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This is such a delicious summary of all things Whitman and the faux scandal manufactured for yesterday's news.


"...Meg Whitman easily bested Jerry Brown in a debate over the future of California on Tuesday night.

So California Democrats had to hope that one of their reliable warhorses would saddle up and do some damage to Whitman with some kind of smear that diverted attention from the knock-down that Brown suffered. Lawyer Gloria Allred turned up, right on schedule, with a headline grabbing, allegation-hurling press conference about the misdeeds of Whitman.

Turns out that Whitman had hired a housekeeper a few years back, after being provided all the necessary documents. Whitman was very serious about complying with the law as any CEO of a major public company ought to be, if only to protect the thousands and thousands of shareholders who cannot afford to have corporate leadership turn out to be law breakers.

Whitman was defrauded. The housekeeper lied. Many years later the housekeeper admitted her lies to Whitman, and Whitman dismissed her.

First the law. Don't believe me. Believe Erwin Chemerinsky, the very liberal dean of the University of California at Irvine Law School. After Allred's press conference I had Erwin on my radio program to state the law, which he did very quickly: Whitman had to fire the housekeeper or break the law.

Then I had Gloria on the program. The audio and transcript are posted at

I have known Gloria for a number of years, and like her. But she's a lefty and publicity-hungry, so when she can combine both her political agenda and her ambitions for the spotlight, don't get between her and the camera. This is why she played herself in the movie Rat Race. Her publicity-seeking is so over the top that even she is willing to make fun of it on the big screen.

She last attacked a Republican candidate for governor when he was leading the polls shortly before a vote when she launched a broadside against Arnold in August of 2003. Her client, Rhonda Miller, alleged sexual harassment. Miller's suit was dismissed.

I began my interview with Allred by asking her how that case turned out. Allred objected to the line of questioning.

I played Erwin's answer to my straightforward question and asked Allred if Erwin had stated the law correctly.. Allred objected to the line of questioning.

I asked Allred if she could state the law. She objected to this line of questioning.

Allred hung up on me when it became obvious that I simply wasn't going to allow her to repeat her allegations without establishing first a theory of the law under which Whitman could be understood to have done anything wrong.

All across the county, Democrats are hanging up on calls from voters, or not answering the phone in the first place.

They aren't holding votes in Congress, and they aren't holding townhalls in their districts.

They make outrageous charges and then refuse, like Allred on my show, to state their cases or make their arguments.

I have waited 20 years in broadcast for the perfect moment to tell a nonsense-spewing guest that they can't handle the truth. I got to do it with Gloria.

Soon the entire country will get to do it to Democrats from the top of the ticket to the bottom. The nonsense and stunts must stop. The country has real problems, problems that trial lawyers cannot solve, that public employee unions cannot divert attention from, and for which the president, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have no answers.

Like Gloria Allred today, the entire party will be embarrassed after the decision is rendered.

Sadly, like Gloria, there is very little evidence that they will change their ways.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

That is the central question voters will be asking themselves this November says Kyle Ann Shiver.

Reviving the question that got Ronald Reagan elected in the biggest landslide in American history is what I'm recommending for Republicans this year.  The Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, fought every Republican effort to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before that bubble burst in all our faces, and have since done nothing but run this country and our economy into the ground.  So, all it will take for every fence-sitting voter who doesn't work for the federal government to get out and vote Republican next month is to pose that simple question:  Are you better off now than you were four years ago, when the Dems took Congressional control?  A landslide in the making.


I am reminded that Gloria Allred was the devlish Democrat who unleashed the sexual sleaze on former Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003, nearly de-railing his viability. Except for that backlash thing I write about further down.

People see through the political chicanery.

Delivering on their promised threats, Democrats are dishing the dirt. First up from the sleazy tricks department is a stunning attack on California Republican candidate Meg Whitman.

Republican nominee for governor Meg Whitman smiles during a campaign stop at Cisco headquarters in San Jose , Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010.
Marcio Jose Sanchez
Republican nominee for governor Meg Whitman smiles during a campaign stop at Cisco headquarters in San Jose , Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010.

Read more:


During a news conference today, fame addict Gloria Allred revealed that her client Nicky Diaz Santillian, Ms. Whitman's housekeeper, is in this country illegally.

