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Is he a liar, a cheater and a beater? Or a wronged lover spurned by his married girlfriend?

The "other man" who is at the center of a sex scandal involving Democrat Nadia Lockyer - an Alameda County Supervisor - and her husband Bill Lockyer, who is the California State Treasurer - is speaking out.

Stephen Chikhani is darkly hinting that there is more than just a "sex tape" that his ex-girlfriend has to worry about

This scandal has "legs" and we aren't talking about knobby knees here.

An 80-year old Billionaire (despised by most of the world) who dated a woman young enough to be his granddaughter backed out of a promised love nest. And now she's suing. Big surprise.

Updated: Wed., Feb. 29, 2012, 10:09 AM


Adriana Ferreyr, the bombshell Brazilian ex-girlfriend of billionaire George Soros, says she has her own bomb to drop. In court papers filed yesterday she says she has “recorded conversations” with Soros, as well as with his reps, which support her claim he reneged on a promise to buy her a $1.9 million apartment. Sources say the taped conversations with Soros are “highly personal in nature.” The court papers claim Soros’ own representatives told Ferreyr, “What George had done does seem very cruel and arbitrary,” and that they were “sympathetic to [her] situation and did not know why George was being so stubborn about the apartment.” Ferreyr also says, “George hired security personnel to stalk and follow me on a daily basis, to attempt to scare me,” and she had to be treated for “extreme anxiety.” Soros’ lawyer, William Zabel, said of the claim about the recordings, “When I first met with [Ferreyr] she was nearly hysterical, and I tried to calm her. There remains no legal merit to her case.”

Fox News Reporter Douglas Kennedy arrested over baby tussle. Weird story of the week.

Maternity nurse Cari Luciano says she was stunned to be in scrap with Douglas Kennedy

Husband claims his petite wife was just trying to do her job at Northern Westchester Hospital


 	Douglas Kennedy and his wife Molly with their son Boru.

Douglas Kennedy and his wife Molly with their son Boru.

The petite, Brooklyn-born nurse who tussled with Robert F. Kennedy’s son in a hospital maternity ward was stunned that she fought with a member of Camelot, her husband said Saturday.

Steve Luciano, 57, said his 5-foot-tall wife, Cari, was just doing her job when she tried to stop Douglas Kennedy from leaving the hospital with his 2-day-old baby boy.

“Her comment to me that night was, ‘I was assaulted tonight and could you believe it, it was a Kennedy who did it?’” Luciano told the Daily News on Saturday in front of his Hopewell Junction home.


He said his wife and nurse Anna Lane were simply trying to stop Kennedy, 44, from leaving the Northern Westchester Hospital with the baby, Boru, on Jan. 7 against hospital rules.

Steve Luciano said Kennedy kicked his wife in the pelvis and twisted Lane’s arm. The scuffle was caught on security camera.

“My wife was assisting Anna to simply encourage Mr. Kennedy to place the child back into its bassinet,” Luciano said. “It appears on camera that they stumbled into the stairwell and then he veered back and kicked Cari and she went sprawling to the floor.”

Both women filed police reports the night of the incident and appeared at the Mount Kisco police station a couple days later, Luciano said.

Cops arrested Kennedy on Thursday. He was charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Kennedy ¬- whose lawyer described the allegations as a “money grab” — said in a statement on Friday that the allegations were “absurd.” Kennedy, a father of five, has said the fracas started when a nurse tried to grab his baby from his arms.

“We’re looking forward to having a full picture of the events that occurred that night come to light,” Kennedy family spokesman Stefan Friedman said Saturday.

Timothy Haydock, a medical doctor who has been friends with Kennedy for 40 years, witnessed the incident and in a statement said the nurses were the aggressors.

But Steve Luciano said the idea that his wife and Lane were the aggressors was ridiculous. “Cari is probably 5 feet tall on her best day,” Luciano said.

He said the kids in the maternity ward are tagged with GPS.

