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The womanizing serial cheater has more problems, and I suspect there will be many more before this sorry saga ends.
BOGOTA — The ex-husband of Arnold Schwarzenegger's lover told a Colombian magazine Sunday that he plans to sue the former governor, alleging that the birth certificate of the couple's love child was falsified.

Rogelio Baena, a Colombian native, was married to Mildred Patricia Baena, who was a housekeeper to the Hollywood star-turned California governor and his celebrity wife Maria Shriver.

Rogelio Baena only recently learned that his 13 year-old son with Mildred Baena was actually the love child of Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife.

Yet Rogelio Baena's name appears on the birth certificate as the boy's father, and attorneys have told him that if Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena knew this was not true, they engaged in conspiracy to falsify a public document -- a serious crime in California.

Rogelio Baena separated from his then-wife after 10 years of marriage in October 1997, just weeks after the boy was born. The couple however did not file for divorce until February 2008, according to US entertainment media.


Rogelio Baena Ex Husband

Rogelio Baena Ex Husband – Rogelio Baena the ex husband of Mildred Baena baby mama to Arnold Schwarzenegger love child angry and betrayed.

rogelio baena ex husband Rogelio Baena Ex Husband


Mildred Baena, now 50, worked in Schwarzenegger-Shriver household for 20 years. The California power couple have four children between the ages of 14 and 21, and their youngest son was reportedly born just days before the Schwarzenegger-Mildred Baena love child was born.

Schwarzenegger, 63, announced his separation from Shriver after 25 years of marriage on May 10, and soon after revealed that the split occurred after he told her about the love child he had fathered and kept secret.

Schwarzenegger has put his movie comeback plans on hold to handle the family crisis sparked by his admission.

He told his agents that work on new projects including "The Terminator" franchise would stop "until further notice" as he grapples with a media storm four months after leaving political office.

Shriver, a daughter of the Kennedy political dynasty, has hired a top divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, according to People magazine.

Pictures of Mildred Baena and her son with Schwarzenegger -- who bears a striking resemblance to Arnie -- have circulated online since the actor admitted to the love child, and apologized to his family.

Copyright © 2011 AFP. All rights reserved

Read more on Ex-Husband of Schwarzenegger's Lover Plans Suit
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For all my left-wing friends (and enemies) who start foaming at the mouth when the subject of Iraq comes up ....please read the following post I clipped from Instapundit. And please feel free to actually think it over.

WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Memorial Day: The War In Iraq. “That victory was much more than a dignified escape from a sticky predicament. The coalition victory in Iraq was a historical turning point that may well turn out to be comparable to the cannonade of Valmy. It changed the course of world history. We have not done justice to those who gave their lives in Iraq until we recognize the full dimensions of their achievement. The story of Iraq has yet to be told. It is too politically sensitive for the intelligentsia to handle just yet; passions need to cool before the professors and the pundits who worked themselves into paroxysms of hatred and disdain for the Bush administration can come to grips with how wrongheaded they’ve been. . . . All wars are tragic; some are also victorious. The tragedies of Iraq are real and well known. The victory is equally real — but the politically fastidious don’t want to look.”



PRINCETON, NJ -- U.S. military veterans and those currently on active military duty are less likely to approve of President Obama's job performance than are Americans of comparable ages who are not in the military.

Barack Obama Job Approval, by Veteran/Active-Duty Status and Age, January 2010-April 2011

These results are based on an analysis of more than 238,000 interviews conducted as part of Gallup Daily tracking from January 2010 through April 2011. Respondents were classified as veterans/active-duty military based on responses to a series of questions probing whether any member of the household had served in the U.S. military, and whether the respondent himself or herself had served and, if so, whether the respondent was currently on active duty. Americans currently serving in the military overseas or on ships at sea would not be included in this national cell and landline telephone sample.

Thirty-seven percent of all active-duty military personnel and veterans surveyed approved of the job Obama is doing during the January 2010 to April 2011 time frame. That compares with 48% of nonveterans interviewed during the same period.

Obama's approval rating varies by age, with younger Americans in general most likely to approve and older Americans least likely. The gap in approval between veterans/active duty military and nonveterans persists across the age spectrum, from 18- to 29-year-olds to those 80 and older.

Differences Across Gender Groups

Veterans and active-duty military, particularly those 40 and older, are predominantly men, and men are less likely to approve of the job Obama is doing than are women. However, the gap in Obama job approval between veterans/active-duty military and nonveterans persists among men in each age group.

Women who are serving or have served in the military are on a relative basis more positive about Obama than is the case for men who are members of the military or veterans. Female veterans or those in the military between the ages of 30 and 49, for example, are actually slightly more likely to approve of Obama than are nonveteran women in this age group.

Active-Duty Military Less Likely to Express an Opinion on Obama

Although active-duty military personnel are less likely to approve of the job Obama is doing than are national adults overall, this group's disapproval is only marginally higher than that of national adults. This is because active-duty military -- particularly those under 40 -- are significantly more likely to say they have no opinion about Obama's job performance than is the case for all adults in the same age group

Marc's headstone and picture 

Proclamation to Reclaim Memorial Day

The commercials on TV are calling us to purchase, cars, furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics or a myriad of other things to "Celebrate Memorial Day" with their huge blowout sales! Our Parks and Recreation programs are declaring summer has arrived by opening our pools and encouraging us to come join in the fun and laughter this Memorial Day weekend.  It saddens me and breaks my heart to see that most of America has taken advantage of this 3 day weekend as a reason to party, shop and celebrate for self-fulfillment.   As a country we have lost our focus and the reason why we take time to stop and respectfully, solemnly and reverently remember those who gave up their last breath and hope of a future, so that we could enjoy each and every day. We have failed our children by not educating them as to the real meaning of Memorial Day.

As I child I remember getting together with family for picnics or bar-b-ques.  We looked forward to camping trips or trips to the lake.  There were a few trips I remember to the cemetery but it was to place flowers on deceased relative's graves who had never served in the military. I thought Memorial Day was to remember loved ones who had died. I wasn't taught and therefore I missed the opportunity to teach my children that Memorial Day is to remember those who paid the ultimate price. Freedom comes with a price, it isn't free.

