Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher has veered from a reliable pro-troop vote (her district encompasses Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield) to an anti-war back-stabber.

Rep. Tauscher has introduced the "The Change Course in Iraq Act".

It's an insult beyond belief to the troops in her district, and every other proud patriotic American who suports our men and women in Iraq and Afghaniston.

Please read the research I've put together for you and come up with your own conclusion.

But my advice is get on the horn and call her at 202-225-1880 or fax 202-225-5914.

Politely tell her that she needs to support the troops. Quit listening to the nutroots at

Tell Tauscher you vote, too!

The first two pieces outline her opposition to the war.

The first piece also gives clear evidence that she is now a leader in the effort to bring the troops home prematurely.

This post details Tauscher's departure from the Blue Dog caucus:

These two articles detail the pressure brought upon Taucher by liberal bloggers and activists. Note that these came within just a few weeks of her March 9 press release that solidified her anti-war stance: