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From Listener Don,

"Something about this election just doesn't seem right. I am beginning a research
project on this.

In the Ohio county (Hamilton) referred to in the article, Obama receives 208,508
votes to Romney's 188,653 (51.8% to 46.9%) whereas the Democrat candidates in the
1st and 2nd district that compromises that county were blown out 58.3%-37.1% and

Further research would include Presidential election results by district that are I
haven't been able to find current data.

The premise that I'm following here is that we are expected to believe that there
are an abundance of voters that would vote for a Presidential candidate from one
party and vote for a congressman from the opposing party. True there are those
voters but in this contentious election cycle, its' hard to believe that there are
in such huge numbers.

I'm not a 'conspiracy freak' but something just doesn't seem right about this election."