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  • 100th Birthday of Milton Freidman, the Man Who Saved Capitalism

    I had the honor of meeting Milton Freidman in 2005, the year before his death, at a Pacific Research Instiute dinner. The more I have studied his theory on Economics, the more I admire him.

    Read more about Freidman from his protegee Stephen Moore:

    In the 1960s, Friedman famously explained that "there's no such thing as a free lunch." If the government spends a dollar, that dollar has to come from producers and workers in the private economy. There is no magical "multiplier effect" by taking from productive Peter and giving to unproductive Paul. As obvious as that insight seems, it keeps being put to the test. Obamanomics may be the most expensive failed experiment in free-lunch economics in American history.

    Equally illogical is the superstition that government can create prosperity by having Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke print more dollars. In the very short term, Friedman proved, excess money fools people with an illusion of prosperity. But the market quickly catches on, and there is no boost in output, just higher prices.

    Next to Ronald Reagan, in the second half of the 20th century there was no more influential voice for economic freedom world-wide than Milton Friedman. Small in stature but a giant intellect, he was the economist who saved capitalism by dismembering the ideas of central planning when most of academia was mesmerized by the creed of government as savior.

  • Vindication!

    A federal court in Washington, DC, held last week that political appointees appointed by President Obama did interfere with the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the New Black Panther Party.

    The ruling came as part of a motion by the conservative legal watch dog group Judicial Watch, who had sued the DOJ in federal court to enforce a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents pertaining to the the New Black Panthers case. Judicial Watch had secured many previously unavailable documents through their suit against DOJ and were now suing for attorneys’ fees.

    Obama’s DOJ had claimed Judicial Watch was not entitled to attorney’s fees since “none of the records produced in this litigation evidenced any political interference whatsoever in” how the DOJ handled the New Black Panther Party case. But United States District Court Judge Reggie Walton disagreed. Citing a “series of emails” between Obama political appointees and career Justice lawyers, Walton writes:

    The documents reveal that political appointees within DOJ were conferring about the status and resolution of the New Black Panther Party case in the days preceding the DOJ’s dismissal of claims in that case, which would appear to contradict Assistant Attorney General Perez’s testimony that political leadership was not involved in that decision. Surely the public has an interest in documents that cast doubt on the accuracy of government officials’ representations regarding the possible politicization of agency decision-making. … In sum, the Court concludes that three of the four fee entitlement factors weigh in favor of awarding fees to Judicial Watch. Therefore, Judicial Watch is both eligible and entitled to fees and costs, and the Court must now consider the reasonableness of Judicial Watch’s requested award.

    The New Black Panthers case stems from a Election Day 2008 incident where two members of the New Black Panther Party were filmed outside a polling place intimidating voters and poll watchers by brandishing a billy club. Justice Department lawyers investigated the case, filed charges, and when the Panthers failed to respond, a federal court in Philadelphia entered a “default” against all the Panthers defendants. But after Obama was sworn in, the Justice Department reversed course, dismissed charges against three of the defendants, and let the fourth off with a narrowly tailored restraining order.

    “The Court’s decision is another piece of evidence showing the Obama Justice Department is run by individuals who have a problem telling the truth,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “The decision shows that we can’t trust the Obama Justice Department to fairly administer our nation’s voting and election laws.”

    UPDATE: An earlier version of this post reported that the decision was released today. It was released last week.

  • Those Leaks, the Damn Leaks

    Original Article
    The chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee told Fox News that security leaks out of the Obama administration have not stopped despite an internal probe, and that President Obama has not done enough to turn off the spigot. Without providing specifics about the new leaks, Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said the damaging release of sensitive information continues. “We’ve seen more leaks, absolutely,” Rogers told Fox News in an interview Monday. “This is an opportunity for the president to be bold, to take a stand, to step up and say, ‘My administration will cooperate fully and that my staff...
  • Why He's Going Where He's Going

    Original Article
    A generation ago, it was the three I’s. A presidential challenger’s obligatory foreign trip meant Ireland, Italy and Israel. Mitt Romney’s itinerary is slightly different: Britain, Poland and Israel. Not quite the naked ethnic appeal of yore. Each destination suggests a somewhat more subtle affinity: Britain, playing to our cultural connectedness with the Downton Abbey folks who’ve been at our side in practically every fight for the last hundred years; Poland, representing the “new Europe,” the Central Europeans so unashamedly pro-American; Israel, appealing to most American Jews but also to an infinitely greater number of passionately sympathetic evangelical Christians
  • Eric Holder, Intern Bully

    ERIC HOLDER, INTERN BULLY:  Sources: Eric Holder scolded Capitol Hill intern for taking notes during lecture.

    Sources have confirmed to The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday berated an intern from House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s office for taking notes during a lecture he gave on Capitol Hill.

    According to one intern who was present, Holder had just started speaking when he noticed a male intern who was standing on the side of the packed room beginning to take notes with a pen and paper.

    “Holder is talking and then he sees some kid taking notes,” the intern, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his boss, said in a phone interview. “He [Holder] asks, ‘Oh, why are you taking notes? Are you from the Washington Post?’”

    “He [the intern Holder scolded] is like, ‘no,’” the intern who spoke with TheDC recalls.

    “Then, he [Holder] is like, ‘what office do you work in?’” he continued. “And, the kid is like, ‘oh Kevin McCarthy.’”

    He said, next, Holder responded, “’Oh, you’re one of those guys,’ kind of like jokingly but meaning he was a Republican.”

    Holder’s remarks apparently had an effect on the room, the intern who spoke with TheDC said. ““Yeah, I was scared to take notes then,” he told TheDC. “No one else whipped out pens and paper to take notes.”

    Next time, record it on your smartphone. 

    Also, they checked all the interns’ IDs to make sure they were who they said they were.  Isn’t that racist?

  • NBC/WSJ Poll Fatally Flawed

    Serious question: Does NBC just think we are all idiots? Have they been under a rock for the last decade and not realize that they no longer can control the information we hear? Do they think they can breathlessly report that their latest poll has Barack Obama leading Romney by 9-points and not mention that they are using a D+11 sample? Its only July. What games will they play in October? Use polls that only sample French adults?

    Today, NBC/WSJ released their latest pollon the presidential contest. They "find" that Obama is leading Romney by 6-points, 49%-43%. They use this finding to opine a great deal about the current state of the presidential campaign. What they don't report, however, is that their poll sample is way overweighted for Democrats. Their sample is D+11, 46% Democrat, 35% Republican--a level we haven't seen in the electorate since the post-Watergate GOP meltdown.

    In 2008, the electorate identified as D+7. Does anyone want to wager that the electorate will be MORE Democrat this election than four years ago? Bueller? Bueller?

    To a certain extent, I love when the media juices their own polls to make themselves feel better. I would much rather them go into the election filled with images of unicorns and pixie dust than cold hard political reality. But, the political professional in me thinks, "Are you kidding me?" You have to game a poll to levels we haven't seen in modern elections and you still have Obama under 50% and up by only 6-points?

    Obama is toast, no matter how much the corrupt media tries to prop him up. You've been warned.

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  • The Smearing Begins


    "He’s speaking to that fringe out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. Senator Miller said it before she died and I agreed with her. They don’t want President Barack Obama in office as President and for all the reasons that you and I and a lot of other people understand."

  • Copycat Ass*-#*

    At least 3 men accused of making threats during or after watching the new Batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents, underscoring moviegoers' anxieties and heightened security in the wake of a deadly mass shooting at a Colorado theater showing the film.

    A Maine man was arrested when he told authorities that he was on his way to shoot a former employer a day after watching "The Dark Knight Rises," Maine state police said Monday.

    Timothy Courtois of Biddeford, Maine, had been stopped for speeding, and a police search of his car found an AK-47 assault weapon, four handguns, ammunition and news clippings about the mass shooting that left 12 people dead early Friday, authorities said.

    Former graduate student James Holmes, 24, is accused of opening fire in a theater in a Denver suburb. The shooting also injured 58 people.

    Courtois said he had attended the Batman movie on Saturday, although police have not confirmed whether he actually saw the film.

    "I guess we're taking everything at face value," State Police Lt. Kevin Donovan said. "It's very scary."

  • Romney Preferred over Obama on Economy, Duh!

    Original Article
    Despite concerted Democratic attacks on his business record, Republican challenger Mitt Romney scores a significant advantage over President Obama when it comes to managing the economy, reducing the federal budget deficit and creating jobs, a national USA Today/Gallup Poll finds. By more than 2-1, 63%-29%, those surveyed say Romney's background in business, including his tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capital, would cause him to make good decisions, not bad ones, in dealing with the nation's economic problems over the next four years.
  • Can't We Just Pray for the Dead? Do We Always Have to Blame?

    Left blames Aurora shooting on Rush Limbaugh

    Some Twitter users are speculating that the Aurora, Colo., shooter was inspired by comments made by Rush Limbaugh.  The shooting occurred at a midnight premiere of the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” On Tuesday July 17, Limbaugh said on his radio show that the name of the villain in the movie is a thinly-veiled dig at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

    RUSH: Have you heard this new movie, the Batman movie, what is it, The Dark Knight Lights Up or whatever the name is.  That’s right, Dark Knight Rises. Lights Up, same thing.  Do you know the name of the villain in this movie?  Bane.  The villain in The Dark Knight Rises is named Bane, B-a-n-e.  What is the name of the venture capital firm that Romney ran and around which there’s now this make-believe controversy?  Bain.  The movie has been in the works for a long time.  The release date’s been known, summer 2012 for a long time.  Do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire breathing four eyed whatever it is villain in this movie is named Bane?

  • Working the Brain Cells

    SCIENCE:  New Study: Online Classes Just as Good.“These results are heartening. The more such studies proliferate, the more likely universities are to experiment with new programs.  This also serves as a reminder that even though the American university system sometimes seems full of obstructionists and slow to move, it’s actually moving much faster than most of its rivals overseas. What’s more, these changes tend to accelerate once they get under way.  If this happens with online learning, the United States will end up with a reformed and much more efficient higher-ed system while overseas university systems are still arguing over whether it’s a good idea to try. This is looking like a textbook case of how the United States reinvents itself faster than its competitors in response to technological and social changes.”

  • Congress Visits North Dakota for Tips on Unemployment

    North Dakota isn’t your typical destination for members of Congress on a July weekend. But that’s where you’ll find members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Saturday. They’re gathering for a hearing on job creation.

    No state has done a better job of creating jobs than North Dakota. It has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at 3 percent and leads all states with the fastest-growing household income in America over the past few years.

    It’s no secret what’s happening in North Dakota. The economic success is the result of an oil boom in the Bakken Shale Formation. It has helped North Dakota surpass both California and Alaska to become the second-biggest oil-producing state.

    Members of Congress spent Friday in Oklahoma reviewing burdensome and unnecessary regulations on energy production. They’re heading to North Dakota in hopes of finding a blueprint for America’s energy future. It’s a good place to explore.

    The state’s success is attributable to sensible regulations, the often-maligned fracking process and drilling that’s taking place on private lands. The Heritage Foundation and Institute for Energy Research recently visited North Dakota to produce a short video that highlights how the oil boom has changed the lives of local residents and others who have flocked to the state for work.


    Susan Gordon moved from California with her daughter to open the WildcatZ Grill in Tioga, ND. “We saw the opportunity for both of us to come here and make something of it,” she said. “Back in California the opportunity wouldn’t have been such.”

    North Dakota was one of only 14 states (and the District of Columbia) to experience a rise in household income between 2005 and 2010, according to the most recent Census data. The overall U.S. average during that time declined 4.4 percent.

    Energy production is working in other states as well. Colorado, West Virginia and Wyoming rounded out the top five.

  • 377,000 Thank-you's!

    Hey Everybody! Move America Forward wrapped up Troopathon V  last night and I can't thank-you enough for your help and support.

    Our total on the tote board was $221,000 plus change BUT that changed dramatically this morning when I opened my email and found a $150,000 donation from none other than EL RUSHBO himself! Rush Limbaugh, a man of extraordinarygenerosity!

    My adrenaline is blasting through my system because this puts up over the top of our announced goal of $250,000.

    All of this money, of course, goes toward our care package delivery program for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Our service men and women will never be forgotten - thanks to all of you!

    Whoo Hoo!


    breitbart-troopathonIndependence, patriotism, troops, freedom, celebrities, and Andrew Breitbart are all things that come to mind when you mention Troopathon.

    I remember my first visit to Andrew Breitbart’s house: he took me out to his back deck that overlooks the National Cemetery. He told me that every morning he looked out, it reminded him of the price of freedom. Everyone who knew Andrew understood how much he loved and supported our troops. 

    As we get ready to launch Troopathon V Thursday, July 12, we remember his smile, his passion, his humor, and his roller blades -- and we officially dedicate the event to him. 

    This year, we raise funds to send care packages to those serving in Afghanistan. Our troops are growing weary. They have been at this for 10 years; many have not only done multiple deployments, and some are starting to question if America has forgotten that they are still in battle. There are 90,000 American troops in Afghanistan. 


    They deserve gratitude for all they have sacrificed as they continue to defend us and our freedoms. 

    I had the blessing of hand delivering these care packages to our troops in the combat zone, and I have seen the direct and positive impact on morale. I’ve seen grown warriors break down upon realizing that someone back home -- someone they’ve never met -- took the time to send a little piece of their heart in a care package. I’ve seen their gratitude first hand, and it’s beyond description. 

    Since my son Marc Alan Lee died on Aug 2, 2006, becoming the first SEAL killed in Iraq, I have dedicated my life to honoring and supporting our troops and their families. At times I grow weary from battle, and it always did my heart good to know I could turn to Andrew for strength. And I still do as his spirit lives on. He has and always will be the spirit of Troopathon. 

    This year’s event, which will be aired on July 12, 2012 from 1pm-9pm PDT, will be hosted by Melanie Morgan along with co-hosts Dana Loesch from Breitbart News, JD Hayworth, and myself. 

    Please tell everyone you know to tune in LIVE at You don’t have to wait for July 12th but can make a donation today on the website. Our troops are America’s true heroes and we need to let them know we love and appreciate them.

    Standing in the gap for our country, our troops, and their families,

    Debbie Lee

  • Who is Bailing on Obama? Just About Everyone

    Today, let’s look at the polls — all of them. To start with, health care: Just 6 percent of Americans think health care is the most pressing issue, according to the latest Gallup poll. Why? Because lots of those Americans don’t have jobs or are underemployed — the real jobless rate nationwide is more like 14.9 percent, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

    So savoring his big win on health care is most definitely a waste of time for President Obama, and he knows it. After less than a week of spiking the football (a relatively short time for America’s most narcissistic president ever), the president is back on the campaign trail. What’s striking is where he’s going: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa — places he won in 2008.

    Why? Simple. All the latest polls show he’s losing … well, everyone. He’s down 13 points with voters ages 18 to 25, nearly half of whom think he’s done a mediocre job, according to Students for Life of America. The healthy young don’t really care about health care, but they do care about jobs — and nearly 2 million 20- to 24-year-olds are unemployed.

    “With skyrocketing student debt and grim unemployment prospects for those out of college, young voters’ collective love affair with the president has abated,” SFLA Executive Director Kristan Hawkins said.

    The rate is far worse if you’re young and black. For blacks ages 16 to 19, the unemployment rate is now 39.3 percent, up from 36.5 percent last month. Older blacks don’t fare much better: The overall rate for blacks rose nearly a full percentage point in June to 14.4 percent.

    Which explains why Mr. Obama, the first half-black president, is faring so poorly with blacks. A recent poll by the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling showed that Mitt Romney would get 20 percent of the black vote in the crucial swing state of North Carolina — where Mr. Obama took 95 percent of that vote in 2008. Nationwide, his approval rating among blacks is down nine points to 77 percent while Mr. Romney’s has doubled to 18 percent.

    His half-white side isn’t faring much better. White support is down six points from November 2008 to just 38 percent, according to a Gallup poll in June. Despite his nonstop class warfare, Mr. Obama has dropped most among less-affluent whites, down nine points with whites who make $60,000 or less per year.

    “President Obama does not currently have enough white support to win re-election even if he retains his minority base from 2008,” Real Clear Politics’ David Paul Kuhn wrote late last month. “Today, fewer whites back Obama than any Democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. Romney does not need to emulate Ronald Reagan to win. Should he match Reagan’s share of the white vote in 1984 — presuming all else remains constant since 2008 — Romney would rout Obama.”

    Mr. Obama is perhaps doing worst among postgraduate white women — down nine points. In another key swing state, Florida, a June poll shows Mr. Romney closing a double-digit gap among women to actually take the lead, 48 percent to 46 percent. In Ohio, women are split: 47 percent approve of Mr. Obama, 47 percent disapprove — a dismal number for a Democrat who took 56 percent of the female vote in 2008.

    Like all other demographics, women care most about jobs. Perhaps this time around, they’re put off by the fact that 780,000 fewer women are employed than when Mr. Obama took office.

    Another key group, Jews, also are bailing in droves. A June poll by Gallup showed the president down 10 points to 64 percent — he took three-quarters of the vote in 2008.

    “Obama’s current support is the lowest percentage for any Democrat since Jimmy Carter,” the Jerusalem Post wrote. “The average Jewish vote for a Democrat is 71%, so his support is significantly below average. In fact, the last two Democrats to receive less than 70% of the Jewish vote — [Michael] Dukakis and Mondale — both lost.” (No wonder Mr. Romney is planning a trip to Israel, a place Mr. Obama has never gone as president, nor even has Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.)

    The only demographic with whom Mr. Obama is still strong is Hispanics, thanks to his extraconsitutional move to allow more than a million illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. But while the move made half of Hispanics in swing states Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia “more enthusiastic” about the Democrat, he still falls short of his 2008 support. A new NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Telemundo poll shows 66 percent of Hispanics nationwide support Mr. Obama, yet he took 67 percent of the vote in 2008.

    “Their interest in this election remains far below 2008 levels, and lags well behind other key groups this cycle,” NBC News said.

    Story Continues →

    View Entire Story

  • Headlines to Jump Start Your Morning




    Obama surrogates level financial insinuations about Romney


    Jeremiah Wright: 'White racist alien DNA' running through synapses of Obama's brain - TheDC


    Former Obama pastor: 'They Will Kill Their Own Kind... There is white racist DNA running through the synapses of their under brain tissue'


    Formal complaint seeks disbarment of Eric Holder in DC - TheDC

    Bloggers file 'professional misconduct' allegation against attorney general related to Operation Fast and Furious

    TheDC Morning: Is Mitt Romney clock-blocking Obama?- TheDC

    George Will thinks Romney is hoping to stand aside and let the president self-destruct. He also thinks it's a bad strategy.

    Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Brad Thor, novelist and activist - TheDC

    Conservative literary culture warrior blends fact and fiction --- 'fact-ion'

    Author Brad Thor: 'We are all Andrew Breitbart' - TheDC

  • Over and Under for Veep Sweepstakes

    I don't bet, but if I did I would heed the British betting list. Here it is, courtesy of Dave in London. Enjoy.

    Rob Portman 15/8
         Nikki Haley 33/1
         Lindsey Graham 80/1
                Tim Pawlenty 7/2
         Condoleezza Rice 33/1
         Jim DeMint 80/1
                Marco Rubio 4/1
         Cathy McMorris Rodgers 33/1
         Jon Huntsman 80/1
                Paul Ryan 7/1
         Mick Huckabee 40/1
         Kay Bailey Hutchison 80/1
                Chris Christie 8/1
         Jeb Bush 50/1
         Haley Barbour 80/1
                John Thune 12/1
         Newt Gingrich 66/1
         Scott Brown 90/1
                Bob McDonnell 14/1
         Luis Fortuno 66/1
         David Petraeus 100/1
                Bobby Jindal 14/1
         Colin Powell 66/1
         Olympia Snowe 125/1
                Rand Paul 16/1
         Michele Bachmann 66/1
         Donald Trump 125/1
                Mitch Daniels 20/1
         Rick Santorum 66/1
         Mitt Romney 150/1
                Kelly Ayotte 20/1
         Ron Paul 66/1
         Rick Perry 150/1
                Susana Martinez 22/1
         Sarah Palin 80/1
         John McCain 150/1
                Brian Sandoval 25/1
         Meg Whitman 80/1
         Herman Cain 150/1
                Scott Walker 33/1

  • Troop Talk, You Are On-The-Air

    Coming up this Saturday at 12:00 on Hottalk 560 KSFO - A preview show of the web broadcast we call  "Troopathon IV."

    Please join myself and the "recovering" Congressman JD Hayworth as we get FIRED up for the single largest care package program in American History - with your help, of course!

    Please check out details at as we get ready for the live 8-hour long broadcast with Hollywood stars like Gary Sinese of CSI:NY, Kelsey Grammer, and Jon Voight.

    Also joining us will be Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the Great One, Mark Levin.

    Troopathon IV - go there now and listen later!

  • The Obama Bus Tour

    The President announced that he is revving up the "morgue" mobiles and prepping for his campaign road trip which he called the "Betting on America Tour."

    We have decided to name it ourselves and this morning on KSFO here are some of the winners:

    "Double Down on this Clown Bus Tour"

    "Hold 'em and Fold 'em Bus Tour"

    "Mr. Dictator Tour"

    "Taxit, Transit Tour"

    "Bus Force One" "Running on Empty"

    "The Obamanation Tour"

    "Wheels of Fortune Tour"

    "No Muss, NO Fuss on the Amatuer Bus Tour"

    "Opacalypse Now"

    "Let's Make a Deal on Wheels"

    "Bedding of American's Tour"

    "Throw America Under the Bus Tour"

    "The Road to Nowhere Tour"

    "BOHECA Bus Express"

    It's Not My Fault Tour"

    "The Dependancy Tour"

    "Rolling Blunder Tour"

    "Rolling Over America Tour"

  • WaPo Backs Off Fact-Checker Claims

    Original Article
    After being caught for the third time in as many months coordinating with the Obama campaign to attack Mitt Romney, the Washington Post finally -- in the most cowardly and slippery manner imaginable -- came clean today regarding the provably false charge that the presumptive GOP nominee outsourced American jobs during his tenure at Bain Capital: The actual [Washington Post article in question] article, in fact, does not say that transfers of U.S. jobs took place while Romney ran the private equity firm of Bain Capital. … (Snip) What the Post's "fact checker," Glenn Kessler, is doing here is two-fold:First,
  • Romney PUts Obama on Defensive with Trip to Israel


    Original Article
    The New York Times reports that Mitt Romney will visit Israel to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu this summer, marking his fourth trip to the country: Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, will visit Israel this summer to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders, a senior aide to the prime minister confirmed on Monday evening. Mr. Romney, who has pledged to “do the opposite” of the Obama administration on matters pertaining to Israel, is also expected to meet with Salam Fayyad, the prime minister of the Palestinian
  • Do We Have a Deal?

