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Hey everyone, can I just say: this has been one long, tough year? I have moved to Washington, D.C. and back again to California, I sent my last baby off to college, stared at some difficult health challenges, and gone toe-to-toe with the EVIL CodePink (and lived to tell about it!)

So ....I am going on a vacation, and I intend to enjoy it every single second of a European swing with my handsome hero husband.

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Happy vacation to me and to you!

Mel Morgan

Tea Party Express leader Sal Russo tells Newsmax that Sen. Lisa Murkowski had "lost her bearings" in Washington, and says the grass-roots conservative movement is now having a sweeping influence on the primary races around the country.

The victories [show] that candidates from both parties are trying to sound like 'tea-party candidates,' which means the issues we feel our vital for a safe and prosperous Americans are now being placed center stage," Russo tells Newsmax.

The Tea Party Express endorsement of political newcomer Joe Miller was key to mobilizing Miller's activist base.

Miller, however, singled out the endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with appearing to put him over the top.

Miller currently leads Murkowski by fewer than 2,000 votes, with the hand-count of more than 7,000 absentee ballots scheduled to begin Aug. 31.
Russo was happy to share the credit for Miller's remarkable surge.

"It is a powerful combination when Gov. Palin and the Tea Party Express team up, because we are able to focus conservatives on the real differences between the candidates," Russo tells Newsmax.

"It was our working together that made the effort in Alaska so effective," he says. "The whole tea party movement has come about because of disenchantment with both political parties."

Russo said the grass-roots conservative movement also had a big impact in Arizona, where incumbent Sen. John McCain won handily over former Rep. J.D. Hayworth.

"Senator McCain saw the handwriting on the wall and changed," Russo adds, "which is why he was re-nominated at the same time that Senator Murkowski may have been defeated."

Russo adds that activists won't be satisfied until the politics of Washington actually change.

"Victory will not be achieved until the candidates elected actually behave like they promise," Russo says, "which is why tea party activists have to stay hard at work through November 2010 and then to retake the presidency in November 2012."

If there was ever any question about the REAL CHANGE that is coming, just look at Jesse Kelly, a young Marine who faced a Republican-establishment candidate in Tuesday’s primary and won. 

Our PAC,, wasn’t listening to the establishment. We didn’t care that the money was against Jesse Kelly. “No, we can’t help him. He won’t win.” That’s what we were told by “establishment” folks when we asked them to help Jesse.

We knew better. Jesse Kelly is a Warrior. We looked at him and saw a man who put his life on the line for our Constitution. We saw a Warrior who would take the Hill with our other candidates and help turn this country around. No more open borders. No new taxes.  In fact, push back the taxes. Yes to “we the people.” No to “Pelosi, Reid and Obama.”

“The message is that the voters of southern Arizona want a businessman and a combat veteran to fight for practical conservative solutions,” said Kelly’s campaign manager, Adam Kwasman. “They are rejecting career politicians.”

The message is also that people outside of Arizona believe in men like Jesse Kelly. Our friend, Mark Levin, put his name behind Jesse when the “establishment Republicans” pooh-poohed him. Thousands of Americans across the fruited plains came to and supported Jesse and our other candidates, including Allen West, who also won last night!

Now Jesse will take on a career politician with a load of cash and we need to stand together again. Let’s get a jump on Jesse’s opponent now. Give what you can. If 100 people give $50 or more, that will help us get the message out that we ARE taking American back with men like Jesse Kelly.

Go Here NOW and let’s give Jesse an boost for November’s election.



Code Felon?: Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Threatens Wife of Xe/Blackwater Founder After Trespassing Arrest

Susan “Medea” Benjamin, co-founder of the anti-American, pro-terrorist Obama and Jerry Brown-funding group Code Pink, has publicly threatened the wife of Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) founder Erik Prince for having her arrested for trespassing at the Prince family home in McLean, Virginia on Friday.

Photo by Code Pink

In an article first published Monday at the leftist site Alternet, Benjamin wrote about the incident at the Prince home where she and other Code Pink activists went to protest Erik Prince for recently relocating to Abu Dhabi. Benjamin ends the article with a threat urging Mrs. Prince to drop the charges or face further harassment.

Will her husband, a man who shuns publicity, tell her that she is crazy to pick a public fight with CODEPINK (or Pinkwater, as we now call ourselves) and make her drop the charges? Will I be able to sue her for false arrest?

Benjamin’s article also was published at The Huffington Post Monday night, headlined “Blackwater vs. Pinkwater: The Wife of Erik Prince Picks a Fight With CODEPINK.” That’s right, the headline blames the victim. Benjamin describes what happened when Code Pink arrived at the Prince home. The text was the same in both articles.

But when we got there, to our surprise we could see through the window that the house was full of people and furniture. There were no moving boxes, no empty rooms. Could the new owners have settled in so quickly? Curious, I rang the doorbell and before I knew it, I was invited in and found myself inside the living room with a bunch of young children and several adults, who turned out to be grandma, grandpa and wife Joanna Prince.

The rest happened very quickly. Joanna asked who I was and why I was there. I asked the same questions: Was this the Prince family and if so, why weren’t they in Abu Dhabi? She freaked, told the grandparents to call the police, and she pushed me out the door.

Benjamin can be seen in a YouTube video that Code Pink posted, being shoved out the front door of the Prince home.

At the conclusion of both articles, Benjamin threatens Prince’s wife with further harassment and a lawsuit:

When the police arrived, Joanna Prince lied and said I’d been told to leave the house and refused. I was arrested, charged with trespassing, held for 5 hours and forced to pay $500 in bail. I have to appear in court on September 28. So does Joanna Prince. Will she show up in court or will she–like her husband–run away to Abu Dhabi? Will the court subpoena her to appear?

Will her husband, a man who shuns publicity, tell her that she is crazy to pick a public fight with CODEPINK (or Pinkwater, as we now call ourselves) and make her drop the charges? Will I be able to sue her for false arrest?

After terrorizing Mrs. Prince, her children and her children’s grandparents inside the Prince’s home, Benjamin has the gall to threaten Mrs. Prince with further harassment and legal action. The Prince family would be well-advised to seek a restraining order against Benjamin and anyone associated with Code Pink, and urge Fairfax County authorities to seek further charges against Benjamin over her public threats against Mrs. Prince. Especially since Benjamin and Code Pink have a thoroughly documented history of stalking and harassing people at their homes, workplace or out in public.

Even the mafia doesn’t go after families. But Code Pink does. very sweet this morning. All of Warriors for Congress endorsed candidates win their primary races and the Tea Party candidate in Alaska is winning (although it is still being counted.)


Miller, Joe REP 45909 51.09%
Murkowski, Lisa REP 43949 48.91%

 Update: Factually biased MSM embarrasses itself over Joe Miller/Lisa Murkowski race in Alaska. Read this knife-twisting account of stupidity from The Daily Caller.

Lt. Colonel Allen West knocked his opponents down like bowling balls in Florida, and Jesse Kelly shocked the establishment Republicans by winning his GOP primary in Arizona.

