside the gated entrance.

Code Pink representatives called police who arrived in a squad car about an hour into the event.  However, the trio of law enforcement officers found no reason to make any arrests.

Also observing the scene was Andrew Breitbart, publisher of the BIG websites, who was wearing inline skates (it's a California thing), as well as well-known blogger Mickey Kaus of who heard the disturbance from his house across the street.  He came out and observed, but did not join the protest.

Jodie Evans became visibly agitated when confronted by Morgan about Code Pink's $600,000 donation to the families of terrorists who murdered U.S. troops in Fallujah.  Evans snapped "You are on crack" as Morgan persisted.

Morgan added, "These liberals were shocked that we turned up.  They were extremely angry about our obnoxious support of U.S. troops...  and completely oblivious to the irony.  The most fun was watching Jodie Evans' skin mottle in anger, matching her dyed red hair!"

Andrew Marcus videotaped the protest and remarked on the irony of one of the Code Pink greeters complaining about being protested outside of the private residence, a method commonly used by Code Pink.

Weeknights  @ 9 pm ESt


Mama Grizzly Melanie Morgan gives Code Pink dose of own medicine ...
By radiopatriot
Mama Grizzly Melanie Morgan gives Code Pink dose of own medicine Leave a comment. Featured story at BIG PEACE… Posted August 22, 2010, by radiopatriot in American Spirit, Andrew Breitbart, BIG Peace, Code Pink, Deborah Lee, ...
The Radio Patriot -

Melanie Morgan turns the tables on Code Pink! « Gathering of ...
By nycoordinator
Melanie Morgan, patriot and radio talk show host, turned the tables on her long term nemesis, Code Pink, yesterday! Here's a prior confrontation from the Code Pink siege of a Marine Corps Recruiting Station. ...
Gathering of Eagles: NY - Code Pinkos Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine
By This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Rick Moore)
Former radio host Melanie Morgan decided to give Evans a sample of her own medicine by holding a protest in front of her house and employing some of Code Pinko's own tactics against them. Big Peace has the details as well as some photos ... -

UrbanGrounds | Street Protests: It's Not Just For Code Stink
By no2liberals
Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice home of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans at a Saturday afternoon ...
UrbanGrounds -

Marooned In Marin: Code Pinkos Get A Taste of Their Own Medicine ...
By MaroonedinMarin
Former radio talk show host Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice mansion of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans ...
Marooned In Marin -

I was not surprised to learn that Jodie Evans, cofounder of Code Pink, a Marxist FOO (Friends Of Obama) is holding a fund-raiser Saturday for California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, who is also attorney general of the state.

And Evans shouldn’t be surprised to find a mass of sane human beings at her doorstep today as I join Move America Forward in a protest. Yes, we should protest a fund-raiser by a Marxist who has slipped her way into what Barack Obama and Jerry Brown would like you to believe is the new normal: radicals running the country and most powerful state in the Union. I don’t think so!

Evans is a former staffer of Brown and led his presidential campaign of 1994, which ended as I hope his current campaign does – in a black hole where the whole lot of the FOO belongs. Evans is more than just a former knee-capper for Brown. She and her group, Code Pink, are partners with the terrorist group Hamas and they are the generous donors of some $600,000 of “humanitarian aid” to terrorists fighting American troops in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, Hugo Chavez and Medea Benjamin

 In between planning for Jerry Brown’s fund-raiser, Evans helped organize the Gaza flotilla that fought against Israeli military. Her wingman was William Ayers, the homegrown terrorist who cofounded the Weather Underground, which bombed the Pentagon and other government buildings before radical Muslims finished off the job in 2001. All are Friends of Obama.

That the mainstream media doesn’t splash the news that a radical revolutionary is raising funds for the man who could be the governor of California says a lot about how far President Obama’s mentor, Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky, has polluted our country with his thoughts of revolution. And his goose-stepping followers are in step, including Obama.

"The first step in community organization is community disorganization. The disruption of the present organization is the first step toward community organization. Present arrangements must be disorganized if they are to be displace by new patterns.... All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new." Pg.116 of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’

Bringing the mad hatters of Alinsky’s world to the tea party is part of the plan. Alinsky taught his followers that, to take the political power is a slight of hand that includes appearances of fitting in with the status quo. Jodie Evans looks like a decent enough human being – except when she puts on her Code pink gear that always includes Pepto Bismol colored clothing and accessories. But usually she leaves the war paint for the likes of Medea Benjamin and fellow travelers such as Cindy Sheehan.

Jodie Evans can’t be all that bad, right? She raised loads of cash for Obama during his presidential campaign. She moves in important political circles, which is exactly the transformation these Marxists make to move toward their final goal: disruption and destruction of our current Democratic Republic.

I know Code Pink. I have smelled them up close when they tried to chase the U.S. Marines out of Berkeley. Instead, I and the group I cofounded, Move America Forward, brought thousands of our friends and chased Code Pink out of Berkeley. The Marine recruiters are still there today.


My good friend, Debbie Lee, whose son was the first Navy SEAL to give his life in Iraq, has fought toe-to-toe with Evans’ Code Pink.

“These are the wackos at Berkeley who told me my son deserved to die if he was stupid enough to go war in Iraq,” Lee wrote to me in an email. “ I am so agitated and disgusted with Jodi Evans and her antics to manipulate people with her fundraising, then to act like she supports out troops. Jodi has her right to give according to campaign laws, but we do as citizens also have the right to protest, voice our opinions stand up for our troops who gave us those rights.”

Ms. Evans and Governor Moonbeam are going to hear from patriots today. All patriots are welcome. Bring your flags, your pink tiaras and tutus, and your big hearts. I’d love to see a big pink medfly to remind voters what Jerry Brown did to California the last time he attempted to govern.

We’ll be at Evans’ home before the event which begins at 4 p.m.Saturday at 757 Palms Blvd., Venice, Calif. For more information go to


The message will be loud and clear: It’s time for the FOOs and Moonbeam moonbats to head to Cuba because we aren’t standing by for their nonsense to further infect our Union.


Melanie Morgan is a talk radio and TV personality, and cofounder of Move America Forward and

Kristinn Taylor and  Andrea Shea King

Jerry Brown Fundraiser at Home of Hamas Supporter Jodie Evans Raises Questions.

by Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King

The anti-war group CODE PINK, which professes to love peace but in reality only supports a radical left wing Marxist agenda, has long been a bitter rival of Move America Forward’s. Ever since CODE PINK began supporting the terrorists in their war on America and aided their efforts to kill American troops, Move America Forward has mobilized to thwart CODE PINK at every turn.

We’ve shown up to counter-protest their anti-war rallies, we’ve stood up and supported our troops wherever CODE PINK went to trash and berate the military. We’ve stood toe-to-toe against these vile, un-American kooks, and that’s why we’re asking you to stand with us and support our troops and stand against CODE PINK again!

This SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st, there is an event for California Attorney General Jerry Brown that is hosted by CODE PINK’s founding member Jodie Evans. Evans is a principal leader of the radical group and is one of their wealthy benefactors who bankrolls the group’s activities. She’s holding an event at her home in Venice, California this weekend to provide support and funds to Jerry Brown, who is running for Governor of California and obviously will take money from anyone – even disgraced anti-troop people like this! The next thing we will hear is that Jane Fonda will be there!

MAF is organizing a protest against this insult
to our troops! Make a donation to help us!

We’re calling on Jerry Brown to cancel his event with CODE PINK because any real American should know better than to associate with a group like CODE PINK who actively aided and abetted our enemies in the war on terror. CODE PINK sympathizes with the terrorists’ point of view, and sees America as an evil, imperialist nation that deserves to be destroyed by the terrorists.

CODE PINK hopes to bring about a period of peace and socialism after mainstream capitalist America burns to the ground. CODE PINK sees Al Qaeda and the terrorists as freedom fighters and actually provided over $600,000 in cash and medical supplies to the terrorists and their families during the battle of Fallujah, when our Marines were still being shot at by the enemy!
Another one of CODE PINK’s founders, Medea Benjamin, is quoted in a French newspaper bragging about the unprecedented nature of their group’s support for the terrorists in Fallujah.

“I don't know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine...for the families of the ‘other side,’” Benjamin said. “It is a reflection of a growing movement in the United States...opposed to the unjust nature of this war.”

They’ve also traveled to Venezuela to meet with and praise Marxist anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez. They are opposed to the USA and Israel taking any action to stop and neutralize Iran’s nuclear capability! They want the terrorists to have access to nuclear material!

Friends this is not a group that ANY AMERICAN, much less any politician should EVER associate with, THEY ARE TRAITOROUS! Why would Jerry Brown accept money from this woman and go to her house and accept money from her friends? Is the money more important to him than our troops or the importance of winning the war against the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 ???



For more details or instructions contact Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (714) 926-6189

Well, too damn bad.

I don't like wealthy liberals mingling with people who support terrorists and give money to people who murder U.S. troops in Iraq.

I am seriously pissed.

Here is SF Chronicle's Joe Garofoli on the controversy.

"...We're a bit dizzy here as we're entered Bizarro Bay Area World with word of not one, but TWO conservative protests of Democratic AG/guv candidate Jerry Brown.

First, one happened outside Brown's Attorney General's office in Oakland Thursday morning, organized by the California Republican Party. Yes, a street protest organized by Republicans. They're ticked off by Jerry's use of a state plane that Comrade "Boy Wonder" Joseph chronicled Thursday.

OK, so there only about 10 people there. "It's the middle of the day," GOP spokesperson Crystal Feldman explains.

No shame. Our Street Protest Extrapolator says that's equal to roughly 150 liberal street protesters, given the difficulty of convincing a Republican to deign to sloganeer in public. Some photos of the event, sent to us by Crystal:

Republican Party protesting Jerry Brown in Oakland


Republican Party protesting Jerry Brown in Oakland

A bigger throwdown may happen Saturday in L.A. where Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans is throwing a fundraiser for Jerry at her home. Evans ran Jerry's 1992 presidential campaign, and we know how that turned out.

Anyways, the mere mention of the antiwar activists at Code Pink has Melanie Morgan -- former KSFO talk show host, Tea Party organizer and Chuck DeVore for Senate organizer -- hopping mad. Nay, "spitting mad." She is calling all conservative comers for a protest of the fundraiser.

Yes, you read that right: There will be a protest of a Code Pink organizer's event in LA by a Marin County conservative.....oh, God, the room is spinning. Minimun contribution to get in: $250. Max: $25,900. Sounds more like a Code Green event.

Now if Mel and crew is really going to go in Code Pink- style, they'll have someone on the inside of the fundraiser unfurling a banner or causing some sort of ruckus.

We now turn to Melanie's note that is intended to rally the conservative masses:

"Is Jerry Brown a terrorist sympathizer? Or is he just whoring himself out to people who fund thugs and rapists, support killers and send aid to people who murder U.S. servicemen?

"The Attorney General of California and Gubernatorial candidate is attending a fund-raiser thrown by his good friend Jodi Evans, co-founder of CodePink and renowned Hollywood limosine liberal." You can find more about all that here.

Team Brown's Sterling Clifford responds on the AG's Evans link and Jer as "terrorist sympathizer":

"Jerry has always surrounded himself with politically active people and some of them continue to be politically active," Clifford told us.

"But the rhetoric that Melanie Morgan is using is counter-productive and insulting to voters," Clifford said.

We asked Mel if she was on the payroll of the Meg Whitman for Guv campaign or the state GOP and she said "No I am not!"

"I'm going to pay for my own airfare and other expenses to get down there, plus a girlfriend who wants to go but can't afford to. We are spittin' mad," Morgan told us.

We may have to leave the GOP convention in San Diego Saturday afternoon and haul up to LA to catch all the spittle.

Posted By: Joe Garofoli (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Twitter, Facebook) | Aug 19 at 12:20 PM

Read more:

Warriors for Congress is so pleased to announce the winners of tickets to Sean Hannity's San Diego Freedom Concert on Aug. 28.

Judith Cohen of Albany, Calif.; Linda Gibbs of La Quinta Calif.; andAnita Greenstone from Brookeville MD., are the patriots whose names were randomly chosen to receive two tickets each to the concert!


Warriors for Congress thank every person who donated to the great cause of getting veterans elected to Congress!!!! Men like:

Jesse Kelly

Duncan Hunter Jr.

Rick Tubbs

Allen West


Is Jerry Brown a terrorist sympathizer? Or is he just whoring himself out to people who fund thugs and rapists, support killers and send aid to people who murder U.S. servicemen?

The Attorney General of California and Gubernatorial candidate is attending a fund-raiser thrown by his good friend Jodi Evans, co-founder of CodePink and renowned Hollywood limousine liberal.

 Big Peace has the proof below.


Just who is Jodi Evans? Catherine Moy at Human Events wrote in May of 2008 about the woman who bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for then Senator Barack Obama and her sordid history:

"..Code Pink has waged a campaign of psychological warfare against
America's wounded warriors and their families by protesting at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center, targeting them with signs bearing messages such as
“Maimed for a lie” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton,” the joint statement from pro-troops groups said.

Evans has a long history as a political organizer for radical causes and as a Democratic operative. She also worked for former California Gov. Jerry Brown, who is now the state’s attorney general.

Evans sat on the board of directors of the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), a coalition of capitalist-hating environmentalist groups. The cofounder of RAN also founded the violent and radical Animal Liberation Front, which the FBI listed as one of the largest domestic terrorism threats in the United States.

The FBI reported that RAN and the Earth Liberation Front committed more than 600 criminal acts and racked up $43 million in damages over seven years.

Evan’s radical ideology fit with the other founders of  Code Pink, which is notorious for its attempts to shut down the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center, occupying congressional offices,  intimidating families of soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq, attacking opponents and disrupting Congress while dressed in Pepto Bismol-colored outfits."

(Jodi Evans pictured with Cindy Sheehan, Hugo Chavez and Medea Benjamin)

I stood toe-to-toe with Jodi Evans and her Code Pinko pal Madea Benjamin once before. I think we should do it again this Saturday in Venice.

Let's mock the Code Pinkos wit pink tutus and tiaras this Saturday August 21st in Venice.

Let's show Jerry Brown that we know who his friends are .....

Madame Speaker, or Marie Antoinette as I dis-affectionately call her, is now demanding an investigation into the critics of a Mosque at Ground Zero in New York. That's an awful lot of taxpayer dollars going to investigate, oh, 2/3rd of the American people.

When did Democracy founder? Why is one woman holding so much sway over our principles?

Na(n)zy Pelosi must be defeated. Please go to to help elect conservative war veterans to Congress and strip the gavel from Na(n)zy Pelosi's grasping hands.

From the Washington Times and Kerry Picket:

"....House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, called for an investigation of those who are protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque on Tuesday. She told San Francisco's KCBS radio:


"There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded," she said. "How is this being ginned up that here we are talking about Treasure Island, something we've been working on for decades, something of great interest to our community as we go forward to an election about the future of our country and two of the first three questions are about a zoning issue in New York City." (h/t Kristinn)

Calls to investigate the funding for those proposing the $100 million "Cordoba House" have fallen on deaf ears, though, as New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg has described such an investigation as "un-American."

Ms. Pelosi called the Ground Zero mosque an "urban development decision" for New Yorkers to work through. Her remarks happened on the heels of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, parting ways with President Barack Obama on the issue. Mr. Reid suggested the mosque should be built somewhere else.  

More to come..."

Yes, there's a lot more to come and it will happen between now and November. Please get involved to save our country.

Today is the last day to donate $100 and enter a chance to get tickets to the Sean Hannity Freedom concert series August 28th in San Diego. The drawing takes place at 6:00 p.m.tonight.

 We are using the money to help fund these amazing candidates who can lead our country out of the Democrat darkness.

Donate here.

Help us to help ourselves before it is too late.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the doyenne of talk radio, has pulled the plug on herself by announcing a few minutes ago that she is quitting her syndicated radio show following a controversy over using the N-word to discuss race relations in United States.

In an interview with Larry King on CNN, Dr. Laura says that "she wants to regain her First Amendment freedom rights" and therefore will stop broadcasting at the end of the year.

San Francisco Program Director Jack Swanson, whose station KSFO Radio airs the broadcast, has no comment on the shocking development.

Another conservative voice silenced? You bet.  Liberals will be claiming her scalp, and it will be sickening to watch in the next few hours and days ahead.

You might disagree with her advice, but Dr. Laura's morals were always in line with her religion and its teachings.

On a personal note, Dr. Laura has been a great friend to our troops and has given of her time and energy (not to mention precious airtime) to help promote Troopathon and Move America Forward's care package program to fighting service members in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am leaving the controversy over the language she used last week to others (for now.)

I do want to say that Laura has been a friend to me, and I will never forget her loyalty and patriotism.

I am very, very saddened to hear that she is leaving her perch atop the radio airwaves.

She's a class act.

