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Chicago's unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers has been in San Francisco for the past three days to organize and lead training sessions in civil disobedience for the Occupy movement ...a movement that has turned violent and unpredictable as the months have gone by.

To have Ayers in the Bay Area is truly frightening. He is capable of anything. He is responsible for the death of his own girlfriend as a member of the Weather Underground in an accidental bombing. He is responsible for the murder of Park Station Police Sgt. Brian McDonnell over 39 years ago, and got off on a technicality.

Refresh yourselves on the facts from my experience with Bill Ayers, a man who should be in jail instead of training kids how to stop traffic, schools and disrupt corporations.

Declassified FBI Report on the Weather Underground Organization (WUO). This report details: WUO members' extensive stays in Communist countries of Cuba, Vietnam and Russia; WUO's goals to establish "world communism" and "overthrow capitalism" in "imperialist" America; murder conspiracy; involvement in US Vietnam-era Chicago riots; ties to the PLO, Quebec Liberation Front, SDS, Black Liberation Front and Black Panthers; meeting with North Vietnamese in Cuba; bomb factories; purchase of 50 pounds of dynamite; shooting down a US plane in Vietnam and wearing a necklace made of a piece of the plane's fuselage; firing rifle shots into a Massachusetts Police Station; and a wide variety of other serious crimes and radical connections. 08.20.76
Bill Ayers is Working

The eternal argument over the Death Penalty is coming up -again - in California. The Secretary of State's office has announced that a  measure has qualified for the ballot that would make life in prison without parole the harshest punishment in the state. AND it cancels the death sentence for 725 inmates to life in prison.

Executions are currently suspended in California because a left-wing Judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the state's lethal injection system is cruel and unusual punishment.

The last execution that took place at San Quentin took place in 2005.

I was there.

I was happy to see a stone cold killer, a vicious man with no hope of redemption (in this world) recieve the ultimate punishment: death.

Here is the story, and the backstory, that I wrote about the death of "Tookie" Stanley Williams.

The Night the Lights Went Out

by Melanie Morgan

It was a little after midnight as scores of pro-gang activists gathered in a vigil to honor their hero “Tookie” Williams. I was at this media group-grope at San Quentin prison. As reporters interviewed reporters, I stood watching and waiting for the inevitable nuttiness I knew was going to follow.

Aware of the growing passion amongst those in the pro-Crips contingent, I decided to leave before any unruly mobs could materialize with their threats to run down anyone who didn’t believe in “Tookie’s” innocence.

Williams (whose real first name is Stanley; “Tookie” is his Crips’ gang name that he refused to renounce) was finally put to death early on Tuesday for the murders of four innocent people.

Thank God. And thank Susan Kennedy.

Ironically, justice was served because of the hiring of a liberal, lesbian, abortion-rights activist named Susan Kennedy, a top aide to recalled-Gov. Gray “Electricity Crisis” Davis.

Before watching the lights go out under Davis, Kennedy had served as the executive director of the California Democrat Party.

And with that background and track record of political involvement, you can understand why the world of Republican politicos was rocked a couple of weeks ago when Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he had chosen Susan Kennedy to serve as his top adviser – his chief of staff.

Schwarzenegger’s selection of Kennedy set off a firestorm in the GOP, and with good reason. Consider the reaction of Democrats had John Kerry or Al Gore named Karl Rove as their chief of staff.

Gov. Schwarzenegger already had problems with his conservative base after several missteps during his first term. But the Susan Kennedy appointment was the one that had solidified the backlash against Schwarzenegger by fellow Republicans.

And now Schwarzenegger was in a bind. If he granted “Tookie” clemency, he would have surely turned growing Republican skepticism into a full-blown GOP revolt against him.

Schwarzenegger had gotten himself into this mess when he agreed to grant Williams a hearing to consider sparing him from the death penalty. It was another one of those “I want to reach out to the liberal people of California” gestures that reminded conservatives why they didn’t much like Schwarzenegger in the first place.

Angered victims’-rights groups questioned how Schwarzenegger could possibly consider granting clemency to a man who had founded the Crips gang and murdered four human beings. “Tookie’s” Crips have robbed, raped and murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent victims, destroying whole families and neighborhoods.

When he was convicted of murder, jurors on the Williams’ trial said “Tookie” had looked over toward them, called them “sons of bitches” and threatened that he would exact revenge and, “was going to get all of them.”

No wonder the criminal-coddling liberals love him so much!

The “” website has proclaimed “Tookie” to be, “a great fighter against racism, injustice, and the death penalty.”

