Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, who made movie a few weeks back decrying the influence of millionaires' money in the political process, should be outraged to learn of the latest money flowing into the current election cycle.Except the money in question is flowing toward President Barack Obama, and the people writing the checks don't have the last name Koch. So expect the outrage meter to register a big, fat zero.

Director Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg doubled down on their commitment to President Barack Obama's reelection last month, contributing $1 million each to super PAC Priorities USA....

– Testimony is set to begin in a defamation suit by Britney Spears' ex-manager against her parents. Lawyers for Sam Lutfi declined to say whether he would be the first witness at Monday's trial in Los Angeles.But one thing certain was that Spears will not testify. She remains under a court-ordered conservatorship and a judge told her not to participate.

HuffPo Scribe Booted from 'Hating Breitbart' Screening

Ryan Clayton, a contributor to The Huffington Post featured in "Hating Breitbart" got himself temporarily booted from a D.C. screening of the film for disrupting the audience

Jeff Foxworthy Hits Colorado to Talk up Team Romney

Paranormal Activity 4' Scares Away Box Office Competition

Russell Crowe Calls Obama 'the Light and the Future'

Adele Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Wyclef Jean Joins ABC's 'Nashville'


For Heidi Montag, G-sized breasts did not make life great. "The Hills” stars made headlines for all of the wrong reasons in 2012 when she had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, including massive breast implants.

“I would never do it again and I never recommend it for anyone,”


-The guy who brought sexy back and the gal who's just plain sexy have confirmed they got hitched in a secret ceremony in Italy on Wednesday.

"It's great to be married," the couple told People magazine. "The ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends."

Timberlake, 31, and Biel, 30, have dated for five years. They broke up in 2011 but reconciled, and got engaged in December in Montana.


-Actor Dennis Quaid’s wife Kimberly has filed for legal separation, just months after she retracted her divorce petition in a bid to give their marriage a second chance.

Kimberly Buffington-Quaid initially filed for divorce in March, citing “discord or conflict of personalities” for the breakdown of their union, but she withdrew the papers in May.

The couple, which recently moved to California from Texas, tried to patch up its differences and celebrated its eight-year anniversary in Bora Bora in July, but the relationship appears to have crumbled once again

Taylor Swift used her first royalties checks to buy a car featured in the movie “Mean Girls” as a way of defying her own childhood tormentors.

The country star reveals the female pupils who bullied her at school were obsessed with the 2004 movie, which features Lindsay Lohan as a naive high school student who joins a cool crowd of mean girls nicknamed The Plastics, led by Rachel McAdams.