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We are a little more than 48 hours out from history. In case you have been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, here is the very latest on San Francisco's Tea Party.

Of course, KSFO Radio is sponsoring two others in San Jose and Pleasanton, and I want you to click right over to and look under "Events" for details.

Meanwhile, Sally Z. of Marin County (San Francisco's superb organizer) has some words of advice for all of us.

WHERE AND WHEN (you know the WHY):


Civic Center (Plaza) Park.

Corner of McAllister and Polk.

From there, we walk to 450 Golden Gate (one block) to Pelosi’s office.

11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Come for the entire time or part of it; we will be in either of the two locations.



--cheer and chant a lot!

--sign the Grievance Scroll (a draft of which is attached)

--register so that I have your name and email for next time (there will be a next time)



Howard Epstein (Chair of SF-GOP) will introduce Dana Walsh and Melanie Morgan will also be speaking.


I am waiting to hear from about 3 others.




1—pin a teabag to your lapel, jacket.


2—bring extra tea to give to Princess Pelosi, more symbolic than anything at this point as she will be at the Mark Hopkins for her book signing.


3—signs—keep them appropriate.  Stay on message (bailouts, stimulus, budget, taxes, pork, earmarks).  Please refrain from signs that will take us off message and give fuel to the left wing press and left wingers who might show up.


4—cameras and videos cameras: for posterity and security.


5—period outfits, FLAGS!  We will say the Pledge to start this off and we’ll need flags for that as well as patriotism in general.


6—if you have a boombox and have extra hands for it, download some music (appropriate please) and bring it along.  I’m trying to work something out w/ this.  It’s not the end of the world if we don’t have music…it just might be nice on the march to Princess P’s.


7—a great attitude, your principles and a sense of humor as well as purpose.


8—patience.  If the HuffPo or other leftwing brigades bother to appear, DO NOT LET THEM GOAD YOU….that is their sole purpose.  I say: IGNORE THEM!




1--I am hoping to speak w/ the police in charge on Monday.


2—I have two big “SECURITY” signs which really serve the only purpose of deterrence (kind of like those stickers the alarm companies give you).  If the lefties show up, maybe they’ll be put off by the fact that they think we have security.




4—Remember: don’t let them goad you.  Minimize your contact w/ them.  If you see something of concern, get someone w/ a camera to film it and go to one of the police.


5—If you see someone and they aren’t one of us, i.e., they’re wearing an ACORN t-shirt, they have a sign that says “Homophobe or Nazi” etc., they’re screaming certain things at us, they’re not wearing a tea bag pin, do the following:


            1---as above, grab someone w/ a camera and keep your eve on them;


2---grab one of our “INFIL-TRAITOR” signs and go stand next to them, have someone take a picture and stick w/ that person for a while…it might agitate them enough to leave or relocate.


3---if you feel comfortable approaching them, you can tell them this and see if it has any impact:


“We have a permit that restricts this protest to matters of taxes and the budget and stimulus/bailouts.  An anti-war or pro-abortion sign isn’t by law permitted at this protest.  You will have to go somewhere else w/ this sign OR take one of ours or I will have to ask the police to escort you away.”