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"It is very much a festive atmosphere" said a reporter from KPIX during the unending crap being spewed about the return of the Bay Bridge.

After 6.5 BILLION dollars and 24 years of bickering, yes, the bridge is back up.

What happens when the OTHER half of the bridge goes down in an earthquake?

Is anybody talking about that?

We got half a bridge and everybody is congratulating themselves like they actually built it themselves. The politicans and crooks got their grubby mitts into the money and never let loose.

What we are seeing is disgraceful. And nobody has the decency to blush.


I'm traveling the High Seas with KSFO radio listeners, thanks to Sterling Travel, for the next 10 days.

Watch for  website for travel pictures from France, Italy, and other exotic locations. And if you want to come with me NEXT time, check out Sterling Travel for Alaska dates!

See you when I get back!

The 1994 merger of Radisson Diamond Cruises and Seven Seas Cruise Line launched Radisson Seven Seas Cruises with an eclectic fleet of vessels that offered a nearly all-inclusive cruise experience in sumptuous, contemporary surroundings. The line was rebranded as Regent Seven Seas Cruises in 2006, and ownership passed to Prestige Cruise Holdings (which also owns Oceania Cruises) in 2008.

Even more inclusive than in the past, the line has maintained its traditional tried-and-true formula—delightful ships offering exquisite service, generous staterooms with abundant amenities, a variety of dining options, and superior lecture and enrichment programs. Guests are greeted with champagne on boarding and find an all-inclusive beverage policy that offers not only soft drinks and bottled water, but also cocktails and select wines at all bars and restaurants throughout the ships.

Mitt Romney plans to turn himself into a one-man truth squad during the first  presidential debate next week, casting President Barack Obama as someone who  can’t be trusted to stick to the facts or keep his promises.

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Do you qualify for a free government cell phone and minutes?

Do you qualify for a free government cell phone and minutes?

THIRSTY Thursday September 27, 2012 - Times are tough, and you might be faced with choosing whether or not you can continue paying for your mobile phone, if you even have one. But did you know you the government has authorized phone companies to provide free cell phones and service to tens of millions Americans at no charge? Just how much would one of these free government cell phones change your life?




(CNN) -- More than two weeks after four Americans -- including the U.S. ambassador to Libya -- were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, FBI agents have not yet been granted access to investigate in the eastern Libyan city, and the crime scene has not been secured, sources said.

"They've gotten as far as Tripoli now, but they've never gotten to Benghazi," CNN National Security Analyst Fran Townsend said Wednesday, citing senior law enforcement officials.

Last Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that an FBI team had reached Libya earlier in the week.

"In fairness to the secretary, it may be that she wanted to be coy about where they were in Libya for security concerns. That's understandable. But the fact is, it's not clear they've been in Libya for very long," Townsend said on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°."

CNN and MSNBC Pundit Arrested for Vandalizing Anti-Muslim Ad In N.Y. Subway System

CNN and MSNBC Pundit Arrested for Vandalizing Anti-Muslim Ad In N.Y. Subway System

THIRSTY Thursday September 27, 2012 - The New York Post reported Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy has been arrested for defacing an anti-Muslim ad in the New York subway system. The video shows her spraying pink paint on the ad while a supporter of the ad tries to block her. She's a journalist for censorship.



Warning - Graphic material!

Man Crushed by Steamroller On Orders of Chinese Officials

Man Crushed by Steamroller On Orders of Chinese Officials

Wednesday September 26, 2012 - The story, which was censored in China’s state controlled media, has caused outrage amongst users of Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, given it’s horrifying similarity to what happened to student protesters who were crushed to death by tanks during the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989



Is Romney's Tax Rate Really Lower Than Yours? 

Obama camp's claim Romney is taxed at a 'lower rate' than someone making $50G a year is open to debate

President Barack Obama is trying hard to win veterans, but it looks like  they’d prefer a new commander in chief.

The Obama campaign had been hoping that veterans and their families — especially among the post-Sept. 11 generation that served in Iraq and  Afghanistan — would be part of their path to victory: They’re a high turn-out  demographic and concentrated in battleground states, with nearly 1 million each  in North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, and 1.6 million in Florida.

But recent polls make clear that the president’s campaign is  losing the battle. Even as Obama leads in Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Virginia,  Mitt Romney is up by double digits among veterans in those states. Nationwide,  he’s got a commanding 20-percentage-point lead over Obama and has even overtaken  the president with younger veterans.

(Also  on POLITICO: Mitt's transition efforts intensifying)

“It’s no contest,” said Maurice Tamman, a Reuters data news editor who has  polled on veterans and the presidential campaign.

Obama’s campaign has been trying to improve on a historical Democratic  disadvantage on national security and among veterans by touting the killing of  Osama bin Laden, ending Iraq combat operations and winding down the war in  Afghanistan. They’ve also been talking up the administration’s attention to  veterans’ benefits and efforts spearheaded by first lady Michelle Obama, hoping  to appeal not just to the troops but to the spouses and other military family  members who have coped with long separations and multiple deployments.

(Also  on POLITICO: Dan Senor: U.S. 'looks impotent')

Instead, even as Obama has been gaining in the overall polls, several  NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls conducted from Sept. 9-11 had Romney well  ahead of Obama among veterans in Florida, Ohio and Virginia. And in Colorado, a poll released Sept. 16 by SurveyUSA and the Denver Post  found both veterans and military families supporting Romney over Obama 53  percent to 39 percent in a survey that included third-party candidates.

Back in May, Obama had the lead among Afghanistan and Iraq veterans. But a  Reuters/Ipsos poll from September says that’s evaporated, with Romney now up 48  percent to 34 percent.

Obama campaign aides said the slip in the polls needs to be considered  alongside recent surveys showing the president ahead of Romney on questions  regarding foreign policy, leadership and keeping the country safe from terrorist  attacks. In the campaign’s final weeks, Obama will try to close the gap among  veterans by pressing Romney over several foreign policy stumbles as well as a  lack of specifics on his plans for troops.

(Also  on POLITICO: Lawmakers eyeing sequestion II?)

Ryan Williams, a Romney campaign spokesman, said the Republican’s lead among  veterans comes from their resistance to the looming potential defense cuts under  the budget sequester, problems with Obama’s foreign policy positions and the  backdrop of the stagnant economy that’s left the post-Sept. 11 generation of  Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with a difficult time finding work when they  return home.

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Editor’s note: The following report is the first in a Daily Caller series  revealing the opposition research Republican Jack Ryan planned to use in his  short-lived 2004 campaign for U.S. Senate against then-Illinois state Sen.  Barack Obama.

CHICAGO — “Obama Research,” reads the front covers of 22 three-ring binders  containing every ounce of opposition research prepared in 2004 by Republican  Jack Ryan’s campaign in his effort to stop then-Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama  from ever rising to the ranks of the U.S. Senate — and perhaps, by extension, to  the presidency.

But Ryan’s campaign never made it off the ground, dragged to its knees by a  Chicago Tribune-led lawsuit that publicly revealed Ryan’s messy 1999 custody  proceedings with actress and ex-wife Jeri Ryan. Those documents showed that Jeri  Ryan claimed her wealthy husband, a former investment banker, had brought her to  sex clubs around the globe, which led her to fall in love with another man.

In Wisconsin, high school athletes are complaining about not getting enough to eat each day, due to the skimpy new school lunch menu mandated by the United States Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama. The story we published earlier this week on that subject is unfortunately not unique.  Students across the country are complaining about the new school lunch regulations. Perhaps the real motive is to starve students into slimming down.  Just ask students in Pierre, South Dakota who, too, are in an all-out revolt. "I know a lot of my friends who are just drinking a jug of milk for their lunch. And they are not getting a proper meal," middle school student Samantha Gortmaker told Despite the fact that the new regulations have increased the cost of a lunch 20 to 25 cents per plate, it’s not pleasing students. Some are throwing away their vegetables while others are adapting to the rules by becoming industrious. In New Bedford, Massachusetts, students have created a black market - for chocolate syrup. The kiddie capitalists are smuggling in bottles of it and selling it by the squeeze, according to Nancy Carvalho, director of food services for New Bedford Public Schools, was quoted as saying that hummus and black bean salads have been tough sells in elementary cafeterias. That means even smaller children are going through the day fighting hunger pains, which can never be considered a good thing. One government official tried to put the blame on the students. "One thing I think we need to keep in mind as kids say they're still hungry is that many children aren't used to eating fruits and vegetables at home, much less at school. So it's a change in what they are eating. If they are still hungry, it's that they are not eating all the food that's being offered," USDA Deputy Undersecretary Janey Thornton was quoted as saying. Ms. Thornton just put her finger on the problem. The government is trying to impose a new diet that children are not accustomed to. It’s not reasonable to expect them to either eat what the government deems healthy or go hungry. Many will opt to go hungry, and that’s the government’s fault.

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  • Must Watch: Army Wife and Soldier Husband Have Tearful Reunion on Stage at Toby Keith Concert Watch
    Must Watch: Army Wife and Soldier Husband Have Tearful Reunion on Stage at Toby Keith Concert

    "She didn't know he was coming here tonight."

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Night Train Swimmer

Night Train Swimmer

On September 23, 2012, six swimmers will enter the San Francisco Bay and swim 339 miles to Santa Barbara in a relay. Our very own Katie Green will be swimming the first leg of the race. Three days later, multiple running relay teams will take-off to follow them along the coast - non-stop & approximately 400 miles total. Night Train is a group of open-water swimmers dedicated to raising money for charity through ultra-distance swimming events around the world. This year, the Night Train swimmers partnered with Semper Fi Fund. Donate today!


  • ‘She Checked the Box’: Scott Brown Jabs at Elizabeth Warren for Native American Claim in First Debate Watch
    ‘She Checked the Box’: Scott Brown Jabs at Elizabeth Warren for Native American Claim in First Debate

    "Professor Warren claimed she was a Native American, a person of color. As you can see, she is not."

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Romney Wins at Univision Forum; Obama, Facing First Real Questions, Falls

Mitt Romney, at a campaign event in Florida on Thursday, said President Barack Obama had “thrown the white flag of surrender” and had changed his slogan from “Yes, we can” to “No, I can’t.” Romney's comments were in response to Obama’s interview with the Spanish-language station Univision earlier in the day.

As Carney Says 'Terrorist Attack,' Obama Still Cites Anti-Islam Film

  • AP

  • White House spokesman says deadly attack on US Consulate in Libya was an act of terror, but President Obama seems to backtrack, appearing to stick by story anti-Islam film is to blame, as Pakistan holds national day of protest.

A provocative ad that says Support the Civilized Man, Support Israel, Defeat Jihad Defeat  is set to go up in the city's subway system as violent protests over an anti-Islamic film ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad sweep over much of the Muslim world. Those signs have gone up in San Francisco and been defaced.
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And now for your tabloid news....

                      MONICA LEWINSKY is set to reveal shocking new secrets about her affair with ex-President BILL CLINTON in a bombshell $12 million tell-all, sources say.                                Read More >>

The Obama administration's initial account of the Libyan consulate attack didn't give the full story about two ex-Navy SEALs who helped repel the security breach until they were killed. Now officials are confirming those two heroes' real jobs at the embassy along with evidence of ties between the attack and al-Qaida.

An Anti-American Protester Dies in Pakistan After Inhaling Smoke From a Burning American Flag

An Anti-American Protester Dies in Pakistan After Inhaling Smoke From a Burning American Flag

Wednesday September 19, 2012 - As Toby Keith would say, "WE'LL PUT A BOOT IN YOUR ASS, IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!!!!"



Reporters covering the White House don’t seem to have many questions about  Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen  Sebelius, who was last week found in violation of federal law against engaging  in political activity while on the job.

A review of transcripts by The Daily Caller  indicate that no questions have been asked by the reporters who cover the  president about Sebelius during official White House briefings or gaggles since  Sept. 12, when the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said in a report that the  cabinet secretary violated the Hatch Act earlier this year.

It’s still up to President Obama whether Sebelius should keep her job or face  some sort of punishment after being found in violation of the Hatch Act. (WATCHDOG:  Obama must punish Sebelius or Congress can impeach her)

The ethics office said Sebelius violated the law on Feb. 25 while delivering  a speech to Human Rights Campaign while serving in her official capacity as  cabinet secretary. In her speech, she called for Obama’s re-election, and the  election of the Democratic candidate for governor in North Carolina.

The Hatch Act prohibits certain civil servants in the federal government from  engaging in political activity on the job.

“While a violation of the Hatch Act occurred, Secretary Sebelius’ statements  would have been permissible if they had been made in her personal capacity,” the report said.

Even though reporters haven’t inquired during press conferences and gaggles,  White House spokesman Eric Schultz told The Associated Press that, “These were  extemporaneous remarks … the U.S. Treasury has been reimbursed, and Secretary  Sebelius has met with ethics experts to ensure this never happens again.”

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Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel:  Romney must own ’47 percent’ argument 100 percent of the time.“An ever-shrinking number of Americans finance an ever-growing proportion of the government’s budget. The tax code is becoming steadily more progressive, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands power politics. It’s always easier to force sacrifice on an unpopular minority than it is to ask the majority to pony up. . . .  Anyone who doesn’t think the welfare-industrial complex is trying to increase dependency isn’t paying attention.”

Related:  Howie Carr:  “A huge percentage of Obama’s voters are basically wards of the state. There are millions of them, and they have no intention of voting for anyone who might want them to ever go out and work for a living.”

California's Prop. 31: The Revolution Will Not Be Publicized

California's Prop. 31: The Revolution Will Not Be Publicized

Wednesday September 19, 2012 - We are two months away from fundamentally transforming the State of California, and barely anyone knows it. With a five to six point lead in the latest poll, Proposition 31 has a solid shot at passage. The measure is meant to bail out California¡¯s failing cities by creating regional super-governments empowered to raid and redistribute suburban tax money.



If you pick up a robocall and don't answer, that is recorded as a vote for Obama. Sheesh. No wonder the polls have Obama in the lead, in some places.


This week marks the opening of the 67th session at United Nations Headquarters in New York.  I’m not a big fan of the U.N.; in fact I agree with former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton who once said, “There are 38 floors to the UN building in New York. If you lost 10 of them, it… read more

Video Purports To Show US Ambassador Dragged From Benghazi Consulate - UPDATES

YouTube user "Abdalgadar Fadi" has uploaded a video on the arabic language version of the video sharing site purporting to show US Ambassador Christopher Stevens dragged from the consulate in Benghazi. 

The translation of the text below the video reads: "Moment directed the U.S. ambassador before his death" and the headline translates to: “U.S. Ambassador and the people of Benghazi rescue attempt before his death.”

The victim in the video appears to be wearing the same pants, belt and t-shirt seen in this photo of Amb. Stevens.

The validity of the video and the accuracy of the description of the events it depicts are still under investigation, but through Twitter and Facebook the video has already taken a life of its own. 


Various tipsters have offered differing interpretations of what they hear and witness on this video.  The shouts of "Allauha Akbar" are clearly heard and many assume that the cry is meant as a celebration of the attack on the consulate and Amb. Stevens. 

However, Arab-speaking readers have pointed out that they hear people saying “Lift him” and "bring him out." But they can’t discern why the crowd is cheering.

Jenan Moussa, who identifies herself as a "Roving Reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV from Dubai" took to Twitter when the video first broke.  Moussa claims that some men in the video were saying "he's alive" and "lift him" (referring to Amb. Stevens.)  She writes that after reviewing the video she believes the crowd began cheering because the man was found alive.


The New York Times now offers their translation to the events in the video: 

“I swear, he’s dead,” one Libyan says, peering in.

“Bring him out, man! Bring him out,” another says.

“The man is alive. Move out of the way,” others shout. “Just bring him out, man.”

“Move, move, he is still alive!”

“Alive, Alive! God is great,” the crowd erupts, while someone calls to bring Mr. Stevens to a car.


(John Sexton and Morgen Richmond contributed to this report)


JIM TREACHER:  “If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. And if it does, your own government might just lie about it and then stonewall you for… Oh, let’s see… Two years, seven months, eleven days, and eighteen hours. And counting.  And hell, I didn’t even work for them. God rest your soul, Christopher Stevens. You tried to make the world a better place, the people you trusted let you down, and now they care about nothing but saving their own asses. You deserved better.  We all do.”

ZOMBIE:  Nakoula Arrest Photoshops:  Best Of The Best.

I like this one.  Er, if “like” is the right term.

And, of course, the perennial joke:

That one never fails.  Lots more at the link.

Oh, okay.  One more:

A two point jump for Romney in the past 24 hours, shocking the mainstream media.

RASMUSSEN:  Romney 48, Obama 45.


Report: Hillary Ignored Warnings

Today, the Independent is reporting shocking details about the attack on the Libyan consulate that resulted in the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The details are so explosive that they will result in a Congressional investigation. In fact, they’re so explosive that they should result in the resignation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The only question now: What did Hillary Clinton know, and when did she know it?


Violent Protests in Middle East Target Embassies, Pope's Visit to Lebanon

URGENT: Anti-American violence flares in Cairo and throughout the Middle East following attacks on US diplomatic posts on 9/11, as protesters reportedly break into German Embassy in Sudan and move toward US Embassy



UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: …pointing out that the Republicans… *unintelligible* …Obama….

CBS REPORTER: That’s the question.


CBS REPORTER: Yeah that’s the question. I would just say do you regret your question.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Your question? Your statement?

CBS REPORTER: I mean your statement. Not even the tone, because then he can go off on…

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And then if he does, if we can just follow up and say ‘but this morning your answer is continuing to sound…’ – *becomes unintelligble*

CBS REPORTER: You can’t say that..


CBS REPORTER: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you stand by your statement or regret your statement?




Report: Libyan Security Showed Radicals Where to Attack Ambassador (Warning: Graphic Photo)


According to a CBS News report updated at 8:39 am Eastern time Wednesday, the Libyan security forces hired to protect the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya moved Ambassador Chris Stevens to a second building within the consulate, then told the militant crowds where he was:

Wanis al-Sharef, a Libyan Interior Ministry official in Benghazi, said the four Americans were killed when the angry mob, which gathered to protest a U.S.-made film that ridicules Islam's Prophet Muhammad, fired guns and burned down the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

He said Stevens, 52, and other officials were moved to a second building, deemed safer, after the initial wave of protests at the consulate. According to al-Sharef, members of the Libyan security team seem to have indicated to the protesters the building to which the American officials had been relocated, and that building then came under attack.

Stevens, 52, was the first U.S. ambassador to be killed in the line of duty since 1979.

Though information on the circumstances surrounding Ambassador Stevens's death remain unclear, it appears that the embassy was not guarded by American Marines, but instead by local Libyans hired to act as a security force.

Questions about the cause of Ambassador Stevens' death remain unanswered. Initial reports indicated that he died when the car he was in was hit by a grenade launcher.  Subsequent reports indicate that he was suffocated.

But some reports indicated that he may not have been killed in an attack on the car, but instead was dragged through the crowd and killed in some other manner. A photograph purporting to be of Ambassador Stevens, who appears to be still alive, but being dragged through a crowd of militant protesters, appeared on the website National Turk.

In addition to Ambassador Stevens, two Marines and an embassy staff member were killed. The Marines appeared to have been sent in from another location just as the protest erupted.

In a sane world, this would be an act of war - when you have an American official kidnapped and dragged through Libyan streets by masses of Islamist extremists.

Warning! Graphic photos!

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens being dragged before his death in Libya. These people are pure evil!

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens being dragged before his death in Libya. These people are pure evil!

Wednesday September 12, 2012 - U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens being dragged before his death in Libya. Please share this horrific picture. These people are pure evil!


Obama Chat with ePimp with the Limpf DJ Laz Airs on 9/11 Morn

Obama Chat with ePimp with the Limpf DJ Laz Airs on 9/11 Morn

Wednesday September 12, 2012 - President Obama was heard on the South Florida airwaves this 9/11 Anniversary morning in a 10-minute radio interview with Miamifs gPimp with the Limph DJ Laz from 106.7 WRMA-FM.




WaPo/ABC poll shows no change in race from before convention

Sep 11, 2012 9:21 AM by Ed Morrissey


Romney up 11 among likely independent voters.

How Did Some Major Websites Look on 9/11?

How Did Some Major Websites Look on 9/11?

Tuesday September 11, 2012 - Back on September 11th, 2001, there was no Twitter, no Facebook, and no YouTube. We got our news online, but from major news sites . . . sites that looked a lot different back then than they do today.




Tuesday September 11, 2012 - With the 11th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 approaching, KSFO 560 AM encourages you to remember those who perished on that tragic day.


The letter Randy Scott wrote and threw from a window of Two World Trade Center after the airplane hit the tower reads "84th floor west office 12 people trapped." The family has loaned the letter to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Photo: Contributed Photo / Stamford Advocate Contributed

The letter Randy Scott wrote and threw from a window of Two World Trade Center after the airplane hit the tower reads "84th floor west office 12 people trapped." The family has loaned the letter to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Photo: Contributed Photo / Stamford Advocate Contributed

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Debate her opponent? Diane Feinstein won’t even debate reporters asking if she’ll debate her opponent

By Doug Powers  •  September 9, 2012 12:27 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

In July, a Los Angeles Times editorial urged Sen. Diane Feinstein to debate her Republican rival Elizabeth Emken. Polls show Feinstein maintaining anywhere from a 15 to 20 point lead on Emken, so there’s a better chance Jerry Brown will be convinced to scrap the Train to Nowhere than of Feinstein agreeing to a debate that she obviously believes would offer nothing but downside.

At the Democratic convention in Charlotte, a reporter asked Feinstein about her refusal to debate Emken, and Feinstein responded the way any comfortably entrenched incumbent would — she walked out on the question:

Joe Biden and the bikers


Vice President Joe Biden's talks to customers during a stop at Cruisers Diner, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Seaman, Ohio. | AP Photo

Vice President Joe Biden visited the Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. | AP  Photo

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Headlines and stories from around the 'Net.