“My understanding is that Mr. Kennedy took it off and said something like, ‘My son needs to get fresh air,’” Luciano said. “From my perspective, the doctor assumed that between your name [Kennedy] and my status, what rules apply?”

Luciano said his wife was not available for comment but is originally from Midwood, Brooklyn.

“I don’t think that anybody, even a Kennedy, should go around kicking hospital personnel and believe there are no ramifications,” he said, adding that a civil suit was a possibility.

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BART cop cams to put more eyes on clashes

Eyeglass camera
BART ordered 160 of the cameras. Read More
Future confrontations between BART police officers and hostile citizens could soon be captured live on video — and later posted online for the world to see. Read More

When losers lie

Dr. Peter Gleick is a rock star amongst the climate change crowd.  He has penned lengthy articles about global warming, received a MacArthur “genius award,” and has even testified before Congress.  Gleick also runs the nonprofit Pacific Institute in Oakland—an organization dedicated to teaching global warming as absolute fact in America’s public schools.

But now the Berkeley resident finds himself at the center of a national scandal of his own making: using a phony name to obtain confidential documents from the Heartland Institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank known for its skeptical stand on global warming.  Ironically, Gleick chairs the Scientific Ethics panel for the American Geophysical Union—or at least he did.  Gleick resigned yesterday as a result of his pathetic failings.

Monday, Gleick stunned the scientific community, via his blog at the Huffington Post, admitting he was guilty of fraudulently obtaining the Heartland documents.

According to Heartland officials, Gleick actually posed as a member of their board in order to receive the proprietary information, which he then distributed on the Internet.

Meantime, Dr. Glieck may be up for criminal charges.  The documents he admits to stealing contained personal information about Heartland staff members and donors, which could violate their privacy and endanger their personal safety.


According  to some in the press, the Tea Party is all but dead.  Or is that just  wishful thinking?
On  February 16, 2012, approximately two hundred San Francisco Tea Party members  stood outside of the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco to protest Barack Obama.  Standing behind the barricades next to the  Tea Partiers stood a motley crew of Occupiers, pot legalizers and  environmentalists, also protesting the president.  The press was all over  the place.  After all, Obama was in town.
You  couldn't miss the Tea Partiers -- they had about 100 bright red foam fingers  that read "NOBAMA 2012."  The protest and accompanying fingers were  inspired by SF  Weekly journalist Erin Sherbert's jab at Jan Brewer on  January 27, 2012 entitled "Obama Coming to San Francisco, Where Nobody Will Wag  Their Fingers in His Face."
The  San Francisco Tea Party viewed it differently.  They considered it a prime  opportunity to wag their fingers in the face of the man who can celebrate being  the first downgrade President, the overseer of one of the longest-running  periods of unemployment over 8% since the Great  Depression and the man responsible for our $15 trillion deficit, record  spending, and a stalled economy yielding consistently lower GDP and tax revenues.  And that's just the tip of the  iceberg.
This  finger waggin' at Obama -- for driving the economy over the cliff and watching  it plummet towards the bottom at lightning speed -- is long overdue.
Fueled  by fear they won't be able to retire, sell their homes, educate their kids,  afford top notch health care or the cost to drive to work; and motivated by  increasing levels of anxiety that their children won't have the same  opportunities their parents had, Tea Partiers came out in droves this chilly San  Francisco night.  They stood for hours becoming hoarse from chants while  being forced to inhale the carbon-footprint unfriendly, air polluting fumes  wafting over from the Occupy Wall Street and pro-pot gang.
SCOTUSCourt Takes Case on Affirmative ActionNewscom

1. Court Takes Case on Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court will revisit the issue of affirmative action in college admissions in a case filed by a white student who was denied a place at the University of Texas’s main campus in Austin. It will be the first case since a 2003 decision that endorsed the use of race in university admissions. The now more conservative court is being asked to rule that Texas’s affirmative-action policy is unconstitutional, possibly by overruling its earlier decision altogether. Justice Samuel Alito is more hostile to affirmative action than his predecessor, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Justice Elena Kagan has recused herself from the case.

