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Late last night I wrote this.  It ties in with thisThat's by design.  Today, there's this.  Tonight join me for this:

Melanie Morgan, former radio talk show host and founder of the largest grassroots pro-troop organization in the United States “Move America Forward”, will drop by my radio program tonight to talk about MAF’s annual Troopathon.

Hosted by Melanie, Andrew Breitbart and Mark Williams, there will be some BIG names will be participating in the eight-hour July 1 event, including Rush, Sean, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura, Mark Levin, and Gary Sinise, Rep. Michele Bachmann, John Bolton, and many more.

Tonight  -- the details.

AL GORE SEX SCANDAL ACCUSER reveals shocking NEW EVIDENCE  -- ONLY to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER in a bombshell world exclusive interview!

"AL GORE is a pervert and sexual predator," declares MOLLY HAGERTY, 54, the massage therapist who told Portland, Ore. police that the ex-VICE President sexually assaulted her.
"He's not what people think he is - he's a sick man!"

When the ENQUIRER first broke the world-exclusive story last week her name was withheld as the victim of a possible sex crime.

NOW, Hagerty has bravely gone public - AND on the record-  only to The ENQUIRER -  to demand police launch a full investigation.

"I want justice served," Hagerty said as she reveals the key witness who could blow the case wide open, the secret hotel video surveillance and  the DNA evidence! 


Markos charges polling fraud


We contracted with Research 2000 to conduct polling and to provide us with the results of their surveys. Based on the report of the statisticians, it's clear that we did not get what we paid for. We were defrauded by Research 2000, and while we don't know if some or all of the data was fabricated or manipulated beyond recognition, we know we can't trust it. Meanwhile, Research 2000 has refused to offer any explanation. Early in this process, I asked for and they offered to provide us with their raw data for independent analysis — which could potentially exculpate them. That was two weeks ago, and despite repeated promises to provide us that data, Research 2000 ultimately refused to do so. At one point, they claimed they couldn't deliver them because their computers were down and they had to work out of a Kinkos office. Research 2000 was delivered a copy of the report early Monday morning, and though they quickly responded and promised a full response, once again the authors of the report heard nothing more.

Guessing whether pollsters simply concoct their data — it's cheaper, and more likely to please a client looking for a specific result — is a parlor game among political consultants. That's what Markos Moulitsas is charging here.

(Ed. I am SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I tell you.)

Bill Clinton says blow up the oil well in the gulf (following advice of Russians reported here 3 weeks ago)


Live link to Gen. Petraeus Confirmation hearing....will be set up before it starts this morning ...find it on front a few minutes.


A third carrier group has now moved into place off Iran...latest on prep for what we hope is Israel's attack on Iran nukes.....Mainstream news media coverage of this is....where?


Day 2: The Elena Kagan "Show"  Live Link to second day of confirmation.  Today she will begin taking questions.  Top 101 Reasons why she shouldn't be confirmed and why will she probably will be confirmed anyway.  Live link may have to be adjusted this morning...go to front page of site if link breaks.


Robert Byrd KKK-Kicks the Bucket---the eulogy you won't see on MSNBC.


Another unintended consequence of illegal aliens among us...a whooping cough epidemic has been declared in California


What's in your McDonald's Chicken McNuggets....vs. what's in British version of might be best to eat only those foods which contain chemicals with few than 4 syllables..  I'm just sayin'.


2nd amendment survives another challenge...but it ain't pretty.


Joe Biden Wins Sham Wow Auditions...selling the "Summer of Economic Recovery" shtick

Sex complaint against Gore is detailed, credible; Could this be Gore's real 'Inconvenient Truth'?

The allegation that Al Gore sexually assaulted a woman in a Portland, Ore., hotel room nearly four years ago has dealt a serious blow to the former vice president's story that he and wife Tipper simply "grew apart" after 40 years of marriage.

Alert the media! Wait, the media is alerted. Round up the peasants with pitchforks! The geniuses at National Review Online has endorsed (GASP!) McCain!

Mark Levin has raised the red flag. Pay attention, people.

Please watch this short video of my great friend Debbie Lee, a Gold Star Mother who is participating in our fund-raising drive to send the most number of care packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in America history. Debbie was interviewed Sunday on Fox News and we are so proud of her!