Deal Or New Deal?

Obama convention speech promises broad government role in Americans' lives

'Honey Boo Boo' and Bill Clinton's DNC Speech Tie in Rating.s


both from the Left and from the Right.

FROM THE LEFT: TOMASKY: Pedestrian and Overconfident...

FROM THE RIGHT: KRAUTHAMMER: 'One Of The Emptiest I Have Ever Heard'...

No Obama Bump yet! The latest daily tracking poll found Republican Mitt Romney still clinging to a narrow lead of 45 percent to Obama’s 44 percent among likely voters.

Members of the media have apparently been using “fake” names to buy official Obama gear and contribute to the Obama campaign inside the Time Warner Cable Arena

Former Navy SEAL Team Six Commander Says Special Ops Assault on Obama Is Just Beginning

Is anyone fact-checking Joe Biden AND Barack Obama about his mother's so-called death bed battle for health care insurance  Some tall tales on the convention trail.

The original flip-flopper calls out Romney for flip-flopping -yes, we are talking about John Kerry.

Barney Frank is a cowardly bully, says gay Republican group -


Former Treasury secretary falls into hotel pool at DNC Happy Hour.


Eastwood says his convention appearance was ‘mission accomplished.’ “A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Obama.”


The WSJ is reporting that Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is expected to have raised more than $100 million last month, compared to Team Obama's 75 million.

CHP killer 'must have snapped' Those who knew suspect  of the shooting of 37-year old Officer Kenyon Youngstrom on Highway 680 in the San Francisco Bay Area yesterday describe him as quiet gardener who liked playing guitar.

Two masked gunmen kidnapped a bank manager, strapped what they said was a bomb to her midsection and forced her to order employees to "take out all the money" from her Bank of America branch when it opened yesterday in Los Angeles.

Former Alameda County Supervior Nadia Lockyer has been charged with drug violations and child endangerment after being found with methamphetamine at a home in Orange County,

Call them Barack’s Angels. Democrats have secretly scheduled an appearance by Hollywood beauties Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington tonight at their national convention.

Three New Stupidly Brilliant Inventions . . . A Jacket That Hugs, One-Hand Condoms, and a Portable, Reusable Toilet Seat Cover

Three New Stupidly Brilliant Inventions . . . A Jacket That Hugs, One-Hand Condoms, and a Portable, Reusable Toilet Seat Cover

Thursday September 6, 2012 - It's hard to describe this, so just check it out.


Make Your Football Tailgates Complete . . . With a Portable Trailer Hitch Stripper Pole

Make Your Football Tailgates Complete . . . With a Portable Trailer Hitch Stripper Pole

Thursday September 6, 2012 - Here's THE single most important purchase you can make for this football tailgating season. A company in California sells the world's only MOBILE STRIPPER POLE, which you can attach to any truck or SUV trailer hitch. It costs $399. The biggest downside is that it can only hold strippers under 200 pounds.



UPDATE: In response to the uproar over his (below) comments Monday, California Democratic Party Chair John Burton issued this statement: “To correct press reports of my recent comments about Republican lies, I did not call Republicans Nazis nor would I ever. In fact, I didn’t even use the word. “If Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, or the Republicans are insulted by my describing their campaign tactic as the big lie – I most humbly apologize to them or anyone who might have been offended by that comment.”

Charlotte – Greetings from the California delegation breakfast at the DNC where before he had a cup of coffee Democratic Party Chair John Burton – much like his ol’ palGuv Jerry Brown once did – just compared the Republicans to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, for “telling the big lie,” a reference to several falsehoods GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan recently told.

“They lie and they don’t care if people think they lie… Joseph Goebbels – it’s the big lie, you keep repeating it,” Burton said Monday before the Blake Hotel breakfast. He said Ryan told “a bold-faced lie and he doesn’t care that it was a lie. That was Goebbels, the big lie.”

Empty Chair in Front of Solyndra

Empty Chair in Front of Solyndra


Tuesday September 4, 2012 - This is too funny

California Ready for Cap and Tax

California Ready for Cap and Tax

Thursday September 4, 2012 - The latest from Brian Sussman



NobamaNevada goes national as Investors Business Daily writes about it at

The Nation is watching to see what role blue California will play in turning America red!


Be a part of NobamaNevada and join us as we precinct walk for Romney-Ryan in Reno on September 28th-29th.

Newsbusters, by Matthew Balan    Original Article
CBS's Erica Hill channeled the overblown worries of liberals about influence of the Tea Party on Thursday's Early Show, asking Newt Gingrich, "The Tea Party has really made some big inroads...But there's a feeling by some folks that this very small group of people is starting to control the conversation. Do there need to be more voices at the table, in general, at this point?" Hill brought on Gingrich to discuss his new Contract With America package, due to be released later in the day. Just as in The Early Show's interview of Herman Cain the previous morning,


Daily Mail [Charleston, WV], by Don Surber    Original Article

Rasmussen polled American voters on Congress in general and certain members in particular and found that the least popular member of Congress is Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. 57% of American voters dislike her, while 29% like her. In fact, she is more disliked by the American voter than Vladimir Putin of Russia, who is hated by 52% of the nation’s voters. To be fair, only 11% of American voters like Putin. The most “liked” is President of the Senate Joe Biden (yes, Sarah Palin was right; that’s what the vice president’s job is).

But contrast these poll numbers with what the liberal WaPo is writing about Nancy Pelosi and her role in the upcoming Presidential elections. And then you will understand why there is a disconnect between what we see and read from MSM and the REAL world.

The newly reenergized House minority leader could prove crucial to Obama in 2012.

by  |

After nine months in the wilderness, Pelosi seems to have found her footing and her voice. At 71, she is careening around the country using the same tactics that helped propel her to the speaker’s job in 2006—slamming Republicans and talking about America’s tradition of helping the disenfranchised. She has raised nearly $20 million this year for congressional races—proving again that she is one of the best fundraisers in either .

In a series of conversations Pelosi told Newsweek she has urged Obama to finally take off the gloves and fight for core Democratic priorities. She’s also had many conversations with White House chief of staff William Daley. In the last few weeks, Obama seems to be heeding the advice.

In my imagination, I'm watching the Fox News shot of the press room at the White House, as a gaggle of MSM reporters clamor for the opportunity to question the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

"Mr. President, Mr. President! Did you personally approve the $500 million dollar loan to Solyndra Corporation of Fremont, California? Did you know that your advisors had already warned that the deal was risky? Did you approve this loan personally? Did you profit personally, or others who have campaigned for you? What did you know about Solyndra and when did you know it? "

Okay, I've already snapped out of this ridiculous fantasty and returned to the real world where President Obama has no accountability and no one in the media wishes to force the tough questions.

Original Article


President Obama has remained silent weeks after a green-energy firm that received a more than $500 million loan from his administration went bust, avoiding a brewing controversy on Capitol Hill even as new details trickle out about the firm facing multiple investigations by Congress and the Justice Department. Yet, some analysts say the president is helping keep a potentially damaging story alive by failing to even acknowledge Solyndra -- a solar manufacturer he said was "leading the way to a brighter and more prosperous future" during a stop at its Northern California offices last year -- since FBI....

The American born traitor who inspired the Fort Hood massacre is now taking the long dirt nap, thanks to the fierce fighters of our Air Force.

The hottest corner of hell has been reserved for eternity. Burn, Anwar, Burn.

SANAA, Yemen — Anwar al-Aulaqi, a radical U.S.-born Muslim cleric and one of the most influential al-Qaeda operatives wanted by the United States, was killed Friday in an airstrike in northern Yemen, authorities said, eliminating a prominent recruiter who inspired attacks on U.S. soil.

In Washington, a senior Obama administration official confirmed that Aulaqi is dead.

A U.S. counterterrorism official said intelligence indicates that the 40-year-old cleric, a dual national of the United States and Yemen, perished in an attack on his convoy by a U.S. drone and jet, the Associated Press reported.

The news agency later reported that a second U.S. citizen, who edited an al-Qaeda magazine, was killed with Aulaqi in the airstrike.

The Yemeni Defense Ministry, in a text message sent to journalists, announced that “the terrorist Anwar al- Aulaqi has been killed along with some of his companions,” but did not provide further details. Aulaqi has been falsely reported killed before. He has been the target of previous U.S. strikes and was quoted as laughing off an attempt to kill him in May.

In a separate e-mailed statement, the Yemeni government said Aulaqi was “targeted and killed” five miles from the town of Khashef in Yemen’s northern Jawf province, 87 miles east of the capital Sanaa. The attack, the statement said, was launched at 9:55 a.m. Friday local time.

While the Defense Ministry said Aulaqi was killed in Marib province, other government sources said he was killed in neighboring Jawf province.

A Yemeni security source, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said Aulaqi was killed in an airstrike, possibly by an unmanned American drone. The Obama administration in recent months has escalated the use of drones to target al-Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen and Somalia.

If true, Aulaqi’s death would be considered a significant victory in the U.S. war against global terrorism. It comes less than five months after U.S. Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, leader of the al-Qaeda network, in a raid on his hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

SHOCKER: Gun crime continues to decrease, despite increase in gun sales.


Despite increases in gun sales, gun crimes continued to decrease in the United States for the fourth straight year in 2010, according to the FBI.

The FBI recently released its Crime in The United States statistics for 2010. Overall, murders in the U.S. have decreased steadily since 2006, dropping from 15,087 to 12,996. Firearms murders — which made up 67 percent of all murders in the U.S. in 2010 — have followed this trend, decreasing by 14 percent.

At the same time that firearms murders were dropping, gun sales were surging. In 2009, FBI background checks for guns increased by 30 percent over the previous year, while firearms sales in large retail outlets increased by almost 40 percent. The number of applications for concealed carry permits jumped across the country as well.


Wow, you could write a book about this phenomenon, if you could just come up with a title or something.

Business Insider   Original Article
President Barack Obama is in deep trouble in the key swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, which combined with Florida will determine the outcome of the 2012 election. A pair of polls released by Quinnipiac University Wednesday show Obama in a statistical tie with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in Ohio, with Obama holding a slight lead over Perry in Pennsylvania. Most strikingly, a majority of voters in both states do not believe Obama deserves another term — with majorities also disapproving of the president's job performance. In the race for the...

It’s as if Solyndra never happened. The Obama Administration is giving $737 million to a Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve. PCG is an investment partner with SolarReserve. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law happens to be the number two man at PCG.

Obama admires solar panels during a trip to Florida. (Yahoor)

Team Obama is spending $737 million to create 45 permanent jobs.
The Hill reported, via Free Republic:

The Energy Department announced Wednesday that is has finalized a $737 million loan guarantee for a Nevada solar project.

The decision comes several weeks after a California-based solar manufacturer that received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration in 2009 filed for bankruptcy and laid off 1,100 workers, setting off a firestorm in Washington.

The $737 million loan guarantee will help finance construction of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, a 110-megawatt solar-power-generating facility in Nye County, Nev. The project is sponsored by Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve.

Crescent Dunes is the latest solar project to receive a loan guarantee from the Energy Department in recent weeks. The department announced a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to Abengoa Solar for a solar generation project in California and a $150 million loan guarantee to 1366 Technologies for a Massachusetts solar manufacturing project earlier this month.

The Energy Department says the project will result in 600 construction jobs and 45 permanent jobs.

It looks like Rep. Allen West was right.
Obama IS trying to destroy the economy.

Anti-Obama merchandise was on sale last week at the Republican Party of Florida's Presidency 5 conference in Orlando.

Washington (CNN) -- Florida is now expected to hold its presidential primary on the last day in January 2012, a move likely to throw the carefully arranged Republican nominating calendar into disarray and jumpstart the nominating process a month earlier than party leaders had hoped.

Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon told CNN on Tuesday that a state commission exploring potential primary dates is likely to choose January 31 to hold the nominating contest.

If that happens, it would almost certainly force the traditional early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada to leapfrog Florida and move their primaries and caucuses into early- to mid-January.

INDEED: Mitt? Rick? Herman? How much does it matter? “I am thinking more and more that the GOP presidential candidate is a distraction. Whoever it is will be better much than Mr. Obama, so don’t worry about it. Mr. Obama makes Mitt Romney look like George Washington. So, what does matter? Making sure we have a Tea Party Congress in 2012 is the most important thing.”

(Glenn Reynolds)

The gathering clouds on the political horizon are ominous, boiling up and roiling over for the Obama one-term Presidency. Write it down. Whenever there is a "gate" attached to a political scandal, there is no happy ending.

SOLARGATE UPDATE: L.A. Times: Obama advisors raised warning flags before Solyndra bankruptcy. “Long before the politically connected California solar firm Solyndra went bankrupt, President Obama was warned by his top economic advisors about the financial and political risks of the Energy Department loan guarantee program that boosted the company’s rapid ascent.”


Some folks call him the Hefty Lefty, but I for one would never engage in such trash talk. I just like to repeat it. Sorry, I am a petty person at times. I'm workin' on it!

What we can say is that Chris Christy is giving the most important speech of his political career (so far) and it may signal a final resting place for some Republican Presidential aspirations for the tough talking New Jersey Governor.

Or not.

Original Article

Amid contrasting reports over his rumored presidential ambitions, all eyes will be on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday as he prepares to speak before a sold-out crowd at the Reagan Library in California. Aides to Christie say the speech will focus on American exceptionalism and the example of Reagan’s leadership. That said, the library is the ideal setting for Christie to cast himself as the heir to Reagan’s legacy, or finally dispel any speculation that he’s considering a presidential run. (Snip) The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin agreed that Christie is unlikely to formally enter the race on Tuesday.


Apparently, that headline reflects the highest paid, most successful political consultant's strategy to re-elect Barack Obama to another term as President.


Fox News, by Douglas E. Schoen    Original Article
President Obama made clear in his Rose Garden speech on September 19 that he has abandoned all efforts to seek accommodation with the Republicans. The president in his Rose Garden speech made it abundantly clear that he will be aligning himself with the left wing of the Democratic party going forward-- a faction which has previously accused him of selling out to the Republicans. There will be no more grand bargains, no more efforts to reach broad accommodations on tax reform, on reforming entitlements, on cutting defense, and putting together a fiscal plan for our nation's future.

Did you know that 100,000 Cold Cases are languishing across America?

Did you know that 40,000 sets of human remains have never been identified?

On TV, Jerry Bruckheimer’s CSI cases are solved in 42 minutes, but tragically, our police departments are overwhelmed and undermanned. If we can't even name the murdered missing, how can their families get justice?

I have been working with some of the best homicide investigators in the country to form a new organization that you will be hearing more about - it's called "International Association of Cold Case Investigators." (

"IACCI are the best detectives in the world going after the worst criminals in the world, to solve some of the most complex ice-cold cases in the country," as Sgt. Mike Huff (ret.) explains.

Huff, along with Det. Mike Nance (ret.) Tulsa Police Department, Lt. Wayne Farquhar (ret.) San Jose, Ca. PD,  Jack Weakley (volunteer Tulsa Cold Case investigator) and dozens of other exceptionally qualified individuals from varying fields, are donating their time and efforts to name killers in cases that are forgotten in police departments across the country.

Maurice Kanbar, San Francisco's most generous philanthropist, made the first large dollar donation and has given IACCI meeting space in his Tulsa First Tower office complex.

This combination of high powered law enforcement talent and civilian volunteers is also going to offer training and accreditation to newly minted cops who need their knowledge. The gray guys are now balding guys, and retiring in droves.  The young guns need their help. IACCI has offers from Scotland Yard, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and includes forensic specialists as well as former FBI agents.

In 1978, 29-year old Louise Vilott, the first female attorney to work for Phillips Petroleum Company, was shot to death behind a locked door in one of Kansas City’s swankiest hotels. No one has ever been prosecuted for her brutul murder.

“Louise Vilott didn’t deserve to die. And her murder was easily solvable when it happened, but justice has been denied to her family,” said John Wylie, a former Kansas City Star reporter who has covered this tragedy.

I was a young radio reporter who happened to be on the scene when her bullet riddled body was found. I have worked 33 years to move this case forward for her 92-year old mother and her surviving sister. What did I learn?

The way investigations are conducted in this country needs to be super-sized and that’s exactly what IACCI intends to do – with your help.

Our portal to progress is our website - just up and running - and we are making daily improvements, but we need some financial contributions to expand its interactivity. will be a one-stop shop for victims families, law enforcement personnel, resources, advocacy and amateur sleuths.

We need your help to make our website the gold standard for Cold Case Investigations.

Join us in this historic effort. Your donation is  tax deductable.

Warmest Regards, Melanie Morgan

Co-Founder, International Association of Cold Case Investigators, former ABC News journalist and co-author of the best selling “American Mourning, The Intimate Stories of Two Families Joined by War, Torn by Beliefs.”









Yes, I'm spending the next few days out-of-town doing some detective work so feel free to make yourself at home... just make sure to clean up after yourselves. There is beer in the fridge.

Or just leave comments, explore the site, patronize some sponsors.

I'll be back in a few.

Newsbusters   Original Article
Palin-trashing author Joe McGinniss is booked for several TV interviews this week. The New York Times reports the list includes Morning Joe, The View, The Joy Behar Show, and The Colbert Report. On CNN's Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz added Piers Morgan Tonight. "TV seems to have the idea that if it's a book, if it's between hard covers, it has a certain stature that allows it to be covered, but there are a lot of crappy books out there." Wrong. Tabloidish books about Barack Obama have generally not been featured like McGinniss.

Can you say "one-term President?" Because that's exactly what Barack Obama is about to become with this dangerous talk of jacking up taxes in the middle of the Great Recession.

Stupid is, as stupid does.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama will propose $1.5 trillion in new taxes as part of a plan to identify more than $3 trillion in long-term deficit reduction and slow the nation's escalating national debt.

Obama's tax plan is aimed predominantly at the wealthy and draws sharp contrasts with congressional Republicans.

It comes just days after House Speaker John Boehner ruled out tax increases to lower deficits. It also comes amid a clamor in his own Democratic Party for Obama to take a tougher stance against Republicans. And while the plan stands little chance of passing Congress, its populist pitch is one that the White House believes the public can support.

The core of the president's plan totals just more than $2 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years. It combines the new taxes with $580 billion in cuts to mandatory benefit programs, including $248 billion from Medicare.

The administration also counts savings of $1 trillion over 10 years from the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The deficit reduction plan represents an economic bookend to the $447 billion in tax cuts and new public works spending that Obama has proposed as a short-term measure to stimulate the economy and create jobs. He's submitting his deficit fighting plan to a special joint committee of Congress that is charged with recommending deficit reductions of up to $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

In a defiant note, administration officials made clear Sunday that Obama would veto any Medicare benefit cuts that aren't paired with tax increases on upper-income people.

 Liberals are on their high horses about a single audience member at CNN's Republican debate whom they believe wanted a hypothetical man without health insurance in a hypothetical coma to die -- hypothetically.

(Democrats want people in comas to die only when they are not hypothetical but real, like Terri Schiavo.)

I concur with the audience member who shouted "Yes!" This has nothing to do with any actual people in comas -- the people Democrats want to kill -- it's just a big "screw you" to the moderator.

Following up on Brian Williams' showboating questions at last week's Republican debate about the execution of the innocent and starving children with distended stomachs, this week, CNN's Wolf Blitzer launched his question about an imaginary comatose man without health insurance.

As Rep. Ron Paul began to discuss the pitfalls of collectivism, Blitzer kept interrupting him, concluding with, "But Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?"

That's when an audience member yelled out "Yes!" -- allowing liberals to luxuriate in self-righteousness, the likes of which we have not seen since the Jersey Girls demanded a Homeland Security Department be created because their husbands died.

Normal people are sick of liberals' emotional stories that play to soccer moms, but always seem to pave the way for disastrous social policies that benefit only left-wing special-interest groups.

Whenever liberals start loftily insisting on our obligation to our fellow man with these tear-jerkers, you know some heinous public policy is coming. As soon as the dust settles, you won't see any innocent victims being helped, only trial lawyers, government employees and other Democratic constituencies.

Obama campaigned for his national health care bill with a sad story about a campaign supporter who died of breast cancer soon after his election because -- he said -- she couldn't afford health insurance, so she didn't get a breast cancer scan in time to stop the disease. Read More »

Be an atheist or agnostic at your own peril.

No, this isn’t about what happens to you in the hereafter. It’s about what happens to you in the here and now.

One of the best things you can do to improve your physical and mental health is attend religious services regularly.

If you don’t, statistically you’ll live an average of seven fewer years than frequent church-goers, according to an academic study.

Atheists and agnostics suffer, on average, higher rates of physical ailments, depression, suicide, alcohol use and drug addiction. They have greater marital instability, weaker parent-child relationships, lower lifetime earnings, lower educational attainment and higher rates of criminal activity.

These aren’t some trumped-up claims made by people with a religious ax to grind. These are the conclusions of many scholars in the sciences and social sciences whose work appears in numerous non-religious scholarly journals including Psychological Bulletin, Journal of Personality and Clinical Studies, Social Science Research, Preventive Medicine, Demography and many more.

Headlines in — hardly a religious or conservative publication — include “Churchgoers live longer,” “Online prayer helps cancer patients,” “Churchgoers breathe easier” and “Why religion makes people happier.”

Why would preparation for your well-being in the afterlife lead to greater physical and mental well-being in this life?

On the physical side, religious belief often prompts one to view one’s body as sacred and a gift from God, which reduces the likelihood of such factors as smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, unsafe driving, physical inactivity and substance abuse. Religious persons also tend to have a greater support network of family and friends, which encourages healthier lifestyles.