"Freedom's Not Free" The Rivoli Revue


 It really was my son Marc Alan Lee who taught me about Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Tribute: Marc Alan Lee

Memorial Day Tribute: Marc Alan Lee

The way he lived his life and the value he placed on others' lives, caused him to sacrifice his life defending his teammates and our freedoms. Marc was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq 8-2-06. "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." John 15:13  

The orders from Gen. John A. Logan declared "The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land. In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit. "

 General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery on the first Observance of Memorial day and then 5,000 patriots decorated the graves of 20,000 soldiers buried in the cemetery. I am so proud of the boy scouts who every year place flags on my son's grave and every headstone at Fort Rosecrans. I know that many others throughout the nation will be doing the same at National Cemeteries all over our country, thank you!

Waterloo, NY was declared by President Johnson as the official birthplace of Memorial Day. He recognized that this was a city who understood the real meaning of Memorial Day. They knew that Memorial Day was to honor America's mighty warriors who sacrificed their lives in combat defending our freedoms. Businesses closed, community wide events were planned to honor our brave warriors who were killed in action and residents gathered and decorated the graves of our heroes.  How sad that there are businesses in America who take advantage of this holiday and choose to increase their profits instead of sacrificing a little by closing to remember the sacrifice of our fallen war heroes.

I speak for all of the Gold Star families who have lost a loved one in combat, that every day for us is Memorial Day. With pride and pain we remember them; we remember their smile, their voice, their smell, their touch, their laughter, their character, their dedication and their sacrifice. As a nation we ask that on Memorial Day, one day out of the year that as a Nation we corporately come together to honor our fallen heroes who died in combat.  That's not asking too much for the blessings and freedoms that you enjoy every day.

I've read many articles about Memorial Day and heard quotes from speeches from well-meaning people, even from our leaders in the military, who seem to not completely understand that Memorial Day is the Day we remember those heroes, who while serving in the military, died in combat. We have Armed Forces Day and Veterans Day to remember our Vets who are serving or have served.  Personally not a day goes by that I don't remember our Vets, not matter when they served, or the branch of service they were in. I've dedicated my life to honoring, thanking and supporting our military and especially the families of the fallen, but on May 30th, Memorial Day join with me as we "Remember" not "Celebrate" those who gave their all for you and I.

Join with me as I lead the charge to reclaim Memorial Day. Attend Parades and community events to remember our fallen heroes.  Take a carload of friends and family to a National Cemetery and decorate the graves and remember the sacrifice of a hero and their family. Thank the family members of those you know who lost a loved one in combat. Take a Gold Star family to lunch, coffee, dinner and ask them about their hero. Do something to let them know you have not forgotten the sacrifice and understand the high price that has been paid for our freedoms. Read a story of a fallen hero, watch a memorial video,

Marc Alan Lee, Navy Seal, KIA (Shorter without flag at end)

Marc Alan Lee, Navy Seal, KIA (Shorter without flag at end)

then pass it on to those whose lives you have influence on. If you're a business close on May 30th to honor and remember our fallen or donate the proceeds from the day to a charity who tells the stories of our fallen or who takes care of the families of the fallen. Our fallen heroes gave their very last breath defending you and they have earned the respect due them on Memorial Day.

Remembering their sacrifice!

Debbie Lee

If you would like to learn more about Marc Alan Lee and his heroic story you may go to . You can also make a donation or purchase product to continue to support the families of the fallen through America's Mighty Warriors


The chattering is ratcheting skyward - will he or won't she? Will it be Rudy? Rick? Michele? Newt? How about Sarah?

So much fun, and so little time!

Perry 'going to think about' run...
Ron Paul places second in NH...
Iowa GOP to Christie: Drop by...

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Rudy Guiliani leads new national poll!


For their first meeting, Kate Middleton wore a $340 Reiss dress, while Michelle Obama chose a designer dress worth more than $2,000.
For their first meeting, Kate Middleton wore a $340 Reiss dress, while Michelle Obama chose a designer dress worth more than $2,000.

Read more:

Tim Pawlenty could end up as the last candidate standing in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but conservatives aren’t too enthused about any of the top-tier contenders for 2012, Richard Viguerie told NewsMax.TV.

But all that could change if Sen. Jim DeMint threw his hat into the ring, said Viguerie, chairman of ConservativeHQ.

“He would electrify the movement much as Ronald Reagan did,” Viguerie said.

If the South Carolina senator did enter the race, he would attract almost universal support among conservatives: “He would almost clear the field for his candidacy,” Viguerie said in the exclusive Newsmax interview.

But as it stand now, Viguerie said, “almost all the conservatives I know are disappointed” in the slate of contenders.

He praised businessman Herman Cain and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota as “wonderful, principled conservatives” but added that “they haven’t demonstrated that they can be top-tier candidates.”

Of the big names in the race so far, Viguerie sees former Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty not as the favorite but as a candidate most Republicans feel they could live with.

“Tim Pawlenty is someone who is interestingly positioned now so that he could be everybody’s default candidate,” Viguerie said. “Very few people see them as their first or second choice. He might be the last person standing. He’s the default candidate for all elements of the party.”

Pawlenty could beat President Barack Obama in 2012 if he is able to articulate the Republican message clearly, Viguerie said. “People want to fire Obama by 2012. They feel strongly, but they need to feel comfortable” with the GOP alternative.

Viguerie dismissed former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s chances, saying the former U.S. ambassador is seen as “liberal Republican” and will alienate conservatives.

As for former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who has been considering another White House bid, “I think he has zero chance of getting the nomination,” Viguerie said.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is in the race, but Viguerie says conservatives don’t consider him reliable enough.

“Conservatives for many years have had kind of a love-hate relationship with Newt Gingrich,” he said. “There are days when he sounds just like a conservative, and then he moves left . . . Conservatives really don’t feel like they can trust Newt.”

Viguerie described New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as “an intriguing individual” but said conservatives don’t yet know a lot about him.

“Chris Christie is a blank slate. I don’t think conservatives are going to be inclined to buy a pig in a poke,” he said.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin does a good job in speaking out and bringing attention to the conservative agenda, Viguerie said, adding that he isn’t so sure the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate would make a viable contender for the nomination.

Palin “is an asset to the conservative cause,” he said. “I am glad that she is involved in the public policy arena. I think as a candidate, she could be polarizing.”

© Newsmax. All rights reserved.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Weather experts said it’s unusual for deadly tornadoes to develop a few weeks apart in the U.S. But what made the two storm systems that barreled through a Missouri city and the South within the last month so rare is that tornadoes took direct aim at populated areas.

The tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., on Sunday killed at least 116 people and marked the nation’s deadliest single tornado in almost six decades. The series of twisters that swept through the South late last month killed more than 300 people. Both disasters leveled entire communities.

Such a pair of weather events is “unusual but not unknown,” said tornado researcher Howard B. Bluestein of the University of Oklahoma. “Sometimes you get a weather pattern in which the ingredients for a tornado are there over a wide area and persist for a long time. That’s what we’re having this year.”

And the threat is continuing, he said, noting more storms are predicted over the next few days.

Can't we prosecute this guy, Harold Camping? All those poor people who gave away their money, and wasted time following the crazy numerical calculations of an old man who made a gazillion dollars off of them.

. It is a cryin' shame.

International Business Times [NYC, NY], by Staff    Original Article
The man who proclaimed the world was going to end this Saturday was quite alive and well when IBTimes spoke to him on Sunday night. With no sign of Judgment Day arriving as he had forecast, Harold Camping the 89-year-old California evangelical broadcaster seemed to have gone silent over the weekend. Camping told IBTimes that after May 21 passed without incident , he needed more time to think and to recover before he would speak publically. "This is a big deal," Camping explained.

One of Harold Camping's billboards in Eugene, Ore.

One of Harold Camping's billboards in Eugene, Ore.  (Chris Pietsch,AP Photo/The Register-Guard)


God would approve, I believe.

Has the Palin family decided to move to the lower 48 to launch a Presidential bid? Or is Mama Grizzly determined to be closer to her cub and a grand-cub?

No one knows for sure, but there is a lot of activity around Scottsdale, Arizona.

Harold Camping may still be locked behnd the razar wire around his Family Radio compound in Oakland, California pondering the fact that the world has not ended...but the people of Joplin, Missouri certainly felt the horror of a twister blowing up their universe.

My sister Michelle Morgan was in the small town of 50,000 on a weekend trip with her friend when the twister struck. Fortunately, she is uninjured, but 3/4's of Joplin is destroyed. Michelle is trapped in town because Highway 44 is closed.

This is terrible. What else can you say in the face of such destruction?

Links via Drudge Report

Three-Quarters of Joplin, MO Destroyed...
Damage Unimaginable...
Town Unrecognizable...
Stunning Rainbow After Tornado...

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Third Wife Scorned ....

Original Article
"..The three widows of Osama bin Laden are turning on each other in custody, with two older Saudi women blaming a much younger Yemeni wife for leading American intelligence to their hideout. "It's vicious," said a Pakistani official briefed on the interrogation of the widows. "The older wives think the younger one tipped off the Americans or was tracked when she came to join him." (Snip) "It's a well-known fact that when you have two older wives and then this young one comes along half their age, they don't like it," said one.

Exit Daniels:

Mitch Daniels defers to his wife and family and says he won't run for the Presidency (not that anyone in the GOP base was clamoring for his presence.)

Meanwhile, the charismatic Herman Cain is jumping in!

"...Former pizza CEO and conservative radio host Herman Cain made it official Saturday, joining the small but growing roster of candidates seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

Cain, 65, who lives in suburban Atlanta, made his announcement at Atlanta’s Centennial Park, urging Americans frustrated by the country’s direction to read the Constitution.

Herman Cain shakes hands with Jason Fredregill and his wife, Wendi, of Ames before the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition spring kickoff event in Waukee in March.

“Keep reading,” he said. “Don’t stop at life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

He vowed the GOP will retake the U.S. Senate and the presidency, just as it regained control of the House in 2010.

“We will take them back because you and I do not want this nation to become just another mediocre nation,” Cain said. He said the nation needs to refocus on free-market principles.

Cain, a favorite among many tea party activists, boasts a long business resume but has never held elective office."

...according to actress Jane Seymour, who has known the Schwarzeneggers for many years.

The former Governor is, without a doubt, a lout.

Daily Mail [UK], by Caroline Graham    Original Article
Actress Jane Seymour has claimed Arnold Schwarzenegger has at least two more illegitimate children that he has kept secret from the world. The astonishing allegations come after former Californian governor Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Maria Shriver collapsed when it was revealed that he had a son, Joseph, following an affair with his housekeeper Mildred Baena 14 years ago. Seymour, who moves in the same Malibu circles as Schwarzenegger and his estranged wife, said: ‘I was not remotely surprised by their separation."

For those of you (like me) who are planning to rock it out during your rapture party tonight, pay attention.

Holy Guacamole! The world is not coming to an end after all.

I know - I know. You are shocked, stunned and amazed. Now, about all those folks who drained their savings accounts on the word of this man, Harold Camping. I guess the only left to do is pray for them.

Participants in a movement that is proselytizing that the world will end this May 21, Judgment Day, walk through the streets on May 13, 2011 in New York

Harold Camping, the 89-year-old retired civil engineer, who founded Family Radio Worldwide, an independent ministry that has broadcasted his prediction around the world Photo: AP

Given that the end of the world was supposed to be nigh, it perhaps wasn’t surprising that Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping had shown some reluctance to take advance bookings.

The 89-year-old Californian preacher and radio host had prophesied that the Rapture would begin at 6pm May 21st in each of the world’s time zones, with non-believers wiped out by rolling earthquakers, as the saved ascended into heaven.

His refusal to schedule a media interview for the following day - “It is absolutely going to happen. There is no way that I can schedule an interview because I won’t be here.” - was being replayed by media as the world firmly stayed standing.

On the microsite Twitter, groups of atheists and sceptics were last night swapping tales of After Rapture parties, with one group, in Tacoma, Washington, branding their celebration “Countdown to Back-Pedalling”.

Mr Camping’s doomsday prediction wasn’t his first. He blamed an earlier apocalyptic prediction which passed quietly in 1994 on a mathematical error, last month saying: “I’m not embarrassed about it. It was just the fact that it was premature.”

Welcome to the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

Join conservative leaders from across the country for a special 3-hour RadioThon Thursday, May 19th. This special program will be hosted by nationally acclaimed radio host, Melanie Morgan, conservative activist, Lloyd Marcus, and Tea Party Express Chairman, Amy Kremer. Click here for more info, to RSVP, and to invite your friends.

Help us tell Washington: Don’t Raise the debt Ceiling! See our ad here.