"... In Arizona, Iraq war veteran Jesse Kelly defeated establishment pick and former state Sen. Jonathan Paton in the 8th district Republican primary and moves on to face Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in the fall. Democrats believe the Kelly victory greatly strengthens Giffords' hand and her campaign went on television today with an ad this morning accusing Kelly of wanting to get rid of Social Security."

The only better outcome would have been if Senator John McCain and his lovely wife Cindy were sent packing back to the Bud brewing factory. Oh well.

Red Tide Is Rising.

...says Mark McKinnon, fomer Ad Guru to George W. Bush.

Though liberals and the media are quick to call the Tea Party over with any loss for their candidates, Sarah Palin’s endorsement record is more wins than losses. Though not all Tea Party candidates made it out of the primaries, the movement has been a force, firing up voters, and forcing most Republicans to lean right to woo their vote.

Conservatives are getting educated and energized. There’s new blood and new life in the GOP. Take a look at Lt. Col (Ret.) Allen West, the new Republican nominee for Florida House District 22 endorsed by Palin. West is a dynamo, a fearsome warrior who quotes classic Greek with a warm, Southern charm. Put this guy on the watch list for future stars of the GOP.

In his acceptance speech Tuesday, West said, “We have crossed the Rubicon,” an allusion to Julius Caesar’s invasion of Ancient Rome.


The prelims are over and legions are now ready to do battle in November.

"...We know that Jodie Evans, Code Pink said to a mother of a son that was killed in Iraq, "Your son deserved to die for being stupid enough to go," and she's headlining a fundraiser for Jerry Brown.  Jodie Evans is a major bundler of campaign donations for Obama.  Now, certainly she's got the right to say that, but is it the right thing to do?  Would Obama support -- I mean he takes money from Jodie Evans at Code Pink.  Would Obama think that it's wise to support Jodie Evans in saying to the parents of fallen heroes in Iraq, "Your kid deserved to die, stupid enough to go to Iraq."  So maybe it's the wording here, and maybe for those of you in the media, maybe for you to better understand how Americans feel, they think building a mosque is essentially having their face rubbed in it.  Our Constitution grants them the right to rub our face in it, but is that something that our government wants to support?  The position here of the anti-mosque people is not unreasonable.  It's, in fact, totally understandable.  But look at how it's being portrayed.  The wife of the imam, what's her name, Daisy Khan, is saying that this reaction, the opposition to the mosque goes beyond Islamophobia. "

Xcellent points, Mr. Limbaugh.

The Liberal San Francisco Chronicle and its liberal Washington correspondent Carolyn Lochhead on Nancy Pelosi's chances for keeping her gavel: slim.

WASHINGTON • It is a sign of how bad things are for Democrats that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's best shot at keeping her job come November is to lose no more than 38 seats in Congress.

At 39, Republicans would take control of the chamber, and Pelosi would hand the gavel to Republican leader John Boehner and almost certainly face a coup attempt from within a demoralized new minority.

Control of the House is "on the bubble," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. He now projects that Republicans will come up just short, but cautioned, "We're going to be revising that all the way to Nov. 2."

Political forecasting models can predict elections based on one factor: the economy. On that issue, the news keeps getting worse for Democrats. The economy is in a serious stall, with unemployment stuck at 9.6 percent and economic indicators turning south almost across the board.

With energy and zeal, Pelosi marshaled the most productive Congress in recent memory: health care reform, financial reform, a record-shattering fiscal stimulus, an unprecedented bank rescue and a host of other victories.

This was not the "do-nothing Congress" of lore. By the accounts of her conservative detractors, Pelosi did too much.





Former radio talk show host Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice mansion of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans at a Saturday afternoon fundraiser for California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

Morgan reports the pro-American protesters "blocked the entrance of hundreds of wealthy Democrat liberals, including Sally Kellerman and Cindy Asner, ex-wife of Ed Asner."  Protesters laid down on the sidewalk outside the entrance gate where guests had to step over them.

Event host Jodie Evans was visibly angry at getting a taste of her own medicine, and had several confrontations, including one in which she denied, against the evidence, that she supports the terrorist organization Hamas. Several guests were put out at being protested, while some had no idea they were attending a Code Pink event.

Jerry Brown sneaked into the house from the back door while Melanie Morgan threw her body onto the sidewalk shouting, "Code Pink supports terrorists!"  When not lying on the sidewalk, Morgan stood outside the back gate "yelling through a screen at (Jodie) while she sipped her white wine as Brown's security guard watched from inside his SUV with the engine running for two hours."  Though the Dodge Durango sat idling, presumably waiting for Brown's departure, he reportedly snuck out through the front door into another vehicle.

Protester Danny Gonzalez lies on the sidewalk outside the gated entrance.

Code Pink representatives called police who arrived in a squad car about an hour into the event.  However, the trio of law enforcement officers found no reason to make any arrests.

Also observing the scene was Andrew Breitbart, publisher of the BIG websites, who was wearing inline skates (it's a California thing), as well as well-known blogger Mickey Kaus of who heard the disturbance from his house across the street.  He came out and observed, but did not join the protest.

Jodie Evans became visibly agitated when confronted by Morgan about Code Pink's $600,000 donation to the families of terrorists who murdered U.S. troops in Fallujah.  Evans snapped "You are on crack" as Morgan persisted.

Morgan added, "These liberals were shocked that we turned up.  They were extremely angry about our obnoxious support of U.S. troops...  and completely oblivious to the irony.  The most fun was watching Jodie Evans' skin mottle in anger, matching her dyed red hair!"

Andrew Marcus videotaped the protest and remarked on the irony of one of the Code Pink greeters complaining about being protested outside of the private residence, a method commonly used by Code Pink.

Weeknights  @ 9 pm ESt


Mama Grizzly Melanie Morgan gives Code Pink dose of own medicine ...
By radiopatriot
Mama Grizzly Melanie Morgan gives Code Pink dose of own medicine Leave a comment. Featured story at BIG PEACE… Posted August 22, 2010, by radiopatriot in American Spirit, Andrew Breitbart, BIG Peace, Code Pink, Deborah Lee, ...
The Radio Patriot -

Melanie Morgan turns the tables on Code Pink! « Gathering of ...
By nycoordinator
Melanie Morgan, patriot and radio talk show host, turned the tables on her long term nemesis, Code Pink, yesterday! Here's a prior confrontation from the Code Pink siege of a Marine Corps Recruiting Station. ...
Gathering of Eagles: NY - Code Pinkos Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine
By This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Rick Moore)
Former radio host Melanie Morgan decided to give Evans a sample of her own medicine by holding a protest in front of her house and employing some of Code Pinko's own tactics against them. Big Peace has the details as well as some photos ... -

UrbanGrounds | Street Protests: It's Not Just For Code Stink
By no2liberals
Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice home of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans at a Saturday afternoon ...
UrbanGrounds -

Marooned In Marin: Code Pinkos Get A Taste of Their Own Medicine ...
By MaroonedinMarin
Former radio talk show host Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice mansion of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans ...
Marooned In Marin -

I was not surprised to learn that Jodie Evans, cofounder of Code Pink, a Marxist FOO (Friends Of Obama) is holding a fund-raiser Saturday for California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, who is also attorney general of the state.

