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Katie Green Is Raising Money for The American Lung Association in California and Needs Your Help!!

Wednesday March 28, 2012 - Katie Green Is Raising Money for The American Lung Association in California and Needs Your Help!!

Katie Green also goes by "DJ Katie" on KOFY TV's Dance Party - She is participating in the Fight for Air Climb 2012 for the American Lung Association in California!! Donate and Show Your Support here!


Another win for Mitt. Tea Party Senator Marco Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity. Rubio said that Romney is a "very clear alternative" to Obama's plan for the country. As for the current Republican race, the first-term senator said that it's a "recipe for delivery four more years of Obama." Saying that Romney's earned it, Rubio still didn't say whether he'd be on Romney's ticket. Rubio will be the biggest get for Romney since Jeb Bush threw in his hat for the former governor earlier this month. Rubio continued to deny that he has any interest in being vice president.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio


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My favorite Vice-President ever is in the hospital.

Dick Cheney, the man who helped to keep us safe during the turbulent years of the Bush administration, has recieved a heart transplant.

The mainstream media is trying DESPERATELY to insinuate that he skipped  to the head of the transplant line.

But somehow, those stubborn things called facts, keep getting in the way.

Get well soon, Mr. Vice-President.

Sign a Get Well Card for Mr. Chaney


At a $35,800 per person fundraiser in Atlanta, held at a French chateau-style mansion, President Obama talked about human-induced climate change:

“It gets you a little nervous about what is happening to global temperatures. When it is 75 degrees in Chicago in the beginning of March, you start thinking.”

Now, a little bit about the carbon footprint of the home of Tyler Perry, in which the president was a guest.

According to the pool reporter covering the event:

“The three story home complete with wooden shutters, that would have looked at home in the Loire Valley, was reached by a wide marble staircase leading up to the front door, inside which was a large crystal chandelier. The pool spotted a cozy looking library with antique volumes on the shelves as we were taken up two flights of stairs into a games room area, complete with a pub-style bar, pool table, antique chess set and large antique telescope.”

The hypocrisy is glaring. If Obama really thinks the weather is changing because of human influence, he wouldn’t have set foot in the home of Mr. Perry, let alone hold a fundraiser there.

I don’t believe Obama, or most vocal eco-actitivists, really think that human-derived CO2 emissions are altering the weather or warming the the climate.  Instead, as I conclusively prove in my book, Eco-Tyranny, these masterminds are purposefully using a phony environmental crises to usher in their utopian world view which includes mass redistribution of wealth, radical scientific materialism, and absolute government control over our lives.


Don’t let our troops be forgotten! With the media's willful ignorance and Easter on its way we must remind our troops overseas that we still remember why they are there and everything they are doing for our nation!

Look at the latest headlines - the media is obsessed with election coverage, football teams trading players, and which football team Peyton Manning is going to. There is no coverage about the looming fight coming in Afghanistan.

Every spring, the "down-season" of winter melts away with the snow of the Afghan mountain ranges. When spring and summer arrive, the Taliban come out of their caves and face our troops. We can't let our brave military men and women be forgotten!

"They are going to come out at us very hard in the east," predicts US Marine Gen. John Allen, the commander of US-led coalition troops in Afghanistan.
- Wall Street Journal (03/19/2012)

We've finally made Easter Care Packages for the Troops available for you to sponsor. Give our troops some much deserved support and offer a message of gratitude.

Your personal message will be sent in a care package packed by our volunteers and sent along with a box full of goodies including special Easter treats! The Easter Holiday is coming up quickly, so get your orders in now!

Don’t Forget! We’re On the Lookout for Troops!

Soldier Registration is easy! If you have the address of someone on active military duty, such as a spouse, child or sibling, you can click here for our Soldier Sign Up to register each one with the program, or copy this link: e-mail it to them so they can register themselves. Once registered, they will be eligible to receive a package and messages of support from caring fellow Americans.