With skyrocketing debt being left to future generations, unprecedented power grabs and an economy perpetually dragged down by so-called stimulus plans, there’s no denying that Washington is out of control. Americans are already fighting back through the Tea Party movement and an election that rocked Congress, but now it’s time to take on the one man at the center of it all: Barack Obama.

We’re dedicated to doing the hard work to ensure his defeat at the ballot box at 2012. There will be many other races, and there will be many candidates for President, but our sole focus is making sure we win the one fight that matters most.  With Obama’s administration already assuming broad new powers through regulation rather than going through Congress, he’s on a path to deny the will of the people even more and be more destructive than ever. We simply can’t afford another 4 years. That’s why we hope you’ll sign our petition today and join our fight to Defeat Barack Obama!

"...The end of the world is nigh; 21 May, to be precise. That's the date when Harold Camping, a preacher from Oakland, California, is confidently predicting the Second Coming of the Lord. At about 6pm, he reckons 2 per cent of the world's population will be immediately "raptured" to Heaven; the rest of us will get sent straight to the Other Place.


If Mr Camping were speaking from any normal pulpit, it would be easy to dismiss him as just another religious eccentric wrongly calling the apocalypse. But thanks to this elderly man's ubiquity, on America's airwaves and billboards, his unlikely Doomsday message is almost impossible to ignore.

Every day Mr Camping, an 89-year-old former civil engineer, speaks to his followers via the Family Radio Network, a religious broadcasting organisation funded entirely by donations from listeners. Such is their generosity (assets total $120m) that his network now owns 66 stations in the US alone.

Those deep pockets were raided to allow Family Radio to launch a high-profile advertising campaign, proclaiming the approaching Day of Judgement. More than 2,000 billboards across the US are adorned with its slogans, which include "Blow the trumpet, warn the people!". A fleet of logoed camper vans is touring every state in the nation. "It's getting real close. It's really getting pretty awesome, when you think about it," Mr Camping told The Independent on Sunday. "We're not talking about a ball game, or a marriage, or graduating from college. We're talking about the end of the world, a matter of being eternally dead, or being eternally alive, and it's all coming to a head right now."

Mr Camping, who makes programmes in 48 languages, boasts tens of thousands of followers across the globe, with radio stations in South Africa, Russia and Turkey. After 70 years of studying the Bible, he claims to have developed a system that uses mathematics to interpret prophesies hidden in it. He says the world will end on 21 May, because that will be 722,500 days from 1 April AD33, which he believes was the day of the Crucifixion. The figure of 722,500 is important because you get it by multiplying three holy numbers (five, 10 and 17) together twice. "When I found this out, I tell you, it blew my mind," he said.

Recent events, such as earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Haiti, are harbingers of impending doom, he says, as are changing social values. "All the stealing, and the lying, and the wickedness and the sexual perversion that is going on in society is telling us something," he says. "So too is the gay pride movement. It was sent by God as a sign of the end."

Mr Camping, who founded Family Radio in the 1950s, grew up a Baptist. Many of his strongly held views – he does not believe in evolution and thinks all abortion should be banned – are relatively commonplace among America's religious right.

Critics point out that this isn't the first time Mr Camping has predicted the second coming. On 6 September 1994, hundreds of his listeners gathered at an auditorium in Alameda looking forward to Christ's return.

"At that time there was a lot of the Bible I had not really researched very carefully," he said last week. "But now, we've had the chance to do just an enormous amount of additional study and God has given us outstanding proofs that it really is going to happen."

Could another Texas Governor gallup up to the Presidential trough? Some GOP political operatives in the Lone Star state are whispering about their guy - Governor Rick Perry. But I gotta say - doesn't he look like a younger version of Mitt? Just askin'.

As many grass-roots Republicans remain in search of a conservative candidate with the pizazz to go toe-to-toe against President Obama, a man from deep in the heart of Texas who was tea party before the tea party was cool appears to be giving the presidential race some thought.

Gov. Rick Perry has insisted on multiple occasions that he has no interest in the presidency, but RCP has learned that political associates have begun to nose around quietly on Perry's behalf.

Those of us who voted for and supported Tom McClintock during the recall election in California in 2004 feel vindicated today ...but overwhelming sadness for everyone else involved in this sordid mess.
Schwarzenegger is a lout, without a doubt. Pray for his family.

The Leading Lady of the Right, the lovely and talented Michele Bachmann, is tantalizing us with her Presidential aspirations.

I hope she runs! She will bring a common sense conservatism to the race. She's smart (a tax attorney by trade) with a huge heart (17 foster children!) ...and she is easy on the eyes, guys!

Fox News, by Carl Cameron    Original Article
Senior insiders to Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann say the Republican founder of the House Tea Party caucus is now very likely to run for president. In the wake of both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump opting out of the 2012 race, calls to Bachmann's offices "have been burning up our lines" according to a Bachmann confidant who marveled, "one guy called her our Margaret Thatcher!" Bachmann has said before that she will likely make a decision by June. She unveiled a new website design Monday that highlights Team Bachmann rather than Congresswoman Bachmann.

The answer is - maybe. 

I would be a little nervous if I were a Democrat seeking re-election in 2012 whose name begins with a O and ends in A.

"...The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government lost its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has warned for months that the government would soon hit the $14.3·trillion debt ceiling — a legal limit on how much it can borrow. With that limit reached Monday, Geithner is undertaking special measures in an effort to postpone the day when he will no longer have enough funds to pay all of the government’s bills.

Geithner, who has already suspended a program that helps state and local government manage their finances, will begin to borrow from retirement funds for federal workers. The measure won’t have an impact on retirees because the Treasury is legally required to reimburse the program.

The maneuver buys Geithner only a few months of time. If Congress does not vote by Aug. 2 to raise the debt limit, Geithner says the government is likely to default on some of its obligations, which he says would cause enormous economic harm and the suspension of government services, including the disbursal of Social Security funds.

Many congressional Republicans, however, have been skeptical that breaching the Aug. 2 deadline would be as catastrophic as Geithner suggests. What’s more, Republican leaders are insisting that Congress cut spending by as much as the Obama administration wants to raise the debt limit, without any new taxes. Obama is proposing spending cuts and tax increases to rein in the debt.

“Everything should be on the table, except raising taxes,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Because raising taxes will hurt our economy and hurt our ability to create jobs in our country.


