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Wyoming Republican Sen. Mike Enzi may be gearing up to run for re-election in  2014, but that doesn’t mean Liz Cheney is ruling out a run for the Senate seat  now.

A source close to the politically active daughter of Vice President Dick  Cheney tells The Daily Caller that she is still seriously considering running.  (RELATED:  Wyoming Republican Mike Enzi reportedly will run again for  Senate)

Over the weekend, The Casper Star Tribune reported that Enzi told a meeting  of the GOP state party committee that he is looking forward to running for  re-election — something he has yet to formally announce.

An Enzi spokesman confirmed the senator’s remarks.

“Senator Enzi’s statement to the central committee stands on its own,” Enzi  press secretary Daniel Head told TheDC on Monday. “He won’t make an official  announcement until later. If that changes, we’ll let you know.”

For months, there has been speculation in the media that Cheney would run for  the Wyoming seat, especially if Enzi retired.

Cheney, a lawyer who has served in various positions in government, has not  commented publicly about whether she’s eying the seat. But her activities seem  to signal that she could be interested in a run of some sort: She recently moved  to Jackson Hole, Wyo., with her family. She has also been giving speeches at  various events in the state.

Her father represented Wyoming in Congress from 1979 to 1989.

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