God Bless Laura Schlessinger and all the good words and good works she has accomplished.



Two Days Till Two Tickets, Triumph for Troops


Tuesday, 17 August 2010 12:53

 Time to Take the Gavel and Let Warriors Take the Hill!!!!!


Thanks to generous Warriors' fans, we now have SIX TICKETS for our drawing on Wednesday that will decide who gets two tickets each to the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert in San Diego. The best part? Every person who donates $100 or more will help veterans running for Congress. It's a no-lose proposition. Well, to tell the complete truth, it may be a loser for Madame Pelosi, who could lose her Speaker's gavel come Novemer if we get behind these Warriors who are ready, willing and more than able to serve like the honorable Americans they are.

Time is short to donate $100 a more and get your name in Wednesday's drawing. Go HERE to make your donation. On Wednesday, Melanie will draw three names. The winners will head to sunny San Diego on Aug. 28 and hang out with Sean Hannity, Col. Oliver North, and hundreds of patriots for an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the artists who will appear at the Freedom Concert, which raises money for children whose parent has given his or her life for our country or is permanently disabled from his duty to America.


Five runners-up will get a signed book authored by Warriors Chairman Melanie Morgan and Executive Director Catherine Moy. The bestselling book, “American Mourning,” is the true story of two families whose sons gave their lives in Iraq.


We have had an overwhelming response to our campaign to get our Warriors elected and GIVE two tickets to paradise away. Here are just a few of the names who have given so far:


HONOR ROLL OF DONORS: Anita. G., Maryland; Dr. Lenore F. , San Jose; Michael L., Orinda; Danita L., Texas; Roger R.,Half Moon Bay; Glenn H., Alabama; Robert. A., Pleasant Hill; Shirley  S., Carmichael;  William Y., Maryland; Victoria L., Glendale; Tom C., Hercules; James W., Washington State; Thomas M. ,Texas; Thomas M., Texas; Dr. Aaron G., Georgia;  Carmine J. Belmont, Calif.; Ellen C., Florida; Joan M. Shingle Springs, Ca.; Claudia O. Hollister, Ca.; John N. Mill Valley, Calif.; Dian B., Indio, Ca.; Ben. H. Penn.; Ronald H., Va;  Greg G., Half Moon Bay, Ca.; Teri E. Wyoming; Paul M., Texas;Constance V., Texas;  Gene L, Corona, Calif.;  Judith G., Tiburon, Ca.;David R., Bethel Island, Ca.; Joyce F. Arizona; Richard G., NJ;  Michelle C., San Andreas, Ca.; Bernie R., OK; Karen K., Sacramento;Dr. Aldo L.; Florida; Gregory J., Millbrae, Ca. Norma C., Kan.; Dee K.; Texas;  Kevin C., Redwood City, Ca.; Richard T. Burlingame, CA.;

We have a lot more to add and hope you'll get your name on the list today by making a donationg that says "We're sick o the Pelosi-REid-Obama agenda and we want Warriors taking the Hill in Nov.!"




Thanks for your patriotism!!!

Update II: Crooks and Liars website, the parking spot for the intellectually challenged and ideologically stupid, has its panties in a twist over Harry Reid's political expediency.

**Note spittle-dribbled venom aimed my way at the end.


"...Ugh. Why is it so difficult to find Democrats not eager to bow to the craven fear-mongering of Republican rivals? TPM:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has now spoken out on the Muslim community center in New York -- saying that while the organizers are free to construct the project, it should be moved somewhere else.

"The First Amendment protects freedom of religion. Senator Reid respects that but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else," said a statement from Reid spokesman Jim Manley. "If the Republicans are being sincere, they would help us pass this long overdue bill to help the first responders whose health and livelihoods have been devastated because of their bravery on 911, rather than continuing to block this much-needed legislation."

Fer cryin' out loud. Reid is running scared because of rival Sharron Angle's taunts that Reid is Obama's waterboy by the lizard brains who want to equate all Muslims with terrorism and 9/11.

"As the Majority Leader, Harry Reid is usually President Obama's mouthpiece in the U.S. Senate, and yet he remains silent on this issue. Reid has a responsibility to stand up and say no to the mosque at Ground Zero or once again side with President Obama---this time against the families of 9/11 victims. America is waiting."

And of course, he caves. Saying that they have a First Amendment right to build it isn't that revolutionary a stance to take. One would hope that the Majority Leader of the Senate has at least a cursory understanding of the Constitution (which is, by the way, more than we can say for Angle). But to say that they should move it is to play into the irrational hatred and bigotry of the lowest common denominator and something for which Reid should be wholly ashamed. Greg Sargent:

Despite Reid's reaffirmation of this right, his response is still weak and indefensible. And it leaves the President hanging after he took a big risk to do the right thing. Obama did not explicitly endorse the decision to build the center. But Obama did say that if the group does proceed with that decision, we must respect that decision, in accordance with American values.

Reid is not willing to say that. Rather, he's saying, in effect, that even if he supports the group's right to build the center, he's not willing to respect the decision to do so. That's unacceptable, and leaves Obama isolated at a very sensitive moment.

What's more, it's unclear why coming out against the plan in the manner Reid did is even good politics for Democrats at this point. Reid basically threw the whole Dem caucus under the bus: With the Senate leader at odds with the president, the media will press every Senate Dem to declare which side they're on.

Dumb, Harry. On every level. Even Republican advisers like Mark McKinnon think that pursuing this is a loser for Republicans. Why do you need to be a loser too?

Want to tell Harry that he needs to smarten up? Contact him here.

UPDATE: Haaretz is claiming that the Cordoba House has decided to move, something Cordoba House representatives are denying.

I just sent this to Lehrer Newshour:

I saw with disgust Gwen Ifill allow a republican congressman to hog the air time, rambling incessantly, refusing to stick to topic about Cordoba House, and essentially run out your clock. The mayor in opposition might get it seemed five or ten seconds to speak, before they would return to that garrulous congressman, who had the audacity to tell the mayor not to interrupt him.

I turned off the program, and am sorely tempted to never turn it on again. It was every bit as bad as when your program had that excretable Melanie Morgan on the air.

Update: Muslim leaders reportedly ready to abandon plans for Ground Zero Mosque.

 Backlash! Oh, what a huge surprise! Americans are revolted (and revolting) against President Obama's robust defense of a Mosque near hallowed ground Zero in Manhatten...proposed by a group that is alleged to have terrorist ties.

Barack Hussein Obama, the President of these great United States, clearly has no sensitivity towards the worst loss of life during an attack on American soil.

The families of the 9/11 victims are making damn sure that Obama doesn't slide on this one.

Good for them.

"...Debra Burlingame, a sister of a pilot killed when his plane was flown by a hijacker into the Pentagon and a spokesperson for  victims’ families, said: ‘Barack Obama has abandoned America at the place where America’s heart was broken nine years ago, and where her true values were on display for all to see.’

Peter King, a Republican congressman in New York, said the President had been wrong to back the plan, adding: ‘It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero.’

Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son was killed at the World Trade Center, condemned the President for a 'gross lack of sensitivity to the 9/11 families and to the people who were lost'.


Meeting to vote: The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously not to landmark the building, making way for the construction of the mosque
Meeting to vote: The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously not to landmark the building, making way for the construction of the mosque

The proposal to build a mosque close to the site of the 2001  terrorist attack has aroused strong opinions

Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner said the decision to build the mosque wasn't an issue of religious freedom, but a matter of respect.

'The fact that someone has the right to do something doesn't necessarily make it the right thing to do. That is the essence of tolerance, peace and understanding,' he said.

New York Republican Congressman Peter King added: 'President Obama is wrong. It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero.'

Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene of Florida said: 'President Obama has this all wrong and I strongly oppose his support for building a mosque near Ground Zero especially since Islamic terrorists have bragged and celebrated destroying the Twin Towers and killing nearly 3,000 Americans.

'Freedom of religion might provide the right to build the mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero, but common sense and respect for those who lost their lives and loved ones gives sensible reason to build the mosque someplace else.'

Read more:

Before we get to news, weather and sports from Jane Jamison at, let me say a word or two about "rationalmiddleguy" comments on my website.

Mr. Irrational Lefty Guy has uttered untrue, hurtful and flat out lies about my friend Howard Kaloogian, with whom I co-founded Move America Forward in 2005. He also called him my "partner" which is wildly incorrect.

Howard and I have absolutely no financial connections nor have we ever been involved in anything other than a short stint together at MAF. When he stepped down as Chairman of the non-profit organization to run for Congress in 2006, I assumed the job.

In 2009, I resigned in order to work at the Washington Times and Talk Radio Network's "America's Morning News" so there would be no possibility or perception of conflict of interest.

I have left the web post up for a number of days because I happen to be a huge proponent of Freedom of Speech, an amazing gift given to us by our brilliant forefathers. Now he's had his say, and I have had mine.

His post will go away shortly.


Reveille Morning Headlines: Blago Trial watch resumes, Gen. Petraeus says troops may NOT be withdrawn next summer


Oakland, California: Downtown businesses start their own security service due to police cutbacks.


Obama's death panel doctor is barely two weeks on the job and the rationing has begun...Ovarian cancer drug is being denied to women.


Fannie and Freddie: A bottomless money pit


Tea Party on the Arizona Mexico Border: JD Hayworth and Sheriff Joe Arpaio  (this post has video of Sheriff Joe...he's GREAT!)


American planes arrive to help fight Russian forest fires and what thanks do we get?


Iran Goes Nuclear, Obama Goes on Vacation.  Obama has sold out Israel.


7 Reasons to support Israel: Joyce Kaufman, a radio talk show host in Florida, lays it all out in an empassioned speech. Take notes.


Sen Schumer:  His polls are dropping because of no,....because you are all SOURPUSSES.  This follows Sen. Boxer who says we are all GRUMPY, so that's why she is down 5 points to Carly.


Meg Whitman's Friday 13th: eBay Billionaire writes another check to her own campaign....for $13 million. (Total $104M of her own far)


Be a poll watcher this November.  A quick easy way to help prevent voter fraud. Organize and cover your polls NOW


Oldie but goodie video:  "Respect" by Budweiser Clydesdales...


About that swim thing.....Obama "Gulf" swim was a total photo optic....he actually was swimming in a bay where there was no oil

CNN has cooties....but we knew that.   lol


Michelle Obama: No Dessert Left Behind

About three weeks ago, I e-mailed a friend of mine who is a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper.

I asked him if he knew the score on Jerry Brown's pensions....does he get big $$$ for serving as Governor, Secretary of State, Mayor of Oakland, and possibly Governor again? What, I wondered, does he get paid for his "public service" all these years?

My pal never got back to me but another nosy parker started asking the same questions.

Here are some answers. (Let us all now pray that Jerry Brown is NOT elected Governor.)'s-pension



A year ago, the political hurricane known as the "Tea Party" erupted in made-for-YouTube confrontations at congressional town hall meetings on the pending health care overhaul.

This August, the movement’s supporters seem less rowdy — perhaps because they’re pounding the pavement and dialing phones, trying to alter the balance of power in Congress in the fall elections. While Tea Party-favored candidates have lost in contests including the California GOP Senate primary, they have won Republican Senate primaries in Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada and Utah.

They say it’s just the start.

"We’re not in this to make noise and to saber-rattle," says Dan Blanchard, of the Louisville Tea Party, which helped Rand. Paul claim the Senate nomination in Kentucky. "We’re in this thing to win."

The test now: Whether Paul and others can prevail under even tougher scrutiny and win over the broader electorate that votes in November. That will require a sustained commitment from a network that revels in its bottom-up nature and loose organization.

"That’s part of the verve and vibrancy," says Rep. Michele Bachmann. At the first meeting of the congressional Tea Party caucus last month, the Minnesota Republican underscored the primacy of the grass roots by having members of the public sit on the dais normally reserved for members of Congress. Lawmakers sat in the audience.

Read the rest of the story...

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22 (see trends).

This matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for this president. Platinum Members can see key demographic information and other members-only information.

Over the past week, the Approval Index ratings have been more volatile than usual and it is unlikely that perceptions of the president have shifted that much. Rather, with results reported on a three-day rolling average basis, the volatility appears to be the result of one day with results outside of the normal range working its way through the system. Over the past couple of months, the president’s full-month Approval Index rating has been -16 or -17.

Seventy percent (70%) believe that most members of Congress trade votes for cash or campaign contributions. Fifty-six percent (56%) say it’s likely their own representative in Congress has done the same.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans continue to believe that the 1945 decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a good one.  Sixty-eight percent (68%) believe it saved a lot of American lives and just 20% think the U.S. should apologize for the bombing.

:  Nancy Pelosi masterminds the $26 Union bailout to steer funds to dems for November


New Schwarzenegger Movie Angers State Workers


New EPA Cement Regulations May Cost Billions and Jobs--Mark Levin read this story on his show Tuesday and has linked me on his site.

Thank you, Great one!   xoxo

Asst AG Begins the Inquisition in Arizona
Obama DOJ to Sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio/


ICE Immigration investigators have signed a letter condemning the Obama appointee who is going soft on illegals


More Journo List liberal media reporters exposed


California state budget: $91 million short, yet lawmakers spent billions last month


Swine flu epidemic officially over,....Top 5 Ways to Recycle the expired Swine flu vaccines


Update on Greg Gutfeld of Fox News' "Red Eye" has announced he will build a Muslim gay bar

next to the Ground Zero Mosque.  Top 30 possible names for this gay/Islamic outreach

Video of Greg with Glenn Beck



 Well, you might call it that if you enjoy rubbing elbows with other American patriots, listening to good ole’ American music and cheering on our men and women in uniform – all while listening to Sean Hannity emcee a day you’ll never forget at the San Diego Freedom Concert. All Freedom Concerts benefit the children of those brave men and women who've given their lives for our country or who are permanently disabled due to injury in line of dity.

Today Warriors for Congress kicks off our campaign to push our chosen Warriors over the finish line in first position. We have chosen a select handful of veterans who are running for Congress, all of whom you can find at

Your job is to donate $100 or more to the Warriors fund at Warriors Fund and your name will go into a drawing for two tickets to the Aug. 28, 2010. Your name will go on the Honor Roll of Warriors’ supporters and we will draw the lucky winners on Aug. 18, 2010. Each will receive two tickets.

Warriors has a total of four tickets, so we’ll make two drawings.

Here are some of the artists you will hear perform if you draw the winning tickets:


So not only do you have a chance of winning two tickets to Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert, but you will help in the push to take the Speaker’s gavel away from Nancy Pelosi!


Now that's worth more than 100 bucks, ain't it? Go to and donate $100 bucks or more to take out Nancy AND help these Warriors take the House:

Jesse Kelly, a Marine combat veteran who served in Iraq, is running against a liberal In Arizona’s 8th District. Kelly has a strong plan to stop the illegals from flooding America.


Duncan Hunter Jr. is a former Marine Captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He represents the 52nd District of California and stands for strong national security, including protection of America’s borders.


Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch is a former Marine combat veteran who served in Desert Storm and Iraq. He was seen around the world as he and his Marines tore down the statue of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein. He is running for the 51st Congressional District against one of the most extreme liberals in the House.

These veterans need your help now to take the House. If they win, we all ALL WIN! – and you may get those two tickets to Freedom!!!! Now is the best chance we have to reverse the reckless course of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi failures.

All of these men and the other Warriors we support are running tough races. We must pitch in now to change course in the United States. Remember the days when we weren't FORCED to buy health care? Remember when you weren't called a racist just because you stood at a rally with an American flag? Those days can return if you donate today and take a chance at winning two tickets to the Freedom Concert.

The winners will head to sunny San Diego and hang out with Sean Hannity, Col. Oliver North, and hundreds of patriots for an unforgettable experience.

Five runners-up will get a signed book authored by Warriors Chairman Melanie Morgan and Executive Director Catherine Moy. The bestselling book, “American Mourning,” is the true story of two families whose sons gave their lives in Iraq

“Folks, this is it. We have to move now and we need you to help our veterans win their races,” Morgan said.

Make sure to click back to Warriors for Congress to check out your name on the Honor roll of donors.


Donate now at




 Do NOT miss the video of National Black Conservative leaders and members of the Tea Party Express who are attacked by members of the "mainstream" media for fighting back against charges of racism. After watching the video, one must wonder exactly whom is racist and why they are playing Americans against each other by the color of their skin.

Get to know this name....Thomas Perez of the DOJ...he is about to start a witch hunt against people in Arizona..charging them with hate crimes over immigration...he want to regulate websites and bloggers ......he is the one who dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers.....this is someone who is an abuser of power.


Let the gay marriages begin: Hang the 7 million California voters who approved Prop 8, liberal Democrats and the Governator who is actually a Democrat want to resume

gay marriages immediately, while the case goes through appeal.


Why the San Francisco case will likely legalize gay marriage ( and more ) nationwide:  Analysis by Jane Jamison  (see if I am right in 2 years.)