My friend Sally Zelikovsky has written an excellent article that I certainly hope will be distributed to all people of consequence.

From American

One  of the most disappointing aspects of this primary contest has been the class  warfare attacks leveled against Mitt Romney -- not by the president, but by  fellow Republicans.
Historically  falling within the jurisdiction of the left wing, Pandora's Class Warfare Box  was opened by Newt Gingrich when pro-Newt super-PACs attacked Romney's tenure  and success at Bain Capital.  Gingrich, while technically no more  responsible for these ads than Romney for his super-PAC, immediately and  relentlessly started to carpet-bomb Romney's success until forced to back off  when conservative voters made it clear that this tactic did not resonate with  them.
Rick  Perry embraced Newt's anti-1% rhetoric tout de suite when he called  Romney a "vulture capitalist."  This didn't hit conservatives in the sweet  spot either.

Rush Limbaugh listeners Attack Media Matters for America for hiring Anti-Semite - Call Donors in Protest!

It takes a fair amount of panache to wag your fingers at others for being over the line and intolerant even while you are blatantly dismissing the same behavior in your own back yard. But that is exactly what Media Matters for America (MMFA) continues to do as they steadfastly unload their weaponry on Rush Limbaugh with “devastating” videos like this.


I guess where Media Matters comes from 10,000 views is a media blitzkrieg. The effectiveness of their campaign aside, it’s clear that MMFA wants everyone to know that Rush pulling an Ed Schultz and calling a public figure a slut is absolutely unforgivable. Apparently believing that there is a secret Zionist Israeli Cabal that manipulates American foreign policy, is a-ok however. At least that’s all one could assume from reviewing the stated positions of Media Matters “Fellow” M.J. Rosenberg.

Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard gives some insight into Rosenberg’s views at Jerusalem Post:

He even often employs the term “Israel firster” to define an American politician or even pundit who he believes places Israel’s interest above his own nation’s. (The term itself was popularized by white supremacists.) For Rosenberg, support for Israel is tantamount to supporting a wouldbe murderous regime. “There is nothing Israel cd do to Arabs that Hoyer/Weiner/Ackerman/Berman/B erkley/Israel wd object 2.NOTHING,” Rosenberg tweeted, linking to a piece he had written that blasted Congress for welcoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deliver a joint session of Congress. Congressmen Steny Hoyer, Anthony Weiner, Gary Ackerman, Howard Berman, Shelley Berkley and Steve Israel are all Democrats – and Jews.

Rosenberg also pushes the supposed influence Jewish money has in politics, as well. “I wonder if any candidate in either party other than Joe L would slobber over Israel if it wasn’t for the $. Actually I don’t wonder,” Rosenberg said on Twitter last month. The reference was to Joe Lieberman, the former vice presidential Democratic candidate.

Rosenberg himself credits notorious anti-Israel polemicists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of The Israel Lobby, for creating a political environment friendly to his own political and personal beliefs.

I’m sure Rosenberg views all of this through the lens of moral equivalency and a false sense of objectivity. He thinks that support is tilted so unfairly in Israel’s favor and that it’s preposterous to claim merely being against a nation’s policy positions is inherently racist. But as was pointed out above, he’s already accustomed to using supremacist language such as “Israel firster.” And at some point he was even forced to confront the roots of this term and interestingly, became of the opinion that he had to curb that language. Totally coincidentally, The Center for American Progress (CAP) had come under fire for being anti-Semitic and, little known fact, funding for CAP & MMFA are tied to one another.

During 2008, Media Matters entered into a fundraising-sharing agreement with the liberal Center for American Progress, which is run by former Bill Clinton chief of staff John Podesta. According to the agreement, “both organizations agreed to collaborate to raise funds to create a definitive progressive nerve center,” and to “split, equally, all contributions raised for the progressive nerve center.”

