Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Harry Riley believes in God, his family and our troops, probably in that order -- he's one of the toughest fighters I've ever had the honor to meet. Harry Riley will NOT let what happened in America after Vietnam to our troops EVER happen again.

Harry is the face of EaglesUp, which is organizing veterns and other Americans who believe in our troops and their mission in Iraq.

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I am happy to report the Eagles message is taking hold throughout America...more and more are committing to travel to Washington, DC for the September, 15, 2007 E-Day.  Of course as our numbers climb, the opposition is deviously looking and employing counter-measure to thwart our know when this is happening, our progress is worrisome to the "moonbats".
We're beginning to see glimpses of distortion, fabrication, deception, from elements that reflect intentions to sow disharmony, confusion and cause division among those of us 1. Supporting America 2. Reflecting to our troops and their commander, General Petraeus, that we have their backs, and 3. honoring our fallen and missing warriors and their families on September 15, 2007 on the streets of Washington, DC. .  Elements engaged in this behavior can only be part of the ANSWER crowd.   Recognize it for what it is and ignore those attempting divisive and false rumor.
Some are spreading the notion that we are pro-war.  Simply because one element of our mission supports the troops, some are referring to our September 15, 2007 intention to field massive numbers on the streets of Washington, DC as "pro-war".  In a discussion with a family member who subscribed to the anti-war movement,  Jim, a military man used the following logic:
"I asked if we could have a gentlemen's agreement - namely that I'd say something that would only take a minute or two and he would sit still and listen, and when I was done, I'd sit still and listen to whatever he wanted to say.  He agreed.

I asked him who he thought was most against war.  After a minute, he said he didn't know.  I then said that I thought the people most against war were those, like me, that had to fight them.  I have been under rocket attack three times and personally heard shells (23mm) go past my head (while I was in a FAC O-2) and that was very scary and personal.  I also lost friends in the war.  I said that the military, who has to fight the wars, is the group most against war, because they have the most to lose, but that the military understands that sometimes war is necessary.

I said I was done and he could say anything he wanted and I'd be quiet.  After several minutes of silence, he said he had never thought about it that way before." 
It's freedom we're about, ensuring the security of America, not debating the right or wrong of Iraq but looking at the longer term threat America faces of which Iraq is a part.  It's about messages being sent to a barbaric, ruthless, bunch of butchers that are encouraged when they see elements in America that suggest "surrender", demeaning our troops, and allowing the Islamic killers to use foolishness of a few private citizens and politicians, as ammunition for propaganda purposes.
We cannot allow a repeat of the 60s when America abandoned our troops in Southeast Asia....folks it is not easy to make a trip to Washington, DC that is sure that this is not about some individual getting his/her ego stroked or some organization bolstering it's agenda...what it's about is the survival of our nation, our way of life is being moved perilously close to  a repeat of the 60s...this time, as we have already experienced, the enemy is attacking us on continental United States soil.  If we do not hold the line and move with offensive action to rally in support of America, our troops, and recognize the sacrifice of our fallen and missing, the blood bath will continue in America with a force that will dwarf 9-11-2001.  We can make a move now without bloodshed at home if we act...think about it? 
Many organizations such as Eagles Landing, Move America Forward, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Gathering of Eagles, Rolling Thunder, and others are engaged in preparation and urging American patriots to sacrifice, if necessary, to be present for duty, 'boots on the ground" in Washington, DC on September 15, 2007.  The goal is to fill the streets and totally overwhelm those that would tear America down, abandon our troops again, and dishonor our fallen and missing and their families..
America needs each one of us desperately to stand-up for her...our troops, the very sons and daughters, sacrificing blood, body parts, and lives deserve nothing less...use our web site and tell us you'll be in on the forum and sign up or hit the "contact button" at the top of the page and tell America you're on the way......
God willing our presence in DC will shake the political establishment and our national media into some sense of reality where America stands.
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;  they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)  -  Where there is no offense, there is no effect.