    Original Article
    "...As of now—Sunday morning—word is there’s a deal between the White House and Republicans on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. No tax increases. $1 trillion in immediate budget cuts. A required $1.5 trillion in cuts by November as designed by a bipartisan committee or (if the House and Senate do not agree on them) automatic cuts to Medicare (to scare Democrats) and Defense (to scare Republicans). If the details are true, and the deal holds, it’s an astonishing achievement for the Right—the most significant conceptual shift in American politics since Bill Clinton​ announced his support for ending welfare..."
  • Getting a Clue

    Jumping to conclusions, or is the mystery of DB Cooper about to be solved?

    The FBI claims to have credible new clues in the four decade long mystery of a hijacking over the Cascade Mountains in which the suspect took $200K and disappeared into history.

    Close to be caught? Artists sketches of America's most elusive fugitive DB Cooper who hijacked an aeroplane and extorted $200,000 from the FBI before escaping by parachute in 1971

    Close to be caught? Artists sketches of America's most elusive fugitive DB Cooper who hijacked an aeroplane and extorted $200,000 from the FBI before escaping by parachute in 1971

    Read more:


  • LA or Bust!

    I'm taking the next couple of days off and heading to Hollyweird. Hopey Changey land. Visualizing world peas.

    Blogging will resume when morale improves.


  • Horror in Oslo, Plus Other Weekend Headlines

    Who was that handsome, square-jawed, blue-eyed, blonde hair MAD MAN who mowed down 91 innocents in Norway?

    Partial answers drifting in today...(linkage from Instapundit)

    NORWAY SHOOTER hated libertarians.

    91 dead in Norway: Right wing extremist theory is pushed by liberal/Muslim media.  This attack bears the marks of an Al Qaeda “Mumbai” style attack

    Speaker Boehner on the “big breakup:”  if the White House won’t get serious, WE WILL

    More than 500 California state workers make more than $250,000

    “No-plan” Obama Blames, Scaremongers, Quits

    Obama billionaire fundraiser busts her Hyatt hotel workers union – Obama is silent

  • Another Sex Scandal for Democrats

    A young woman accuses Oregon Democratic Congressman David Wu of unwanted sexual advances....Wu says he doesn't want media attention to focus on young woman and her family.

    I'll bet!

    Question: how long will it take for Democrats to demand an investigation? Answer: a looooong time. 


    Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., talks to constituents at an Oregon town hall.  By CHARLES POPE, JANIE HAR and BETH SLOVIC

    A distraught young woman called U.S. Rep. David Wu's Portland office this spring, accusing him of an unwanted sexual encounter, according to multiple sources.

    When confronted, the Oregon Democrat acknowledged a sexual encounter to his senior aides but insisted it was consensual, the sources said.

    The woman is the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor. She apparently did not contact police at the time.

    One person who heard the voice mail described the woman as upset, breathing heavily and "distraught."

    In the voice mail, the young woman accused Wu of aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior, according to sources with direct knowledge of the message and its contents.

    Reporters could not verify the young woman's age. Notes on Facebook over the past 18 months indicate she graduated from high school in 2010. California records show she registered to vote in August.

    Wu, 56,  did not respond to repeated questions from The Oregonian over the past four days.

    Late Friday, Wu issued a one-sentence response: "This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family."

    Sources familiar with the voice mail said it was clear that the woman was the daughter of a high school friend of Wu's in Orange County. The Oregonian does not use the names of victims of sexual assault without their permission. In this case, the newspaper is withholding some details about the family that might identify them given the allegations.

    The young woman and her mother and father declined to speak to a reporter outside their home Friday. The family said through an attorney that "they are not interested in talking to" the press. The attorney, David Swanson, is an Orange County lawyer who specializes in criminal law, according to his website.

    Sources who talked to The Oregonian agreed to speak only on condition they not be named. They offered information about the alleged incident independently, and each said they had direct knowledge of its details.

    Two people with knowledge of the recording and the later conversation with Wu said the alleged incident took place over Thanksgiving weekend. Sources said they were told that the woman went outside and Wu left after her. The sexual encounter followed, they said.

    Two sources said the woman believed there was not enough evidence to press charges. There were no witnesses, and it would be her word against a seven-term member of the U.S. Congress.

    The alleged incident raises new questions about Wu's behavior during the 1st District congressman's re-election campaign last year. According to staff at the time and emails from the period, he behaved so erratically that staff avoided scheduling him for public appearances and ran a campaign that relied heavily on advertising. Shortly before the Nov. 2 election, senior staff quietly shut down the campaign office and sent other campaign workers home.

    In February, following unexpectedly large staff turnover, Wu acknowledged extreme stress last year, which he attributed to the campaign and problems in his marriage. He and his wife are in the process of getting a divorce. He said he sought counseling and has taken medication for an unspecified mental condition.

    The Southern California incident allegedly occurred a little over three weeks after the election.

    In 2004, The Oregonian reportedon a 1976 case when Wu was a student at Stanford University and was disciplined for trying to force an ex-girlfriend to have sex.

    Wu refused interview requests related to the Stanford incident for months and hired an attorney who aggressively attacked the paper's reporting and sought to stop publication. When the story ran three weeks before the 2004 election, Wu quickly apologized for his "inexcusable behavior" and was re-elected.

    -- Charles Pope

    Jayme Fraser and Lynne Palombo of The Oregonian staff contributed to this story.

  • Newsroom Picks, Uncoverage the Right

    Mysterious deaths at millionaire Democrat’s San Diego home raises more questions

    Project Veritas Pt. 4: Medicaid fraud in Richmond Virginia

    Big fat Indian weddings faulted for wasting food

    While Obama golfs and America sleeps: China is taking over the oceans

    New study 563,000 Illegal immigrants in California

    The Obama depression: 10,000 new unemployed in June, Jobless rate 9.2%/

    “Spenditol” for that budget pain [video]

    Warning: Gang of Six plan will raise taxes, mortgage/401k/IRA/charity deductions to be affected

  • A Headache for the Haters

    Authoritative reports on Michelle
    Bachmann's migraines
    American Thinker  Original Article
    There is still yet another reason for the Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) haters to hate her--she refuses to play victim. [Snip] "Like nearly 30 million other Americans, I experience migraines that are easily controlled with medication. I am a wife, a mother, a lawyer who worked her way through law school, a former state senator who achieved the repeal of a harmful piece of education policy in Minnesota, and a congresswoman who has worked tirelessly fighting against the expansion of government and wasteful spending."
  • Faster, Please

    Simple jab that can
    cure heart disease

    Daily Express

       Original Article

    An injection could reverse the ravages of heart disease, ­effectively curing the condition. The revolutionary technique could transform the lives of ­many thousands of people in Britain with ailing hearts. Scientists have found a way to make hearts beat stronger and to even overcome the damage caused by previous heart attacks. The gene injection takes just 12 weeks to start working. Hailed as “the next great thing”, the ground-breaking research is ready for testing in humans. This means that it could be just a few years before it is used on heart attack and heart failure patients.
  • The Slap Heard Around the World

    How Wendi Won the Day, and Why It’s Good for Rupert

    Watch it over and over and over...

    Watch it over and over and over...

    A mere 24 hours ago, Wendi Murdoch, née Deng, wasn't having such a great time. Her husband was in the middle of the worst crisis of his career, which happened to be rotten timing for the opening of the movie she'd co-produced. Her marriage to Rupert seemed to many like a classic trophy case — despite her own impressive résumé, Wendi is, after all, much younger and far more beautiful than her very powerful husband. And then with one instinctual protective swap, she became Wendi Daaaang, responsible for the most riveting moment of a memorable day, stealing the thunder of the pie thrower, even.

    Deng's volleyball career was swiftly analyzed (was that a spike?!); an MP told Rupert, "Your wife has a very good left hook." Wendi became, suddenly, not a mysterious gold digger, but a genuine pop-culture hero: GIFs like the one above ricocheted around the social web, as did the Awl's funny gallery of her five best stone-cold faces from the hearing. A fake Twitter account sprang up ("I like to karate chop hippies. You have a pie, I have fists of steel"), and she was a trending topic on the service, with a Chuck Norris–like folk legend quickly coalescing ("At least the question of next News CEO has been settled, in muscular fashion. #Wendi #obviously"). Wendi's moment even brought the scandal to the attention of her native China, where it had been previously ignored. Headline writers reached for the vaguely uncomfortable Asian Tiger comparison — she was a Tiger Wife and a Tiger Mother, and she was also, in good old-fashioned American tradition, standing by her man.

    The sober-minded New Republic declared her slap its favorite moment of the day; the FT ran a glowing opinion piece on the couple's performance, with Wendi's obviously buoying up her husband's rather less stellar day. Michael Wolff, not exactly known for his chummy relationship with Rupert, glowed to Reuters, "That's our Wendi. She is great — incredibly full of energy, incredibly intelligent, living the life and just squeezing everything out of it. She is incredibly ambitious." And that's why the pop-culture Wendi moment matters: Even people who despise her husband can't help but be delighted by her fierce swipe. That it came in such unblinking defense of her husband means there must be something worth protecting in him, goes the next unconscious strand of thought. Even more than the pie in his face, it was a moment that suddenly made the villain of the piece seem a sympathetic figure; the tough-as-nails wife softens him somehow.

  • Reality Check, Tim

    It's time for Tim Pawlenty to wake up and smell the coffee.

    He's not going to become the next President of the United States.

    Pawlenty, a Republican from Minnesota, will not even be among those polled in the future by PPP due to the fact he doesn't show up on national data. That's semi-tragic (for him.)

    Daily Caller, by Alexis Levinson    Original Article
    As a result of Tim Pawlenty’s poor performance in its latest national poll, Public Policy Polling will no longer include the former Minnesota governor on the list of candidates it polls in a direct match-up against President Barack Obama at the state level. Pawlenty will still be included in PPP’s Republican primary polls. PPP is set to release the results of its national poll this week. Teasing those results on Monday, Tom Jensen, PPP’s director, tweeted: “Rick Perry debuts in our national polling at 12%. Will replace Pawlenty in our state level general election polls because T-Paw is now 8th.”
  • GOP Rolls with Deficit Cutting Bill

    Original Article
    WASHINGTON- Defying a veto threat, the Republican-controlled House passed legislation Tuesday night to slice federal spending by $6 trillion and require a constitutional balanced budget amendment to be sent to the states in exchange for averting a threatened government default.The 234-190 vote marked the power of deeply conservative first-term Republicans, and stood in contrast to stirrings at the White House and in the Senate on a renewed effort at bipartisanship to solve the looming debt crisis.President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a deficit-reduction plan put forward earlier in the day
  • Go West Young Man, Go West

    It looks like the California Gold Rush has resumed as thousands folks rush to the Sierra to pick and pan for nuggets. Is this Obama's economic prosperity plan? Lottery tickets and amateur gold that what the President was talking about with Hope and Change?

    What's next...a reality TV show? Oh gosh....guess that's already been done.

     AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) — A group of investors is betting millions the gold rush isn’t over in the Sierra Foothills. They’re spending more than $20 million to get a mine in Amador County back up and running.

    The mine goes about 650 feet underground and it’s about to get a whole lot deeper.

    They’ve done the research, and Sutter Gold Mining Inc. says there’s a lot of gold in the rocks. The light-colored quartz will guide miners to bright colored nuggets and the potential for a billion dollars.

    “We’ll be mining about a third to half ounce of gold per ton,” said company spokesman David Cochrane.

    The untapped, underground territory is about to get blasted.

    “The miners will drill holes, set charges and blast it down,” said Cochrane.

    David says an astonishing 20 tons of gold lies within their 3.6 mile stretch of land. At today’s rate of about $1,600 an ounce, that’s over $1 billion of valuable rock.

  • Rupert in the Dock

    The "get" Murdoch story is on full boil.....

    "...The phone hacking scandal that has claimed the jobs of Britain's two most high-profile police officers, caused the closure of one of the country's most famous newspapers, prompted 10 arrests so far and led to calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister reaches a critical juncture today with a moment of high drama to rival anything that the British media has produced before, either in real life or fiction.

    The founder and the appointed heir to the world's most famous media empire will take centre stage in the next act of the hacking saga.

    Rupert and James Murdoch will sit before a panel of MPs and face questions that the company over which they preside was involved in phone hacking on an "industrial scale", made illegal payments to police officers and sought to corrupt the democratic process by "owning" politicians. In their answers, for which they have been carefully drilled by a team of lawyers and media trainers, the pair will attempt to rescue a tarnished reputation and distance themselves from serious criminality."

  • Murder Mystery Won't Die

    Even though the California media is ignoring a shocking hanging death of the girlfriend of a liberal Democratic fundraiser in California...and the "accidental" death of his six year old son....the facts are beginning to emerge from the shadows.

    Read more here.

  • She's baaacckkk and whining; "Hanoi Jane" Fonda

    "Hanoi Jane" Fonda is bonkers over the on-line shopping channel 'QVC' canceling her appearance to promote her new book.

    Jane Fonda: 'I Have Never Done Anything to Hurt My Country'

    1972 photos of Hanoi Jane yucking it up with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners while sitting on their gun, while they still held hundreds of U.S airman and while the air war was still going strong YET she says in below article:

    "Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT!"said Fonda. "I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us."

    Several requests from students and other visitors have asked if the photos depicting Jane Fonda sitting on an NVA anti-aircraft gun were really her or not.  The answer to this question is YES.  Jane Fonda has expressed her regrets for having her picture taken while sitting on the anti-aircraft gun and for the pain that her action has caused many American Veterans.


    Jane Fonda sitting on a seat of an anti-aircraft gun


    Jane Fonda looking admiringly at an NVA gun crew


    Jane Fonda applauding an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew.  These guns were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to the deaths of American Airmen.


    Jane Fonda laughing with an NVA gun crew

  • If You Live in the D.C. Metro Area...


    The DC Chapter of FReeRepublic invites all patriots to stand together with us at Walter Reed for one last big gathering on JULY 29,2011,  at the main gate at Georgia Avenue and Elder Street, NW.   We will stand in support from 6:30PM to around 9:20PM when the dinner bus returns, cheering the wounded and their families through the gate.

    You have been an integral part in our support of the wounded at Walter Reed.   This will be the last big gathering at Walter Reed before it closes down in August.   Also, we do not know when the Friday night dinner buses will stop taking the wounded and their families out to dinner, but rest assured, the DC Chapter will continue the Friday nights until the last bus returns.

    If you cannot make it on July 29, email me to see if we will be there so you can join us.   We expect the dinner bus to keep running several weeks into August.

    This will also be the 328th CONSECUTIVE Friday night that patriots have stood at Walter Reed.  We have stood there on Christmas Day 2009, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve,2010, on 9/11/2009, Good Fridays, tropical storms, snow storms, rain storms, 12 degree temperature when the bus finally returned, and each Friday in between.   We are on our 3rd generation MOAB.

    The DC Chapter will have banners, signs, patriotic music, drinks and plenty of pizza.

    Hope to see some familiar patriots that night.

    This invite is being sent to some patriots who I know cannot make it, but I wanted to keep you apprised of an end of one of the greatest troop support rallies in history.  It is only surpassed by years of support families gave their loved during WWII while they fought for our freedom.   In WWII, soldiers were away from home for years at a time. 

    The DC Chapter says Thank You for your support at Walter Reed.

    Please pass this invite to your email lists.

    Phil, aka Trooprally

    (I have spent several Friday nights at Walter Reed standing with the FreeRepublic Patriots when I visited from California. It was an honor to be with them in support of our Wounded Warriors, God Bless them all.)

    Just two of the four corners that teemed with FReepers, Eagles, Protest Warriors, Gold Star and Blue Star families, Rolling Thunder, Vietnam Vets of America and troop supporters representing dozens of other organizations. Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward's caravan came from California, gathering flags, signs and more patriots at stops across the country, as they had done last March for the first Gathering of Eagles.

  • Nicely Said, Ms Daley

    I want to cross-post a piece I read at Instapundit this morning because I so completely agree with Janet Daley's assessment of the Rupert Murdoch scandal.

    JANET DALEY: Media Pile-On On Murdoch Is About Eliminating An Ideological And Commercial Rival. Well, yes. “This has gone way, way beyond phone hacking. It is now about payback. Gordon Brown’s surreal effusion in the House last week may have made it embarrassingly explicit, but the odour of vengeance has been detectable from the start: not just from politicians who have suffered the disfavour of Murdoch’s papers, or the trade unions (and their political allies) who have never forgiven him for Wapping, but from that great edifice of self-regarding, mutually affirming soft-Left orthodoxy which determines the limits of acceptable public discourse – of which the BBC is the indispensable spiritual centre. . . . . But the power of the BBC – and its historical hatred for the ‘Murdoch empire’ – is just one aspect of a larger battle which has now leapt across the Atlantic, where the target is not newspapers which can be legitimately charged with having committed unconscionable acts, but Fox News. Its offence is to have filled such a huge gap in the market for television news and current affairs that it has swept all before it. Its raucous Right-wing orientation is, in fact, matched by an equally raucous Left-wing equivalent in the cable news channel MSNBC, so why should anyone who believes in open and free debate among news providers object to this?” It’s about ensuring the absence of alternate power centers.

  • America Cares for Our Troops

    From NTS MediaOnline 7/15/11

    Former Saturday Night Livecast member and actress Victoria Jackson shows off her handstand prowess, as host Melanie Morganlooks on, during the recently held 2011 Troopathon. The annual live webcast, which is organized by the non-profit group Move America Forward, raises funds to send “care” packages to our troops overseas. With solid support from many from the Talk radio community, this year’s eight-hour event netted more than $500,000 in donations. BTW, you can continue to donate year-round HERE.

  • Lunatics Running Asylum

    Enough is enough. Stop it, everyone.

    Move on.

    Oklahoma woman mistaken for Casey Anthony attacked with Minivan!

    Picture of Sammay Blackwell on the left; Casey Anthony on the right.


  • Hello GOP! A Message from America

    Any old Republican can beat Barack Hussein Obama...ANY generic Republican.  A big ole ass-kickin' is in store for the Democrats if things remain the same on election day as they are today.

    Read this and weep...with joy!

    PRINCETON, NJ -- Registered voters by a significant margin now say they are more likely to vote for the "Republican Party's candidate for president" than for President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, 47% to 39%. Preferences had been fairly evenly divided this year in this test of Obama's re-election prospects.

    2012: Barack Obama vs. Generic Republican -- Based on Registered Voters, 2011 Trend


  • Newsworthy Reads

    Third gov’t gun-running scandal out of Texas killed Agent Zapata

    Today’s cartoon by Antonio Branco: “McConnell’s wobble”

    Soldier who lobbed exploding grenade to save comrades given Medal of Honor

    Highest paid California state employee is a doctor who is too insane to practice medicine

    Pouter-in-chief walks out of budget meeting while Moody’s threatens credit rating

    July 13: It’s Michelle Obama’s National Holiday!

    #FAIL  Carly Fiorina to Herd NRSC RINOs into 2012

    Polls show Obama losing support of Arabs ….and Jews/ Ed Koch to Jews: Vote REPUBLICAN

    The awful McConnell plan proves my “closeted gay Republican” theory [AGAIN]

    Today’s cartoon by Antonio Branco: “What’s for Dinner?”

    Obama’s stealth executive order on gun control and its ties to Fast and Furious

    Who’s the biggest hypocrite?  Jerry Brown, CSU trustees or new $400k CSU President?

  • Newsroom Picks

    Cleared murdering Mom Casey Anthony may not be cashing in the millions she has envisioned since her Orlando trial.

    Please God, make this statement true.

    Original Article

    She was probably already spending the money in her head as she lay in her cell patiently waiting for her imminent release. But it appears Casey Anthony needn't bother because she may not be 'cashing in' on the death of her daughter Caylee as much as was first predicted. It was thought that the accused child murderer could have raked in millions of dollars from TV appearances, interviews, penning her memoirs, a movie about the tragedy and even a career in the porn industry. And no sooner had she been acquitted on all counts except for lying...

    Original Article

    House Speaker John A. Boehner abandoned efforts Saturday night to cut a far-reaching debt-reduction deal, telling President Obama that a more modest package offers the only politically realistic path to avoiding a default on the mounting national debt. On the eve of a critical White House summit on the debt issue, Boehner (R-Ohio) told Obama that their plan to “go big,” in the speaker’s words, and forge a compromise that would save more than $4 trillion over the next decade, was crumbling under Obama’s insistence on significant new tax revenue.


    We salute you:
    William and Kate wrap up their U.S.
    tour by paying tribute to brave
    Americans who serve in the military

    Daily Mail [UK], by Rebecca English    Original Article
    The royal couple's last event saw them attend a jobs fair at Sony Pictures Studio staged by Service Nation: Mission Serve.[Snip]The royal said: 'This is the last event on our tour of North America, but to my mind, it is one of the most important. 'This is because it is about men and women who--of their own free will--choose to put their life on the line for their country.' He added: "Service Nation Mission Serve, and all the companies and employers taking part today, are providing opportunities which mean something very immediate and personal to us.
  • More Weekend Cut-And-Paste

    From Glenn Reynolds:

    DEBT-CEILING UPDATE: The Rose Garden Collapse. “The White House dished out the spin that suddenly the Tea Party crowd had nixed a deal. In reality, the White House had upped the ante on taxes.”

    Republicans need to respond with my revenue-enhancement ideas.

    SALENA ZITO: Unemployment Issue Could Cost Obama His Job. “Polls at the beginning of July showed President Obama in an increasingly hazardous position with voters on jobs and the economy.”

  • Newsroom Picks

    Time to Impeach and Indict: Obama and AG Holder Planned “Fast and Furious” Gun scam in 2009

    A new nation is born and South Sudan gives thanks… President Bush

    Video: The cost of Obama’s over-regulation of small business

    No global warming in Canada, but bull moose are widespread

    US Drug Enforcement Administration finds NO scientific basis for medical marijuana use

    California high speed rail is doomed but no one wants to admit it

    Isn’t that nice? Congress wants to make sure you can pay higher taxes…….. if you want

    GOP’s Sunday budget meeting w/ Obama :  Are mortgage interest deductions at stake?

    Today’s cartoon by Antonio Branco: “Kleptocracy”

  • The Beginning of the End?

    (via Drudge Report)

    Here is the question: will the President of the United States accept responsibility for the worst economic numbers since the Great Depression? Or will he act like the man-child that he is and blame everyone else for this diaster? When will we get back to work? When will the crushing worry over our future end? Only Barack Obama can answer these questions, alongwith his enablers in Congress who are destroying our chances to recover while assumingthat politics as usual will pull them out of this mess.



    JUNE +18,000 JOBS...
    April, May revised: -44,000...
    Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in 2012...
    Dow drops 100+ points in first minute...


  • Could Rick Perry "Surprise" New Hampshire?