They celebrate his stand against the death penalty? Apparently, “Tookie” only supports death by gang-murder, but opposes capital punishment. “Good for him” cheer the soft-on-crime liberal apologists!

Liberals have turned the concepts of “right” and “wrong” on their head. They now are amazingly redefining prison as a resume-booster, like a college degree or a record of involvement with charitable organizations.

Patt Morrsion, who writes liberal witticisms for the Los Angeles Times and delivers liberal invective over the airwaves for National Public Radio, wrote this week that: “Not everyone who goes to prison is Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi … Being sent to prison does not automatically give anyone a leg up the hero ladder.”

Apparently Ms. Morrisson thinks that lots of the time going to prison does make one a hero.

Maybe Ms. Morrisson is unaware of the fact that another Mandela has been involved with the effort to re-write history to demean victims and their families. Winnie Mandela, Nelson’s ex-wife, spent time at San Quentin strategizing with “Tookie” Williams on how to avoid the death penalty.

What a great match, since Winnie Mandela was herself accused of murdering a 13-year-old boy.

The same liberals who are now making “Tookie” Williams into a martyr, demanding a state funeral for a cold-blooded killer, also spawned Susan Kennedy, that far-left, liberal activist who now serves as Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s right-hand woman.

So, did Susan Kennedy kill “Tookie”?

In the Byzantine twists of California politics, the governor denied clemency to Stanley “Tookie” Williams because Schwarzenegger knew he could not survive the hemorrhaging of any more Republican support.

And for that you can thank Susan Kennedy, the woman who was on the watch when the lights went out in California during the energy crisis under Gray Davis.

This time you could say she turned the lights out on “Tookie.”




It's OVER..and now embattled Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer has to figure out how to live the rest of her life as an addict.

The wife of State treasurer Bill Lockyer is speaking exclusively to the San Jose Mercury News about the life of addiction, deceit, and adultery that caused her to fall so far and so fast.

During that interview she spoke of the drugs that HER HUSBAND gave her ...addicting her to pain-killers early in their marriage. It could be a lie. But it could be true.

Isn't time for the drama to end? Why should Bill Lockyer stay in office? She resigned as a Supervisor for alameda, and he SHOULD resign his job. For the sake of the child.

Bill Lockyer needs to step down. Immediately.

From the co-host of the Brian Sussman and Melanie Morgan show ...San Francisco's meterologist and chief climate change skeptic!

- Earth Day Interviews: Humans are the problem

Monday April 23, 2012 - Earth Day Interviews: Humans are the problem


President Barack Obama: in deep trouble

The RealClearPolitics poll average puts President Barack Obama at 47 percent and Romney at 44.2 percent - statistically insignificant lead of 2.2 percent.

Drill down into the numbers of the latest CBS poll and there are ominous signs for Obama. Only 33 percent of Americans believe the economy is moving in the right direction. A mere 16 percent feel they are getting ahead financially. Some 38 percent think their situation will get worse if Obama is re-elected, 26 percent think it will get better.

A cursory look back at incumbent versus challenger presidential races does not give Obama much comfort.

In April 1976, President Gerald Ford was in about the same position as Obama is now. He lost the 1976 general election to Jimmy Carter by two points. In April 1980, President Jimmy Carter was leading Ronald Reagan by 38 points to 32 points with John Anderson on 22. In November 1980, Reagan won by 10 points.

In April 1992, President George H.W. Bush was on 46 percent and Bill Clinton on 26 percent. In November 1992, Clinton won by six points. In April 2004, President George W. Bush was on 50 percent and John Kerry on 44 percent. In November 2004, Bush won by two points.

We are already past the point at which it seems plausible that 2012 will be a repeat of 1996 when the incumbent (Clinton) cruised to a comfortable eight-point victory over the challenger (Bob Dole). Rather, we are probably looking at a 1992 scenario - an incumbent defeat - or a 2004 race - the incumbent (or the challenger) eking out a narrow victory.

All the signs are that Obama will try to do to Romney what Bush did to Kerry in 2004 - make the election turn on the character of the challenger rather than being a referendum on the incumbent. It was brutal, it was ugly and it was a process of grinding out a win on the basis of consolidating the Republican base and dividing the country.

The Romney campaign, which includes a number of people who helped map out and execute that strategy for Bush, is all too aware of the dangers of Romney falling into the same trap as Kerry and allowing himself to be defined by Obama.

Check out my co-hosts Brian Sussman's viral video!

- Brian Sussman's Latest Video!!!