As a result, Rosenberg ended up having to drop his white supremacist rhetoric. How do we know this? Well he emailed that very information to an MMFA distribution list:

I have been under assault by various people on the right for my vigorous criticism of AIPAC and its role in promoting confrontation with Iran. My critics are particularly irked that I use the term Israel Firster to describe people who, in my opinion, put the interests of the Israeli right above everything else. This includes politicians such as Newt Gingrich, who as far as I know, is not Jewish. Watching the AIPAC conference convinced me that I must recommit myself to fighting those who are working to lead this country and/or Israel to war in Iran.

But I will do so without using the term “Israel Firster.”

That must have been a sad day for him, as Rosenberg is quite proud of his work actually. He’s completely oblivious to the fact that it’s less about his poor choice of phrases, and more about his apparent disdain for the people of Israel who have, at every turn, worked for peace.


But Media Matters has continued to move further and further to the fringe on the topic of Israel, and Rosenberg has been happy to take credit.

“[Media Matters] is an amazing organization that is in the business of monitoring right-wing propaganda…until I got there they did not have any; they did nothing on foreign policy,” Rosenberg would tell an audience at the Palestine Center in Washington a year later on September 23, 2010. “They made this decision to hire me and hire me with my views because they wanted to be involved with this issue. They wanted to be involved in the Palestinian issue. They want to be involved in stopping war with Iran. And this is a big thing.”

So he’s the big man on campus over there I guess, and all the Media Matters cronies are following his lead, at least when they aren’t dealing with bizarre paranoid behavior from David Brock. Surely all of those MMFA donors must be pleased to know that they are subsidizing this man, this one man wrecking crew trying to ensure Iran’s dreams of the destruction of Israel. He calls his imaginary Zionist Cabal that controls everything “The Lobby.” Creepy. Sounds like a John Grisham novel. I guess he’d be the hero? The one man standing up for … uh… Iran? The “one-man Iran Lobby?” That’s getting into Steven Seagal title territory.

So who’s up for a good old fashioned revenge shaming? Maybe it’s time Media Matters had a heart to heart with their donors to explain why paranoid tales of Jewish Cabals isn’t as bad as saying a word used nightly on network television.

Well lucky you, there’s already been some people laying the ground work for this and they have phone numbers that you can call to get the ball rolling! Check their ad here.

And here’s some numbers you can call:

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland 216-593-2900
Community Foundation of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego 858-279-2740
Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston 617-457-8500
Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco 415-777-0411
Jewish Community Fund 866-580-4523
Pritzker Family Foundation 312-447-6000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 800-262-6039
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund 800-787-3000


My zany co-hosts think it is endlessly amusing that I occasionally use a shopping cart to haul around my goodies.

And that includes all the stupid freakin' paperwork for the IRS.

They report - you decide (Video Below.)

Monday March 19, 2012 - Melanie Has a Shopping Cart This Morning.

(Shot in our KSFO studios at 5:30 a.m. 3/18/12)


Thursday March 15, 2012 - Soldiers asked to disarm during Leon Panetta speech in Afghanistan

Thursday March 15, 2012 - Soldiers asked to disarm during Leon Panetta speech in Afghanistan

US soldiers were asked to disarm during a speech by Leon Panetta, the American defence secretary, in a sign of grown concern over spates of seemingly random violence in Afghanistan.


Maybe there is something to this "birther" controversy.


With the price for a regular gallon of gas topping $3.80 on Monday, angry politicians are blaming the higher prices on speculators and greedy oil companies.

On Friday, President Obama announced that he was “making sure that my Attorney General is paying attention to potential speculation in the oil markets.” 23 Senators and 45 congressmen, all Democrats for one independent, are calling for urgent action against the “speculators” they hold responsible.

These members of congress want the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to use its new regulatory powers under a law Obama signed two years ago to limit the amount of oil that speculators can buy.

This isn’t a new concern.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama campaigned against "the special interest politics that put the interests of Big Oil and speculators ahead of the interests of working people," and surely implied that an Obama administration would end these high prices by clamping down on speculation.

