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...a budget that is 65 days late. Imagine sitting down at your kitchen table and saying screw it, I'll pay these bills later.

The Obama administration released an outline  of its fiscal 2014 budget to reporters on Tuesday, forbidding its release until  6:00 a.m. Wednesday. The preview promises that President Barack Obama's budget  'reduces the deficit and puts the Nation on a sound fiscal course.'

'Every new initiative in the plan is fully  paid for, so they do not add a single dime to the deficit,' the White House  pledges.

An initial walk through the budget proposals,  however, suggests that Republicans in Congress will need some  convincing.

The budget will hit congressional offices  less than 24 hours after the government's top watchdog agency declared that  nearly $100 billion was wasted last year in duplicative and overlapping programs  stretching into every corner of the Washington bureaucracy.

Seeing things differently: House Speaker John Boehner won't like what President Barack Obama has to say about the federal budget on Wednesday

Seeing things differently: House Speaker John Boehner  won't like what President Barack Obama has to say about the federal budget on  Wednesday

The star attraction of Tuesday's Capitol Hill  hearing on the subject was the tale of three separate government agencies that  spend money inspecting catfish, and the annual waste of $14 million that goes  along with it.

House Republicans in the oversight committee  hearing room were not amused. And GOP budget hawks won't be smiling when they  read a prominent declaration in the White House's outline that has already been  shown to be an exaggeration.


The budget, it says, 'would achieve $1.8  trillion in additional deficit reduction over the next 10 years, bringing total  deficit reduction to $4.3 trillion. This represents more than enough deficit  reduction to replace the cuts required by the Joint Committee [on]  sequestration.'


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