Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The `Boycott Anti-Troop Toronto’ Campaign

Today Canada Free Press (CFP) launches its ‘Boycott Anti-Troop Toronto’ Campaign on behalf of all Canadians who support the courageous men and women serving under Chief of Defense Staff General Rick Hillier, in Afghanistan.

Toronto City Council yesterday ignored a sincere public uproar in backing the removal of yellow “Support Our Troops” decals from the backs of nearly 340 firetrucks and ambulances.

Mayor David Miller, the Senator Harry Reid of Canada, tried to get around his endorsement of the removal of the decals by claiming that it was a fire and ambulance chief decision. That both parties rely on city politicians for their next pay hike, was the elephant ignored in the usually empty council chamber.

Adding insult to injury to Canadian troops in harm’s way in Taliban country, Miller inferred that it was really “a number of calls from people who are concerned about the city expressing an opinion on the war,” that ultimately led to the decal removal.

“I think the way the chiefs have handled this is appropriate,” Miller said. “The program was always scheduled to last for a year. It will be wrapped up this fall.”

Toronto’s socialist mayor is hardly the type to heed the moral that patriotism doesn’t come and go, because real patriotism is forever.

Miller’s open slap in the face to Canadian soldiers comes as the latest in a strategy reinforcing the agenda of his personal friend and former council colleague Jack Layton, Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) leader whose calls to bring Canadian troops home from Afghanistan have never ceased.

“Quebecers will be able to have a say on Canada’s Afghanistan mission the next time they vote,” NDP leader Jack Layton promised on June 7, 2007.

Miller and Layton do not believe in the International War on Terrorism. Layton, whose decades long careerism politics found its start in the Toronto City Council chamber, and Miller, who leads a pack of leftover socialist councillors, including Coun. Howard Moscoe, who once said bombings of subways like the July 2005 one in London could never happen here because the terrorists wouldn’t be able to find Toronto, do not believe in anything other than social engineering.

Miller, whose councillors have proven they are kept on a short leash, will likely shoot down Coun. Frances Nunziata’s motion today asking for the decals to stay put until the end of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

The Nunziata motion will be voted on at 2 p.m.

“Leave the ribbons on. I think it’s the worst thing our city has ever done,” Nunziata said.

Left-leaning councillors led by Coun. Janet Davis fear that “by putting messages on our vehicles it sends the message that the city of Toronto supports the mission in Afghanistan and I don’t believe we should be sending that message.”

Davis was reminded by listeners on a prominent local call-in show that the vehicles carrying the decals are paid for by taxpayers, who overwhelmingly support our troops in the first place.

“When are you councillors going to take your heads out of your butts?” one angry caller asked her.

Miller has already made it clear that he will not support Nunziata’s motion to leave the decals on.

“I don’t think, frankly, it’s the job of city council to debate the war in Afghanistan,” he said.

Toronto City Council members, who number 44, and who as incumbents keep getting re-elected, are among the best paid and most under worked in all of North America.

For crazy ideas, only San Francisco is ahead of them. Headline making for their proclivity to dabble in all things international, Toronto councillors do everything but take out the garbage and fix potholes.

They long ago decided that the mundane was not for them. True to their NDP calling, they would do everything for the working man except be one.

Under Coun. Jack Layton, Toronto City Council declared the city a nuclear weapons-free zone, once trying to stop the USS Oliver Hazard Perry from docking in Toronto Harbour--all because it was equipped for but not carrying--nuclear weapons.

This is the same council, that can’t find anywhere in North America to dump its massive garbage, including people and farm animal-sickening sludge, now that a Michigan land site has slammed the door; the same council that danced the jade jive when global warming guru Al Gore showed up to collect his due last month.

Toronto city mothers come from the same council that only three days before ordering the removal of “Support Our Troops” decals from city vehicles honoured a man who once described his adopted homeland of Canada as a “fully paid-up member of the Anglo-Saxon mafia”.

Zafar Bangash, editor of Crescent International, an Islamist newsletter, was honoured Saturday, June 16 at the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) dinner for his “unwavering” support of Palestine.

CAF is so much at home at Toronto City Hall it held a two-day meeting preparing for the celebration of its 40th anniversary at the famous landmark paid for by Toronto taxpayers.

“Besides calling Canada the mafia, on Sept. 16, 2001, when all of us were still reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Bangash, while denouncing the killing of innocent civilians, wrote the attack, “was most likely a successful attempt by one of America’s many victims to hit back, very, very hard.” (Licia Corbella, Calgary Sun, June 15, 2007).

In the same awards ceremony that honoured Bangash, Miller-Layton confrere Sid Ryan, president of CUPE, Ontario, who was instrumental in leading his union to boycott Israel, received an award.

For the sheer arrogance of the David Miller/Jack Layton anti-troop act, who get to do what they do courtesy of troops in harm’s way, they might as well slap “We Support the Taliban” on city vehicles.

But anti-troop advocates like Miller, Layton and Company hide in the reeds and blame it on staff whose families rely on city-issued paycheques.

Enough is enough for the parents of Canada’s courageous troops, war veterans and patriots, members of the Royal Canadian Legions and decent Canadians everywhere.

Let the hypocritical Miller/Layton and Company wear their poppies again on Remembrance Day this year.

‘Boycott Anti-Troop Toronto’ buttons can be worn each and every day until our courageous troops come home from Afghanistan!

You can tell tell Mayor David Miller how you feel by emailing him.
...and while Toronto council votes to scrap decals.
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