Mark Levin, my old friend and buddy, just sent me a link to a story showing the hypocrisy of Senator John McCain ...who wants all of us to know how to get free government money!

(Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e?)

....and that is why Democrats are afraid, very afraid of this fall's election cycle. And that is also why conservatives are rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work.

Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ -- Conservatives have maintained their leading position among U.S. ideological groups in the first half of 2010. Gallup finds 42% of Americans describing themselves as either very conservative or conservative. This is up slightly from the 40% seen for all of 2009 and contrasts with the 20% calling themselves liberal or very liberal.

Political Ideology -- 2010 Half-Year Update (1992-2010 Trend)

The 2010 results are based on eight Gallup and USA Today/Gallup surveys conducted from January through June, encompassing interviews with more than 8,000 U.S. adults. The 42% identifying as conservative represents a continuation of the slight but statistically significant edge conservatives achieved over moderates in 2009. Should that figure hold for all of 2010, it would represent the highest annual percentage identifying as conservative in Gallup's history of measuring ideology with this wording, dating to 1992.

The recent rise in conservatism's fortunes follows a decline seen after 2003; liberalism has experienced the opposite pattern. From 1993 to 2002, the ideological trend had been fairly stable, with roughly 40% identifying as moderate, 38% as conservative, and 19% as liberal. Before that, the presidential bid of independent candidate Ross Perot may have contributed to a heightened proportion of Americans (43%) calling themselves moderate in 1992.

Politico asks the question of - why so quiet on the appointment of General David Petreaus to oversee the war in Afghanistan? Hmm, girls?

Wasn't Afghanistan the "good war" and wasn't the eviiiiil General "Betrayus" the architect of destruction?

David Mark

David Mark Moderator :


When Gen. David Petraeus testified before Congress in September 2007, ran a New York Times ad accusing him of "cooking the books for the White House" about the U.S. troop surge in Iraq and labeled him "General Betray Us." The ad could be found on MoveOn's website until Wednesday of this week when it quietly came down and all references to it were scrubbed.

Why was the advocacy group willing to forcefully criticize a top general when President George W. Bush was commander-in-chief, yet is now silent now that President Barack Obama is in office? Is there a double standard at play or has had a sincere change of heart about the abilities of Gen. Petraeus and the

Americans are onto the fraud who occupies the White House ...and the polling proves it.

Americans are more pessimistic about the state of the country and less confident in President Barack Obama's leadership than at any point since Mr. Obama entered the White House, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.


The survey also shows grave and growing concerns about the Gulf oil spill, with overwhelming majorities of adults favoring stronger regulation of the oil industry and believing that the spill will affect the nation's economy and environment.

Sixty-two percent of adults in the survey feel the country is on the wrong track, the highest level since before the 2008 election. Just one-third think the economy will get better over the next year, a 7-point drop from a month ago and the low point of Mr. Obama's tenure.

Amid anxiety over the nation's course, support for Mr. Obama and other incumbents is eroding. For the first time, more people disapprove of Mr. Obama's job performance than approve. And 57% of voters would prefer to elect a new person to Congress than re-elect their local representatives, the highest share in 18 years.


General Stanley McChrystal is out - and General David Petraeus in, according to the Associated Press.

Now is the time for General McChrystal to come clean to the American people about the lackluster engagement of our Commander-in-Chief about winning the war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama has displayed an appalling lack of interest in our troops who are in harms way. General McChrystal has barely met the man who has now fired him.



WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says he has accepted the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal with regret, but is certain that it is the right decision for the country's national security and the future of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. Speaking in the Rose Garden, Obama says McChrystal's biting comments about the president and his aides in a magazine article did not meet the standards of conduct for a commanding general. Obama named Gen. David Petraeus to assume McChrystal's role as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. He says the move will allow the U.S. to maintain leadership.

The statement issued by Gen. Stanley McChrystal after President Barack Obama announced his dismissal the top NATO commander in Afghanistan:


This morning the President accepted my resignation as Commander of U.S. and NATO Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. I strongly support the President's strategy in Afghanistan and am deeply committed to our coalition forces, our partner nations, and the Afghan people. It was out of respect for this commitment - and a desire to see the mission succeed - that I tendered my resignation.

It has been my privilege and honor to lead our nation's finest.

 Thank-you for your service, Sir.