Prime Minister Putin policies being blamed in Russia for rampant month long forest fires


BIblical Pakistani floods affect 12 million in the north...unknown damage/deaths in's leadership not responding well to crisis


BP has been paying out claims in 4 states...see county by county where the $$$$ are going.


HP CEO Mark Hurd: Sex, lies and a $50 million parachute


Something for Nothing: Analysis by Chuck DeVore shows states that went for Obama in 2008 have highest deficits


FBI Busts Russian ATM hackers who made $9m "in a few hours"


Another shadowy Al Qaida group appears to have bigger and better weapons and has taken responsibility for bombing the

Japanese tanker last week in the Persian gulf.


How Jerry Brown turned $6 billion state surplus into $1 billion deficit in 8 years.


Red Hot Rasmussens!  Polls show CA governor and Senate races virtually tied


What's "Up" in Milwaukee?  How the little blue pills are screwing taxpayers.

A (semi-closeted) gay liberal activist Judge in San Francisco has overturned the will of the people with a daring ruling today.

Judge Vaughn Walker decision will be appealed, undoubtedly to the Supreme court.

Walker presided over the sentencing of KGO radio talk show host Bernie Ward two years ago.

 I was in the courtroom when the liberal Walker wrung his hands and practically wept over how upset over federal sentencing guidelines giving Ward 7 years jail time for transmitting child pornoraphy. He wanted to let him off with a much much lighter sentence.

And now gay marriage.

From the Drudge report headlines:

EXCLUSIVE 1:26 PM PT: CA Prop 8 held to be unconstitutional under due process and equal protection. Will be released at 2 PM PT...
138 PAGE RULING: Judge strikes, 'Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California'...


JUDGE: Having considered the trial evidence and the arguments of counsel, the court pursuant to FRCP 52(a) finds that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional and that its enforcement must be enjoined.

'Proposition 8 places the force of law behind stigmas against gays and lesbians'...

PAPER: Judge being gay nonissue during trial...



Case Expected for Supreme Court...


WASHINGTON — Public support for President Obama's Afghanistan war policy has plummeted amid a rising U.S. death toll and the unauthorized release of classified military documents, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows.

Support for Obama's management of the war fell to 36%, down from 48% in a February poll. Now, a record 43% also say it was a mistake to go to war there after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

The decline in support contributed to the lowest approval ratings of Obama's presidency. Amid a lengthy recession, more Americans support his handling of the economy (39%) than the war.

Even Obama's handling of the war in Iraq received record-low approval, despite a drawdown of 90,000 troops and the planned, on-schedule end of U.S. combat operations there this month.

Only 41% of those surveyed Tuesday through Sunday approved of the way Obama is handling his job, his lowest rating in the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll since he took office in January 2009. In Gallup's separate daily tracking poll, his approval was at 45% Monday.

It's an honor to be recognized by Human Events -not just for myself, but all the hard working folks at Move America Forward and all the guests who helped us make Troopathon a success this year.

Read this article by Ben Smithwick.

"...As an uptick in insurgent violence rippled through Iraq in 2005, the narrative from the mainstream media was nearly synonymous with that of the anti-war left.  The military mission was continuously undermined by media reports claiming that American troops were killers and that the war on terror was all but lost.

Frustrated with the lies and exaggerations perpetuated by the media, Melanie Morgan decided to fight back.

So Morgan joined forces with political strategists Sal Russo and Howard Kaloogian to create Move America Forward, a pro-troop nonprofit organization that hosts Troopathon, a yearly web telethon fundraiser that raises money to send care packages to send troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Since the first Troopathon was held three years ago, the organization has raised over $2 million.  The third annual Troopathon just held July 1 brought in over $500,000.

"We needed to affirmatively support our fighting forces," Morgan said in a recent interview with Human Events. "We had to acknowledge that there was service going on and sacrifice taking place so that is why I created this web broadcast.  It was designed as a way for us to communicate these really heroic efforts of our military." said Morgan.

Troopathon is similar in structure to the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon which has been broadcast annually since 1966.  Over the course of the eight-hour webcast, stories of heroism and sacrifice are highlighted.  The first Troopathon, held in 2008, brought in $1.7 million, a total that surprised even the web telethon's creator.

"I literally burst into tears," Morgan said, recalling when the donation total was announced on the air.  "I really, truly did not expect, given the extreme anti-military animus that we had seen in this country, that we were going to be able to be that successful," Morgan said.

The latest Troopathon, hosted by Morgan alongside Andrew Breitbart and Mark Williams, featured a number of celebrity participants.  Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.), and Mark Levin were just a few of the guests who were appeared on the telethon through a satellite connection.

"It gives us exposure that we would never be able to afford on our own," said Morgan, who has an extensive background in radio and broadcasting.  "They all have websites or blogs or talk shows.  Just talking about the effort is what ensures that we are successful at what we are doing."

A staunch defender of the war on terror, Melanie Morgan's work with Move America Forward and Troopathon has brought her to the front lines.  She and her team had the opportunity to broadcast from Iraq and report on what was happening on the ground without the filter of what she calls "hotel-pack journalists."  The goal then was to increase public awareness of the efforts of the military, something that Morgan says is currently lacking.

"Tragically, the people who are reminded of this every day are only the military families and people who are friends and family of military men and women who are serving.  But as for the general public, it is not on their mind anymore," Morgan said, noting that cutbacks in the news industry has led to reduced war coverage.

For Morgan, Troopathon is a way to remind Americans of the sacrifices U.S. troops make every day and to encourage them to express their appreciation.  She described the reaction of troops receiving care packages as a type of "surprise and shock" at the fact that complete strangers would take the time to send packages along with personal notes and letters of gratitude.

Included in the care packages are bags of premium roasted coffee, cookies and Jelly Belly candies in bags with Arabic messages.  Also included are personal care items such as suntan lotion, small fans and wet wipes, a popular item for troops serving in desert conditions.

"It wasn't so much the things and items in the care packages, although they certainly enjoyed all of the goodies," Morgan said. "It really was the fact that we were taking the time out of our busy lives to acknowledge what they had done and what they were doing on a daily basis for us."

Morgan revealed earlier this year that she had been diagnosed with cancer.  Though she insists that she is doing well, she was forced to leave her job at The Washington Times in February to address her health.  Despite this, Morgan still was able to produce and co-host this year’s Troopathon, sharing her passion for the U.S. military with hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.  Plans for future Troopathons are already in the works.

"We are going to continue our care package program," Morgan said. "We encourage Americans to donate a little bit every month to make sure that care packages continue going out year-round."

For information on Troopathon and how to send packages to troops overseas, visit"


Congressman Maxine Waters loves dictator Castro, accused President Bush as a racist, hates white people and generally despises all things American. She is now the newest poster gal for what's wrong with Congress. 

The bi-partisan House Ethics Committee is ready to accuse her for major inside bank job in which her husband is a major stockholder. Last year, One United Bank, a large minority owned bank, received $12 million in bailout funds. According to the LA Times the funding came after Walters arranged meetings between the bank and the Treasury Department. Three months later the bank got your money. 

Today the Flashreport headlines feature that Maxine would rather have a trial than admit fault. 

This is good. 

80 year old Charles Rangel, formerly chair of the Ways and Means Committee, responsible for tax laws, is accused of not paying his taxes, thus breaking his own laws. He may face trial in September, just a cool 50 days before the November elections. 

Don't forget the Grifter of Congress. Our own pathetic Laura Richardson---who bought three homes, then stiffed the banks. So, far nothing coming from the House Ethics. They may figure they have no jurisdiction for misdeeds done before her election. 

We do have two solutions for our local embarrassments. Bruce Brown is waging a multi community coalition opposing Maxine's reign of terror over her district. Everyone in Long Beach knows how bad is grifter Laura Richardson -- so super star writer and speaker Star Parker is waging another grass roots campaign. . If there was ever a time to remove two corrupt politicians this is the year. 

When Republicans lost the House in 2006, the most important reason was nearly meaningless scandal, with Rep Mark Foley's texting sexually suggestive messages to House pages. Unlike Congressman Barney Frank, Foley didn't engage.  Foley's scandal was  "invented" . The MSM coordinated a massive propaganda campaign with Congressman Rahm Emanuel. The attacks were devastating. The round the clock publicity immediatetly cost the leads of  scores of Republicans in the late September polls. Mark Foley [who? ] was literally one of the best known people on earth that fall. 

Conservatives have no reason to hope the same for Rangel, Waters or Richardson. After all these people only stole money. They used the House to exploit the system for their personal benefit. Many democrats believe in wealth redistributions for themselves.

Luckily, most Americans don't believe much of what MSM has to say. Tea Parties are evidence there is a huge multi ethnic middle class eruption. 

Chances are good we won't be seeing Rangel, Waters or Richardson. They will either be defeated this fall or go to jail. Or both


Warriorsfor Congress has endorsed a phenomenal man, a patriot, and a man tested by war AND politics for a Florida race.

Please check this out, and then write a check to Lt. Colonel Allen West. Donate at

 "Honor in Iraq"



Brian Sussman breaks down the new energy bill, Rep. Pete Stark (Raving Mad) has another wacko town hall


Berkeley "Hikers" Jailed in Iran now face trial ( they are pro-Syrian, anti-American, anti-Israel and can rot there, IMO)


The plot thickens: FBI detains a WikiLeaks associate in Las Vegas...where's Assange hiding?


Cliff Kincaid for CFP has more on the Army private who now faces two "leaking" cases


Solar events this weekend: Will they cause satellite problems?


Why is DHS' Napolitano meeting with terrorist group?


Attack of the Grizzly Mama!  Palin Goes for the Groin!


Politics, Taxes and You: Part 12   The Bush Tax cuts


Stop Smoking, Iranian Style


San Francisco's KGO talk show host Rosie Allen predicted on Saturday's show that it would take 48 hours for Democrat CongresswomanMaxine Waters to play the race card over the ethics investigation Congress has launched into questionable appropriation practices for a distressed bank in which her husband was on the board of directors.


She nailed it.

:...The politically charged decisions by veteran Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California to force public trials by the House ethics committee are raising questions about race and whether black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of ethical or criminal wrongdoing than their white colleagues.


The controversy over the cases and the prospect of the first simultaneous ethics trials for multiple members in more than 30 years mark the biggest challenge for the ethics committee’s and the House’s ability to police its own members since the mid-1990s, when then-Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and other leaders from both parties found themselves hauled before the secretive panel.


The question of whether black lawmakers are now being singled out for scrutiny has been simmering throughout the 111th Congress, with the Office of Congressional Ethics a focal point of the concerns. At one point earlier this year, all eight lawmakers under formal investigation by the House ethics committee, including Rangel and Waters, were black Democrats. All those investigations originated with the OCE, which can make recommendations — but take no final actions — on such cases.


There’s a “dual standard, one for most members and one for African-Americans,” said one member of the Congressional Black Caucus, speaking on condition of anonymity. "

Read more:

The relentless march towards the Left involves your kids, my kids, OUR youth and I don't like this one single bit.

It's wrong - at so many levels.

There are so many reminders from our not so distant past about what what happens when national leaders begin to brainwash the youth.


"...President Obama's army of citizen volunteers is now actively recruiting college students in states across the country to "build support for President Obama's agenda" – and earn college credit while advocating for "change."

Obama for America, Obama's 2008 political campaign, merged with the Democratic National Committee in January and is now known as Organizing for America, or OFA. The movement some call "Obama 2.0" is now recruiting students and offering to provide credits toward degree plans in exchange for their advocacy skills.

A message from OFA national volunteer coordinators announcing the recruitment campaign and internship opportunities has been posted on several websites and on Facebook."

My son is now a college freshmen and beginning the process of looking for an internship. Will he go for college credit while playing the part of an activist? Maybe. It depends on how much peer pressure is exerted as well as the influence of his professors. Already his current events teacher instructed the class to read the New York Times and the Washington Post, bastions of the left-wing media.

When my son asked about the Washington Times (where Mom works on her radio show America's Morning News) "teach" said no, it's not where the students should be getting their "news."

Beware parents. Beware. 


...and are smashing into into a snowbank. As we follow the Big "O" we see that he is in deep kimchi ove health care - well, the pundits say Obamacare is doing him in - but I see his downward slope as far more problematic.

It's the economy, stupid.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obamaalt is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. These figures mark the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President. The previous low of -12 was reached on July 30 (see trends).

The Tinfoil hat brigade can't articulate a coherent arguement to support the Democrats efforts to bring Obamacare to this country - so they are determined to demonize, marginalize, and diminish talk radio hosts and ordinary Americans who are taking to town halls, or tea parties, to protest what the government is planning to do to them.

...and it is hugely frightening what lengths they are going to accomplish the goal - including calling dissenters potential assassins.

This is reckless, dangerous and stupidly short-sighted.

It is backfiring in blue and red state, alike.

"..The summer congressional recess brings with it a bit of good news for the GOP. Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that, "for the first time in over two years of polling, voters trust Republicans slightly more than Democrats on the handling of the issue of healthcare," 44 percent to 41 percent.

For a party that was considered in many quarters to be irrelevant after the November 2008 election, and given the full court press in which the White House and its allies are currently engaged, the shift is nothing less than amazing.

According to Rasmussen, "Democrats held a four-point lead on the issue last month and a 10-point lead in June. For most of the past two years, more than 50 percent of voters said they trusted Democrats on healthcare. The latest results mark the lowest level of support measured for the party on the now-contentious issue."

How can we save Mother Earth if we can't escape her? The Obama administration is set to throw rocks at the Lunar exploration program, and knock it right out of orbit by denying funding for future space travel.

Good night, moon travel.

"... incredibly expensive efforts like a manned space program can be sustained only by a very rich country that doesn't have desperate Earth-based missions for its scientific and engineering talent -- and for the tens of billions of dollars such a program requires. You can reach for the stars, but only when you have everything else you need firmly in your grasp."

But, but, what about the children? They need to dream, too.

I guess this rules out warp travel in my lifetime.


Shocking, but true.  

If lawyers could stop the swine flu, my teenage son would be independently wealthy, instead of fighting the virus while confined to his bedroom.

The family of a New York City assistant principal is suing the city because he contracted HIN1 - better known as the Swine flu.

"....The family of the assistant principal who was New York City's first swine flu victim has filed court papers with the intention of suing the city and its health and education departments.

Mitchell Wiener's widow and three sons said in a notice of claim last week that they intend to file a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit. The notice claims the city was negligent in failing to quickly report the outbreak and failing to warn Weiner that he'd been exposed to the virus. It also claims the city didn't do its best to control the outbreak.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says "the city didn't do anything wrong." He says the city has an obligation to keep schools open, and he's sorry Wiener died. "


Obama supporters who file reports to the White House on so-called "fishy" health care plan protestors is probably illegal, critics are saying this weekend.

While Democrats say they are just trying to get out "the truth", others are moving to stop the efforts.

"...The White House said it wanted to be made aware of "fishy" comments about its health care plan because it wants to set the record straight. But critics called White House move an Orwellian tactic designed to control the health care debate.

"This is a very troubling attempt to stifle the free speech of Americans who have the constitutional right to express their opinion and concerns about health care," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice. He called on Obama to repudiate his blog."


Remember when it was patriotic to dissent? It wasn't all that long ago. It was fashionable as recently as November 3rd.


Congresswoman Michele Bachman (R) Minnestoa knows how to communicate her conservative ideals.

She's very, very good at it.

That is what drives Democrats into a frenzy.

And that's why they'll do ANYTHING to bring her down.


Next week Congress locks up the limosines and boards jets for individual home districts, but what will they find when they get there?

Mobs of angry protestors, if the last couple of weeks are any indication.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein called the cops last week when a group of seven elderly men and women showed up at her Los Angeles office to complain about the health care plan reform proposals, who ejected the gray hairs after complaints from Feinstein's office staff.

Like Feinstein, the junior Senator from the Golden State is going to face the ire of many conservatives (and Democrats) who are planning various "Tea Party" protests, focusing on the deficit spending as well as the Obamacare reform measure that was de-railed by Republican attacks.

While Boxer has no "offical" Town Hall meetings planned for the summer break, she IS making time to promote her new book at various book stores across the country. Here's what the Sacramento Bee had to say about A Time to Run: A Novel.

"....Suffice it to say, this effort reads more like a cross between a bad romance novel and a soap opera script. The Congressional Record might be more entertaining. And it's free," noted the Bee, which obtained an uncorrected proof of the novel last month but was prohibited from quoting directly from it."

Boxer will be autographing copies of her book here in DC at Politics and Prose this Monday, and August 12th in Corte Madera, California. From the buzz on the blogs, this book tour is going to be very interesting.

UPDATE FROM THE "I TOLD YOU SO" CATEGORY. My amateur weatherman friend Joe Wierzbicki also gets bragging rights - September 1, 2008 

Even as Gustav made landfall it was not only not a Category 5 hurricane as forecasters had thought might happen at one time.  Nor a Category 4 which the media had hyped would be the true strength of the storm.  It was not even a Category 3 hurricane as they had revised their position (while hoping it would reintensify back into a Category 4).

Gustav was a strong Category 2 but forecasters admit that even this was probably jealous.

Just like the media, they started to believe their own hype and exaggerated the windspeeds a bit.  Could still be a very bad storm, but the forecasters fed the misninformation angle themselves.  Shame on them.

August 31, 2008

I'm not a meterologist, although I occasionally play one on the radio. But I do have friends who are, friends who want to be, and friends who are pilots.

So, based on their collective judgement, I'm going out on a limb and predict that Hurricane Gustav is going to miss New Orleans, ploughing a westerly path, with winds no higher than 70 mph.

From Joe Wierzbicki, also known as Weatherman Wierzbicki around Move America Forward Headquarters - the very latest.


According to the latest update from the National Weather Service, Gustav has stopped it's weakening sequence (it rapidly weakened after interacting with the island nation of Cuba) and may begin on a brief stage of re-intensification. 

 Before it hit Cuba, and thus weakened, they had predicted it could have winds of 130-140 knots.  Now their prediction is for 110 knots at time of impact.  For comparison purposes, Katrina hit land with windspeeds of 140 mph.  Right now Gustav has winds at about 115 mph. 

But, the key issue here is that they've been wrong the entire time about Gustav.  Forecasters were totally caught off guard when it went from a moderate Tropical Storm to a Category 4 hurricane in less than 24 hours. Then they thought it would hold up in strength as it crossed Cuba and intensify strongly in the southern Gulf of Mexico (where the water is deep and warm), and then begin to weaken as it approached the Northern Gulf of Mexico and the coastline (where the water is shallower and not quite as warm).  I

nstead Gustav weakend over Cuba, weakened more over the southern Gulf, and now may be strengthening over the northern Gulf. a member of the media for over 30 years, I know what the MSM is up to's the "mountain out of a molehill" trick - one of the oldest.

Check out ABC's not-so-fair-or-balanced coverage of Sarah Palin.

Why aren't we seeing more stories like this one? Hmm?

Palin's son leaves
for Army boot camp

TRACK: Governor supports enlistment "for the right reasons."

UPDATE! This just in!

Pretty pistol packin' Palin VIDEO.

...and what are the Brits saying about Governor Palin? You might be surprised.


 Time for Republicans to get crackin' ...the Democrats are activating email lists.

I am ready to jump a jet to Minneapolis and start broadcasting live relief fund-raising efforts on the web, if they need me.




ST. PAUL — Plans for the Republican National Convention were in jeopardy on Sunday as the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, announced that the thrust of the convention would change “from a party event to a call to the nation for action” to help residents of the Gulf Coast affected by the approaching Hurricane Gustav. .. “We have to go from a party event to a call to the nation for action, action to help our fellow citizens in this time of tragedy and disaster, action in the form of volunteering, donations, reaching out our hands and our hearts and our wallets to the people who are under such great threat from this great natural disaster. ...

Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, said in Ohio on Sunday that he had no plans to travel to the Gulf Coast because he did not want to get in the way of emergency efforts there. Mr. Obama, speaking to reporters after leaving services at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Lima, Ohio, said his campaign would mobilize its giant e-mail list of supporters to encourage them to volunteer or send contributions as soon as the impact of Hurricane Gustav becomes known.

“We can activate an e-mail list of a couple million people who want to give back,” Mr. Obama told reporters. “I think we can get tons of volunteers to travel down there if it becomes necessary.”

 The left-leaning Zogby poll has new numbers out this weekend. Since Senator McCain added Governor Palin to the ticket, McCain now leads Obama 47 percent to 45 percent.

While statistically even (given the margin of error) Zogby's polling shows that Sarah Palin is the buzz-killer for the Democrats.

 Pollster John Zogby: "Palin is not to be underestimated. Her real strength is that she is authentic, a real mom, an outdoors person, a small town mayor (hey, she has dealt with a small town city council - that alone could be preparation for staring down Vladimir Putin, right?). She is also a reformer."

"A very important demographic in this election is going to be the politically independent woman, 15% of whom in our latest survey are undecided."

"In the final analysis, this election will be about Obama vs. McCain. Obama has staked out ground as the new JFK - a new generation, literally and figuratively, a new face of America to the world, a man who can cross lines and work with both sides. But McCain is the modern day Harry Truman - with lots of DC experience, he knows what is wrong and dysfunctional with Washington and how to fix it, and he has chosen a running mate who is about as far away from Washington as he could find.

"This contest is likely to be very close until the weekend before the election - then the dam may break and support may flood one way or the other."

Meanwhile, the Gallup poll has Obama up eight points as he enjoys a post- convention bubble.

But for how long? I think the Gallup polling is lagging behind the real numbers as Gallup tends to over-sample Democrats and under-sample Republicans.

The next couple of weeks are very very important for the GOP due to Hurricane Gustav and all the political oxygen gets sucked up as the storm bears down on the hapless Southern states.

The GOP should turn the convention floor into a Red Cross relief center, and immediately begin a web-based telethon on to raise money for the victims (should the storm slam the Gulf Coast as predicted.)

Just my two cents.

Some of the the comments we are reading about Governor Palin are so hateful (Democrat Underground, Kos Kiddies, HuffPo and the rest of the gang on the left)  I choose not publish nor link to any of that trash.

The kooks with keyboards are a determined bunch, however.

Sick, but persistent.

But there is quite a bit of thoughtful reaction to report from conservatives and other Republicans, including this from Mark Tapscott, editorial page writer for the Washington Examiner.

...Here's my view:
The political class talks about "change we can believe in" with an Obama who in actual fact offers nothing different but the rhetoric - his substance is more government, more taxes, more regulation.  Someone comes along like Palin who concretely challenges the status quo of more government and the political class is instantly desperate to discredit her because they know she is the real thing. There is a fundamental miscalculation in the conventional wisdom about "change" - people rejected the GOP because they stopped believing the party would deliver genuine change - i.e. less government, lower taxes, etc. The Democrats come in and make it clear they didn't learn anything during their exile and within less than two years have the most unpopular Congress in living memory. Obama, Biden and McCain are all creatures of Big Government Washington conventional wisdom, with differences only on the margins. Palin is the real rebel, the candidate who actually represents a new approach. Barring an Eagleton-type problem in her background, she will emerge from this campaign as a major leader of a new generation of conservative leadership.

My take is pretty close to Mark's....

The ferocity of the counter-attack on Governor Palin  in real time confirmed for me that Palin is challenging the status quo, and has become instantly iconic to the younger generation of conservatives sickened by the drift of the class of '94.

Of course, it is possible she is the 'right' Rorschach test –we see in her what we want to see. But as you point out, barring any background problems or an inability to enunciate conservative principles effectively, we win this election hands down.

Jim Geraghty at NRO weighs in on the Dem's gone wild - on tape !


A RedState contributor sat behind Congressman John Spratt (D-SC) and former DNC Chairman Don Fowler on a plane ride back to Greenville, SC.
Fowler and Spratt laugh about Sarah Palin, calling her a "terrible pick" AND laugh that God is with them because Gustav is going to hit New Orleans. Kinda reminds me of our favorite ass, er, Democrat Michael Moore.
Naturally, RedState has the hurricane remarks and laughter on video.

(h/t Erick Erickson)

*Advice to Don Fowler and friends - Do. Not. Pick. On. The. Girl. Just ask Rick Lazio how well that worked out for him.


Right-blogger Justin Hart has been trolling the tracking data, and it's looking good for Sarah Barracuda (I say that in the most admiring way!)

Rasmussen reports on the first impressions of Sarah Palin:

"After her debut in Dayton and a rush of media coverage, a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 53% now have a favorable opinion of Palin while just 26% offer a less flattering assessment.

Palin earns positive reviews from 78% of Republicans, 26% of Democrats and 63% of unaffiliated voters. Obviously, these numbers will be subject to change as voters learn more about her in the coming weeks. Among all voters, 29% have a Very Favorable opinion of Palin while 9% hold a Very Unfavorable view.

By way of comparison, on the day he was selected as Barack Obama's running mate, Delaware Senator Joseph Biden was viewed favorably by 43% of voters."

Its too early to get into the cross-tabs too deeply but here are some interesting points:

  • Men had a more favorable impression of Palin than women (58% to 48%)
  • Palin also did extremely well in the 40-49 age demographic
  • 37% of unaffiliated voters were more likely to vote for McCain with Palin on the ticket

Goodness, the attacks on Sarah Palin's qualifications certainly didn't take long. Frightened Dem's hitting on her so-called lack of experience. Justin Hart has been compiling reaction.

...Here's Oliver Willis just now on Twitter:
"How many qualified and tested Republican women did McCain pass over for Sarah Palin? that's not change we can believe in."

(I replied: "Ha! How many qualified and tested women did Obama even vet!? Do you really want to head down this road? ")

Top of DailyKos right now:

"Don't tell me it's his "brave" choice because she's a woman -- the Republican Party has many women more qualified for the Vice Presidency. I don't agree with them on issues, but they'd be more qualified. This choice is indeed akin to choosing Quayle -- it smacks of choosing someone because they won't get in the way, or because all the other potential candidates were too personally threatening. It's just a bad choice, period."


"One more thing: this was a bit of a F-U pick, a personal, totally idiosyncratic, gut-level, aggressive piece of opportunism. Yes he can! And yes, it does underline his maverick, out-of-the-box brand. It makes me like his empathy for gutsy young women, even former beauty queens (is there footage of her contest out there?). But it also makes me less comfortable with the idea of him as commander in chief. It seems a less steady choice than Biden."

A GOP senate staffer has the perfect reply....

Just my two cents:

-Dems are focusing in on "heartbeat away" "inexperienced" "no foreign policy cred" "shows desperation" and "the next Quayle"

-As always, our best counterpunch is with the facts: "executive experience" "courageous leadership" "fought corruption in her own party" and "proven record"

Palin is no lightwieght, she has a real record that can standup to scrutiny. While Obama made friends with Rezko, Ayers and Wright, Palin was rooting out corruption and blowing the whistle on her own Party. While Biden and Obama are waist deep in earmarks and taxpayer handouts to family and friends, Palin refused the Bridge to nowhere and is helping to end earmarks in the porkiest of states.

McCain just doubled down on reform, authenticity, and love of country. Something that Obama-Biden can't hope to match.

And from my own anecdote file today:

...a Democrat businesswoman who was going to be interviewed on Air America on a non-related political topic tells me that the lefty liberal network producers are telling her that the Republicans just won the election with the Palin choice. It's nice to hear the lib's are running scared.

One more, just one more from Erick Erickson at because I can't resist - too funny.

..Governor Palin has had to balanced a family budget, a city budget, and a state budget, while Obama has had Tony Rezko balance the budget for him.


Palin: runs a state.


Obama: runs his mouth.



I just made my first financial contribution to the Maverick. Sheesh. I never thought I would see the day where my money landed in Senator McCain's campaign account. On the website, it asks who referred you. I responded: Sarah Palin!

 Sarah Palin dazzles.

(*Govenor Palin is the one behind the gun.)

Governor Palin supports our troops. Her son is deploying to Iraq on September 11th.


Let's get ready to rumble!

 Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been chosen by John McCain as his running mate.

I am clicking over to make a donation to the McCain campaign, something I could never have envisioned doing 24 hours ago.

If the GOP needs to play identity politics, as least we have qualified candidates to do the job.

Besides, what's not to like about a gal who hunts moose at 3:00 in the morning, is nick-named Sarah Barracuda for her competitive spirit, and hounds corrupt politicans to the gates of hell, even members of her own party.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Sarah Palin as Veep choice.

Hillary must be going NUTS today.

Okay Barack Baby - BRING IT ON!

Oh, what a feast to the senses of  Greek proportions when Obama appeared Thursday at his Barackopolis at Rezko, uh, Invesco Field in Denver.

People are all over dial are reviewing the speech, but mainly, it was the same liberal democrat speech I have heard for the past 20 years. At the end, Obama punched it up, and the balloons dropped and the tears flowed.

I'll leave it to others to analyze the fine points, but the big picture is maddening as hell.

 If I had a son or daughter, brother or sister in Iraq or Afghanistan, I would be coldly furious with Barack Obama. His posturing that he supported the troops all along, questioning John McCain's position, challenging him about the war, sickens me.

Barack Obama and the left-wing Democrats stood in the way of bringing our troops home - in victory. If we had done what Obama and the Democrats advocated, Iraq today would be run by Al-Qaeda instead of a democratically elected government.

The cut-and-run crowd blocked the the military appropriations bill over and over again, and called the surge a failure; when it is in fact a stunning success. Obama supporters called our troops murderers, rapists and thugs. Obama climbed a historical mountain Thursday with his party's presidential nomination. But Obama will go down in history as completely, shamefully wrong about Iraq, and the transcendant threat of radical Islam.

Barack Obama represents change I do not trust.


John McSame? Not so fast.

Sarah Palin


Governor Sarah Palin: McCain's VP?

Posted by: Jessica Austin | 08/28/2008 10:47 PM


If my information (and guess) is correct- Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is McCain's VP pick.  McCain is making his announcement tomorrow in Dayton, Ohio.  Look who chartered a jet from Alaska to Ohio this evening... How many people do you know charter jets from Alaska (especially considering their population) to Ohio- the location of the Republican presidential nominee? 

If she is his pick, he made an excellent choice.  Governor Palin is an extraordinary woman and a very wise addition to his ticket.  Who knows what will end up happening- but I am confident this is more than a coincidence... Time will tell....


U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker piercing blue eyes peered at Bernie Ward from the bench, saying he was 'troubled by the message content of pornographic images' that he had viewed from the privacy of his own home computer. Judge Walker told the liberal San Francisco former talk show host for KGO radio that he was very disturbed to read the Instant Messages to a dominatrix with whom he was communicating explicit sexual fantasies about touching the genitalia of his own children and wanting to have sex with their friends (plus photos she sent to the police.)


I sat in the back row of the federal court building today watching the disturbing conclusion of a chain of events that led to my former colleague receiving seven years and 3 months in the federal slammer for transmitting child pornography on the Internet. Federal prosecuters recommended 9 years, the defense asked for five and I hoped for the maximum of ten.

 I watched as Bernie Ward's wife Colleen locked arms with three of her four children seated on a hard wooden bench while prosecutors described the victimization of 2 and 3 year old babies who were photographed being tortured, raped and fondled by Bernie Ward's perverted email pals.

Grimly, I listened as the Judge described the terms of his sentence. Country club jail at Lompoc. Supervised release for the rest of his life. Drug testing. Special assessments. Sex offender evaluation, sex offender registration. The special treatment that Ward recieved with a delay to report for jail until 12:00 noon tomorrow.

"I regret my actions, the harm to my family, my friends and this court. I take full responsibility for my actions, and I am sorry" said Ward to Judge Walker.

Sorry for what? That he got caught? That he got fired? That he is humiliated?  I did not hear Bernie Ward apologize to the children in the pictures or their families for victimizing them by passing the pornography around, or especially to his own kids, whom he discussed in sexual terms with the woman who ultimately turned him into the FBI. 

"No question we are dealing with a personal tragedy for the defendant, his family and the community. I have read many eloquent letters of support and Bernie Ward's work as a broadcaster was highly laudable", Walker said. "But Mr. Ward, you come from a strongly religious background. You were sexually abused as a child. It's difficult for me to understand why you didn't try to get help after experiencing abuse yourself, and seeing it in your own Catholic church."

Yes, that is the pertinent point. Instead, Bernie made up a pack of lies about how the Right Wing conspiracy and the evil George Bush were out to get him. He apparently still believes that, because that is very close to what his wife told reporters after the sentencing conclusion today.

ABC 7's I-Team reporter Dan Noyes, who broke this shocking story, says that during a sidewalk interview outside the federal building, Ward's wife Dr. Colleen Halloran, a San Francisco pediatrician, lashed out at the government prosecution. 

You could almost hear echoes of Bernie Ward’s radio show in his wife’s statement: “This whole proceeding has been crushing with an anvil. The justice department sure hasn't got any of the real terrorists out there, they got us into a war that was based on a lie, they can't control the economy, they can't control gas prices, but oh boy they got that really dangerous criminal Bernie Ward off the street and have destroyed his family, I thank you all very much.” 

Jack Swanson, KGO's Vice-President of Programming (full disclosure; my husband) had no comment for reporters today, saying only that he came to the proceeding to get some closure. 

But I do. Bernie may have been an alcoholic, sexually molested survivor, but he still has not taken responsibility for his actions. (I predicted many years ago that we would someday hear that Ward was sexually abused.) This is a man who mouthed the words, but contrition wasn't part of the deal.. you know, like a sociopath, with no empathy for his victims.

