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GOP Hispanic outreach runs afoul of ObamaCare

As Republicans hammer out the details of a “comprehensive immigration reform” plan that will attract support from Hispanic voters, the L.A. Times takes a sober look at the actual political views of this ostensibly Republican-friendly constituency… and finds they are “among the strongest backers of President Obama’s health care law,” to the tune of 48 percent favorable vs. 19 percent unfavorable.

That’s far higher support than one will find among the general population.  The Republican Party is both philosophically opposed to ObamaCare, and politically hoping to rally overall public dismay with the program into votes in the next few elections.  It seems as if that plan will put them on the wrong side of both the existing Latino voting population and the immense new wave of voters that will soon be naturalized.  (Does anyone outside of the Republican consultant class really think those 11 or 12 million people can be held in a quasi-legal non-voting status for decades?)