Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I can't say thank-you to our veterans enough. No one can. But we must try.

So thank-you to my grandfather Captain Harold Morgan, who served in BOTH World Wars, the first time with his buddy Harry Truman, as they fought with Battery D.

The second time he fought was in Italy, in World War II, while his son, my uncle, was killed on a bombing mission that took off from the white cliffs of Dover, England.

Thank-you to my father George Morgan, who served as an Army Lt. and to my brother Sgt. Mark Morgan, who fought in Panama as part of a special forces team.

Thank-you to my husband Jack Swanson, who was a Sgt. in the Army during the Vietnam war, and to my cousin Rodney Gibson, who served as a Commander in the Air Force. (We Morgan's choose to overlook that he picked Air Force over Army.)

To all military veterans AND their families, God Bless you!