 Bernie turned down a five year plea bargain because he insisted that we believe the crazy claim that he was practicing good journalism in writing a book to expose the "hypocrisy" of conservatives and our alleged "perversions."

But the only twisted one going to jail is the Lion of the Left ....and no one else.

Prayers for these people. Hurry, they need God's help.

(More coverage here and from RadioEqualizer here.) 


Yeah, I watched a lot of the D'Rats choreographed hype on television, including former President Bill "It's-All-About-Me" Clinton and the 'America-really-sucks-until-Democrats-are-elected-again' speech.

Frankly, I got bored with Keith, Chris, Chris, Brian, Megan and the yaksters nattering about how history was made tonight with the first African American nominee from a major party blah blah blah. 

As I wandered listlessly around the house in my pajamas and 'does this donkey make my ass look fat?' t-shirt, The Hubby glanced up from his TiVo'ed military channel show, pausing ever so briefly to inform this political junkie burn-out that someone added up the ratings on all the cable TV and network convention coverage.

It turns out more people were watching Friends re-runs than the Shear Genius of Barry, Joe, Mich, Bill and Hill crowd.

Switching off the noise machine, I checked out the McPooter and decided that Iowahawk's coverage of the Obama deployment in Denver of the downtown hipster douchebags to help re-connect Middle America voters was way more interesting that the actual proceedings.

I think you'll agree.

Oh, if your chloresterol can stand it, I have some red meat for the conservative crowd from Rick Moran at the American Thinker.

You remember Rep. Brian Baird, one of the few Democrats to acknowledge last year that the Petraeus mission, the “surge,” was succeeding. So now do you think he’s being congratulated for his good judgment? Hardly.  The key point Baird makes is this:

  “If the people in our party advocating for an immediate withdrawal of troops last year had gotten their way, it would have been disastrous for the U.S."


DENVER — Brian Baird was lonely enough back when all his Democratic friends thought he was wrong.

But now that it appears he was right — that the Iraq war was going better, as he claimed, and President Bush's troop surge was working — the Southwest Washington congressman is even more of an outcast.

Now nobody much wants to talk to him about Iraq at all.

"After all that extraordinary outrage directed at me, not one person has called me up and said 'Hey, Brian, it looks like you might have had a point after all,' " said Baird, in Denver for his party's national convention this week.

"We say Bush is so blinded by ideology that he ignores the facts in the real world, and that's true," Baird said. "Aren't we doing the same thing? We're being just like Bush."

Baird touched off a furor last August when he effectively switched from the anti-war side by coming out in support of the troop buildup, which Democrats almost universally were trying to block.


While the elite media are declaring Hillary's speech last night like, the best EVER, the Washington Post is reporting a story that the blogs broke a few days ago (and reported right here.) 

Obama voted for a number of earmarks pushed by Joe Biden's lobbyist son.

Now that's change you can believe in!

On the subject of Hillary's speech ...despite what the media was just awful.

There were 17 various versions of the pronoun I.

 As usual, it was all about the Clintons, and it took 20 minutes for her to attempt to articulate a rationale for voting for Obama, other than he's, well, a Democrat. Also, it was interesting to note her flat affect. She had difficulty in the area of unity or Obama's readiness to become the next Commander-in-Chief.

On the plus side, Hillary's pantsuit looked FABULOUS. And Chelsea was styled quite well, too. Good job, gals.

So much for 'reform' 'change' 'hope' crap from the Democrats who are working overtime to silence the creators of a truthful advertisement linking Senator Obama to unrepentent terrorist bomber William Ayers (responsible for 12 bombings in the radicalized 1960's)and his even crazier wife Bernandette Dorhn.

The Democrats are claiming that this is a "Swift Boating" of Barry O, which justifies their heavy-handed efforts to strip others of the right to free speech. 

Well, kinda, because of the strategtic moves made by angry veterans who served with John Francois Kerry, he is NOT the Commander in Chief of the great United States due to their truth-telling.

Michelle Malkin has the video and a steaming plate of outrage.


The left-wing media in America is gushing over Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, wondering if the 'wrong Obama' is going to be elected President.

As much of the country remains in the thrall of liberal democrats who are preparing to back the moving truck into the driveway of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, its important to take a moment to look and look at the governance results under the leadership of left-wing liberal democrats of the San Francisco Bay Area and the state of California.

For those of you who don't live here, living under the thumb of Democrat leadership is an object lesson in crime, decaying family values, skyrocketing taxation, and inevitable cultural disintegration.

Just because I am a conservative my word shouldn't be taken at face value (it never is) so just pick up a newspaper, any newspaper, and take a look at the headlines.

The San Francisco Chronicle today has about a half dozen examples to make my point.




While Alice Waters, a famous restauranteer is busy organizing SlowFoodNation, a political foodfest promoting foods that are produced using eco-friendly farming and fair labor prices (driving up food prices along the way) restaurants in Oakland are being robbed, patrons pistol-whipped, and the Mayor stands by helplessly.

Ron Dellums, a former Congressman who was elected because of his 'progressive' values has allowed criminals to run rings around the police, and his own office is now under investigation by the FBI for corruption. The Oakland City Council are all, you guessed it, Democrats.

Back in San Francisco, teenage crack dealers who are in this country illegally, are being turned over to social welfare agencies rather than deported. This policy has been in place for over 20 years beginning with Democrat Mayor Dianne Feinstein.

These are the real values of Democrats today. Don't be fooled because Michelle Obama read the teleprompter well in Denver, or her husbands mantra for "change" seems appealing because the Republicans in power have botched their mandate with excessive spending and a left-ward drift.

Watch out for Democrats, America. The rhetoric doesn't match the reality. 

Mich Obama is going to speak to the country tonight from Denver and 'introduce' her husband to the rest of us. Wow. I thought we had a pretty good clue about the dude...Hope! Change! Racism! Socialized Medicine! Out of Iraq, Now!

But no, the wifey is going to let us know about the real Barry Obama.

Fortunately, the other Michelle has an advance copy of Mich's speech this evening, so we can all read along.

That didn't take long for some smart Republicans to whip out a clever attack ad.

Shards of broken glass cutting the O'Biden campaign the Texas GOP strikes back over McCain's seven houses comment.



And a brass knuckled attack back against the platinum haired 'ho named Madonna.


Re-Create '68, a group dedicated to anarchy and counter-protesting, seems to have fizzled, not sizzled in Denver, at least so far.

But there are some interesting moments taking place in the Mile High City, including the chumps who attacked a Fox News reporter. Now that is really showing Da Man, huh?

Meanwhile, our pro-troops, pro-military friends showed up, including Move America Forward's own Debbie Lee, Merilee Carlson from Families United, and Vets for Freedom.

Re-Create '68 is the give peace a chance crowd other words, the folks who will beat the crap out of anyone disagrees with their philosophy, whatever the hell it is at the moment. 

And they are bringing that pathetic Cindy Sheehan out of mothballs to drum up some media interest. Personally, I like the peace warrior with the mohawk hair-cut. Kinda says it all.

Pass the doobie, dude.


The polls are confirming my initial reaction to (yawn) Joe Biden as the choice of the Chosen One on the democrat ticket. He's simply laughable with all the gaffes in his past, not to mention the fun the GOP will have with his plagiarized speech from former British PM Neill Kinnock.

The Gallup poll shows that Obama's choice is well, lackluster, to many rank and file dem's.

After 5 minutes research, the right side of the blogosphere started cranking out the drawbacks to Biden's candidacy... Erick Erickson at points out that the major media is negligent in reporting the (gasp) lobbyist connections of Joe Biden's son Hunter.

"...They don't think it is relevant to the campaign.


This is the same media that put Fred Thompson's son on the front page of the New York Times in July of last year, as well as mentioning Fred Jr.'s lobbying ties in the nightly newscasts."

But my friend N.Z.Bear says don't give up hope! Bloomberg news has the dish.

O'Biden. Change you cannot believe in.

"When Pigs Fly" ...that's is how I described the potential for some pork barrel politicos to acknowledge the error of their way, and how it is harming the Republican party.

Mark Tapscott, an editorial writer for the Washington Examiner, sent out a "Flying Pig Alert" just this morning.

If I just missed this astonishing quote from Trent Lott and everybody else on this list has already seen it, just ignore me. If not, the rest of the story is here.

"But you know what, in my heart I knew he was right," he said of his pork barrel ways. That's no way to do business, we shouldn't be doing all that earmarking -- it got completely out of control. "It got out of control with Republicans and that's why we are being punished a little bit," he added. "Because we forgot how we got there, what we believed in, the principles that after 30 years put us in the majority, gave us the White House, the congress, the senate, the house. And then we ran out of ideas... "But that was an aberration, that's not who we really are."

That is the question that I pose in my latest column for which you can read right here.

I have a couple of queries that deal with the issue of race, since everybody seems to be talking about it.

  1. You have not been clear on whether your skin color should influence people to vote for you, or if John McCain's skin color should turn people away. You have called the Democrats' 2008 run for the presidency "historic," and told folks that you look different than all of the other presidents on our currency. What exactly did you mean by that "look different" part? Were you referring to your skin color? (Hint: Be very careful here. So far, polls show that 90 percent plus of blacks will vote for you.)

  2. Because we are on the matter of race here, I wanted to give you a heads up about Sen. John McCain's family. Did you know that he and his wife adopted a little girl from Bangladesh and her skin is darker than yours? Mrs. McCain was visiting an orphanage with Mother Teresa when she first laid eyes on this beautiful child. With these facts in mind, will you publicly state that you know that McCain is not racist and his campaign does not use racist tactics?

A man who is most assuredly going to roast in Hell will find his time behind bars difficult, or so I hear.

Bernie Ward, the former Catholic priest and liberal talk show host for KGO, my former radio station, is facing a potentional 10 years in jail, and at least 9 if federal prosecutors have their way.

My sources indicate that Ward is still in denial by blaming a drinking problem for his "bad judgment" in trying to write a book about child pornography. Originally, Ward claimed to be writing a book about the 'hypocrisy of the right wing' (because we are morally challenged) so we are hearing a shifting story. He still doesn't see what happened to him as an addiction to kiddie porn (described as the most horrifying, egegrious pictures imaginable.)  The blame game continues with charges he retained an incompetent attorney. I'm sure that Doron Weinberg, his high priced lawyer will be delighted to hear that.

Bernie Ward deserves the full 10 year sentence for transmission of child pornography over the Internet. There are at least a hundred pictures of bound, gagged, beaten and sexually assaulted children that Ward viewed and passed around.

There are emails of conversations he had with a dominatrix about wanting to have sex with his own children, and with his kids friends.

Bernie, whom I have known for more than 20 years, is truly sick. When all is said and done, I predict we will learn that he was sexually molested himself, possibly by a Catholic priest. 

But if I had my way, Bernie Ward would become a 'ward' of the state of California --forever.

More than a whiff, it's a gale force stench of desperation welling from the Obama campaign. Those democrats who warned Barry not to take a vacation and leave  the stage to McCain were right to be concerned.

The polls show dramatic slippage.

And the left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle is writing about the wake-up call for Barrack and his crack(ed) political team.

So what is a shocked Democrat to do? Why, attack, naturally.

Talk about your quick turnaround: In an interview yesterday, John McCain said he wasn't sure how many houses he owns. Now the Obama campaign is out with an ad highlighting the comment and criticizing McCain for owning seven houses.

The campaign tells CBS News the ad will air on national cable. No word on how much money the Obama team will spend to run it.

Easy fellas. Candidates who live in glass houses shouldn't be hurling those stones. Does Barack really want to visit the issue of how many houses a presidential candidate owns? If so, the Republicans will go there.

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in response: "Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people 'cling' to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?

“The reality is that Barack Obama’s plans to raise taxes and opposition to producing more energy here at home as gas prices skyrocket show he’s completely out of touch with the concerns of average Americans.” 


There is a huge buzz on the blogs this evening about Barry Obama's position on killing babies, also known as infanticide.

The Righties are sending around a YouTube video.

We report, you decide. 


A new rating system shows some problems for my former employer, KSFO radio, a Citadel Broadcasting station in San Francisco.

It doesn't make me happy that the key listening demographic for advertisers has dropped off precipitiously since company-wide lay-offs claimed my job, (okay, maybe a tiny bit!) but the truth is the truth. is tracking the new data here.

Kava's Radio Soup has more analysis here.


Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" show last week had a piece featuring the mean, nasty conservative (um, that would be me.) According to the Left, we are always pissed off, and striking out at our fellow human beings.

Their world view is that we should put on our smiley faces when we learn that anti-American 'peace activists' are funding the families of terrorists who are murdering our sons and daughters fighting in Iraq. That's because we are all just the same under the skin, right? 

But, P & T don't let the facts get in the way of a good mocking.

The world is becoming a much more frightening place with the glaring aggression of Russia towards Georgia and the Ukraine. And I can envision a doomsday scenario arising from the mounting conflict. My good friend Joe emails his take of the situation, an assessment which which I largely agree.


" watching the Russian response to the condemnation from the West, and then the Russian response to the US-Poland agreement on a missile defense shield, I have been very concerned with the Russian government's statements.    They've basically said "screw you" to the West, and seem unconcerned about their plummeting prestige with Europe and the U.S. It makes me wonder why they are so cavalier about damaging the improved relations that have taken place over the past decade.  Combined with Putin's unwillingness to ally with the U.S. in the War on Terror, and it's not at all inconceivable that if relations between the U.S. and Russia were to deteriorate further, that Russia would utilize the disputes between the U.S. and Iran and the battles between Islamic militants and the West as a chess piece to undermine the West, and weaken our ability to confront any plans for Russian aggression and expansionism." 


The brilliant Kyle Ann Shiver at American Thinker has pulled every book, magazine, and newspaper article that she can find researching Barack Hussein Obama.

Mrs. Shiver is a lady of the South, and there are many things that are important to her, but perhaps infanticide is one her biggest concern when it comes to choosing a candidate.

She writes eloquently in this weekend's edition of AT about the election and the choices we face here.

Friday's column by Melanie Morgan

This week I am going to take you into a world of subterfuge, smoke and mirrors, and the undead. Yes, I am finally ripping back the curtain on the conspiracy to commit good foreign policy.


I was forced to unmask my own involvement when the crack reporters at the Center for Media and Democracy - which also runs the sorcerer watch, uh, SourceWatch, - wrote a scathing investigative report  titled: “Cracking the Pentagon Pundit Code.”


These “progressive” muckrakers uncovered an alleged conspiracy between the Defense Department, retired military officers and me. Here is how the potential Pulitzer prose began:


“In early 2002, the Defense Department began cultivating "key influentials" -- retired military officers who are frequent media commentators -- to help the Bush administration make the case for invading Iraq. The program expanded over the years, briefing more participants on a wider range of Bush administration talking points, occasionally taking them overseas on the government's dime.”


The article goes on to say that the Defense Department spent taxpayer money to inform these operatives, who then went out and supported such  demons as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Yes, that Donald Rumsfeld.


The report continues:

“The apparent coordination between the Pentagon and the pundits piqued the interest of New York Times reporters. Two years later -- after wresting some 8,000 pages of internal documents from the Defense Department -- the Times exposed the Pentagon's covert attempts to shape public opinion through its so-called "message force multipliers." A few weeks later, the Defense Department posted the same documents publicly.”


Note to reader: keep in mind that phrase: “message force multipliers.”


Next, the reporter let out the secret that I have been keeping from you. It will be easier if I just use Sorcerer Watch’s own words on this:


"I know they are overloaded in theater," reads a June 2006 email from Pentagon pundit Thomas McInerney to Defense Department press secretary Eric Ruff. But "Melanie (that’s me) appears to be very determined to do this with or without DOD support so I think it is worthwhile to work with her."

It is true. My group, Move America Forward, wanted to go to Iraq to see firsthand what was happening in Iraq. And I had the audacity of hope to ask the Department of Defense for permission, you know, being that Iraq is a war zone and all.  I also admit that I asked retired Gen. Tom McInerney to help,  because I think he’s cute.


But there’s more. Sorcerer Watch also picked up on a touchy subject. MAF and I are part of the conspiracy to support our troops AND their mission.

It gets worse.


MAF, which is the country’s largest pro- troop, nonprofit grassroots organization, has intelligence on other conspiracies. We have been allowed into the inside of our government’s largest secrets, kind of like lifting the skirt of the late FBI J. Edgar Hoover, if you will.


I have seen the evidence linking JFK, Marilyn Monroe and the Supreme Court justices who “selected” President George W. Bush in 2000. Big Foot? He is actually a direct descendant of Alexander Hamilton, First Secretary of Treasury, who died in a duel. The bullet was tainted with some hairy substance and, thus, Big Foot was created.


UFOs? They exist. One example of a living UFO, whom I don’t mind revealing, is Democratic operative James Carville. How do you think former President Bill Clinton got the UFO vote?