Friday April 20, 2012 - Brian Sussman's Latest Video!!!


- Obama Ate Dog...

Thursday April 19, 2012 - Obama Ate Dog...

yes we're serious


(only if you like REALLY stupid but funny stuff!)

MSNBC host Al Sharpton’s 2004 campaign owes nearly $1 million to creditors and federal government, records show that why Sharpton is hustling on the Travyon Martin case? Using a tragedy for fund-raising?

Just sayin'.

Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Al Sharpton

Al Gore TV, which fired its biggest unwatched star recently, has hired Gavin Newsom to be on his cable channel.

The 44-year-old Newsom, as everyone in San Francisco knows, used to be on the city's Parking and Traffic Commission.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, an admitted alcoholic who is rumored to have indulged in other recreational drugs, is replacing basic, essential City services with a $2.7 million poverty court to prosecute the poor, and especially the houseless, for “quality of life” crimes. – Photo:


Since 1996, Newsom has been busy.

He was for a time the only white heterosexual male on the Board of Supervisors. He was the city's mayor and gained national fame for issuing marriage licenses to gay couples against state law. During the divorce from his first wife, Newsom had an affair with his appointments secretary who was married to his good friend and deputy chief of staff who became his reelection campaign manager but quit after his wife revealed the illicit relationship during substance abuse rehab.

Newsom then married another woman, ran briefly for governor in 2010 and got within 20 points of Jerry Brown before giving up and settling on the lieutenant governor's "job."

All of these accomplishments have qualified Newsom as a regular talker on Bill Maher's HBO show.

Democrat Newsom describes California's No. 2 job behind Brown as having "no real authority and no real portfolio." Still, he's paid $130,490 a year in taxpayer money by a state that may have more annual budget crises than seasons.

Gore, who lost all of his bids for the presidency before hitting on the global warming thing, founded Current TV in 2005 with partner Joel Hyatt. They wanted a liberal alternative to the Fox News Channel. To the surprise of many, San Francisco-based Current TV has been phenomenally successful in that regard except for the absence of viewers, ratings, identity and income.

Last year with great excitement Gore hired a little-known failed sportscaster named Keith Olbermann, who was on the rebound after being fired from pretty much every job he's ever held on TV. Last month Olbermann racked up another firing when Current canned him. Both parties are suing each other for millions of dollars.

Gore was very excited again Wednesday to announce "The Gavin Newsom Show." According to Gore, Newsom's hour-long national show will launch next month and consist of Newsom interviewing lots of cool San Francisco Bay area people.

You can't set your TiVo's yet, however, because the time slot is undetermined, Brian Stelter tells us. But it will likely run over and over and over on weekends.

Gore called Newsom "a courageous leader who has boldly seized every opportunity to create positive social change. First as a successful entrepreneur, then in his role as mayor of San Francisco, and now as Lieutenant Governor, Newsom touches many worlds -- business, politics, entertainment and activism. We are honored that Current TV will be bringing his curiosity, intelligence, insights and enthusiasm to television."

Many people had thought, accurately, that the lieutenant governor job in the nation's most populous state was a full-time position. Surprisingly, Newsom's spokesman agreed with his boss there was no conflict with state duties and would somehow showcase the Golden state nationally. He said Newsom would do little program preparation because he knows most of his guests already.

Newsom's television contract salary, which Current did not disclose, will be donated to charity, the part-time lieutenant governor said. Which prompted some Californians to suggest perhaps Newsom should also give back some of his state salary for the second job show time no longer devoted to official duties for the chronically financially-strapped government.

At Current, Newsom joins another disgraced Democrat, Eliot Spitzer, who replaced the fired liberal Olbermann late last month. Spitzer was the jut-jawed former prosecutor who became governor of New York, then resigned upon disclosure that he was Client No. 9 in a major prostitution ring, who had so outrageously overpaid call girls.

Earlier this year Spitzer was fired from another failed cable talk show on CNN



 Warning: Two chicks lip-locking in Urban Outfitter Catalogue, parents pissed.


Whistleblower Wednesday turns up callers who claim that the Bay Bridge will tumble in a high intensity Earthquake!

Thursday April 19, 2012 - Bay Bridge Whistleblower Calls!

Thursday April 19, 2012 - Bay Bridge Whistleblower Calls!


In an exclusive interview with KSFO Radio today on the Brian Sussman and Melanie Morgan show, California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro says that there should be a "criminal investigation" into the email sent by Nadia Lockyer to a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News.

