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My first job was a "runner" for the Leawood Drive-In in suburban Kansas City. For those unfamiliar with a drive-n, you pull your car into a paved parking lot with speakers that can be hung on your window. There is a playground under a giant screen that little kids can clambor over, while the adults grab popcorn and Dr Pepper from the food stand.

Everyone comes back to the car for the feature film, and once the kids are asleep, a good deal of necking went on.


These days appear to be over.

"..COMING SOON:  The Summer When You’re Expected to Save Drive-In Movie Theaters.“Later this year, movie studios are scheduled to stop distributing films in old-fashioned 35-millimeter format. Everything will go digital, which is fine for the vast majority of indoor theaters that have already upgraded to digital projectors. It’s a different story with drive-ins, however, many of which find themselves in need of handouts to pay for the upgrade. Care to cough up a $100 donation on top of the cost of popcorn?”