    Real Clear Politics, by Scott Conroy    Original Article
    MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The last time a brash Texan known for his cowboy persona moseyed on into this Yankee bastion, intent on winning the New Hampshire primary, the year was 2000 and George W. Bush was handed a resounding 19-point defeat at the hands of John McCain's straight talk. Twelve years later, another Texas governor appears to have his sights set on the White House, and Rick Perry is not likely to be dissuaded by his predecessor's poor performance in the Granite State. Perry's strategy for winning the Republican nomination will likely...
  • Brits "Gob-Smacked" Over Closure of Murdoch's Tab

    News Corp to close News of the World

    OnLONDON (Reuters) - LONDON, July 7 (Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation will close its tabloid News of the World after this Sunday's edition, as a result of an escalating phone hacking scandal, James Murdoch said on Thursday.

    "The News of the World is in the business of holding others to account," the deputy chief operating officer of News Corporation told staff of the 168-year-old newspaper.

    "It failed when it came to itself.

    "The good things the News of the World does... have been sullied by behavior that was wrong. Indeed, if recent allegations are true, it was inhuman and has no place in our company."

    News Corporation has been rocked in the last week by claims that its best-selling Sunday tabloid hacked in to the phones of relatives of British soldiers killed in action, of missing children and those caught up in the July 2005 London bombings.

    Steven Barnett, professor of communications at Westminster University, said he was "gob-smacked" by the announcement.

    "Talk about a nuclear option," he told Reuters. "It will certainly take some of the heat off immediate allegations about journalistic behavior and phone hacking."

    (Created by Kate Holton and Georgina Prodhan; Editing by Chris Wickham)

  • That Sure Didn't Take Long!

    Casey Anthony lets hair down, wears tight sweater and a smile, announces she wants more children.

    A psychopathic, lying child killer goes free.

    I hope that the jurors can live with themselves over this verdict. I couldn't.

  • Obama Ignores Congress, Brings Terrorist to NYC

    A New York Times article published today reports that the Obama Administration will prosecute a Somali accused of ties to two Islamist militant groups in civilian court in New York.

    The suspect, Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, was indicted for allegedly providing support to the Shabab in Somalia and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, in Yemen, according to the Times.

    Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon expressed his disapproval with the transfer in the article stating that, “The transfer of this terrorist detainee directly contradicts Congressional intent and the will of the American people. Congress has spoken clearly multiple times — including explicitly in pending legislation — of the perils of bringing terrorists onto U.S. soil.  It is unacceptable that the administration notified Congress only after it unilaterally transferred this detainee to New York City despite multiple requests for consultation.”

    Section 1039 of the House-passed FY 2012 NDAA would explicitly prohibit these types of transfers to the United States.

    Since the Obama Administration has yet to define a coherent detainee and interrogation policy, Warsame was held for months board a U.S. Navy vessel while Administration officials  “were engaged in deliberations about what to do with Mr. Warsame’s case,” according to the Times.

  • Sent to the Principal's Office...Georgia Cheating Scandal

    The interesting part of this story is that the Atlanta educators were A) caught and B) face consequences.

    When Educators Cheat On Tests: “The results of a massive investigation in the government school system in Georgia, one which involved outside agencies such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), has revealed what everybody in the state knew. . . . Investigators name nearly 180 educators, including more than three dozen principals, as participants in cheating on state curriculum tests, officials said over the weekend.”

    Cheating is not an option

    Cheating is not an option


  • Who Can Beat Obama?

    It is growing increasingly apparent that the conservative base and the GOP mainstream are merging in the desire to draft Texas Governor Rick Perry into the 2012 election cycle. You can see it in the number of articles speculation about a possible candidacy in both media.

    Prediction: Perry will jump in. If the election were held tomorrow (and the last time I checked it is not) Perry will win.

    Human Events, by Merrill Matthews    Original Article
    More than any other potential GOP presidential candidate, President Obama fears Texas Gov. Rick Perry. That's because Perry is the only one who can devastate virtually any Obama claim.(Snip)A full two and a half years after taking office, Team Obama still blames Bush—for everything except the fall of Adam. Well, there is one other elected chief executive who inherited a Bush economy: Rick Perry, as governor of Texas. And yet I have never once heard Perry whining that the state would be doing so much better if it hadn't been for the policies of his predecessor.
  • Obama Reneges on Iraq Withdrawal Plan

    What will CodePink have to say about this? Hmm?

    The White House is prepared to keep as many as 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq after the end of the year, amid growing concern that the planned pullout of virtually all remaining American forces would lead to intensified militant attacks, according to U.S. officials.

    Keeping troops in Iraq after the deadline for their departure at the end of December would require agreement of Iraq's deeply divided government, which is far from certain. The Iraqis so far have not made a formal request for U.S. troops to remain, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

    U.S. troops

    A U.S. soldier moves the American flag as troops were preparing to leave Mendin military base on the Iraq-Iran border in June. (Haider Assadee, EPA)

  • Liars, Damn Liars

    Juan Williams: Media Matters
    ‘Ruins People’s Lives’ Over
    Political Disagreements


    Juan Williams appeared on Fox & Friends and told Brian Kilmeade it was laughable that Media Matters is considered a charitable institution when they are dedicated to silencing honest debate. Kilmeade was shocked that Media Matters searches for disgruntled Fox News employees to help with their campaign against the network, and now Williams and other Fox personalities seem ready to fight back. Williams described the evolution of Media Matters: “Obviously it’s not an honest watchdog group anymore. They used to monitor the media and point out things that were wrong, false,
  • A Paycheck Gone Forever?

    Krauthammer: "Middle-Aged May Never Get Employed Again"

    "The problem is at the consumer level, confidence is low and that is because, as you showed, showed we had underemployment with one out of every six Americans. The worst element of that is that among the unemployed, against the American history, more than approaching half, have [been] unemployed for over six months. That is historically unprecedented in the United States. That is a phenomenon that is seen often in Europe, rarely seen here. In 2007 the average time to get a new job was five weeks. It's now near six months. And that implies a whole segment of the population, the more elderly or the middle-aged who may never get employed again," Charles Krauthammer said on FOX News this evening. "

    But Charles...we are Americans and we are eternally optimistic.  And one other thing - we vote!

  • Happy 235th Birthday, America!

    4th July Independence Day: Memorable images throughout the years.

    One of the most important days in the history of the American calendar is the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776.

  • Whassup?

    About the recent “unpleasantness,” I’m with Pamela Geller

    Cracks in the Crystal Cathedral

    Happy Glo-Bull Warming!  Bikini skiing on 10’ base in Squaw Valley Nevada for July 4th!

    Why does Jaycee Dugard keep re-living her horror if she doesn’t want to re-live it?

    Where is feminist outrage? Thousands of Congo women raped by government troops

    Monaco fairytale marriage “myth” is shattered….one day later

    CA-CD-36 Special election: Democrat Hahn goes wayyyy into the negative scary zone

    How Congress gave us the “unconstitutional” president

    Posted July 2, 2011

    The Americans Who Risked Everything

    El Periodico: Venezuelan president has colon cancer and a colostomy bag

    Meanwhile in Monaco……..

    1943 again?? Liberal Jews and NY Ties ignore President’s anti-Semitism

    Thaddeus McCotter [who?] is running for president

    Frustrated residents in Iowa blow up their own levee to ease flooding

    Happy 4th of July food court flash mob

    UPDATE: DSK Rape scandal: Everyone is a whore, case closed




    Jane Jamison Right Idea

     Contributing writers: Dell Hilland Abraxas  

  • Motorcycle Vets Take On Westboro Baptist Church

    By: Charley Barnes  |  1 week ago 

    I decided when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church months ago that I was going to make a trip to Topeka Kansas and express my right to free speech as well; on their doorstep. True to my word, I made that trip this weekend and let’s just say that we were heard!

    Photo by Charley Barnes 

    My best friends Kenny Oldson and Jay Tamlin, along with Chad Blanco, rode out with me early Saturday morning on a long awaited journey for justice. It was a great day to ride through Kansas; completely overcast and it was like a sign that what we were about to do was the right thing to do.

    Our Arrival in Topeka

    We arrived in Topeka early Saturday evening, set up camp at Forbes Landing RV Park and then went in search of the Westboro Baptist Church to see what was up, how hard it was going to be to even find and how to execute the plan.  What was the plan?  No idea!  But we were there to execute it…

    Sunday morning we were up bright and early and back at their complex, parked right at the front door by 6:30am.  I rang the buzzer and asked on the intercom what time services were and nothing.

    Maybe I’ll try again in a few minutes.

    Now, we knew they were there, because the flags were all down Saturday evening when we first got to WBC and now the flags were all up so we knew they were close, but where?

    I know, I will ring the doorbell and try the intercom again, darn, nothing!

    Photo by Charley Barnes 

    Would Fred Phelps bring us weary travelers from Colorado donuts and coffee?  I hope so…I needed some coffee.

    Well, there was no coffee service so I made a trip down to the corner to get some java and some old guys that had passed by earlier as we waved our flags gave me the skinny on their compound. Turns out that every house on that block, with the exception of one, is owned by WBC and all fenced off into one big compound.

    Wait, is it the ultimate block party?

    It just wreaked of cult all the way around.  So, after finding out this information it explained all the looks we got as we walked around the block with our flags earlier waiting for them to get out of bed and face the day; couldn’t figure out why so many were un-american.  4 guys, ultimately turned the entire block into a frenzy by 8:19am.

    Things Turn Ugly With the WBC

    Photo by Charley Barnes

    I know your asking yourself if the Topeka Police Department was called so let me answer that now by saying, yes, yes they were.

    Three squad cars showed up; I guess one for me, one for Kenny and one for Jay but alas, they were on our side.

    Now the guy who called in the complaint {pic included} was impossible to talk to and just plain mean and nasty.  NOT what you would you call a man of God by any stretch of the imagination.  He and I had been having a heated conversation for the past 1/2 hour and the man never would tell me his name.  He must be hiding something but all be darned if I could figure it out.

    So Topeka’s finest arrived and talked with “the man with no name”and assured him that we were more than in the right to walk down the sidewalk with our flags without permits.  The ‘man with no name’ got so mad he changed the time of their service to start at 9:30am {it was 9:18am at this point} because you can’t protest or picket within 50 feet while a “church” is in service.

    How convenient!

    We agreed to leave on our own accord after the police explained to us what our rights were so we just walked the sidewalk for a few minutes and then began to pack up our flags and head down to a park where we knew another group of them were picketing a very well known War Memorial there from some great Topekans who gave Jay the intel from an earlier ‘bathroom break’ at the place with the golden arches.

    Photo by Charley Barnes 

    That’s when Cindy came out of her home from across the street and asked if we were getting “run off,” to which we replied, we were, and she offered her lawn and driveway for us to use.  So, that’s where we went.

    The smile on the face of the ‘man with no name’ was priceless as we saw it slip right off his face.

    Another win for team Colorado and still no donuts!

    So as we moved across the street the ‘man with no name’ made the Topeka Police department MEASURE the distance. The officer stopped about 10 feet from us and said, with a thumbs up and smile, “You’re Good.”

    The ‘man with no name’ behind his wrought iron fence wasn’t smiling anymore…everyone was ushered inside and that was it.

    Another win for team Colorado!

    You know, I found it very odd that he would not come out and confront me. In the hour he and I were there together,  hoping I would punch him so he could sue me but he never did. Strange, I invited him to do so and even promised I would NOT call the police.


    Photo by Charley Barnes 

    Time now for stage II and head to the park for more flag waving!

    We thanked Cindy for her kind gesture and cold ice water then gave her one of our personal big flags we had been waving and we were on our way to 10th and Gage.

    Sure enough, there were about 20 of these cult members on the busy corner spewing their nonsense so we parked the bikes behind them in the parking lot, assembled our flags and walked through the park to join them on the corner; shoulder to shoulder.  I am going to be honest and say I openly wept on that corner Sunday at the outpouring of cheers and car honks we got in the very short time we were there.

    They didn’t like us very much there either and we were constantly filmed, especially me, as Fred’s daughter actually followed me around!  At one point I stopped right in front of her so my flag draped right down across her camera.  It was obvious, very quickly, that we were not going away as I stood on that corner {pic included} and whistled “God Bless America” and the “Star Spangled Banner.”

    They finally got so upset that they left in a dash for the parking lot; all this taking place in less than 10 minutes. We left with them to make sure they were leaving and followed them directly through the park, to the parking lot and their vehicles all the time waving goodbye.  Can’t even tell you how good that made us feel…the big bad boys from out of town!

    Another win for team Colorado!

    After we respectfully packed up our flags we rode down to a corner store for coffee and donuts and I asked some people coming in the store if they knew of any places the WBC commonly pickets on Sunday’s and we were given some info that just didn’t pan out. So we just rode around town for about an hour looking everywhere, on every busy corner and could find and nothing.

    Note to self:  Need local intel in city quadrants to call in sightings and donut drops.

    Was It Worth It?

    I have to say that on the ride home I felt 10 times better than I thought I would.  I knew I would feel good but ‘good’ doesn’t do it justice.  We DID make a difference and we were only 4 bodies from 600 miles away and we rocked their entire day!  Was the 1300 mile trip worth it in high humidity with temps at 101?  You bet!

    Another job well done and our voice WAS heard…next?

    {Journey for Justice group page}

    {Read the follow up to the follow up here.  Posted 6.10.11}

    {You can see part of the TV interview here}

    Next Previous 

    Picture 1 of 10 Photo by Charley Barnes Toggle 


  • From the Right: Headline News

    Radioactivity in Japanese children’s urine, homes outside Fukushima no-go zone evacuating

    Video: Economic Freedom and the Quality of Life

    Video: Why the Global warming hysterics are flat-out wrong

    Jerry Brown’s budget blowback: 10,000 Amazon jobs will leave California

    Obama news conference fails fact-checking. Negative reactions continue

    Inconvenient truth: Report says 100% of rapes reported in Norway are committed by…Muslims

    Californians should thank statehouse Republicans for a tax decrease on July 1

    The last Glenn Beck show on Fox News:  Freedom loses….

    Los Angeles Mayor builds huge wall around his mansion even though neighbors oppose it.  Nice to be king?

    Good job Jerry Brown! Silicon Valley exec dumps California to do start-up in Colorado

    Muddled matrimonials in Monaco

    Today’s Cartoon by Antonio Branco: Obama’s 4th of July

    Ronald Reagan tells a joke about Democrats

    What the d++k’s the difference?

    Happy 4th of July: New video “The Pledge of Allegiance Song” Editors: this is an original mix by a young man in Northern California.  Please consider using it for your holiday bumper music…..

    Maryland Wins!  O’Malley and the Democrats lose

  • Tea Party Action Alert!

    From Sally Zelikovsky, San Francisco Tea Party organizer!

    Barbara Boxer will be having a fundraiser in St. Helena this Saturday.  We will need people there to protest from 3:30 until 4:30 p.m. 

    RSVP to me and The Carly Campaign.  If you leave your name and phone number they will contact you if there are any last minute changes.  I will also stay on top of things and send around any last minute changes if I can.

    The event starts at 4:00, so we should meet between
    3:00 and  3:30at:
    Taylor's Automatic Refresher
    933 Main Street
    St. Helena, CA 94574

    You can park at Taylor's and we can walk to the site of the fundraiser.

    Signage: Ousting Boxer, her failed policies, support of O and his unpopular initiatives...and, if this is really w/ Robert Redford, think of some of his movies and characters and go for it, for example:

    "Babs Boxer and the Sundance Kid--Please, ride off into the sunset already."    

    "Bad Laws Keep Falling on My Head"

    "The Way We Were...Before Boxer."

    "The Sting of Defeat: 11-02-20."

    "Boxer and Redford: Against Ordinary People" 

    "The Tea Party: Ordinary People"

    "Boxer Meet America: Up Close and Personal."

    "All this President's Men have failed the People"

    "Carly is THE CANDIDATE!"

    "Indecent Proposal=Boxer's Failed Policies"


    You get it...


    The fundraiser details are: 

    Saturday July 31st, 4:00pm
    Dick and Sue Wollack Residence
    890 Fulton Lane 
    St. Helena, CA
    Wine County Reception with Robert Redford

    P.S. My experience is that these events always run late, so if you can plan accordingly and be available a little later just in case, that would be awesome.

    P.S.S. Stay connected in case of last minute changes. 

    Directions from 101 South:

    • Take exit 460A for CA-37 toward Napa/Vallejo
    • Continue straight
    • Continue straight onto CA-37 E
    • Turn left at CA-121 S/Arnold Dr
    • Slight right at CA-121 N/Fremont Dr (signs for State Route 121/Sonoma/Napa)
    • Continue to follow CA-121 N
    • Turn left at CA-121 N/CA-29 N (signs for State Route 121/Napa/Calistoga)
    • Continue to follow CA-29 N
    • Turn left at Charter Oak Ave

    Destination will be on the right

  • Two Big Stories You Won't Hear About

    Except here  (thank-you Jane Jamison)

    WikiLeaks gave its documents to the White House 2 weeks before publication??

    So the WH can't actually be surprised by the release?


    Lockerbie victims will never rest: Senate For. Rel. Committee decides to cancel hearings on BP/UK deal to release Lockerbie bomber now that there is proof Obama and Hillary Clinton knew and approved.


  • RINO Express

    See the picture above of my friend Andrew Breitbart? Handsome devil, isn't he? Well, a few Republicans don't think he's a swell guy like I do.

    These are the kind of Republicans we need to GET RID of.

    Nameless individuals like, oh, ABEL MALDONADO.

    Not to name any individuals.

    (via Joe Garofoli at

    For years -- even as we knocked down a beer with him at a recent GOP convention -- Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado has talked about how he's a moderate Republican. You know, post-partisanand all that.

    And that's why Dems are going nuts with word that Abel will be sharing the bill at a GOP fundraiser next month with Andrew Breitbart-- aka the conservative media titan whose site presented the world with the creative editingof comments made by former Ag Dept. employee Shirley Sherrod.

    "So much for moderation," says CA Dem Party spokesman Tenoch Flores. "Imagined or otherwise."

    Hey, we're eternally grateful to Breitbart for giving us a rideto a Tea Party event in Nevada a few months ago (check the video of THAT ride here). There -- and at the CA GOP convention last fall -- the guy gets standing ovations and a hero's welcome.

    But sharing a bill with him is not exactly a come-hither to the decline-to-state voters and moderates that Maldo needs to score to take down SF Mayor Gavin Newsom in the CA Lite Gov race.

    Team Maldo, what's up?

    "We were going to the function. We didn't even know this guy was invited," Team Maldo spokesperson Brandon Gesicki told us. The GOP event is a "stop-by" for Maldo that night, he said.

    "But if we run into (Breitbart) we'll tell him what we think of what he did to that woman (Sherrod)," Gesicki said. Nope, Maldo did not think it was cool.

    Read more:
  • Arizona on the Frontline

     Will this be the Democrat's Waterloo?



    PHOENIX – A federal judge on Wednesday blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona's immigration law from taking effect, delivering a last-minute victory to opponents of the crackdown.

    The overall law will still take effect Thursday, but without the provisions that angered opponents — including sections that required officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.

    The judge also put on hold parts of the law that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places.

    U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled that those sections should be put on hold until the courts resolve the issues. Other provisions of the law, many of them procedural and slight revisions to existing Arizona immigraiton statute, will go into effect at 12:01 a.m.

  • Journo-listers Filled with Hate

    The latest "Journolist" emails show how the liberal media planned negative stories about Sarah Palin's

    Down's Syndrome child.

    Only 1 conviction after 30 years...for the killing fields genocide of Cambodia


    The "Wiki-Leaker" founder is trying to prove war crimes...but has a history of discredited publicity ploys


    Julian Assange of Wikileaks: Anarchist wackjob convicted computer hacker says he is a "destroyer of worlds"


    Obama's DOJ Immigration Hypocrisy on Sanctuary Cities


    Video: The Soviet Story  Documentary about Soviet participation in the Holocaust


    Mother Nature is dissipating oil in the Gulf of Mexico, cleanup boats having trouble finding it


    The China oil spill has been contained in......11 days.


    More Obama vacations!  Michelle has booked 30 rooms in Marbella Spain at 5-star resort??!! Up to $7000/nt per room?!!!


    Director Oliver Stone: Hitler Love/Jew Hate, Hollywood gives him a pass because he's THEIR bigot


    Up next: The Audacity of Hope Flotilla to will Barry Soetoro explain that one?


    I left my heart in wait...a day in the life of the Border Patrol


    Michelle Obama: Ugly on Parade    Lame Cherry and Hillbuzz reviews of Man-chelle body and bags

  • Blame Game

    Reality Check: Fox News Hosts Had Nothing to Do With Shirley Sherrod Resignation

    Shirley Sherrod placed the blame for her ouster at Fox News's feet. Hardly surprising. She's a liberal (former) member of a liberal administration. More surprising, given the clear preponderance of facts contradicting this meme, is that much of the media has followed her lead.

    Ironically, while a number of mainstream media outlets claim that Fox News is responsible for getting Sherrod to resign, Fox's first call for a resignation, made by Bill O'Reilly just before 9:00 pm on Monday, came roughly an hour after Sherrod had actually resigned.

    In other words, Fox News exerted no meaningful pressure on the administration to take any specific actions with regard to Sherrod before the administration took those actions on its own accord. had run a story earlier (no longer available on its site) displaying Breitbart's video and reporting what were then assumed (erroneously, it turns out) to be the facts of the situation - Sherrod had acted in a condemnable, racist manner.

    Continue reading

  • Obama Poll Worst EVER!

    Jerry Brown rated #1 Worst Attorney General in the US and he wants to be CA governor


    US Soldiers' votes may not get counted (again) in Novemer


    Google's Oogling you...not a good thing


    SSSH no charges for Bush Attorney General firings


    Unemployment Graph from Hell


    Prominent Latino Group will support Arizona SB 1070 law


    Worker Drowns in China Oil Spill


    Housing Market Slumps again


    Update: Shirley Sherrod (In context) is even more racist (listen to the entire 43 minute tape and she is virulently racist)


    Here is a list of the "Journolist" reporters who agreed to give Obama good coverage


    By Abraxas...why isn't Drudge covering Journolist scandal?


    I will be a guest later today at 1pm on the Jaz McKay show


    The National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of all Colors Wants YOU


    Remembering the moon landing 1969


  • NPR Producer Fantasizes About Limbaugh Death

    (Warning - disturbing material to be viewed only by strong-willed individuals.)

    Byline: Byron York, Washington Examiner

    Limbaugh responds to JournoList death wish report

    This morning I asked Rush Limbaugh what he thought of references to him on the private left-wing journalist discussion group JournoList. As reported in the Daily Caller, an NPR producer named Sarah Spitz wrote on JournoList that if she witnessed Limbaugh dying of a heart attack, she would “laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out.”

    “I never knew I had this much hate in me,” Spitz wrote, according to the Daily Caller account. “But he deserves it.”

    So I asked Limbaugh: What do you make of the fact that people in positions of influence on the Left don’t just want to see you fail, don’t just want to see you marginalized, but would actually like to witness you dying a painful death?