And Evans shouldn’t be surprised to find a mass of sane human beings at her doorstep today as I join Move America Forward in a protest. Yes, we should protest a fund-raiser by a Marxist who has slipped her way into what Barack Obama and Jerry Brown would like you to believe is the new normal: radicals running the country and most powerful state in the Union. I don’t think so!

Evans is a former staffer of Brown and led his presidential campaign of 1994, which ended as I hope his current campaign does – in a black hole where the whole lot of the FOO belongs. Evans is more than just a former knee-capper for Brown. She and her group, Code Pink, are partners with the terrorist group Hamas and they are the generous donors of some $600,000 of “humanitarian aid” to terrorists fighting American troops in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, Hugo Chavez and Medea Benjamin

 In between planning for Jerry Brown’s fund-raiser, Evans helped organize the Gaza flotilla that fought against Israeli military. Her wingman was William Ayers, the homegrown terrorist who cofounded the Weather Underground, which bombed the Pentagon and other government buildings before radical Muslims finished off the job in 2001. All are Friends of Obama.

That the mainstream media doesn’t splash the news that a radical revolutionary is raising funds for the man who could be the governor of California says a lot about how far President Obama’s mentor, Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky, has polluted our country with his thoughts of revolution. And his goose-stepping followers are in step, including Obama.

"The first step in community organization is community disorganization. The disruption of the present organization is the first step toward community organization. Present arrangements must be disorganized if they are to be displace by new patterns.... All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new." Pg.116 of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’

Bringing the mad hatters of Alinsky’s world to the tea party is part of the plan. Alinsky taught his followers that, to take the political power is a slight of hand that includes appearances of fitting in with the status quo. Jodie Evans looks like a decent enough human being – except when she puts on her Code pink gear that always includes Pepto Bismol colored clothing and accessories. But usually she leaves the war paint for the likes of Medea Benjamin and fellow travelers such as Cindy Sheehan.

Jodie Evans can’t be all that bad, right? She raised loads of cash for Obama during his presidential campaign. She moves in important political circles, which is exactly the transformation these Marxists make to move toward their final goal: disruption and destruction of our current Democratic Republic.

I know Code Pink. I have smelled them up close when they tried to chase the U.S. Marines out of Berkeley. Instead, I and the group I cofounded, Move America Forward, brought thousands of our friends and chased Code Pink out of Berkeley. The Marine recruiters are still there today.


My good friend, Debbie Lee, whose son was the first Navy SEAL to give his life in Iraq, has fought toe-to-toe with Evans’ Code Pink.

“These are the wackos at Berkeley who told me my son deserved to die if he was stupid enough to go war in Iraq,” Lee wrote to me in an email. “ I am so agitated and disgusted with Jodi Evans and her antics to manipulate people with her fundraising, then to act like she supports out troops. Jodi has her right to give according to campaign laws, but we do as citizens also have the right to protest, voice our opinions stand up for our troops who gave us those rights.”

Ms. Evans and Governor Moonbeam are going to hear from patriots today. All patriots are welcome. Bring your flags, your pink tiaras and tutus, and your big hearts. I’d love to see a big pink medfly to remind voters what Jerry Brown did to California the last time he attempted to govern.

We’ll be at Evans’ home before the event which begins at 4 p.m.Saturday at 757 Palms Blvd., Venice, Calif. For more information go to


The message will be loud and clear: It’s time for the FOOs and Moonbeam moonbats to head to Cuba because we aren’t standing by for their nonsense to further infect our Union.


Melanie Morgan is a talk radio and TV personality, and cofounder of Move America Forward and

Kristinn Taylor and  Andrea Shea King

Jerry Brown Fundraiser at Home of Hamas Supporter Jodie Evans Raises Questions.

by Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King

The anti-war group CODE PINK, which professes to love peace but in reality only supports a radical left wing Marxist agenda, has long been a bitter rival of Move America Forward’s. Ever since CODE PINK began supporting the terrorists in their war on America and aided their efforts to kill American troops, Move America Forward has mobilized to thwart CODE PINK at every turn.

We’ve shown up to counter-protest their anti-war rallies, we’ve stood up and supported our troops wherever CODE PINK went to trash and berate the military. We’ve stood toe-to-toe against these vile, un-American kooks, and that’s why we’re asking you to stand with us and support our troops and stand against CODE PINK again!

This SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st, there is an event for California Attorney General Jerry Brown that is hosted by CODE PINK’s founding member Jodie Evans. Evans is a principal leader of the radical group and is one of their wealthy benefactors who bankrolls the group’s activities. She’s holding an event at her home in Venice, California this weekend to provide support and funds to Jerry Brown, who is running for Governor of California and obviously will take money from anyone – even disgraced anti-troop people like this! The next thing we will hear is that Jane Fonda will be there!

MAF is organizing a protest against this insult
to our troops! Make a donation to help us!

We’re calling on Jerry Brown to cancel his event with CODE PINK because any real American should know better than to associate with a group like CODE PINK who actively aided and abetted our enemies in the war on terror. CODE PINK sympathizes with the terrorists’ point of view, and sees America as an evil, imperialist nation that deserves to be destroyed by the terrorists.

CODE PINK hopes to bring about a period of peace and socialism after mainstream capitalist America burns to the ground. CODE PINK sees Al Qaeda and the terrorists as freedom fighters and actually provided over $600,000 in cash and medical supplies to the terrorists and their families during the battle of Fallujah, when our Marines were still being shot at by the enemy!
Another one of CODE PINK’s founders, Medea Benjamin, is quoted in a French newspaper bragging about the unprecedented nature of their group’s support for the terrorists in Fallujah.

“I don't know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine...for the families of the ‘other side,’” Benjamin said. “It is a reflection of a growing movement in the United States...opposed to the unjust nature of this war.”

They’ve also traveled to Venezuela to meet with and praise Marxist anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez. They are opposed to the USA and Israel taking any action to stop and neutralize Iran’s nuclear capability! They want the terrorists to have access to nuclear material!

Friends this is not a group that ANY AMERICAN, much less any politician should EVER associate with, THEY ARE TRAITOROUS! Why would Jerry Brown accept money from this woman and go to her house and accept money from her friends? Is the money more important to him than our troops or the importance of winning the war against the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 ???



For more details or instructions contact Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (714) 926-6189

Well, too damn bad.

I don't like wealthy liberals mingling with people who support terrorists and give money to people who murder U.S. troops in Iraq.

I am seriously pissed.

Here is SF Chronicle's Joe Garofoli on the controversy.

"...We're a bit dizzy here as we're entered Bizarro Bay Area World with word of not one, but TWO conservative protests of Democratic AG/guv candidate Jerry Brown.

First, one happened outside Brown's Attorney General's office in Oakland Thursday morning, organized by the California Republican Party. Yes, a street protest organized by Republicans. They're ticked off by Jerry's use of a state plane that Comrade "Boy Wonder" Joseph chronicled Thursday.

OK, so there only about 10 people there. "It's the middle of the day," GOP spokesperson Crystal Feldman explains.

