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The President announced that he is revving up the "morgue" mobiles and prepping for his campaign road trip which he called the "Betting on America Tour."

We have decided to name it ourselves and this morning on KSFO here are some of the winners:

"Double Down on this Clown Bus Tour"

"Hold 'em and Fold 'em Bus Tour"

"Mr. Dictator Tour"

"Taxit, Transit Tour"

"Bus Force One" "Running on Empty"

"The Obamanation Tour"

"Wheels of Fortune Tour"

"No Muss, NO Fuss on the Amatuer Bus Tour"

"Opacalypse Now"

"Let's Make a Deal on Wheels"

"Bedding of American's Tour"

"Throw America Under the Bus Tour"

"The Road to Nowhere Tour"

"BOHECA Bus Express"

It's Not My Fault Tour"

"The Dependancy Tour"

"Rolling Blunder Tour"

"Rolling Over America Tour"