"...Allred, a longtime Democratic supporter who once gave money to Democratic candidate Jerry Brown, claimed that the Social Security Administration sent a letter to the Whitman household saying the Social Security number given for Diaz Santillan did not match her name. When asked by reporters about this, Whitman flatly denied receiving any such letters.

The campaign issued a copy of a job application, Social Security card and driver license they say Diaz Santillan presented to Whitman and her husband, which led them to believe she was allowed to work in the U.S.

It's too soon to know what impact this will have on the campaign, but a CNN/Time/Opinion Research poll released Wednesday suggested the Brown is pulling ahead of Whitman (52 percent to 39 percent of likely voters) in what had been characterized in recent polls as a very close race.

The Whitman campaign painted Allred's claims as a political stunt just weeks before November's election.

The accusation came a day after Whitman and her Democratic rival, California Attorney Gen. Jerry Brown, faced off in their first debate of the campaign. When asked about her position on immigration, Whitman said that employers must be held accountable when they employ illegal immigrants.

"We do have to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers and we do have to enforce that law."

But Whitman said she fulfilled her legal obligations, letting Diaz Santillan go once she and her husband found out "she was an illegal immigrant."

Here are a few questions that the MSM should be asking but won't: Is Allred representing the Brown campaign or Nicky Santillian? Why has she exposed her client to investigation and deportation, as well as perjury for lying about her status to her employer (Whitman's campaign provided the false documentation that Santillian gave Whitman when hired.)?

Will ICE launch an investigation into Santillian's immigration status? Why has Allred put her client in jeopardy?

I think that anyone (even the Democrats) will consider this a cheap political trick, and one that has a strong likelihood of backfiring. This smacks of the last second  LAT attack on Arnold Schwarzenegger, which served to motivate the previously unispired GOP base.

Shame on Allred. Shame on Brown.

Excuse me now ....I need to take a shower.


Well, duh. We knew that.

"These are essentially conservative Republicans who are very ticked-off people," said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

If the Republicans win control of the House or Senate this fall, Mr. McInturff added, the survey shows "enormous amounts about how limited the interest is going to be in those new majorities to try to seek negotiation with the president or the Democratic leadership."

The poll found that tea-party supporters make up one-third of the voters most likely to cast ballots in November's midterm elections. This showed the movement "isn't a small little segment, but it is a huge part of what's driving 2010," Mr. Hart said.

The survey also found growing energy among some core Democratic voting blocs, such as African-Americans and Hispanics—a tightening that is common as an election draws closer, according to pollsters.

The GOP now holds a three-point edge, 46% to 43%, when likely voters are asked which party they would prefer to control Congress. That is down from a nine-point Republican lead a month ago.

No wonder Presidential advisor David Alexrod is said to be exhausted and seriously considering returning to Chicago. His boss is out of control on the messaging thingy. Either that, or he's just exposing his true self.

Bets, anyone?

"...In a rare and blunt criticism of education in the nation's capital, President Obama on Monday called D.C. Public Schools a "struggling" system that doesn't measure up to the needs of first daughters Sasha and Malia.

The president's remarks came one day after Education Secretary Arne Duncan also got publicly involved in matters related to D.C. schools, stating his latest praise for embattled D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee.

However, he also implicitly backed a principal criticism of Ms. Rhee pushed by backers of D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, almost certain to be the city's next mayor. His remarks also prompted a D.C. school board member to tell him to "butt out" of managing local schools.

During his interview Monday on NBC's "Today" show, Mr. Obama was asked by a viewer whether his girls "would get the same high-quality, rigorous education in a D.C. public school as compared" with what they receive at Sidwell Friends, a private school in the city.

Mr. Obama replied, "The answer is 'no' right now. The D.C. public school systems are struggling," though "they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the right direction of reform."

So it's allright for the President to insist that our children attend failing schools, but not his own?

The optics on this one can only help the GOP. Now run with folks!


The Democrats are flatly stating that Republicans will create "birther" legislation if they win back control of Congress.


This just proves the Democrats will say and do anything they can to hold onto power. Birther legislation. Honestly. We've got a freaking recession going on and people are desperate for J-O-B's.