No shame. Our Street Protest Extrapolator says that's equal to roughly 150 liberal street protesters, given the difficulty of convincing a Republican to deign to sloganeer in public. Some photos of the event, sent to us by Crystal:

Republican Party protesting Jerry Brown in Oakland


Republican Party protesting Jerry Brown in Oakland

A bigger throwdown may happen Saturday in L.A. where Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans is throwing a fundraiser for Jerry at her home. Evans ran Jerry's 1992 presidential campaign, and we know how that turned out.

Anyways, the mere mention of the antiwar activists at Code Pink has Melanie Morgan -- former KSFO talk show host, Tea Party organizer and Chuck DeVore for Senate organizer -- hopping mad. Nay, "spitting mad." She is calling all conservative comers for a protest of the fundraiser.

Yes, you read that right: There will be a protest of a Code Pink organizer's event in LA by a Marin County conservative.....oh, God, the room is spinning. Minimun contribution to get in: $250. Max: $25,900. Sounds more like a Code Green event.

Now if Mel and crew is really going to go in Code Pink- style, they'll have someone on the inside of the fundraiser unfurling a banner or causing some sort of ruckus.

We now turn to Melanie's note that is intended to rally the conservative masses:

"Is Jerry Brown a terrorist sympathizer? Or is he just whoring himself out to people who fund thugs and rapists, support killers and send aid to people who murder U.S. servicemen?

"The Attorney General of California and Gubernatorial candidate is attending a fund-raiser thrown by his good friend Jodi Evans, co-founder of CodePink and renowned Hollywood limosine liberal." You can find more about all that here.

Team Brown's Sterling Clifford responds on the AG's Evans link and Jer as "terrorist sympathizer":

"Jerry has always surrounded himself with politically active people and some of them continue to be politically active," Clifford told us.

"But the rhetoric that Melanie Morgan is using is counter-productive and insulting to voters," Clifford said.

We asked Mel if she was on the payroll of the Meg Whitman for Guv campaign or the state GOP and she said "No I am not!"

"I'm going to pay for my own airfare and other expenses to get down there, plus a girlfriend who wants to go but can't afford to. We are spittin' mad," Morgan told us.

We may have to leave the GOP convention in San Diego Saturday afternoon and haul up to LA to catch all the spittle.

Posted By: Joe Garofoli (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Twitter, Facebook) | Aug 19 at 12:20 PM

Read more:

Warriors for Congress is so pleased to announce the winners of tickets to Sean Hannity's San Diego Freedom Concert on Aug. 28.

Judith Cohen of Albany, Calif.; Linda Gibbs of La Quinta Calif.; andAnita Greenstone from Brookeville MD., are the patriots whose names were randomly chosen to receive two tickets each to the concert!


Warriors for Congress thank every person who donated to the great cause of getting veterans elected to Congress!!!! Men like:

Jesse Kelly

Duncan Hunter Jr.

Rick Tubbs

Allen West


Is Jerry Brown a terrorist sympathizer? Or is he just whoring himself out to people who fund thugs and rapists, support killers and send aid to people who murder U.S. servicemen?

The Attorney General of California and Gubernatorial candidate is attending a fund-raiser thrown by his good friend Jodi Evans, co-founder of CodePink and renowned Hollywood limousine liberal.

 Big Peace has the proof below.


Just who is Jodi Evans? Catherine Moy at Human Events wrote in May of 2008 about the woman who bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for then Senator Barack Obama and her sordid history:

"..Code Pink has waged a campaign of psychological warfare against
America's wounded warriors and their families by protesting at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center, targeting them with signs bearing messages such as
“Maimed for a lie” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton,” the joint statement from pro-troops groups said.

Evans has a long history as a political organizer for radical causes and as a Democratic operative. She also worked for former California Gov. Jerry Brown, who is now the state’s attorney general.

Evans sat on the board of directors of the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), a coalition of capitalist-hating environmentalist groups. The cofounder of RAN also founded the violent and radical Animal Liberation Front, which the FBI listed as one of the largest domestic terrorism threats in the United States.

The FBI reported that RAN and the Earth Liberation Front committed more than 600 criminal acts and racked up $43 million in damages over seven years.

Evan’s radical ideology fit with the other founders of  Code Pink, which is notorious for its attempts to shut down the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center, occupying congressional offices,  intimidating families of soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq, attacking opponents and disrupting Congress while dressed in Pepto Bismol-colored outfits."

(Jodi Evans pictured with Cindy Sheehan, Hugo Chavez and Medea Benjamin)

I stood toe-to-toe with Jodi Evans and her Code Pinko pal Madea Benjamin once before. I think we should do it again this Saturday in Venice.

Let's mock the Code Pinkos wit pink tutus and tiaras this Saturday August 21st in Venice.

Let's show Jerry Brown that we know who his friends are .....

Madame Speaker, or Marie Antoinette as I dis-affectionately call her, is now demanding an investigation into the critics of a Mosque at Ground Zero in New York. That's an awful lot of taxpayer dollars going to investigate, oh, 2/3rd of the American people.

When did Democracy founder? Why is one woman holding so much sway over our principles?

Na(n)zy Pelosi must be defeated. Please go to to help elect conservative war veterans to Congress and strip the gavel from Na(n)zy Pelosi's grasping hands.

From the Washington Times and Kerry Picket:

"....House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, called for an investigation of those who are protesting the building of the Ground Zero Mosque on Tuesday. She told San Francisco's KCBS radio:


"There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded," she said. "How is this being ginned up that here we are talking about Treasure Island, something we've been working on for decades, something of great interest to our community as we go forward to an election about the future of our country and two of the first three questions are about a zoning issue in New York City." (h/t Kristinn)

Calls to investigate the funding for those proposing the $100 million "Cordoba House" have fallen on deaf ears, though, as New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg has described such an investigation as "un-American."

Ms. Pelosi called the Ground Zero mosque an "urban development decision" for New Yorkers to work through. Her remarks happened on the heels of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, parting ways with President Barack Obama on the issue. Mr. Reid suggested the mosque should be built somewhere else.  

More to come..."

Yes, there's a lot more to come and it will happen between now and November. Please get involved to save our country.

Today is the last day to donate $100 and enter a chance to get tickets to the Sean Hannity Freedom concert series August 28th in San Diego. The drawing takes place at 6:00 p.m.tonight.

 We are using the money to help fund these amazing candidates who can lead our country out of the Democrat darkness.

Donate here.

Help us to help ourselves before it is too late.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the doyenne of talk radio, has pulled the plug on herself by announcing a few minutes ago that she is quitting her syndicated radio show following a controversy over using the N-word to discuss race relations in United States.

In an interview with Larry King on CNN, Dr. Laura says that "she wants to regain her First Amendment freedom rights" and therefore will stop broadcasting at the end of the year.

San Francisco Program Director Jack Swanson, whose station KSFO Radio airs the broadcast, has no comment on the shocking development.

Another conservative voice silenced? You bet.  Liberals will be claiming her scalp, and it will be sickening to watch in the next few hours and days ahead.

You might disagree with her advice, but Dr. Laura's morals were always in line with her religion and its teachings.