People prone to anxiousness and depression tend to die sooner than would otherwise be the case, and religious practice often reduces those negative mental conditions. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that very religious persons are less likely to have been diagnosed with depression during their lifetimes than the moderately religious or nonreligious.

The evidence that religion has such a strong positive effect on health and well-being is so compelling that some non-religious mental health professionals even recommend religion therapy for their patients. “Religious therapy resulted in significantly faster recovery from depression when compared with standard secular cognitive-behavioral therapy,” according to a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Read more:

New polling shows that California Senator Dianne Feinstein is vulnerable to a challenge from the right, and now we might actually see someone step up and do it.

Run, Michael, Run!

"...Two years ago, two major Republican campaigns swarmed the California GOP fall convention, confident that they could drum up the support to beat three-term incumbent Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer, who was considered vulnerable because of her low voter-approval ratings.

This year, as 1,000 GOP activists gather today in Los Angeles for their fall convention, things are different, as even the California Republican Party chairman has no idea who will take on 19-year-incumbent Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein next year - and no major candidates have stepped up.

But the landscape may change soon, analysts said, given Feinstein's recent campaign money problems and a Field Poll released today that gives one of California's most consistently popular politicians a 41 percent approval rating, the lowest of her Senate career.

One person considering a run, The Chronicle has learned, is Michael Reagan, a former conservative talk-radio host and the son of former President Ronald Reagan.

Republicans may consider a challenge to Feinstein less foreboding after the survey of 1,001 registered voters found that 39 percent disapprove of Feinstein's performance and 20 percent have no opinion.

For the first time since being elected to the Senate in 1992, a plurality - 44 percent - of Field Poll respondents were "not inclined" to vote for her while 41 percent were. The margin of error for the survey is plus or minus 3.2 percentage points.

At the same point before each of her three previous re-election bids, at least 52 percent of Field Poll respondents were inclined to support her.


Oh, no! Another Democratic senator in possible election trouble for 2012.

And from California already?

A new Field Poll just released this morning brings news that California's Sen. Dianne Feinstein is -- how can we put this in a liberal kind of way? -- approved by 41% of voters who want to see her reelected next year.California Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein 9-11

Unfortunately for her, more voters (fully 44%) disapprove of her continued employment in the U.S. Senate after 2012.

In blue California that makes for about a magnitude 5.2 quake.

The same poll finds that only 41% approve of Feinstein's job in Washington, while 39% disapprove.

That 41 approval number is the lowest the former mayor has ever had in her 20 years of no longer really living in California.

Another recent Field Poll showed many Californians are falling out of love with the teleprompter guy from Chicago. His California approval has slid below 50% for the first time ever, down to 46%.

That's a decline of about two points per month recently.

Is his slide now corroding the election prospects of even such party stalwarts as Feinstein?

Add to that the overall -- how can we say this in a polite way? -- disgust with the United States Congress (nine out of every 100 Californians now approve of those guys) and this could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Democrats. They or independent allies need to lose only six seats to turn the Senate over to those people that Vice President Joe "#%$&*(@" Biden politely calls "barbarians."

Democrats next year are defending two-thirds of the 33 Senate seats on state ballots. Good luck with that at 9% unemployment.

Final note of the day on the subject of Michele Bachmann's appearance in Marin County: Shaky Hand Productions (aka) San Francisco political reporter Carla Marinucci, interviewed me this morning about the GOP field and the front-runner Mitt Romney.

"....Among those in attendance was popular conservative activist Melanie Morgan, who said that Bachmann's candidacy underscores a hunger for authenticity among conservatives.

"It breaks down to the difference between a "country club" Republican and a grassroots activist,'' Morgan said.

While noting that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is leading the field of GOP presidential candidate in the California Field Poll released today, Morgan dismissed him as "a country club Republican'' who won't even come to this weekend's state GOP convention in Los Angeles.

"He has a $12 million (La Jolla) home and well-heeled friends,'' she said. "But you can't win an election without the grassroots."

Read more:

I pulled up to the Marin County home of Bay Area Tea Party Patriot leader Sally Zelikovsky this morning for the breakfast fund-raiser for GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

I nearly fell off my spiked high heels.

The Peacock Gap home was surrounded by dozens of television camera crews and other media waiting for Bachmann's appearance.

News media in ultra-liberal Marin? Covering a Tea Party darling?

Hell has officially frozen over.

When Bachmann arrived, I introduced myself (again) to the Congresswoman. She remembered me from the Washington, D.C. emergency "housecall" rally where thousands showed up in a futile effort to stop Obamacare. Talk about retail politics! She's a natural!

Bachmann told the enthusiastic crowd of 150 she was so happy to be in Marin.

"I am so thrilled to be in Marin County. And to see so many Tea Party members is exciting, too.Here in Marin County, do not lose hope because I truly believe this will be a wave election," Bachmann said. "Marin County could go red, you guys."

Bachmann attacked President Obama over the now disgraced deal involving Solyndra Solar Company in Fremont that gambled half a billion dollars of taxpayers dollars, and the lack of a coherent policy in the Mideast. Her biggest applause line came when she affirmed her support for the state of Israel and castigated the President not doing the same. And she demanded that the "genocidal monster" Iranian President Achmadinjad be banned from the United Nations appearance and visit to Columbia University.

Bachmann heads for Hillsborough for another fundraiser later today, and then to Los Angeles for the California GOP convention on Friday.

Michele Bachmann Visits the Bay Area

News Alert! Conservatives watch TV and are measured by Arbitron ratings. That means that we watch commercials and patronize sponsors. And that means bottom line revenues to networks.

 Some of the news executives at CNN have clearly figured that out.

We're waiting for NBC, ABC, and CBS to get a clue.

CNN Tea Party Debate Propels Channel To Top Of Cable News For A Night (TVNewser)
Monday night's CNN Tea Party debate drew 3.6 million total viewers, including 1.1 million adults 25-54 from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. ET. Those numbers put the network at the top of the heap of cable news in primetime, above Fox News and MSNBC, which placed a fairly distant second and third, respectively. Yahoo! News / The Cutline: CNN also managed to increase the audience from its last GOP debate broadcast, on June 13. That one drew 3.2 million total viewers and 918,000 24- to 54-year-olds. Yahoo! News / The Cutline: Handicapping how presidential candidates perform in debates is a tricky proposition. But in this case, the pundits agree: The co-hosts of Monday night's Republican debate -- CNN and the Tea Party Express -- made for "one of the oddest political matches in recent memory," "strange political bedfellows," not unlike "James Carville and Mary Matalin."

The Bluest state in the country, (next to New York) is turning against President Obama.

The latest Field Poll shows that Californians are frightened and discouraged by this administration. (It takes California Liberals a lot longer to figure things out.)

If New York and California go Red....say buh-bye Barack.

FIELD POLL, 9.14.11

#2384: Big drop in Obama's job rating in California. Fewer than half ready to re-elect him. Greater than three to one majority thinks country is seriously off on wrong track.

The American public is not buying what Obama is selling - snake oil plans to revive the economy. The Jobless bill pitched by Mr. Obama is going nowhere in a hurry, according to

Here is the current polling:

"...A majority of Americans don’t believe President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan will help lower the unemployment rate, skepticism he must overcome as he presses Congress for action and positions himself for re- election.

The downbeat assessment of the American Jobs Act reflects a growing and broad sense of dissatisfaction with the president. Americans disapprove of his handling of the economy by 62 percent to 33 percent, a Bloomberg National Poll conducted Sept. 9-12 shows. The disapproval number represents a nine point increase from six months ago.

The president’s job approval rating also stands at the lowest of his presidency -- 45 percent. That rating is driven down in part by a majority of independents, 53 percent, who disapprove of his performance.

“I don’t think he’s done as good a job as I think he could have,” said Paul Kaplan, 58, an unemployed Democrat from Philadelphia. “We were hopeful that things would improve in the economy and they’ve only gotten worse. People in Washington just don’t seem to want to cooperate with each other and work for the people.”

The poll hands Obama new lows in each of the categories that measures his performance on the economy: only 36 percent of respondents approve of his efforts to create jobs, 30 percent approve of how he’s tackled the budget deficit and 39 percent approve of his handling of health care.

Jobs Bill Skepticism

By a margin of 51 percent to 40 percent, Americans doubt the package of tax cuts and spending proposals intended to jumpstart job creation that Obama submitted to Congress this week will bring down the 9.1 percent jobless rate. That sentiment undermines one of the core arguments the president is making on the job act’s behalf in a nationwide campaign to build public support.

Compounding Obama’s challenge is that 56 percent of independents, whom the president won in 2008 and will need to win in 2012, are skeptical it will work.

And the experts are asking if it was Obama's lack of support for Israel that helped undermine the Democrats.

My guess? Anthony Weiner was a (rhymes with stick) and orthodox Jews are hard hit in this economy like anyone else. PLUS the incoherent Mideastern policy by this administration.

"..Did President Obama's positions on Israel cost him a seat in the House? The Republicans have scored an upset victory in a House race that started as a contest to replace New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who was forced to step down following a sex-texting scandal, but became a referendum on US President Barack Obama's policies.

Retired media executive and political novice Bob Turner defeated Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin on Tuesday in the special election to fill the seat vacated by Weiner, a seven-term Democrat who resigned in June.

Related stories:

According to the New York Times, Turner took advantage of the discontent among the Jewish community with Obama’s policy toward Israel and his conduct pertaining to the Middle East peace process.

Turner and his wife celebrate victory (Photo: AP) 

"What an unusual alliance," said I, after the fifth televised national GOP debate last night. 

CNN, also known to conservatives as the Clinton News Network, worked closely with the Tea Party Express (a group of firebrand conservatives who have been criss-crossing the country with the Tea Party message) and came up with a fine broadcast. It was interesting to watch (boy, those Paulinistas are dedicated to their guy Ron!) as the field attempted to distinguish themselves from each other and President Obama.

Nicely done.

And now for the reviews.

Original Article
Tonight's tea-party themed debate in Tampa, Florida, was billed by many people (cough) as a Rick Perry Piñata-fest in the making. And that's pretty much how it went. But it wasn't the stick of Social Security that busted Perry open, spilling candy on the jubilant children below. Romney did very aggressively go after Perry on Social Security, but the rowdy and uninhibited audience was clearly on Perry's side, and the assault failed. Two other issues inflicting much more damage to Perry. In the second half of the debate, he was slammed by Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum on the executive order...
The White House is girding for a political loss in the heart of New York on Tuesday. They’re also spinning up an explanation that won’t entirely result in the blame landing on the low popularity of the president. As in Massachusetts, where Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley was faulted by the White House and many others for tone-deaf campaigning, Democratic candidate Dave Weprin may see the undercarriage of that new White House campaign bus.

Original Article


12 Monday Sep 2011

Hi everyone!

As you can imagine, we are very excited about tonight's debate.  Watch for us in the CNN audience.  We'll be sitting right up front. ;-)

Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express sent out this note this morning to the team and TPX supporters:

Dear Friends,

You should be very proud! It is stunning to think how far the tea party movement has come in just two short years. We have entered a new era in American politics, as conservative and engaged voters have pushed tea party principles of limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility to the forefront.

Tonight is an important milestone in the tea party movement, as eight candidates for president will face-off in an attempt to win the support of you in the tea party! The debate will focus on a wide-range of topics, including the role, size and scope of government, with a specific emphasis on issue number one to tea party members and all Americans: the economy. The live broadcast starts tonight, Monday, September 12 at 8 pm (ET)

CNN and the Tea Party Express, along with more than 150 local tea party groups from every state across the country, have teamed up to present a first-of-its-kind debate. The live audience in Tampa, FL is made up of tea partiers from across the country. Questions will be submitted and asked from tea party members in person, as well as at three live watch parties in Arizona, Ohio, and Virginia.

The two-hour event will air live on CNN from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (ET)  from the Florida State Fairgrounds.

Please join in online by submitting your questions for the candidates via comments on, the CNN Politics Facebook page, and by using the #CNNTeaParty hashtag on Twitter.

The debate will be broadcast live nationally on CNN, CNN International,, and CNN Radio. It will also be available via live stream in the CNN Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. It will even be broadcast to military bases around the world!


Move America Forward is participating in the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to honor the lives of those innocent people lost, and thank our troops for all the sacrifices they have made fighting two wars to bring the terrorists to justice and make sure they can never carry out another attack like 9/11 on American soil ever again.


Rally details below...

The rally is to be held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Northern California with Melanie Morgan, our courageous leader who has led MAF to Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and the streets of Berkeley and DC for countless rallies, protests, counter-protests, marches, and ceremonies.

Please join us if you can, but if you cannot please make a donation to support this event!

You can also make a donation to support our troops overseas with care packages, to mark the occasion of 9/11 as well as send our troops some desperately-needed support with goodies like coffee, beef jerky, cookies and personal items like antiperspirant deodorant and eye drops!


FBI agents on Thursday executed search warrants at the headquarters of Solyndra LLC, which was awarded more than $500 million in federal stimulus loans in 2009 to make solar panels in what the Obama administration called part of an aggressive effort to put more Americans to work and end U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

But the company filed a bankruptcy petition Tuesday in Delaware, asking a court to bar phone, electricity and water and sewer service providers from "altering, refusing or discontinuing service," and now is the focus of an investigation by the FBI and the Energy Department's Office of Inspector General.

FBI spokesman Peter Lee said he could not provide details about the investigation.

A little more than a year ago, President Obama hailed Solyndra during a tour of the company, saying it expected to hire 1,000 workers and make enough panels over the lifetime of its planned expanded facility that it would be like replacing eight coal-fired power plants.

"It's here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future," Mr. Obama said.

The company's bankruptcy petition came two years after Energy Secretary Stephen Chu and Vice President Joseph R. Biden announced approval of $535 million in federal loans to Solyndra.

Read more at The Washington Times.

I mentioned last week details of a super great event that I'll be involved with as a speaker this Sunday, September 11th.

I have an unbounding passion, love, support and admiration that I will pour into an electrifying speech in support of our troops, first responders and families of those innocents who were incinerated by the cowards who flew those planes into our Twin Towers.

Please come to the Alameda County Fairgrounds. The event goes all day. I'll be there at 4:30.

"Never Forget", A Tribute to America


Date: 09/11/2011 - 09/11/2011
Time: Day Event 12pm to 6pm. Evening Event 7pm - 9pm
Presented By: Impact for America
For More Information (Details)

Cost: Day event FREE, Evening event $10, VIP packages $20
Parking: $8
Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact phone: 925 321-8600

The main event is free, and will feature both memorials and entertainment for the whole family. The event is sponsored by local businesses, charities and churches, many of which will be sponsoring their own booths and attractions. Food will be available at the event provided by Bonehead's Texas BBQ!
The evening event is a ticked event, with tickets available at, beginning at $10. The evening event will feature Live Entertainment, starring American Idol Jason Castro. The event will also feature Testimonials, Memorials, Surprise Guest - you won't want to miss it

The real Sedona

The real Sedona.

Ahh. Doesn't that make you feel better just looking at this picture? This is where I'm vacationing for the next few days.

When I return next week, I will resume blogging. And, I will have details on my September 11th speech scheduled for the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Ten years since the world changed. Hard to believe.

See y'all soon.


Well done, Mr. Speaker. Well done.

Original Article
WASHINGTON — In a retreat after an hours-long test of wills Wednesday, President Barack Obama agreed to deliver an address on jobs and the economy to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8, yielding to House Speaker John Boehner, who had balked at Obama's request for a Sept. 7 speech. Obama's address still gives him a grand stage to unveil his economic agenda, but it will compete with the opening game of the National Football League season — a conflict the White House wanted to avoid.

Issa to Greta: "We've been gamed."

Original Article
The Justice Department's recent staff reshuffling can be seen as a result of the criticism of the botched gun tracking operation known as Fast and Furious, but it is unlikely to get the operation out of Congress' crosshairs anytime soon. "We know we are being gamed and we think the time for the game should be up," House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa , R-Calif., told Fox News host, Greta Van Susteren. (Snip) "We have confidential sources that have shown us why the administration's representatives knew these weapons were going to the cartels. Not mostly, not maybe, but virtually all
Original Article
President Obama made a high-profile visit in May 2010 to Solyndra Inc., a solar-panel manufacturing plant in Fremont, Calif. The company received $535 million in loans from the Energy Department and was a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus effort. (Snip) The Solyndra debacle is a case study in the failure of government intervention in the economy. Founded in 2005, the company manufactured a rooftop solar panel designed chiefly for commercial applications. Solyndra was a poster child of the utopian future envisioned by the Obama administration when oodles of green jobs would relieve the nation’s unemployment rate, generate clean....

solyndra obama visit.JPGPaul Chinn-Pool/Getty ImagesPresident Barack Obama on a tour of the Solyndra solar panel company May 26, 2010 in Fremont, California. Solyndra solar panels were used in the LPS installation.


The 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is just around the corner and here at Move America Forward we are preparing a special gift to our troops. 

As we end the month of August, we are also greeted by some good news, our troops in Iraq have achieved something that has not been done before throughout the entire Iraq War, which started back in 2003. 

Not a single U.S. serviceman or woman in Iraq lost his or her life in the entire month of August. After a bloody July in which we tragically lost 14 troops due to constant incursions by Iranian-backed incursions, our troops cracked down on the Iranian forces and beat them back. 



One soldier wrote back to thank us for the care package we sent to her, sponsored by a MAF donor like you.

Her note proved that Move America Forward sends only the best to the troops in our care packages - far better than what many other groups send.

When you sponsor a care package through MAF you're sending the troops something special:

She Writes:

"Thank you for the box. My soldiers and I are highly appreciative of you and the others who help this process. I would also like to thank you for being the first one who did not send anything that was expired. I am from California [city name removed] near Fresno. I see that you and Move America Forward are in Sacramento. It makes me happy to see stuff from Cali. Thanks again. God bless and take care."

- SGT Holly     [redacted]   




This is such a delicious summary of all things Whitman and the faux scandal manufactured for yesterday's news.


"...Meg Whitman easily bested Jerry Brown in a debate over the future of California on Tuesday night.

So California Democrats had to hope that one of their reliable warhorses would saddle up and do some damage to Whitman with some kind of smear that diverted attention from the knock-down that Brown suffered. Lawyer Gloria Allred turned up, right on schedule, with a headline grabbing, allegation-hurling press conference about the misdeeds of Whitman.

Turns out that Whitman had hired a housekeeper a few years back, after being provided all the necessary documents. Whitman was very serious about complying with the law as any CEO of a major public company ought to be, if only to protect the thousands and thousands of shareholders who cannot afford to have corporate leadership turn out to be law breakers.

Whitman was defrauded. The housekeeper lied. Many years later the housekeeper admitted her lies to Whitman, and Whitman dismissed her.

First the law. Don't believe me. Believe Erwin Chemerinsky, the very liberal dean of the University of California at Irvine Law School. After Allred's press conference I had Erwin on my radio program to state the law, which he did very quickly: Whitman had to fire the housekeeper or break the law.

Then I had Gloria on the program. The audio and transcript are posted at

I have known Gloria for a number of years, and like her. But she's a lefty and publicity-hungry, so when she can combine both her political agenda and her ambitions for the spotlight, don't get between her and the camera. This is why she played herself in the movie Rat Race. Her publicity-seeking is so over the top that even she is willing to make fun of it on the big screen.

She last attacked a Republican candidate for governor when he was leading the polls shortly before a vote when she launched a broadside against Arnold in August of 2003. Her client, Rhonda Miller, alleged sexual harassment. Miller's suit was dismissed.

I began my interview with Allred by asking her how that case turned out. Allred objected to the line of questioning.

I played Erwin's answer to my straightforward question and asked Allred if Erwin had stated the law correctly.. Allred objected to the line of questioning.

I asked Allred if she could state the law. She objected to this line of questioning.

Allred hung up on me when it became obvious that I simply wasn't going to allow her to repeat her allegations without establishing first a theory of the law under which Whitman could be understood to have done anything wrong.

All across the county, Democrats are hanging up on calls from voters, or not answering the phone in the first place.

They aren't holding votes in Congress, and they aren't holding townhalls in their districts.

They make outrageous charges and then refuse, like Allred on my show, to state their cases or make their arguments.

I have waited 20 years in broadcast for the perfect moment to tell a nonsense-spewing guest that they can't handle the truth. I got to do it with Gloria.

Soon the entire country will get to do it to Democrats from the top of the ticket to the bottom. The nonsense and stunts must stop. The country has real problems, problems that trial lawyers cannot solve, that public employee unions cannot divert attention from, and for which the president, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have no answers.

Like Gloria Allred today, the entire party will be embarrassed after the decision is rendered.

Sadly, like Gloria, there is very little evidence that they will change their ways.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

That is the central question voters will be asking themselves this November says Kyle Ann Shiver.

Reviving the question that got Ronald Reagan elected in the biggest landslide in American history is what I'm recommending for Republicans this year.  The Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, fought every Republican effort to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before that bubble burst in all our faces, and have since done nothing but run this country and our economy into the ground.  So, all it will take for every fence-sitting voter who doesn't work for the federal government to get out and vote Republican next month is to pose that simple question:  Are you better off now than you were four years ago, when the Dems took Congressional control?  A landslide in the making.


I am reminded that Gloria Allred was the devlish Democrat who unleashed the sexual sleaze on former Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003, nearly de-railing his viability. Except for that backlash thing I write about further down.

People see through the political chicanery.

Delivering on their promised threats, Democrats are dishing the dirt. First up from the sleazy tricks department is a stunning attack on California Republican candidate Meg Whitman.

Republican nominee for governor Meg Whitman smiles during a campaign stop at Cisco headquarters in San Jose , Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010.
Marcio Jose Sanchez
Republican nominee for governor Meg Whitman smiles during a campaign stop at Cisco headquarters in San Jose , Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010.

Read more:


During a news conference today, fame addict Gloria Allred revealed that her client Nicky Diaz Santillian, Ms. Whitman's housekeeper, is in this country illegally.