It’s downright scary that I know these things, and scarier yet that I have now been stripped of my cover.


The sad thing about all of this is my mother has been pulled into this. She came across my “message force multipliers,” and now she believes in the New World Order and has asked me to buy her a black helicopter.


I told her not to worry. My friend Gen. McInerney will get one for me.

It's a bad day at the terrorist PR factory today seems that one of the top Hamas operatives has renounced Islam, and embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. A couple more defections like that and who can tell what will happen to the world as we know it?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--The son of a prominent leader in the Hamas terrorist organization has publicly declared his faith in Jesus Christ and warned that Israel can never be at peace with the "wicked and cruel" men who lead Hamas.

Masab Yousef, who now prefers to be known as "Joseph," is the oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a political leader of the Hamas organization in the West Bank and one of the movement's most popular public figures. He gave his life to Christ in 2004, four years after a friend invited him to a Bible study and he began to read the Christian scriptures for himself.

Leave it to the Associated Press to do the dirty work that Obama operatives refuse to do - attacking Senator McCain over the issue of a campaign advisor who engaged in lobbying work for the Georgian government by citing an unbiased "analyst" with his own disclosure problem. has more on the ethics lapse from the Associated Press here. 

Meanwhile, Jim Pinkerton at the Huffington Post has a much more serious analysis of the geo-political scene and the stark ambitions of the Russians, as well as the Chinese.


FA News Small Square


Congratulations, readers! You have pressured American Airlines to change its policy of charging soldiers heading to the war theatre for their extra luggage.

This shameful attempt to charge our heroes backfired when Move America Forward blast faxed the contact information for the CEO and other customer service representatives to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Your hard work pays off! The Washington Times has details here.

Danny Gonzalez at Move America Forward blogs here about AA's terms of surrender.

I was shocked to read this afternoon that a shooting took place in Arkansas earlier of  Democrat County Chairman Bill Gwatney, who died of his wounds. The lunatic who stormed the party headquarters in Little Rock was himself shot and killed after the horrific attack. 

 I was more shocked to read that I am responsible for it. And Rush Limbaugh. Also named and blamed was my former KSFO co-host Lee Rodgers as well as Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly.

A blogger identified as "Lettuce" (I swear I am not making this up) writes:

"...because for some reason, conservatives love the idea of Democrats being shot. Oh, not all do. And those that publically call for it claim to just make a "joke" of it. Like those "Liberal Hunting Permit" that Dave Neiwart cited recently in a post about conservative "eliminationism". Neiwart collected a disturbing, but media-ignored list of major conservative voices calling for the death of Americans they disagree with. Here are a few:

Rush Limbaugh: "I tell people don't kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus -- living fossils -- so we will never forget what these people stood for."

Stop the ACLU [post since removed]:

Rope + Tree + ACLU Lawyer = Pinata

Ann Coulter: "We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee. ... That's just a joke, for you in the media."

Melanie Morgan: "A great deal of good could be done by arresting Bill Keller having him lined up against the wall and shot."

Lee Rogers: "[T]he day will come when unpleasant things are going to happen to a bunch of stupid liberals and it's going to be very amusing to watch."

Bill O'Reilly: They ought to hang this Soros guy.

Let's toss "Lettuce" a helping hand. Please refer to the San Francisco Chronicle article that started this manufactured controversy, and Greg Sargent at the Horse's Mouth who fanned it. (Hint, the quote isn't even close to being accurate.)

Yes, I, Melanie Morgan, am the answer to everything. I know who kills people, who built the structures on Easter Island, and where Elvis lives these days - and it ain't in a graveyard.

The and Democrat Underground self-righteous dopes need to get a life. And some facts, too.

Update: Stunningly, "Lettuce" appears to be a former MSM producer and editor for the Tribune Company's website. He now works in media relations and posts at MyDD. 

I'll leave the snarky comments to the readers.

Former Presidential candidate John Edwards is still deceiving the American public about his affair with a woman who is shacked up in a rental mansion being paid for by a wealthy supporter and former campaign finance chairman.

The National Enquirer is reporting today that Pretty Boy Floyd, er, John re-started the affair with Reille Hunter after he confessed to his wife. And that the affair started much sooner than he admits, AND was on-going when Hunter became pregnant.

Whew. All these details, so little time. Here's the internet version of the Enquirer's report. Looks like Johnny has some 'splaining to do.

Catherine Moy is blogging today at about a shocking news story that turns the stomach. 


Airlines have suffered from fuel –cost increases and have tried to make up some of their losses by charging extra for bags. But American Airlines is charging U.S. TROOPS for their duffel bags as they head to war in the Middle East!!!


The Washington Times has the lowdown on this way-lowdown practice:

American Airlines is charging troops for their extra baggage, a practice that forces soldiers heading for a war zone in Iraq to try to get reimbursement from the military. One of the country’s largest veterans groups is asking the aviation industry to drop the practice immediately.
American, which recently charged two soldiers from Texas $100 and $300 for their extra duffel bags, said it gives the military a break on the cost for excess luggage and that the soldiers who incur the fees are reimbursed.

“Because the soldiers don’t pay a dime, our waiver of the fees amounts to a discount to the military, not a discount to soldiers,” said Tim Wagner, spokesman for American Airlines. “Soldiers should not have to pay a penny of it.”

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) spokesman Joseph Davis said service members destined for Iraq should not have to spend the money out of pocket and should not have to worry about filing expense forms in a war zone.

“That’s a lot to ask when the service member has much more important things on their minds, such as staying alive and keeping those around them alive,” he said.
The VFW is asking the Air Transport Association (ATA) to urge member airlines to exempt military personnel traveling on official orders from all excess-baggage fees. “This should not be a very difficult decision to make,” Mr. Davis said.

This is a despicable act.
Looks like I won’t be flying American anymore.

In the past week or so, I have heard from many Republicans, dispirited for months now over the chances of Senator McCain remotely coming close to winning the Presidential sweepstakes in November. These same folks are telling me they can feel some mojo coming back to the GOP, and are now feeling pretty frisky.

The reason? The Rep's are hearing from many Democrats that they are increasingly worried that Barack Obama might lose this election in a blow-out.

I believe the thinking goes like this..."racism is widespread in America and all those white people who say they support Obama in public and to pollsters will vote for the white guy in November."  That conversation actually took place at a San Francisco restaurant by four prominent Democrat attorney's. Conservations like that are anecdotal, but I am hearing it from many different sources.

Now, I don't think that is going to happen in large numbers. I am hoping that people recognize that Obama is way too LIBERAL for America, inexperienced, and has an elitist attitude. Plus he's going to raise taxes, and that scares the bejabbers out of a lot of people, not just Republicans.

But it is true that the mainstream Democrats are worried.

Very worried. has more here.

San Fran Nanny may be a 'progressive' democrat, but even her leftist positions are moderated by the polls from time to time, and right now, today, is one of those times.

That's why she has now dropped the word 'hoax' from her vocabulary over offshore oil drilling, and has decided to allow for a vote.

Kudos to the Congressional Republicans who stayed strong in the dimmed rooms of Congress, demanding a vote over and over again.  It looks like the heat got to be too much for Madame Speaker -- she needs to get out of the kitchen.


In a year in which Republicans expected to take a beating at the polls, their support for drilling in protected areas has been a sudden bright spot. They have relentlessly demanded a vote on drilling as Democrats rearranged House business to avoid such a vote.

But the pressure has only grown. Republicans demanded a drilling vote before the House went home for the summer recess, and when that didn’t happen, some stayed behind in the chamber to protest.

A bipartisan group in the Senate came up with a plan that would include drilling, and Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has said he’s “willing to consider” it.

And Democrats realize that it will be difficult to end their legislative year in September without a vote because the offshore drilling moratorium must be renewed every year.

Is there no end to the lies put out by the left-wing media against its perceived political enemies? Never mind, that was a rhetorical question. Tuesday's newest attack has been launched by The Center for Media and Democracy, which has put out a piece called "Cracking the Pundit Code" aimed as discrediting my organization, my credibility and my efforts as Chairman of Move America Forward to report the truth on the ground in Iraq.

Here is the beginning of a web of clever deceits practiced by this organization.

"I know they are overloaded in theater," reads a June 2006 email from Pentagon pundit Thomas McInerney to Defense Department press secretary Eric Ruff. But "Melanie appears to be very determined to do this with or without DOD support so I think it is worthwhile to work with her." (See pages 44 and 45 of this document for the email.)

MAF Chair Melanie Morgan

Melanie in this case is Melanie Morgan, a conservative columnist, former San Francisco talk show host and the head of Move America Forward (MAF). MAF describes itself as a non-partisan pro-troop organization, but since its founding in 2004, it's been an enthusiastic cheerleader for the "war on terror" and other Bush administration policies.

*Note the designation of the denigrating term 'cheerleader' for the "war on terror" and other Bush administration policies. Any google check would show these miscreants that I am neither a 'cheerleader' for Bush policies (I have vociferously attacked Bush policies on any number of occasions) and I while I do support the WOT, I have not always agreed on how to prosecute it, and been outspoken in my criticism.

The following year, MAF wanted to return to Iraq, this time with people who had lost family members in the war. But it seems like the Pentagon wasn't too hot on the idea at first.

"Any help would be very much appreciated," Morgan emailed to McInerney, as recorded in the Pentagon pundit files. "In the attachment, you will find the letter of response to Centcom [U.S. Central Command] about our Gold Star Family member trip to Iraq."

It's not clear how Morgan knew McInerney had high-level Pentagon access -- an interesting question -- but he did his best to help. McInerney highly recommended MAF's proposed trip to the Pentagon's Ruff, writing that it "sounds like a good idea" and "would get very good play in the media and tell our story with these dedicated families of our deceased members." Ruff quickly responded that he would "check into it." A few months later, MAF's Gold Star families group was in Iraq.

*The writer of this article never contacted me to ask me the answer to her question --how did I know McInerney had high-level Pentagon access? The answer is I did not know he had insider contacts - but I certainly hoped as a retired General, McInerney still had a few friends to speak to about our trip, because that was the reason for my email. 

And a final note ...the salient aspect to this entirely manufactured controversy....the Pentagon never approved nor sanctioned Move America Forward's Gold Star Family trip to Iraq.

Surely, with all the dirt-digging the author of this article did, she would have discovered all the memos written by the Department of Defense media coordinator Allison Barber that refused any cooperation with MAF. Consequently, our organization entered Iraq through the north, with the permission of the Kurds, and no support at all from the Pentagon.

 The irony is that this attack on General McInerny for "helping" an organization with a so-called political agenda (not true, but let's assume it for the sake of argument) in supporting the WOT, but the General was unable or ineffective in actualizing a sanctioned trip for that purpose. So much for pundit propagandizing.

The lefties always want to have it both ways, but logic prevents it.

Oh. By the Way. If the Center for Media and Democracy really wanted to explore my relationship with General McInerney, all they had to do was pick up a copy of my book co-authored with Catherine Moy called "American Mourning."

General McInerny wrote the preface.

 "Cracking the Pundit Code" should be entitled "Kneecapping Conservatives Whom We Hate."


No taxes for old people! Health care for the poor! A chicken in every pot! Yessir, Barry Obama is taking the tried and true route to electoral success - BRIBE every special interest group with promises he can't keep.

But even the MSM has doubts about his latest scheme.

I thought the Chosen One was supposed to be vacationing? Has he been informed that the polls show he's suffering from over-exposure? And I'm not talking about too much sunshine in the Hawaiian surf.





I was stunned when I learned our government has disenfranchised the very people who give US the freedom to vote. United States troops have liberated people in Iraq and Afghanistan and given them the gift of voting. Remember the purple fingers? It is outrageous that our troops don’t have the same ability to vote as they fight for America.

The right to vote paid for by US troops – shouldn’t those troops be allowed to vote in their own elections too?

When we heard about this, we couldn’t believe it could be true. But after we have thoroughly researched it, the ugly truth is starting to come out. Most U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan will not get a chance to vote this year because bureaucrats and politicians in Washington have done absolutely nothing to repair a systematic problem that literally stops most of our troops from voting.

We are not going to sit by and let that happen. We need to urgently print absentee voter applications and send them to the troops directly ourselves since politicians and bureaucrats totally failed them. But we need your help to pay for the cost of printing the absentee ballot applications and the mailing costs to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The worst thing about this is that we are suspicious that there is more than bureaucratic incompetency at work here. You and I have worked together to support our troops and their mission. But there are those who oppose us; they know the troops support their mission to rid the world of Islamic terrorists who are bent on destroying the United States. We can’t help but believe that some of this failure is caused by leftist anti-troop bureaucrats and politicians who DON’T WANT THE TROOPS TO VOTE!

Only 5.5 percent of U.S. troops serving overseas were able to vote and actually have their vote counted in 2006, according to the Federal Election Assistance Commission. We should be guaranteeing that EVERY SINGLE MILITARY MAN AND WOMAN will have their ballot counted.

The House and Senate are currently stalling on legislation that would improve troops’ access to voting. A resolution for Congress to crack down on the Department of Defense to streamline the voting process for soldiers has been introduced by Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), but the proposal has been blocked by politicians in the House of Representatives. Blunt’s resolution is now stuck in the House Armed Services subcommittee with no prospects of moving forward.

But while we fight the battle in Congress, you can help our troops participate in the freedom of voting that they fight for everyday. Move America Forward has a plan to assist our men and women in war zones who want to vote!

I want to send 100,000 federal post card applications to our troops to help ensure every serviceman or servicewoman can get the ballots they need to vote. MAF has put together a HEROES’ VOTING PACKET that will help give our soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen the information they need to get a ballot and have their vote counted in 2008

But voting deadlines are rapidly approaching in some states and the mail delivery times from Iraq and Afghanistan can be long. We must get the packets printed now, but we don’t have the funds to do it. We need your help so our military men and women will be able to vote.

Please help our military heroes get the paperwork they need:


You may also mail in a check or money order (payable to “Move America Forward”) to:

Move America Forward
P.O. Box 1497
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It's no surprise to me, (I am a rabid consumer of the tabloids) but all those dopey Democrats who believed John Edwards when he denied the story of his affair with a campaign worker must feel pretty stupid today.

"The story is false, completely untrue and ridiculous" said Edwards two weeks ago, while denying he fathered a love child with Reille Hunter, who produced campaign videos for the former Democrat presidential contender.

It's not quite so ridiculous now, is it?

Edwards cheated on his dying wife.

Plain and simple. How low can a guy go? I called him a phony when he held his first news conference announcing his presidential aspirations, with all the crap about 'two Americas'. But I guess he was right on one sense - there are two Americas. One America believes in loyalty to family, responsibility, and keeping your pants zipped when your wife is battling cancer, and you are under the hot lights of a presidential campaign.

 John Edwards America does not.

If I were a betting woman (which I am not) I would lay down a few dollars on Daddy DNA belonging to Edwards. His elaborate story about the time frame doesn't ring true, and he hasn't taken a paternity test.

The National Enquirer broke this story last December, and no one in the mainstream media picked up on it.

Think about it - what if John Edwards had won the Democratic nomination, and 88 days from the general election, this story broke? That is why the political media is guilty of dereliction of duty. Of course, they were all in love with Oh-So-Pretty Johnny. The rumors were studiously ignored, and the country is once again being treated to a morally flawed politican.

 Edwards was correct in his self-assessment: he is an egotistical narcissist.

I feel very very sorry for his wife Elizabeth, and his three children.

My outrage stick is shaking over Barry Hussein Obama's Hawaiian vacation. The Chosen One seems to think that it's more important to frolic in the surf rather than spend five minutes with the families of military personnel, whose sons and daughters are sweating in 130 degree tempertures in Iraq and Afghanistan while Obama is sipping mai tais in Honolulu.

Read my column from here.

San Fran Nanny, aka Nancy Pelosi, wrote a book to show young people how to go from housewife to Speaker of the House.

It appears that no one really cares. Hmm, with Congressional approval ratings at 11 percent nationwide, I wonder why?

One of my least attractive personal qualities is my delight in schadenfruede; enjoying the misfortune of others. I only engage in this distasteful behavior when it comes to phony, lying hypocrites. They are usually left-wing nutters. So I can't help but notice that my book "American Mourning" co-authored with Catherine Moy, rose to #6 on the bestseller list in the first 24 hours of release, while "Know Your Power" by Nancy Pelosi is languishing at #41 on the Non-Fiction list since it's release last week. That translates to 2,700 books sold.


And I have FAR LESS name recognition than Nancy Pelosi.

The Most Powerful Woman in the world seems to be missing a little firepower when it comes to moving her message. If she can't sell her own book, how can she sell her politics to the rest of the country?



California Democrats have officially endorsed terrorism and communism in our public schools.

I kid you not.