On a personal note, Dr. Laura has been a great friend to our troops and has given of her time and energy (not to mention precious airtime) to help promote Troopathon and Move America Forward's care package program to fighting service members in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am leaving the controversy over the language she used last week to others (for now.)

I do want to say that Laura has been a friend to me, and I will never forget her loyalty and patriotism.

I am very, very saddened to hear that she is leaving her perch atop the radio airwaves.

She's a class act.

God Bless Laura Schlessinger and all the good words and good works she has accomplished.



Two Days Till Two Tickets, Triumph for Troops


Tuesday, 17 August 2010 12:53

 Time to Take the Gavel and Let Warriors Take the Hill!!!!!


Thanks to generous Warriors' fans, we now have SIX TICKETS for our drawing on Wednesday that will decide who gets two tickets each to the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert in San Diego. The best part? Every person who donates $100 or more will help veterans running for Congress. It's a no-lose proposition. Well, to tell the complete truth, it may be a loser for Madame Pelosi, who could lose her Speaker's gavel come Novemer if we get behind these Warriors who are ready, willing and more than able to serve like the honorable Americans they are.

Time is short to donate $100 a more and get your name in Wednesday's drawing. Go HERE to make your donation. On Wednesday, Melanie will draw three names. The winners will head to sunny San Diego on Aug. 28 and hang out with Sean Hannity, Col. Oliver North, and hundreds of patriots for an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the artists who will appear at the Freedom Concert, which raises money for children whose parent has given his or her life for our country or is permanently disabled from his duty to America.


Five runners-up will get a signed book authored by Warriors Chairman Melanie Morgan and Executive Director Catherine Moy. The bestselling book, “American Mourning,” is the true story of two families whose sons gave their lives in Iraq.


We have had an overwhelming response to our campaign to get our Warriors elected and GIVE two tickets to paradise away. Here are just a few of the names who have given so far:


HONOR ROLL OF DONORS: Anita. G., Maryland; Dr. Lenore F. , San Jose; Michael L., Orinda; Danita L., Texas; Roger R.,Half Moon Bay; Glenn H., Alabama; Robert. A., Pleasant Hill; Shirley  S., Carmichael;  William Y., Maryland; Victoria L., Glendale; Tom C., Hercules; James W., Washington State; Thomas M. ,Texas; Thomas M., Texas; Dr. Aaron G., Georgia;  Carmine J. Belmont, Calif.; Ellen C., Florida; Joan M. Shingle Springs, Ca.; Claudia O. Hollister, Ca.; John N. Mill Valley, Calif.; Dian B., Indio, Ca.; Ben. H. Penn.; Ronald H., Va;  Greg G., Half Moon Bay, Ca.; Teri E. Wyoming; Paul M., Texas;Constance V., Texas;  Gene L, Corona, Calif.;  Judith G., Tiburon, Ca.;David R., Bethel Island, Ca.; Joyce F. Arizona; Richard G., NJ;  Michelle C., San Andreas, Ca.; Bernie R., OK; Karen K., Sacramento;Dr. Aldo L.; Florida; Gregory J., Millbrae, Ca. Norma C., Kan.; Dee K.; Texas;  Kevin C., Redwood City, Ca.; Richard T. Burlingame, CA.;

We have a lot more to add and hope you'll get your name on the list today by making a donationg that says "We're sick o the Pelosi-REid-Obama agenda and we want Warriors taking the Hill in Nov.!"




Thanks for your patriotism!!!

Update II: Crooks and Liars website, the parking spot for the intellectually challenged and ideologically stupid, has its panties in a twist over Harry Reid's political expediency.

**Note spittle-dribbled venom aimed my way at the end.


"...Ugh. Why is it so difficult to find Democrats not eager to bow to the craven fear-mongering of Republican rivals? TPM:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has now spoken out on the Muslim community center in New York -- saying that while the organizers are free to construct the project, it should be moved somewhere else.

"The First Amendment protects freedom of religion. Senator Reid respects that but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else," said a statement from Reid spokesman Jim Manley. "If the Republicans are being sincere, they would help us pass this long overdue bill to help the first responders whose health and livelihoods have been devastated because of their bravery on 911, rather than continuing to block this much-needed legislation."

Fer cryin' out loud. Reid is running scared because of rival Sharron Angle's taunts that Reid is Obama's waterboy by the lizard brains who want to equate all Muslims with terrorism and 9/11.

"As the Majority Leader, Harry Reid is usually President Obama's mouthpiece in the U.S. Senate, and yet he remains silent on this issue. Reid has a responsibility to stand up and say no to the mosque at Ground Zero or once again side with President Obama---this time against the families of 9/11 victims. America is waiting."

And of course, he caves. Saying that they have a First Amendment right to build it isn't that revolutionary a stance to take. One would hope that the Majority Leader of the Senate has at least a cursory understanding of the Constitution (which is, by the way, more than we can say for Angle). But to say that they should move it is to play into the irrational hatred and bigotry of the lowest common denominator and something for which Reid should be wholly ashamed. Greg Sargent:

Despite Reid's reaffirmation of this right, his response is still weak and indefensible. And it leaves the President hanging after he took a big risk to do the right thing. Obama did not explicitly endorse the decision to build the center. But Obama did say that if the group does proceed with that decision, we must respect that decision, in accordance with American values.

Reid is not willing to say that. Rather, he's saying, in effect, that even if he supports the group's right to build the center, he's not willing to respect the decision to do so. That's unacceptable, and leaves Obama isolated at a very sensitive moment.

What's more, it's unclear why coming out against the plan in the manner Reid did is even good politics for Democrats at this point. Reid basically threw the whole Dem caucus under the bus: With the Senate leader at odds with the president, the media will press every Senate Dem to declare which side they're on.

Dumb, Harry. On every level. Even Republican advisers like Mark McKinnon think that pursuing this is a loser for Republicans. Why do you need to be a loser too?

Want to tell Harry that he needs to smarten up? Contact him here.

UPDATE: Haaretz is claiming that the Cordoba House has decided to move, something Cordoba House representatives are denying.

I just sent this to Lehrer Newshour:

I saw with disgust Gwen Ifill allow a republican congressman to hog the air time, rambling incessantly, refusing to stick to topic about Cordoba House, and essentially run out your clock. The mayor in opposition might get it seemed five or ten seconds to speak, before they would return to that garrulous congressman, who had the audacity to tell the mayor not to interrupt him.

I turned off the program, and am sorely tempted to never turn it on again. It was every bit as bad as when your program had that excretable Melanie Morgan on the air.

Update: Muslim leaders reportedly ready to abandon plans for Ground Zero Mosque.

 Backlash! Oh, what a huge surprise! Americans are revolted (and revolting) against President Obama's robust defense of a Mosque near hallowed ground Zero in Manhatten...proposed by a group that is alleged to have terrorist ties.

Barack Hussein Obama, the President of these great United States, clearly has no sensitivity towards the worst loss of life during an attack on American soil.

The families of the 9/11 victims are making damn sure that Obama doesn't slide on this one.

Good for them.

"...Debra Burlingame, a sister of a pilot killed when his plane was flown by a hijacker into the Pentagon and a spokesperson for  victims’ families, said: ‘Barack Obama has abandoned America at the place where America’s heart was broken nine years ago, and where her true values were on display for all to see.’