"...Allred, a longtime Democratic supporter who once gave money to Democratic candidate Jerry Brown, claimed that the Social Security Administration sent a letter to the Whitman household saying the Social Security number given for Diaz Santillan did not match her name. When asked by reporters about this, Whitman flatly denied receiving any such letters.

The campaign issued a copy of a job application, Social Security card and driver license they say Diaz Santillan presented to Whitman and her husband, which led them to believe she was allowed to work in the U.S.

It's too soon to know what impact this will have on the campaign, but a CNN/Time/Opinion Research poll released Wednesday suggested the Brown is pulling ahead of Whitman (52 percent to 39 percent of likely voters) in what had been characterized in recent polls as a very close race.

The Whitman campaign painted Allred's claims as a political stunt just weeks before November's election.

The accusation came a day after Whitman and her Democratic rival, California Attorney Gen. Jerry Brown, faced off in their first debate of the campaign. When asked about her position on immigration, Whitman said that employers must be held accountable when they employ illegal immigrants.

"We do have to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers and we do have to enforce that law."

But Whitman said she fulfilled her legal obligations, letting Diaz Santillan go once she and her husband found out "she was an illegal immigrant."

Here are a few questions that the MSM should be asking but won't: Is Allred representing the Brown campaign or Nicky Santillian? Why has she exposed her client to investigation and deportation, as well as perjury for lying about her status to her employer (Whitman's campaign provided the false documentation that Santillian gave Whitman when hired.)?

Will ICE launch an investigation into Santillian's immigration status? Why has Allred put her client in jeopardy?

I think that anyone (even the Democrats) will consider this a cheap political trick, and one that has a strong likelihood of backfiring. This smacks of the last second  LAT attack on Arnold Schwarzenegger, which served to motivate the previously unispired GOP base.

Shame on Allred. Shame on Brown.

Excuse me now ....I need to take a shower.


Well, duh. We knew that.

"These are essentially conservative Republicans who are very ticked-off people," said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

If the Republicans win control of the House or Senate this fall, Mr. McInturff added, the survey shows "enormous amounts about how limited the interest is going to be in those new majorities to try to seek negotiation with the president or the Democratic leadership."

The poll found that tea-party supporters make up one-third of the voters most likely to cast ballots in November's midterm elections. This showed the movement "isn't a small little segment, but it is a huge part of what's driving 2010," Mr. Hart said.

The survey also found growing energy among some core Democratic voting blocs, such as African-Americans and Hispanics—a tightening that is common as an election draws closer, according to pollsters.

The GOP now holds a three-point edge, 46% to 43%, when likely voters are asked which party they would prefer to control Congress. That is down from a nine-point Republican lead a month ago.

No wonder Presidential advisor David Alexrod is said to be exhausted and seriously considering returning to Chicago. His boss is out of control on the messaging thingy. Either that, or he's just exposing his true self.

Bets, anyone?

"...In a rare and blunt criticism of education in the nation's capital, President Obama on Monday called D.C. Public Schools a "struggling" system that doesn't measure up to the needs of first daughters Sasha and Malia.

The president's remarks came one day after Education Secretary Arne Duncan also got publicly involved in matters related to D.C. schools, stating his latest praise for embattled D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee.

However, he also implicitly backed a principal criticism of Ms. Rhee pushed by backers of D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, almost certain to be the city's next mayor. His remarks also prompted a D.C. school board member to tell him to "butt out" of managing local schools.

During his interview Monday on NBC's "Today" show, Mr. Obama was asked by a viewer whether his girls "would get the same high-quality, rigorous education in a D.C. public school as compared" with what they receive at Sidwell Friends, a private school in the city.

Mr. Obama replied, "The answer is 'no' right now. The D.C. public school systems are struggling," though "they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the right direction of reform."

So it's allright for the President to insist that our children attend failing schools, but not his own?

The optics on this one can only help the GOP. Now run with folks!


The Democrats are flatly stating that Republicans will create "birther" legislation if they win back control of Congress.


This just proves the Democrats will say and do anything they can to hold onto power. Birther legislation. Honestly. We've got a freaking recession going on and people are desperate for J-O-B's.

Great a grip, Congressman Clyburn.

"...House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) warned Republicans will investigate President Obama's birthplace if they take over Congress.

Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, said Republicans will grind the government to a halt by issuing subpoenas against the Obama administration over a number of issues if they take power. He predicted that "gridlock" in Congress would "define" Obama's first term if Republicans win the House, but expressed confidence his party would prevail."

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Historical Parallels: From Kansas-Nebraska to Obamacare

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Seems Like Yesterday: First Kennedy-Nixon TV Debate was 50 Years Ago Tonight

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FBI Escorts Known Hamas Operative Through Top-Secret National Counterterrorism Center as “Outreach” to Muslim Community

Patrick S. Poole: Sheikh Kifah Mustapha (third from left) touring the National Counterterrorism Center (Photo: FBI) A known Hamas operative and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history – Kifah Mustapha – was recently escorted into the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center and other secure government facilities, including the FBI’s training center at Quantico, during a [...]

Breitbart Fires-Up Tea Party 90210



It's my birthday today and I had the opportunity to watch CBS's " Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer as he conducted interviews with two Tea Party candidates - Ken Buck (R) Colorado (for whom I have campaigned) and Marco Rubio (R) in Florida (whom I interviewed last year) as well Sal Russo, the chief strategist for the Tea Party Express who has engineered some stunning upsets all across the country (Russo, myself and Howard Kaloogian co-founded Move America Forward, a non-profit group dedicated to supporting our troops and their mission.)

It was a great gift to watch the show and see Schieffer squirm over the mystery of the Tea Party appeal, and predictions of huge gains in November.

 It wasn't supposed to go this way, he exclaimed! How did it happen? He even asked point blank whether Ken Buck is a (gasp!) extremist?

Schieffer had diffiuclty grasping the idea that this generation of conservative candidates actually might have a chance to beat establishment Republicans,and go on to defeat the Democrats this November.

I smiled as Russo calmly explained that Ronald Reagan was expected to lose in 1980, and instead brought long 12 other conservative Republicans who were elected and provided key votes for his agenda. But Schieffer (and other so-called experts) still doesn't seem to understand what is happening.

Who are the Tea Party people and what do they stand for?

It's really simple, Bob.

Pay attention, please. We are a country that has had enough. We will not ignore our Constitution. We will not turn our backs on our Founding Fathers or our children. We will stop excessive taxes, excessive spending and forced health care.

Neither President Obama nor Harry Reid has the right to step on our rights. And though they might believe they give us commoners our rights and can force to do things that we know is against our best interests, we can stop them.

It's time to put up, or shut up.

That's why I'm joining with the Tea Party at the Mill Valley, California Community Center today from 2 to 5:30 to speak to hundreds, if not thousands of people who are just like me - sick of the leftist regime in this country, and are aso willing to stand up to the Republican party if necessary.

Come out today. Join Ward Connerly, Professor John Yoo from UC Berkeley and the author of the enhanced interrogation techniques policy, and Brian Sussman from KSFO radio. I'll speak around 5:00 this afternoon.

 It's my birthday, and Tea Parties are the perfect way to celebrate.

With five weeks before the Nov. 2 election, organizers said that if the Tea Party wants to be a force in the California vote, its followers must commit to the serious grunt work of campaigning - and pony up some cash. It's no longer about sign-waving.

Two candidates in tight races could get a boost if this happens - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and East Bay GOP congressional candidate David Harmer.

"I would like to see Tea Party groups in California get ready to do some get-out-the-vote work, and if they have any money to give, they direct it to the campaigns and candidates in California," said Sally Zelikovsky, an organizer of Conservative GroupaPalooza, the 2 p.m. gathering at the Mill Valley Community Center.

Rallies are important, "but it's time to make the transition to campaign mode," said Brendan Steinhauser, director of campaigns for Freedom Works, the Washington, D.C., organization that has backed much Tea Party activity nationally and plans to spend $13 million on the midterm elections.

Within the next few days, Freedom Works' political action committee plans to endorse Fiorina and send campaign materials advocating her run to its 62,000 California members.

After spending a week organizing recently in California, Steinhauser is urging Northern California Tea Party groups to help Harmer try to unseat Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, rather than fight long-odds battles against entrenched incumbents such House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco.

Read more:

It's not the death penalty like he deserves, but it's a start. Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, close friend and confidant of President Obama, has been denied Professor Emeritus status at the University of Illinois after his retirement earlier this year.

 It is a complete mystery to me why he was ever hired at the University of Illinois, unless someone in HR loved radical leftists (and we know that never happens in academia, right?)

To refresh the bidding, Bill Ayers is the 1960's Weatherman terrorist group co-founder  who stated "kill all the rich people...bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.'

He actually did kill a San Francisco police officer with a bomb, and, according to FBI informant Larry Grathwohl,  planned for the destruction of millions of people during bull sessions with his fellow terrorists. 

He got off due to technicality. 

Ayers also dedicated his book, in part, to the killer of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan. 

And that's where we pick up the story today, because (wait for it!) RFK's son Christopher is on the Board of Regents at the University of Illinois.

Today, Christopher Kennedy dropped the hammer on the bomber:

"... in an emotional statement, Kennedy discussed his reasons for voting against Ayers' request.

"I am guided by my conscience and one which has been formed by a series of experiences, many of which have been shared with the people of our country and mark each of us in a profound way," Kennedy said.

He said he could not confer the title "to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father."

Kennedy was referring to a 1974 book co-authored by Ayers, "Prairie Fire," which was dedicated to a long list of people including Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan and "all political prisoners in the U.S."

Ayers became a controversial figure in Barack Obama's presidential campaign because they worked on a school-reform initiative together, leading opponents to say Obama was linked to a "terrorist." UIC was forced to release more than 1,000 files detailing the activities of that group. The university also faced questions in 2001 after Ayers wrote in his memoir about helping with the non-fatal bombings of government buildings."

Hundreds of Bay Area residents joined with me to protest the appearance of Bill Ayers on the St. Mary's campus in Moraga, Ca. several years ago. Larry Grathwohl was with us, and demanded to be heard during the Q&A session ....but the man who would murder millions for having a different political viewpoint was too chickenshit to stick around and face the crowd.

Somewhere up there, slain officer San Francisco police officer Brian McDonnell is grimacing ..and still waiting for justice that just is beyond the grasp of the grave.

Ticked by the schtick, Capitol Hill lawmakers barely cracked a smile when comedian Stephen Colbert tried to be vaguely amusing - without result.

Well, the result did make ME laugh when he got kicked out of the hearing room, but even D.C. reporters thought Colbert was out of line.

Seven guards were brought in to escort Mr. UnFunny out of the halls of Congress.


Stephen Colbert 's routine as a Republican commentator on his hit TV show might leave millions of his fans laughing every night, but he failed to amuse lawmakers Friday during a House panel hearing on farm jobs and illegal immigrants.

 Colbert stayed in character during testimony as he made light of his experience working for one day as a farm worker. 

"America's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables," he said. "Now the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables and if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you'll see that many Americans have already started."

While some audience members laughed, most the members of the House Judiciary subcommittee barely cracked a smile.


My friend emailed me this obituary today. Is it true? Dunno. But he’s a cop and I WANT to believe it.

Seriously, Republicans have  plan to make things better. I's a re-worked version of the Contract With America (cooked up by Newt Gingrich waaaay back in the 1990's..) and we will let you decide whether it appeals to you or your undecided neighbor.

Members of the Republican House leadership, from left to right, Michigan Rep. Candice Miller, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam, Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Leader John Boehner, introduce the party's new "America Speaking Out" campaign at the Newseum May 25, 2010, in Washington.

(Credit: Getty Images)

CBS News has obtained a final draft of House Republicans' legislative agenda for the next Congress, a 21-page "Pledge to America" that they will formally unveil Thursday morning at a Virginia hardware store.



"The need for urgent action to repair our economy and reclaim our government for the people cannot be overstated," the introduction says.

It continues: "With this document, we pledge to dedicate ourselves to the task of reconnecting our highest aspirations to the permanent truths of our founding by keeping faith with the values our nation was founded on, the principles we stand for, and the priorities of our people. This is our Pledge to America."



For a breakdown of the document, check out "Pledge to America: The New Republican Agenda," by CBS News Senior Political Producer Jill Jackson. Below are some highlights, and the full document is at the bottom.


- Stop job-killing tax hikes

- Allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income

- Require congressional approval for any new federal regulation that would add to the deficit

- Repeal small business mandates in the new health care law.


Cutting Spending:

- Repeal and Replace health care

- Roll back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels before TARP and stimulus (will save $100 billion in first year alone)

- Establish strict budget caps to limit federal spending going forward

- Cancel all future TARP payments and reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


Reforming Congress:

- Will require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority

- Give members at least 3 days to read bills before a vote




- Provide resources to troops

- Fund missile defense

- Enforce sanctions in Iran

This looks pretty good to me. I think it should appeal to most voters. But hey, I'm an optimist at heart.

The nail-biter in California continues. Help needed at grassroots level. Please sign up.

Election 2010: California Senate

California Senate: Boxer (D) 47%, Fiorina (R) 43%

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



The U.S. Senate race in California remains a battle of inches.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state, including leaners, finds incumbent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer earning 47% of the vote, while her Republican challenger Carly Fiorina gets 43% support.  Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

But the race moves from a Toss-Up to Leans Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings

Earlier this month, the two candidates were virtually tied when leaners were included in the totals, with Fiorina earning 48% support to Boxer’s 47%. Leaners are those who initially indicate no preference for either of the candidates but answer a follow-up question and say they are leaning towards a particular candidate. From this point forward, Rasmussen Reports considers results with leaners the primary indicator of the race. 

In surveys since February, Boxer, a member of the Senate since 1993, has earned 42% to 49% of the vote. Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, has picked up 38% to 48% support in those same surveys.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of Boxer supporters say they already know how they will vote in November. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Fiorina voters say the same.

The survey of 750 Likely Voters in California was conducted on September 20, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Rasmussen Reports will release new numbers from the California governor's race tomorrow.

Other data from this survey will be released later this week at

Boxer is favored by 85% of Democrats, while 80% of Republicans support Fiorina. Voters not affiliated with either major party give a slight edge to the incumbent.

California voters are more evenly divided than voters nationwide when it comes to repealing the health care law.  Although 47% of all voters in the state at least somewhat favor repeal, slightly more (49%) oppose repeal.  These findings include 38% who Strongly Favor repeal and 41% who are Strongly Opposed. 

Eighty-one percent (81%) of those who Strongly Oppose repeal support the Democrat, while 85% of the voters who Strongly Favor repeal back the Republican. 

Voters in California place more trust in Democrats to handle the issues of health care and the economy but are more evenly divided when it comes to government ethics and corruption.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters in the state share a favorable opinion of Boxer,but 49% view her unfavorably.  These numbers include 24% who have a Very Favorable view of the Democrat and 36% who have a Very Unfavorable opinion of her.

For Fiorina, 47% have a favorable impression of her, including 17% who have a Very Favorable impression.  Forty-four percent (44%) regard the Republican unfavorably, with 24% who have a Very Unfavorable view of her.

 Fifty-seven percent (57%) in California approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 42% disapprove. Those ratings are better than those found nationally for the president in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll

In 2008, Rasmussen Reports projected nationally that Obama would defeat John McCain by a 52% to 46% margin. Obama won 53% to 46%. Four years earlier, Rasmussen Reports projected the national vote totals for both George W. Bush and John Kerry within half-a-percentage-point.

In California during the 2008 campaign, Rasmussen Reports polling showed Obama winning the state by a 61% to 34% margin. Obama won 61% to 37%. Four years earlier, Rasmussen Reports polling showed Kerry leading Bush in California 53% to 43%. Kerry won 54% to 44%.

In the 2006 California governor’s race, Rasmussen polling showed Arnold Schwarzenegger defeating Phil Angelides 53% to 40%. Schwarzenegger won 56% to 39%. In the 2006 race for U.S. Senate, Rasmussen polling showed Dianne Feinstein defeating Richard Mountjoy 58% to 35%. Feinstein won 60% to 35%.

Rasmussen Reports has recently surveyed Senate races in Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, PennsylvaniaVermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin


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Big Peace

Muslim Brotherhood Rallies to Ground Zero Mosque

J. Michael Waller: After initially staying away from the controversy, the Muslim Brotherhood has embraced the cause of the Ground Zero mosque and some of its US-based front groups are now engaged. A summit of Muslim organizations in the US met in New York City on Sunday, September 19, to discuss what sponsors perceive as increased anti-Islamic rhetoric, much [...]

Obama’s Aunt: ‘The System Took Advantage Of Me’


While Ahmadinejad gets treated like a rockstar by fawning ABC's Amanpour, exclusive report
from that he okayed a deal with Syria on the way to New have Hezbollah
take over Lebanese government.
Here's the latest Senate seat-count from Dell Hill   uffda Rover and Krauthammer
Witch-hunting by dummies.....Bill Maher spent the weekend haunting Christine O'Donnell for Delaware
senator but she didn't bite....and then late Sunday she zinged him back.
No Fun Allowed: Hamas torches a water park in Gaza because men and women were...intermingling
Obamas attend church and other any more of those crackahs, reverend?  oh wait...
Does Jerry Brown have Dain Bramage....the "Brows" have it!! Democratic spinmeisters begin to
worry about all that takes note of Brown's brow-whacking.

Karl Rove is reminding everybody exactly why the Tea Party movement began in the first place ....because Karl and his former boss threw out fiscal responsibility and then got pissed off when called out by the grassroots.

So if you expect a Rove cheerleader, Melanie Morgan isn't your woman.

"...If Republicans want a cheerleader, Karl Rove isn’t their man. The star political strategist raised eyebrows and some political hackles with his brutal assessment that Republican U.S. Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell in Delaware isn’t electable. After he and other Republicans balked at supporting her, although GOP establishment figures voiced support for the tea party candidate, Rove shot back at critics today, The Hill reports.

Karl Rove, Christine ODonnell, Delaware, Republican, GOP, nuttyRove, formerly President George W. Bush’s key adviser, told Fox News that he’ll evaluate each candidate individually. "My job is not to be a cheerleader for every Republican. It’s to call them as I see them," he bristled.

Among his comments that had riled supporters were his description of O’Donnell’s “checkered background” and his observation that she had said "nutty things." Assessing her election Tuesday night, he had said, “How does she make her living? Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took her nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get a degree?

To be sure, he expressed appreciation for the “energy” and enthusiasm” of tea party activists. "Be careful when you call me an establishment Republican, I’m not sure what that is," he said.


How long will it take before Rove backtracks? My guess is when he starts feeling the financial pinch. Just a guess, though. His ego may prevent him from walking back his shocking attack on Christine O'Donnell.

That interview by Sean Hannity is going to hound Rove. Of that ....I am completely secure.

Here's what Andrea Tantaros has to say on the subject:

"...Tuesday night was a terrible evening for political operatives because people voted with their conscience, not along party lines. Elites aren't happy about it, and even the GOP is fuming. Meanwhile, Washington Democrats are trying desperately to paint anti-establishment candidates as a pack of crazies. They're hoping to distract the public from the more pressing issues that have their party's polls in the dumps. Sure, many that comprise this new wave of politics are atypical. They aren't polished. They're not carefully scripted, and they lack TelePrompTers, pedigree and cozy friendships with Karl Rove. Because of it, political consultants and "insiders" ..

read more here.

Christine O'Donnell, expected to lose the GOP Senate nomination by the so-called political experts, wins handily in Delaware against establishment Republican Mike Castle.

Tea Party Express laser focused on the race with money and support, helping to propel O'Donnell to victory.

This primary season is shaping up to be a pretty darn exciting one. Amazing, really.

Rock on, Patriots!

Final thought.

Poor Dana Perino and Karl Rove. They looked like they were sucking lemons on TV tonight, trying to explain why conservatives are making a mistake supporting, well, a conservative. In other words, their pal Mike Castle lost and they didn't like it a bit.

Oh well.

Final, final thought.

Congratulations to the Tea Party Express for come from behind victories in Nevada with Sharron Angle, Joe Miller in Alaska, and now Christine O'Donnell.

Sal Russo and Joe Wierzbicki, the Sacramento, Ca. political giants with whom I have worked since 2004 on the Recall of former California Governor Gray Davis and co-founded Move America Forward in support of our troops, are rock solid conservatives now using their formidable skills to boost the enthusiam and support of Tea Party patriots all across the country.

Kudos guys.

I am very proud of you and your team.


Kim Hatley(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) wife of 1st.Sgt John Hatley ( is going to visit her Husband whom is in Ft. Leavenworth, the last part of Sept. (SOON) She can only afford a 2 day visit. Cost of airflight, Motel, Car rental, etc, adds up real fast. I would like to help her make this trip,so if anyone else would like to help, ANY AMOUNT, maybe she could spend a few more days with her Husband. Her P.O.Box is on her web site. Thank you in advance for helping Kim. Kim, I will put a check in the mail tomorrow towards your trip for $50.00. Not accepting it is not an OPTION.

Kim Hatley
P.O.Box 498
Groesbeck, Tx. 76642

Remembering 9/11 San Francisco and New York (many video and 2001 archival links...this is a keeper)
Deadly Explosion will have long term impact on San Bruno CAl

Obama Begins the Grab for Private Retirement accounts/ Update: Consumers want easy access to their funds, cashing out
Will Hewlett Packard Bribery Probe impact Carly Fiorina's campaign for Senate?
Republican Meg Whitman uses Bill Clinton in Campaign Ad in CA governor's race
Is Stephen Hawking a "Flower Pot?"  In response to his "no God" theory
Where's Obama's Wedding Ring, BTW?  The sham is showing....

Who the hell is this man, the Reverand Terry Jones, who has the entire world dancing to his will-he-or-won't-he burn the Quran?