Possibly that is why a new Washington Post/ABC News survey released on Monday shows that soaring gas prices have taken a toll on Obama, with 50 percent of American's strongly disapproving of Obama's economic performance -- the highest in the poll's history.

Unfortunately, neither the Democrats in Congress nor Obama appear to have a clue how markets work.

Everyone wants lower prices, but many politicians seem unable to understand that what speculators really do: they actually smooth out wild swings in prices. Speculators make profits by buying oil when the price is low and selling it when it is high.

When prices are expected to rise in the future, they buy oil today and sell it when they think the higher price occurs. They will keep doing this until the gap between today’s prices and tomorrow’s expected price virtually disappears.

Tensions have risen over the last few weeks as Iran threatens to block oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz if Israel attacks their nuclear facilities. With up to 20 percent of the world’s oil supply at risk -- an amount equal to the entire production from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates -- steep price increases are a real possibility.

The risk immediately increased oil prices. Speculators aren’t waiting for Israel to actually attack. By buying oil now in order to set it aside if supplies are interrupted if the conflict occurs, consumers are actually protected. Storing oil for this possible crisis will prevent what would have been even higher prices.

The Democrats obviously think speculators are not justified in their attempts to start bidding up prices. And, indeed, Israel’s attack might never occur. Yet, if speculators didn’t do that and oil shipments are halted, the much bigger increase in oil prices would surely cause these very same politicians to really call for the scalps of everyone in the oil business.

Long a harbinger of national trends and an incubator of innovation, cash-strapped California eagerly awaits a temporary revenue surge from Facebook IPO stock options and capital gains. Meanwhile, Stockton may soon become the state's largest city to go bust. Call it the agony and ecstasy of contemporary California.

California's rising standards of living and outstanding public schools and universities once attracted millions seeking upward economic mobility. But then something went radically wrong as California legislatures and governors built a welfare state on high tax rates, liberal entitlement benefits, and excessive regulation. The results, though predictable, are nonetheless striking. From the mid-1980s to 2005, California's population grew by 10 million, while Medicaid recipients soared by seven million; tax filers paying income taxes rose by just 150,000; and the prison population swelled by 115,000.

California's economy, which used to outperform the rest of the country, now substantially underperforms. The unemployment rate, at 10.9%, is higher than every other state except Nevada and Rhode Island. With 12% of America's population, California has one third of the nation's welfare recipients.

Partly due to generous union wages and benefits, inflexible work rules and lobbying for more spending, many state programs and institutions spend too much and achieve too little. For example, annual spending on each California prison inmate is equal to an entire middle-income family's after-tax income. Many of California's K-12 public schools rank poorly on standardized tests. The unfunded pension and retiree health-care liabilities of workers in the state-run Calpers system, which includes teachers and university personnel, totals around $250 billion.

Meanwhile, the state lurches from fiscal tragedy to fiscal farce, running deficits in good times as well as bad. The general fund's spending exceeded its tax revenues in nine of the last 10 years (the only exceptions being 2005 at the height of the housing bubble), abetted by creative accounting and temporary IOUs.

Enlarge Image

Chad Crowe

Now, the bill is coming due. After running a $5 billion deficit last year and another likely deficit this year, Gov. Jerry Brown's budget increases spending next year by $7 billion and finances the higher spending with income and sales-tax hikes. Specifically, he's proposing a November ballot initiative raising the state's top income tax rate to 12.3%, making it the nation's highest, and raising the basic state sales tax rate, already the nation's highest, to 7.75% from 7.25%.

How's the great contraception mandate battle of 2012 playing out? If you read the Washington Post's news coverage, the issue is supposedly killing Republicans among female voters. But the newest Washington Post/ABC poll tells a different story.


During the first few days of February, about a week before Obama declared a so-called "accommodation" to the contraception/abortifacient mandate, a Washington Post/ABC poll showed Obama's approval rating at 50 percent, with 46 percent of Americans disapproving.