Peter King, a Republican congressman in New York, said the President had been wrong to back the plan, adding: ‘It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero.’

Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son was killed at the World Trade Center, condemned the President for a 'gross lack of sensitivity to the 9/11 families and to the people who were lost'.


Meeting to vote: The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously not to landmark the building, making way for the construction of the mosque
Meeting to vote: The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously not to landmark the building, making way for the construction of the mosque

The proposal to build a mosque close to the site of the 2001  terrorist attack has aroused strong opinions

Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner said the decision to build the mosque wasn't an issue of religious freedom, but a matter of respect.

'The fact that someone has the right to do something doesn't necessarily make it the right thing to do. That is the essence of tolerance, peace and understanding,' he said.

New York Republican Congressman Peter King added: 'President Obama is wrong. It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero.'

Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene of Florida said: 'President Obama has this all wrong and I strongly oppose his support for building a mosque near Ground Zero especially since Islamic terrorists have bragged and celebrated destroying the Twin Towers and killing nearly 3,000 Americans.

'Freedom of religion might provide the right to build the mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero, but common sense and respect for those who lost their lives and loved ones gives sensible reason to build the mosque someplace else.'

Read more:

Before we get to news, weather and sports from Jane Jamison at, let me say a word or two about "rationalmiddleguy" comments on my website.

Mr. Irrational Lefty Guy has uttered untrue, hurtful and flat out lies about my friend Howard Kaloogian, with whom I co-founded Move America Forward in 2005. He also called him my "partner" which is wildly incorrect.

Howard and I have absolutely no financial connections nor have we ever been involved in anything other than a short stint together at MAF. When he stepped down as Chairman of the non-profit organization to run for Congress in 2006, I assumed the job.

In 2009, I resigned in order to work at the Washington Times and Talk Radio Network's "America's Morning News" so there would be no possibility or perception of conflict of interest.

I have left the web post up for a number of days because I happen to be a huge proponent of Freedom of Speech, an amazing gift given to us by our brilliant forefathers. Now he's had his say, and I have had mine.

His post will go away shortly.


Reveille Morning Headlines: Blago Trial watch resumes, Gen. Petraeus says troops may NOT be withdrawn next summer


Oakland, California: Downtown businesses start their own security service due to police cutbacks.


Obama's death panel doctor is barely two weeks on the job and the rationing has begun...Ovarian cancer drug is being denied to women.


Fannie and Freddie: A bottomless money pit


Tea Party on the Arizona Mexico Border: JD Hayworth and Sheriff Joe Arpaio  (this post has video of Sheriff Joe...he's GREAT!)


American planes arrive to help fight Russian forest fires and what thanks do we get?


Iran Goes Nuclear, Obama Goes on Vacation.  Obama has sold out Israel.


7 Reasons to support Israel: Joyce Kaufman, a radio talk show host in Florida, lays it all out in an empassioned speech. Take notes.


Sen Schumer:  His polls are dropping because of no,....because you are all SOURPUSSES.  This follows Sen. Boxer who says we are all GRUMPY, so that's why she is down 5 points to Carly.


Meg Whitman's Friday 13th: eBay Billionaire writes another check to her own campaign....for $13 million. (Total $104M of her own far)


Be a poll watcher this November.  A quick easy way to help prevent voter fraud. Organize and cover your polls NOW


Oldie but goodie video:  "Respect" by Budweiser Clydesdales...


About that swim thing.....Obama "Gulf" swim was a total photo optic....he actually was swimming in a bay where there was no oil

CNN has cooties....but we knew that.   lol


Michelle Obama: No Dessert Left Behind

About three weeks ago, I e-mailed a friend of mine who is a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper.

I asked him if he knew the score on Jerry Brown's pensions....does he get big $$$ for serving as Governor, Secretary of State, Mayor of Oakland, and possibly Governor again? What, I wondered, does he get paid for his "public service" all these years?

My pal never got back to me but another nosy parker started asking the same questions.

Here are some answers. (Let us all now pray that Jerry Brown is NOT elected Governor.)'s-pension



A year ago, the political hurricane known as the "Tea Party" erupted in made-for-YouTube confrontations at congressional town hall meetings on the pending health care overhaul.

This August, the movement’s supporters seem less rowdy — perhaps because they’re pounding the pavement and dialing phones, trying to alter the balance of power in Congress in the fall elections. While Tea Party-favored candidates have lost in contests including the California GOP Senate primary, they have won Republican Senate primaries in Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada and Utah.

They say it’s just the start.

"We’re not in this to make noise and to saber-rattle," says Dan Blanchard, of the Louisville Tea Party, which helped Rand. Paul claim the Senate nomination in Kentucky. "We’re in this thing to win."

The test now: Whether Paul and others can prevail under even tougher scrutiny and win over the broader electorate that votes in November. That will require a sustained commitment from a network that revels in its bottom-up nature and loose organization.

"That’s part of the verve and vibrancy," says Rep. Michele Bachmann. At the first meeting of the congressional Tea Party caucus last month, the Minnesota Republican underscored the primacy of the grass roots by having members of the public sit on the dais normally reserved for members of Congress. Lawmakers sat in the audience.

Read the rest of the story...

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22 (see trends).

This matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for this president. Platinum Members can see key demographic information and other members-only information.

Over the past week, the Approval Index ratings have been more volatile than usual and it is unlikely that perceptions of the president have shifted that much. Rather, with results reported on a three-day rolling average basis, the volatility appears to be the result of one day with results outside of the normal range working its way through the system. Over the past couple of months, the president’s full-month Approval Index rating has been -16 or -17.

Seventy percent (70%) believe that most members of Congress trade votes for cash or campaign contributions. Fifty-six percent (56%) say it’s likely their own representative in Congress has done the same.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans continue to believe that the 1945 decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a good one.  Sixty-eight percent (68%) believe it saved a lot of American lives and just 20% think the U.S. should apologize for the bombing.

:  Nancy Pelosi masterminds the $26 Union bailout to steer funds to dems for November


New Schwarzenegger Movie Angers State Workers


New EPA Cement Regulations May Cost Billions and Jobs--Mark Levin read this story on his show Tuesday and has linked me on his site.

Thank you, Great one!   xoxo

Asst AG Begins the Inquisition in Arizona
Obama DOJ to Sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio/


ICE Immigration investigators have signed a letter condemning the Obama appointee who is going soft on illegals


More Journo List liberal media reporters exposed


California state budget: $91 million short, yet lawmakers spent billions last month


Swine flu epidemic officially over,....Top 5 Ways to Recycle the expired Swine flu vaccines


Update on Greg Gutfeld of Fox News' "Red Eye" has announced he will build a Muslim gay bar

next to the Ground Zero Mosque.  Top 30 possible names for this gay/Islamic outreach

Video of Greg with Glenn Beck



 Well, you might call it that if you enjoy rubbing elbows with other American patriots, listening to good ole’ American music and cheering on our men and women in uniform – all while listening to Sean Hannity emcee a day you’ll never forget at the San Diego Freedom Concert. All Freedom Concerts benefit the children of those brave men and women who've given their lives for our country or who are permanently disabled due to injury in line of dity.