    “Not having wished anyone dead, nor having fantasized about watching someone die, I cannot possibly relate to this,” Limbaugh responded.

    Read his reply here

    At Washington Post, mum’s the word on JournoList

    Is there a problem for the Washington Post? Potentially.

    Since the paper employs JournoList’s founder and proprietor, and since comments on JournoList led to Weigel’s leaving the paper, and since those events raise questions about whether other Post journalists took part in JournoList, and since there are likely more stories to come from the thousands of still-unpublished exchanges on JournoList, it is reasonable to ask what the Post’s management knows, and what it knew in the past, about Post journalists taking part in the list-serv.

    It’s reasonable to ask — but the Post isn’t going to answer.

    Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit reminds us why it is important to distrust the MSM - our lives depend on healthy skepticism of some very despicable people.

  • Checking the Facts, Twice to be Nice

    Reveille Morning Headlines:  BP CEO Tony Hayward will resign in October?


    China's Oil Spill--15 hour pipeline fire has become a 70 mile spill...sound familiar?  lots of photos


    Iranian nuclear scientist who just went back to Iran was actually a double agent who probably misled us about when Iran will be nuke-ready


    November election alert: "Non-Profit" Agency is Attempting to End the Electoral College for the 2012 election...monitor this!

    Justice Ginsburg May Also Leave the Supreme Court Soon


    Killer cold winter in South America--80 dead so far...


    Religion of "Peace" Update: Jihad, Sharia activity worldwide


    Lesson of the little, lost Lindsay Lohan and her loser mother


    Mickey Kaus Unplugged: The Democrat blogger/author who ran against Barbara Boxer this spring almost sounds like a Republican.....

  • Breitbart Gets the Story - Right

    NAACP Guilty of Racism? Breitbart Reports, You Choose.

    Official At Freedom Fund Banquet Says Racial Considerations Would Be Factor For How Much Help Afforded

    NEW YORK (CBS) ―
  • News for the Poll Cats

    Sarah Palin Ties Obama?!

    "..No, this is not coming from Rasmussen or an internal GOP poll, but from the normally Democrat-sympathetic Public Policy Polling.  PPP pitted Barack Obama against five potential Republican challengers for the 2012 presidential campaign, and the only one Obama beat was … Jan Brewer.  Even that, PPP admitted, resulted from Brewer’s lack of name recognition.  The headline, though, is Sarah Palin’s dead heat with the President:

    With his approval numbers hitting new lows it’s no surprise that Barack Obama’s numbers in our monthly look ahead to the 2012 Presidential race are their worst ever this month. He trails Mitt Romney 46-43, Mike Huckabee 47-45, Newt Gingrich 46-45, and is even tied with Sarah Palin at 46. The only person tested he leads is Jan Brewer, who doesn’t have particularly high name recognition on the national level at this point.

    It’s not that any of the Republican candidates are particularly well liked. Only Huckabee has positive favorability numbers at 37/28. Romney’s at 32/33, Gingrich at 32/42, Palin at 37/52, and Brewer at 17/20. But with a majority of Americans now disapproving of Obama it’s no surprise that a large chunk of them would replace him as President if they had that choice today.

    There are two things driving these strong poll numbers for the Republican candidates. The first is a lead with independents in every match up. Romney leads 48-35 with them, Gingrich is up 50-39, Huckabee has a 46-40 advantage, Palin’s up 47-42, and even Brewer has a 38-37 edge."

  • Are They Pushing the Panic Button?

    The plan isn't working. Nobody's buying what Obama is selling. And Democrats damn well know it.

    "..Robert Gibbs, Barack Obama’s chief spokesman, got into hot water this week for daring to speak the truth – that the Democrats could lose control of the House of Representatives in November. But it could be even worse than that.

    Contrary to pretty much every projection until now, Democratic control of the Senate is also starting to coming into question. While Mr Obama’s approval ratings have continued to fall, and now hover at dangerously close to 40 per cent according an ABC-Washington Post poll published on Tuesday, the fate of his former colleagues in the Senate looks even worse.

  • Reveille

    Gibbs: GOP can win back house/ Jews fleeing Malmo, Sweden


    Battle of the Briefcases: Arizona Answers the Regime


    Hey we have a new "theme" at Silver-host!  (thanks The OtherMcCain for the referral!)


    The BP oil leak is in the hands of one man....Mr. Cool....John Wright of Boots and Coots


    First Oil Rig Leaves the Gulf of Mexico for Egypt....


    Bubba's in the Big Clover--Clintons buy $11M estate in NY...getting ready for Bridezilla and negotiating a little MidEast peace.


    What's Up With Barack and Ariana H?? by Abraxas

    Iran: Still in the Stone Age 

    It's another Obama Family Vacation!!


    The Real Story of Audie and Pamela Murphy


    Kidnap Victim Jaycee Dugard--Paid and Betrayed by the State of California


    Andrea Boccelli--A Pro-life message


    The 2010 "Moon the Amtrak" Convention in Laguna Niguel......sigh


    So who did a better dance video---The Israeli Defense Force or the PLO?  Gazans "Dance"


  • 55 % of Americans Think Obama is a, uh, Socialist

    Okay, this polling data is seriously amusing.

    James "Snakehead"Carville and his partner Stan Greenberg asked a whole bunch of people (yes, it was a scientific sampling) if they think President Barack Obama is a socialist.

    Oddly, most people think the word applies perfectly.

    I know that shocks all of you out there, huh?

    "The latest poll by Democracy Corps, the firm of James Carville and Stan Greenberg, has Republicans leading on the generic ballot among likely voters, 48 percent to 42 percent.

    Deep in the poll, they ask, “Now, I am going to read you a list of words and phrases which people use to describe political figures. For each word or phrase, please tell me whether it describes Barack Obama very well, well, not too well, or not well at all.”

    On “too liberal,” 35 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 21 percent say “well,” 21 percent say “not too well,” and 17 percent say “not well at all.” In other words, 56 percent of likely voters consider Obama too liberal.

    When asked about “a socialist,” 33 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 22 percent say “well,” 15 percent say “not too well,” and 25 percent say “not well at all.” 

    In other words, 55 percent of likely voters think “socialist” is a reasonably accurate way of describing Obama."

    via NRO and Jim Geraghty

  • Tennis Shoes for Justice

    A local newscaster in the San Francisco Bay Area this morning announcing breathlessly that "Oakland businesses awakened to smashed windows after a peaceful protest last night"....really? Seriously?

    Watching the coverage on TV and listening on radio was a teeth-grinding exercise in frustration as WHITE teenagers from international A.N.S.W.E.R. and other local hoodlums fanned out across Oakland after the Oscar Grant verdict was announced. For those not following the case, a young man who a transit cop thought was pulling a gun, instead was shot and killed by Johannes Meserhle. He got second degree manslaughter.

    But the rent-a-thugs are never one to let a good crisis go to waste. Footlocker was hit hard and a lot of sneakers went walking out the door.



    Oakland, CA--Why is Rioting the Black Community's Answer to Tragedy?  (video of looting in this post) (photos hat tip Zombie)


  • Elderly Barbara Boxer Polls Sag

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer's edge over Republican challenger Carly Fiorina has dwindled to 3 points as she seeks re-election in November, with more Californians now holding an unfavorable view of the three-term senator, a poll released on Thursday showed.

    Boxer, who once held a 30-point lead over Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard and a political novice, is now ahead by a margin of only 47 percent to 44 percent, the Field Poll found.

    One of President Barack Obama's staunchest allies who has become a powerful liberal voice in the Senate since she was first elected in 1992, Boxer is facing her toughest challenge yet, as a wave of anti-incumbent sentiment sweeps the nation.

    California, normally a reliably Democratic state suffering from double-digit unemployment and a budget deficit running into tens of billions of dollars, is considered a potential bellwether in the coming congressional elections.

    The Field Poll found that since January more Californians have become disgruntled with Boxer, with 52 percent of likely voters holding an unfavorable view of her, compared with just 41 percent who regard her favorably.

    Boxer's ratings have dropped to some of the lowest levels of her 18-year career in the Senate, with only 42 percent of registered voters approving of her job performance and 43 percent disapproving.

    The survey found that 34 percent of likely voters in California had a favorable impression of Fiorina, compared with 29 percent who viewed her unfavorably.

    Fiorina is the overwhelming favorite of voters who identify with the conservative Tea Party movement, while Boxer has a strong lead among those who do not.

    Fiorina has focused on job losses and the weak economy during the campaign as she stresses her political outsider status and private-sector roots.

  • Welcome to Tuesday, July 9th

     Jane Jamison's latest from


    "Religion of peace" update: Christian professor's arm is cut off by Islamics insulted by his punctuation in a class memo, Mike Tyson goes to Mecca (you can't make this stuff up)


    In some of the most repressed societies, Muslim women are rising up and forcefully demanding more rights (in marriage and divorce, primarily) Their shoes are sometimes involved.


    American flag interstate 680 mural is repainted in time for July 4...after dumb Caltrans bureacrat deemed it graffiti and had it removed.

  • Troopathon Thanks! From My Friend Debbie Lee

    A Personal Message from…




    Dear Friends

    Our Troops Carry on the Legacy of Our Founding Fathers
    and Their Fight for Independence Which We Celebrate Today
    The 4th of July is a time to remember America’s first troops, those who fought to forge a new nation, to gain independence from England. Since that first battle for independence, American troops have brought freedom to the shores of countless countries over the whole world, and the American soldier has been the unshakable defender of freedom throughout the world, standing against all odds, against any enemy.

    Marc and fellow SEAL on a rooftop much like the same one in Ramadi
    When they got back to base, their Chief came in and said they had found the house where the insurgents who had just attacked them were hiding. He did not expect the SEALs to fight twice in the same day, but Marc looked at his chief and said “Roger that, let’s go get them!”  He and his fellow SEALS volunteered to go back into battle.

    My Son and my Hero, Marc Alan Lee, US Navy SEAL
    I am so proud of my son Marc, and our troops that continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, on this 4th of July, as our nation celebrates our 234th birthday, please think of the troops like my son Marc, and all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and remember the troops who are still over there, risking their lives, fighting for our freedoms.Thank you for your support.  I can tell you with certainty that our troops love receiving these packages, and that their spirits are greatly raised when they receive a care package and a message of support from a stranger. 

    You can support those troops still fighting by sending a care package through Move America Forward. These packages help them make it through a tough deployment and have lots of goodies that they love to eat.

    Sponsor a care package now and help Move America Forward bring our Troopathon total up to $600,000.

    On that mission, as the team was making their way up some stairs, they took sniper fire through a window and once again Marc put himself in the line of fire to safe his buddies, but this time, he sacrificed himself and laid down his life to save his buddies and to serve his only mission…which was to protect and defend America.

    Marc gave his life for America, for the American people and the ideals we stand for, and the freedoms we enjoy. The brave troops who fought for America’s independence fought for the very same reason, just as all of our troops in all the wars America has fought, fought for freedom and for democracy, and to preserve the strength and prosperity of the American people.

    I know my son Marc saw himself that way, and he proudly exemplified the legacy of those first revolutionary warriors who carried the stars and stripes into battle. Marc did that every day in Iraq. He carried the stars and stripes on his shoulder and in his heart as do all of our troops.

    He was on patrol with his fellow SEALS in Ramadi in 2006, one of the worst places in all of Iraq at the time. They were on a rooftop and Marc’s buddy Ryan had been critically wounded in a firefight. Marc exposed himself and stood up in the direct line of fire hoping to draw attention to himself, so that the medic could get up to the rooftop. The Medic said Ryan was going to die if they didn’t evacuate him right away. So again Marc stood up again in the line of fire and laid down suppressive fire to cover his buddies so they could carry Ryan safely back to base. He saved Ryan’s life that day.

    Happy Fourth of July to all of our MAF supporters and again, a HUGE THANKS to everyone who contributed on Thursday’s Troopathon “Standing for Our Soldiers” we raised over $541,000 for our troops!

    Our third annual Troopathon  was a big success! We had a great lineup of guests this year, including the same familiar faces who helped MAF put on two successful Troopathons in 2009 and 2008! We were rejoined by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and many more. Gary Sinise and Kelsey Grammer also submitted interviews and we were joined by some new faces like Michele Bachmann, Chuck DeVore and our biggest hit – Alaska’s former Governor Sarah Palin!

    It was an exciting night for me and all of my friends here at Move America Forward. I cannot express in words how extremely touched I was as I watched the donations pouring in.  Hearing all of our guests praising the troops, seeing the numbers of viewers on our web stream shooting up, and the orders for care packages rolling in, it brought me to tears several times, just to see the huge outpouring of support.

    We are still taking donations, and you can help raise our total from $541,000 to $600,000. Please consider making a donation on this most auspicious day.

    Since my son Marc Alan Lee gave his life for his country, I have been fighting to support the troops and speak out on their behalf. I do it for the memory of Marc, who was a Navy SEAL, all his SEAL buddies, and all our brave warriors who serve in our military. That’s why the Troopathon is such an important event every year, near and dear to my heart, and I was so deeply moved by the support showed those who contributed.

    Happy Fourth of July, God bless you and our troops, keep them safe, and God bless this land we call the United States of America 

    Debbie and her son, Marc Lee

    Debbie and her son, Marc Lee


    Debbie Lee

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  • Happy Independence Day!

    Embrace Your Freedoms!

    Are the US Congress sanctions on Iran working yet?  Will They? There is a 'soft' underbelly of the rogue nation: they have no oil refining. Game over?


    The government is now threatening to arrest reporters for covering the BP oil spill too closely, even the MSM is complaining


    British Petroleum: Is Bankruptcy the Only Way Out?


    The huge oil-skimming boat Awhale is now in the Gulf of Mexico...and still not be allowed to get to work


    MassResistance has compiled research on Elena Kagan's radical agenda as Dean of Harvard law

    America: the Story of Us:...  2 videos: the History Channel segment on the Declaration of Independence and the Star Spangled Banner done the RIGHT way!


    Refugees from socialism speak out for July 4


    Six months from now, tax hell breaks loose....


    Gay Google Employers will now get paid more than Straight workers???


    Democrats rewrite the sick history of Sen. Robert KKK Byrd


    Apostle Claver and Raging Elephants have put up a "Martin Luther King was a Republican" billboard smack dab in S. Carolina Rep.Clyburn's district.

    This post also has Apostle's great video on why the Democratic Party is more racist than the GOP


    The Little Obama Movie Opens in Indonesia.  Trailer embedded in this post.  Looks like a wimpy Karate Kid.


    A new poll gives  absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the intellect of the American voter...


  • Success!



    Troopathon 2010 collected over $540,000 in 8 hours with our live broadcast from the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Southern California yesterday.

    You gave generously to our troops for the care packages that we are going to send to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So many people donated, including Rush Limbaugh with a gift of $100,000 and Sean Hannity who contributed over $15,000.

    I am deeply humbled and grateful for every donation, whether $5.00 or $50,000 or anywhere in between.

    Your support means so much to our military men and women.

    God Bless all of you who participated in this amazing event.

    With Love, Melanie Morgan

    Andrew Breitbart

    Mark Williams (hosts)

    all our fabulous guests including former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

    p.s. We are still accepting care package donations through the 4th of July and we still need your help! Just go to

  • Taxpayer Funded Porn?

    As Sarah Palin might say, "You Betcha!"

    More from John Nolte at Big Hollywood.

    The National Endowment for the Arts might be the strongest proof yet that Leftists are much more invested in the culture war than say, oh, feeding the hungry. You would think anyone truly concerned with the downtrodden would be outraged over the very idea of the NEA: “People living in the streets and we’re spending tax dollars on Perverts Put Out?!?”

    [1] alt

    If there’s any program Republicans like myself would be willing to immediately de-fund, dismantle, and move its resources over to Head Start and “green initiatives” (is porn more important than Mother Earth?), it’s the NEA. For the asking, millions upon millions of dollars in federal relief could be transferred to hunger programs, breast cancer research and third-world vaccinations. But no, obviously the screening of [2] skin-flicks featuring Gorillas takes precedent:

    The NEA was given $80 million of the government’s $787 billion economic stimulus bill to spread around to needy artists nationwide …

    [I]ncluding a $50,000 infusion for the [3] Frameline film house, which recently screened [4] Thundercrack, “the world’s only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla.” …

    [T]he weekly production of “[5] Perverts Put Out” at San Francisco’s CounterPULSE, whose “long-running pansexual performance series” invites guests to “join your fellow pervs for some explicit, twisted fun.” …

    [A]n additional boost from a $25,000 stimulus grant [will go to] “[6] The Symmetry Project,” …

    The show depicts “the sharing of a central axis, [as] spine, mouth, genitals, face, and anus reveal their interconnectedness and centrality in embodied experience[.]”

    In the flesh — and there’s a lot of it — it amounts to two people writhing naked on the floor, a government-funded tango in the altogether.

    So “for the children” I ask my friends on the left for the children to embrace this new spirit of bi-partisanship for the children and let us come together for the children, dismantle the NEA for the children, and use this money for the children.

  • The "Eyes" Have It

    And now for something from the lighter side: the motion to tax plastic surgery and Botox. Oh Boy.

    Talk about temptation. But I will not make any disparaging comments about the Speaker of the House and her fellow Democrats - and their ill-fated proposal. 


    Not gonna do it.

    Wouldn't be prudent.


    "....Face-lifts, tummy tucks and hair transplants could be hit with a new tax to help finance the trillion-dollar healthcare overhaul plan, according to sources familiar with the Senate talks.

    The Senate Finance Committee has discussed imposing a 10 percent excise tax on cosmetic surgery deemed unnecessary for medical purposes. The idea was broached in a meeting with OMB Director Orszag in mid-July, after which Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus told reporters he had heard some "interesting," "creative," and "kind of fun" ideas.

    The tax, which has not been officially scored, would plug some of the revenue gap senators are seeking to fill to keep on schedule for a markup the week of Aug. 3. It would target procedures prohibited under Section 213 of the tax code, which deals with itemized deductions for medical expenses not covered by health insurance.

    The 1990 deficit-reduction law prohibited taxpayers from taking deductions for cosmetic surgery "unless the surgery or procedure is necessary to ameliorate a deformity arising from, or directly related to, a congenital abnormality, a personal injury resulting from an accident or trauma, or a disfiguring disease."

    The law defines cosmetic surgery as "any procedure which is directed at improving the patient's appearance and does not meaningfully promote the proper function of the body or prevent or treat illness or disease."

    According to the IRS, deductions for procedures such as reconstructive surgery due to cancer or laser eye surgery would be allowed. But nose jobs, liposuction, teeth-whitening procedures and Botox injections to smooth wrinkles would be prohibited under Sec. 213 and subject to the new tax."

  • Racial Insults SUCK

    Folks, I have been traveling for the past few days and I have not checked my website. I can see in the comments section that there are several hateful, hurtful racial insults and I am apopletic about this.

    I do not and will not tolerate that kind of crap on my website.

    I have asked my webmaster to remove them as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to edit directly from my computer.

    These comments in no way reflect my own opinions, and frankly, make me want to hurl a sharp object at the guilty parties.

    There sure are some stupid people sharing this big ole rock with us.


  • Talk Radio Makes Congress "Nervous"

    Here's the good news:

    President points finger at talk radio.

    "...President Obama says conservative talk radio listeners' calls to politicians may be slowing health care reform. "It makes members of Congress nervous," Obama told a crowd of more than 1,500 yesterday in Cleveland. He says people are getting "ginned-up on talk radio" and that's having an effect on members of Congress."

    And now for the bad news: talk radio makes Congress nervous.

    And why is that everybody?

    All together now....

    The Fairness Doctrine!

  • You Are Listening to - Someone NOT Me

    While I am in California for a few days ..check out Jed Babbin, our guest host with John McCaslin, on America's Morning News.

    Jed Babbin
    Jed Babbin
    Mr. Babbin is the editor of Human Events and He served as a deputy undersecretary of defense in President George H.W. Bush's administration. He is the author of "In the Words of our Enemies"(Regnery,2007) and (with Edward Timperlake) of "Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States" (Regnery, 2006) and "Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe are Worse than You Think" (Regnery, 2004). E-mail him at
  • ObamaCare: Separating the Truth from the Lies

    One of the most puzzling aspects about the argument over socialized medicine, pardon me, health care reform is the claim by the administration that no one will lose their private insurance.


    A new report commissioned by the Heritage Foundation says that simply is not true. In fact, it claims that 83 million people will be kicked out of their private plan and into government run programs.

    No wonder polling numbers show a big slide in public confidence for President Obama's plan.

    "...A new poll suggests public approval of the way President Barack Obama is handling health care reform is slipping.

    The Washington Post-ABC News survey says since April, Obama's approval rating on the issue has declined from 57 percent to 49 percent, with disapproval rising from 29 percent to 44 percent.

    The president's overall approval rating stands at 59 percent positive and 37 percent negative. It's the first time Obama's approval rating has fallen below 60 percent in Post-ABC polling since he took office."

    Additionally, Americans are super convinced that taxes to pay for health care will be going up.

    "...Seventy-eight percent (78%) of U.S. voters say it is at least somewhat likely that taxes will be raised on the middle class to cover the cost of health care reform. Fifty-six percent (56%) say it’s very likely.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 15% of voters think it’s unlikely that the cost of health care reform will require raising taxes on the middle class."

  • The Body is Barely in the Grave....

    .....before a nasty tell-all book is in the works, detailing a lifetime of volcanic explosions and bad parenting from Walter Cronkite, America's Most Trusted Newsman.

    Radar reports that Terri Schwab, Cronkite's former chef and manager of his Martha's Vineyard home for 10 years is shopping a tome that charges Cronkite suffered from   dementia and was hated by his three children. Schwab said the newsman had a nasty temper and was never around for his three kids, RadarOnline.comhas learned exclusively.

    But Cronkite's chief of staff at CBS, Marlene Adler is boiling over the book and told Jose Lambiet of the Palm Beach Post that the former chef has flipped her lid and called Schwab a "disgrace" and "deeply disturbed." Adler added: "Mr. Cronkite's body isn't even cold. What (Schwab) says about Mr. Cronkite's family is false. They're a loving, united family." has learned exclusively that the book is titled “That’s the Way He Was: My Ten Years with Walter Cronkite.”

    Others are chiming in. Like Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media with a new piece called"The Terrible Truth about Walter Cronkite."


    I can confirm that (nearly) everyone at CBS News was deathly afraid of Walter Cronkite, certainly those who had day-to-day contact with CBS's Managing Editor.

     I have friends who worked there when "Uncle Walter" ruled the roost. These insiders told me that he used to make grown men cry...and women, too (if they displeased him.)

    Cronkite had a huge temper. These days they would call it "anger management issues."

    He was also known as something of a diva.

    But, hey. Nobody's perfect. I'm sure my critics say the same thing about me. And it might even be true.


  • Suddenly, Sanity

    My former neighbor in Marin County, California is undoubtedly celebrating today.