Then, from March 7 to 10--a week into the national media firestorm surrounding Rush Limbaugh's degrading remarks about Georgetown Law student and liberal activist Sandra Fluke--Washington Post/ABC conducted another poll. It found Obama's approval rating at 46 percent, down four points from February, and his disapproval rating at 50 percent, up four points from February.

As a new poll shows more Americans are holding President Obama responsible for soaring gas prices, the president Monday trumpeted a report from his own administration that  praises him for reducing the country’s reliance on foreign oil.

“We have made progress, with imports of foreign oil decreasing by a million barrels a day in the last year alone,” Mr. Obama said in a statement. “Our focus on increased domestic oil and gas production, currently at an eight-year high, combined with the historic fuel economy standards we put in place, means that we will continue to reduce our nation’s vulnerability to the ups and downs of the global oil market.”

OBAMA: 'Open up your hearts and your minds' to racialist prof



 Footage of Barack Obama praising and hugging Professor Derrick Bell. It was spliced and diced by the media to avoid showing just how close Obama was to Bell. More than that, a close associate of the Obama campaign, Harvard Law School’s Professor Charles Ogletree, admitted on our exclusive tape, “We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don’t care if they find it now.


Related News

Thumbnail image for Obama’s Driving Americans Out of Cars

Bad Policy / Obama

Obama’s Driving Americans Out of Cars

by Stephen Frank on 03/07/2012

Obama’s Driving Americans Out of Cars Terry Jeffrey, Townhall, 3/7/12 Barack Obama is now achieving a vision that [...]

I think of Andrew Breitbart every day since he died, I am (again) reminded we only get one chance to get it right. My husband knows this too. Jack Swanson (pictured below) is dedicating some of his days to flying rescue dogs. This weekend, he flew "Kemper" from the worst pound in California to his new farm life in Paso Robles.

He volunteers his time to a cool group called Pilots 'N Paws.



Andrew Breitbart

Remembering A Lion for the Conservative Cause

Andrew Breitbart was our friend, our colleague, and our brother in supporting America’s troops. We are saddened beyond belief by the news of his untimely death last night. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his wife Susannah, his four children and his family.

May he rest in peace with God.

We celebrate his life and efforts.

Much has been written about the big stories that Andrew broke and his public battles against the liberal media and the political left.

What folks may not know is the real Andrew, the man that unselfishly volunteered his time to support causes that he believed in.  He didn’t just talk about problems in society, he worked on fixing them.

One cause that was dear to Andrew's heart was supporting our military men and women.  Andrew was a true friend and advocate of our troops.  He lived near the Los Angeles National Cemetery, and he was moved by seeing family members pay tribute to their fallen heroes.  It burned in him a desire to help support our troops and their families.

He reached out to Move America Forward and asked what he could do to help. He was a great resource to MAF behind the scenes too.  He was also unafraid to join with us publicly in stating his love and care for your troops and their mission, as well as joining our protest against the anti-military Code Pink – showing up characteristically on his skate board.  Lest we forget, it has taken people like Andrew Breitbart to give voice to those Americans who value what our troops do in protecting America.

Andrew clearly understood the need to have a public expression of support for the troops. He never, ever wanted another Vietnam Syndrome to affect the United States when our troops went unappreciated and even scorned by some for their service to our country.

Andrew surrounded by friends at MAF's most recent Troopathon 2011

When we started the Troopathons (our web-a-thon to raise money for care packages for the troops), Andrew was instantly on board.  He co-anchored the fund-raiser with great gusto, bringing along some of his Hollywood friends.  Andrew helped bring in more than $3 million for care packages. His generosity was well known among his friends and close associates.

Andrew had a very serious side when he was fighting against anyone that he felt was harming America, but he also had a playful spirit that inspired and embraced life. We put together a short video to share with you some of those many sides of Andrew that we had the honor to share with him and will continue to be inspired by.