Today Warriors for Congress kicks off our campaign to push our chosen Warriors over the finish line in first position. We have chosen a select handful of veterans who are running for Congress, all of whom you can find at

Your job is to donate $100 or more to the Warriors fund at Warriors Fund and your name will go into a drawing for two tickets to the Aug. 28, 2010. Your name will go on the Honor Roll of Warriors’ supporters and we will draw the lucky winners on Aug. 18, 2010. Each will receive two tickets.

Warriors has a total of four tickets, so we’ll make two drawings.

Here are some of the artists you will hear perform if you draw the winning tickets:


So not only do you have a chance of winning two tickets to Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert, but you will help in the push to take the Speaker’s gavel away from Nancy Pelosi!


Now that's worth more than 100 bucks, ain't it? Go to and donate $100 bucks or more to take out Nancy AND help these Warriors take the House:

Jesse Kelly, a Marine combat veteran who served in Iraq, is running against a liberal In Arizona’s 8th District. Kelly has a strong plan to stop the illegals from flooding America.


Duncan Hunter Jr. is a former Marine Captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He represents the 52nd District of California and stands for strong national security, including protection of America’s borders.


Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch is a former Marine combat veteran who served in Desert Storm and Iraq. He was seen around the world as he and his Marines tore down the statue of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein. He is running for the 51st Congressional District against one of the most extreme liberals in the House.

These veterans need your help now to take the House. If they win, we all ALL WIN! – and you may get those two tickets to Freedom!!!! Now is the best chance we have to reverse the reckless course of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi failures.

All of these men and the other Warriors we support are running tough races. We must pitch in now to change course in the United States. Remember the days when we weren't FORCED to buy health care? Remember when you weren't called a racist just because you stood at a rally with an American flag? Those days can return if you donate today and take a chance at winning two tickets to the Freedom Concert.

The winners will head to sunny San Diego and hang out with Sean Hannity, Col. Oliver North, and hundreds of patriots for an unforgettable experience.

Five runners-up will get a signed book authored by Warriors Chairman Melanie Morgan and Executive Director Catherine Moy. The bestselling book, “American Mourning,” is the true story of two families whose sons gave their lives in Iraq

“Folks, this is it. We have to move now and we need you to help our veterans win their races,” Morgan said.

Make sure to click back to Warriors for Congress to check out your name on the Honor roll of donors.


Donate now at




 Do NOT miss the video of National Black Conservative leaders and members of the Tea Party Express who are attacked by members of the "mainstream" media for fighting back against charges of racism. After watching the video, one must wonder exactly whom is racist and why they are playing Americans against each other by the color of their skin.

Get to know this name....Thomas Perez of the DOJ...he is about to start a witch hunt against people in Arizona..charging them with hate crimes over immigration...he want to regulate websites and bloggers ......he is the one who dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers.....this is someone who is an abuser of power.


Let the gay marriages begin: Hang the 7 million California voters who approved Prop 8, liberal Democrats and the Governator who is actually a Democrat want to resume

gay marriages immediately, while the case goes through appeal.


Why the San Francisco case will likely legalize gay marriage ( and more ) nationwide:  Analysis by Jane Jamison  (see if I am right in 2 years.)


Prime Minister Putin policies being blamed in Russia for rampant month long forest fires


BIblical Pakistani floods affect 12 million in the north...unknown damage/deaths in's leadership not responding well to crisis


BP has been paying out claims in 4 states...see county by county where the $$$$ are going.


HP CEO Mark Hurd: Sex, lies and a $50 million parachute


Something for Nothing: Analysis by Chuck DeVore shows states that went for Obama in 2008 have highest deficits


FBI Busts Russian ATM hackers who made $9m "in a few hours"


Another shadowy Al Qaida group appears to have bigger and better weapons and has taken responsibility for bombing the

Japanese tanker last week in the Persian gulf.


How Jerry Brown turned $6 billion state surplus into $1 billion deficit in 8 years.


Red Hot Rasmussens!  Polls show CA governor and Senate races virtually tied


What's "Up" in Milwaukee?  How the little blue pills are screwing taxpayers.

A (semi-closeted) gay liberal activist Judge in San Francisco has overturned the will of the people with a daring ruling today.

Judge Vaughn Walker decision will be appealed, undoubtedly to the Supreme court.

Walker presided over the sentencing of KGO radio talk show host Bernie Ward two years ago.

 I was in the courtroom when the liberal Walker wrung his hands and practically wept over how upset over federal sentencing guidelines giving Ward 7 years jail time for transmitting child pornoraphy. He wanted to let him off with a much much lighter sentence.

And now gay marriage.

From the Drudge report headlines:

EXCLUSIVE 1:26 PM PT: CA Prop 8 held to be unconstitutional under due process and equal protection. Will be released at 2 PM PT...
138 PAGE RULING: Judge strikes, 'Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California'...


JUDGE: Having considered the trial evidence and the arguments of counsel, the court pursuant to FRCP 52(a) finds that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional and that its enforcement must be enjoined.

'Proposition 8 places the force of law behind stigmas against gays and lesbians'...

PAPER: Judge being gay nonissue during trial...



Case Expected for Supreme Court...


WASHINGTON — Public support for President Obama's Afghanistan war policy has plummeted amid a rising U.S. death toll and the unauthorized release of classified military documents, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows.

Support for Obama's management of the war fell to 36%, down from 48% in a February poll. Now, a record 43% also say it was a mistake to go to war there after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

The decline in support contributed to the lowest approval ratings of Obama's presidency. Amid a lengthy recession, more Americans support his handling of the economy (39%) than the war.

Even Obama's handling of the war in Iraq received record-low approval, despite a drawdown of 90,000 troops and the planned, on-schedule end of U.S. combat operations there this month.

Only 41% of those surveyed Tuesday through Sunday approved of the way Obama is handling his job, his lowest rating in the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll since he took office in January 2009. In Gallup's separate daily tracking poll, his approval was at 45% Monday.

It's an honor to be recognized by Human Events -not just for myself, but all the hard working folks at Move America Forward and all the guests who helped us make Troopathon a success this year.

Read this article by Ben Smithwick.

"...As an uptick in insurgent violence rippled through Iraq in 2005, the narrative from the mainstream media was nearly synonymous with that of the anti-war left.  The military mission was continuously undermined by media reports claiming that American troops were killers and that the war on terror was all but lost.

Frustrated with the lies and exaggerations perpetuated by the media, Melanie Morgan decided to fight back.

So Morgan joined forces with political strategists Sal Russo and Howard Kaloogian to create Move America Forward, a pro-troop nonprofit organization that hosts Troopathon, a yearly web telethon fundraiser that raises money to send care packages to send troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Since the first Troopathon was held three years ago, the organization has raised over $2 million.  The third annual Troopathon just held July 1 brought in over $500,000.

"We needed to affirmatively support our fighting forces," Morgan said in a recent interview with Human Events. "We had to acknowledge that there was service going on and sacrifice taking place so that is why I created this web broadcast.  It was designed as a way for us to communicate these really heroic efforts of our military." said Morgan.