Last night’s primaries had a theme, it was a theme of victory for conservative candidates. It was also a night in which establishment endorsements and old party names were no help.

  • In Utah, Mike Lee narrowly won the GOP nomination for Senate after a campaign marked by acrimony and dirty tricks. Lee had the backing of conservative Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.
  • Rep. Bob Inglis, R-S.C., who had sought compromise legislation on global warming and voted to censure fellow South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was defeated by prosecutor Trey Gowdy.
  • Tim Scott, R, who was backed by the Club for Growth, crushed the son of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond in last night’s runoff to get the GOP nomination in the state’s coastal first district. He stands to become the first black Republican in Congress since 2002.
  • Jeff Duncan, R, another Club for Growth candidate, won the runoff and the nomination in the third district that had been vacated by Rep. Gresham Barrett, R.
  • Barrett, meanwhile, lost his primary for governor against state Rep. Nikki Haley, R, who, like all the other winners mentioned above, is now a prohibitive favorite for the fall.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

How do I admire Jon Voight? Let me count the ways....(oops, I'm already exhausted.)

President Obama:

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,

Jon Voight


The White House is clinging to President Obama's ill-conceived pledge to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan in July 2011, regardless of how the war is going at the time. In dogmatically standing by that pledge, Mr. Obama is virtually guaranteeing he will preside over America's second lost war.

Guess who is coming to our Troopathon 2010 broadcast July 1st? The original pin-up girl, Jane Russell!

Jennifer Harper at the Washington Times has more.


Reassuring news in troubled times. Some great American assets just keep on keepin' on. Classic movie goddess Jane Russell — at age 89 — will be part of the burgeoning cast for Troopathon 2010, an 8-hour live broadcast from the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library. The event to raise money for care packages sent to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan was organized by Move America Forward — a grass-roots pro-troop group — and will be hosted by talk radio goddess Melanie Morgan and Big Hollywood founder Andrew Breitbart.

Other guests who will join live or via video feed July 1 include Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dennis Miller, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Michael Graham, Frank Gaffney — broadcasters all — plus actor Gary Sinise, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and Newsbusters .com editor Noel Sheppard. The aforementioned care packages include everything from edible goodies to CDs, sun block, grooming items and other cheerful fare. Oh, and this also might be a good week to review some of Miss Russell's grand films, like "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "The Outlaw," among others.

"We've got a lot of great guests joining us — including my great-aunt Jane Russell. She's still going strong and I'm really excited to work with a legend of the silver screen," event spokesman Levi Russell tells Inside the Beltway, and advises readers to consult for information.


Andrew Breitbart and Melanie Morgan at 2009 Troopathon

Reveille Morning Headlines

Napolitano says she needs to monitor more "homegrown" terrorists...


Will there be war in the Middle East soon? Israel in a war of attrition at sea and on 3 other fronts?  A round up of commentaries and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's saber rattlings over the weekend.


In Oakland California Sunday, big labor union groups staged a huge protest on the docks with radical Islamic pro-Gaza groups to prevent an Israeli ship from big labor and the Islamists are hearting each other now?  Two videos in this post.  hat tip Zombie.


Global warming ain't playin' in Omaha...parents, led by Congressman Lee Terry's wife, are getting a global warming book and video removed from the curriculum...and oh...the book is written by Gore's eco-squeeze, Laurie David... bleahhhhhhhhh.  Take on your school district on this issue while it's summertime.  Good project for parents and kids!

Shape of things to come: The European Union has approved new cap and trade regulations which will require all new homes to be "passive homes" starting in 2020.  What is a passive home you ask???  An ugly eco-box with no furnace. It is"warmed" by your appliances and your body heat.  No, I am not kidding.  There is a "Cap and Trade Bedtime story" video in here, editors.  Daddy, why's it so coooolllldddd?


The next oil spill worries: Toxic gases in the ocean and in the air and the impact on weather this year.  Methane gases are removing the oxygen from the gulf waters, according to report this weekend.


NASA is predicting a huge "solar flare" storm to hit earth in 2013. 


Pro-life taxpayers are funding Planned Parenthood abortions. Nearly a billion dollars to PP in 8 years.


Rahmbo taking his final bow from the White House?  Will the evil-Divo return to ballet?  Dibs on the loge seats.

Quietly in March, the State Dept. put Mexico on its "travel warning" list, along with such countries as Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan. 