I think he is a self-promoting, narcissistic, ego-maniac who is trying to build his name recognition and Church attendance numbers.

I say this because if he was a real Christian, he wouldn't for a minute put the lives on our American troops in danger.

And yet he has.

The world needs to turn our backs to this rotten scoundrel. If it isn't on TV, did it really happen? Hmm?

The newest catch phrase for the political pundits is the "enthusiam gap" or "passion gap" of Republicans versus Democrat voters. The mere fact that the dopes in the so-called know are just now figuring out that the conservatives and GOP are going to walk on broken shards of glass to get to the polls gives me a case of the giggles.

Regardless - it's good news and we'll take it! From the folks at American University in Washington ...( a fabulous institution and I say that with all humility since my son attends school there) we are getting the scoop.


"...For the first time since 1930, more Republican voters showed up to vote in statewide primaries this year than Democrats -- another sign of the huge challenges facing President Obama's party in this year's elections.


The new figures come from a just-released report by voter turnout expert Curtis Gans of American University.

Gans looked at 35 primaries held before Sept. 1 and found that 4 million more Republicans voted than Democrats -- statistical proof of the "enthusiasm gap" that pollsters and pundits have been talking about.

That, combined with the fact that the percentage of voters who identify themselves as Democrats has been on a steady decline for decades, spells big trouble for the president's party, Gans said: "The Democrats are at an enormous disadvantage."

This comes after the 2008 election, when all the energy was on the Democratic side. But Gans said he's seen those kinds of turnaround in voter sentiment before. The last time was between the 1992 election when Bill Clinton won the White House and the midterm contests two years later that booted Democrats from power on Capitol Hill.

"This is precisely the kind of disillusion that brought the Democrats down in 1994," said Gans. He blamed the faltering economy for the latest numbers. "What the last 16 months have done is rob the public of the hope that was engendered in 2008," Gans said.

(Posted by Kathy Kiely)

I just got back from an 8 day European swing that ended in Barcelona, Spain (I loved the Las Ramblas!) and I'm already exhausted.

Why? Six loads of dirty laundry, re-starting the newspaper and mail service, picking up the dog from the kennel, forgetting the cat at the kennel, sorting out vacation photos, calling my mother (endlessly) sending emergency money to my son in college, watching two DVR'ed Project Runways, planning my new diet... and last but not least - cruising the Internet for news developments.

I found one.

In London, of all places.

The Daily Mail reports on the BBC TV News Chief admitting to bias against conservatives.

Huh. Imagine that.

"...The TV chief also admitted there had been a 'struggle' to achieve impartiality and that staff were ' mystified' by the early years of Margaret Thatcher's government.

But he claimed there was now 'much less overt tribalism' among the current crop of young journalists, and said in recent times the corporation was a 'broader church'.

He claimed there was now an 'honourable tradition of journalists from the right' working for the corporation.

His comments, made in the New Statesman magazine, are one of the clearest admissions of political bias from such a senior member of its staff.

The BBC has long been accused of being institutionally biased towards the Left, and an internal report from 2007 said it had to make greater efforts to avoid liberal bias.

I was also reading in the Daily Mail (while in Florence, Italy) that secularism in Europe is now completely institutionalized, and the only religion one is not allowed to dismiss is Islam.
And yet in this country, Christians denouncing Islam threatens the very fabric of civilization.
Granted, burning the Quran is incredibly insensitive and extremely threatening to our troops who are stationed in Islamic countries, but it is not worth a massive rally and likely deaths. And I guarantee that there will be retribution against Christians somewhere by radical Islamists.
Anyway, I had a lovely vacation. Now back to the news, weather, sports and commentary.
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Thousands of Indonesian Muslims are rallying outside the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta to denounce a Florida church's plan to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11.

The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., said it will burn the Islamic holy book on the ninth anniversary of the terror attacks. Local officials have denied a permit for the bonfire on the church's grounds. But the center, which made headlines last year by distributing T-shirts that said "Islam is of the Devil,'' insists it will go ahead with the plan.

About 3,000 members of a hard-line Islamic group marched Saturday to the U.S. Embassy in downtown Jakarta, waving banners and posters condemning the plan. The group organized similar rallies in five other cities across Indonesia.

My co-host John McCaslin and I have been talking about former Secretary of State Madeline Albright's firm breasts this morning. Seriously. She has a story on CNN that she tells about her famous diplomatic hug and kiss technique she used when she was meeting heads of state.

That steered the conversation around to Nancy Pelosi's mammory moment with McCaslin.

Read about it here.

 Dirty Money

Clinton Fundraiser Gets 24 Years

A notorious fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and other political candidates was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison for violating federal campaign-finance laws and for his role in a Ponzi scheme. In 2007, Clinton's campaign had to return $850,000 in funds raised through Norman Hsu, a California businessman. It was later revealed that Hsu was able to bundle the money by pressuring investors in his Ponzi scheme—through which he stole $20 million—to donate to candidates of his choosing. He was so successful that Clinton herself left Hsu a voicemail in which she thanked him by gushing, "What am I going to do with you, Norman? You are working so hard for me… I just don't even know what to say anymore. I've never seen anybody who has been more loyal and more effective and really just having greater success supporting someone than you."

Wall Street Journal

Am I the only one who finds it more than odd that President Obama is flying to Denmark on Friday with his First Lady to lobby the International Olympic Committee for the summer Olympic games in 2016 to be held in Chicago?


A US President lobbying the IOC for the Olympic games????  It's NEVER happened before.


Yet, this President apparently has nothing more important going on in his life, his country or the world -- he's going to lobby for the 2016 games in Chicago.  Not the US economy, not unemployment, not Iran or North Korea, not even healthcare. There's no time for him to consider General McChrystol's memo begging for more troops and resources for Afghanistan.  None of these is important enough to keep him at his desk, as it were.  There's something more pressing -- and it takes him and the First Lady to Denmark. 


What's that expression: Something smelly in Denmark?  And it ain't the cheese.


One only has to dig a little to find out the motivation.  As it happens, I've just started Michelle Malkin's new book, Culture of Corruption.  (Full bibiliographic citations found in Michelle Malkin's book in "Notes" Section.)  On pages 48-52 she details the relationship Michelle Obama developed with Valerie Jarrett, the great niece of Vernon Jordan, the black mover and shaker who has been one of the upper-crust elites and extremely active and influential through Presidential administrations since Jimmy Carter.


As it turns out Ms. Jarrett, an extremely close friend of the Obamas and the one who fostered Michelle Obama's various career moves is a Democrat activist and real estate mogul in Chicago who has "... always been the other side of Barack's brain," (as quoted from the Chicago Tribune, September 20, 2007) and "Barack's rock" (Time, "Valerie Jarrett" November 11, 2008).  President Obama affirmed his relationship with Jarrett by being quoted as saying, "I trust her completely," (Chicago Tribune, "Insider has Obama's ear:  What's she telling him?" July 27, 2008).


Why does this matter?  Stay with me on this.


Ms. Jarrett was Executive Vice President of the Habitat Company for 12 years.  The Habitat Company is a real estate company that develops, owns and partners with the Federal government to manage Federal low-income housing projects in Chicago.  On January 31, 2007 Ms. Jarrett became President and CEO of Habitat Company.  One of the properties Habitat oversaw is Grove Parc Plaza, a Section-8 apartment complex that in 2006 was graded 11 on a scale of 100 by federal inspectors.  It was so bad that today the complex is facing demolition because it is uninhabitable.


What does this have to do with Obama going to Denmark?  The property where Grove Parc Plaza (which is slated for demolition) sits is "in the shadows of proposed site of [Chicago's] 2016 Olympics Stadium."


And guess what?!?!  "Valerie Jarrett is Vice Chair of Chicago's Olympics Committee!"


Cronyism at it's best....  So much for Hope and Change.

Listen to America's Morning News today!

We have a full line-up on completely riveting stories including how Obama's safe school Czar is under fire because he didn't report a homosexual encounter between a 15-year old boy and his school teacher, plus emergency money is now in the federal pipeline to serve soldiers who are returning to colleges and universities around the country - without the checks they were promised for tuition.

And that's because of the Washington Times exclusive reporting on this shameful situation which resulted in Veterans Affairs Director Eric Shinseki taking extraordinary action after the story broke last week.

We'll have another EXCLUSIVE story from the Washington Times on one of the most powerful and well-funded lobbying groups in the nation is hemorraging money and drowing in debt - you won't believe who we are talking about!

Former United States Ambassordor to the United Nations John Bolton reacts to the frightening developments over the weekend when we found out that Iran is test firing missiles that could reach Israel.

...AND IT'S BACK TO THE FUTURE --Bill Clinton is crying about the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - saying it is still alive and well, with President Obama in their sights.

Those stories and more on America's Morning News - PLUS the Doctor's Doc is in hot water over a botched nipple tuck.

Tune in wherever you are - listen to the stream on the computer at in Los Angeles or here in Washington at WTNT. Or check us out at the
 the GOP sweepstakes is undoubtedly Mitt Romney. Romney is the central casting Republican presidential candidate with impossibly perfect - hair.

And he's the same Republican who proudly boasted of his Universal health care in Massachusetts that has been roundly criticized as a Universal FLOP.




What do the top terrorist leaders of the world say when they pitch their tents on American soil and pour out their hearts before a global TV audience?

They start yammering about conspiracy theories, of course.

 Dave in London writes:

Did you see Kaddafi's at the UN offering his peer reviewed UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY.
This has long been the holy grail for theoretic conspiracists: A unified theory which can link the Jews to EVERY conspiracy ever and also include the US as both a fellow conspirator and a victim of the Jews, as well.


It's on a par with Stephen Hawking and the search for a Unified Theory of everything including gravity. But it's a stubborn little bugger.


(Albert Einstein famously spent the last two decades of his life searching for a Unified Field Theory.)


Using the giant conspiracy accelerator at CERN Switzerland, Professor Ghaddafi and his crackpot team are closing in on such a theory that explains everything is the Jews fault.


Here are just a few of the sub-moronic particles that the giant accelerator has collided so far...

The Kennedy Assassination
The Fake Moon Landings
The perpetual electric batter killed by the evil oil companies
The car that runs on water killed by the evil oil companies
The perpetual oil well killed by the evil water companies

This indeed is exciting times in the Theoretical Conspiracy Field, which explains the billions in government funding.


...from The Daily


BS Top - Robertson Qaddafi UN
Richard Drew / AP Photo

It’s fitting that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is currently homeless: He’s ranting like a crazy man before the U.N. Qaddafi used his speech on Wednesday to attack the U.N. itself. Waving a copy of the U.N. charter, Qaddafi said, “We do not accept it, we do not acknowledge it, neither do we recognize it.” He called the Security Council “terrorism itself,” compared it to Al Qaeda, and will submit a plan for a new security council that he designed himself. As a representative of the African Union, he also congratulated “our son” Obama, praising the “black, African Kenyan” and saying “we would be happy if Obama would stay forever as president.” He also suggested a new location for the U.N. instead of New York, complaining about the jetlag. His speech, which was scheduled to last for 15 minutes, ran over 100 minutes. 


An outrageous assault on Old Glory as we learn from Washington Times Hot Button columnist Amanda Carpenter that our flag is in tatters, flying bravely above the nation's capitol buildings.

Learn more about this shocking story here.Tattered flags fly over House office buildings, left to right, Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn, in NW Washington D.C. Thursday, September 17, 2009.   (Allison Shelley / The Washington Times)

Alright conservatives everywhere. Don't just sit there. Click something.

"...The Washington Times has launched, a Web site with technology that allows activists to talk up to ideological and party leaders and interact in innovative ways. - a joint online media venture from The Washington Times and the Heritage Foundation - is a tool to "reinvent the right" and help move the public discourse.

" creates a cutting-edge new marriage between the social publishing world of bloggers and the social networking world of Twitter, YouTube and the like," said John Solomon, executive editor and vice president for content of The Times. "Most opinion sites today enable thought-leaders to talk down to the masses, but empowers users to change the direction of that dialogue, allowing the Joe the Plumbers of the world to speak up to major thinkers, like Newt Gingrich."

Mr. Solomon said similar Web sites that would appeal to progressive and moderate online readers are being considered.

Speaking of, he said, "It is convenient, it is groundbreaking and we believe it will transform grass-roots communications, enabling a two-way dialogue. The best ideas can grow up from the netroots, reaching like-minded opinion leaders. It is a technology and a concept that can be adapted by thinkers on the right, the left and the center."

The site also provides a wealth of information, editor Brian Faughnan said.

"Readers can track the latest news in The Washington Times and other news organizations, and take in analysis and commentary from Times reporters and personalities like Amanda Carpenter or issue experts from Heritage and other leading conservative policy groups," Mr. Faughnan said.

"There's a very vibrant debate within conservative circles about the future of their movement, and is uniquely positioned to capture that in a thoughtful way," Mrs. Carpenter said.

In a crowded media marketplace, the site offers a focused, comprehensive experience - tracking important fragments of daily conservative thought and offering a true bloggers forum.

"We've also built in a social media aggregator, one that no other political blog is currently using. The aggregator sweeps Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other social media and delivers updates in real time from more than a dozen leading conservative officials, strategists, bloggers, talk-show hosts and others," Mr. Faughnan said.

"So if you're a fan of Jim DeMint, Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Karl Rove or others, we offer a one-stop shop where you can find everything that they're talking about, and in real time," he added.

The mechanism is part of new technology that provides a nimble, personable link for visitors.

"We're thrilled to be providing TheConservatives with cutting-edge social publishing technology that enables their readers to engage and connect with the news, the editors and the designated political experts on the site," said Chris Alden, chief executive officer of Six Apart, the San Francisco-based provider of the social-publishing software.

"Readers can easily find the content they need, and 'action streams' keep them current on the latest from elsewhere on the Web," Mr. Alden said.

Users can publish their own microblog posts, weigh in on the issues and get feedback from the big-name individuals.

"Anyone can create an account and start blogging," said Mr. Faughnan. "Or you can vote on the items written by others. In another feature unique to our site, we will take the top-scoring items at the end of each day and send them to one of a range of nationally recognized conservative leaders for an answer.

"So if you register and write a post on health care, or tax policy, or political strategy, and that post is voted by other users as one of the site's best, then that post will get a reaction from a leading conservative expert in that area."

The Washington Times already maintains a substantial presence online. Consistently ranked among the 40 most visited news sources by Nielsen Online, The Times' site boasts multiplatform applications for readers interested in on-demand video, opinion polls, slide shows and other fare."

Andrew Breitbart

Planting the Seeds: The Politicized Art Behind the ACORN Plan

by Andrew Breitbart

Everything you needed to know about the unorthodox roll out of the now-notorious ACORN sting videos was hidden in plain sight in my Sept. 7 column, “Katie Couric, Look in the Mirror.” ACORN was not the only target of those videos; so were Katie, Brian, Charlie and every other mainstream media pooh-bah.

They were not going to report this blockbuster unless they were forced to. And they were. What’s more, it ain’t over yet. Not every hint I dropped in that piece about what was to come has played itself out yet.Stay tuned.

When filmmaker and provocateur James O’Keefe came to my office to show me the video of him and his friend, Hannah Giles, going to the Baltimore offices of ACORN – the nation’s foremost “community organizers” – dressed as a pimp and a prostitute and asking for – and getting – help for various illegal activities, he sought my advice. In the past, Mr. O’Keefe created brilliant social satire that rocked his college campus and even made its way on to the talk-radio and cable-news shows, but the magnitude of his latest adventure had the potential to rock the political establishment.

I was awed by Mr. O’Keefe’s guts and amazed by the footage, but explained that the mainstream media would try to kill this important and illuminating expose about a corrupt and criminal political racket, and that the well-funded political left would go into “war room” mode, with 25-year-old Mr. O’Keefe and 20-year-old cohort Miss Giles in the cross hairs. I felt I had a moral obligation to protect these young muckrakers from the left and from the media, and to devise a strategy that would force the media’s hand.

Once the American public saw with its own eyes the grotesque, common practices of ACORN’s housing offices, Mr. O’Keefe and Miss Giles could no longer be a legitimate focus of media scrutiny. Kill the messenger doesn’t work with the American people when they realize that the message is so devastating and honest. I think the video exposed the misuse of public funds and systemic manipulation of the tax code in the name of “helping the poor.”

If Mr. O’Keefe dumped the videos on YouTube, the political powers would have killed the expose before it got traction. I half-joked that he should secretly tape pitching the major television networks exclusive use of his videos for their nightly news broadcasts. But a simpler, less controversial method proved as fruitful.

I told him that in addition to launching his compelling and stylized Web videos, we needed to offer the full transcripts and audio to the public in the name of transparency, and to offer Fox News the full footage of each video before each was released.We had to devise a plan that would force the media to see the evidence before they had enough time to destroy these two idealistic 20-something truth seekers. Mr. O’Keefe agreed to post the full audio and full transcript of his video experiences at

Thus was born a multimedia, multiplatform strategy designed to force the reluctant hands of ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post.

Videos of five different ACORN offices in five separate cities would be released on five consecutive weekdays over a full week – Baltimore, Washington, New York, San Bernardino and San Diego. By dripping the videos out, we exposed to anyone paying attention that ACORN was lying through its teeth and that the media would look imbecilic continuing to trot out their hapless spokespeople.

Read the full article at the Washington Times.


Well, it appears my sources were wrong about BoBo, the First Dog attending obedience school in Old Towne, Alexandria. Sandy Meijas, the owner of the dog training school, posted her correction on my site.

I apologize for the error, especially if I caused Bo any embarassment! Still checking further to see what's up.


Would it surprise you to learn that the most popular member of the Obama family is receiving royal treatment at taxpayer expense?

Speak up, I can't heeeeeeeeeear you!

Animal activists, who were growling over the fact that President Obama refused to adopt from a rescue shelter, will be pleased to hear that the presidential pooch is quite pampered - at taxpayer expense.

Two sources have told me that  Bo, the Portuguese water dog that President and Mrs. Obama adopted,  is being shuttled to Alexandria, Virginia from the White House regularly for obedience training.

One of my impeccably accurate sources is my co-host John McCaslin,  a native Alexandria resident - who is mobbed by his millions of friends and fans every time he ventures into public.

But, I digress.

From the looks of things, BoBo doesn't need any obedience training. It looks to me like he's got the President pretty well under control.

Pot, meet kettle.

...and meet Shane Bauer, one of those being held captive by the Iranians. 

He's a liberal investigative reporter for the Nation magazine, who strayed into dangerous terroritory in search of a story. Now he and his two pals are paying a terrible price.

"...Three UC Berkeley graduates arrested in Iran in July broke the law and must be punished, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said this week - but implied that a U.S. decision to release some Iranian prisoners could make a difference in their fates.

The Iranian president's comments, made Thursday to NBC News, may say less about the prisoners' likely fates than about the complicated political chessboard on which they are now pawns, said Kamran Bokhari, regional director for the Middle East and South Asia at Stratfor, a private global intelligence company.

"What he's saying is we can work out a deal - without actually saying it," Bokhari said Friday.

Ahmadinejad's comments, in his first interview with a Western broadcaster since his disputed re-election in June, come at a moment of flux, as the Obama administration tries to reboot U.S.-Iranian relations and as Iran's domestic situation is in turmoil.

The Iranian president is coming to the United States to address the U.N. General Assembly Wednesday in New York. Families of the three imprisoned Americans - Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal - sent a letter to him this week asking for their release.

The families maintain that although two of the three detainees are journalists, their entry into Iran was an innocent mistake during a hiking trip in the neighboring Kurdish region of Iraq. U.S. State Department officials said Thursday that the Iranians have failed to make the three available to Swiss officials who represent U.S. interests in Iran, where there is no American Embassy.

Did you catch what Democrat Congressman Pete "Fortney" Stark of California said to a constituent during a Town Hall meeting earlier this week?

The same Pete Stark who famously called former President George W. Bush "a liar" who wanted to "blow up Iraq"?

From and Joe Garofoli's blog...

Rep. Pete Stark, the pride of the East Bay in Congress since 1973, gave us a new high in Town Hall entertainment the other day at his Fremont Townie. After a constituent -- and we're all constituents, aren't we? -- stood a few feet away ticking off why he was opposed to the "smoke and mirrors" in President Obama's health care plan, the gentleman closed his remarks by saying:

"Mr. Congressman, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

The Member of Congress continued the high level of discourse by responding:

"I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg," Stark said. "It wouldn't be worth wasting the urine."

So glad we've all decided to up the civility quotient of our public discourse. So if Dems want Rep. Joe Wilson to apologize for his "You lie!" smackdown, shouldn't Rep. Stark apologize for ahem, crossing swords with this constituent?

P.S. No one yelled "You lie!" at Stark's claim of urine waste, but nonetheless Politifact is looking into whether it indeed would be. (Kidding! Don't look there for it.)


If Obamacare is so wonderful that Senator Ted Kennedy spent the last dozen years of his life working his heart out for it - why did he feel it necessary to leave Massachusetts (which has socialized medicine) and recieve brain surgery in North Carolina?

Reader Joanie G. sent this along:  an actual letter to the editor of the local newspaper in Charlotte, N.C. wondering the same thing:

“With all the publicity about national health care, perhaps a fact has
escaped the general public - that Sen. Ted Kennedy chose to use NC's
Duke University Hospital for his brain surgery.
He represents Massachusetts , which has Socialized health care. His
actions tell us that Socialized Care is not good enough for him. Thanks
Senator for illustrating this."