The Alameda County Supervisor skipped out of rehab earlier last month for a drug addiction, wrote a note to a reporter saying that her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, supplied her with drug. She later denied the allegations, saying that her email had been hacked.

Del Beccaro says that if true, these are serious allegations that must be investigated.

The audio of this interview will be available shortly.

My good friend Brian Sussman spent almost a year researching and writing the definitive book on the Liberal Left agenda to destroy individual liberties through the greening of America.

Brian ahs a full day promoting his book today and through the rest of this week. Watch him with the great morning show on Fox News.

- Brian on FoxNews

Thursday April 18, 2012 - Brian on FoxNews


Brian's off today, so it's me and JD..the recovering Congressman!

What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas: GSA Official Invokes Right To Remain Silent in Congressional Hearing

Tuesday April 17, 2012 - What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas: GSA Official Invokes Right To Remain Silent in Congressional Hearing

Oh yeah, and the NAKED PHOTO OF JEFF NEELY IN A HOT TUB! Don't get too excited... it's... well just look for yourself if you dare.


The following account of the San Francisco Tea Party (with photos) is courtesy of Jack W. to whom we are grateful.

Over two thousand folks had a rip-snorting good time in Pleasanton where Brian Sussman of KSFO joined the TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY crowd. I hope to have some pictures later, plus the greatevent in San Jose on Sunday.

San Francisco Tax Day Tea Party


In an event supported by a biker gang and opposed by Occupier infiltrators, San Franciscans gathered this afternoon for a tax day Tea
Party (click on most photos to enlarge):

The bridge in the background above and below is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Breitbart was here:

A motorcycle gang, the Sons of Liberty, arrived and joined the rally:

This man voted for Obama in 2008:

A chorus line entered the stage with each dancer representing a digit in the national debt. It takes a lot of digits:

Several candidates for office spoke. Also, several individuals, such as this man, took to the stage to tell their story:

This woman had a simple direct message for Democrats: "Grow up. Take care of yourself"

It seems that red is the new black. How come I didn't get the memo?:
The red 'Nobama" fingers in many of these photos are
in support of Gov. Brewer and in defiance of a local reporter who thought that no one in San Francisco would wag a finger at Obama.

Obama's debt will be paid off by our children and grandchildren. This family took notice:
And these kids also:

"Throw them all out" says this sign which shows a donkey and a rhino:

Four Occupiers arrived. This camera-shy Occupier, possibly a veteran of the Police-Occupy battles (see here or here), had a message: "F*** the police - directly oppressive force. Law does not apply here: sovereign citizen solidarity." His sweatshirt, not fully visible here, also sported a "F*** the police" message:
The other side of his sign noted that California's
homeless population was "135,928" while there are "1,102,583" vacant homes in the state. He concludes "WTF!" There seemed no point in discussing issues of economics, private property, or the nature of the homeless population with him:
Another Occupier, by contrast, seemed genuinely
interested in discussing the issues. He, for example, saw a sign "the politics of envy leads to socialism" and he thought it made no sense. I explained it and he understood. Not all Occupiers are angry and violent. I have met several now who I expect will mature into responsible citizens. The two protesters below thought that the constitution grants states the right to decide marijuana legalization. Claiming to be advocates of constitutional liberties, they thought they should have Tea Party support and were upset that the tea party organizers would not let them speak at this event:
The building in the background above, by the way, is
the Clock Tower on the SF Ferry Building.
Remember how the Occupier above thought that the police were "directly oppressive force"? Somehow, Tea Partiers don't have the same problem with police, as you can see by the relaxed stance of these SFPD officers assigned to the rally:
Their ease reflects the fact that Tea Partiers
understand private property and responsible behavior. The city permit for the protest required, for example, that, in deference to other users of the park, the sound system be turned off at 3:30pm. It was.
This rally was organized by the San Francisco Tea Party and was supported by MyLiberty (San Mateo County), the North Bay Patriots (Marin County) and seven other Bay Area Tea Party affiliated groups.

Women, even liberal women, are shocked by DNC Consultant Hillary Rosen's unprovoked attack on CNN yesterday that Ann Romney "has never worked a day in her life."

Rosen says that the mother of five, grandmother of 16, has NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HER LIFE.

Who is this Hillary Rosen? She's a lesbian mother of two adopted children, now split from her partner, who admitted to quitting her job and staying home with her babies!

She is ALSO a great friend of the President of the United States, whose campaign is orchestrating the faux war on women.

The Democrat hitwoman Hilary Rosen visited at the White House, including at least 5 POTUS meetings. White House visitor logs show that Hilary Rosen, the DC lobbyist/Anita Dunn colleague who attacked Ann Romney's stay-at-home-mom status on CNN last night, visited 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. at least 35 times. (Michelle

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, whom we interviewed this morning on KSFO Radio, says that Rosen's comments are "demeaning, insulting and uneducated. We are smart, we are thoughtful, but we women keep things in balance. Those comments were unfortunate and demeaning."

Liberal TV hosts Soledad O'Brien and Mika Bryzinski of MSNBC, say that the comments were "unfortunate" and divided women over the choices they make.

Rick Santorum won eleven states — that’s nothing to sneeze at. Still, I can’t help thinking he could have done even better.

On the heels of his decision to suspend his campaign, there will be plenty of campaign postmortems penned. But the HuffPost’s Jon Ward has, perhaps, already nailed it.

As Ward notes, Santorum occasionally stumbled upon an inspiring message:

“If government is going to get smaller, then people have to get bigger,” Santorum said. “And that means they have to stretch out more, they have to do more things. But how beautiful is that? How beautiful is that that you’re going to have to do more to help those in need in our society?”

… This was a message with a soul, an appeal to freedom and to people’s better instincts, and simultaneously an acknowledgement of the question that many ask of those who want to shrink government: “Then what?”

(Imagine that! — a leader who summons us to follow our better angels.)

This could have been effective. But Santorum didn’t consistently drive this sort of transcendent message:

Combined with Santorum’s focus on reviving manufacturing, there was potential in these words to attract fiscal conservatives who want less government regulation and taxation, along with religious values voters, libertarian-minded Republicans, and blue-collar voters of both parties.

And it stood in contrast to Romney’s uninspiring promise to reprogram the economy. Romney’s core message had so far failed to connect or rouse conservatives so much that one well-connected Republican consultant who supports Romney called his candidacy “a campaign about nothing.”

However, Santorum drifted away from the “people have to get bigger” line. He talked about variations of that idea, but not consistently.

(Emphasis mine.)

Santorum, of course, faced a plethora of problems — many of which he couldn’t control. He couldn’t retroactively change the fact that he had supported most Bush-era big government policies, nor could he change the fact that Mitt Romney could outspend him many times over. And, of course, he couldn’t change the fact that The Drudge Report was seemingly out to get him.

The economy's been growing at a rate less than half the average for the recoveries following the nine previous postwar recessions. Accompanying the worst recovery ever is the longest period of sustained high unemployment since the Great Depression, the Congressional Budget Office has noted.

Real average hourly earnings fell 1.1 percent between February of last year and this February, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Americans are being squeezed more than these data indicate. The Consumer Price Index rose just 2.9 percent last year, but the American Institute for Economic Research compiles an "Everyday Price Index," which includes only things the typical consumer buys at least once a month, and it rose 7.2 percent.

High unemployment, slow growth and soaring gasoline prices are the product chiefly of government policies. They can be ameliorated, swiftly and substantially, if those policies are changed. But it's too late to vote our way out of our biggest economic problem.

Our national debt is $15.6 trillion. It doesn't include the promises made to Social Security and Medicare recipients, or the pensions of federal workers ($50.5 trillion); unfunded pensions for state and local government workers ($4.4 trillion), or the $11.4 trillion we owe on home mortgages, credit cards and auto and student loans.

Add it all up, and each American owes about $261,000. Per capita income is about $27,000.

Original Article

 by American Thinker



It was a fable for our times: Once upon a time, a nice young man set off from his dad's fiancée's home before the NBA All-Star game to buy some Skittles and Arizona Tea for his stepbrother. (snip) Just as Martin did not go straight home after he first spotted the neighborhood watch captain, so, too, he apparently did not go directly to Brandy Green's apartment from the 7-Eleven. What exactly he was doing between the time he entered the gated community and the moment Zimmerman noticed him will probably never be known

- CodePink on Michelle Obama’s message to them in SF: “Keep up the great work”

Thursday April 5, 2012 - CodePink on Michelle Obama’s message to them in SF: “Keep up the great work”



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NBC News is offering up a half-assed apology today for editing a piece of audio of the 911 tapes in the George Zimmerman case to make it appear as if Zimmerman is a racist.

When will the writer/producer/reporter/Executive Producer/Operations Director be fired for this slander?


Keith Olberfuhrer is OUT at that piddly little TV network called Current, owned by Al Gore and uber-liberal shyster Joel Hyatt.


Hard to believe, I know.