    Michael Savage and his legal beagle scored in a huge, nasty and very public fight from across the pond.

    The new Home Secretary in the UK has removed his name from a list of foreign "enemies" who are banned from entry.

    Savage, one of the highest rated talk-show hosts in the country, was shocked to discover that he had something in common with terrorists and common thugs - he was forbidden from entering the land of great dental work and fabulous food.

    It was all a blunder.

    "...Savage had sued outgoing Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for libel for listing him, along with 15 others, as "least wanted" visitors in the country. Meanwhile, Smith's successor, Alan Johnson, called the move a terrible blunder and told the London Daily Mail he would scrap the policy of maintaining such enemies lists.

    "I am stunned by this sudden sign of sanity in the U.K. government," Savage told WND. "But I won't believe it until they send a letter to me confirming it."

  • Oh CanadaCare!

    The Media (think Michael Moore) have sold many Americans on socialized medicine,  a system used by the Canadians (those folks with borderline amazing accents and very pasty white skin, bless their little hearts.)


    But does it really work? Will it work for me? Or you? Or Aunt Sylvia or Grandpa Harry?




    "Obamacare – Yay or Nay" – is the work of a young filmmaker for PJTV – who decided to jet up to Quebec and join his two best friends for a week of medical investigation…


    Hilarity ensued.


    Later this week on America's Morning News we'll interview Steve Crowder (it’s getting Crowdered in here) to report on his findings.  


    Do your homework here.


    Don't make me do all the heavy lifting. Or my partner John McCaslin. He doesn't work out as much as he used to.


    He's really busy these days hawking his book.


    And he's loose on the dating scene. All those single ladies and so little time (for free weights, that is.)






  • ...And in other news

    Washington Examiner Political Digest


    Byron York - Will Republicans expose the two Sotomayors?

    The theme Republicans will stress is this: Which is the real Sonia Sotomayor? The one testifying before the committee or the one who's been giving speeches and writing legal opinions for nearly two decades?

    For example, Sotomayor told the committee that, "My personal and professional experiences help me listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case."

    As soon as the words came out of her mouth, GOP aides were checking back to a speech Sotomayor made at Seton Hall School of Law in October 2003. "My experiences will affect the facts I choose to see as a judge," Sotomayor said back then. "Our experiences as woman and people of color will in some way affect our decisions." That's a far different Sotomayor from the nominee who appeared on Monday.

    Read the full story

    J.P. Freire and David Freddoso - New car czar is a union man

    Rattner's replacement, a six-figure official with the Steelworkers' Union named Ron Bloom, is already waiting in the wings. It sounds like a firing, but if the GM and Chrysler deals turn out poorly, Rattner will probably be happy he's already gone.

    With the choice of Bloom, it is more obvious that the unions now sit on both sides of the negotiating table. Unless, that is, you believe an administration that fires CEOs is not really running the auto industry in which it owns a huge stake.

    Read the full story

  • NYT: Exploiting Sarah Palin

    Roger L. Simon at PJTV has an opinion piece up today about the shady Gray Lady.

    "...These days the New York Times is resembling the Daily Mail more than ever in its pursuit of gossip, but, unlike the DM, the Times just doesn’t give us the juice. They can’t hack it as a gossip rag - weak sources and, even worse, tepid writing. First there was that phony nonsense about McCain’s affair, now they go after Palin for… wait for it…. “making missteps and ignoring advice”. [Couldn't they come up with anything better than that?-ed. They also say she's losing her hair. Who isn't?]

    But don’t get me wrong - I sympathize with the Times up to a point. We all know that they have serious financial woes and, hey, Palin sells, unlike, say, Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd.

    Still I have some advice for the Times’ editors. If you continue to beat up Palin in such a dumb way, you might actually stimulate sympathy for her. Or even worse - your smears might work and you might not have her to kick around any more. Then where would you be? No newsstand sales. No online clicks generating ad revenue. Remember, there are only so many Sarah Palins and Michael Jacksons - and he’s, as we know, dead (at least sort of). You’d end up having to write exposés of John Murtha (not that you would violate the privacy of such a “good” man)."

  • Exclusive: Liz Cheney :Democrat Attacks on CIA "Un-American"

    Liz Cheney speaks (as promised) to America's Morning News.

    While the discussion centered on the attacks that the Democrats have leveled at her father former Vice-President Dick Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that running for political office is on her horizon.

    "It's something I very well may do," said Elizabeth "Liz" Cheney, a lawyer and State Department appointee who has worked on two Republican presidential campaigns.


    Ms. Cheney, 44, has emerged as one of the strongest defenders of the effectiveness and legality of Bush-Cheney policies on enhanced interrogation methods. More recently, she and her father have become two of the most outspoken critics of President Obama's position on terrorism and other national security issues, which has led Republicans to consider her a strong candidate for national political office.

    Ms. Cheney told The Washington Times America's Morning News that recent new reports that her father ordered the CIA to hide information from Congress and that a government probe could follow appears like political cover for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who have accused agency Director Leon Panetta of lying.

    "It gets more and more appalling everyday," she said. "I think they're very worried about Speaker Pelosi."

    She said Monday that her immediate interests are raising her five children and helping her father write his memoirs.

    Ms. Cheney worked on the 2008 presidential campaign of Republican candidates Fred Thompson, then Mitt Romney.

    She has held two State Department appointments. Her first was in the late 1980 before graduating from University of Chicago Law School. The second was in 2002 as a deputy secretary for Near Eastern affairs. Ms. Cheney left to work on her father's 2004 re-election campaign but returned in 2005 in an expanded post as a deputy secretary for economic and political affairs in the Near and Middle East as well as in North Africa.

    Ms. Cheney also has worked in for the U.S. Agency for International Development and for a private practice in international law. She is married to Philip Perry, a Department of Homeland Security attorney.

  • Obama Administration May Proceed with Cheney Prosecution

    Despite everything that you have already heard about President Obama's noted reluctance to investigate and prosecute alleged "crimes" regarding torture techniques after Septemember 11th by the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. is considering doing exactly that.

    Newsweek Magazine is reporting that Dick Cheney may find himself in the crosshairs of Holder's Department of Justice.

    "...Holder, 58, may be on the verge of asserting his independence in a profound way. Four knowledgeable sources tell NEWSWEEK that he is now leaning toward appointing a prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration's brutal interrogation practices, something the president has been reluctant to do. While no final decision has been made, an announcement could come in a matter of weeks, say these sources, who decline to be identified discussing a sensitive law-enforcement matter. Such a decision would roil the country, would likely plunge Washington into a new round of partisan warfare, and could even imperil Obama's domestic priorities, including health care and energy reform. Holder knows all this, and he has been wrestling with the question for months. "I hope that whatever decision I make would not have a negative impact on the president's agenda," he says. "But that can't be a part of my decision."

    This appears to be part of a coordinated attack on former Vice-President Dick Cheney by the Democrats who are pandering to their left-wing base.

    Even California Senator Dianne Feinstein is playing this ugly game.


    **Mr. Cheney's daughter Liz Cheney, who also worked in the adminstraton, will be responding to these developments at 7:15 EDT Monday morning on our syndicated show America's Morning News.

    Stay tuned and clicked to our exclusive report.

  • Dem's Make Strategic Error in Demanding CIA "Correction"

    What is she thinking?!

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has worked up her base and her colleagues in Congress with demands that the CIA "correct" the record and 'fess up to a long history of lying to Congress.

    Kara Rowland, Capitol Hill correspondant for the Washington Times reports that the dormat clash sparked up again yesterday, and now CIA Chief Leon Panetta - a loyal Clinton Democrat - is caught in the cross-fire.

    "....The politically explosive clash between the CIA and congressional Democrats flared anew Thursday as CIA chief Leon Panetta rejected fresh charges that the spy agency had systematically lied to lawmakers about key administration policies in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Seven Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee in a letter made public Wednesday evening said that Mr. Panetta recently conceded privately that CIA briefers misled lawmakers and demanded he "correct" earlier statements denying information had been concealed from Congress.

    The letter built on previous allegations from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that CIA officials had lied to her in 2002 about harsh interrogation methods being used under the George W. Bush administration, allegations Mr. Panetta also forcefully denied.

    "Director Panetta stands by his May 15 statement," CIA spokesman George Little said. "This agency and this director believe it is vital to keep the Congress fully and currently informed. Director Panetta's actions back that up."

    An intelligence official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the letter mischaracterized Mr. Panetta's testimony to the committee in a closed-door June 24 session."

    As I said earlier today on "America's Morning News" this is a blunder for Speaker Pelosi and a strategic error that is only going to hurt the Democrats.

    Democrats have renewed the lying charges because Republicans were successful in nicking Pelosi's credibility on national security issues by impugning the CIA and it's men and women who serve. It's the kind of allegation that plays well to San Francisco Democrats but the rest of the country? Not so much.

    The end result.... a circular firing squad for the Democrats.


    That's the position in which Republicans usually find themselves.

  • MSM Impaled on Palin

    Surfin' the net this afternoon at one of my favorite websites turns up this interesting gem.

    Veteran mainstream media journalist: We were biased against Sarah Palin

    Posted by: Sister Toldjah on July 10, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    This (h/t: Tim Graham) is probably one of the most explosive and detailed pieces of journalism you’ll ever read on the double standards the media employed last year in their coverage of Sarah Palin versus Joe Biden. One of the money quotes:

    In the 2008 election, we took sides, straight and simple, particularly with regard to the vice presidential race. I don’t know that we played a decisive role in that campaign, and I’m not saying the better side lost. What I am saying is that we simply didn’t hold Joe Biden to the same standard as Sarah Palin, and for me, the real loser in this sordid tale is my chosen profession.

    The writer, Carl Cannon – who used to be the DC Bureau Chief for Reader’s Digest – also took liberal female journalists and columnists to task:

    From the beginning, and for the ensuing 10 months, the coverage of this governor consisted of a steamy stew of cultural elitism and partisanship. The overt sexism of some male commentators wasn’t countered, as one might have expected, by their female counterparts. Women columnists turned on Sarah Palin rather quickly. A plain-speaking, moose-hunting, Bible-thumping, pro-life, self-described “hockey mom” with five children and movie star looks with only a passing interest in foreign policy — that wasn’t the woman journalism’s reigning feminists had envisioned for the glass ceiling-breaking role of First Female President (or Vice President). Hillary Rodham Clinton was more like what they had in mind – and Sarah, well, she was the un-Hillary.

    Yes. She didn’t fit the establishment mold. And she had to be stopped. At any cost.

  • And While the Rockets Filled the Air...

    ...gunfire chattered into a devastating Afghan night ..claiming the life of a  young American soldier.

    Radio Patriot and Andrea Shay-King has sent this alert around to the bloggers.

    Michelle Malkin has posted about a young marine killed in action in Afghanistan, reminding us yet again how much we owe to those who defend our freedom.

    In a separate post, she includes a link to an Independence Day video produced by the internet group, which was founded by a Vietnam Vet.

    All of it follows below. I hope you'll say a prayer for Aaron Masters and all the men and women who gave their last full measure.  And those who fight yet against evil.

    Michelle's message:

    Got back to my hotel after a wonderful time at the Dallas Tea Party only to read of a father’s heartbreak.

    David M. Masters passed along devastating news on Twitter this evening that his son, Aaron, was one of two American soldiers killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan today.

    His message:


    America’s North Shore Journal has more details and notes:

    The official announcement has not yet been released. It appears that Aaron was one of the two soldiers killed in a large Taliban attack on a base in Paktika. That is just a “maybe” until DoD releases the info. They hold it back a couple of days so that the families can all be notified.

    NYT has background on the attack.

    Aaron’s MySpace page is here. His brothers and sisters are grieving, too.

    David M. Masters asked the Twittersphere to remember his son on this hallowed day:


    The hashtag #thankyouaaron has been the #1 trending topic all night.

    We will not forget your son, Mr. Masters.

    From the Founding Fathers to our defenders on the front lines, the lesson resounds: Freedom is not free.

    Thank you, Aaron.


    Video - please link over and take a moment to watch it...


  • Patriotic Pride

    You could find me here last night, alongwith 175,000 other proud Americans as we danced to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow and the Jersey Boys, alongwith other Americans.

    And we gave a standing ovation to the Wounded Warriors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and I said a silent prayer to all our heroic fighters serving in the United States Military.


  • Shocker! WaPo Offers to Broker Influence Peddling

    Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit links to this eye-popping scoop...

    POLITICO: Washington Post sells access, $25,000+


    For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to “those powerful few” — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors. The astonishing offer is detailed in a flier circulated Wednesday to a health care lobbyist, who provided it to a reporter because the lobbyist said he feels it’s a conflict for the paper to charge for access to, as the flier says, its “health care reporting and editorial staff.”

    The offer — which essentially turns a news organization into a facilitator for private lobbyist-official encounters — is a new sign of the lengths to which news organizations will go to find revenue at a time when most newspapers are struggling for survival.

    And it’s a turn of the times that a lobbyist is scolding The Washington Post for its ethical practices.



    A stunning development, if true. Let's hear the other side fromt the Posties. But I can promise that no one at my newspaper (The Washington Times) would allow the standards and ethics to degenerate into an fire sale of influence brokering. Yuck.


    -- Jennifer Harper has followed up on the controversial conversation "salon" being offered by The Washington Post publisher: The Washington Post is downplaying any wrongdoing for revelations that Publisher and Chief Executive Officer Katharine Weymouth would host lobbyists and association executives in her home for off-the-record conversations with officials from the Obama administration, lawmakers and Post editorial staff. 

    Details in tomorrow's Washington Times at

  • Do As We Say - Not As We Do

    Well, this is infuriating.

    WASHINGTON -- Spending by lawmakers on taxpayer-financed trips abroad has risen sharply in recent years, a Wall Street Journal analysis of travel records shows, involving everything from war-zone visits to trips to exotic spots such as the Galápagos Islands.

    The spending on overseas travel is up almost tenfold since 1995, and has nearly tripled since 2001, according to the Journal analysis of 60,000 travel records. Hundreds of lawmakers traveled overseas in 2008 at a cost of about $13 million. That's a 50% jump since Democrats took control of Congress two years ago.

    The cost of so-called congressional delegations, known among lawmakers as "codels," has risen nearly 70% since 2005, when an influence-peddling scandal led to a ban on travel funded by lobbyists, according to the data.


  • Obama’s Homeboy, Ludacris, rips Sen. McCain and Hillary

    Homeboys struttin’ together Sen. Obama - he who has cut and run from his 20-year pastor, his terrorist buddy, and any other friend who gets in his way of the White House – now has to apologize for his favorite rapper, Ludacris.

    The foul-mouthed “artist” whose music played in Obama’s Ipod lineup, just released a new song called, “'Politics: Obama Is Here.” The song attacks both Hillary Clinton and Sen. McCain in vile language common to Ludacris’ brand of trash talk.

    “Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant,” Ludacris prattled.

    And: “McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed,” Obama’s “brother” raps.

    It doesn’t sound like Mr. Ludacris has done his homework or he would have known that Sen. McCain was a prisoner of war and could very well have been paralyzed by the brutal beatings and torture the North Vietnamese unleashed on him.

    Or perhaps he does know that Sen. McCain is a REAL American hero, but he thinks he can help his boy Obama by slamming McCain. Whatever.

    Here are the lyrics: (Warning: Foul and inane lyrics). I’ve seen better stuff on bathroom walls:

    “I'm back on it like I just signed my record deal
    yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
    never should have hated
    you never should've doubted him
    with a slot in the president's iPod Obama shattered 'em
    Said I handled his biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers
    Well give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer
    Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
    Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant
    Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
    if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
    and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
    watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
    you can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history
    the first black president is destined and it's meant to be
    the threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
    so get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!
    paint the White House black and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified
    McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed
    Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
    Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
    cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
    and you the worst of all 43 presidents
    get out and vote or the end will be near
    the world is ready for change because Obama is here!
    cause Obama is here
    The world is ready for change because Obama is here!”

    The Ludicras thing is that he has wasted time for his homeboy by writing this ditty. Now Obama has to condemn him. Sorry Ludacris. Must hurt to get dissed by yo homeboy, especially because the O-Man was getting down with your stuff, man.

    Speaking of that, what in Sam Hill was Obama doing listening to this guy in the first place? There is nothing redeeming about his work. Maybe Ludacris’ lyrics banging in Obama’s ears are responsible for his ludicrous policy position.

    But remember: They’s “bout to make history.”
  • "Peace” Spitter Out of Closet


    This is a picture of a hateful feminist lesbian who spit on an Iraq veteran. Our friend BashMan and his buddies at have outed her, so to speak..

    This beast has too much testosterone. Mix that with her hate of America and you get, well, probably a supporter of Barack Obama.

    Here’s what BashMan and his buddies found out about the Hateful One. She calls herself a “beerwhore” on her Myspace Page, but here’s more from Pat Dollard’s site:

    Well, Louie and I decided to do a little digging.

    Louie’s Uncle Louie got involved as well.

    We wanted to ID this classy broad.

    This is what we know:

    Her name is Anni Telfer. She is originally from Bakersfield, California, Bakersfield High School Class of 2004…her claim to fame is that she actually founded the very first chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network at Bakersfield High School. Bearing that in mind, one might tend to think that she’s probably an advocate for tolerance, and no doubt, by her participation in the “Peace Protest” in Santa Barbara a week ago, a peace advocate, as well.”

    Let me just break in here for a bit of editorial comment. Melanie and I have spent years looking into the eyes of Medusa, uh, Medea, the pink creature of the deep hole of hate that the world knows as the “peace” crowd. These are some of the filthiest, rank, hateful, mean-spirited, disruptive pukes on earth. They have attacked our Marines, soldiers, Gold Star parents, patriots, veterans and anything that has to do with loving America.

    Back to BashMan at Pat Dollard:

    Louie has found out that she lives part time in…(drum roll, please…) Vietnam.

    And here isher MySpace Page, Louie’s Uncle Louie thanks Unbreakable for that info.”

    Go to (Pat Dollard’s site) to read the entire rundown on this beast and to view the original video of her spitting on an American hero.

    After looking at her MySpace Page and reviewing her spitting incident, I suggest that anybody who wishes to approach Ms. Hateful “beerwhore,” get all of your vaccinations, especially for rabies.

  • Lock and Load

    locknload.jpgThe U.S. Supreme Court recently shot down Washington D.C.’s ban on handguns, ruling that it was unconstitutional. That didn’t stop the D.C. City Council, which rules a city that has one of the highest murder rates in the country.

    Others might have to abide by the law, but not D.C. No sir. They are special. The council made up a new set of local rules that they think will skirt the court’s rulings. But Gun Owners of America, and other supporters of the Second Amendment, are not giving up their guns.

    Here is a letter GOA sent out on Monday:

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    In open defiance of the Supreme Court's decision striking down the Washington D.C. gun control law, the City Council passed an "emergency" law that keeps in place almost all of the law that was ruled unconstitutional.

    For example, though the Court ruled specifically that the city's ban on handguns violated the Second Amendment, most handguns still cannot be registered because D.C. bureaucrats classify semi-automatic pistols as "machine guns."

    Even Dick Heller, who brought the case against Washington's gun ban, was rejected when he tried to register his handgun because any "bottom loading" firearm is a "machine gun" according to the D.C. police.

    Similarly, while the Court found that "the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a "trigger lock" is unconstitutional, the city kept in place the "lock up your safety" law unless the resident is in immediate danger.

    The D.C. Council is thus rendering the Supreme Court victory for gun rights meaningless, while leaving residents defenseless.

    Congress needs to repeal the District's gun control law to ensure that the Supreme Court decision is not a hollow victory.

    According to Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, Congress has the authority and responsibility to govern the District. It can simply repeal the District's onerous gun law.

    Not surprisingly, however, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has no intention of allowing the D.C. gun ban repeal legislation to come to the floor, even though it is cosponsored by more than half of the members of Congress.

    To free the bill from the Speaker's death grip, Representative Mark Souder (R-IN) has filed a discharge petition to bring the bill directly to the floor. Rep. Souder needs 218 cosigners for the petition to be successful. There are currently 109 signers.

    There are not many days left in this legislative session, so it is vital that the discharge petition moves quickly. Please contact your representative and urge him or her to support the repeal of the D.C. gun ban and to sign the Souder discharge petition. You can visit the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send your Reps. the pre-written e-mail message below.

    Pre-written letter -----

    Dear Representative,

    The Washington, D.C. city council is making a mockery of the recent Supreme Court decision supporting the individual right to keep and bear arms.

    Though the Court ruled the city's handgun ban unconstitutional, DC is still making it illegal to own most handguns. The Court also ruled that the District's gun lock and gun storage law violates the Constitution, but under the city's new "emergency" gun law, firearms must be kept inoperable unless there is an immediate danger to residents.

    Representative Mark Souder has filed a discharge petition to bring a bill to repeal the District's gun laws to the floor for a vote.

    Please stand up for the Second Amendment and sign the Souder discharge petition.


    Liberals like those in D.C. have made a mockery of the United States Constitution. We need to stand against them or we will lose the freedoms of our country.

  • Tribute to a Real Hero

    monsoor001.jpgPetty Officer Second Class. Nave SEAL, meaning the toughest, smartest and most patriotic among warriors.

    Today is Sunday, a day of rest for many of us. As we enjoy church, Sunday brunch, and working in the garden, United States troops are protecting our hides.

    Sen. Barack Obama, the chosen one among the weak-minded of us, has just returned from Europe where the socialists and anti-American hordes met him with glee. He did not visit with injured troops after he was told his handlers and his apostles – the mainstream media – could not come along. No press, no Obama. How honorable.

    Today I bring to you the story of a man. A real man. A man who gave his life for his teammates and for his country. Us. He died to protect American values, the very ones Barack Obama wants to flush down the world’s toilets.

    Navy SEAL Michael A. Monsoor should have been met by throngs of adoring Europeans because his brothers have given their lives for them, too. Think Normandy. Here at home, we know how to honor our heroes. Well, some of us do. Obama did not learn how to treat our brave men and women when he went to school as a child in a Muslim nation. He did not learn when he went to the best universities. He turns his back on the experts, such as Gen. Petraeus, as if Obama knows more than the general, who has a doctorate and who has lived through wars.

    Obama may have street cred on the rough streets of Chicago, but he has no credibility with those who know the truth about the world. Obama said he is a “citizen of the world.” Monsoor gave his life for America.

    Read, now, about a man who has the ultimate credibility:

    Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor received the Medal of Honor posthumously in a ceremony at the White House April 8, 2008. He received the award for his actions in Ar Ramadi, Iraq on Sept. 29, 2006. On that day, Monsoor was part of a sniper overwatch security position with three other SEALs and eight Iraqi Army (IA) soldiers. An insurgent closed in and threw a fragmentation grenade into the overwatch position. The grenade hit Monsoor in the chest before falling to the ground. Positioned next to the single exit, Monsoor was the only one who could have escaped harm. Instead, he dropped onto the grenade to shield the others from the blast. Monsoor died approximately 30 minutes later from wounds sustained from the blast. Because of Petty Officer Monsoor’s actions, he saved the lives of his 3 teammates and the IA soldiers. Monsoor also received the Silver Star for his actions during the same deployment in May 2006, when he exposed himself to heavy enemy fire to rescue and treat an injured team member.