Michelle’s ski trip marks 16 Obama vacations. “First lady Michelle Obama’s weekend jaunt to Aspen, Colorado for a President’s Day ski holiday with her daughters Sasha and Malia makes the 16th time members of the first family have gone on extended vacations during their three years in office.”

Friday February 17, 2012 - Bay Area Tea Party Movement Finger Wags "Nobama"

On February 16, 2012, the Bay Area Tea Party Movement protested outside the San Francisco Masonic Center as President Obama held a major fundraiser. Principal Tea Party organizer Sally Zelikovsky, of Bay Area Patriots, estimated 200 men and women in the group's designated protest area -- at full capacity with spillover.

In the adjacent protest area was a much smaller group, a mix of Occupy Wall Street activists from around the Bay Area and marijuana legalization advocates (smoking up a storm). OWS held a number of signs supporting Obama's national contraception/abortifacient insurance mandate. Legalization advocates held placards that said "Let States Regulate!" (marijuana). The groups protested together, oblivious to the contradiction of "Let States Regulate!" and a national healthcare insurance mandate which prohibits states from setting their own insurance standards.

According to, "Obama's San Francisco day was light on policy and heavy on fundraising: The president starred at a pair of $38,500-per-person fundraisers, including one with high-tech business leaders that reporters were not allowed to attend. More than 2,500 people were also at the Masonic event, where tickets started at $100. That was Obama's fourth fundraiser of the day. He began with a breakfast in Orange County. Proceeds from the events go to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee authorized by his presidential campaign, Obama for America, and the Democratic National Committee."


More from CitySquared :

Tea Party Protests Obama in San Francisco


San Francisco's Nob Hill was home to many of the famous 19th century "robber barons," the crony capitalists of their day. So it is natural that Pres. Obama would hold fundraisers there. Thursday (yesterday) afternoon, he was at the Marc Hopkins Hotel, a luxury hotel named after a railroad robber baron. In the evening he moved to Nob Hill Masonic Center. The San Francisco Police allowed protesters to assemble along the opposite side of California Street with one section for the Tea Party and one for left-wingers. Hundreds arrived for the Tea Party, seen here standing in front of Grace Cathedral:Here is another view of the Tea Partiers:
The nun, shown above checking text messages on her cell phone, was among those outraged by Obama's decision to require churches to provide abortifacients to their employees.

Good liberals were, of course, incensed that Gov. Brewer would have the audacity to wag her finger at Obama last month. At the San Francisco Weekly, one local reporter, Erin Sherbert, responded with a piece headlined:

Obama Coming to San Francisco, Where Nobody Will Wag Their Fingers in His Face
Naturally, the SF Bay Area Patriots responded by making the theme for this rally to be "wag your finger" at Obama. The red plastic fingers seen below were labeled "Nobama":
The crowd on the Tea Party side, as seen above, was packed shoulder-to-shoulder. The left/liberal/occupy side of the gates was less well attended:
There was a brief flurry of activity on the left side when the pro-marijuana protesters arrived:
By the smell of it, they had been partying before hand. They left not long after they arrived. One can only speculate that, suffering from a case of the munchies, they had to go in search of food.

The occupy group was represented, for example, by this man:
Lastly, this woman, from the Tea Party side, tells Obama to "keep your (lack of) morality off my church":
This protest was organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Patriots and supported by the North Bay Patriots (Marin County) and MyLiberty (San Mateo County).

For many more photos of this event, see Fund47.

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We will be stopping in Barcelona, Cannes, Provence, and many other spiffy spots.