As the blogosphere and MSM explode with varying angles on the death of our friend Andrew Breitbart, we think about him on a personal level. The hatemongers are out, dancing around Andrew’s death like radicalized Muslims after 9/11. One tweeted that she was happier to hear of Andrew’s death than when she heard that Navy SEALS had killed Osama bin Laden. If Andrew were here, he would get in their faces and back the crazies down. What they may not realize is that we in the conservative movement ARE Andrew Breitbart.

He may be gone from this earth, but his soul is part of us and part of America’s fiber. We have picked up the baton and we will not falter.

Much has been written about the big stories that Andrew broke. Though he wasn’t trained as a journalist, he used traditional journalistic methods to rip the veil off the mainstream media and those they prop up. He didn’t just talk about the collusion between so-called journalists and the hard-left, he knew it. He lived it. Andrew helped found the Huffington Post before Arianna Huffington took a radical left. He knew the inside and out of the left because he saw it up close and personal, and he never flinched from the ugly truth.

But we all know about this.

What folks may not know is the real Andrew, the husband of Susie and the father of four beautiful children. We were blessed to call Andrew friend and to know what made him tick. He didn’t just talk about problems in society, he worked on fixing them.

When we headed the nonprofit Move America Forward, which supports our troops and their missions, we started a webathon to raise money for care packages for the troops. Andrew was instantly on board and the last few years he co-anchored the fund-raiser with great gusto, bringing along some of his Hollywood friends (yes, he had plenty of friends in Hollyweird). Andrew helped bring in more than $3 million for care packages. His generosity was well known among his friends and close associates.

Andrew liked to say he had ADD. We like to think of him as a master multi-tasker. We remember with great fondness the evening we spent at Andrew’s home back in 2006 during our book tour. A group of his friends gathered and Susie cooked some of the best quesadillas we have ever enjoyed. The subject of the night: how to put together the vast right-wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton talked about. Andrew knew that those who control the media control thought. He had worked with Drudge and
was new.

“Hollywood is a problem,” Andrew said. “Conservative actors, producers and others can’t come out of the closet, or they won’t work again.”

He thought out loud in a stream of consciousness that would seem more fit for a gathering of hippies – except it was conservative bent. Between thoughts, Andrew sat at his computer like Capt. Kirk at the helm of the Starship Enterprise. He could talk, read stories, eat, search vast stories of stories, post and look after his children all at the
same time.

Andrew would soon answer the radical left and the Hollywood thugs with a string of Big websites. Hollywood a problem? Give them Government intruding on citizens’ Constitutional rights? Give them

His genius lay in his knowledge of new media and the hungry nature of conservatism, which was looking for a media hero. We found it in Andrew Breitbart.

He would let nobody go unnoticed if they were hurting America. Andrew was fearless on the outside, but always was concerned about his family. They truly came first, which sounds like such a cliché. A family man he was.

That night when we spurred what we joked was the vast-right-wing-conspiracy, then wondered where to go with it, Andrew’s ideas gelled. His mind fired like a
Gatling gun.

Only once did we see the great Andrew Breitbart turn his complete focus to one thing, and that was his family. When it was time for his children to go to bed, Andrew stopped everything. He tucked them into bed and kissed them good night.

God bless you, Andrew. Thanks for the memories and, yes, we and the others you inspired will carry the torch.

Melanie Morgan is a radio talk show host, TV personality and founder of Move America
Forward, a protroops nonprofit. Catherine Moy is a journalist, elected official
and former executive director of MAF.

And from the Tea Party Express:

Devastating. For those of you who were at Searchlight, you probably remember his speech and his ability to fearlessly confront the lies and deception from the left. Here is a little note from us.

My friend Sean Hannity just emailed me this response to the news that our friend Andrew is now with the Angels. And by the way, Heaven seems like a much more attractive place now that I know Andrew  is horsing around up there.

"...Andrew was a warrior, though a happy warrior, who relished political combat. He cared deeply for his friends, his family and his country. The movement has lost a  passionate advocate. And I have lost a good friend.