Travel agents, liberal media and the Obama administration aren't so interested in telling you how many Americans and others are getting murdered in Mexico. Doesn't fit the "shamnesty, blame America" agenda.   Very graphic picture and content.  Stay the hell out of Mexico.


Update on the Obama Internet Power grab....keep focused on this. It could change everything for all of us. <>


New video shows flotilla terrorists being rallied to throw IDF soldiers off the Mavi Marmara....and they did.


Argument against the "Ground Zero" mosque.  New,concise video cites to Koran to show how the "two faces" of Muslims are at work right now.


Carly Fiorina's getting pushback from Silicon Valley execs.  Told ya, NRSC......sigh.


A Call to "Peaceful" Arms by Dell Hill....a way to mobilize for November.


Obama's DOJ attacks Arizona...while the states handle illegal aliens themselves.


Dale Peterson, the Alabama Ag Commish candidate, has a new election won't see this in Commie-fornia.


Angelina's Not Black Enough to be Cleopatra, (Who Wasn't Black) I'm having issues with Essence...

Obama Speaks At Lower Grade Level Than Bush, CNN Says He's 'Too Professorial'

You know why President Obama's Gulf Coast oil spill address from the Oval Office failed so miserably on Tuesday?

It went over too many heads.

At least that's what the folks at believe.

Maybe that's why the so-called geniuses at MSNBC didn't like it - it went over Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Howard Fineman's heads!

Even more absurd in this piece by the CNN Wire Staff is that it completely ignored how Obama's speech patterns when he addresses the nation are at a lower grade level than those of George W. Bush.

Continue reading

This thing known as 'eating your own children syndrome' is alive and biting the Democrat party into bits and pieces. And it is amusing to watch.

My friend Lanny Davis (yes, I do have exactly TWO liberal friends, but my Mom doesn't really count) has a piece worth reading today on this subject from Purple Nation.

President Obama’s Opportunity for a “Sister Souljah Moment”

By Lanny J. Davis



Two events last week involving elements of the Democratic Party who call themselves the “true progressives” show a danger they represent to the progressive change they say they want to effect. Together they offer President Barack Obama an opportunity for a “Sister Souljah moment” — perhaps to save the Democratic Party majority in both houses of Congress, as well as his progressive agenda in the last two years of his administration.


First was the success of Sen. Blanche Lincoln in June 8’s Arkansas Democratic primary, despite a campaign organized by these self-described progressives, along with certain labor unions. Lincoln won the primary, despite the confident predictions of these liberal-left groups at the “netroots.” Labor unions spent nearly $10 million trying to defeat Lincoln, primarily, they said, because she opposed the “card-check” method of organizing a union. Yet labor supported her opponent, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who also opposed card-check. Go figure.


The sound you are hearing is the snort coming from my highly amused face after learning that CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin got a taste of her own medicine recently.

Miss Peace (a mousy looking rabble rouser who adores dictactors, leftists and thugs, as well as encouraging violent activities in the name of global loving) got a pie in her face - exactly the kind of stunt she has pulled on patriots and dignataries on numerous occasions.


I really don't like Medea Benjamin, not that anyone could tell since I hide my feelings so well.

Watch veteran meterologist Brian Sussman of KSFO Radio live from the Heritage Foundation as he exposes the myth of "global warming" and Al Gore's role in scamming billions of dollars.

Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam

Candidate for U.S. Senate California

Chuck DeVore, the conservative California candidate for U.S. Senate who was unsuccessful in his bid in last week’s primary, sends this note today to his supporters.   He is telling California to get behind Carly Fiorina, the nominee, and retire incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer.

The Campaign to Beat Barbara Boxer, Then and Now

Jun 14 2010

By Chuck DeVore

In November 2008, a little more than a week after President Obama’s historic election, we launched our campaign to defeat Barbara Boxer. With neither personal wealth nor celebrity, we knew the odds would be long – but what we lacked in resources, we made up for in principle, energy, and creativity.

We worked hard for 18 months, eventually logging more than 360 events, meeting more than 70,000 people, and driving and flying 100,000 miles with a basic message that there’s nothing wrong with America that adhering to Constitutional principles couldn’t repair. The voters responded with more than 25,000 donations totaling almost $2.8 million – more than the top four Republicans combined raised for the U.S. Senate primary back in 2004.