My husband enjoys watching 60 Minutes on CBS and has for years. Why, you ask? Well, it's because he is a liberal and likes to watch TVshows that affirm his liberal opinion. Naturally - I do not (watch 60 Minutes OR share his politics.)

But when I heard CIA Chief Robert Gates talking about Obama's order to kill Bin Laden "the most courageous" decision he has ever seen ...I stomped upstairs in disgust.

I am sick to my stomach hearing the constant spin from the Obamaistas about the guts of our Commander in Chief.

Let me say this clearly: It doesn't take any courage to order the death of a stone faced killer who would happily slit the throats of every man, woman, and child in this country if he could. It takes courage to CARRY OUT THAT ORDER KNOWING THAT YOU MIGHT DIE DOING SO.

The Navy SEALs are the REAL HEROES. Let's not forget it.

  Original Article
"...President Barack Obama made a “very gutsy call” to send Navy SEALs into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden, outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in an interview broadcast Sunday. "I worked for a lot of these guys. And this is one of the most courageous calls – decisions — that I think I’ve ever seen a president make,” Gates told CBS in a wide-ranging interview aired on “60 Minutes.”

...people pay attention...and that is why Matt Drudge rules the news world!

"...For most big news Web sites, about 60 percent of the traffic is homegrown, people who come directly to the site by dint of a bookmark or typing in or The other critical 40 percent comes by referrals, the links that are the source of drive-by traffic, new readers and heat-seekers on a particular story.

By far, most of the traffic from links comes from the sprawling hybrid of Google search and news, which provides about 30 percent of the visits to news sites, according to a report released last week by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, part of the Pew Research Center. And the second? Has to be Facebook, right? Nope. Then Twitter must be the next in line. Except it isn’t.

Give up? It’s The Drudge Report, a 14-year-old site — a relic by Web standards — conceived and operated by Matt Drudge. Using data from the Nielsen Company to examine the top 21 news sites on the Web, the report suggests that Mr. Drudge, once thought of as a hothouse flower of the Lewinsky scandal, is now more powerful in driving news than the half-billion folks on Facebook. (According to the study, Facebook accounted for 3.3 percent of the referrals to news sites, less than half as many as generated by The Drudge Report.)

“When you look at his influence, it cuts across all kind of sites, both traditional news outlets and online-only sites,” said Amy S. Mitchell, the deputy director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism and one of the authors of the study. “He was an early and powerful force in setting the news agenda and has somehow maintained that even as there has been a great deal of change in the way people get their news.”

Buh-bye, Newt! 

Gingrich Backs Obamacare Mandate for Health Insurance
Former House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told "Meet the Press" Sunday that he backs a requirement that every citizen purchase or acquire health insurance, a key component of President Obama's health care law. Gingrich described his plan as a "variation" of Obama's individual mandate. Gingrich's position undermines the key legal challenge made by 26 states against Obamacare and his comments have drawn a sharp reaction from conservatives.
Read the Full Story — Go Here Now

This Thursday we host the 3-hour "Defeat Barack Obama" RadioThon.  One of our goals will be to raise $250,000 for our campaign to boot Barack Obama from the White House once and for all.

To reach that goal we're starting our fundraising drive for this effort today.  Each and every day Barack Obama is out there fundraising for his election campaign.  Today, we launch the largest effort to fight back and defeat him.

Please support this effort by making a contribution - CLICK HERE TO DONATE


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We've now got less than one-week to get the word out on the big, upcoming RadioThon.  Please help us spread word about this truly historic broadcast by going to our Facebook Event page and  clicking "Attend" on this page and then most importantly click the button that says "+Select Guests to Invite" and invite all your friends and fellow patriots: 

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Again, we've set up an Event Page on Facebook where we'll be posting all the updates and details on this special event.  Please go there, click your attendance.  You can also invite your friends too:!/event.php?eid=207710802593570



Mike Huckabee Not Running For President (TVNewser)
Mike Huckabee is not jumping into the race for the GOP nomination for president. The Fox News host and former Arkansas governor made the announcement live at the end of his pretaped, weekly program, Huckabee. "I will not seek the Republican nomination for president this year," Huckabee said. "I'm going to gladly continue doing what I do."
NYT: Beginning this summer, News Corp., the media company controlled by Rupert Murdoch, will announce each year all of the political contributions it has made.

...and speaking of FOX News....Jon Stewart To Go On The O'Reilly Factor Monday (TVNewser)
Jon Stewart has accepted Bill O'Reilly's invitation to debate the White House's decision to invite controversial rapper Common to a poetry event earlier this week. featured jobs  

WASHINGTON — The more Republicans get to know their potential White House candidates, the less happy they are with their choices.

It's not that they dislike the individual candidates. They just give them a collective shrug as possible opponents for President Barack Obama. They'd like someone with a little more pizazz.

Some 45 percent now say they're dissatisfied with the GOP candidates who have declared or are thought to be serious about running, up from 33 percent two months ago, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. Just 41 percent are satisfied with the likely Republican field, down from 52 percent.


In North Carolina, retiree Robert Osborne is hoping New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will decide to run. In Indiana, farmer Brent Smith wishes Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour hadn't backed away. In Georgia, stock clerk Susan Demarest would love to see somebody more like Ronald Reagan.

Ohio's William Johnson just wants somebody who's not a "cold fish."

"I don't expect them to get up there and start doing karaoke, but we need somebody with a little more spunk," says the Columbus steelworker.

Los Angeles Times   Original Article


Ron Paul. Today is the big day. Well, a big day anyway. Ron Paul, the 12-term Republican representative from Texas, appeared on one of those morning news shows that mixes the weather, singers, weather, authors, weather, actors, weather, the scary kidnapped child story and the occasional animal tale. Paul conversed with that little guy with the precisely-tousled hair who used to work for Bill Clinton. And 48 hours after Paul opened his Iowa caucus campaign headquarters -- News Bulletin -- he "revealed" to "Good Morning America" his candidacy for president of the United States.
Canada Free Press    Original Article
Lesson of the Day: The camera doesn’t lie, only the TelePrompter does. The Ballad of ‘Obama Killed Osama’ has hit a brick wall. The Truth came along and did it in. Making it worse for overworked and over paid spin meisters, after almost three years not every college student is an Obama groupie;




EDITORIAL: Obama: Freedom or Islam? - Washington Times

President Obama is trying to hit the reset button on his outreach efforts to the world's Muslims. He would do better to focus on aggressively promoting freedom rather than pandering to Islam.