Great a grip, Congressman Clyburn.

"...House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) warned Republicans will investigate President Obama's birthplace if they take over Congress.

Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, said Republicans will grind the government to a halt by issuing subpoenas against the Obama administration over a number of issues if they take power. He predicted that "gridlock" in Congress would "define" Obama's first term if Republicans win the House, but expressed confidence his party would prevail."

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Breitbart Fires-Up Tea Party 90210


It's my birthday today and I had the opportunity to watch CBS's " Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer as he conducted interviews with two Tea Party candidates - Ken Buck (R) Colorado (for whom I have campaigned) and Marco Rubio (R) in Florida (whom I interviewed last year) as well Sal Russo, the chief strategist for the Tea Party Express who has engineered some stunning upsets all across the country (Russo, myself and Howard Kaloogian co-founded Move America Forward, a non-profit group dedicated to supporting our troops and their mission.)

It was a great gift to watch the show and see Schieffer squirm over the mystery of the Tea Party appeal, and predictions of huge gains in November.

 It wasn't supposed to go this way, he exclaimed! How did it happen? He even asked point blank whether Ken Buck is a (gasp!) extremist?

Schieffer had diffiuclty grasping the idea that this generation of conservative candidates actually might have a chance to beat establishment Republicans,and go on to defeat the Democrats this November.

I smiled as Russo calmly explained that Ronald Reagan was expected to lose in 1980, and instead brought long 12 other conservative Republicans who were elected and provided key votes for his agenda. But Schieffer (and other so-called experts) still doesn't seem to understand what is happening.

Who are the Tea Party people and what do they stand for?

It's really simple, Bob.

Pay attention, please. We are a country that has had enough. We will not ignore our Constitution. We will not turn our backs on our Founding Fathers or our children. We will stop excessive taxes, excessive spending and forced health care.

Neither President Obama nor Harry Reid has the right to step on our rights. And though they might believe they give us commoners our rights and can force to do things that we know is against our best interests, we can stop them.

It's time to put up, or shut up.

That's why I'm joining with the Tea Party at the Mill Valley, California Community Center today from 2 to 5:30 to speak to hundreds, if not thousands of people who are just like me - sick of the leftist regime in this country, and are aso willing to stand up to the Republican party if necessary.

Come out today. Join Ward Connerly, Professor John Yoo from UC Berkeley and the author of the enhanced interrogation techniques policy, and Brian Sussman from KSFO radio. I'll speak around 5:00 this afternoon.

 It's my birthday, and Tea Parties are the perfect way to celebrate.

With five weeks before the Nov. 2 election, organizers said that if the Tea Party wants to be a force in the California vote, its followers must commit to the serious grunt work of campaigning - and pony up some cash. It's no longer about sign-waving.

Two candidates in tight races could get a boost if this happens - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and East Bay GOP congressional candidate David Harmer.

"I would like to see Tea Party groups in California get ready to do some get-out-the-vote work, and if they have any money to give, they direct it to the campaigns and candidates in California," said Sally Zelikovsky, an organizer of Conservative GroupaPalooza, the 2 p.m. gathering at the Mill Valley Community Center.

Rallies are important, "but it's time to make the transition to campaign mode," said Brendan Steinhauser, director of campaigns for Freedom Works, the Washington, D.C., organization that has backed much Tea Party activity nationally and plans to spend $13 million on the midterm elections.

Within the next few days, Freedom Works' political action committee plans to endorse Fiorina and send campaign materials advocating her run to its 62,000 California members.

After spending a week organizing recently in California, Steinhauser is urging Northern California Tea Party groups to help Harmer try to unseat Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, rather than fight long-odds battles against entrenched incumbents such House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco.

Read more:

It's not the death penalty like he deserves, but it's a start. Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, close friend and confidant of President Obama, has been denied Professor Emeritus status at the University of Illinois after his retirement earlier this year.

 It is a complete mystery to me why he was ever hired at the University of Illinois, unless someone in HR loved radical leftists (and we know that never happens in academia, right?)

To refresh the bidding, Bill Ayers is the 1960's Weatherman terrorist group co-founder  who stated "kill all the rich people...bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.'