Troopathon is similar in structure to the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon which has been broadcast annually since 1966.  Over the course of the eight-hour webcast, stories of heroism and sacrifice are highlighted.  The first Troopathon, held in 2008, brought in $1.7 million, a total that surprised even the web telethon's creator.

"I literally burst into tears," Morgan said, recalling when the donation total was announced on the air.  "I really, truly did not expect, given the extreme anti-military animus that we had seen in this country, that we were going to be able to be that successful," Morgan said.

The latest Troopathon, hosted by Morgan alongside Andrew Breitbart and Mark Williams, featured a number of celebrity participants.  Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.), and Mark Levin were just a few of the guests who were appeared on the telethon through a satellite connection.

"It gives us exposure that we would never be able to afford on our own," said Morgan, who has an extensive background in radio and broadcasting.  "They all have websites or blogs or talk shows.  Just talking about the effort is what ensures that we are successful at what we are doing."

A staunch defender of the war on terror, Melanie Morgan's work with Move America Forward and Troopathon has brought her to the front lines.  She and her team had the opportunity to broadcast from Iraq and report on what was happening on the ground without the filter of what she calls "hotel-pack journalists."  The goal then was to increase public awareness of the efforts of the military, something that Morgan says is currently lacking.

"Tragically, the people who are reminded of this every day are only the military families and people who are friends and family of military men and women who are serving.  But as for the general public, it is not on their mind anymore," Morgan said, noting that cutbacks in the news industry has led to reduced war coverage.

For Morgan, Troopathon is a way to remind Americans of the sacrifices U.S. troops make every day and to encourage them to express their appreciation.  She described the reaction of troops receiving care packages as a type of "surprise and shock" at the fact that complete strangers would take the time to send packages along with personal notes and letters of gratitude.

Included in the care packages are bags of premium roasted coffee, cookies and Jelly Belly candies in bags with Arabic messages.  Also included are personal care items such as suntan lotion, small fans and wet wipes, a popular item for troops serving in desert conditions.

"It wasn't so much the things and items in the care packages, although they certainly enjoyed all of the goodies," Morgan said. "It really was the fact that we were taking the time out of our busy lives to acknowledge what they had done and what they were doing on a daily basis for us."

Morgan revealed earlier this year that she had been diagnosed with cancer.  Though she insists that she is doing well, she was forced to leave her job at The Washington Times in February to address her health.  Despite this, Morgan still was able to produce and co-host this year’s Troopathon, sharing her passion for the U.S. military with hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.  Plans for future Troopathons are already in the works.

"We are going to continue our care package program," Morgan said. "We encourage Americans to donate a little bit every month to make sure that care packages continue going out year-round."

For information on Troopathon and how to send packages to troops overseas, visit"


Congressman Maxine Waters loves dictator Castro, accused President Bush as a racist, hates white people and generally despises all things American. She is now the newest poster gal for what's wrong with Congress. 

The bi-partisan House Ethics Committee is ready to accuse her for major inside bank job in which her husband is a major stockholder. Last year, One United Bank, a large minority owned bank, received $12 million in bailout funds. According to the LA Times the funding came after Walters arranged meetings between the bank and the Treasury Department. Three months later the bank got your money. 

Today the Flashreport headlines feature that Maxine would rather have a trial than admit fault. 

This is good. 

80 year old Charles Rangel, formerly chair of the Ways and Means Committee, responsible for tax laws, is accused of not paying his taxes, thus breaking his own laws. He may face trial in September, just a cool 50 days before the November elections. 

Don't forget the Grifter of Congress. Our own pathetic Laura Richardson---who bought three homes, then stiffed the banks. So, far nothing coming from the House Ethics. They may figure they have no jurisdiction for misdeeds done before her election. 

We do have two solutions for our local embarrassments. Bruce Brown is waging a multi community coalition opposing Maxine's reign of terror over her district. Everyone in Long Beach knows how bad is grifter Laura Richardson -- so super star writer and speaker Star Parker is waging another grass roots campaign. . If there was ever a time to remove two corrupt politicians this is the year. 

When Republicans lost the House in 2006, the most important reason was nearly meaningless scandal, with Rep Mark Foley's texting sexually suggestive messages to House pages. Unlike Congressman Barney Frank, Foley didn't engage.  Foley's scandal was  "invented" . The MSM coordinated a massive propaganda campaign with Congressman Rahm Emanuel. The attacks were devastating. The round the clock publicity immediatetly cost the leads of  scores of Republicans in the late September polls. Mark Foley [who? ] was literally one of the best known people on earth that fall. 

Conservatives have no reason to hope the same for Rangel, Waters or Richardson. After all these people only stole money. They used the House to exploit the system for their personal benefit. Many democrats believe in wealth redistributions for themselves.

Luckily, most Americans don't believe much of what MSM has to say. Tea Parties are evidence there is a huge multi ethnic middle class eruption. 

Chances are good we won't be seeing Rangel, Waters or Richardson. They will either be defeated this fall or go to jail. Or both


Warriorsfor Congress has endorsed a phenomenal man, a patriot, and a man tested by war AND politics for a Florida race.

Please check this out, and then write a check to Lt. Colonel Allen West. Donate at

 "Honor in Iraq"



Brian Sussman breaks down the new energy bill, Rep. Pete Stark (Raving Mad) has another wacko town hall


Berkeley "Hikers" Jailed in Iran now face trial ( they are pro-Syrian, anti-American, anti-Israel and can rot there, IMO)


The plot thickens: FBI detains a WikiLeaks associate in Las Vegas...where's Assange hiding?


Cliff Kincaid for CFP has more on the Army private who now faces two "leaking" cases


Solar events this weekend: Will they cause satellite problems?


Why is DHS' Napolitano meeting with terrorist group?


Attack of the Grizzly Mama!  Palin Goes for the Groin!


Politics, Taxes and You: Part 12   The Bush Tax cuts


Stop Smoking, Iranian Style


San Francisco's KGO talk show host Rosie Allen predicted on Saturday's show that it would take 48 hours for Democrat CongresswomanMaxine Waters to play the race card over the ethics investigation Congress has launched into questionable appropriation practices for a distressed bank in which her husband was on the board of directors.


She nailed it.

:...The politically charged decisions by veteran Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California to force public trials by the House ethics committee are raising questions about race and whether black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of ethical or criminal wrongdoing than their white colleagues.


The controversy over the cases and the prospect of the first simultaneous ethics trials for multiple members in more than 30 years mark the biggest challenge for the ethics committee’s and the House’s ability to police its own members since the mid-1990s, when then-Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and other leaders from both parties found themselves hauled before the secretive panel.


The question of whether black lawmakers are now being singled out for scrutiny has been simmering throughout the 111th Congress, with the Office of Congressional Ethics a focal point of the concerns. At one point earlier this year, all eight lawmakers under formal investigation by the House ethics committee, including Rangel and Waters, were black Democrats. All those investigations originated with the OCE, which can make recommendations — but take no final actions — on such cases.


There’s a “dual standard, one for most members and one for African-Americans,” said one member of the Congressional Black Caucus, speaking on condition of anonymity. "

Read more: