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Win In Iraq

We Win in Iraq

A lot of people tell me how frustrated they are that President George Bush is not able to better rally the American people to support the war on terrorism and the missions of our troops. I think we all wish President Bush could stand in the bully pulpit and articulate the importance of this effort as effectively as Ronald Reagan did during the Cold War. What I tell these people, and what I am telling you, is this: if President Bush is unable to explain why we MUST win in Iraq, then we must all unite and work together to convey this message to the nation ourselves. And that's what we're about to do at Move America Forward via a multi-front ad campaign in print, on television, online and over the radio airwaves. Islamic terrorist groups are determined to defeat the American-led coalition and ensure that Iraq is part of their radical Islamic caliphate - a state sponsor of terrorism that will target the "infidels" of the United States and our allies. Surrender, retreat or defeat by any other name is not an option. We need to find 2,700 Americans to step forward and support Move America Forward in this major effort. Can I count on you to be one of these supporters? You can make your contribution online here:

And monitor our progress via the MAF website:

We've got an important job to do. Defeat is not an option for us on the home front! - Melanie Morgan

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