He actually did kill a San Francisco police officer with a bomb, and, according to FBI informant Larry Grathwohl,  planned for the destruction of millions of people during bull sessions with his fellow terrorists. 

He got off due to technicality. 

Ayers also dedicated his book, in part, to the killer of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan. 

And that's where we pick up the story today, because (wait for it!) RFK's son Christopher is on the Board of Regents at the University of Illinois.

Today, Christopher Kennedy dropped the hammer on the bomber:

"... in an emotional statement, Kennedy discussed his reasons for voting against Ayers' request.

"I am guided by my conscience and one which has been formed by a series of experiences, many of which have been shared with the people of our country and mark each of us in a profound way," Kennedy said.

He said he could not confer the title "to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father."

Kennedy was referring to a 1974 book co-authored by Ayers, "Prairie Fire," which was dedicated to a long list of people including Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan and "all political prisoners in the U.S."

Ayers became a controversial figure in Barack Obama's presidential campaign because they worked on a school-reform initiative together, leading opponents to say Obama was linked to a "terrorist." UIC was forced to release more than 1,000 files detailing the activities of that group. The university also faced questions in 2001 after Ayers wrote in his memoir about helping with the non-fatal bombings of government buildings."

Hundreds of Bay Area residents joined with me to protest the appearance of Bill Ayers on the St. Mary's campus in Moraga, Ca. several years ago. Larry Grathwohl was with us, and demanded to be heard during the Q&A session ....but the man who would murder millions for having a different political viewpoint was too chickenshit to stick around and face the crowd.

Somewhere up there, slain officer San Francisco police officer Brian McDonnell is grimacing ..and still waiting for justice that just is beyond the grasp of the grave.

Ticked by the schtick, Capitol Hill lawmakers barely cracked a smile when comedian Stephen Colbert tried to be vaguely amusing - without result.

Well, the result did make ME laugh when he got kicked out of the hearing room, but even D.C. reporters thought Colbert was out of line.

Seven guards were brought in to escort Mr. UnFunny out of the halls of Congress.


Stephen Colbert 's routine as a Republican commentator on his hit TV show might leave millions of his fans laughing every night, but he failed to amuse lawmakers Friday during a House panel hearing on farm jobs and illegal immigrants.

 Colbert stayed in character during testimony as he made light of his experience working for one day as a farm worker. 

"America's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables," he said. "Now the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables and if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you'll see that many Americans have already started."

While some audience members laughed, most the members of the House Judiciary subcommittee barely cracked a smile.


My friend emailed me this obituary today. Is it true? Dunno. But he’s a cop and I WANT to believe it.

Seriously, Republicans have  plan to make things better. I's a re-worked version of the Contract With America (cooked up by Newt Gingrich waaaay back in the 1990's..) and we will let you decide whether it appeals to you or your undecided neighbor.

Members of the Republican House leadership, from left to right, Michigan Rep. Candice Miller, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam, Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Leader John Boehner, introduce the party's new "America Speaking Out" campaign at the Newseum May 25, 2010, in Washington.

(Credit: Getty Images)

CBS News has obtained a final draft of House Republicans' legislative agenda for the next Congress, a 21-page "Pledge to America" that they will formally unveil Thursday morning at a Virginia hardware store.



"The need for urgent action to repair our economy and reclaim our government for the people cannot be overstated," the introduction says.

It continues: "With this document, we pledge to dedicate ourselves to the task of reconnecting our highest aspirations to the permanent truths of our founding by keeping faith with the values our nation was founded on, the principles we stand for, and the priorities of our people. This is our Pledge to America."



For a breakdown of the document, check out "Pledge to America: The New Republican Agenda," by CBS News Senior Political Producer Jill Jackson. Below are some highlights, and the full document is at the bottom.


- Stop job-killing tax hikes

- Allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income

- Require congressional approval for any new federal regulation that would add to the deficit

- Repeal small business mandates in the new health care law.


Cutting Spending:

- Repeal and Replace health care

- Roll back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels before TARP and stimulus (will save $100 billion in first year alone)

- Establish strict budget caps to limit federal spending going forward

- Cancel all future TARP payments and reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


Reforming Congress:

- Will require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority

- Give members at least 3 days to read bills before a vote




- Provide resources to troops

- Fund missile defense

- Enforce sanctions in Iran

This looks pretty good to me. I think it should appeal to most voters. But hey, I'm an optimist at heart.