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Newt Gingrich: I am not the Establishment.
Mitt Romney: I am not a liberal.
Rick Santorum: I am not Mitt/Newt.
Ron Paul: I am not at CPAC.
Columnist-cum-Presidential roaster Ann Coulter took to the CPAC stage Friday, where she spoke at length about President Barack Obama.
She compared the media’s positive take on unemployment numbers under President Obama to having someone expect you to praise a doctor who treated you for a fever of 102, brought your fever up to 104, and then — over three years — brought it down to 103. (That’s a sneak peek at the future of health care under Obama, she joked, adding that she was only kidding. Under Obama’s plan, you’d have to wait three years to even see a doctor.)
Coulter conceded that Obama would be hard to beat because 1) he’s an incumbent, 2) Americans keeping telling polls they wouldn’t mind sharing one milkshake, two straws with him, 3) he’s our first black president, and 4) the NFM (Non-Fox Media) is “gaga about him.”
“He’d probably make a lovely next-door neighbor,” she added. “As long as you’re not Chinese. Then he’d be constantly borrowing stuff.”
But hey, she said, politically correct Americans love the idea of having elected our first black President, “even if we did get Flavor Flav instead of Thomas Sowell.” After a few scattered laughs and cries “whoa” from the audience, Coulter then asked when it would be ok to “admit we elected a man based on the color of his skin… I’m talking, of course, about John Boehner.”
Coulter then compared New Jersey governor Chris Christie to none other than Ronald Reagan. But, alas, Christie won’t run. And, apparently, “won’t even return my calls.” She then praised Mitt Romney‘s evolution as a speaker and debater over the past four years.
But back to Obama: “No amount of that Jakarta charm,” she said, referring to the years Obama spent living in Indonesia as a child, “is going to get people their jobs back.” And now is a critical time, she continued, because it’s the last chance we have to repeal “ObamaCare:”
If it is not repealed in the next administration, that’s it. It is here to stay. People start receiving their treats, Newt Gingrich will be denouncing plans to reform it as “right-wing social engineering,” and American begins its inexorable decline into Western Europe without the charming cafés and cobblestone streets.
So I ask you, CPACers, who are you willing to stake the future of this country on winning? Who is going to appeal to the most Independents? Because, if we’re betting the future of this country on Next Gingrich not being repellent to Independents, I want my money back. I’m not taking that bet.
The way the Right can beat Obama, she continued (despite her earlier “Jakarta” comment, I guess), is not to attack Obama as a person by calling him an “Kenyan colonialist” and the like, but to go after his policies, as Reagan did with Carter. Meanwhile, she continued, the Left will try to take down the GOP field they only way it knows how — by calling the candidates stupid or crazy. But that won’t work with Romney. The most you can say about Romney is that he’s square. But, she added, “I think we’ve had enough of hip. Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let’s try square for a while.”
When asked by an audience member about criticism hurled at female conservatives, Coulter said that — as her bodyguard can attest — “all pretty girls are right-wingers.”

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is facing charges of domestic abuse of his wife in front of his two year old son, Theo.

The top cop says that his problems are a "private, family matter."

Domestic Violence is NEVER a private, family matter.

Toss Ross petitions available at Facebook. Contribute to a fund to post a giant billboard here.

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Ross Mirkarimi

Ross Mirkarimi talks to reporters after a Family Court hearing in San Francisco, February 8, 2012. (CBS)

KSFO Morning Show Team Melanie Morgan, Mark Williams and Katie Green practicing "Brady-ing" after mastering "Tebowing" earlier this year.


Thursday February 9, 2012 - Firefighter's Helmet Camera Captures Dramatic Rescue

ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Three children were saved from a fire in the East Bay and one had to be dropped from the second floor to escape the flames. The dramatic rescue was captured on a helmet camera worn by a firefighter. A mother lifted her child over a second-story railing and into the hands of a waiting firefighter.

The emergency call came just after 7 a.m. and because of new technology, the public gets a chance to see what it's like to be a first responder.

Frightened and panicked neighbors could be heard screaming, calling out for firefighters to save the children trapped inside a burning apartment in the Ashland area, just outside San Leandro.

As we slow down the video, you can see a woman handing a child off to firefighters waiting below, while flames and smoke nip at her heels.

"We had heavy fire showing from the first floor window, we had a confirmed rescue on the second floor," said Tom Pappas with the Alameda County Fire Department.

In the video, you can see a firefighter work his way through a thick curtain of smoke. It's Pappas -- a man with more than two decades of service under his belt and the only one on the team with a new tool being tested by the Alameda County Fire Department, a helmet cam.

"A lot of the family members weren't able to get out and we had neighbors and parents saying that there younger children were still trapped on the second floor," said Pappas.

In the video, you can see the firefighter go up the stairs of the apartment and enter the building. He first faces a thick, black plume of smoke. You can hear Pappas calling out to the children he later found scared and hiding in a closet. He and his team are using the camera, attached to his helmet, to review their procedures and provide the public with a first-person view of the dangers they face and how every second counts when it comes to saving lives.

"It was a very chaotic scene when we first arrived," said Pappas.

First published March 19, 2009

39 years after one of San Francisco's finest was murdered in a bomb blast, his case is as cold as the frozen tundra of  ANWAR. But finding Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell's killer is easier than you might think. All you have to do is try looking in Chicago's tony Hyde Park neighborhood...just a block or two away from President Obama's handsome brick tudor.

That's where you'll find Bill Ayers, and his bat-crazy wife Bernadine Dohrn, who once again find themselves in the cross-hairs of truth tellers  for their alleged part in the murder of a San Francisco police officer February 16, 1970.

Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell was working the Parkside station when a bomb went off, shredding his body with shrapnel. He died an excruciatingly painful death hours later.

His emotionally wounded family has never recieved justice. And under this administration, I doubt they ever will.

That's because Dohrn and Ayers are friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow board members with President Barack Obama. And oh yes - they threw the very first fund-raiser for Obama's nascent political career.

The former members of the violent group Weather Underground were responsible for over a dozen bombings during their heyday in the sixties. But they have never served a day in jail, because of technical errors by police investigators.

Today in Washington, D.C. the man who infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI is holding a news conference to renew pressure on the Department of Justice to re-open the investigation, with the assistance of Accuracy in Media, which has spent years writing and researching this story.

Larry Grathwohl, whom my organization Move America Forward flew to San Francisco two months ago as part of a demonstration at St. Mary's College against Ayers appearance, will be speaking today for Officer McDonnell's family and the rule of law.  Joining him will be (ret.) Sgt. James Pera, who has continued his three decade long campaign for justice in the murder of his Sargent.

In this morning's San Francisco Chronicle, a reporter by the name of Damien Bulwa wrote an outrageously biased piece, attempting to link Grathwohl to a political ideology instead of a fearless effort to find the truth, and prosecute the evil ones. The  San Francisco police union is taking up the cause, and flat-out charged Ayers with being responsible for a fellow officer's murder.

Larry Grathwohl, former FBI informant

According to Bulwa's reporting  "the union's accusation surprised some authorities. According to a source familiar with the probe, who spoke on condition of anonymity, investigators have found no evidence that links the Weather Underground to the bombing."

This statement is journalistic malpractice. Many people involved in this investigation (including the FBI) have said that there is plenty of evidence to warrant new scrutiny and in fact, is re-opening the case, according to Grathwohl.

The 'net has another take from YidtheLid about the situation.

I applaud Gary Delagnes and the SF police union for speaking out loudly today about the injustice and the need to go forward with a full criminal investigation by the FBI.

There will be many more stories about this situation, but will anything happen for the McDonnell family, who lost their father, son, brother, and hero?

As a person who has worked on a cold case for more than 30 years, I understand how damned hard it is to bring this kind of case to a conclusion. But we can only pray, and work hard to help Larry Grathwohl, and James Pera, who saw his boss blown to pieces 39 years ago, to tell what they know about criminal masterminds turned mild mannered college professors William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that someone could be so low (nor stupid) as to threaten Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, of 19 kids and Counting Fame ...but the story is true. Sad, but true.

