Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The day before the rally, Move America Forward visited with our wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We brought almost five hundred care packages for the recovering troops.

Just outside the hospital grounds, CodePink (the anti-war far left activists who defaced the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley last week) were protesting while these brave men were recuperating.

Walter Reed Hospital
Diana Nagy, our singer on the FFV tour (brunette on left) Michael DeLeon of Operation Helmet (back, top) Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom whose son Marc Alan Lee died in Iraq, (far right) and Pfc. Major Ryan (in wheelchair) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center the day before the rally. (I'm in the middle.)

He insisted he needed nothing-- the 'other guys' on his floor needed our items more than he did.

But our hero finally settled on a red, white and blue hand-crocheted blanket from a supporter of Move America Forward.

Isn't Private Major Ryan a handsome man?

I'll never forget him. Or any of the others whom I had the honor of meeting at Walter Reed.

They inspire me every day.

These soldiers are always in my prayers.

Melanie Morgan, Chairman Move America Forward