On paper, Mitt Romney comes across as a credible candidate for the GOP. He's personable, handsome, sufficiently conservative, and he's NOT Barack Obama.

But however hard I try, I just don't dig the dude. Romney care in Massaschusetts is certainly a huge part of my disinterest... it was the early version of Obamacare  Also, his unnerving habit of looking across the room to see who is more important to talk to than you - yuk, I hate that in a person.

I am not alone shunning Romney. Even the folks at the Wall Street Journal have done a devastating take-down on his potential candidacy.

"...It's no secret that one of Mitt Romney's biggest vulnerabilities is the fact that he invented RomneyCare in Massachusetts, thus paving the way for the detested Obamacare. What is surprising is that the WSJ -- which you'd think might overlook that in Romney's case, given their general common ideologies -- would pulverize him on the subject. That's exactly what they've done tonight, on the eve of his big healthcare speech, basically branding him has un-credible and self-serving. They say RomneyCare has been a mess, but that really, up until recently he was bragging about its success..."

"Even paranoids sometimes have enemies."


Editor's note: This is the first of a two part series on George Soros and the media.

When liberal investor George Soros gave $1.8 million to National Public Radio , it became part of the firestorm of controversy that jeopardized NPR’s federal funding. But that gift only hints at the widespread influence the controversial billionaire has on the mainstream media. Soros, who spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004, has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

Prominent journalists like ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post editor and now Vice President Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash. This despite the Society of Professional Journalists' ethical code stating: “avoid all conflicts real or perceived.”

This information is part of an upcoming report by the Media Research Centers Business & Media Institute which has been looking into George Soros and his influence on the media.

There is one thing far less reliable than predicting future weather patterns.  Trying to predict human behavior.  Especially private behavior, the kind that takes place in a voting booth. 

Yet, more and more these days, we -- the American electorate -- are told by politicos and pollsters and pundit-crats which candidates have a chance -- or no chance at all -- of being elected.  These utterly unreliable political forecasts are not simply presumptuous (One man/woman's personal opinion does not speak for some mystical American authority), they are as un-American as one could get this side of European Aristocracy. 

The American Revolution itself was fought and won to avoid this very type of ruling-class decision making.  Influence gained by television or celebrity status is no more representative of meritocracy than union protectionism.  And we the people have every right to resist this concerted effort to pick and choose our candidates, irrespective of whether they are "loved" by D.C. insiders and media stars.

So, I'm sick and tired of being told by the same people who have given media imprimaturs to the current folks in political power (not a success story, if you ask me) just who and who is not worthy of my one vote!

I'll vote for whomever I please and be darned proud of my independence and individuality, my all-American liberty.

Today, I've highlighted some of the reasons why I might just vote for Herman Cain, the very successful American businessman, who seems to understand the economy better than the entire U.S. Treasury Department.  Americans today are fighting the silent beast of inflation -- especially in our food and fuel costs -- the beast that our government still insists is nonexistent.  And Herman Cain's voice is the most appealing to me at the moment, when it comes to the economy.

Do these people think we're stupid?

In a word, yes. 

There is going to be a premature evacuation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next year if I might be so bold, I would like to offer some advice to Michelle "Gangsta" Obama ...please start compiling some quotes for moving trucks.

Plain Dealer [Cleveland, OH], by John Funk    Original Article
Gasoline prices will remain high through 2012, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says. The government's prediction Tuesday assumes significant increases in global oil consumption, oil price increases to go along with that, and even stronger profits for oil companies in the short run. But it does not mention the volatility that has beset oil markets in the last couple of weeks, driving prices to near record highs. The spikes -- driven by massive amounts of investor money electronically moving in and out of the commodities markets -- have convinced many motorists that somebody is gouging them.

Bin Laden's Baby Boy is criiiiying because his Daddy was buried at sea.

Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

Son says bin Laden sea burial demeans family...
May sue USA...

Wash. Post: 'Before Sen. John Kerry got a word in, Gingrich conceded that global warming is real, that humans have contributed to it and that 'we should address it very actively.' Gingrich held up Kerry's new book, and called it 'a very interesting read.' -- Kerry gushed: 'I frankly appreciate the candor.'

Newt's Candidacy, D.O.A.? Pelosi's Buddy - The Big Green, Big Ethanol, Big Spending, Big Govt Republican -- 'Newt Gingrich is literally unfit for office, specially the Oval Office. He is the wrong man, at the wrong time'

My friend and colleague Andrew Breitbart is so freaking smart it makes my head hurt and smile crack.

His wife is afraid he will run for President. He should. But tragically, he won't. has a great piece on Andrew today. Read it here.

P.S. Andrew will be joining me on the broadcast "Three Hours to Freedom" in Las Vegas May 19th. Please tune in to this fundraiser to DEFEAT BARACK OBAMA IN 2012 from 6 to 9 p.m. (See above banner ad for details.)

Andrew Breitbart speaks to the audience at the Uni-Tea Tea Party rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. | AP Photo 

As Executive Director of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama Committee, it is my privilege to invite you to listen to  our upcoming 3-hour radio program entitled “Three Hours to Freedom,” a RadioThon for our campaign effort to Defeat Barack Obama.  Please read the details on this radio program below and RSVP your participation by responding to this email.


The show will be broadcast live nationwide on Thursday, May 19th (6:00PM – 9:00PM Pacific // 9:00PM – 12 Midnight Eastern), originating from Las Vegas News/Talk radio giant KDWN 720 AM and streamed online at


The program will be hosted by Melanie Morgan (nationally acclaimed radio and television personality), Lloyd Marcus (Vice Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and a popular conservative singer/songwriter) and Amy Kremer (Chairman of the Tea Party Express).  More information on these hosts is provided at the end of this email.


Guests on the program will include national conservative figures who will be invited to speak as to why they believe Barack Obama should not be re-elected, and to highlight a better path forward for America.  The program is modeled after Jerry Lewis’s Labor Day Telethons where individuals came together for a shared cause.  Our shared cause:  the need to defeat Barack Obama and fight for a future with greater liberty, economic prosperity and respect for the Constitutional principles this nation was founded on. 