The nail-biter in California continues. Help needed at grassroots level. Please sign up.

Election 2010: California Senate

California Senate: Boxer (D) 47%, Fiorina (R) 43%

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



The U.S. Senate race in California remains a battle of inches.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state, including leaners, finds incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer earning 47% of the vote, while her Republican challenger Carly Fiorina gets 43% support.  Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

But the race moves from a Toss-Up to Leans Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings

Earlier this month, the two candidates were virtually tied when leaners were included in the totals, with Fiorina earning 48% support to Boxer’s 47%. Leaners are those who initially indicate no preference for either of the candidates but answer a follow-up question and say they are leaning towards a particular candidate. From this point forward, Rasmussen Reports considers results with leaners the primary indicator of the race. 

In surveys since February, Boxer, a member of the Senate since 1993, has earned 42% to 49% of the vote. Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, has picked up 38% to 48% support in those same surveys.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of Boxer supporters say they already know how they will vote in November. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Fiorina voters say the same.

The survey of 750 Likely Voters in California was conducted on September 20, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Rasmussen Reports will release new numbers from the California governor's race tomorrow.

Other data from this survey will be released later this week at

Boxer is favored by 85% of Democrats, while 80% of Republicans support Fiorina. Voters not affiliated with either major party give a slight edge to the incumbent.

California voters are more evenly divided than voters nationwide when it comes to repealing the health care law.  Although 47% of all voters in the state at least somewhat favor repeal, slightly more (49%) oppose repeal.  These findings include 38% who Strongly Favor repeal and 41% who are Strongly Opposed. 

Eighty-one percent (81%) of those who Strongly Oppose repeal support the Democrat, while 85% of the voters who Strongly Favor repeal back the Republican. 

Voters in California place more trust in Democrats to handle the issues of health care and the economy but are more evenly divided when it comes to government ethics and corruption.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters in the state share a favorable opinion of Boxer,but 49% view her unfavorably.  These numbers include 24% who have a Very Favorable view of the Democrat and 36% who have a Very Unfavorable opinion of her.

For Fiorina, 47% have a favorable impression of her, including 17% who have a Very Favorable impression.  Forty-four percent (44%) regard the Republican unfavorably, with 24% who have a Very Unfavorable view of her.

 Fifty-seven percent (57%) in California approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 42% disapprove. Those ratings are better than those found nationally for the president in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll

In 2008, Rasmussen Reports projected nationally that Obama would defeat John McCain by a 52% to 46% margin. Obama won 53% to 46%. Four years earlier, Rasmussen Reports projected the national vote totals for both George W. Bush and John Kerry within half-a-percentage-point.

In California during the 2008 campaign, Rasmussen Reports polling showed Obama winning the state by a 61% to 34% margin. Obama won 61% to 37%. Four years earlier, Rasmussen Reports polling showed Kerry leading Bush in California 53% to 43%. Kerry won 54% to 44%.

In the 2006 California governor’s race, Rasmussen polling showed Arnold Schwarzenegger defeating Phil Angelides 53% to 40%. Schwarzenegger won 56% to 39%. In the 2006 race for U.S. Senate, Rasmussen polling showed Dianne Feinstein defeating Richard Mountjoy 58% to 35%. Feinstein won 60% to 35%.

Rasmussen Reports has recently surveyed Senate races in Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, PennsylvaniaVermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin


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Obama’s Aunt: ‘The System Took Advantage Of Me’


While Ahmadinejad gets treated like a rockstar by fawning ABC's Amanpour, exclusive report
from that he okayed a deal with Syria on the way to New have Hezbollah
take over Lebanese government.
Here's the latest Senate seat-count from Dell Hill   uffda Rover and Krauthammer
Witch-hunting by dummies.....Bill Maher spent the weekend haunting Christine O'Donnell for Delaware
senator but she didn't bite....and then late Sunday she zinged him back.
No Fun Allowed: Hamas torches a water park in Gaza because men and women were...intermingling
Obamas attend church and other any more of those crackahs, reverend?  oh wait...
Does Jerry Brown have Dain Bramage....the "Brows" have it!! Democratic spinmeisters begin to
worry about all that takes note of Brown's brow-whacking.

