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Joe Battenfeld:  Obama’s Attempt At Damage Control Laughable.  “There was a certain panicky look about the way the president quickly delivered a rare evening White House statement to try to quell the growing outrage over the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. The move showed how damaging the scandal has become to Obama’s second term and maybe even his presidency.  But Obama took no questions and, more importantly, no responsibility for the ugly episode of the federal government abusing its power for political reasons.”

Hillary Chabot:  Critics say resignation of IRS boss not enough.  “U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III (D-Mass.) said he was ‘surprised’ by the seriousness of the IRS abuses in the Obama administration and called for a ‘full investigation.’”

Margery Eagan:  Even Liberals Are Leaping Off The Bandwagon.  “The same media types accused of covering Obama on bended knee — such as myself — are now turning our collective backs. And no wonder. What we’re learning about his administration has undermined our basic trust in government.  Yet the president seems oblivious to how serious and unsettling these scandals are, and how much damage he’s done to his own agenda. And how he’s fed right into the fears of the tin-foil hat set who can point to these very scary power grabs and say, ‘See? He really is coming to get us.’”

In the photo, Obama’s pants appear to be less than perfectly-creased.