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BOSTON BOMBINGS:  Lawmakers Question FBI’s Handling Of Case. And then there is news today that there may be a sleeper cell of 12 who were supposed to activitate after the bombings.

Highlights of the Boston bombings:

Group linked to Tsarnaev brothers...
Pair 'specially trained' for attack...

'No doubt brothers not acting alone'...
Two from Kazakhstan in custody...
Boston mayor: Acted alone...

There's more - a lot lmore.

"...Boston marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was  thrown out of his local mosque for 'crazy' behavior after getting involved a  'shouting match' with his imam according to one member of the  congregation.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was ejected from his Boston mosque for aggressive behavior after insulting Martin Luther King Jr. during a Friday prayer service three months ago

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was ejected from his Boston mosque for  aggressive behavior after insulting Martin Luther King Jr. during a Friday  prayer service three months ago

Described as being full of rage by a  worshiper who would give his name only as Muhammad, Tamerlan was ejected from  the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center three months ago for claiming that  Martin Luther King Jr. was not a man Muslims should look to  emulate.

This revelation comes as Ruslan Tsarni, an  uncle of Tamerlan, claimed that his nephew had fallen under the spell of a  mysterious religious leader in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who radicalized him and  his brother Dzhokhar into committing Monday's terror outrage.

The dramatic confrontation between Tamerlan  and his imam began when the 26-year-old interrupted a solemn Friday prayer  service three months ago.

The imam had just offered up assassinated  civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. as a fine example of a man to emulate -  but this reportedly enraged Tamerlan.

'You cannot mention this guy because he’s not  a Muslim!' Muhammad recalled Tamerlan shouting, shocking others in attendance  according to the LA  Times.

Kicked out of the mosque for his outrageous  behavior, Tamerlan did return to the prayer service after his outburst according  to Muhammad.

'He’s crazy to me,' said Muhammad. 'He had an  anger inside.… I can’t explain what was in his mind.'

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