Karl Rove is reminding everybody exactly why the Tea Party movement began in the first place ....because Karl and his former boss threw out fiscal responsibility and then got pissed off when called out by the grassroots.

So if you expect a Rove cheerleader, Melanie Morgan isn't your woman.

"...If Republicans want a cheerleader, Karl Rove isn’t their man. The star political strategist raised eyebrows and some political hackles with his brutal assessment that Republican U.S. Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell in Delaware isn’t electable. After he and other Republicans balked at supporting her, although GOP establishment figures voiced support for the tea party candidate, Rove shot back at critics today, The Hill reports.

Karl Rove, Christine ODonnell, Delaware, Republican, GOP, nuttyRove, formerly President George W. Bush’s key adviser, told Fox News that he’ll evaluate each candidate individually. "My job is not to be a cheerleader for every Republican. It’s to call them as I see them," he bristled.

Among his comments that had riled supporters were his description of O’Donnell’s “checkered background” and his observation that she had said "nutty things." Assessing her election Tuesday night, he had said, “How does she make her living? Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took her nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get a degree?

To be sure, he expressed appreciation for the “energy” and enthusiasm” of tea party activists. "Be careful when you call me an establishment Republican, I’m not sure what that is," he said.


How long will it take before Rove backtracks? My guess is when he starts feeling the financial pinch. Just a guess, though. His ego may prevent him from walking back his shocking attack on Christine O'Donnell.

That interview by Sean Hannity is going to hound Rove. Of that ....I am completely secure.

Here's what Andrea Tantaros has to say on the subject:

"...Tuesday night was a terrible evening for political operatives because people voted with their conscience, not along party lines. Elites aren't happy about it, and even the GOP is fuming. Meanwhile, Washington Democrats are trying desperately to paint anti-establishment candidates as a pack of crazies. They're hoping to distract the public from the more pressing issues that have their party's polls in the dumps. Sure, many that comprise this new wave of politics are atypical. They aren't polished. They're not carefully scripted, and they lack TelePrompTers, pedigree and cozy friendships with Karl Rove. Because of it, political consultants and "insiders" ..

read more here.

Christine O'Donnell, expected to lose the GOP Senate nomination by the so-called political experts, wins handily in Delaware against establishment Republican Mike Castle.

Tea Party Express laser focused on the race with money and support, helping to propel O'Donnell to victory.

This primary season is shaping up to be a pretty darn exciting one. Amazing, really.

Rock on, Patriots!

Final thought.

Poor Dana Perino and Karl Rove. They looked like they were sucking lemons on TV tonight, trying to explain why conservatives are making a mistake supporting, well, a conservative. In other words, their pal Mike Castle lost and they didn't like it a bit.

Oh well.

Final, final thought.

Congratulations to the Tea Party Express for come from behind victories in Nevada with Sharron Angle, Joe Miller in Alaska, and now Christine O'Donnell.

Sal Russo and Joe Wierzbicki, the Sacramento, Ca. political giants with whom I have worked since 2004 on the Recall of former California Governor Gray Davis and co-founded Move America Forward in support of our troops, are rock solid conservatives now using their formidable skills to boost the enthusiam and support of Tea Party patriots all across the country.

Kudos guys.

I am very proud of you and your team.


Kim Hatley(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) wife of 1st.Sgt John Hatley ( is going to visit her Husband whom is in Ft. Leavenworth, the last part of Sept. (SOON) She can only afford a 2 day visit. Cost of airflight, Motel, Car rental, etc, adds up real fast. I would like to help her make this trip,so if anyone else would like to help, ANY AMOUNT, maybe she could spend a few more days with her Husband. Her P.O.Box is on her web site. Thank you in advance for helping Kim. Kim, I will put a check in the mail tomorrow towards your trip for $50.00. Not accepting it is not an OPTION.

Kim Hatley
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Who the hell is this man, the Reverand Terry Jones, who has the entire world dancing to his will-he-or-won't-he burn the Quran?