After Jimmy Carter accused critics of President Obama, apparently including Rep. Joe Wilson after his interjection during Barack Obama’s speech to Congress, of being racist, one might think that Wilson would have a pungent response or two to the former President. Melanie Morgan and John McCaslin gave him that opportunity on America’s Morning News today, but Wilson opted for the high road instead. He lamented the accusations of racism and told the two hosts that charges of racism only serve to distract from the deep problems in Obama’s health-care system overhaul, and that perhaps Carter would do better to focus on the issues:

Why shouldn’t Wilson take the high road? Besides the fact that “You lie!” has nothing to do with race, Wilson actually wound up winning this battle. A week after his outburst, which Wilson himself acknowledged was inappropriate and for which he had already apologized, the media finally took a closer look at the issue of illegal immigrants in ObamaCare. The Senate finally acknowledged that HR3200 needed fixing to prevent tax dollars going to illegal immigrants. Wilson raised at least $1.6 million for his next campaign.

What did the Democrats get out of it? A resolution of “disapproval” that carries no penalties at all. Its net effect was to galvanize conservatives to the defense of a backbencher that no one outside of South Carolina could have identified two weeks ago. Instead of moving forward on legislation, the House ground to a halt, not over whether Wilson should have apologized, but on the question of whether the location of his apology was sufficient.

It was a clear waste of time and effort, pursued by a House leadership desperate to distract from the fact that ObamaCare was unpopular before Barack Obama’s speech, and it remains unpopular afterward.

Heck, with that big of a win, even I could be gracious to Jimmy Carter.  For a few moments, anyway.

Andrew Breitbart's Big website first broke the story about two young conservative activists/journalists who posed as pimp-and-prostitute to find out what ACORN employees really do for a living.

Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe found out that they are enabling criminal activity (even though nothing criminal transpired) and now we have another scoop from our fearless duo.

ACORN offices in Maryland appear to be operating illegally.



The headline is written for a piece at authored by Jeremy Lott - a liberal.

Obama is taking fire from both the Right and the Left - and that's not a good place to be, politically speaking.

"...Obama is trying to fundamentally alter the American economy by backing sweeping environmental, labor and health care legislation. He wants to change the way Americans consume energy, unionize and see their doctors.

So far, he’s failing miserably. Consider the following:

• Cap-and-trade legislation had to limp over the finish line in the House of Representatives with the help of a few moderate Republicans, who then caught holy unshirted hell from their constituents. Environmental legislation generally has taken a drubbing in public opinion polls when people consider how costly it is.

• The Employee Free Choice Act may be stripped of its “card check” provision in the Senate, which would effectively do away with secret ballots for unionization elections. Even in its watered-down form — which still includes highly objectionable, mandatory, binding so-called gunpoint arbitration and makes no concessions to employers who don’t want to have to prop up teetering union pensions — it might not pass the Senate. And the leadership of the House has refused to touch it until the other chamber has made up its mind.

• On health care, forget the rage set off by private citizen Sarah Palin tweeting about “death panels.” Forget the misleading talk about whether there will be a “public option.” (The ever-evolving plan is one giant public option, folks.) Forget the angry voters who crowded into the town halls during the August recess. Forget that a number of Democratic senators and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) are still not willing to sign on to a bill. Right now, even after Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress last week, it’s possible Democrats don’t even have the votes in the House — where they currently enjoy a 77-seat majority.

It’s entirely possible — nay, likely — that Obama will lose on all three big issues. He’ll probably take that personally. As he has pushed for the passage of his reforms, his public approval ratings have taken a beating, and voters have started to trust the Republicans more than his party on a host of issues."

Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Gotta love the new National's Stadium - at least I do!

Real picture, Real people

Congratulations, patriots – we are so proud!


An estimated 4500 buses were permitted to come into DC to drop off their Tea Partiers. Do the math: 55 passengers per bus. And that's just the buses.

[Photo courtesy of Don Surber]


Update: Rep. Bill Posey via Blackberry, Washington DC, 2:30 p.m. ET

"People continue to arrive despite access roads being closed to traffic - they must have walked for miles. Just announced 1.5 million people are here. Electrifying! Crowd just as enthusiastic as the moment it started. What a cross section of America. Every age and description you could possibly imagine."

Florida's 15th Dist. Representative Bill Posey

Rep. Bill Posey just Blackberried me a picture of himself posing in front of the crowd from the veranda of the Capitol Building. He took these (above) just moments ago.

DC Police report more people on Capitol Hill now than on BO's Inauguration Day.

[Reflecting Pond photos courtesy of Looking at the Left]

"These people are tired of being lectured to; they want to be listened to"
- Sen. Jim DeMint

On site Twitterers tweeting so fast, tweets coming in by the hundreds in mere minutes. Hard to keep up!

Tweet: "9-12 March on Washington 2009 - the anti-Woodstock!"

Tweet: "Shouldn't this be called the Million Patriot March?"

New DC police estimate reported: 1.2 million

Tweet: Sign: 'He had a dream (picture of MLK) and We got a nightmare (picture of Obama)' "

Marcher: "We are not going to let them ram Socialism down our throats. We own this country."

At 12:43 p.m. ET - no mention of March on Drudge Report. Hello? Someone wake up Drudge!

Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic is on site calling in from DC.

"The crowd has filled out from the West Lawn of the Capitol to 3rd Street, including the side panels. With the overflow spilling onto the Mall between 3rd and 4th streets. People are still marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. Easily in the hundreds of thousands."

Tweet: "To all of the people making a statement in DC today . . YOU ARE THE CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN!!!"

[Photo courtesy of Looking at the Left]

Glenn Beck live on Fox, interviewing reporter Griff Jenkins who's in the midst of the crowd. Colors: lots of bright yellows, red, whites, and blues! Music in background -- singing National Anthem "America, America, God shed his grace on thee..."

Photo below taken by Charlie Barnes of Titusville FL, whose wife Brenda sent it with the message that he's pumped for this rally!

"He said the place is full of hundreds of thousands of people! Come on everyone, let’s take our country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Obama gets the hell out of Dodge. Heads instead for Minnesota. Cowardly behavior. Should have been addressing crowd and facing the music.

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL, Dist. 15) just Blackberried me the following from his perch at the US Capitol:

"I am on the veranda in front of the capitol. It is an awesome crowd and don't know if you can hear on TV but their "roar" is deafening in positive response to the speakers!!!!"

T-Shirt seen at DC rally: "Joe Wilson for Truth Czar"

Tweet: "If you are in DC today . . . you can proudly say "YES WE DID!"

Senators Jim DeMint and Mike Pence being interviewed on Fox by Glenn Beck. Only two brave enough to come out? DeMint says he's lots more comfortable in this crowd than the one inside the Capitol. Pence says this crowd looks like the Cavalry has arrived.

Glenn Beck: "I wish I could be in DC, but I'm watching my fellow Americans with a renewed fire and sense of pride that I'm not alone!"

Glenn tells Pence and DeMint he got a call from a very high-level nationally-known Democrat who told him that there are Dems who are paralyzed because if they buck the Left, the machine will crush them.

(Our best guess is the machine comprises the Obama Admin, the media, ACORN, special interests, lobbyists and some Republicans. You will be smooshed, just like they're doing to Joe Wilson.)

Glenn now interviewing Andrew Breitbart who is at Tea Party Rally in Quincy, Ill. where crowds are gathering. Andrew will be a speaker. Says he wanted to come to heartland of America to tell LA and NY that this "Blue state mentality dividing us is ridiculous. The media foments this, and to put on Red State Americans that they're somehow bad, is adding up."

Andrew premiered his new website Big Government earlier this week with the ACORN expose that rocked the Obama Administration and resulted in the Census Bureau Director pulling the plug on ACORN's involvement in taking the 2010 census.

Democrat strategist Pat Cadell on with Glenn Beck says the political parties have eviscerated the country... "People have no idea of the machinery, the Leviathans that will crush the squeaky wheel," like Joe Wilson or Sarah Palin, or Michelle Bachmann, or Bill Posey.

Checked Drudge Report at 2:00 pm ET... nothing yet on his page about this historic event. So much for Drudge... (roll over and keep sleeping, Matt)

Glenn Beck says he believes America is about to be restored. More on that to come.

Twitter: "Expressways shut down. Still dumping bus loads into the city. Trains still backed up."

Twitter: "March stretched all the way from freedom plaza to capital. It was packed."

Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic has just called in with a report. He says several people say they've heard numbers of up to 1.2 million. "There's a lot of people here". Taylor says he doesn't agree with that number -- he says "several hundred thousand is closer to what I can see. It's cloudy, no rain, and moderate temps. A great day for people to spend all day outdoors. People from all ages, lots of young people too, wearing outfits they've made for the occasion. And people who brought signs -- 99.9% are home made." Kristinn adds that it's really peaceful.

After the event, Kristinn said the numbers were higher than he originally estimated. He also noted that he's never before seen two and a half hours' worth of people eight lanes across, pouring into the city. While being interviewed by CNN, Kristinn observed that "this was the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives in Washington since Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1981."

Glenn Beck says he was reading Thomas Jefferson and noted that 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence. "We need to find 56 brave men or women in Washington to step up take the place of the original signers and do the same.

"Quarantine Washington. This is a disease that has infected our government.

"We need to talk about the Constitution. A message to Congress: If you will come forward and admit your sins, you'll have more people backing you up than you can believe, to save the nation."

Glenn's giving them an out. He says we the people are angry with them, and on the other side, the machine will crush them. They're caught in the middle and paralyzed.

"So we will support you. You might have to pay for what you've done, but we will support you. Don't talk to me about the health care reform. This is about the Constitution. The rest is just noise. We are giving the men and women in Congress a chance to redeem themselves and our country. We need to refound our country, not transform it."

ABC news reporting 1.5 million people. Twitters report people still streaming from subways.

Finally, Drudge wakes up... yawn... gets numbers wrong.

Kristinn Taylor just calling in from DC says that parade marshals say the march to the capitol was a steady flow of people across all eight lanes of Pennsylvania Avenue for two and a half hours.

Also they were told that police were turning away Tea Party buses from going into the city because there were already too many people. Reported that there were problems with crowds clogging the Metro stations.

"Earlier before the march started, some of the cops were being arrogant with them, but as soon as the cops saw the numbers of people coming down the street, they calmed down." Nothing like a wave of happy sign-carrying mobs to intimidate?

Glenn Beck saying power is going to shift in Washington, DC. He's signed off but we're staying with you right here, with live reports from Congressman Bill Posey, Free Republic media spokesman Kristinn Taylor and tweets FROM THE PEOPLE!

From a post at Free Republic Live Thread:

This is historic! Americans taking our country back. Bill Green on stage now says "It's the Constitution, stupid!" YEAH!!!

Americans signing the renewed Constitution. We The People!!!
“The Constitution; the OTHER document they never read”

Rep. Bill Posey via Blackberry from Washington DC 3:45 p.m. ET
"I was wondering why the crowd spewed over the sides of the mall for blocks (could be miles for all I know)... Security just told it is because they could not get a permit for the western part! Were told someone already had taken it, but except for a tent no one is occupying."

Follow the event on C-Span and Free Republic Live Thread. C-Span 2 to replay entire March on Washington on Monday night at 8 ET. Event about to wrap up.

"President Obama had better watch out because we are all community organizers!"

From the US Capitol American Tea Party March on Washington:


God Bless America!

At first I was confused about who to blame for this monumental financial mortgage mess. But I can see clearly now.

Bill Clinton is responsible. 

And admits it in his autobiography My Life (Knopf 2004) Look it up from pp. 517-18. 

            "...One of the most effective things we did was to reform the regulations governing financial institutions under the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act.  The law required federally insured lenders to make an extra effort to give loans to low – and modest-income borrowers, but before 1993 it had never had much impact.  After the changes we made, between 1993 and 2000, banks would offer more than $800 billion in home mortgage, small-business, and community development loans to borrowers covered by the law, a staggering figure that amounted to well over 90 percent of all the loans made in the twenty-three years of the Community Reinvestment Act."



The MSM are publishing and airing dozens, hundreds of stories about how un-qualified Sarah Palin is to become one heart-beat away from the Presidency, should John McCain be elected. This is just a smokescreen for their ill-disguised contempt of a proudly conservative woman.

Do you think I am being hyper partisan? Think again.

If the media is really so concerned, why aren't they reporting on the massive failure of leadership by another woman - the most powerful in the world - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

As we get closer to the debate on Thursday night, I am constantly being asked how Sarah Palin will perform. My answer is summed up in two words - Joe Biden.

"..When Hillary Clinton told a tall tale about "landing under sniper fire" in Bosnia, she was accused of "inflating her war experience" by rival Democrat Barack Obama's campaign. 

But the campaign has been silent about Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, telling his own questionable story about being "shot at" in Iraq. 

"Let's start telling the truth," Biden said during a presidential primary debate sponsored by YouTube last year. "Number one, you take all the troops out - you better have helicopters ready to take those 3,000 civilians inside the Green Zone, where I have been seven times and shot at. You better make sure you have protection for them, or let them die." 

But when questioned about the episode afterward by the Hill newspaper, Biden backpedaled from his claim of being "shot at" and instead allowed: "I was near where a shot landed." 

Uh-huh. Why isn't Katie Couric pressing Joe Biden on these kind of gaffe's? Brian? Charlie? Anybody?

If McCain's campaign staff will leave Sarah alone, and let her answer questions from her heart and her experience, she'll be just fine. All this whining by the media, including some conservative commentors, is totally unwarranted. Palin has had a steep learning curve, but she's smart, capable and determined.

I think everyone will be quite shocked at how well Governor Palin will do on Thursday. Then watch the freak-out by the Obama camp (that means ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and all the rest of the BS'ers) the following day.

I will be speaking to a group of Palin/McCain supporters in San Rafael, California at 5:30 pm on Thursday night. Then we are going to watch the debates together. If you are around, join us!

Since I will be busy speaking, please click over to and join the live-blog especially for women - if you want to. You can see what the Democrat women are saying, and watch for what the Republican women are writing.

Here is what I predict:

Palin will be confident, secure, sly, prepared, and heartfelt. Sarah Palin will do the country proud.

Quin Hillyer at American Spectator is belching flames over the tactics of GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and I can't say I blame him.

The Senate tomorrow will attach the Wall Street bailout to a "must pass" tax extender bill. This is dirty pool. When you are talking about the single most significant growth of government power EVER, you should let it sink or swim on its own. You don't attach it to a goodie basket and dare the other chamber to vote against it. To do so is a cheap, despicable tactic. It is the tactic of people without the courage of their convictions -- the tactic of cowards. Yes, cowards. I am utterly disgusted with McConnell and the entire Senate leadership. This is not the way to handle legislations as serious as this is. If the House GOP had any guts, then if the Senate sends the House the bill in this form -- thus also making a mockery, via legerdemain, of the requirement that such financial bills should start in the House -- MORE of the House GOP than before should vote against it, in protest against this sort of hardball pressure.

I think every conservative in the country should raise holy hell about this. AGAINST this tactic. WHATEVER you think about the underlying bailout, this BS is utterly insulting.

Yippee! The McCain campaign has finally let the clutch out, and Sarah Palin is racing onto the Interstate.

Governor Palin has recieved scathing reviews from MSM, and even some whiny conservatives. But she's finally being allowed to road-test her themes without the talking point filters on, where else,  talk radio.

NRO's Jim Geraghty has the reviews.

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Sarah Palin

The McCain-Palin campaign finally did something its supporters have been calling for for weeks now they unleashed Sarah Palin. She did an interview with Hugh Hewitt this evening. (Check; Hugh will replay it twice on his program.

I appeared after Palin and was the first to analyze the Palin's answers. Short version - her first couple answers were a bit of the "generic talking point Sarah" we saw from the Gibson and Couric interviews. But she warmed up quickly.
  • She mentioned that she and Todd had lost $20,000 in the past few weeks in their 401(k)s. Can you recall the last time a politician gave a specific number to how much an economic crisis had impacted them? She talked about how she and Todd were worried about paying for college for their children.
  • She mentioned she and Todd got their first health insurance when they were hired for union jobs.
  • She said the only time the criticism had gotten "hurtful" was the commentary about Trig Palin, and the insinuation that carrying him to term was a mistake.
  • She said she had spoken to her son in the Army, Track, when he was in Kuwait on his way to Iraq and that "the little stinker" had called his girlfriend before calling his mother in recent days.

The last couple answers were a lot like talking to a neighbor - issues like the financial crisis, the culture of life, and the war in Iraq in strikingly personal, human terms. This is the Sarah Palin who had gotten conservatives fired up like little else a month ago.

The million dollar question is... will we see this Sarah Thursday night?


Keith Thompson, author of the critically acclaimed book Leaving the Left: Moments in the News That Made Me Ashamed to Be a Liberal, is making available three preferred-seating tickets to a fundraising brunch featuring GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. The price of each ticket is $2,500, with funds going directly to McCain-Palin Victory California (not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes). Your contribution includes not only the opportunity to hear Gov. Palin in person and enjoy a sumptuous meal with McCain-Palin supporters — you’ll also get a McCain 2008 lapel pin, along with preferred seating with author Keith Thompson near the front of the room. And your very own autographed copy of Leaving the Left (Thompson’s compelling account of leaving liberalism and becoming a common-sense conservative). Because this is Sarah Palin’s only Bay Area appearance prior to the election, the event is likely to sell out. All three tickets are available to a single buyer or to separate individuals. Act now, the brunch with Gov. Palin is only a few days away! Contact Keith Thompson by email at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Astonishingly, the most powerful woman in the world, could not bring her own caucus to stitch together a Wall Street bail-out deal they could vote for...House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drawn and defeated, failed due to her compulsive need to inject every vote with partisan hatred of Republicans and this administration. 

No wonder her approval rating hovers around 9 percent.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"...But in the end Pelosi could not pass the bill with her own party's votes.

The Congressional Black Caucus, whose new leader is Oakland's Barbara Lee, joined conservative free-market Republicans in the revolt. Lee said she was voting against the bill because it did nothing to create jobs.

GOP leaders, one of whom waved Pelosi's speech, blamed her for pushing over the edge 12 wavering Republicans. "We put everything we had into getting the votes to get there today," Boehner said. "But the Speaker had to give a partisan voice that poisoned our conference; caused a number of members, who we thought we could get, to go south."

 It's DEAD!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could not even round-up her majority in Congress to vote for the trillion dollar bail-out.

But the Democrats say they'll try again.

What are the right-bloggers saying? Mixed bag, at least right now.

The pain is coming whether this bill passes or not, and the bulk of evidence is that the Paulson plan will make things worse.  At least now there's a chance to pass a positive bill that addresses the crisis, includes reform, and doesn't punish taxpayers.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 3:19 PM, Mike Krempasky

Good luck with that, Josh. They're out there blaming a mean speech by the Speaker for losing the last few votes. They're cooked.


{Ed. Republicans are really pissed off at Pelosi, and they are whining about it on TV.}


On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 3:17 PM, Joshua Trevino wrote:

Disaster? Nah.

Politically, the Republican party is acting principled on a spending matter, which was a too-rare thing in 2001-2007.
Economically, the notion that a bailout is the only thing between us and a crushing depression is, to be charitable, suspect.

Of course Wall Street is going to react negatively after being denied $700 billion of other people's money, but that's not an indictment of a failure to pass.


While the national political scene is riveted by the nearly trillion dollar bail-out plan that everyone is fighting over, California Republicans were busy with something more important – REVENGE..

For the record, I was "inside the bubble" near Disneyland with State Republicans in Anaheim, California...we came, we saw, we kvetched. Yeah, lots of talking, networking, meetings, workshops, speeches and drainkin', so all in all, the state GOP had a highly successful bi-annual convention.

I was honored to participate in an Alternative Media panel with Jon Fleischman of the FlashReport (a highly prestigous state political website) and to be able to speak to the California Federation of Republican Women. Although the Federation doesn't get the publicity of other so-called "women's groups" such as the leftist and socialist National Organization of Women, the National Federation of Republican Women actually supports women in the choices we make every day.

You know, if Republican women choose to work outside of the home (and we all know that every woman works full-time in the home even while carrying a full-time job elsewhere,) then we are still good Republicans. But the bra-burners on the left can't stomach the real choices that real women make every day. They prefer that women have one child, drive a Volvo with an Obama sticker on the back, and wear pantsuits that would look better on an undertaker than a woman.

But I digress.

I promised some inside stuff, gossipy items and my observations. So let's begin with the backroom moves of some conservatives to insert language into the official paper thingy-bob that deliberately snubbed Governor Schwarzenegger by not praising him. Yes, that is how it sometimes works at these conventions. The most conservative of the Assembly caucus members praised themselves for stopping any tax increase (well-deserved, I might add) but did not point out the Governor's role in the sausage-making of the budget this year (finally signed last week.)

Bottom line: The Governor doesn't like conservative Republicans, and conservative Republicans do not like him. While nobody was (publicly) supporting a Democrat sponsored movement to Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger, many of us are certainly tempted. However, the GOP has bigger fish to fry, and I smell some B.O. stink over the campfire right now. 

Although I skipped the Schwarzenkennedy dinner on Friday night because I really dislike our Governor -- his left-wing politics and global warming baloney chief among the reasons (and the fact that he won't even speak to the Republicans in his own party) I did enjoy a delightful dinner Saturday evening at the head table, listening to Governor Mitt Romney's speech.

I will admit that I was simply dazzled by Romney's speech which showed a far-ranging grasp of economic, social and foreign policy issues that I never heard during the campaign. Maybe because he's just too good looking. I will admit now, publicly, that I held that against Governor Romney. I figured that a candidate right out of Central Casting couldn't be that smart. Boy, was I wrong.

And I apologize to the entire world. Truly.

Romney is a brainiac, and I missed the boat. Damn.

Two final things of note. The GOP is going to be super lucky if we nominate Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner for California Governor two years from now.

Poizner has been quietly funding voter registration drives in California for the Republican party, when the CRP was too broke and distracted from intramural fighting to get things done on its own. Poizner is SUPER smart, very talented, and humble as well. Oh, and rich. He invented that GPS device inside your cellphone. He sold SnapTrack for one billion dollars.

