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WORSE THAN THE BEDBUGS?  Michael Bloomberg’s Worst Legacy:  The Debt Bomb.“When the mayor took office in 2002, the total outstanding debt of the city was $55.2 billion. This year, the Citizens Budget Commission estimates the total reached $110 billion. The increase: 100%! . . .  Now the bill is coming due.”

UPDATE:  Reader Steve Schubart writes:  “If at the beginning of his term the debt is represented by a 16oz cup of soda, the current debt would be a 32 oz cup of soda!”  Overindulgence comes in many forms.

And another reader reports:  “By the way, last weekend not only was there the usual armed sentry outside Mayor Bloomberg’s private home, but he was being warmed by not one but two 3 foot tall electric resistance space heaters. As you like to say, I don’t want to hear a word about my carbon footprint.”