    Monsoor may not have had throngs of adoring Europeans fawning over him. But he had his brothers. This is from an unknown author:

    During Mike Monsoor's funeral in San Diego , as his coffin was being moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, SEALs were lined up on both sides of the pallbearers route forming a column of twos, with the coffin moving up the center. As Mike's coffin passed, each SEAL, having removed his gold Trident from his uniform, slapped it down, embedding the Trident in the wooden coffin. The slaps were audible from across the cemetery; by the time the coffin arrived graveside, it looked as though it had a gold inlay from all the Tridents pinned to it. This was a fitting send-off for a warrior hero.



    And, I know, the great SEAL Mike Monsoor was greeted in Heaven by hordes of angels that he lived the truth and he died for the truth.

    God rest his soul and protect all of our troops.

  • Life's a Beach

    ...and hitting the beach is a very tantalizing prospect!

    Your webmistress is flying off to the Mexican Rivera for a full eight days of sun and sand, as the azure waters off Akumal beckon.

    Please stay clicked, while the always irreverant and highly entertaining Catherine Moy is guest blogging for me.

    I hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer. If not, why not?

    Carpe Diem.



  • Burned in Hell - The Devil's Helper Strikes Again

    Fire and Brimstone at Editorials from Hell's Leading Daily Newspaper - the nitwit who runs this blogsite - has attacked me again.

    Thank-you, Sir.

    Give the "Devil" his due - he can write reasonably well. But he is as dumb as a box of rocks, especially about market forces.

    Here's what got Mr. Anonymous all worked up from my website.

    And his eruption of words sans cogent thought below.

    "The United States is at a civil liberties cross-roads right only NOW instead of with passage of first USA PATRIOT ACT because the Bush Administration and certain senators like John Ensign (R-NV) and the odious Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are completely right on the issue of "oil speculation" NOT being the root cause of high gasoline prices in the US.

    Melanie Morgan and John McCain are absolutely WRONG that anything Bush says an impact on the price of crude oil. We've written it before. Crude oil markets are random-variables, distributed log-normally, and this obey mean-variance behavior, meaning that what seems like large short-term changes are optical illusions. The high-level of crude prices and the high-volatility in crude markets can create big swings --$10/day either way. The natural-logarithms of the changes would not be different if oil were $30/bbl.

    Melanie Morgan is just a nobody, however, who probably didn't finish high school. John McCain has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer so I don't blame them for falling for and participating in a talking-points campaign shell game. I expect a little better from Democratic Senators. I expected a lot WORSE from the Bush Administration but as the text of the NPR report shows, Republican senators Ensign (R-NV) and McConnell (R-KY) as well as the administration through the silly voice of Dana Perino are all absolutely right on this issue."

    Try to follow his logic, if you can.

  • Liar, Liar, John Edwards Pants on Fire!

    John Edwards baby Mama exposed - again - and the tabloids are having a field day.

    The National Enquirer is reporting that after a six month investigation, Edwards met on Tuesday evening with his alleged mistress and their love child in Los Angeles.


    The Enquirer reports that Edwards was in LA to attend a symposium on homelessness. And to visit with his good friend LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, serial cheater whose wife dumped him after his affair with a Telemundo anchorwoman became public. Birds of a feather, and all that?

    Elizabeth (who is still battling cancer) may appreciate the irony of her husband going to LA to supposedly attend a homelessness conference. That's because she's gonna kick his ass right out of that 50,000 square foot mansion they built with his ambulance chasing dough.

    Or not.

    These political wives will do and say anything to fake out, er, persuade the American public that they are sooo in love with each other. This is gonna be fun to watch, and thinks so too. But writer Jack Schafer is wondering about the rest of the media coverage - especially because of the hypocrisy factor. 


  • Mideast Trip: It's an Obamanation

    While the fawning MSM coverage over the Obamessiah as he continues on his Commander-in-Chief tour of the Middle East, Michelle Malkin has a handy gaffe guide for the score-keepers.

    It's a doozy.

    Shocking arrogance by the presumptive Democratic nominee.

    But will anyone notice? Will anyone care? Only the righty blogosphere, it appears, and conservative talk radio. The lap dogs at the networks, in print and elsewhere are giving Da Man their puppy dog eyes of adoration.

    El Rushbo is predicting a backlash against the Media for the over-the-top coverage. I certainly hope so. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • Way to Go Michelle Malkin!

    Michelle spoke at the conservative's alternative to the liberal Netroots confab in Austin, Texas and plugged the Move America Forward telethon as evidence of strength of the right-side of the blogosphere.

    The New York Times news blog reported on the matter here:


     From the Right: Michelle Malkin received a standing ovation as the featured speaker at Saturday’s luncheon for conservative bloggers. Ed Morrissey over at blogged part of her speech. “There should be no self-esteem crisis among the right-wing blogosphere,” Ms. Malkin told the audience. We have a long string of policy and media victories, and don’t need to apologize for anything. It was mostly the right-wing blogosphere who promoted the Move America Forward telethon that raised over $1.5 million for soldiers in war zones, three times the original goal. Gathering of Eagles, Protest Warriors, American Sheepdogs — conservatives are doers, not just talkers.We don’t need a change of tactics — we just need more conservatives to engage. Hit hard, hit fast, hit often. Regardless of how many readers each of us have, each blog post helps defend this Constitution.  
  • Media Worries over Obama Coverage in Mideast

    AP (the fake but accurate) news service, has a story on the wire today about the 'fairness' of the media coverage for His Excellency Barry Hussein Obama in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Nice try, but the horse is already out of the barn.

  • Were Troops Ordered to Lie for Obama Photo Op?

    The word from Ron Winter, respected military author and decorated veteran is that there is some funny business emanting from the Obama campaign now in Afghanistan.

    From Winter's Soldiers blog "My military friends wasted no time today informing me that the word out of Afghanistan is that troops were ordered to attend the Obama "breakfast" that has been all over the media and blogosphere. More to the point, some troops also were ordered to alter their identities, at least as far as their home states are concerned, for the benefit of the Senator's campaign.

    Apparently, the Senator's campaign people wanted to make sure that the photo ops showed the Senator talking with service personnel from the appropriate parts of the country. Appropriate in this case apparently meaning places where he needs a big boost in the polls."

    My goodness gracious. This could get very interesting. A Democrat party hack like Obama acting like, well, a politican? Unthinkable!

  • Who Can Defeat Obama? Obama Can! Yes He Can!

    Wily Willie Brown, former House Speaker of California and former Mayor of San Francisco is debuting a new column in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle. He is spreading his jewels of political wisdom from his lofty perch at 3rd and Mission in the City, where he resides next to Al Gore and John Madden.

    What I find interesting about his political analysis is that he thinks Obama can beat Obama. Yes, some of BHO's campaign mistakes will come back to haunt him, like the dissing Hillary (allegedly) received that still has the Sex in the City white women in a tizzy back East. He also sees some hesitation with the Democrat Jewish crowd.

    Read for yourself here. Also check out his assessment of the McCain campaign.

  • Truth, Now Consequences

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's nuptials to the occasional actress Jennifer Seibel in Big Sky country are underway this weekend, but when he gets back to the City by the Bay, he's got a major problem to confront.

    A former teen criminal shielded by San Francisco from deportation is the suspect in the murders of a father and two sons last month coming home from a family picnic. Tony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew were blown away near their home when they accidentally blocked the gunman's car briefly on a narrow street.

    MS-13 gang member Edwin Ramos, collared by the cops, benefited from the illegal, stupid, misguided, and dangerous flouting of federal law by limosine liberals of San Francisco who practiced the 'Sanctuary" policy, which means they refused to notify the Fed's of illegal criminal teen aliens for deportation.

    Now the citizens of San Francisco are screaming 'bloody murder'...fed up over shielding these kiddie con's.

    The Justice Department needs to take a long, hard look at EVERY city with a Sanctuary policy, and start throwing City officials in jail if they perpetuate it. It's long past time for this kind of stupidity to be allowed to continue.

    San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jaxon Van Derbeken has been doing award-winning work on the subject.

    (Edwin Ramos was convicted of two violent crimes as an illegal immigrant teenager. Photo courtesy of Rosa Martinez at
  • Gore's Hot Air: Busted!

    Al Gore is a big, fat phony. But then, everyone knows that. Except the dopes who still believe in Global hoaxing.

    I am loving the folks at the American Prosperity Institute for pointing out the hypocrisy of algore! My right-blogger pals have the story.

    Gore's Hypocrisy Exposed in New Video: His Entourage's Lincoln Town Car Outside Global Warming Speech Idles w/ AC Cranking for 20 Minutes!

    (on the AFP blog:


    We're back from Al Gore's big global warming speech, and boy did we have a great time! We had a dedicated band of taxpayer advocates out in force, pointing out the high economic cost of global warming alarmism - starting with $8 a gallon gasoline.


    Of course, we saw plenty of hypocrisy -- especially the fact that Gore didn't ride his bike or take public transporation to the event.  He didn't even take his Prius! Instead, he brought a fleet of two Lincoln Town Cars and a Chevy Suburban SUV!  Even worse, the driver of the Town Car that eventually whisked away Gore's wife and daughter left the engine idling and the AC cranking for 20 minutes before they finally left!


    Check it out in our video from the scene:



  • Racists with a Capitol "D" --for Democrat

    My column for this week deals with the subject of racism in America...yes, a pretty big subject...but it breaks out pretty easily as we have seen demonstrated this week by the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

    (courtesy of

    Jesse Jackson’s racist attacks on the Democrat’s leading man, Barack Obama, is a black-and-white reminder of the racism that runs deep in the roots of the Democratic Party.


    The mainstream media and Democrats have done a good job of whitewashing the horrific history of racism that continues today in their party. They want to point to GOP as the Grand Old Polluters of race instead of looking inward, where the poison is roiling.


    But Jackson, the foul-mouthed Democrat who uses race as his cash cow, has reminded the country of the Democratic cancer that eats at the United States


    Last week we heard Jackson saying he wanted to castrate Obama for talking down to black folks. Castration was used in the south, generally by Democrats, to punish uppity Negroes, as they called them.

    The castration could occur as part of a lynching, or alone. The idea was to take away the privilege of any patriarchy by the black man.

    That is indeed what Jackson was attempting to do with Obama. Jackson even made the cutting motion and a sound to go with his idea of castration.

    He had thought about this disgusting act of racism and cowardice. The guy needs to see a shrink and anybody who follows him should follow suit. 

  • Obama's 20 Million Dollar Math Mistake, or the Campaign Lies (Again)

    Is it new math? Or the same old same old from lying hack politicans? Matt Lewis at reports, you Decide.

    This morning, the Obama campaign fired off an emotionally-tinged fundraising email to their supporters.  The urgent message stated:"The Obama campaign and the DNC ended June with a combined total of nearly $72 million in the bank. It's a healthy number. But McCain and the RNC together still have a huge cash advantage, and we need your help to close the gap.

    As I mentioned in my video message to you earlier in the week, we're facing a Republican machine with unprecedented resources at its disposal. The McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee finished June with nearly $100 million in the bank."
    (Emphasis theirs).

    ... But in an under-stated blog post, Politico's Ben Smith informs usthat the Obama campaign's math was off by $20 million:
     "In total, the Democrats have some $92 million on hand, to the combined Republican total of $95 million."(The Obama email said they only had $72 million -- now we find out they have $92 million).

    Of course, the cynical observation is that Obama's campaign wanted to fire-up their supporters by acting as if they were losing the money game to the GOP.  But a less sinister -- and more charitable --analysis is that their math was off by $20 million.  Of couse, this would be a gross error for such a polished political operation to commit.


  • Fiery BlogTalk in the Hot Town of Austin, Tx.

    Matthew Sheffield, the excellent writer from has a new column at the Washington Times.

    He starts out with a bang covering the netroots in Austin, Texas who are using the dog days of summer to plot and scheme to get Obamessiah elected Chief Constable of Planet Earth.

    Then Sheffield moves on to the right side of the blogosphere. Read here.

  • Tomorrow's Net News Tonight - Jesse Jackson Uses "N-word"

    It is an Internet tsunami that is heading across the country - and by tomorrow, every single network newscast and print outlet will be awash in the news that the Rev. Jesse Jackson used the "n-word" to describe how Obama is talking down to his brothers and sisters.

    TVNewser first broke the story, which has been confirmed by Fox News.

    By mid-day tomorrow, the cable TV shows will have all kinds of people of color talking about how it's okay for black folks to call each other the N-word, but it is NOT okay for white people to do it.

    The crackpots with keyboards, the Daily Kos kids, are speculating that this is a Fox News plot to undermine support for Barack Obama - the looney left is blind to the fact that Fox announced last week there was more on the tape, but they chose not to air it because as Bill O'Reilly said "we are not out to get Rev. Jackson."

    I think we have seen just about the last of Jesse Jackson. Liberals will denounce him, African Americans will see his comments as self-serving, mean-spirited and classless, and the media will go after him like rabid jackals.

    Say buh-bye to Jesse's already tattered reputation, and his ability to shake down corporations for personal gain. Air America is reporting that some Chicago activists are demanding that Jackson step down from the Rainbow Coalition.

    Maybe JJ should just re-locate to LA and spend some quality time with his illegitimate daughter. A little 'practice what you preach' kind of quality time. 

    It's over for Jackson.

     Al Sharpton must be celebrating tonight.


  • - Surging to Success

    July 16th, 2008Posted By Bash.


    The last of the “Surge” troops will be going home next week.


    Good job.

    Yo, Liberal Democrats, Surrender Monkeys & Lefty Loons: Fuck you.

    The U.S. military said on Wednesday the last of five extra combat brigades sent to Iraq in 2007 would finish withdrawing next week. That will bring the so-called “surge” to an end, while leaving 140,000 U.S. troops in the country.

    President George W. Bush ordered the deployment to stop Iraq sliding into sectarian civil war. The troop build-up helped cut violence to a four-year low, the military says. (AP)

    PS: That picture of those Iraqis carrying that Marine is one of my favorites.

  • ...And Over to the Dem's Rank-and-File Revolt

    The San Francisco Nanny Pelosi and her weasly, ferret-faced friend Harry Reid are facing a revolt by their rank-and-file.

    Meanwhile, the Zombie-like GOP leadership in Congress is starting to show signs of life -ironically over energy issues. Michelle Malkin has more on both stories in this report.

    Oh, I just came across Pam Meister's Pajamas Media story suggesting (gasp!) Dirty Harry lead the call for energy conservation - by example.

  • Calls for Wholesale Leadership Change for GOP

    The folks over at are onto a very smart thing - showing some leadership on well, leadership.

    Take a look for yourself.

    ....I want to quickly draw your attention to a website that just went up that reflects the sentiments of many in Republican circles; the need for wholesale change in Republican leadership in both the House and Senate.

    They are clearly trying to get a big head start before the November election.

    Please take a look. Any promotional assistance (links, banners, etc.) you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, the group is looking to build a broad coalition. Please if your organization would like to become involved. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am involved with the group that is promoting this and Red County has decided to host the site on our servers.

    Feedback welcome...

    Scott Graves
    President & Editor-in-Chief, Red County

    The Spirit of '94 initiative was born out of sincere and justifiable frustration with the current slate of Republican leaders in the United States Congress. It is an initiative led by grassroots Republican activists in both the donor and business communities.

    The effort was the result of the overwhelming response to two articles. The first was titled,
    We Refuse to Support a Permanent Minority written by members of theLincoln Club of Orange County and published inRed County magazine. That was followed immediately by an outstanding article in the Washington Post titled,Ultimatum to the GOP, by columnist Robert Novak.

    More than twenty five years ago, Ronald Reagan articulated a vision for America and the role of government that was embraced by the American people. For the first time in many years, a Republican was clearly communicating the values of the political right. With the notable exception of Newt Gingrich and 104th Congress, Republicans have stumbled in further communicating how America should confront the important issues of the day.

    From energy, health care, and education to the Republican hallmarks of lower taxes, less bureaucracy, and fiscal responsibility, the Republican leadership in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have failed us... and failed America.

    Come this November, regardless of who prevails in the election as next president, it is incumbent upon all Republicans to help identify and elect a new slate of Republican leadership.


  • Some People Are Just Better at Killing Than Others...

    ...and you can count on American troops to do the dirty work with more efficiency than their European counter-parts. That partially explains the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    My friend Matt Sanchez, a war correspondant who has spent over six months in Afghanistan, has an analysis of what went wrong there, and how to fix it.

    Read here.

  • Oil Prices Drop $9.00 a barrel

    I just LOVE it when I am right, which often happens in Mel's world.

    Yesterday, I wrote that I would bet dollars to donuts that the world oil prices would drop after President Bush announced that he is using his executive powers to eliminate the ban on offshore oil drilling (even though Congressional approval is still needed to accomplish that goal.)

    Liberal so-called 'experts' scoffed. They said it wouldn't make any difference. Really?

    Well, lookee here -  Larry Kudlow gives us the skinny at National Review Online.

    Bush Says Drill, Drill, Drill — and Oil Drops $9!   [Larry Kudlow]

    In a dramatic move yesterday President Bush removed the executive-branch moratorium on offshore drilling. Today, at a news conference, Bush repeated his new position, and slammed the Democratic Congress for not removing the congressional moratorium on the Outer Continental Shelf and elsewhere. Crude-oil futures for August delivery plunged $9.26, or 6.3 percent, almost immediately as Bush was speaking, bringing the barrel price down to $136.

    Now isn’t this interesting?

    Democrats keep saying that it will take 10 years or longer to produce oil from the offshore areas. And they say that oil prices won’t decline for at least that long. And they, along with Obama and McCain, bash so-called oil speculators. And today we had a real-world example as to why they are wrong. All of them. Reid, Pelosi, Obama, McCain — all of them.

  • Chris Matthews Frets Over New Yorker Obama Cover has the funniest story, like, ever! Poor Chris Matthews has worked himself into a tizzy over the possibility that right-wingers will use the cover of the New Yorker Magazine cover featuring Barack and Michelle Obama as Muslim terrorists occupying the Oval Office.

    Apparently the Left has no sense of satire. Not apparently. The Left has NO sense of satire. (By the way, I have to cut this post short --I am on the phone with my graphic designer to get the T-Shirts up and ready for sale. Stand-by!)

    Controversial satirical New Yorker cover showing Barack Obama as a Muslim and his wife as a terrorist was denounced Monday by Mr. Obama's campaign as 'tasteless and offensive'
    Enlarge Image

    Controversial satirical New Yorker cover showing Barack Obama as a Muslim and his wife as a terrorist was denounced Monday by Mr. Obama's campaign as 'tasteless and offensive' (New Yorker/The Associated Press)

    Matthews Worries 'Right' Will Turn New Yorker Cover into T-Shirt


    On Monday's "Hardball" Chris Matthews was so upset about the New Yorker's cover, depicting Barack Obama in a turban and Michelle Obama toting an AK-47, because he feared "the right will be using that as t-shirt material within the next couple of weeks."

    Matthews, along with The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza and the Atlantic Media's Ronald Brownstein also insulted all the non-New Yorker subscribers who didn't get the joke as unsophisticated, or as Lizza put it, "a little slow."

  • Finally! Bush Lifts Drilling Moratorium

    The best news I have heard all day broke a few hours ago when The White House announced that the President is lifting the offshore oil drilling ban, and doing so by Executive Order.

    Hot Damn!

    I blogged about this very course of action several weeks ago...not that the President or any of his advisors were paying attention. But at least the Drill Here, Drill Now campaign worked. And did it ever! National polling is now showing a major reversal of public opinion.

    The so-called experts are already scoffing at the effectiveness of such a bold move.

    But I'd bet dollar to donuts that the price of a gallon of oil comes down tomorrow on the world markets.

  • Hearts Afire in California

    Palo Alto, Calif., is nestled in the Silicon Valley, home to hundreds of millionaires and a few dozen billionaires, 50  miles directly south of San Francisco.

    The broad leafy boulevards are shaded by mature oak trees, driven upon by socially conscious environmentalists who order from a popular Asian fusion menu at the Three Seasons, or gobble  Izzy’s Brooklyn bagels while connected to their laptops like prisoners on a chain gang.

    Many of Palo Alto’s 58,000 residents are either employed  by Stanford University, called “The Farm” by locals, or attend school there.

    Stanford is to the West Coast what Harvard is back East.  Stanford hospital, a teaching facility, is widely regarded as one of the finest in the world.

    While Palo Alto presents a façade of wealth and power –  there is a downscale population that very few in the Bay Area are terribly interested in showcasing, even though they live in  gleaming, modern low rise  buildings that are the envy of many urban planners.


    On this breezy Saturday, there is still the smell of smoke from the fires blazing across Northern California, while dozens of Harley’s, Ducoti’s and other motorcycles decorated with American flags and veteran decals sit in silent vigil in front of the hospital entrance.

    I walked by these fine bikes, as my boots clattered on the cool tile inside building #7. My arms were filled with T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Our Troops, Our Heroes.”

    I struggled to find my bearings inside the Poly Trauma Unit until a leather-clad biker grabbed my load, leading me to an outside patio where hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausage were grilling in the mid-morning sunshine.

    Steve Stansberry

    I shook hands with Steve Stansberry, one of the organizers for this barbecue to thank the most seriously wounded of our troops, many of whom were airlifted from Iraq and Afghanistan by the C-17 flying hospital that operates out of Travis Air Force Base, some 75 miles to the north and east of San Francisco in Fairfield.

    Steve, towering over me at 6’5”, is a  former carpenter and decorated Vietnam Vet. He is regional coordinator for the Patriot Guard Riders (motorcyclists who turn out in all 50 states to support the families of fallen soldiers with an escort to the cemetery where their loved ones will rest).

    Renee Magana

    Steve introduced me to Renee Magana, the Family Care Coordinator and Community Liason for the Veterans Hospital. It was Renee who, in turn, introduced me to some of the finest residents of Palo Alto, the ones who have achieved much and sacrificed more and they don’t have a million bucks to show for it.

    Our countrymen are now so damaged they cannot breathe without a hole in their throat. The muscles in their hands are so constricted they cannot hold a spoon. Seeing the severity of the injuries from IED’s detonated by the pure evil of radical Islamists against our troops, leaves me stunned and slightly dizzy.

    Inside the unit, there are 12 military men and women, down from 16 earlier in the year. After whispering the thanks of a grateful nation, blessing these young people and saying a prayer for them, I gently touched their mangled bodies, many times both of us crying.