The effort paid off in two ways: one practical and measurable (name identification); the other philosophical and potentially perishable (issues).

California most accurate poll, the Field Poll, measured our progress in the most basic of campaign metrics: name identification. In October 2009 I had 18% name ID among likely Republican primary voters, with 7% having a positive opinion and 11% having a negative opinion of me. Just days before the election, in a state of 37 million people, I had 49% name ID with 41% expressing a positive opinion and only 8% negative. This is a remarkable achievement and it is largely due to the hard work and dedication of our many thousands of volunteers.

Most significantly, our campaign drove the issues in the 2010 Republican primary. We tapped the principles, energy, and enthusiasm of the still-growing Tea Party movement and moved the debate to conservative issues such as limited government, out of control spending, illegal immigration and Second Amendment rights.

Make no mistake: to her credit, Carly Fiorina won the primary by effectively co-opting our issues. In this, you should all be proud. What it means is this: far from conservative ideals losing the Republican primary, they resoundingly won, with 75.8% of Republican primary voters voting for declared conservatives.

And, if early indications are correct, again, to her credit, Carly Fiorina shows no sign of “running to the middle” for the general election. Instead, while on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Fiorina held to conservative principles regarding the right to life, the Second Amendment, and limited government, citing California’s 12.6% unemployment rate while, “the federal government is growing its employees at 14.5% a year.”

This is where you can help. We need to beat Boxer and we need to do it with conservative issues. In that regard, the more of you who help my former opponent, the more likely it is that her team will see the vigor and numbers among conservatives that they need to win in November.

  The 16 year old boater, lost at sea...has been found...alive


Your (Energy) Freedom Just Died


From Hair to Eternity:Fiorina Flubs Campaign Rule #101 and Becomes YouTube Viral "Beaatch"


We continue to mine "surprises" in Obamacare and now there is a "California Schemin'" provision to go along with the Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase


Border War Boiling Over

BP Oil Spill is 8 X Larger than First thought/ Economic impact adding up

The man who attacked the NC Tea party protest is a union goon/black leftist


Did Obama Whoomp in a hip hop video back in the day?


Romney, Guiliani and Bachmann dish harsh criticism of Obama leadership


Cavuto: Interview with Liberal Congressman is like "Talking to a rock"

A lot of my friends were talking about our future plans post-election 2010 and the consensus seems to be - move to Texas! Many things commend the Lone Star state. Lots of Republicans for one thing, reasonable cost of living and no state income tax.

On the down side, it seems like it is gonna be pretty crowded by the time all of California finishes packing up the U-Haul's.

(If you are looking for a great website to check out Texas real estate click over to


Reveille Morning Headlines: California Primary 2010: The "Sheeple" Awards--my analysis and commentary on the state of California politics.  Short version: I am moving to Texas.

Stupid Things Carly Says: Chapt 1....not even 24 hours into her race, she opens piehole, inserts foot


Hugo Chavez' War Against the Jews


Obama Looking for A** to Kick


N. Carolina tea party protest attacked by leftist thug: Who is this?


More of what the Gaza "Pals" don't want you to know or see


CA-CD-11 Will Harmer Win One for the Gipper in the SF Bay Area Congressional Districts?


Religion of "Peace" Update--7 year old boy killed by Taliban for spying

iM No Fan of iPad and iThink uKnow Why


Sarah Palin "Racks" Up Another Media Kerfuffle--Howard Stern Confirms New Boobage


Boy, doesn't it always come down to money in politics? Yes. Almost always. I'm just back from the OC after the loss last night of Chuck DeVore, who worked his heart out for the US Senate GOP nomination, with his lovely wife Diane and two daughters by his side.

As graceful a concession speech you'll never hear. I met some incredibly smart and talented individuals who will be back in the game again - people like Communications Director Josh Trevino (our brainiac) Just Hart, New Media Director (awesome skills) Matthew Waldrip (phone bank Czar) Brady Newby (direct mail genius) and Leisa Brug Klein (campaign manager.)

In the end, as I mentioned before, it always come down to money.