Long awaited ruling on Prop 8 handed down this morning and the gay community has broken out in sparkles everywhere!

Justin Sullivan/Getty
Images(SAN FRANCISCO) -- A federal appeals court in California on
Tuesday struck down Proposition 8, the controversial ballot measure passed in
2008 with 52 percent of the vote that defines marriage as between a man and a

About 18,ooo same sex couples had obtained marriage licenses in
the state before the ballot initiative was passed.

Prop 8 “amounts to a
distinct constitutional violation because the Equal Protection Clause protects
minority groups from being targeted for the deprivation of an existing right
without legitimate reason,” the court said.

“By using their initiative
power to target a minority group and withdraw a right that it possessed, without
a legitimate reason for doing so, the People of California violated the Equal
Protection Clause.”

Judge Steven Reinhardt, writing for the majority,
said the court had decided the issue on the “narrowest grounds.”

“We do
not doubt the importance of the more general questions presented to us
concerning the rights of same-sex couples to marry, nor do we doubt that these
questions will likely be resolved in other states, and for the nation as a
whole, by other courts,” he wrote. “For now, it suffices to conclude that the
People of California may not, consistent with the Federal Constitution, add to
their state Constitution a provision that has no more practical effect than to
strip gays and lesbians of their right to use the official designation that the
State and society give to committed relationships, thereby adversely affecting
the status and dignity of the members of a disfavored class.”

The narrow
ruling, specific to California, means the case is less likely to reach the
Supreme Court.

Copyright 2012 ABC News Radio

...why is the President of the United States igniting a religious war right before a re-election campaign?

What does he have to win by alienating Catholics over birth control and abortion? Does he have access to some mystery polling showing that Catholics don't care about these issues because if he does, he certainly very very wrong.

This one, folks, is a head scratcher.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Catholic leaders upped the ante Monday, threatening to challenge the Obama administration over a provision of the new health care law that would require all employers, including religious institutions, to pay for birth control.

Catholic leaders are furious and determined to harness the voting power of the nation’s 70 million Catholic voters to stop a provision of President Barack Obama’s new heath car reform bill that will force Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to buy birth control pills, abortion-producing drugs and sterilization coverage for their employees.

UPDATE:  It's Romney!
An adviser to the real-estate mogul and reality TV star circulated a cryptic
advisory Wednesday night that The Donald will make “a major announcement” early
Thursday afternoon local time at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in
Las Vegas. “The announcement will pertain to the presidential race,” Trump
adviser Michael Cohen wrote in an email.

Will he run? Or will be endorse? And if he endorses, who would he pick? Mr.
Trump could throw his weight behind an insurgent — Newt Gingrich
or Rick Santorum. Or he could go with the
establishment pick — Mitt Romney. Given his back-and-forth with
Ron Paul, it seems unlikely he’d back the Texas congressman. Or
maybe he, too, will sound a Herman Cain-esque endorsement of
“the people.”

Mr. Trump loves to keep people guessing — and elbowing his way into the
headlines. Perhaps the best question, if he’s not throwing his hat in the ring,
is whether the candidate who receives his endorsement actually wants his

“I have no idea what The Donald is going to do,” Mr. Gingrich said. “He is
always interesting, and I don’t know of anybody who does a better job of getting
attention by announcing that he will presently announce something.”
Attorney General Eric Holder vigorously denied a  "cover-up" by the Justice Department over "Operation Fast and Furious," telling  a House panel investigating the botched gun-running program that he has nothing  to hide and suggesting the probe is a "political" effort to embarrass the  administration.
"There's no attempt at any kind of cover-up," Holder  told lawmakers well into a hearing about whether he had been forthright in  responding to requests of the House Oversight and Government Relations Committee  led by Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif.
Murdered agent's family files $25 million suit