Melanie Morgan is a nationally acclaimed radio and television personality.  She has had a long and distinguished career as a television news reporter (reporting from hot spots around the globe for ABC News) and most prominently as an award-winning radio host, including most recently Talk Radio Network’s “America Morning News” and a long stint at the San Francisco conservative News/Talk powerhouse KSFO 560 AM.  She is also author of the bestseller, American Mourning, which detailed the struggles endured by families who lost loved ones in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  She is a founding Co-Chairman of Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop non-profit group that has sent over 120 tons of care packages to hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops stationed abroad.  Her annual TroopAThon broadcast has featured an array of distinguished guests including Rush Limbaugh, Gov. Sarah Palin, Gen. David Petraeus, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Oliver North, Dennis Miller, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Ann Coulter, Dennis Praeger, Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Monica Crowley, Gary Sinese, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voigt, John Ondrasik and many others.


*Melanie Morgan on The O’Reilly Factor:

*Melanie Morgan TroopAThon Promo Video:


Lloyd Marcus is one of the most beloved conservative activists in America.  A singer/songwriter, Lloyd has performed at hundreds of venues across America.  In 2008 he was a leader of the 40-city “Stop Obama” tour which included his performance of a song honoring Gov. Sarah Palin.  He has performed at every one of the rallies that comprised the Tea Party Express’s four national bus tours which included his hit song, “American Tea Party Anthem.”  A frequent guest on national and local television programs across America, he has been an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama, and decried the unseemly tactics used by liberals to silence conservatives by accusing them of racism.  He is founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color, and currently serves as Vice Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama Committee.


*Lloyd Marcus on Fox News Live:

*Lloyd Marcus performs “2010” at 9/12 March on Washington:


Amy Kremer is Chairman of the Tea Party Express, one of the largest tea party organizations in America.  She has led the group to become one of the most powerful political forces in the nation, regularly defeating the establishments of both political parties in policy matters and in political campaigns.  A featured speaker at this year’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), she has also appeared as a representative of the tea party movement on hundreds of national and local television programs – including a memorable performance where she managed to subdue the sometimes unruly hosts of ABC’s The View.  She has helped to organize several hundred tea party rallies across America and is currently putting together one of the first presidential debates that will feature all of the major Republican candidates for president, which will be broadcast live on CNN.


*Amy Kremer on Greta Van Susteren’s show on Fox News:

*Amy Kremer on ABC’s The View:



Joe Wierzbicki

Executive Director, Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama :: Facebook :: Twitter

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :: email

(888) 214 6650 :: phone


U.S. Government Questioned Obama Citizenship The U.S. government is on record questioning President Obama's citizenship status as early as when he was 5 years old, stating it lacked documentation to determine his citizenship Worldnetdaily

U.S. Draws Up Afghan Exit Strategy U.S. military officers in Afghanistan have drawn up preliminary proposals to withdraw as many as 5,000 troops from the country in July and as many as 5,000 more by the year's end Fox

Obama's Half-Brother Runs Questionable Charity President Obama's half-brother runs an off-the-books American charity that claims to support poor Kenyans -- but it lies about its federal status and no one knows how it spends its money New York Post

Justice Department Pursues 'Strange' Probe of Execution Drug
The White House has launched a quiet campaign to seize execution drugs, contributing to a de facto death penalty freeze in some states


Of Interest Milton Friedman: In Defense of Capitalism
In a short 2 1/2 minutes, Milton Friedman effectively destroys all arguments against free market capitalism.

More Headlines

Attorney General Vows to Close Guantanamo
Ariz. Takes Immigration Fight to High Court
Schwarzenegger and Wife Separate
Heidelberg Man Links Humans, Neanderthals

Check out for the latest breaking news


Dear friends: I never send out 'serial' emails, as most are intrusive.  This one is different: this is a promo for a documentary on the men who fought in WWII, who are passing on at a rate of 1,000 a day.  My father and all my uncles were among those who fought: somehow my father managed to survive 4 years aboard a destroyer escort in the Pacific.   

      This keeps their story alive as we head toward the 70th anniversary of the start of the most awful war ever.

       Please watch and forward: it helps the film.    James Dalessandro, author of "The Damndest Finest Ruins" Executive Producer and Author "Citizen Jane."

I discovered this fascinating read from Stephen Fingerhut at Instapundit this morning. Five star reading material for those of us who despair of ever seeing our Golden State shine again.

"...In Sacramento, Governor Jerry Brown is planning to close California’s $26.6 billion structural deficit through spending cuts and tax extensions. Opposition has been spirited but less contentious than expected, probably because of the size of the budget hole. But one item of Brown’s plan—something that would save about $1.7 billion annually—has generated heated debates between local officials and the new administration. The governor has proposed eliminating California’s approximately 400 redevelopment agencies (RDAs.)


Greenville, S.C. - The first Republican presidential primary debate – with some of the key contenders AWOL — kicked off the nomination fight Thursday with shots at President Barack Obama’s domestic and foreign policy. The faceoff, co-sponsored by Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Party, came just days after Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. Bin Laden’s death sharply reoriented the debate among the five candidates here — the first 15 minutes were spent on foreign policy — not jobs, the economy or the national debt, which have been key issues for the GOP.

The Double Dipper is here.

The "jobless recovery" is over.

Double-dip recession: Not this nice!

Double-dip recession: Not this nice!

President Barack Obama, center, and former President George W. Bush, right, show a united front in January 2010 in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP
President Barack Obama, center, and former President George W. Bush, right, show a united front in January 2010 in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake
WASHINGTON - George W. Bush won't be at Ground Zero with President Obama Thursday in part because he feels his team is getting short shrift in the decade-long manhunt for Osama Bin Laden.

"[Bush] viewed this as an Obama victory lap," a highly-placed source told the Daily News Wednesday.

Bush's visit to the rubble after the 9/11 attacks was the emotional high point of his presidency, but associates say the invitation to return with his successor was a non-starter.

"He doesn't feel personally snubbed and appreciates the invitation, but Obama's claiming all the credit and a lot of other people deserve some of it," the source added.

"Obama gave no credit whatsoever to the intelligence infrastructure the Bush administration set up that is being hailed from the left and right as setting in motion the operation that got Bin Laden. It rubbed Bush the wrong way."

Bush spokesman David Sherzer said Bush "appreciated the invite, but has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight."

Associates familiar with his thinking say Bush does not believe Obama or his handlers wanted to exploit his presence. But the tag-team idea "was for the benefit of Obama, and Obama withheld credit from people Bush believes deserved it," a source said.