Here is the analysis from Chuck himself on the race results:

When all was said and done, the candidates raised the following (very close estimate based on pre-primary reports plus estimated funds raised):


Carly Fiorina: $4.3 million

Tom Campbell: $3.2 million

Chuck DeVore: $2.7 million


As a percentage, this equals:


Carly Fiorina: 42%

Tom Campbell: $31%

Chuck DeVore: $26%


Add in the $6 million that Fiorina loaned herself and the picture changes: 


Carly Fiorina: $10.3 million

Tom Campbell: $3.2 million

Chuck DeVore: $2.7 million


As a percentage, this equals:


Carly Fiorina: 64%

Tom Campbell: 20%

Chuck DeVore: 17%


Add in the IEs that went for and against Campbell or for Fiorina (calculating the ones that went after Campbell as money for Fiorina and me):


Carly Fiorina: $11.6 million

Tom Campbell: $3.7 million

Chuck DeVore: $3.7 million


As a percentage, this equals:


Carly Fiorina: 61%

Tom Campbell: 19%

Chuck DeVore: 19%


The near-final result of the race (I expect my percentage to rise slightly as the late ballots come in):


Carly Fiorina: 56.4%

Tom Campbell: 21.9%

Chuck DeVore: 19.0%


Other than Carly Fiorina under performing the money that was spent and Tom Campbell slightly over performing (due to the heavy name ID advantage he started with), one can see that in this case, money was determinative. Especially so, as the California print and electronic media wrote very little about this campaign compared to what would have been the case 20 years ago.


The governor's race with:


Meg Whitman: 64.2%

Steve Poizner: 27.0%


Almost precisely reflected the ratios of the money spent.


Lastly, it looks like the turnout across the state was uniformly dismal.  OC was reporting only 19% so far. As an example, the four-way race to replace me has the winner, Don Wagner, with 32.3% or 10,432 votes (this should increase as late absentees are counted).  In 2004, I received 46.4% in a six-way primary race for 25,248 votes.


Hey folks, I'm in Los Angeles for the final push of the Devore for US Senate campaign and there was a pro-Israel rally that we attended. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman was there, actor Jon Voight, and many religious and secular leaders who believe as Chuck does that the flotilla of so-called "peace activists" were liars and frauds who should be arrested instead of celebrated.

Chuck gave a speech that everyone should see. It. was. Stunning.

Chuck DeVore at the Israel Solidarity Rally in LA! from Joshua S Trevino on Vimeo.

It's almost time to make history! I'm leaving the imperfect beauty of Northern California to join up with Team Chuck (DeVore) in SoCal for the final push in the nail-biter U.S. Senate race here in the Golden State.

I'll keep you updated as events proceed.

But I'll leave you with this email from Richard Geno, a true patriot and conservative who lives in the San Jose area ...because it applies to all of us statewide.

"....Elections provide us an imperfect world. Too often we must vote for the least of two evils. This was clearly the case when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for re-election in 2006. Also, something that occurs very often is the that the Republican Party chooses a so-called "moderate" to run against a doctrinaire leftist Democrat, and unfortunately it is like watching an unarmed man in the ring with a Bengal tiger. That is what we witnessed in the presidential election of 2008.

This year we have a chance to support a real conservative who will not refer to Barbara Boxer as "my good friend." He might refer to her as "Maam" once or twice. There are 1-1/2 times as many conservatives in California as there are liberals. The independents and decline-to-states are leaning towards the Republican Party this year. We cannot afford to nominate a Democrat Lite candidate or a total unknown when we have a proven conservative running for the United States Senate in California, and his name is

   Chuck DeVore

As conservatives, won't it be nice to have someone who will not only defend himself, but he will also attack the record of the far left Barbara Boxer? The phrase "fiscal conservative" seems to be the "in" political phrase this year. Even Democrats running this Fall will be calling themselves fiscal conservatives. I wouldn't be surprised if Barbara Boxer has a rationale to call herself one. Don't you believe the "fiscal conservative" line. I am sure that Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter think they are "fiscal conservatives."

Chuck DeVore is a truly dependable conservative. I have watched him debate, and he is the only candidate that will go toe-to-toe with Barabara Boxer in the Fall."

          Vote for Chuck DeVore for the United States Senate!

Richard Geno (sent as an individual, not as the president of The Conservative Forum, which does not endorse candidates for public office) has the shocking video (via RabbiLive) of Helen Thomas, doyenne of the White House press corps, telling the Jews to "get the hell out of Palestine."

Watch here.

Unbelievable. This wicked witch of the East (coast) pretends to be "unbiased".