    Some of these soldiers have no one to visit them. Some have family who travel thousands of miles to be with them. Some will eventually leave and go to another level of care inside a different building at the VA hospital, encouraged by the successful rehabilitation of fellow troops. Many will even live together in apartments around the hospital as they transition back to independent living.

    There is a hand-made quilt on the walls of the Poly Trauma unit made by the soldiers who get to move on after receiving some of the finest treatment that our government makes possible. It is for the left-behinds, stitched with love and humor. “Things will get better” reads one square. “Got your Back” reads another. And “Chicas like the metal experience” with a drawing of a prosthetic leg. As I said my final good-bye and God Bless You's to the survivors inside this amazing facility, Cpl. Corey Thompson of McComb, Mississippi, looked up at me and slowly spoke. “There is no need to say God Bless you over and over,” Thompson said. “ He already did.”

    I wish the ‘other’ Palo Alto could see these fine people. I hope that someday, the students of Stanford and their liberal professors, as well as the Silicon Valley wealthy, will put their lives on pause and come out to honor Cpl. Thompson, and the people who are supporting them.

    Maybe they can take inspiration from Soldiers Angels, Patriot Guard Riders, Blue Star Moms, the Gold Star family members and other organizations who brought a picnic lunch and a huge helping of love.

    These troops are my heroes, and I'll say it again. God Bless each and every one of you.

  • Can You Hear Them Crying?

    I can hear the soft weeping, the rustling of kleenex that the Mainstream Media is reaching for after reading Newsweek Magazine's latest polling numbers in the Presidential sweepstakes.

    McCain and Obama are in a dead heat.

    Pundits are expressing shock that McCain has made up a 15 point polling difference.

    Um, no. He was never that far down. But it made for a great storyline for the liberal media.

    Plus, Obama has shot himself in the foot over bilingual comments he made last week. The tracking numbers show he is on the WRONG side of that issue.

  • Tony Snow - Dead at Age 53

    Please believe me when I say that I have no claim to psychic abilities whatsoever.

     That is why I was so shocked when I got up this morning to check my computer before heading to Palo Alto to visit with our veterans recovering from head trauma at the Poly Trauma, Spinal Cord, and Poly Rehab units only to discover that my buddy Tony Snow had passed away.

    You see, I had a dream last night that included Tony and Tim Russert, who were hanging around together at an insider dinner in Washington, D.C. Both turned from the table to wave at me. Weird, huh?

     I didn't know Tim Russert, but I knew Tony. And as far as I was aware, Tony was hanging in, still battling the colon cancer that killed his mother as well as claiming his own life.

    Tony Snow was a profoundly decent man. A committed Christian, with a loving family, and a pride in his country that knew no bounds.

    Tony was also a gifted writer, commentator, and talk show host which is how I knew him. Everyone at Fox News, where he worked for a long time before becoming the White House spokesman adored him. Funny, warm, and loyal.

    I introduced Tony to the CPAC convention in Washington, D.C. in 2007. Tony and I spoke backstage, and I could tell he wasn't well, even though he put up a good front. A few days later, he announced his cancer had come back.  

    I certainly hope that the Bush deranged crackpots who wished Snow dead, or thought about his dying and considered it Karmic justice will SHUT UP today. Yes, Karel, that means YOU.

    Let his family grieve in peace. PLEASE. Let us remember a good and kind man.

    Tony, we will miss you. God Bless you and your family.


    It was simply too much to ask for - some human decency from the netroots crowd.

    Noel Sheppard at documents the sliming of a friend and colleague.

    *****Update: Much as after last week's announcement concerning the death of former Sen. Jesse Helms, Netroots commenters are dancing on Tony's grave today. As I have no interest in giving this too much attention, and don't want to copy any of this feculence here, readers can opt on their own to click on the following links to see how the supposedly compassionate left behave when someone on the right dies (vulgarity alert):

    Tony Snow has died

    Tony Snow MORE IMPORTANT than Dead Soldiers

    RIP Tony Snow--We Saw a Different Side of You

    Should we mourn Tony Snow?


  • "Peace Crowd" Guilty of Racism and Discrimination

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I'm too familiar with so-called progressives. These leaders of leftist thought have given us gay marriage, freaks dressed in pink who attack our military, and tree-huggers who literally live in trees and throw human feces and urine from buckets onto police.


    And it’s all OK – if your mind is warped by progressive thinking.


     Liberals/progressives/socialists/communists – or whatever they call themselves these days - have tolerance for only their own ideas. If they don’t like something, liberals attack with the fervor of a pool full of piranha. They even break their own rules of political correctness.


    Two good examples are Jesse Jackson’s threat to cut off Sen. Barack Obama’s testicles, and a movement in San Francisco to kick out the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps from local high schools. Both show how liberals cover for each other, no matter how outrageous their behavior.


    FOX news, which has the tape of Jackson’s crude remarks, hasn’t even released the worst of his raunchy rant. I would think the Secret Service might want to talk to somebody who threatened to neuter a presidential candidate.

    But all is forgiven and the mainstream media – the handmaidens of Jackson and Obama – have had very little to say about the foul outburst. This is because the two are “progressives.”


    At least Jackson only hurt himself and what is left of his tattered reputation. What San Francisco school board members are doing to high school kids is outrageous and racist.

    School board members Eric Mar and Mark Sanchez are running for re-election in November and decided to politicize children’s’’ futures by crippling JROTC. These self-serving politicians figured they would gain progressive Brownie points by forcing the JROTC out of San Francisco schools and taking away P.E. credits for JROTC students.


    The school board already approved eliminating JROTC from the district by the 2009 school year. One reason the school board voted for the drastic, discriminatory and racist move, is the military's anti-gay "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that prevents gays from serving openly in the armed forces.


    Banning the program wasn’t enough for Mar and Sanchez. They want to stop the district from giving physical education credit to those in JROTC until the program ends, but that effort failed in June.


    San Francisco high school students, who filled rows of the meeting room for two hours waiting for the budget meeting to end and the special session to begin, expressed their devotion to JROTC during public comments. Many held signs that read "I love JROTC" and "They want to get rid of our PE credit! That's crazy!" according to theBay Area Reporter.



     (photo courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle)

    "No one asked about the students... people who care about the program like me

    are being left out," said one Mission High School student. "I am also a bisexual, and I don't feel any discrimination at all," she said, leaving the podium to the applause of other JROTC supporters, according to the Reporter.


    The banning of the JROTC is discriminatory and must be reversed. San Francisco schools are made up mostly of children of color: African-Americans, Chinese, other Asians and Hispanics. Whites are a minority in the district. So taking away JROTC would strip the 55,000 students, most of whom are ethnically diverse, of opportunity.


    And a bisexual student says JROTC has never discriminated against her. So the “progressives” shouldn’t have a beef.

    Plenty of parents do, though. And voters will get a chance to redeem San Francisco schools from the depths of racism and discrimination.

    On Monday, JROTC supporters delivered 13,600 signatures to City Hall to get a nonbinding resolution on the November ballot to show support for JROTC. The group needed 7,200 from registered city voters to qualify.


    A lot of people said they were anti-military and anti-JROTC, but they said they wanted students to have a choice," said Neal Jaranilla, 16, who will be a junior at Balboa High School this fall. He spent the past five weeks collecting signatures, according to theSan Francisco Chronicle.


    "They had no idea they would awaken this sleeping giant," said Nelson Lum, a Vietnam vet and father of Amy, a JROTC member, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s  C.W. Nevius . "This is an issue that goes beyond political boundaries."

    It crosses boundaries all right, and sets back gains for children of color in the San Francisco school district.


    Speaking of that, where is Jesse Jackson on this racism? Apparently he’s too busy  thinking of ways to emasculate Obama.


    (My column is also available at






  • Lefty's Outflanked in D.C. -Drill Here, Drill Now Crowd Stuns

    John over at “This Ain’t Hell” has a good post and pictures up about yesterday’s operation to crash’s “Campaign for an Oil-Free President.”

    FreedomWorks outnumbered the leftists and held up signs that called for the U.S. to expand our domestic energy supplies. The MoveOn crowd seemed perplexed and couldn’t figure out how we were able to crash their rally in front of Exxon stations in Bethesda. Seeing as how the event was listed on the MoveOn website, we were shocked that they were confused. Enjoy the photos!

  • Troop Support Deserves a Trip to Hell

    The Daily, a left-wing screechy blog has an amusing editorial from Hell's leading Daily newspaper focusing today on me - with a disjointed, lurching attack- the gist of which is that I am ging to hell for vocally supporting the United States military, and it's mission in Iraq.

    Some of these bloggers really need to be medicated.

    For your daily chuckle, read here.

    Meanwhile,I have learned that MY blog is among the top 100 female blogs in the country.

    Whoo Hoo! I'm #93! I'm #93 - Uh-huh, uh-huh!

  • Is the GOP Going to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?

    Right-bloggers are batting this item around the Internet .. Looks like we are about to give Reid a bipartisan energy victory, where we sacrifice ANWR, oil shale, nuclear, and more for in exchange for a butchered OCS policy, energy earmarks (wind, solar, etc), and heavy federal regulation of energy markets in the name of "cracking down on speculators"... And it could mute the one issue that is resonating right now... 

    Senate leaders open to compromise energy measure
    Posted: 07/09/08 02:23 PM [ET]
    Senate leaders on Wednesday signaled the possibility of crafting a compromise energy bill as voters sound alarm about the skyrocketing cost of gasoline. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters that expanded offshore drilling, which the Republicans have long supported, is not off the table. Plus, he said that while he opposes giving the states the right to choose whether to drill off their costs, he said Democrats are “taking a look at that.”Web Bug from“I’m not knee-jerk-opposed to anything,” Reid said. “We’re willing to work; we haven’t shut our minds to anything.”

    His Republican counterpart, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), said Wednesday that there was an “increasing possibility that we may be able to accomplish something.” He signaled a willingness to consider ways to boost energy production from renewable sources, such as wind, solar and biomass.

    But he warned that adding too much into one bill could make a compromise measure unwieldy. “Small mouthfuls have a better chance around here,” McConnell said.

    As the price of gasoline has shot above $4 a gallon, the two parties have increasingly deflected the blame in order to avoid a backlash from voters. But as the issue tops the list of public concerns, it is becoming increasingly clear that the two sides need to appear to be trying to solve the problem in order to avoid wide damage in November.

    Senate Republican leadership has floated a plan they say is a compromise, dropping a provision calling for drilling in Alaska and adding conservation measures like incentives for more fuel-efficient cars. Senate Democrats, meanwhile, continued to meet Thursday to craft a bill that will be targeted strictly at reining in market speculation on oil futures, but on Wednesday suggested they might be open to adding supply-side provisions that Republicans have long supported. Adding to the pressure to craft a compromise is a bipartisan group of more than 10 senators that is negotiating a middle ground.

    Public opinion polls have shown a shift towards support of expanded offshore drilling, putting Democrats in the tough spot of jettisoning their longstanding concerns about the damaging environmental effects of the practice. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Wednesday that he wants to “limit offshore drilling if there is any environmental impact.” He added that there are more than 30 million acres leased by oil companies that they should use to explore. “They ought to lose their leases if they aren’t going to use it,” Durbin said.

    However, he also stated, “Beyond that, if there is a suggestion of some new area to go into, I’ll look at it.”

    Democrats say it would take about a decade before new exploration would affect prices, but Republicans say that not expanding access now would only make gas prices rise even further in the future.

    Reid said he “absolutely” hears the concerns about a lack of drilling, but he said “there are very few things that we can do to lower the price of gas immediately.” He cited taking oil out of the emergency oil reserve, reducing market speculation and adding more renewable fuels to the mix.

    “At whatever point we turn to this, there will be an effort made on a bipartisan basis to make sure that the package that ultimately passes the Senate would actually make a difference,” McConnell said.

  • Ya Gotta Love Lou Dobbs

    I admire a man with a strong command of invective. And Lou Dobbs falls right in that catagory.

    The CNN talk show host who crusades against illegal immigration aimed his firepower at San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in the wake of a searing report on the city's illegal sanctuary city policy that resulted in Honduran juvenile crack dealers escaping from custody.

    According to San Francisco Chronicle reporters Phil Matier and Andrew Ross, "Dobs sarcastically referred to the Mayor as both a 'little darling and 'precious darling."

    But wait! It gets better! Dobbs also said that Newsom's initial attempts to dodge responsibility  for the juvenile crack dealers being shipped home rather than turned over to federal immigration authorities makes him look like a "complete and utter political twit."

    But wait! There's more! Matier and Ross report that Dobbs said on his show Monday that Newsom "owes the folks of San Francisco, and all of us, an apology for his immaturity, his irresponsibility andfor just being such a precious fraud."

    And Newsom's response, according to the Chronicle? "He's a man of remarkable ignorance."

    Well done Gavin. That sure showed Dobbs, huh?

    And to think that Newsom has aspirations to become the next Governor of this state. I am sure the state voters will be swayed by his excellent judgement on such issues as providing sanctuary for crack cocaine dealers, breaking the law on gay marriage, and of course his well-known photogenic qualities.

    (photo of Newsom and ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle)

  • Obama Says He Needs To Earn Troops Trust

    And exactly how does Senator Obama propose to do that? Given his track, he's going be working on that trust thang for quite a long time.

    Remember, Oh! Oh! Obama has been quoted saying we are in a quagmire. And we are losing. And he's pulling the troops out ASAP, if elected, thereby snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I have a statement for Senator Obama - How DARE you? You have dishonored our troops by doubting their success, the abilities of the military leaders, and sided with despicable creatures like Congressman Jack Murtha. Please, just SHUT THE HELL UP.

    Senator Obama is a shameless panderer.

    Obama meets with Military Times

    Continuing his outreach to traditonally Republican constituencies, Barack Obama met today with the editoral board of the Military Times, according to an Obama campaign source.

    The meeting, which came at the request of the paper, lasted about 40 minutes and took place in Colorado, where Obama gave a speech on national service today.

    The Military Times media group includes weekly papers serving each of the four branches, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, and circulates widely among military personnel, family members and retirees.  

    Owned by Gannett, the Military Times called on Donald Rumsfeld to resign in 2006.  



    Reminder, folks. The Military Times is a highly liberal, partisan newspaper run by liberals and owned by a liberal. That's why Obama chose the Military Times to make his "I gotta earn the trust of the troops" pitch.

    And now he has a big problem from both the right and the left.


    This isn't the first time the Democrats have cuddled up to terrorists, but the timing of the allegations and the stunning nature certainly creates space for outrage.

    Gateway Pundit has details of how Madame Speaker was indirectly negotiating with FARC, the terrorist group that was tricked into releasing three Defense contractors and former Colombian President candidate Ingrid Betencourt, a total of 15 hostages.

    Read here.

  • Yellowcake? What Yellowcake?!

    My, my, my. How are Chuckie Schumer, Jack Murtha, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi going to explain this one?  -Saddam Hussein's nuclear program has been dismantled and secretly shipped out of Iraq.


    There were no weapons of mass destruction - we know that because told us so.

    And Media Matters heaped scorn on anyone who challenged the notion.

    Forgive me while I bust out laughing. Chris Matthews, you are SUCH a dope.

    Or put another way, President George W. Bush has today been exonerated that he 'lied' us into war.

  • Berkeley's own Madwomen must be SO proud...

    Yeah, busting their buttons with pride, the CodePink Pepto Dismal crowd set out to disrupt a naturalization ceremony over the holiday weekend that President Bush presided over.

    You'll never guess who orchestrated the party-crashing. Did I hear someone say "Demoncrats"?

    Ding Ding Ding. Winner.

  • Operation Lion's Roar Crushing Al-Qaeda

    Have you finished reading the Sunday newspaper? I have. Two of them. And neither one of them has the stupifying headline (to the left)I picked up online from the London Times.


    American and Iraqi forces are driving Al-Qaeda in Iraq out of its last redoubt in the north of the country in the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror.

    After being forced from its strongholds in the west and centre of Iraq in the past two years, Al-Qaeda’s dwindling band of fighters has made a defiant “last stand” in the northern city of Mosul.

    A huge operation to crush the 1,200 fighters who remained from a terrorist force once estimated at more than 12,000 began on May 10.

    Operation Lion’s Roar, in which the Iraqi army combined forces with the Americans’ 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment, has already resulted in the death of Abu Khalaf, the Al-Qaeda leader, and the capture of more than 1,000 suspects.

    The Iraqis are being trained by the most professional soldiers and officers in the world - the United States military, including people like-


    Major Jeanine White, SGM Michael Brown, SFC Jeffrey Craig, TSgt Raymond Tuggle, Sgt Eloi Perry, Sgt Jessica Soto, SrA Kerry Bush, and PSSN Danielle Emke.

     These individuals are members of the Iraqi Assistance Group.

    SFC Craig writes me that "when we do our job really well, the Iraqis will take over."

    It's that simple, folks.

    Somebody please alert Nancy Pelosi that the war is being won, even the British are acknowledging that. Oh, and while you are at it, let her in on the secret - it's the AMERICAN troops who are providing the way out of Iraq.



  • Plan for Change - it's Coming

    Conservatives everywhere should have another reasons to feel optimistic about the future of education for this country.

    The left-wing, Blame America First baby-boomer professors at our university's are going bye-bye.

    According to the New York Times,

    "Baby boomers, hired in large numbers during a huge expansion in higher education that continued into the ’70s, are being replaced by younger professors who many of the nearly 50 academics interviewed by The New York Times believe are different from their predecessors — less ideologically polarized and more politically moderate."

    In addition, Iraq war veterans are coming home and enrolling in schools and universities, many of them with an eye towards teaching. Maybe some common sense and a reasonable approach to education is around the corner. That's what I call the real "Audacity of Hope."

  • Independence Day, 2008

    After years of political struggles, banging heads with leftists who hate America, and going toe-to-toe with cretins who despise our military, I know two things for sure: The America haters are losing . And those who love this country and support our troops - and everything they protect- are winning.


    I don’t just say that because we are just around the corner from winning peace and stability in Iraq. We know already that Baghdad has less violence than some big cities in America, so the naysayers should zip it until they’ve stopped all murders in Chicago, Detroit and Oakland, Calif.


    I don’t just say that because the FBI is investigating left-wing, anti-military groups and the City of Berkeley for allegedly conspiring to cripple the federal government’s constitutional right to raise an army during war time.


    I say it because, no matter what the mainstream media reports, no matter how much caterwauling we hear from ex-Marine Jack” the Marines-are-cold-blooded killers” Murtha, Sen. Harry “we’ve lost the war” Reid, and Sen. Barack “top dog of the white flag brigade” Obama – America isn’t falling for it.


    The proof is in the pudding, and America has nothing but love, support and respect for our troops. I saw it, lived it like my wildest dream, on June 26, when patriots from across the fruited plains joined hands with my nonprofit, move AmericaForward, in a historic webathon, raising $1.5 million in care packages for our troops.


    MichelleMalkin cohosted the event with me, kept it rolling on the Web. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, gold Star parents, Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, former First lady Nancy Reagan, and President George W. Bush participated. Our biggest stars were American troops, who talked about how they savor every package from home, every note from a child.


    I had big hopes for the event, but it was a risk. No group had ever held a Jerry Lewis-style telethon on the Internet. I wondered if we could pull it off. My biggest fear was that we would let down our troops. We couldn’t let that happen – not now when the left is striking out at America with its gasps of desperation. Like a den of rattlesnakes, they are hissing and trying to bite.


    The haters in Santa Cruz, Calif., just held aflag burning. event. Today in Berkeley, Calif., home of the anti-military thugs, the cretins will hold ananti- July 4th event.


    These anti-American spectacles of hate and self-loathing would have caused me to lose sleep if not for the webathon and the aftermath of volunteers who packed four postal trucks full of packages for our troops.


    After our eight-hour webathon, which we called “From the Front Lines,” I wept. Joy swept every cell in my body, my soul was light with love and appreciation. I knew – and so do thousands of Americans – that there is no turning back.


    We will not surrender to hate and disloyalty to our troops. America has a strong soul herself and will not fold under pressure from those who want to sell her out to socialism, communism, and bondage.


    It was, for me, Independence Day.

  • Everyday Heroes and Then Some

    Michelle Malkin has her new weekly column up now from Creators Syndicate. She does a bang-up job in defining a Patriot.

    Let us not, on this Independence Day weekend, dwell on the political pretenders to patriotism rushing to out-proclaim their love of country. Nor let us pay heed to the sneering movie directors and journalism pooh-bahs allergic to red, white, and blue.

    Instead, I’d like to share a bit of a special interview with a true Hollywood freedom-lover. Last week, my friend Melanie Morgan ofMove America Forwardand I co-hosted aspecial Internet telethon on to raise money for care packages to send to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The effort yielded more than $1.1 million thanks to thousands of generous donors across the country. Among the special guests who contributed time and resources was musician John Ondrasik ofFive For Fighting.


    And in a couple hours, I hope to have a round-up of reporting on the other Patriots who deserve a salute because they volunteered in Sacramento (for the past several weeks) plus Wednesday to send out close to 2,000 humongous care packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.


    The United States Post Office sent FOUR trucks (actually two trucks, two times) to get all the goodies, which will be airborne shortly.

    My time today with the volunteers was truly humbling - thank-you folks!

    NBC Affiliate (KCRA-3) live report with Melanie:


    ABC Affiliate (KXTV-10) posted news story:


    CBS Affiliate (KOVR-13) previous live report:

    They also posted link to MAF here:


  • Sanctuary City Policy = Crime Wave

    My blogging has been infrequent for the past couple of days due to the wrap-up of the telethon on Thursday and the needs of my family.

    I meant to write about the San Francisco Chronicle shocking expose on the illegal aliens hauled in for crack cocaine dealing - only to be let loose again because of the insane Sanctuary City policy by the liberal idiots that run this place.

    Instead, I'll toss over to my friend Michelle Malkin who is never short in the contempt department for this so-called public policy.

    I'll be you can't guess who one of the biggest supporters of sanctuary city status for illegal aliens?

    Did Mayor Gavin Newsom's name trip off your tongue? I wonder how this is going dangerous, illegal and contemptible situation is going to play in his newly announced run for Governor?

    The Gelled One will have some explaining to do to San Diegans, and the rest of California.

    Photo courtesy of Associated Press

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom launched an exploratory committee Tuesday to consider a 2010 run for governor.

  • Liberal Hypocrisy and Michael Vick

    "[t]he Michael Vick dogfighting casemade its way to the floor of the U.S. Senate Thursday when its most senior member publicly declared his outrage, saying he's witnessed one execution but wouldn't mind seeing another 'if it involves this cruel, sadistic, cannibalistic business of training innocent, vulnerable creatures to kill.'

    "The strong words from Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WV, widely known for his devotion to animals, come as dogfighting controversy swirls around the Atlanta Falcons star quarterback. Vick and three others were indicted earlier this week on felony charges of competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting, and conducting the enterprise across state lines

    Don't you like the way the liberals think?  Death penalty for Vick for misusing dogs.  Shame on me for proposing the death penalty for someone who gave America's secrets to our enemy.  I think I like Byrd's language, i.e. "The New York Times, by revealing America's secrets, had empowered against our troops an enemy that is cruel, sadistic, cannibalistic... for training innocent, vulnerable creatures [Muslims] to kill.  My sentiments exactly!