I think he is a self-promoting, narcissistic, ego-maniac who is trying to build his name recognition and Church attendance numbers.

I say this because if he was a real Christian, he wouldn't for a minute put the lives on our American troops in danger.

And yet he has.

The world needs to turn our backs to this rotten scoundrel. If it isn't on TV, did it really happen? Hmm?

The newest catch phrase for the political pundits is the "enthusiam gap" or "passion gap" of Republicans versus Democrat voters. The mere fact that the dopes in the so-called know are just now figuring out that the conservatives and GOP are going to walk on broken shards of glass to get to the polls gives me a case of the giggles.

Regardless - it's good news and we'll take it! From the folks at American University in Washington ...( a fabulous institution and I say that with all humility since my son attends school there) we are getting the scoop.


"...For the first time since 1930, more Republican voters showed up to vote in statewide primaries this year than Democrats -- another sign of the huge challenges facing President Obama's party in this year's elections.


The new figures come from a just-released report by voter turnout expert Curtis Gans of American University.

Gans looked at 35 primaries held before Sept. 1 and found that 4 million more Republicans voted than Democrats -- statistical proof of the "enthusiasm gap" that pollsters and pundits have been talking about.

That, combined with the fact that the percentage of voters who identify themselves as Democrats has been on a steady decline for decades, spells big trouble for the president's party, Gans said: "The Democrats are at an enormous disadvantage."

This comes after the 2008 election, when all the energy was on the Democratic side. But Gans said he's seen those kinds of turnaround in voter sentiment before. The last time was between the 1992 election when Bill Clinton won the White House and the midterm contests two years later that booted Democrats from power on Capitol Hill.

"This is precisely the kind of disillusion that brought the Democrats down in 1994," said Gans. He blamed the faltering economy for the latest numbers. "What the last 16 months have done is rob the public of the hope that was engendered in 2008," Gans said.

(Posted by Kathy Kiely)

I just got back from an 8 day European swing that ended in Barcelona, Spain (I loved the Las Ramblas!) and I'm already exhausted.

Why? Six loads of dirty laundry, re-starting the newspaper and mail service, picking up the dog from the kennel, forgetting the cat at the kennel, sorting out vacation photos, calling my mother (endlessly) sending emergency money to my son in college, watching two DVR'ed Project Runways, planning my new diet... and last but not least - cruising the Internet for news developments.

I found one.

In London, of all places.

The Daily Mail reports on the BBC TV News Chief admitting to bias against conservatives.

Huh. Imagine that.

"...The TV chief also admitted there had been a 'struggle' to achieve impartiality and that staff were ' mystified' by the early years of Margaret Thatcher's government.

But he claimed there was now 'much less overt tribalism' among the current crop of young journalists, and said in recent times the corporation was a 'broader church'.

He claimed there was now an 'honourable tradition of journalists from the right' working for the corporation.

His comments, made in the New Statesman magazine, are one of the clearest admissions of political bias from such a senior member of its staff.

The BBC has long been accused of being institutionally biased towards the Left, and an internal report from 2007 said it had to make greater efforts to avoid liberal bias.

I was also reading in the Daily Mail (while in Florence, Italy) that secularism in Europe is now completely institutionalized, and the only religion one is not allowed to dismiss is Islam.
And yet in this country, Christians denouncing Islam threatens the very fabric of civilization.
Granted, burning the Quran is incredibly insensitive and extremely threatening to our troops who are stationed in Islamic countries, but it is not worth a massive rally and likely deaths. And I guarantee that there will be retribution against Christians somewhere by radical Islamists.
Anyway, I had a lovely vacation. Now back to the news, weather, sports and commentary.
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Thousands of Indonesian Muslims are rallying outside the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta to denounce a Florida church's plan to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11.

The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., said it will burn the Islamic holy book on the ninth anniversary of the terror attacks. Local officials have denied a permit for the bonfire on the church's grounds. But the center, which made headlines last year by distributing T-shirts that said "Islam is of the Devil,'' insists it will go ahead with the plan.

About 3,000 members of a hard-line Islamic group marched Saturday to the U.S. Embassy in downtown Jakarta, waving banners and posters condemning the plan. The group organized similar rallies in five other cities across Indonesia.