If Barack Obama is truly a leader of all Americans, he needs to oust the old crow from her hallowed nest.

But with old friends like Bill Ayers, an unrepentent terrorist, and his bat-crazy wife Bernadette Dorhn, we'll be waiting a very long time for him to do the right thing. Like NEVER.


But first, the dirt:  Be sure to read the "Gore-y" details of the"other woman" in the Gore divorce


The Flotilla Choir sings "We Con the World"...this is a viral sensation. Congratulations to Caroline Glick and the brave Israelis for showing humor in such a dire situation.


More on the "po' Palestinian pity party"..... a video the Gaza groupies REALLY don't want you to se..



Five days to go till the California primary:

I have reviewed the last voter registration information report before the primary and have found there is now the highest "decline to state" registration in history. There is also high "undecided"  with only 5 days to go.  Bottom line: there are so many new types of voters who aren't being polled...that the polls may not mean anything.  Game on.


Carly Fiorina is AWOL on gun rights  Because the legislature is attacking the 2nd amendment in California right now, there is focus on who will vote to defend gun rights. 


What Can You Do for Chuck DeVore?  Phone bank from home and other links.


Update on the oil spill: Why did Goldman Sachs Sell $250 million of BP stock just before the spill?  Nothing to see here...move along.



Sen. Babs Boxer has another Democrat running against her in the primary.  He is self-branding as the No-Frills Anti-candidate and his new video is a hoot.

Mickey Kaus probably won't win, but anything that gives Boxer a bad hair day is a good thing, of course.


National Debt Clock Watch: Dell Hill calculates the interest on the national debt per person



A new investigation of a poultry plant...this one in Santa Cruz, California. Very graphic.



Ben Shapiro to the American Jewish Community: Get Your Head Out of Your Posterior!


The Clinton Legacy: Baby Bubba, was there hubba-bubba?

Reveille Morning Headlines: Don't miss: Sweetness and Light has the story on the Berkeley 501c3 which funded the flotilla...they may have broken federal law by engaging in criminal activity during their "peaceful" humanitarian voyage.  Kumbaya-not.


Supreme Court nominee has mega-bucks ties to the Saudis and ....Osama bin Laden.  Game-changer?  Only if the GOP senators grow some.

New Videos: Netanyahu defends his right to defend, video of the peaceful humanitarians strapping on bullet proof vests, night vision and weapons as they get ready to "greet" the IDF soldiers. ties to Turkish terror group....and oh, Israel sends 25 truckloads of the boats cargo to Gaza...Hamas refuses to accept it.


Jews worldwide are being threatened and beaten due to Flotilla-gate: WHERE is the outrage?   Denmark says Jews are "hunted game" right now. Video of one, lone Jewish guy with a flag who went to the downtown Palestinian protest.  Thanks LAPD.


Carly Fiorina, the Black Panther and the Progressive Left--how does Sarah Palin get off calling her a conservative?   Did Sarah not do her homework?  Was it all about the money, Sarah?  Say it ain't so!   yah right.  crickets chirping.


Got Ovaries?  Vote for DeVore-- Melanie Morgan says we don't like no stinkin' Carly gender card


The Tipper Gore CYA Strategy--it's all about the money

Let’s chat about the race for the U.S. Senate Republican primary, shall we? Let’s talk sex and conservatives. As a woman, I am told I should fall in line and vote for Carly Fiorina. We girls should stick together, right?

Ms. Fiorina herself said that women should vote for her because she’s not a “white man” like her conservative opponent, Chuck DeVore.

"With all due respect and deep affection for white men, I am married to one," Fiorina said at a breakfast at Americans for Tax Reform, according to The Hill. "But [Barbara Boxer] knows how to beat them in California; she has done it over and over and over again."

When I saw that quote, even my ovaries told me to run the other way. Any candidate who thinks she or he is more qualified because of their sex is a candidate we should ignore.

For the first time in my life, I went to work for a candidate. California and the country have a lot to lose in the upcoming election, and I decided to support Chuck DeVore, a real conservative with common sense solutions for what ails our state and country. DeVore is a veteran, he has enough political experience to work effectively ( but not so much that it taints him, a la Boxer), and he has already shown that he stands for the principles on which our great country was founded.

Did I mention he’s conservative?