But as the San Jose Mercury reports, its going to be a crowded field in 2010.

....First, Poizner will have to navigate a GOP primary. Earlier this summer, former Silicon Valley congressman and Schwarzenegger finance director Tom Campbell formed an exploratory committee. Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, a billionaire, is also believed to be interested in running for the state's top job. All three are considered social moderates and fiscal conservatives.

Count me on the Poizner band-wagon.

Finally, CRP Vice-Chair Tom Del Beccero is doing an excellent job organizing Republicans in this state, fund-raising as well as recruiting qualified candidates. In short, he's ready to assume leadership of the party when Ron Nehring steps down.

And that's all good. Because as California goes, so goes the rest of the country. And we don't wish ourselves on the rest of the country. It would simply be too painful.

Wrong on so many levels.


Okay, you have already formed your own opinion on the debates by now, or will shortly, so I might as well throw in my take (since it is my website!)

Random Thoughts:

-McCain wins debate, but just barely, by defying expectations with an energetic appearance, cogent arguments, and the ability to attack Obama and unnerve him, especially on the issue of on-the-job training, and calling Obama's world view dangerous. 

-Obama did well by showing up, and giving the liberal line. He hit hard on Iraq and the economy. Listening on the radio, however, Obama stuttered on occasion, and it was annoying.

-The political prism remains the same for both right and left, and I don't think the debates changed the 'swing' voters much.

-My teenage son thought Obama came across as very friendly because he addressed McCain as "John" while McCain seemed formal and "old" because he called Obama "Senator." I thought Obama seemed disrespectful ..and vice versa for McCain.

-T. Boone Pickens is a genius. The first TV spot out of the debates he urged people to continue the debates at his website. What a way to drive traffic!

-Finally, the debate was actually much more interesting than I thought it was going to be. The next debate between Governor Palin and Senator Biden will be far more intriguing, I think, than this one.

I am off to Anaheim, California tomorrow to attend the state Republican party convention, where I am going to speak on a panel and deliver a speech for the California Federation of Republican women. Later in the evening, I have been invited to attend a reception with Mitt Romney.

I'll share the gossip when I get back. See you Sunday!


 My favorite read today on the 'Net?

The Courage to do Nothing by Melanie Morgan (hmm, I wonder why?)

 ...More from, summing up the situation as it exists, not as the liberals wish it to be.

There's a lot of talk suggesting the Bush administration's plan to rescue financial markets is "Republican Socialism" for "Wall Street evil-doers."

Protests were held this week to "
bail out people before bankers."

Protest Wall Street

Take note of the kind of folks involved:

A coalition of grassroots groups, including Credo Mobile, Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice and are planning to express their opposition to Paulson's bailout plan and call for those clear principles this Thursday, September 25 in a rally and march at 4:00pm near Wall Street in lower Manhattan.

Protestors took to the streets outside the White House yesterday as well:

Inside it was all business: President Bush was meeting with the congressional leaders, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama about the nation's financial crisis.

Outside, it was business as usual.

The chant was the all-purpose rhythm-and-rhyme that on any given day since the Vietnam War might be heard outside the White House.

But rarely is it applied to ... financial markets.

Nevertheless, while the meeting was taking place in the Cabinet Room, along Pennsylvania Avenue the $700-billion bailout for Wall Street was a magnet for complaint.

About 50 people marched in a circle, their umbrellas an array of color against a rainy sky and the early dusk as they shouted over and over:

Hey hey, ho ho
Bush bailout's got to go.

That's the real socialism, revolutionary socialism that's in fact not commited to helping everday Americans but to overthrowing the hated "Bush-Cheney regime":

It's stunningly pathetic. The Democrats (read Obama camp) are spreading a massive disinformation campaign about John McCain's trip to the Hill to work on a bi-partisan approach to the Wall Street bail-out plan.

American Power has the machiavellian strategery - lie and lie again.

Think Progress is leading the left's political attack on John McCain tonight, alleging that the Arizona Senator killed the bipartisan Wall Street rescue plan.

While to be expected, the McCain-killed-the-bailout meme is bogus.
Jennifer Rubin explains:

The Democrats have begun a ludicrous game: try to blame John McCain for nixing a mythical deal that was eminently reachable before he forced Barack Obama back in town. Throw in some trash talk and you have a perfect display of shabbiness.

The tale does not mesh with any available facts from reports we are getting. First, there was
no “deal” — hence the cries of help from Harry Reid and Hank Paulson on Wednesday for McCain to come to town. My own conversations with Senate offices bear this out: McCain’s entry helped push a deal among Senators, but House Republicans were never on board (and still aren’t). Second, unlike his mute counterpart, John McCain is taking an active role in the negotiations and a constructive one. Third, the House Democrats likely have the votes to pass a deal – they simply wanted cover from at least 100 House Republicans.

A chilling assault on American Free Speech rights is taking place right here, right now, on our soil.

CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations (which tried to get myself and my former radio co-host fired for criticizing them) is at it again by taking the producers of a very compelling movie to court in an effort to squelch their right to speak. New Censors’ Obsession
The truth is out there. It may be suppressed.

By Seth Leibsohn
George Bernard Shaw once wrote that assassination is the extreme form of censorship. Today, I wonder what he would say about the censorship of assassination as a political organizing principle. Sadly, one is forced to ask this question just now as we witness some of our nation’s newspapers refusing to accept a paid advertisement in the form of the documentary Obsession.

"Hard is not hopeless." - Gen. David Petraeus, 2007

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press has a new survey out. It was conducted in association with the Council on Foreign Relations. Though the headline on the poll is Declining Public Support for Global Engagement, it contains sections on energy and Iraq that provide some interesting information that isn’t breaking through in the current news environment.

 Section 2, Views of Iraq and Afghanistan contains poll data that, a few months ago, would have been given considerable coverage. For example: 


  • 58 percent of respondents now say the war in Iraq is going well or very well. This is a 14 percent increase since June, and the highest rating on this question in more than four years.
  • Positive perceptions of the war increased since June by 15 percent among women, and by 17 percent among independents.
  • 58 percent also now say that the U.S. will definitely or probably succeed in Iraq.  A year ago, 47 percent predicted failure.

Section 3, Opinions About Energy Policy, also has interesting data. For example:  
  • A solid majority (55 percent) now support drilling in ANWR. That’s an increase of 13 percent—just since February—including 52 percent of independents. As the report puts it, “Support for ANWR drilling has increased across demographic groups.”
  • Respondents overwhelming support an “all of the above” approach to energy independence, with more than two thirds of respondents supporting everything from drilling in coastal waters to greater fuel efficiency, development of renewable fuels and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Support for offshore exploration “garners the same level of support in coastal states as it does elsewhere.”
  • Respondents were evenly split on the nation’s overall energy priorities: “45% say that expanding exploration, mining, and drilling, and the construction of new power plants should be the more important priority, while 47% say the priority should be on more energy conservation and regulation on energy use and prices.” That’s a sharp change from February, when 35 percent favored increased exploration, etc., and 55 percent conservation and regulation as the priority.


Digital Media has picked up the story here.

A founding member of the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois met in New York City Wednesday night with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Jodie Evans, who co-hosted Obama's first major fundraiser in Hollywood in February 2007 just after Obama announced his candidacy and is a top fundraiser and donor to Obama's campaign, led a delegation of leftist anti-American groups that held a private meeting near the United Nations. The stated purpose of the meeting was to "serve as an opening for diplomatic resolution" to prevent war between Iran and the United States.

The government of Iran is listed as a state sponsor of terrorism by the State Department and is strongly believed to be developing nuclear weapons.

Obama has stated that he would be willing to meet with Ahmadinejad and other enemies of the United States without conditions. Evans met with Obama in Beverly Hills last week at an exclusive $28,500 per person fundraiser. As a bundler for Obama, Evans is granted regular briefings with top Obama staff members and meeting with Obama and his vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.

Obama has come under heavy criticism from military families and troops support organizations over his alliance with Evans.

Evans is co-founder of the pro-terrorist group Code Pink and works with state sponsors of terrorism to undermine America in the war on terror. She also has publicly announced her support for the terrorists in Iraq, her sympathy for Osama bin Laden and her "love" of Hugo Chavez.

Given Evans' closeness to regular contacts with Obama and his campaign, it is fair to ask if she is acting as an intermediary for Obama.

Obama recently put his seal of approval on Evans' attempt to storm the stage during the acceptance speech of Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska when he welcomed her to his two Hollywood fundraisers last week, the exclusive $28,500 per person event and the $2500 per person event Barbra Streisand sang at the same evening.

Others attending the meeting with Ahmadinejad included anti-American activists who support the terrorists in Iraq and work anti-American governments: Medea Benjamin, Brian Becker, Leslie Cagan, Larry Holmes and Ramsey Clark.

The press release announcing the meeting can be found here.

Update: Jodie Evans issued the following statement tonight on her meeting with Ahmadinejad.

“It’s rare for a head of state to take time during an official U.N. visit to meet with the peace community, especially in a situation where the host government —represented by the Bush administration — is so hostile,” said Jodie Evans, co-founder of CODEPINK. “The fact that the meeting took place and was so positive is, in itself, a major step forward.”

(This report is written by Kristinn Taylor at

Kill This Bill.

"....You’ve heard a lot about Fannie/Freddie and the minority lending shakedowns, but you haven’t heard most commentators/analysts on either the left or the right talk about the massive illegal alien mortgage racket — a topic I’ve reported on for the past five years. That’s because fault lies at the feet of the crime-enabling banking industry and the ethnic lobbyists and the illegal alien-enabling Bush administration.

They screwed us. Now, they want us to fork over a trillion dollars.

Screw them.

Kill this bailout."



I want to share a very amusing story with you from last night where I was invited to attend a San Francisco “salon” of 20 High Tech CEO’s and Venture Capitalists at the home of Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and on the board of Facebook, along with eight other political types who were invited to speak (including me.) 


There were some Dem operatives there like Donnie Fowler (former DNC Chairman Don Fowler’s son) and Chris LeHane …you've heard of LeHane, former consultant to Bill and Hillary Clinton, ran the campaign to save California Governor Gray Davis from the Recall effort (unsuccessfully, I might add) and a host of other well-known clients.


Two things of interest: Fowler and the other Dem’s asserted that Presidential race is coming down to “race” …all about race. I insisted that it was the democrats making it all about race, and not the rest of the country. Fowler responded that we know it’s about “race” because Rush Limbaugh is making it about “race”. I responded that Limbaugh is talking about it “race” because OBAMA and the DEM’s were playing the race card.  


Fowler just grinned.

Item Two: LeHane admitted that the Internet generated attacks and smears on Sarah Palin may not have been the smartest move in the world. He called it a “Billion Dollar Bitterfest Backfire by the Left.”He also said “it’s like the guy who calls a woman for a date, calls her stupid, un-educated, and unattractive- then says ‘wanna go out’?

From the "Not Holding My Breath" department.

This morning on the Today Show, Schumer agreed with Senator DeMint that any politician who broke the law and helped cause this financial crisis should go to jail.

Including a politician who is at the center of IndyMac's collapse? "whoever. you bet."


VIEIRA: finally a question to both of you, yes or no, fbi investigating these financial institutions right now to determine whether there's any criminal behavior. do you think that people should go to jail for this massive failure, senator demint, can i start with you?

SEN. DEMINT: well, if they've broken the law, see that. i think that includes politicians who presided over this mess and caused the problem. i agree we have a problem but the way to fix it is not more government.

VIEIRA: senator schumer.

SEN. SCHUMER: yes, they certain -- if they broke the law they certainly should go to jail.

VIEIRA: including politicians.

SEN. SCHUMER: whoever. you bet.

Still on the subject of the financial melt-down and the rescue package working its way through Congress, Mike Kremparsky of Strategy One  has some new polling available, a regular survey of Beltway elites or opinion makers.

They just got one back on the bailout and very interesting stuff in here. .


Of note:


"In the survey, 67% of beltway Republicans supported the administration's bailout plan and 33% opposed.  Beltway Democrats were split, with 47% supporting and 53% opposing.  However, support for the bailout plan eroded between Monday night and Tuesday night, as Democratic support dropped from 61% to 40% and Republican support dropped from 73% to 63%."

Despite the back-tracking and the denials (as well as admissions) the pattern of deception has become so clear that even the dumbest mainstream media reporter can't help but notice that something is not right in ObamaLand.

That "something" is the astroturfing campaign that resulted in unspeakable lies about Sarah Palin, some of the dirtiest campaign trickery I have witnessed in quite some time.

Did I mention that it is the Democrats who are sliming Governor Palin? Did I mention that Obama's campaign operatives are likely involved?

The Jawa Report's Dr. Rusty Shackleford (who tracks jihadists on the Internet) has been following the origination of the smears and followed the leads right into David Axelrod's frontyard.

Andrea Shea-King at the Radio Patriot has scheduled Dr. Shackleford for later this evening for a live interview.

Tune in. 9:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm PST.

This story has legs, and they are marching towards a WHITE HOT tipping point.

BUT BUT BUT BUT ...I thought Joe Biden was supposed to be the attack dog in this campaign?!


Democratic for vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., speaks to the National Guard Association of the United States' 130th General Conference, Monday, Sept. 22, 2008, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/ Steve Ruark)

Biden scolded by the Boss. Ouch.

It's funny how when someone gets busted they suddenly want to do 'the right thing .'


And what is also odd is that you can go to jail for much, much longer by stealing a piece of mail ...but email...not so much.

Congress needs to do something about that. Maybe Sarah Palin as Vice-President can help the process along.

It is nice to know that the FBI jumped on this case, nailing this punk , his pals and the ones who also hit Bill O'Reilly's website in retaliation for his comments about them.


From Bruce Kessler:

Click here: The Jawa Report: Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them

 Within an hour of this post going up, YouTube videos implicating Ethan Winner were yanked, sockpuppet accounts deleted, and more importantly, the Wikipedia entry on David Axelrod began to edit out mentions of his well knowN astroturfing campaigns. Hmmm, it sounds to me like we're on to something.

 A BlogFire has erupted over a new investigation conducted by Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report - suggesting that the Sarah Palin smears including reports she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party (advocating secession from the union) and has radical anti-American views begins and ends with the Obama campaign.

Must Reading here.

If the allegations of cyber ambush prove to be true, the Federal Elections Commission must get  involved. The "astroturfing" or making it appear as if the smears began organically on the 'net instead of orchestrated by a political PR firm is morally wrong ....and it's illegal.

Stay clicked for further developments.

This is gonna be a Big One, folks.

It turns out that stabbing unborn babies in the head and suctioning out their brains isn't exactly what the Catholic Church has in mind when it teaches its pro-life position.

Nancy Pelosi apparently didn't get the memo. Perhaps Madame Speaker was too busy speaking out of both sides of her mouth this election cycle?

But maybe she'll get the point from the Archbishop of San Francisco after hearing from him directly.


Palin Derangement Syndrome is again on full display. Liberal women, primarily from the Northwest, begin twitching and flailing, visibly perturbed, their MAC make-up melting as their internal thermometer is heating way past the boiling point.

The New York Daily News has a piece about the love/hate relationship to Mrs. Palin. On the left, it really boils down to Bush Derangement Syndrome by proxy (I coined this term, just now, but please feel free to spread it around.) 

But scratch a politically active opponent of Bush White House policies and fury erupts.

"Eva Peron reminds me a lot of why I'm so frightened of Sarah Palin," said author Naomi Wolf, referring to the woman who put a movie-star face on Argentina's autocratic regime in the 1940s.

"She was this glossy, telegenic figurehead for a police state," said Wolf, a former Al Gore campaign adviser.

Wolf sees Palin as an extension not of McCain but of the current White House.


In addition to Bush Derangement Syndrome by proxy, there's more. My friend Phylis Schlaffley has it all scoped out (naturally.)

"...The feminist tirades against Sarah are mostly so tiresome, but one line of their complaints is really funny. After 40 years of telling wives and mothers to get out of the home (which Betty Friedan called "a comfortable concentration camp"), put their children in day care (tax-funded, of course) and join the workforce, these same feminists now tell Sarah to stay home with her children.

Sarah doesn't need feminist approval for her lifestyle; the only person whose OK she needs for her double career as mother and politician is her husband's, and he seems very happy with Sarah.

Sarah Palin is an exemplar of a successful, can-do woman, and the feminists simply don't know how to deal with her. I hope she will usher in a new era where conventional wisdom recognizes that feminist negativism is ancient history and American women are so fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth."


Joe? Joe who?

Most of America might be asking that question as Joe Biden wanders in the political wilderness, committing 'gaffes' while attacking McCain, poking reporters in the pec's, and generally being ignored by the national media.

This is an except from The New York Times, official campaign cheerleaders for Obama:

“If I sound angry, it’s because I am angry,” Mr. Biden told a few hundred people gathered at a high school football field. Yes, he sounds angry, yelling through his stump speeches, flailing his arms and telling a (supportive) member of the audience to “Shush up, will you?” (“I’m kidding,” he added, but did not sound it.)

But the reality for Mr. Biden is that while running mates are second-fiddlers by definition, the phenomenon of Ms. Palin has rendered him something of a fourth or fifth fiddle. It is not like last month, when reporters swarmed Mr. Biden’s Delaware home and delegates swooned at the Democratic convention. He is now trailed by just a few national reporters, and struggling to break through in a race marked by historic firsts, political celebrities and charismatic newcomers — none named Joe Biden.

The Obama campaign was hoping to reintroduce Mr. Biden this week as running mate attack dog. But his penchant for verbal rambling ensured that much of the attention he drew was unwanted: he said wealthy Americans had a “patriotic” duty to pay more taxes, a remark the McCain campaign mocked relentlessly.

Yet Joltin’ Joe has also become a fascinating Off Broadway spectacle in his own right. He is a distinctive blend of pit bull and odd duck whose weak filters make him capable of blurting out pretty much anything — “gaffes,” out-of-nowhere comments (pivoting midspeech to say “Excuse my back!” to people seated behind him), goofy asides (tapping a reporter’s chest and telling him, “You need to work on your pecs.”)

Read the whole thing here.

This is the best piece I have read to date on the melt-down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - who was responsible, what happened, and why the Democrats (especially Barack Obama) are strangely mute on the biggest economic story in 60 years.

From the Hartford Courant

"...Taxpayers face a tab of as much as $200 billion for a government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the formerly semi-autonomous mortgage finance clearinghouses. And Sen. Christopher Dodd, the Democratic chairman of the Senate banking committee, has the gall to say in a Bloomberg Television interview: "I have a lot of questions about where was the administration over the last eight years."

We will save the senator some trouble. Here is what we saw firsthand at the White House from late 2002 through 2007: Starting in 2002, White House and Treasury Department economic policy staffers, with support from then-Chief of Staff Andy Card, began to press for meaningful reforms of Fannie, Freddie and other government-sponsored enterprises, known GSEs.

The crux of their concern was this: Investors believed that the GSEs were government-backed, so shouldn't the GSEs also be subject to meaningful government supervision?

This was not the first time a White House had tried to confront this issue. During the Clinton years, Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Treasury official Gary Gensler both spoke out on the issue of Fannie and Freddie's investment portfolios, which had already begun to resemble hedge funds with risky holdings. Nor were others silent: As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan regularly warned about the risks posed by Fannie and Freddie's holdings."

Oh Dear, The Chosen One was booed on the trail today - by African-Americans!

And he didn't like it one bit.

ABC News has the story, but as usual misses the point.

Due to the excellent investigative skills of right-wing bloggers and investigators, we now know (or think we know) that the person who hacked into Governor Palin's private email account is the son of a Tennessee State Representative - oh, did I forgot to mention that he's a Democrat?

My bad.

Details from Gateway Pundit here.

Guess the mainstream media was too busy digging up dirt on Mrs. Palin in Alaska to be bothered with the over-the-line assault on her privacy from Tennessee.

Friday, September 19, 2008
Palin Fired a Wife Beater in 'Troopergate'
Posted by: Amanda Carpenter at 10:04 AM
Former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. He was fired by Governor Sarah Palin for insubordination earlier this year. New media reports reveal he also beat his wife. Democrats say Palin "abused her power" in terminating Monegan.

Democrats pushing "Troopergate" are getting closer and closer to defending the records of two abusive men who have threatened family members and on occasion taken violent action towards them.

Alaska's former Public Safety Commisioner Walt Monegan and state trooper Mike Wooten both have a distrubing history of abuse. Monegan, of course, is the man who Democrats believe GOP vice presidential contender Sarah Palin improperly fired as Alaskan Governor and who is at the center of their  controversial "Troopergate" inquiry. Wooten is Palin's former brother-in-law who Democrats think  Palin unethically pressured Monegan to terminate.

Via the
San Francisco Chronicle Monegan admitted dislocating his wife's shoulder "by accident" by "wrestling and tickling" her. His estranged wife, Georgene Moldovan, tells another story.

Moldovan sought a restraining order against him in 1994 after he threatened to kill her, waved a gun at her and knocked her shoulder out  of socket, according to court papers. The court papers say: "he pulled out his gun and waved it at me outside my home and yelled he would kill me if I stopped him."

Moldovan told the SF Chronicle that Monegan "would show up unannounced and break into my apartment and do threatening things. I was forced to get a restraining order because I was really fearful he was going to harm me." She said he also threatened to throw her body into a cold, Alaskan river.
Monegan, for his part, said his ex-wife was telling "either half-truths or pure fabrications."Governor Palin fired Monegan earlier this year for insubordination. Democrats have accused Palin of "abusing her power" in firing Monegan, who was a political appointee. The Alaskan legislature is now leading an ethics investigation to determine if Palin improperly fired Monegan. Palin's foes say Palin really fired Monegan over his refusal to terminate trooper Wooten, not for his insubordination.  Wooten recently ended a bitter marriage with Palin's sister, Molly. Like Monegan, Wooten has a violent history with family members. He's admitted to "tasering" his stepson and has been accused of threatening to kill his former father-in-law, Palin's dad.