    Same sort of thinking that gets liberals to agree that it is ok to use taxpayer money to fund art that includes a crucifix in urine, but it is a felony to toss a Quran in the toilet.  Many of these people had to get a postgraduate degree to figure all of this out.

  • Raucous Internet Fight Over GOP Participation in YouTube Debates


    Word from inside- the- beltway is that GOP presidential candidates are extremely dubious about whether to participate in the YouTube GOP debates coming up soon.

    My sources say that CNN is calling prominent grassroots Republicans and begging for them to submit YouTube questions, and not a lot of folks are responding.

      Ian Schwartz, who practically invented video on the Internet, has a compelling arguement about why we need to be involved with YouTube. I don't know if I agree --yet.

    The ONLY way it works is if the Republicans distinguish themselves from the Democrats by pointing out when a question is absurd or biased and not be dragged down to the level of Freak Show elements by legitimizing stoned-out people asking about reparations for slavery, snowmen asking about saving the snowpeople from Global Warming, and having little children ask questions their adult parents asked them to parrot into the camera. I don't know how much confidence I have in the GOP candidates to do that, and yet do it in a way where they don't look snide and condescending. The problem with the You Tube/CNN debates wasn't the concept - it's quite OK with me to have REAL AMERICANS asking questions via video.
    The problem as I see it is that the producers of this stunt were producing entertainment - and from their own typical liberal bias - and not trying to provoke thoughtful debate among the participants.

    But I could be convinced. So, what do you think?

    First, read Ian's comments"Save the Debate" at

      Mouse over to the poll that's up now.

  • Melanie Morgan Apologies To The Entire Universe

    I'm sorry. Really, really sorry. That's hard to write, but I must.

    I should not be doing this. I should leave well enough alone. But I can't help myself.

    I'm tickled 'pink' about last week's protest of Hillary Clinton's campaign office opening in San Francisco, from where I broadcast.

    The 'Code Pink' crowd bared their innermost, um, thoughts about Clinton's stand on the war in Iraq.

    So, I must challenge all readers of this website to send me captions.

    The best one wins some junky stuff I have closeted away at KSFO.

    Blame or thank

    (He's got some more really cool photos!)


    Breasts Not Bombs
    Courtesy of

  • Blowing Up Your Kids Isn't As Popular As It Used To Be

    The old suicide belt and the reliable stand-by car bomber just doesn't explode with excitement like it used to.

    A Pew survey shows that Muslim support for jihad suicide bombings is plunging. 

    Now THAT lights up my world.

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


  • Jeri Thompson--Strong, Smart, Beautiful. NOT.

    At least according to the LIBERALS. 

    I thought that in the year of 2007, women are equal, strong partners and it is politically incorrect to 'objectify' women as 'trophy wives'.

      Sneaky sexism reigns --especially if you are a REPUBLICAN woman.

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    Ron Winter nails it. Again.

  • Commentary on 'Blood Libel' of our troops

    I love sharing well-written, provocative columnists who happen to be of the 'female' persuasion. I like the company of smart women, what can I say?

    Here's Lisa DePasquale's latest on the smear, the apparent lies, and the addiction to hurting our troops in time of war.



  • "Breasts Not Bombs" Bombards Hillary's SF Office

    From Michelle

    Hillary's nutroots supporters are fracturing. The Code Pinkos are after Hillary at the opening of her San Francisco campaign office.

    Check it out!

    Related: Zombie has just posted a revealing photo essay covering (or rather, uncovering) a demonstration by Code Pink/Breast Not Bombs.

    Definitely Not Safe For Work.

    Here’s a back view:



  • President Bush delivered a pretty good speech Wednesday..

    Mr. Bush attacked back against the nutroots who continue to claim that Iraq is not the central battlefield against Al Quada ..that somehow, if America had just left AQ alone, we'd all be fine here in the USA.

    Good thing the President doesn't get to San Francisco very often.

    Lots of people believe the message on the sign below. That's why it's

    important for him to use his words to explain to the dummies why

    terrorists hate us. And want to kill us. 

    Here's a transcript of the speech.

    (courtesy of

  • It' s OFFICIAL..Cindy Sheehan says she's running against Nancy Pelosi!

    Cindy Sheehan, America's 'Peace Mom' is sick and tired of lying Demcrats. On that, at least, we agree.

    Now Sheehan is going full-bore on taking on the most 'powerful woman in the world'.

    Cindy makes her announcement on the kook fringe blog

    I don't live in Queen Nancy's district, but close enough. My trained professional eye will be cast upon our two leading ladies. My prediction? The claws are out, and one  or both contestants will draw blood.

    In case you live in the 8th Congressional district, (San Francisco) or are watching from afar, check out the whole story on Cindy Sheehan. Read our book 'American Mourning ' for Sheehan's lies, her disturbing behavior, her relations with her own family.

    Then see if you think she should be a member of Congress.

  • Anti-American UofC Professor, Famous Plagiarist and Liar, Bites the Dust

    From via

    University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill a.k.a "Chief who speaks with forked tongue' has been FIRED from Colorado's state university and won't be lying, propagandizing and falsifying history to our kids. 

    The man who cloaked his comments comparing victims of 9/11 to 'Little Eichmann's' in free speech rights is history. Not because of his comments.

    It's ALL about WARD CHURCHILL.

  • An Open Letter to Henry Kissinger

    The brilliant Max Boot published in the Los Angeles Times on what happens if we leave Iraq before the country is stabilized. And Max isn't particularly happy with Henry the K.
  • The Boobs on Cleavage ...

    Don't miss the musings from Winterland on slashing decollatage and what it all means for Hillary.

  • Excitement for pro-troop 'Fight for Victory' tour exploding!

    Support for our road trip to D.C. this September is generating tremendous enthusiasm all across America.

    Over 500 groups have contacted Move America Forward to assist in the Fight for Victory tour. If you can help, please contact us at

    In addition, Move America Forward has put out this Internet ad. It went viral within 2 days!

  • The Left's Blood Slander Against Our Troops

    Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard reports on how it's not enough to undermine domestic support of our troops and their it is apparently resorting to the most heinous lies imaginable.
  • Melanie Vs. Hillary Clinton's Shrill Shill

    Yes, it was Melanie Morgan vs. Naomi Wolfe Friday night on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Actually, it was Mike Barnicle filling in for Chris. I was paired up with Naomi Wolfe. You remember her, right? She was BFF with Al Gore's daughter, and was hired to consult Daddy Gore on his attire. "Wear more Earth tones." Brilliant advice.

    And highly effective, too, I might add.

    But, I digress. Naomi started a slashing attack on me about four minutes in.

     UPDATE: View video herevia HotAir.

    Here's report on Catfights and Cleavage

    (just an aside, but don't you think Naomi Wolfe looks like Monica Lewinsky?)

    Keep going! I've got more to say.. 

  • Bay Area Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher Goes To The Dark Side

    Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher has veered from a reliable pro-troop vote (her district encompasses Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield) to an anti-war back-stabber.

    Rep. Tauscher has introduced the "The Change Course in Iraq Act".

    It's an insult beyond belief to the troops in her district, and every other proud patriotic American who suports our men and women in Iraq and Afghaniston.

    Please read the research I've put together for you and come up with your own conclusion.

    But my advice is get on the horn and call her at 202-225-1880 or fax 202-225-5914.

    Politely tell her that she needs to support the troops. Quit listening to the nutroots at

    Tell Tauscher you vote, too!



    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    From Catherine Moy's Daily Blog File at

    Sheehan: Gathering of Eagles’ Patriots are “Nazis” and “fascists.”


    Sometimes even Scarecrows are given a brain.

    From Michelle --Really, really good news.

  • Memorize this. Then tell your liberal neighbor.

    "We are fighting in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons. Al Qaeda made Iraq the central front in the global war on terror, which is why we must confront them there --  for the safety and security of the American people, as well as for the Iraqi people, too."

    Congressman John Boehner, House Republican Minority Leader 

  • Know Thine Enemy Cliff May

    The former New York times journalist (and recovering liberal) with a clear eyed look at the bad actors on the world stage.

    Grab a cup of coffee and read this. 

  • Confused about Al-Qaeda in Iraq? In Pakistan? Let's set the record straight

    Video: President Bush’s Homeland Security Advisor Fran Townsend Made It Clear At A Press Conference Today That Al-Qaeda In Iraq Is Same Entity As Al-Qaeda In Pakistan.

    odsj put this up especially for readers of

    And now linked to your proud web hostess.

    In this clip Homeland Security adviser explains how, despite leftist attempts to deny that Al Qaeda in Iraq is really Al Qaeda, how they reallyare.

    Al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Qaeda Core are one and the same.

    Posted by Pat Dollard 13 Comments

    Giant September Push to Rally Support for Troops in Iraq!

    Supporters of Operation Iraqi Freedom will conduct a nationwide caravan along with more than 2-dozen rallies calling for continued support of U.S. troops based in Iraq in the days leading up to General David Petraeus September 15th report to Congress.

    From September 3, 2007 through September 15, 2007 the nation’s largest grassroots, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward will lead thousands of supporters in a cross-country effort called the “FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR.”

    * Read the News Release - CLICK HERE

    * See the Caravan Route & Schedule - CLICK HERE

    * Discussion at - READ IT HERE

  • The Blogosphere is 'Buzzing'...

    Lt. Colonel 'Buzz' Patterson, my friend and new Vice-Chair of Move America Forward, has stirred up a hornet's nest. Yup, Buzz does that when he gets riled!

    Patterson's soon-to-be best selling book is available at for FREE! (okay, we'd love a small donation and you can get an autographed copy.)

    Find out why the mainstream media is upset with Buzz.


    I needed a belly busting laugh today and thanks to Noel Sheppard at (one of my favorite websites) I'm rolling on the floor!

    (Lefties view this man as Satan)

    The Daily Kos kids are steamin' mad. They are in full-blown temper tantrum mode because Bill O'Reilly is doing to them what they did to O'Reilly. And Me. And Lee. And OV. And Brian Sussman, all of the KSFO Radio Talk Show hosts.



    (Lefties think that these two sweeties are evil incarnate)


    If you want to run for political office, you need to have some guts. As in meeting with people who don't agree with you. Cindy Sheehan, who has announced she is running for Congress in the 8th district of California (my district) because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't bringing our troops out of Iraq fast enough for her taste, is a weak sister. She has displayed a distinct lack of courage when it comes to having discussions with fellow Gold Star Family members with a different point of view in fighting the War on Terror. Or even going on television without the mainstream media protecting her back. Read this appalling 'diss' of Jan Johnson, whose son Justin was close friends with Cindy's son Casey before both were killed within six days of each other.



  • Senators engage in verbal bitch-slap on Sunday talk shows

    Senator Lindsay Graham (R) faces off against pistol-packin' Senator James Webb (D) on Meet the Press Sunday.

    Tempers flared over Iraq.

    I am highlighting this testy exchange because Webb engages in the same stupid arguement every Democrat I've ever debated on National TV does --first, demand to know whether you a) have been to Iraq, b) ever served in the military. It's so predictable. Webb, though, didn't seem to like Graham's answers.

    Actually, Webb got his ass-kicked. Heh.

  • Women Who Are Changing The World...Or A Piece of It

    I sense a theme here, don't you? I have posted about two really gutsy, patriotic women. They are Shannen Rossmiller and Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien. Now it's time for a personal note and a nod to Kathleen Willey.


    Kathleen Willey is the woman who was groped by Bill Clinton in the Oval Office, while trying to apply for a staff job. When she returned to her Virginia home from that horrifying experience, the unthinkable awaited her. She discovered her husband dead of suicide.

    The Clinton smear machine went into over-drive to keep her from telling anyone about her true story.


    Kathleen Willey  has decided to re-count for the world what REALLY happened to her that day and later with gripping, inside details. Some of those details I provided for her in her upcoming book. It's going to be released by World Ahead Publishing in November. I'm wondering about the release date.  Why is that month important? Hmm. Let me think about it.

    Keep checking

  • Another Courageous American Woman Confronting Our Domestic Enemies

    Some of you may remember Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien. I knew her before she hyphenated her name. Yikes, time flies! I am especially proud of her, because she shows more guts and courage than any so-called journalist covering the Democrat presidential contest. She took on Hillary Rodham Clinton in a public venue. Wow. I am awed.

    You won't hear how the slug-fest turned out by the elite media. But you will read about it here, thanks to GREAT folks at

  • Stop the Congressional Madness!

    Former Marine and blogger Ron Winter is royally ticked off at the spineless critters who inhabit Congress, plus Nancy's Boy Jack Murtha, who needs to be retired. Immediately.

    Here's his newest column. 

  • Base to Bush: It's Over

    Byron York, a conservative journalist, writes in the Washington Post that even President Bush's most ardent supporters have tired of his administration. Too many missteps, not enough adherence to conservative principles. Oh yeah. Things are not going well in Iraq.

    Collins Drafts Proposal To Halt U.S. Combat Missions In Iraq
    WASHINGTON --Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has teamed up with a Democratic colleague in drafting legislation to force a halt to U.S. combat missions in Iraq.
    Collins and Ben Nelson of Nebraska said their binding amendment to the defense policy bill would order the U.S. mission to focus on training the Iraqi security forces, targeting al-Qaida members and protecting Iraq's borders.
    The Maine senator said her goal is "to redefine the mission and set the stage for a significant but gradual drawdown of our troops next year."
    GOP support for the war has eroded steadily since President George W. Bush's decision in January to send 30,000 additional troops to Iraq.
    Meanwhile, a U.S. official said a progress report on Iraq will conclude that the U.S.-backed government in Baghdad has failed to meet any of its targets for political and economic reform.
  • Time For a Traitor's Tour Across America?


    The Senate GOP's Round-Heeled Caucus

    Posted by Hugh Hewitt  | 6:17 PM

    New Mexico's Pete Domenici is doubling down on his call for defeat in Iraq, which will almost certainly lead New Mexico Republicans to throw in the towel on his re-election campaign.  I don't think there is a more suicidal political strategy than to tell the GOP base you are shifting to Harry Reid's side of the debate and refusing to give General Petraeus even the chance to succeed and report on the success before cutting the legs out from under him and the troops he commands.

    The NRSC is already reeling as long time donors return their envelopes with "not one more dime" scrawled across the request for support.  The immigration bill debate was one giant self-inflicted wound, and now the rush to embrace Harry Reid's defeat agenda is another.  The New York Times' account of a wavering White House has been disputed by Tony Snow today but needs to be forcefully rejected by the president himself.  Bill Kristol's editorial on Republican round heels sums up the outrage that is swelling within Republican and independent ranks where the stakes in Iraq are understood and the GOP's defectors the subject of scorn.  There's still lots of time for the wavering senators to check with their constituents and vote to block Reid's timetable for collapse, but if they decide Senator Reid is their leader instead of Mitch McConnell, I expect the GOP to give up a lot of ground in 2008.  Me-too defeatism is not worth fighting for.  I suspect every Republican up for re-election who becomes identified with Reid will be turned out of office, and no tears will be shed for them.

    Perhaps the best place to start is with a call to Senators Domenici, Alexander, and Warner via the Hill's switchboard at 202-225-3121, and by sending their offices John Burns account of the tide turning in Ramadi from yesterday's New York Times. 

    UPDATE: See Scott Johnson's A Moment of Truth, Paul Mirengoff's A Moment of Untruth,  and Instapundit's round-up.

  • Sheehan threatens Pelosi--but will her potential entry into the S.F. Congresswoman's race work?

    Catherine Moy, my co-author of 'American Mourning ' which is a definitive look at Cindy Sheehan, the real truth about America's 'Peace Mom' is blogging at about Sheehan's real chances in a show-down with Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her own district.

    As usual, Moy is scathingly funny. And right.


    (We're still trying to convert some html text, bear with us)

  • AUDIO: Muslims Declare Sovereignty Over U.S. and U.K.

    The Muslim community holds huge rally in London --tells the Queen to 'Go To Hell'

    Diabtribes caught on tape by Radio Talker Rusty Humphries and Aaron Klein of

    World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE

    "One day my dear Muslims," shouted Anjem Choudary, "Islam will govern Britain!"

    Choudary was a co-founder of Al Muhajiroun, the now-banned group tied to suspects in the July 7, 2005, London transport bombings and a cheerleader of the 9/11 attacks.

    "Democracy, hypocrisy," Choudary chanted as the crowd echoed him. "Tony Blair, terrorist! Tony Blair, murderer! Queen Elizabeth, go to hell!"

  • American Policy Towards Iran--A Sensible Solution

    Human Events Editor Jed Babbin, my good friend and regular contributor to KSFO's morning show, has some clear-thinking policy suggestions to deal with dangerous escalation of violent threats and the ability of the Iranian government to carry them out.

  • Yusaf Islam AKA Cat Stevens.


    Cat Stevens was my musical idol back in the 70's when I could actually slide on my hip hugger jeans.  And my tie-dyed T-shirt was extra-small.


    Kind of hunky, huh?

     I remember the last musical concert he gave in the United States, before he disappeared in the world of Islam and changed his name to Yusaf Islam.

    I remember it because I was there. Cat Stevens was supposed to be as well. 

    Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, Missouri.

    Big disco ball hanging from the ceiling, with thousands of us Peace Train freaks on-board for Moon Shadow madness. But Stevens never showed. The FM DJ appeared before the crowd and relayed his lame no-show excuse. We were pissed. Now I'm REALLY pissed at his resurgence for Live Earth, and his subtle anti-semitic rants.

    It gets worse. WAY WORSE.

  • UPDATE: Sheehan Threatens Speaker Pelosi !

    Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a big decision to make. Retain her power and introduce impreachment articles against George Bush. Or face Cindy Sheehan's wrath.

    No kidding! Sheehan is attempting blackmail against the most powerful woman in the world. Kinda.

    From AP

  • The Peace Queens Stroll Around Texas


    Bree Walker and Cindy Sheehan. Passing on the Bush Derangement Syndrome virus.

    Cat Moy has the story from the Move America Forward blog, plus Mullahs, Mullahs, Mullahs. Background on the haters of America and the West.

  • Like, Dude, what's Global Warming?

    If you listen or watch the alphabet soup networks (NBC, ABC, See-B.S.) and the rest of the left-wing biased gang, you might come away with the notion that the Global Warming concerts organized by ALGORE has tuned in and turned on the younger crowd. You would be like, wrong. Totally.
  • Pay No Attention to the Military Man Behind the Curtain

    Wizard of Oz photoThe United States military is a remarkable fighting force of the most dedicated and amazing men and women America has to offer. Contrast that with the collection of politicians we have in Washington that have clothed themselves as "leaders." Let's make this simple: Which group do you trust to win the war against terrorism?

  • As heard first on KSFO Radio two days ago...Cindy Sheehan is 'retiring' from 'retirement'

    And what prompted the country's most famous peace activist since Jane Fonda to give up her desultory existance in Dixon, California?

    Why, Scooter Libby's commutation, of course!

    The expression 'I told you so' is so unbecoming ...but Cat Moy, my co-author of 'American Mourning ' and I predicted this 15 seconds after her announcement she was done with the peace movement. Cindy Sheehan told the world she was righteously angry with the anti-war crowd. And she wanted to spend time with her kids.

    Yeah. Right.

    Cindy Sheehan is ADDICTEDto the limelight.

  • A Short Reminder of Why We Are Fighting In Iraq

    Military expert and war veteran Ron Winter starts out his latest column chiding the media (again) for failing to keep American casualties in context.

    But the entire piece gives us the abbreviated version for 'failing memories' about why we are engaged there right now.


    See full-size image.



    While Al and Tipper traipse around the word scaring the crap out of OUR kids because of Global Warming, they might want to pay a bit more attention to one of their own children. Al Gore 3 has a history of 'flying high' in automobiles, whether a prius or a gas guzzler. Let's hope his father's namesake gets the help he apparently needs. Move over, Lindsay, Paris, and Nicole. Someone else needs your bed in Rehab.

    All Gore III Mug ShotA mug shot of Al Gore III released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office. (Orange County Sheriff's Dept.)


  • Annie, Get Your Gun


     I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ann Coulter, vilified by the Liberal Media.

  • MSM discovers the 'synergy' of Talk Radio and the Internet

    How Conservatives
    Enhanced Online Voice

    Talk Radio Blends
    With Blog Postings
    To Boost Message
    July 3, 2007; Page A5

    Political activism on the Internet -- and in the so-called blogosphere, in particular -- has long been considered a liberal stronghold. But conservative bloggers show increasing signs of their own coming of age.

    They took a major leap forward by playing a central role in scuttling the Senate immigration bill. Meanwhile, many of the most popular talk-radio hosts are now posting on blogs, and the frequent collaboration of the two

    From the Wall Street Journal, read more  

  • How Conservatives Enhanced Online Voice -Wall Street Journal

    How Conservatives Enhanced Online Voice
    Talk Radio Blends
    With Blog Postings
    To Boost Message
    July 3, 2007; Page A5

    Political activism on the Internet -- and in the so-called blogosphere, in particular -- has long been considered a liberal stronghold. But conservative bloggers show increasing signs of their own coming of age.

    They took a major leap forward by playing a central role in scuttling the Senate immigration bill. Meanwhile, many of the most popular talk-radio hosts are now posting on blogs, and the frequent collaboration of the two media is creating a unified conservative voice that is likely to be an important factor in the 2008 elections.

  • If your son or daughter died in defense of our country ...

    Would it be too much to ask of elected politicans to make a license plate honoring these young men and women? Apparently so. Here in California-- under the leadership of Senate Pro Tem Don Perata --a man who is more interested in offering a non-binding measure on our state ballot to retreat-in-defeat from Iraq. The cynical part of this equation is that Perata is doing this in order to draw voters to approve his measure to extend term limits so he can stay in power. The lack of action on Gold Star Family license plates in our state legislature is disgusting.

    It. Truly. Sickens. Me.

  • 'The Surge' is showing signs of working

    The Bush Administration has been stumbling about for a successful policy to defeat Al Quada in Iraq. The new policy of a surge may finally be showing signs of success. (Psst, please don't tell Nancy Pelosi. It might ruin her day.)

    Jack Kelly, columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has it about right.

  • Jihadists defeated in Britian--Barely

    While five Islamic fanatics were being arrested in Great Britian, the Mayor of London 'Red Ken' Livingstone sides with Muslims. As usual, Michelle Malkin ferrets out the salient news.

    Read more here.

  • London Bombing Plot Foiled

    As M-I-5 and other British counter-terrorist organizations are being congratulated on stopping another Jihadist attack on the people of Great Britian, London's Mayor begs for understanding of the Muslim people. Leave it to Michelle Malkin to ferret out the important details.

    Click here for the whole story.

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