Allow me to mention a few other reasons women in particular should vote for DeVore (these reasons apply to men, too).

·        DeVore opposed Obamacare before Congress passed the dangerous legislation that gives government too much control over health care. Honestly, do we want the government butting into our most private decisions?  Do we want state-mandated appointments (or lack of them) for pap smears, mammograms, or other health care women need? I think not. DeVore on healthcare: “America has excellent healthcare. We can improve it by applying free-market principles, not by following the failed big-government models of Europe, which will make all of us less secure in our liberties.”

·        As mothers or just responsible citizens, education is a big ticket item. DeVore doesn’t look to the federal government for answers. After all, the feds can’t even balance a budget. Why would we want them teaching our kids about basic math? Fiorina, on the other hand, wants to hand the school house keys over to the Federal Government.  This from her master thesis: “Where I began as a proponent of “States’ Rights” in education, I have ended by believing that we will never meet our own expectations of public education unless the federal government is willing to play a consistent, long-term role . . . unless education truly becomes a matter of national policy.”

·        One of the most destructive things our current government has done is impose huge debt on our children and grandchildren. It is criminal. Carly Fiorina supported the billion-dollar bailouts of Wall Street – Chuck DeVore did NOT.

I could go on, but you get the picture. DeVore consistently stands with the Founding Father’s principles and Fiorina goes wobbly on them. We know what happens when Republicans vote for the more moderate candidate: We elect folks like Calif. Gov. Arnold SchwarzenKennedy.  When I launched the recall against Gov. Gray Davis on my radio show, I hoped for a conservative replacement. Look what “moderates” brought us, a failed state. We can’t afford another “moderate” mistake.

Sorry Sister Carly. If I’m thinking with my brain instead of my ovaries, I vote for Chuck DeVore.




Jersey City pimp Allen E. Brown was recently sentenced to 18 years in federal prison for trafficking underaged prostitutes. Perhaps he would have gotten off had he simply claimed in court that he wasn’t dressed as a pimp when operating his prostitution ring.

For the past nine months, Media Matters for America has obsessively defended ACORN’s video-verified role in helping James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles set up a brothel for pubsescent sex slaves on the basis that James was not dressed as a pimp and that Hannah was not dressed as a prostitute — as she was in my creative b-roll portion of the videos — when entering the offices.

Despite the audio-recorded conversations in which Hannah was indisputably introduced as a prostitute requesting ACORN’s assistance in building a brothel, in which almost all ACORN workers approached offered their assistance — in Media Matters’ eyes, the wardrobe factor automatically rendered the damning investigation a “practical joke” and a “hoax.”

But while they laughed at the apparently trivial reality of a taxpayer-funded organization enabling underaged sex slavery, when O’Keefe set up in New Orleans what was actually intended as a practical joke to be taped and put up on YouTube as a minor radar-blip project to punctuate his more serious investigations — the left was not laughing.

After Senator Mary Landrieu’s constituents raised suspicion that the senator was deliberately ignoring their calls in the midst of her sketch Louisiana Purchase as her office claimed the phone systems were “jammed,” James and three colleagues sought to verify the alleged condition of the phones via the staffers’ reactions to their friendly offer of assistance.

James is not the first to employ comedic patronizing of powerful individuals for political satire. Upon learning that most Republican legislators who passed the Patriot Act hadn’t read the legislation, Michael Moore decided to give them a friendly hand by driving around the Capitol with a megaphone reading the bill to them.

But don’t hold it past powerful liberals who squirm, kick and scream like second-graders on a playground when they find themselves the possible targets of a completely harmless, light-humored, well-intentioned prank.

When Clinton administration staffers illegally and egregiously trashed, vandalized, burglarized and destroyed White House property in the days leading up to the Bush administration’s move-in, President Bush sportingly refused any investigation or charges, dismissing them as “a prank or two…a cartoon on the wall, but that’s okay.”

When evil trolls egged Sarah Palin at her recent Boston Tea Party appearance and got caught, the stoic, cheerful, good-hearted Tea Party Express leader Sal Russo figured them for some naive kids who were probably at least smart enough to learn their lesson this time, asked the police to let them go and refused to press any charges.

Many thanks to my girlfriend Jane Jamison, wh has been doing an excellent job searching the headlines for the news behind the news while I am engaged in saving the Golden State right now.

Read away, folks.

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