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The Guardian is reporting that Chen Kegui, the nephew of anti-forced abortion activist Chen Guangcheng, has appendicitis and is being denied surgery. From the story:

Chen Kegui, whose activist uncle fled house arrest last year, is said to need life-saving appendicitis operation. Supporters and relatives fear for the life of the Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng’s jailed nephew after officials refused him medical parole for surgery. Chen Kegui was diagnosed with appendicitis last week and is receiving antibiotics from prison authorities, but his father said his appendix was suppurating and fears it will rupture if not removed. Prison officials have said they will arrange help but have given no details. The jail in Linyi, in eastern Shandong province, does not have the medical facilities for an operation.

If true, that is beyond cruel. It is a flagrant violation of human rights as a way of punishing Chen Guangcheng, and a warning to other would-be dissenters. Hello President Obama and Secretary Kerry? Are you paying attention?