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How do you get the General Fund budget reduced?  By transferring spending to off budget line items.

“But the number can be misleading.

While California has cut education and services for the poor, budget writers also have relied on creative revenue streams and accounting maneuvers to move programs off the general fund books rather than cut them.

That has made comparisons difficult and, experts say, contributed to state bookkeeping disparities that have emerged in recent weeks.”

Government is a liar.  The truth is that when ALL expenditures are counted in a fiscal year, California spends approximately $210 billion per year. Wonder if people would vote for a tax increase if they knew the truth?  Oh, we now know about the $11 billion in hidden money, slush funds galore.  Co you trust Jerry Brown to tell you the truth?  Did you really believe Arnold or Gray?

California’s general fund spending has dropped — but that doesn’t tell the whole story


By Kevin Yamamura, Sacramento Bee


“While the general fund has fallen 11 percent since 2007-08, California special fund spending grew more than 47 percent over the same period, from $26.7 billion to $39.4 billion this fiscal year.

The best example of why the general fund total can be misleading is Brown’s “realignment” of nearly $6 billion in former state general fund programs to local governments. To shift those responsibilities, the state last year created new special fund accounts