His death at such a young age is just a shock to all.

It’s hard to fathom the death of someone who was such a life-force – engaged, energetic, passionate, a person who lived his life full out and all out.

I pray that the tender mercies of the Lord surround Andrew’s family and his friends, in this hour of grief; that we all preserve the wonderful memories and moments Andrew created; and that he is finding peace in our true home.

Andrew Thank you, you will never be forgotten and may u rest in peace."

Sean Hannity, March 1, 2012

"My favorite story about Andrew Breitbart was the launch of the Tea Party Express bus tour across the country, with Sarah Palin as featured speaker. Andrew, never afraid of confrontation, waded into the crowd of counter protestors, egging them by asking questions about their ideology. Their response? The angry crowd pelted Breitbart with rotten eggs as he clambored aboard the bus.

Andrew laughed and laughed and laughed. He always saw the humor in the confrontation between right and left."

"Andrew Breitbart never shied away from confrontation. A year ago Andrew decided to confront the Codepink sponsored fund-raiser for California Governor Brown, in an attempt to shame him for accepting support from a group that had sent over a half million dollars to terrorists killing U.S. troops. Andrew showed up wearing roller blades.And a bullhorn. And he knew how to use it."

"Breitbart was passionate about supporting the United States military. He co-hosted a web broadcast four years in a row to help raise money for care packages to the U.S. military. He even offered to shave his head, or do a handstand if it would bring in more money to serve the military overseas. He helped raise more than three million dollars for Move America Forward. He was scheduled to resume his hosting duties this June before God called him home."

Andrew Breitbart is dead. I cannot believe this. He has been my friend for the better part of a decade. And an inspiration to conservatives everywhere.



Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

Andrew recently wrote a new conclusion to his book, Righteous Indignation:

I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I

The President of the UNITED STATES has issued an apology to Afghani President Hamid Karzai after an accidental burning of the Qua'ran.

Mr. Obama claims that apology saved American lives. Shortly afterwards, two American troops were shot in the back from an Afghanistan trainer paid by Americans.


But our heros are still fighting ...please take a look at the pictures of their amazing work

From The Front…

A Coalition Special Operations Forces servicemember ducks under a departing UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter during a mission in Kunar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 25, 2012. The Commando-led mission conducted reconnaissance for a future Village Stability Platform, a site Afghan forces and coalition SOF will use to live and work with villagers. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Clay Weis / Released)

Coalition special operations forces members cover their faces to avoid flying debris as they  wait to board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during a mission in Kunar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 25, 2012.

Coalition special operations forces members sprint to board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during a mission in Kunar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 25.

Coalition special operations forces members sprint to board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during a mission in Kunar province, Afghanistan, Feb. 25.

A U.S. Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II from the 47th Fighter Squadron “Dogpatchers,” taxis for takeoff Feb. 29, 2012, at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. The 47th Fighter Squadron is deployed from the Air Force Reserves, Barksdale Air Force Base, La.

Pvt. Anthony McCarthy keeps watch outside an Afghan Local Police checkpoint in Marzak village Feb 26. U.S. Army Photo By Staff Sgt. Charles Crail, Task Force Blackhawk Public Affairs, 172nd Infantry Brigade

Second Lt. Theodore Hardy, the platoon commander for 2nd platoon, India Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, leads his platoon during a partnered patrol with the 3rd Tolai, 2nd Kandak, 2nd Brigade, 215th Corps, Afghan National Army, Feb. 20. Hardy and the rest of India Company have been mentoring and training the ANA to take over. The Afghan soldier here, patrolled with the Marines in support, through an area known for insurgent activity. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Timothy Lenzo)

A U.S. Marine assigned to the 2d Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment shakes hands with an Afghan child while on a walking tour of the bazaar with Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in Marjeh, Afghanistan, Feb. 24, 2012. Secretary Carter was in Afghanistan visiting with U.S. Service members and Afghan leadership. (DoD Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo/Released)