California Democrats are especially fond of supporting terrorist networks, plus allowing communists to teach in public schools.


Yes, former Democratic PRESIDENTIAL candidate Mike Gravel is telling his pals on the Left to stalk a federal law enforcement official.

Is Gravel insane? Or brainsick? Perhaps daft, or even demented. More likely, he's just parroting what other Democrats are saying about the prosecution of a dangerous Islamist.

As shocking as this is to me,  it gets even worse. Gravel is urging his moonbat, left-wing nutter base to intimidate and harass not only the Federal prosecutor but his children, too.

It's all on tape.

The reaction of the Justice department has been measured. Why? U.S. Attorney's should be locking this lunatic up PRONTO.

Hola mi amigos! That’s a little Spanish lingo for those Obama supporters who think we should learn to speak Spanish instead of insisting that immigrants to America learn to speak English.

As you know, I have been ‘on the beach’ lately. I have just returned from Akumal, Mexico (formerly an unknown fishing village until Bill Gates cruised up in his 52 foot yacht and wrecked things for the rest of us, but I digress.)

This is the view from mi casa.


And this is the view from the ocean of our modest digs.


Pretty swell, huh? It’s called Dos Jagueros and our family rented it from a picture on the Internet.

You might be wondering what I did on my summer vacation. Mainly, I spent time thinking out my next career move.


And I spent time with my family.


Morgan girls including my sister Michelle (bottom left) nieces Maggie (top left) and McCayla (top right) and Melanie (bottom right)

The Morgan’s get carried with the M thing. (Not pictured are Marissa and Mark Morgan.) Kinda strange, but what the hell.  We like it.  

Politics and more coming up. I have lots of venom stored up after a relaxing time South of the border. Here’s a toast to booze fueled political rantings!

Senor, una cervaza, por favor!

Sen. Barack Obama has tried to run from his Muslim roots. But now, thanks to a new book by bestselling author Jerome Corsi, he can’t hide.

World Net Daily ( published a story today on one of the scandals unveiled in the book:

“Barack Obama directly intervened in last December's presidential election in Kenya, supporting fellow Luo tribesman Raila Odinga's candidacy, despite an agreement Odinga signed to back radical Muslims, according to an explosive new book written by WND senior staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi.

In "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality," Corsi footnotes and discusses two television news videos that fully document his charges.

The first video shows Obama's direct involvement in Kenyan politics to support Odinga, and the second video shows a press conference held by the Muslims who signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Odinga.

"There is nothing on the record to indicate Obama ever withdrew his support from Odinga," Corsi told WND, "even after Odinga signed the agreement with the Muslims in Kenya."

Corsi said that to the contrary, Obama "appears even today to be a direct and active supporter of Odinga, as Odinga himself frequently boasts."

Read the complete storyhere,

None of this should surprise regular readers of She and I broke news on Obama more than a year ago about his shady relationships and his education in Islam.

Corsi has done important research for his book and every American should read it.


Column warning: Today I will discuss prisoners and condoms. Literally, prisoners with condoms. So beware.

Prisoners have sex. This we know because the rates of HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are pretty high inside the hoosegows. If you look at the statistics for AIDS in Solano County, Calif., especially in the early years when scientists and doctors identified the disease, the numbers skew due to the prisons in Vacaville.

It looks like we’re closer to San Francisco in AIDS cases than other suburban counties. Bureaucrats and liberals like to tout condoms as the No. 1 way to prevent AIDS and other STDs. That is false. The No. 1 way is abstinence.

Oh, now, Cat, you know that isn’t reasonable,” the Cat Critics say. “Teens and prisoners inside male populations are going to have sex, so they need rubbers.”

Well, lucky for the big boys inside California State Prison Solano in Vacaville, Calif., bureaucrats have decided to distribute condoms.

But there’s a hitch: The guards are going to have to bust these guys if they catch them with opened condom packages, according to a story in

What’s next? Distribute heroine, pornography and liquor to the prisoners, but forbid them from partaking?

Cat, that is really stretching things,” the Cat Critics cry.

This bureaucratic idea would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. The corrections officers – the guys and gals who deal with prisoners face-to-face – think the idea stinks. They’re correct.

On Saturday, Go to for the rest of my article. You’ll find it under my name in the opinion section.

I can't believe how quickly the past six weeks have flown by. I've done everything that I can possibly think of to alert America that the Eagles are landing in Washington, D.C. on September 15th.

Our proud caravan of patriots is fueled up, and ready to hit the road, alerting folks in 27 cities about the urgent need to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND THEIR MISSION! 

Move America Forward's Fight For Victory Tour begins in Carson City, Nevada where the entire Democratic State Leadership, National Democrats, and Local Democrats are planning to protest --our PRO-TROOP MESSAGE?

I thought the Dem's supported our troops. Then do it, dammit!

Go to for our trip schedule and re-arrange YOUR schedule to come to one of our rallies!

Then wing your way to Washington, D.C. where the Eagles will land in honor of General David Petraeus and his report on the 'surge' and how it is WORKING in Iraq.

Honor our soldiers. Honor Our Country. Pray for Victory.

Jeff Emanuel, an Iraqi war vetern now embedded as a journalist, notes that the battle-cry from Democrats determined that we have failed in Iraq, is beginning to dissolve like a packet of wet tissues.


People ask me all the time about why conservative talkers are so much more successful than liberals. Especially our women.

Lisa DePasquale at offers up her assessment.

Oh yes, and I did it publicly, in print, and with documentation.

"American Mourning" co-authored with Catherine Moy, documents how George Soros funded John Kerry with sacks of cash (carefully laundered, of course) to help him win the Presidency.

As exhausted as we are by the Bush administration missteps on any number of issues, at least John 'Francois' Kerry is dumpster diving in political history.

Some of these people (hit with almost a million dollar fine today) should be in jail.

If there were justice in this world.



From Drudge Report comes a disgusting video you have to see to believe.

Dateline: Reno, Nevada

The cops carted off the pro-troop veteran in cuffs but if you look again the anti-war punk shoves the vet into the woman which is what knocks her down.

Powerline has picked up the letter sent to John Kelly, chief legal beagle at the outrageously biased MSNBC TV cable network from former White House Communications Director Ari Fleisher

(Note: Move America Forward is mentioned)

P.S. My staffers at MAF engaged in a shouting match with John Kelly when he refused to run our next ad supporting our troops. It got REALLY ugly!
Photo of Mark Finkelstein.
By Mark Finkelstein | August 28, 2007 - 17:49 ET

Chris Matthews, opening this afternoon's "Hardball":

Idaho Senator Larry Craig, cultural warrior of the right, stands naked tonight, exposed as both a sexual deviant and a world-class hypocrite.

View video here.

Matthews presumably labelled Craig "a sexual deviant" based not on the mere fact of his presumptive homosexuality, but on his engaging in the kind of public "cruising" to which the senator pleaded guilty in Minnesota.

I challenge Matthews to flatly ask the Democratic presidential contenders and other Dem leaders he encounters in coming weeks whether they share his view that all men who engage in such conduct are "sexual deviants." Should make for some illuminating TV as Dems walk a tightrope between public mores and the sensibilities of one of the Dem party's important constituent groups.

UPDATE -- Matthews snaps at Naomi Wolf: "don't come on this show and change the subject."

In recent weeks I've suggested that feminist Naomi Wolf might be America's most passive-aggressive woman and one of its most alarmist. On today's show Chris Matthews clearly got fed up with her self-promoting act and snapped at her. When Matthews asked Wolf what she thought the repercussions of the Craig scandal would be for the GOP, she deflected the question. Wolf instead went off on a pitch about how Mitt Romney would be hurt by his refusal to sign some declaration put forth by an online organization she's ginned-up as part of the marketing campaign for her paranoid screed "The End of America." The book's operating thesis is that the Bush administration is using the same tactics employed by the Nazis and other totalitarians to suppress democracy.

MATTHEWS: Don't come on this show and change the subject.

NAOMI WOLF: I'm sorry, I think it's important.

MATTHEWS: If you don't want to talk about Larry Craig, stop talking, OK? What do you think is the political significance of this? If you think it's none that's a good answer, but you can't just change the subject.

WOLF: I think it's none Chris, sorry, I think it's none.

MATTHEWS: Fine, let's move on.

View video here.

After returning to the air, the pair claimed to have resolved their differences. But Matthews' great annoyance with this greatly annoying woman had been unmistakable.

—Mark Finkelstein is a NewsBusters contributing editor and host of Right Angle. Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Senator Larry Craig,  a conservative Senator from Idaho, should RESIGN immediately.

We cannot afford to let this sex scandal suck up the oxygen of the stupid political media while we have an important job to do --supporting our troops in Iraq---and so little time in which to do it.

Michelle Malkin calls it much better than I--"Larry Craig, lying crapweasel.'

It looks like Chris Matthews got snappish with Naomi Wolf, the woman with whom I have tangled on his very show over her rehearsed talking points to promote her book 'The End of America' or some such started over the discussion about Senator Larry Craig and the fall-out from an alleged sex scandal.

Mark Finkelstein at caught it all.

VERY amusing television!

In my previous post, I wrote about the slanderous attacks against me and our organization Move America Forward by the anti-war Leftists who want to see our troops and their mission in Iraq fail.

But that YouTube ad is child's play compared to the suffering they are cruelly instigating against the mothers of our fallen heroes.

Megan Ortagus of Unite for Victory sent me this letter today.

Fasten your seat-belts! It's a bumpy ride!

The attacks on me for being a proud pro-troop American are coming at a furious pace now, as we get closer to showing the moonbat crowd exactly what everyday Americans think of our proud men and women in uniform, their service in Iraq and their mission. The blogs are buzzing about this YouTube hit job against me.

The truth, which is something the Left-wing crazies are exceptionally talented at ignoring is that I was asked by Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle a simple question.

Should Bill Keller of the New York Times face treason charges which results in the death penalty for leaking secrets about the successful program to track terrorists using bank accounts overseas?

My answer. "If Bill Keller were to be tried for treason and convicted, yes, I would have no problem with him facing the ultimate penalty. Death. Because we are talking about leaking classified secrets in a time of war." 

 62 percent of the American public agrees with that point-of-view after a Gallup poll sampled the question last year.

Ron Winter, who spent a considerable amount of time in 'Nam, gave me his take on the guy in the YouTube attack on Move America Forward, of which I am Chairman.

"I have never met a Marine who was proud of his service and strong on his opinions who wouldn't use his full name. This guy should have, and also should have given a better explanation of his service - remember what I said previously about "combat veteran" and "decorated?" Didn't hear any of those words. He also was clearly reading from a script.
This guy is either a poser, an embellisher, paid for his time, or looney, looney, looney.
AND, the poll at the bottom only had 9 responses. Of course they can doctor that as you well know but I think it makes the point."

HARRY RILEY FROM EAGLES UP! asked me to get the word out about the Human Events article now on-line.

Human Events has given Eagles our best shot at getting word to America thus far, about the September 15 challenge to the anti-America elements...Please share the Human Events Op Ed piece below that Editor, Jed Babbin graciously allowed me to present for publication.  Friends, September 15 is exponentially more critical that the March 17 opposition to the ANSWER anti-America is critical we arrive in mass numbers.

Take a look at

Lisa De Pasquele has been writing about this central question: if conservatives feel so strongly about the need to fight and win in Iraq (and defeat al-Quaida) why aren't they heading down to the nearest recruitment office? 

Her answer is simple, concise and has the added benefit of the truth.

She's a tiny dynamo with an out-sized voice in the blogosphere.

Michelle Malkin has the latest reminder on answering A.N.S.W.E.R.

A few months ago, the national media coverage of the war in Iraq was downright depressing for military families and their supporters.

News media coverage of Iraq was showcasing acts of violence on a nightly basis. Television commentators solemnly assured us that Iraq was a hopeless cause and was already consumed by a full-blown civil war. Anti-military protesters were waging constant protests here on the home front, throwing red paint at veterans' memorials and military recruitment centers.

But now things are changing in a big way.


I can't believe it's been two years since Move America Forward went road-trippin' to Crawford, Texas  bringing 4,000 of our closest friends to face-off against Cindy Sheehan and her moonbat crowd.

Since then, Cindy put Camp Casey up for sale, and a sucker bit on the bait. Bree Walker, Air America talk show host, shelled out $86.000 so she can keep the peace flame burning brightly.

WaPo has an interesting story about how the light is dimming. 

(Warning --it's biased. But still interesting!)

Catherine Moy can shoot the eyes out of a rattle-snake at 50 yards. She's a wife, a mother, and a true patriot. AND--she's the best writer in the universe.

When you look up "please explain to me why I should give a rat's rear-end about Iraq" in the dictionary, Cat's explanation is right there!

...and she keeps a sharp-eye on the wingnuts from the Left.

Oh yeah. You don't want to mess with Deborah Johns. Her son William is on his THIRD tour of duty in Iraq. And she's coming with us on the Fight For Victory Tour across America. has details. More here.

Gateway Pundit has twigged to the story that I have been shouting for weeks --the surge is working, and a troops draw-down is anticipated.

But visualizing this is tricky. Well done, guys! 

General David Petraeus is an honorable man, who is fighting a lethal enemy overseas in Iraq. His counter insurgency plan called 'the surge' is showing remarkable signs of progress.

And that's what is scaring the daylights out of the Democrats.

Jed Babbin at Human Events with more.

Can you hear me chuckling through the blogosphere? Okay, I admit it. There's a good deal of snickering going on right now in front of my keyboard.

That's because I just checked Michelle Malkin's website and the news from my friend Brian Maloney at RadioEqualizer on the demise of Feminist Radio.

I could have predicted this. Oh wait. I DID predict this.

Karl Rove --everybody is still weighing in on his legacy--both the right and the left have wildly different opinions.

Karl Rove

I don't know Karl Rove, and as a conservative activist I have been frustrated/angered by some of his advice given to President Bush on many issues, including illegal immigration, Harriet Miers (I'm making an asssumption here that he had something to do with that debacle) and the way the White House has blown it's chance to communicate effectively with the American people about the critical importance of fighting the WOT.

But ---the insane fascination with Rove by the Left as some sort Satanist defies imagination.

Ron Winter makes some excellent points about Sunday's appearance by Rove on Fox News. When you are done reading about Rove --keep going!

Check it out at


Keith Olbermann, the go-to guy for the left-wing netroots, slammed me twice this week on his show for being the 'Worst Person in the World" first on Wednesday and then on Friday.

Twice in the same week--A Badge of Honor that I will wear proudly in my Marin County, California neighborhood.

To see how truly disturbed and desperate for ratings KO really is --hop over to

If Keith Olbermann wants to be taken seriously (although I doubt that premise) he needs to get his butt off the anchor chair at MSNBC and on a plane to Iraq. Let him say the same horrendous things he intones in his stentorian delivery straight to the faces of the troops. Now THAT would be entertainment.

(For more on the controversy scroll down two blog entries)

After Olbermann's diatribe, this is a representative sampling I've recieved from his viewers.

"You are a worthless c---.  Your family is embarrased over you and want you to kill yourself.. Please make them happy."
Sent by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I know it's difficult for liberals to understand the concept 'literal' versus 'metaphorical' in a written column. And Olbermann deliberately overlooks the fact that his guy Soltz was the REAL bully, intimidator and thug to a young American soldier who merely pointed out the burgeoning success of the surge in Iraq (the horror!)

And then there's this one at Talking Points  What I love about Talking Points Memo is they cite Glenn Greenwald's post about the worldview of the right about the dangers of Islamic jihadists. While it is a tad overstated, I think the jist of what Greenwald gets at, and that Talking Points Memo cites, is dead-on right. It's not that we believe jihadists will be landing Jihadist Marines on the beaches of South Carolina or Oregon… but we really do believe they will continue to use political intimidation backed by acts of violence to weaken the resolve of those who oppose their efforts to spread their beliefs as part of their Islamic caliphate. I think that when you listen to what they say, and when you witness the incredibly high number of violent acts of terrorism they've waged - I mean folks, we're talking THOUSANDS of such attacks - I then don't understand why our bretheren on the Left see our worldview as that irrational.
Look at our friends in the UK - there is a real change going on there and the normally liberal British media have done a number of stories about the rise of radical Islam within Britain and the relative inability of the government to contain it. But then again, those same British journalists then say how awful it is trying to wipe out the origins of radical Islam in the Middle East. I think that Philadelphia Inquirer columnist was right -- we probably do need another 9/11 sooner rather than later because people would much prefer to ignore the problem and hope it goes away, which is exactly what the jihadists need to grow their network… undisturbed and unchallenged.

Don't misunderstand me. I wake up at nights sweating out the real possibility that the Islamists will hit us again, and hard. I don't wish for that. What I really want is for the American public to understand that we believe the jihadists are working as hard as they possibly can to raze American icons in order to terrorize us into submission.