Asked about the matter at Thursday's White House briefing, spokesman Jay Carney said "this is a moment of unity for Americans and a moment to recall the unity that existed in this country in the wake of the attacks on 9/11.

"We completely understand that he's not able to come, but…the invitation was made in that spirit," Carney added.

Since leaving office in 2009 the 43rd president has stuck to a rigorous code of silence about criticizing Obama,

MUST READ: Obama WH Takes Victory Lap in Clown Car.

You know that you have blown your message when Cindy Sheehan gets going on the "Osama Isn't Dead" meme....and the White House has only itself to blame.

 I thought the Bush Communications office was a joke. The current bunch is making the Bushies look like Mensa members.

.....It is abundantly clear that Jay Carney Barker can't keep his story straight.

"In terms of the operational details, we have gotten to the point where we cannot cross lines because of the necessity for preserving the methods and operational techniques and capabilities of the kinds of forces that were used in this case. We've gone to the limit of our ability to do that and still maintain some of the things that we need to maintain and be kept secret. So, that's a long way of beginning my answer to say that we've revealed a lot of information, we've been as forthcoming as facts as we can be. A lot of information came out quickly, when we needed to clarify some of the information we had, as more information came in, we provided that. But in terms of further details of the operation, I don't have any for you," White House press secretary Jay Carney said at today's briefing.

"You're welcome to obviously consult the Defense department," Carney said.


While the public lauds the president’s performance killing Bin Laden, he got no overall bounce in a new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll. Also: Obama vs. Bush on terror and Obama vs. Trump in 2012. Plus, full coverage of Osama bin Laden.

How much overall boost did President Obama get from the capture of Osama Bin Laden? None, according to an exclusive Newsweek / Daily Beast poll encompassing 1,200 American adults, conducted in the two days immediately before the president’s Sunday announcement about the terrorist leader, and then the two days immediately after.

Specifically, Americans like the way he handled the situation, giving him strong results in strength and decision-making (55 percent now term him a strong leader overall, and 63 percent do so in the area of terrorism). Yet he did not get any overall bump in terms of approval rating, or electoral support. His approval rate was unchanged—48 approve, 49 disapprove, both before and after. There was also no statistical change in whether Obama deserves reelection—40/48 before, 39/49 after.

Photos: Inside bin Laden’s Compound

Gallery Launch - Graham Osama Hideout

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 26% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Thirty-six percent (36%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10 (see trends).

The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). Updates are also available on Twitter and Facebook

Overall, 49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

Daily updates are based upon nightly telephone interviews and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. As a result, two-thirds of the interviews for today’s update were conducted before news was released about the death of Osama bin Laden. Thursday will be the first update based entirely upon interviews conducted after that event. Results from the single night of data collected on Monday shows a modest improvement in the president’s Approval Index rating. However, there was no improvement in the president’s overall approval rating. Caution should always be used when interpreting a single night sample from a tracking poll.

The president’s job approval ratings have been remarkably stable over the past year-and-a-half when viewed on a month-by-month basis.

During the month of April, the number of voters unaffiliated with either major party grew for the fourth straight month.

Republicans continue to hold a modest advantage on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

UBL is DOA ....celebrating the end of this evil man in Novato, California.


Join me this afternoon in Marin County, California .....just our way of thanking the Navy Seals for True American Justice!

Bay Area Patriots

San Francisco Tea Party


Join us today, May 2, for a YAY USA! Rally in downtown Novato, 4-6 pm, in front of Whole Foods on DeLong, to celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden.


Please bring US flags and signs. If you bring a sign, messages might be along the lines of :

Yay USA! ... Thanks, Navy Seals... Victory for USA (GW Bush's words)... NOsama Bin Laden... Nosama NO more! ... that kind of thing. Again, flags are fabulous!


We know the battle isn't over, but let's celebrate this important moment in America's history.


There's plenty of parking in the Whole Foods parking lot (exit 101 at DeLong, go over the freeway, and stay to your right...Whole Foods is right there). If you have to work or come late, no worries. Come when you can.


Again... this is a simple, impromptu rally just to say: YAY USA!

I just knew it was going to be a team of Navy Seals who took out Osama Bin Laden. And I was right! I am thinking and praying for Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal to die in the fighting in Iraq, and his mother Debbie Lee friend and hero. How proud Marc must be of his fellow Seals who eliminated the scourage of humanity, sending him into the depths of hell.

I am proud of all the young men and women, both military and civilian , who have lost their lives or their limbs in pursuit of the evil that visited America's shores September 11th, 2001. God Bless each and every soldier, sailor, airman, Marine and Coast Guardsmen who have served in this decade long battle.

Please do something to show your gratitude to our troops who have been fighting and winning this war by going to and sending a care package and a message of gratitude today's the least we can do. Really.


Mission was to kill, not capture...
Crowds gather at White House, Ground Zero to celebrate...
Obama: U.S. Carried Out Operation 'At My Direction'...
W: 'No Matter How Long It Takes, Justice Will Be Done'...
Killing brings anger, relief in Arab world...
Heat on Pakistan...
Hamas condemns killing of 'holy warrior'...


Update! From Debbie Lee:

"..I’m so proud that it was a Navy SEAL team that finally got Osama bin Laden, and I just wish Marc could be here with his fellow SEALs to share this with the country he died protecting. Marc graduated from his SEAL training shortly before 9/11 and when that heinous attack was carried out by Al Qaeda, Marc wanted more than anything to see justice done. I know he’s watching with satisfaction from Heaven today.

We want to thank all of our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the intelligence community who have been hunting bin Laden for years. This is yet another victory for Americans and for justice for all the victims of radical Islamic terrorists around the world. Where would we be without our troops? They have proven that they have the dedication and patience to complete any mission, to deal with any threat and we want to thank our troops for that.

"It’s also important to thank all of those American patriots who have supported and stood by our troops through all the years. They have been patient as well, for they have continued to send support to our troops even when the media and some politicians were NOT there for the troops.  At Move America Forward we will be continuing our mission of supporting our troops, as they are still deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and until all of our troops come home we will continue sending our support and our care packages to our brave troops on the front lines. We invite all Americans to joins us.


We’ve been sending support to our brave troops for years now, and we will continue doing so until their mission is complete. Even though Osama Bin Laden may now be dead, Al Qaeda is still a very real threat, and our troops will still be fighting them. Send some support now!"