Washington, D.C. has emptied out and there's nothing left for left-wing activists to focus on other than the so-called 'crisis' engendered by the he said/he said visit to John Ashcroft's sick room by Robert Mueller of the FBI.

Those mean, EVIL, Bushies INTIMIDATED Mr. Ashcroft on the issue of wireless wiretapping. Boo-freaking-hoo.

Ian Schwartz, the video wunderkid of the Internet, caught it exchange between myself and Miss Passive/Aggressive feminist Naomi Wolf.

And, go to Mark Finklestein's coverage at


and from the Kossacks Kids on the left


When you call out a left-wing, radical anti-war activist who is still in the Army --watch out. His friends will wish a violent death upon you.

That's exactly what happened when the blogosphere caught up with my column last week from World Net Daily, and then Keith Olbermann of MSNBC named me Worst Person in the World.

My response? Pound Sand! 

I'm waiting for the cheers of celebration from Democrats across America.

Waiting. Crickets. Waiting some more.


From one of our soldiers.
And I am very excited about meet everyone when we get to D.C.
A Soldiers Wish List
Dear Julieann
Thank you for the support you and others in America supports site, too many times we only see the negative views and hate on TV it drags our deployments on, it is individuals back home who help give us the strengh to go on. I would like to share a story for you the town of South Boston, Va where some of my soldiers and I took our first bus ride in route to link up with our fellow Virginia guards men in Ronoke Va on our way to Indiana our mob site, The whole town pour out on to the streets business shut down, I could not believe the love they felt for us, it really beyond words there tears rolling down soldiers faces, this was what our mission is all about, we would see in Airports as we went home on pass before we left for Kuwait, in eyes of Freedom Riders as they gave as send off all the way to Ronoke, this truly America, I enjoy receiving letters from childern, and perfect strangers just letting us know they have there prayers, I truly consider myself blessed and I tell my soldiers this we need the support of America to gain the strength to go into arms way. If the news spend more time focusing on good stuff we are doing and less on the Hollywood anti war trash America and world would better far better place. As for what I would like to be able to get or give to my fellow soldiers I am not sure right now. I will keep entouch you as the holidays appoach to give you a better idea
Thank you for all that you do
Signed Sgt Victor Bernard Mandeville
Echo 429 BSB
Virginia Army National Guard

ANSWER: A Turncoat

Ohio Senator George Voinivich in the cross-hairs of the Right and the Left--and in my usual meek way, I respond to the Senator's local newspaper.

Lisa de Pasquale deals with the question that conservatives are most often hit with in the battle over Iraq. Why aren't OUR kids enlisting for war?

Perhaps the better question is why are THEIR kids carrying signs that say 'Support the Troops, Kill an Officer?'

WND Exclusive Commentary
Busted! Shining light on a cockroach
Melanie Morgan uncovers anti-war activist's true colors

Posted: August 10, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

The war on terrorism has shaken up the American homeland, and like any house, when things are shaken up you never know what will come crawling out from the dark corners.

In the case of Operation Iraqi Freedom, there's been an infestation of those who are determined to undermine our troops, and force them to surrender and admit defeat.

While most of the focus in the conservative world (and surprisingly in the Mainstream Media) this week has been on Scott Thomas Beauchamp, who admitted to Army investigators that he fabricated stories of wrongdoing by U.S. troops, I've also been swatting my folded newspaper at someone who has worked even harder to thwart the missions of our troops in Iraq: anti-war, left-wing activist, Jon Soltz.

I cannot believe my own eyes. Even the slanted, biased USA Today (published by anti-war liberal Al Nueharth) is proclaiming some good news in Iraq.

My take? The Elite Media is getting ready for good news, and don't want the Democrats to be caught without their talking points. The EBS system for  the liberals activated ...pulsing their signal to liberals.

"Alert! Alert! The troops are winning!"

(Fear not--the NEW talking points include whining by the Dem's that 'there's no political stability from the Iraqi's. Waa. Waa.)

Lucy moves the football.

Ron Winter has a thoughtful review of Lt. Colonel 'Buzz' Patterson's new book "War Crimes"

Grab a cup of coffee and spend a minute reading it. And then order a free copy of his book, and mine "American Mourning" at Move America Forward.

(We'll even autograph it!)

Harry Riley believes in God, his family and our troops, probably in that order -- he's one of the toughest fighters I've ever had the honor to meet. Harry Riley will NOT let what happened in America after Vietnam to our troops EVER happen again.

Harry is the face of EaglesUp, which is organizing veterns and other Americans who believe in our troops and their mission in Iraq.

Read his e-mail to the blogworld.

Let's pretend for a moment that the Democrats win the White House in '08. Don't break out the Xanax just yet. The New York Times (of all people) have just clued the American public into the Democrats ugly reality --and I guarantee the Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi wing of the Democrat party will not like this news!

Michelle Malkin is no bigger than a minute--in real life, she must weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. WARNING: Be careful of a Malkin hug. She can break a couple ribs!

Here's why I really admire her.

She has a voice that will never be denied by intelligent people. She has a tensile strength in fighting the Left in America, and her passion for our troops is a ceaseless miracle.

Michell Malkin

Where does she find the energy to do all that she does for this country, to keep us safe, warn us about dangers that are lurking from illegal immigration, Islamists who want to kill us, and still find time for her wonderful husband Jesse and her two babies?

I'm proud to re-post her blog from this weekend .

Sean Penn, who lives just a couple miles down the road from me, and who hates 'the right-wing" with a passion, is now on the defensive about mainstream media reporting on his trip to Venezuela and his huggy-cuddly visit with Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, right, speaks with U.S. actor Sean Penn, both seen through the window shield of a vehicle, as they ride together near La Grita, Venezuela, Friday, Aug 3, 2007.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, right, speaks with U.S. actor Sean Penn, both seen through the window shield of a vehicle, as they ride together near La Grita, Venezuela, Friday, Aug 3, 2007. (AP Photo/Howard Yanes)

Doesn't he read the newspapers? Cindy Sheehan's photo with Chavez turned American opinion against HER.


Maybe he doesn't care.

As I predicted, it's getting ugly between Democrat's and Leftists over the candidacy of Cindy Sheehan and supporters of Nancy Pelosi in California's Ninth District.

For more on Cindy Sheehan and why she should never, ever be elected to public office, read my book "American Mourning " co-authored by Catherine Moy.


Kudos to the Good Lieutenant at The Jawa Report who first noticed the hypocrisy of Jon Soltz engaging in Democrat Party activism (calling for our troops to declare defeat in Iraq) in his military uniform, and then proceeding to attack Sgt. David Aguina for daring to report on the drop in Iraqi civilian casualties as a result of "the surge."
You can see the Good Lieutenant's posts for yourself (from August 4th and August 5th).

I did some digging around the Internet about Jon Soltz, who recieved a righteous smack-down on Hardball with Chris Matthews last week by Lt. Colonel 'Buzz' Patterson, author of "War Crimes" and Vice-Chairman of Move America Forward.


 I came up with this WaPo article about Jon Soltz and his affiliation with the Retreat-Defeat-Surrender crowd. The best line comes at the end, when Soltz CLAIMS to be a conservative!

Read the whole article and see if you agree with me --JON SOLTZ IS A LIAR!


Gen. Petraeus To Lead An Army of Thousands; Leftists Quitting War Against US, Deserting Sinking Ship
Read the story...

At the left-wing "Yearly Kos" conference the weekend of August 4th, anti-war activist Jon Soltz silenced a US Army sergeant who was reporting on the progress being made with "the surge" in Iraq. Soltz threatened to have the military punish the sergeant for having the audacity of reporting on the improving condititions in Iraq.

Today, I published a blockbuster column that exposes Jon Soltz and his hypocrisy. I have the pictures to prove my case. And I have the details on how this all ties in to Senator John Kerry as well. You need to read this column right now here. Once you are done, help spread the word by forwarding this email to a few friends!

As two more soldiers from the Haditha 'massacre' were cleared yesterday in California, many of us are wondering exactly where we might find Congressman Jack Murtha's public apology.

Oh. There is no apology. It's perfectly okay to call innocent soldiers, men of honor, murderers--before they were tried or convicted of anything.

Jack Murtha, former Marine, is a disgrace.

He should resign. Immediately.   

Ian Schwartz was gracious enough to send me the audio that's posted at

Our folks at Move America Forward desperately need some volunteers in our Sacramento office. Are you interested in helping the grassroots organize for our cross-country caravan tour across America that proudly proclaims our support for fighting forces in Iraq? We NEED you --RIGHT NOW!

Please call 916-441-6197 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The has a detailed look at how the Democrat's are fractured over how far they'll go to back-stab our troops, and with which strategy they want to proceed.

Lynn Woolsey, with whom I share a zipcode, is the prime mover in the crackpot crowd.

Harry Belafonte, Congresswomen Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey, CA get ready to march 

Fireworks Erupt: Buzz Patterson Spanks Anti-War Activist

On Wednesday's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," Move America Forward Vice Chairman, Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.), took anti-war activist Jon Soltz to task. Soltz was in the news recently when at the "Yearly Kos" convention he silenced a U.S. Army soldier who supports the missions of our troops. Soltz has repeatedly worked to undermine the missions of U.S. Troops serving in Iraq, and is active in the affiliated group, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

Watch this great video, where Lt. Col. Patterson gave a much-deserved verbal spanking to Jon Soltz:


Un-Freaking-Believable.  Democrats in Congress and in the Senate are now rushing to heap accolades on American troops who are winning the war in Iraq.

The same trooops who 'lost' the war years ago. The same Democrats who claim that Al Qaeda doesn't exist in Iraq. 

You remember the leaders who claimed that Bush lied us into the war, it's unjust, immoral, and was started so corporate interests could grab Iraq's oil.

What's with the change of tune? Politics. Pure and simple.

God. Save. Us.

UPDATE: I was reminded of the fact that The New Republic attacked our “Voices of Soldiers Truth Tour” that we at Move America Forward took to Iraq in July 2005.  They claimed before we even left for Iraq that our reporting would be dishonest.  Ahem, you were saying Mr. Beinart and the editorial staff of The New Republic?

(p.s. Mark Williams, Holly Williams and I won awards from the ASSOCIATED PRESS for Best Live Coverage of "Voices of Soldier Truth Tour, Live From Iraq"...where's the 'truth' from The New Republic?)

Bloggers from around the world, and our own United States Military, have closed a disgraceful chapter in a 'blood libel' against our troops.

The Weekly Standard has details:

Move America Forward's Vice-Chairman, Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson, who carried the 'nuclear football' for former President Bill Clinton, has written a very nice analysis on why Barry Hussein Obama should NEVER be President. Or Hillary. (And he knows her quite well!)




Public support for our troops in Iraq, and the ongoing “surge” campaign to defeat al-Qaida in Iraq, is on the rise according to a brand new poll from USA Today/Gallup.

The poll shows an almost 10-point jump in Americans who feel that “the surge” is “making the situation better.” See the poll results – HERE

Log onto for more details 

I'm not the only one publicly speculating about Hillary's wife Bill and what a co-Presidency might look like a second time around.

Check out the UK's The First Post on the subject

The people who 'support our military, but not the mission' have a HUGE P.R. problem.

Jon Soltz

 Jon Soltz, the radical activist soldier whom I debated on national television, (I was subsequently BANNED from PBS as a result) has now censored another soldier who supports the surge and the Iraqi people at the nutroots convention this weekend.

The Lib's say they support Freedom of Speech.

Um Hmm.

Courtesy Pajamas Media

Soldier Censored at Kos Convention

video Fireworks broke out at a Friday morning session of the second day of the YearlyKos Convention titled “The Military and Progressives: Are They Really That Different?”. An as yet unidentified uniformed soldier attempted to address the panel on the subject of the “Surge”. He was unceremoniously escorted out by panelist Jon Soltz.

The soldier’s words were either suppressed or inaudible on the convention’s own video. They can be heard here on this exclusive PJM Video by Andrew Marcus, who also interviews the soldier and tries to interview Soltz.


{ED.note} Jon Soltz and I went toe-to-toe on PBS.

After that appearance, I was banned from the program.

Guess liberals can't handle the truth when they hear it.

 hear the broadcast click here. has a posting from Daily Kos, the hypocrites of the blogosphere, on the squealing over anti-war vets who wore uniforms during a protest in Kansas City, Missouri.

Marines investigates Iraq vet for wearing cammos at protest

Sat Jun 02, 2007 at 11:31:51 AM PDT


The nation's largest combat veterans group on Friday urged the military to "exercise a little common sense" and call off its investigation of a group of Iraq war veterans who wore their uniforms during anti-war protests.

"Trying to hush up and punish fellow Americans for exercising the same democratic right we're trying to instill in Iraq is not what we're all about," said Gary Kurpius, national commander of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars.

"Someone in the Marine Corps needs to exercise a little common sense and put an end to this matter before it turns into a circus," Kurpius said.

Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh had already received an honorable discharge from active duty before he was photographed in March wearing fatigues — with military insignia removed — during a mock patrol with other veterans protesting the Iraq war.

A military panel in Kansas City, Mo., will hold a hearing Monday to decide whether he should be should be discharged from service and, if so, with what type of discharge.

Col. Dave Lapan, a Marine Corps spokesman, said Kokesh is under administrative review because he wore his uniform at a political event, which is prohibited. And, Lapan said, when a senior officer told Kokesh that he violated military regulations, Kokesh used an obscenity and indicated he would not comply with the rules.

"It's the political activity that is prohibited, not the type of event that it was," Lapan said. "If it had been a pro-war rally, it would still have been a violation."

         Keep reading to see what one military experts says

It'll be a cold day in hell before the media calls for an investigation into the fraudulent voting that took place in Congress on Friday.

Ron Winter aces the story.

Blog: Winter's Soldier Story
Post: Congressional Dems Caught Rigging Illegal Immigrant Vote; Republicans Find Their Spines

Catherine Moy, who is as close to me as a blood sister, captures the essence of a young man who could have been your brother, nephew, son, or friend.

Here's an extraordinary person, like all of our fallen heroes.

Courtesy of Vacaville Reporter

Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Jack Murtha and the ever-dour Harry Reid are going to HATE this news.

Fabulous developments in Iraq today!

Any bets on whether you'll see this news reported on the Sunday talking heads shows?

Anybody? Anybody?

Click here: Diyala Tribal Leaders Continue Reconciliation Efforts - DefendAmerica News Article

Nutroots’ Success Doesn’t Run Deep
By Lisa De Pasquale
Friday, August 3, 2007This week hundreds of liberal bloggers and online activists will gather for the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, IL. YearlyKos is inspired by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga’s blog, He has been the darling of both the online and mainstream media outlets since he began blogging in 2002. The second YearlyKos is a chance for the “netroots community” to share strategies on “expressing viewpoints” and “building consensus.” By those standards, it seems like it should be a short conference..   

Earlier, I blogged about the blood libel against our troops in Iraq by a soldier in Iraq making outrageous charges --about his own behaviour. His agenda? To show that the war in Iraq is 'immoral, unjust, illegal.' The usual crap.

Confirmation from several milblogs that the information was indeed, faked.

This kind of outrage must always be challenged. Always.

Got this e-mail today from Josh Holley, the Republican spokesman for the U.S. House Armed Services Committee. It appears Congressman Jack Murtha is backing down on closing Gitmo -- for now!

The liberal blogosphere is going nutz over my appearance on Hannity and Colmes on Fox News Channel when we discussed the Pace University former student who was outrageously charged with a hate crime for allegedly flushing a Koran down the toilet.

Due process. What due process?

Yessir! Media Matters for America (the well-known Hillary Clinton suck-ups and haters of the right) are ALL UPSET when I pointed out the obvious during my appearance on Hardball with Mike Barnicle.

Hillary has problems with her philandering husband.


Kristinn Taylor from demanded a list of the links cited in O'Reilly's report on 'hate speech' from Freepers. Mr. O'Reilly's producers provided just two, which turned out to be quoted badly out of context and the most heinous of the allegations they provided no documentation at all. O'Reilly owes FreeRepublic an apology. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Bill O’Reilly’s been making waves the past few weeks by focusing on the prevalance of ‘hateful’ content at the liberal website, Daily Kos.  O’Reilly is particularly disturbed to see Democratic presidential candidates agreeing to speak at the annual YearlyKos convention that will take place August 2nd through 5th.

To show balance in his reporting, O’Reilly has unfortunately chosen to target the good people who visit the conservative website,  Last night O’Reilly had on his show a friend of mine, Kristinn Taylor, who is a spokesperson for Free Republic, to defend the website from O’Reilly’s criticisms.

In case you all didn't notice, I have posted the Vets for Freedom ad at MAF's "The Daily File" weblog and urged our supporters to not only watch the ad but also rate it highly - given the attacks it has faced from the anti-war Left websites and blogs. 

Here's the link to my blog posting at the MAF website:


Win In Iraq

We Win in Iraq

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