Remember hearing about the big Obama Hollywood fund-raiser hosted by Barbara Streisand earlier this week?

(CBS/ AP) Barack Obama partied with Hollywood celebrities Tuesday night and with the help of Oscar-winning singer and actress Barbra Streisand raised an eye-popping $9 million for his presidential campaign and the Democratic Party.

The night was split into two glitzy events, a reception and dinner costing $28,500 each at the Greystone Mansion, followed by entertainment by Streisand at the nearby Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. About 250-300 people were expected at the dinner and about 800 at the entertainment, which cost $2,500 a ticket.

Dinner guests seen by reporters, or noted by waiters, included Will Ferrell, Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Lee Curtis and DreamWorks founders Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

There was another special guest and good friend of Barack Obama in attendance. Her name is Jodi Evans. She supports terrorists. She gave over $600,000 to the families of Al Qaeda jihadists in the Anbar province in Iraq. She co-founded CodePink and is regularly arrested with her anti-war stunts on Capitol Hill.

Why is Jodi Evans at an Obama fund-raiser? He promised to end the war, now he's negotiating to keep American forces in Iraq until after the November election. Remember what CodePink did to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi for not "doing enough to bring our troops home" by heckling and stalking both women at every campaign event or book signing?

Kristinn Taylor at has new details of the nexus between The Chosen One, The Terrorist Supporter, and their Hollywood Pals here.

Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois put his seal of approval on the woman who attempted to storm the stage during the acceptance speech by Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska at the Republican National Convention by welcoming her to his $28,500 per person fundraiser held in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Less than two weeks after garnering worldwide attention by getting within feet of the stage where Palin stood before getting dragged away by security personnel, Obama bundler Jodie Evans, co-founder of the anti-American group Code Pink, was one of about 300 donors attending the high-priced fundraiser Obama held at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills that brought in approximately $8 million for the Obama campaign and the Democratic party, according to Entertainment Weekly, which published the donor list for the event.

During a campaign appearance today, Governor Palin was quoted saying that she doesn't question Barack Obama's patriotism. She questions his judgement. I question both - and his fitness to become our next Commander-in-Chief.

BillO'Reilly hosted the segment tonight in which I was invited to speak, alongwith the highly skilled Tim Graham of the Media Research Center. The subject matter was the snub of NBC by the McCain campaign by scheduling Sarah Palin with CBS, for her next major network interview. ABC has already interviewed Governor Palin.

Make no mistake about it. McCain's campaign was intentionally insulting NBC, which has a long and sordid history of biased, vitriolic coverage of Republicans, and especially conservatives.

Katie Couric may not get a tingle up her leg when she interviews Gov. Palin, but she has to be more even-handed than the hacks at MSNBC. This is a good move by McCain. He is showing strength to face his detractors and, at the same time, his willingness to deal with the mainstream media who have treated him like Obama's houseboy.

McCain has been over backwards over the years with the MSM, yet they stab him in the back every chance they get. The hatemongers at MSNBC are the worst, of course.

MSNBC itself admitted liberal media bias in a 2004 report that showed 125 reporters form major media sent money to Democrats, and only 16 contributed to the GOP. that's putting their money where their mouths and hearts are. NBC finally recognized that their presidential coverage has been well out of bounds, which is why they canned the hateful Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchoring.

Due to time considerations, I did not get a chance to cite a few of the examples that I have documented of NBC's bias, but here is a sampling. 

McCain campaign complains about NBC coverage
   On Aug. 17, McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis wrote a letter to Steve Capus, the president of NBC News, to protest what the campaign called signs that the network is "abandoning non-partisan coverage of the presidential race."

   The campaign is objected to a statement by NBC's Andrea Mitchell on "Meet the Press" questioning whether McCain might have gotten a heads-up on some of the questions that were asked of Obama, who was the first candidate to be interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren at a presidential forum on faith on Aug. 16.

   "We are concerned that your News Division is following MSNBC's lead in abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race. We would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss our deep concerns about the news standards and level of objectivity at NBC," Davis wrote.

White House attacks NBC News coverage
   In May, The White House launched an attack on NBC News for its editing of an interview with President Bush.
   In a letter to NBC News President Steve Capus, presidential counselor Ed Gillespie complained that a report on the "Today" show distorted Bush's remarks Bush made to the Israeli Knesset in May -- where he compared negotiations with Iran to the appeasement of Nazis -- and did not include the president's objections to questions from reporter Richard Engel.

   "This deceitful editing to further a media-manufactured storyline is utterly misleading and irresponsible," Gillespie wrote, adding that NBC should air Bush's responses "in full."

   NBC News said in a statement that the story "accurately reflects the interview" and questioned the White House's criticisms.

NBC Military Analyst Quits Network, Citing Left-wing Bias
   In Feb. 2007 NBC military analyst Ken Allard, a former army colonel, resigned from the network, citing a general drift to the left and especially following NBC's inaction over scurrilous remarks made by one of its other analysts, Bill Arkin, that implied the military was full of "mercenaries" raking in "obscene amenities."


Team McCain scores against Obama the Beautiful ...during a Iowa Townhall meeting Johnny Mac smacked The Annnointed One with the truth: Obama took more money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than any other politican except Chris Dodd. And he has done nothing to avert the crisis.

Let's not forget Sarah Barracuda, who went after Biden's patriotism.


As for CHANGE, fah-geddah about it Obama wants his supporters to get up in your face!

Barack Obama sharpened his attacks on John McCain and mocked the Republican's recent calls for reform in two stops in Nevada on Wednesday after days of listening to nervous supporters fret about the Democrat's chances of taking the White House.....many of his supporters are upset that polls show the race is pretty much even, despite Obama running against a Republican who used to brag that he voted 90 percent of the time with the unpopular President Bush. The economy is teetering, and the country is still at war, but seven weeks from Election Day the race is far from the slam-dunk that Democrats dreamed about.

Meanwhile, the odor of desperation is wafting through the ranks of Obama's campaign staff.

It's not funny anymore. The dirty tricks by the netroots - the crackpots with keyboards - has risen to a level I have not personally witnessed in years.

Now Governor Palin's personal email account has been hacked, and some contents disseminated.

I thought liberals were all about their privacy rights. Oh excuse me, I must have misunderstood. They want their privacy protected, but they don't give a rats rear-end about conservative Republicans.

I've seen a lot of this kind of response to the illegal act that took place by a group or person identifying themselves as Anonymous (clever, huh?)

"...Obviously, hacking into private e-mails is a crime and wrong.... but kudos anonymous for trying to get some truth out of someone whose been hiding illegal things and getting around subpoenas for the emails ..."


Michelle Malkin has the latest on Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Is this why John McCain doesn't use email?

Alert the Media!

Yours Truly will be appearing on The Factor with Bill O'Reilly on the Fox News Network this Thursday, September 18th.

Bill's producers have invited me to discuss the snub of NBC News by the McCain campaign, awarding the next MSM national network interview of Sarah Palin to Katie Curic at CBS.

What does this mean? For one thing, it means that the campaign is smart to punish NBC for its endless bias against conservatives (particularly women) and the hateful diatribes by Keith Olbermann and the adolescent leerings of Chris Matthews.

Tim Graham from Media Research Center will be on the program, too.

Tune in 5:00 pm PST.



From the American Spectator, September 17, 2008

The Obama campaign spent more than five hours on Monday attempting to figure out the best refutation of the explosive New York Post report that quoted Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari as saying that Barack Obama during his July visit to Baghdad demanded that Iraq not negotiate with the Bush Administration on the withdrawal of American troops. Instead, he asked that they delay such negotiations until after the presidential handover at the end of January.

The three problems, according to campaign sources: The report was true, there were at least three other people in the room with Obama and Zebari to confirm the conversation, and there was concern that there were enough aggressive reporters based in Baghdad with the sources to confirm the conversation that to deny the comments would create a bigger problem.

Instead, Obama's national security spokeswoman Wendy Morigi told reporters that Obama told the Iraqis that they should not rush through what she termed a "Strategic Framework Agreement" governing the future of U.S. forces until after President Bush left office. In other words, the Iraqis should not negotiate an American troop withdrawal.

According to a Senate staffer working for Sen. Joseph Biden, Biden himself got involved in the shaping of the statement. "The whole reason he's on the ticket is the foreign policy insight," explained the staffer.

The blogosphere is responding to the Move America Forward Freedom PAC ad that we produced yesterday in response to the shameful attempt by Senator Obama to pressure the Iraqi government into slowing troop withdrawals from the war theater - for political gain.

Gateway Pundit here.

Amir Tehari of the New York Post has new developments here.

Michelle Malkin's Hot Air here.

Pat Dollard here.

Susan Duclos at WakeUpAmericans here.

Senator Obama must be held to account for this shameful attempt's clear the Bush administration won't do it, so it must be up to the people to scorn him for placing his personal ambition above the welfare of our troops.

The most powerful woman in the world (just ask her) Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi has seen the political writing on the wall, and guided an energy bill in Congress to a successful vote.

The only problem is - the bill sucks.

Read it for yourself here.

The truth hurts. 

Flip, flop, tick tock, Barack Obama is in the dock.

The appalling secret negotiation of Barack Obama with the Iraqi government back in July to DELAY the withdrawal of American troops has been confirmed, despite Obama's denial.

Shameful. Have these people never heard of the Logan Act?

The year - 2000. The candidate? Barack Obama. The criticism? He lacked  experience for the job of state senator. A pretty familiar refrain, eh?

But Barack went on the offensive, explaining to interviewers that his curricula vitae included work for William Ayers and the group he co-founded called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. You remember Billy, right? The 60's bomber who refuses to recant the murder rampage he and his weathermen buddies engaged in until they were finally arrested.




Move America Forward's new political action committee (PAC) has issued a press release today condemning the actions of Senator Obama.

(SACRAMENTO) --  Move America Forward’s political action committee, MAF Freedom PAC, today condemned Barack Obama for “putting his own political objectives ahead of the safety of U.S. military personnel in Iraq.” 

Iraqi government sources have revealed to the New York Post that Presidential candidate Barack Obama demanded Iraqi officials stop negotiations with the Bush Administration to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.  Fearful that the success in Iraq would harm his political aspirations, Obama sought to keep U.S. troops in Iraq so he can continue attacking the Bush Administration for not imposing a timetable for withdrawal.


“If these allegations prove to be true, it should be the end of the Obama campaign,” asserted MAF Freedom PAC Chairman, Melanie Morgan.


“Obama should have the decency to recognize that he lacks the moral character to serve as Commander-in-Chief, and he should withdraw from the ticket.  I have never heard of any candidate deliberately trying to get Americans killed to prove their point.”


According to the New York Post story, not only did Obama seek to get the Iraqi’s to stop negotiating with Americans on the troop drawdown, he also tried to bully General David Petraeus to agree to a hard withdrawal date.


“The hypocrisy of Barack Obama to say in the United States that he wants a speedier troop withdrawal date, while telling the Iraqis to stop negotiating is appalling.  Even supporters of a quicker U.S. withdrawal must be sickened by his conduct in Iraq.  If there was ever a candidate who has demonstrated the lack of character and leadership to represent the United States in foreign affairs, it is Barack Obama,” Morgan concluded.



  MAF Freedom PAC is the political action arm of Move America Forward (website:, the nation’s largest pro-troop organization.  The patriotic group is led by San Francisco pro-troop activist and renowned radio & television personality, Melanie Morgan.  


The New York Post has Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on record, stating Barack Obama tried to interfere with ongoing negotiations with Iraqi leaders while on his trip to Iraq recently.

While telling his supporters his plan to withdraw troops from Iraq within 16 months, Barack Obama was doing something far different while he was in Iraq. He was trying to talk Iraqi officials into delaying the agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence from Iraq, Zebari said in an interview with The New York Post.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

"He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington

More details here.

Meanwhile, Obama's terrorist supporting friends Jodi Evans and Medea Benjamin are milking the cash cow for him.

(h/t Kristinn at 

Newly released Federal Election Commission documents reveal that Democratic party presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois accepted a hefty $7250 contribution this summer from terrorist supporter Jodie Evans, a co-founder of the anti-American group Code Pink.



The political bare-knuckle brawling is underway, but pretty soon (like tomorrow)you are gonna see the Dem's carrying baseball bats, knives, chains, and tasers.

Yes folks, it's gonna get a lot uglier after the newest Rasmussen poll, which puts John McCain above the 50 percent approval threshold for the first time in the campaign.

"...The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows John McCain reaching the 50% level of support for the first time since Barack Obama wrapped up the Democratic Presidential Nomination. McCain retains a three-point advantage for the third straight day, 50% to 47% (see recent daily results). "

(photograph of angry Democrats courtesy New Haven Independant)

Fox News Sunday dropped the ball a bit on the Democrat hack attack hurled against Governor Palin, according to Ron Winter, an East Coast Blogger, pal, and GOP consultant.

A little political jujitsu is order from the MCain campaign, says Ron.

There is one issue that came up during the Wallace pre-game show that should have been developed more but unfortunately Wallace really came up short, that being the so-called Troopergate issue.

The heart of this issue is that Gov. Palin's former brother-in-law, an Alaska State Trooper, went through a vicious divorce from the governor's sister. In the course of the proceedings allegations surfaced that the trooper used a taser on his 11-year-old stepson, that he threatened to kill the Governor's father, and that he drank on the job.

That has morphed in the world of Alaska's partisan politics to a claim that the Governor tried to force her Department of Public Safety commissioner to fire the trooper, and when he wouldn't, she fired the department head in retaliation.

Now, the former department head says she actually never did tell him to fire the trooper, but he "felt pressure," whatever the hell that means.

But let's go back to the original allegations. The trooper admitted that he used a taser ON AN 11-YEAR-OLD-KID! What part of the rules and regulations governing use of a taser came into play when a little kid was involved? Was this full grown trooper threatened, did the kid pose a hazard to public safety? Nope, none of the above.

This cop sent thousands of volts of electricity through a child's body, using a device that has been known to cause cardiac arrest in full-grown adults, and we are arguing about Alaska's ex-Commissioner of Public Safety saying he "felt pressure!?" Is the world completely upside down in Washington, D.C.?

He tased a kid! And an internal investigation found that he indeed threatened to kill the Governor's father! Enough said. Fire his ass!

Deep in the heart of every "progressive" beats the desire to remake society according to their ideology and anybody who gets in their way is by definition reactionary, corrupt and contemptible, so any and all measures are justified to end their opposition. This is not a personality quirk of selected progressives, it is a fundamental tenet of their world view. Mark Tapscott's Sunday column of The Washington Examiner warns the Palin family of what is likely ahead for them.

Meanwhile, the newest polling shows key states now in play for McCain. Panic for the Dem's.

Charlie Gibson's Probing Questions...

A selection of classic Charlie Gibson interview questions. Can you guess which of these probing questions were thrown at Democrats and which were thrown at Republicans?

"What did [your children] say about [your nomination]?"


"Did you know right away [when you first met your future spouse]?"

"Has the joyfulness of this hit home yet? Do you take joy from it?"

"[Your father] didn't care enough to stay. How did you internalize that?"

"Do you worry that [this race] could turn on race, age and class?"

"What did you think of [your opponent's] speech?"

"[T]hey went at you hammer and tong last night...saying the fundamental security of this country was at stake in this election, questioning [your running mate's] ability to be commander in chief. I wonder how you felt as you listened."

"I'm curious about your feelings last night. It was an historic moment. Has it sunk in yet?"

"On what three issues will this campaign turn to you?"

"Is the hardest part of all this behind you or ahead of you?"

"There's a million people pulling you in a million different directions, but when everybody clears out, the staff is gone, you're in your hotel room at night and you're alone -- do you say to yourself: 'Son of a gun, I've done this?'"

"Did [your opponents' attacks] make you in any way second-guess the decision...not to mention George Bush from the podium so often...?"

"You speak with such equanimity this morning. Didn't they make you mad last night?"

Answer: as you might have guessed, all of these cotton-candy softballs were lobbed at Democrat candidates.

Okay, I am seriously annoyed with my former employer ABC News. Executive Producers, Associate Producers, Line Producers, Operations Managers - whomever made the decision to cut up the Sarah Palin interview into chunks and air her comments piece-meal are out for ratings, and not edification on her worldview nor her policy positions.

I admit I do not watch mainstream television anymore, so that's part of the problem. And it is why I don't have any comment on part 273 of Charlie Gibson's interview with the Governor.

Thank Goodness, though, Lori Byrd at Wizbang has done the heavy lifting for us.

In my opinion, the biggest news to come out of it is that Charlie Gibson did not apologize to Sarah Palin for misquoting her "exact words" in the first part of the interview, and even worse did not apologize to his viewers for giving them incorrect information and misleading them to believe that Palin was a nutty Christian bent on Holy War. He did not issue a correction when he had the perfect opportunity. The huge mistake he made was in the first day of interviewing. He has since had a chance to realize his mistake, since many have pointed it out. He had an interview with Palin the following day, and an hour of network television, with more to come on Nightline tonight so he had the perfect opening to set the record straight. For all the fact checking Gibson and ABC did of Palin (probably more than they have done of Obama the past two years), he didn't think to check his own facts and then when he realized they were wrong, did nothing to correct the information for his viewers. No wonder people trust used car salesmen more than journalists these days. At least the people I know do. If you are not yet aware of the "exact words" Gibson misquoted, there is a great post containing transcript and video at Dartblog.


Media jackals and the shreiking we are hearing after last nights Q & A by Charlie Gibson, liberal anchorman for ABC News, is so typical.

The frothing begins with Governor Palin's answer to the question about the Bush Doctorine and whether she agreed with it.

Josh Trevino, a right-blogger, alertly has the push-back here.

My column  for coincides with what 3rd Wave Dave and Andrea Shea King are thinking, too.

Today’s venture begins in the pigpen, where liberals wallow in lies, innuendos, and depravity unfitting of even the lowliest swine.


We’ve all by now heard about Barack Obama’s “ lipstick” jab of Gov. Sarah Palin. “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” That was the line that got his supporters howling with laughter. They understood that it was a slight at the woman who has stolen his thunder.


No longer are women fainting at Obama’s feet as he yammers about change. Instead they are buying up Palin’s style Kazuo Kawasaki glasses, and getting their hair cut like the Alaska governor.

One TV station in Chicago asked women to comment on Obama’s “lipstick” comments, and here are a couple of responses:


“It's definitely inappropriate-we also seem to be ignoring the second comment that he made. The comment regarding a fish that stinks and wrapping it in paper- I'm sorry but any "lady" would find that comment truly offensive. How would Barack like some one saying that comment when referring to anything to do with his wife?????? Give me a break....I don't know of any woman that would. As a lady I find this disgusting. – Kim Piskorowski, Des Plaines.


Obama said he was using the "same phrase McCain had used"..McCain was talking about a program (medical care), not a person. Obama was definitely talking about Gov. Sarah Palin. It was not appropriate and he owes her an apology. – Glenda Cain, St. Charles.


Some women, of course, support Obama because he has a baritone voice and a D behind his name. And some of those women are self-described feminists who have been unmasked as radical leftists – not supporters of women - by their churning hatred of Palin.


Ever since Sen. John McCain’s announcement that he chose Gov. Palin as his running mate, cynical leftists and Democrat agitators have hounded her with lies about her family, her politics, her religion, and belittled her hair and skirts. They have slandered her because she has a family AND works.


“South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a mate ‘whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion,’ according to the Politico.



Nice, eh?


  Then we have Gloria Steinem, the alleged feminist who has made her fame and money on other women’s backs. She said that Hillary Clinton supporters would not vote for Palin.


“To vote in protest for McCain/Palin would be like saying, "Somebody stole my shoes, so I'll amputate my legs," Steinem wrote in the LA Times.


Well, that’s supportive, isn’t it? Comparing a vote for Palin to amputating one’s legs is a real feminist position.


Even Hollywood has weighed in, with its predictable hate for anything that is truly American. Asked about his opinion of Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin on an interview with EXTRA Tabloid TV, actor Brad Garrett of “Everybody Loves Raymond” responded without hesitation “White Trash in the White House."


Well, you gotta hand it to Garrett. He’s saying out loud what the rest of the Hollywood liberal democrat elite are saying behind closed doors.

 These are just a few of the foul thoughts from the left. Let them keep talking, because they’re goring their own pigs. The country now knows that the lies they’ve told us about equal treatment for all women and all people was just a way to get them headlines and make them money.


I’m no bra-burning hippy chick who faints at the sight of a former community organizer, but my estrogen is on fire with this hateful treatment of a woman. Attacking her because of her policies is one thing. But going after her because you don’t like her hair, or the fact that she has five children, her youngest with Down syndrome, is sexist in the basest sense of the word.


Real women, the soccer and hockey moms, working women who run to the store after work, and those whose work is at home, see something else in Palin. They see real hope, not that mystical snake oil Obama is pushing from atop his Barackopolis.


Palin stands for family and she shows it. She stands for those with disabilities instead of standing with those who encourage abortion of those with disabilities. She stands for fewer taxes on working families, and freedom from foreign oil. She stands for all of the Constitution – including the Second Amendment.


The vicious and slanderous attacks will continue. Gov. Palin knows it and so does her family. As somebody who has faced the hateful left, I know how brutal the onslaught can be on a day-to-day basis.


The attacks have changed the face of this presidential election and laid bare the true intents of Gloria Steinhem, Obama and the rest of the two-faced liberals who’ve marched all over this country for far too long.


Obama, the self-described “feminists” and the sinking democrats are going to have to find another act. The lipstick’s off the pigs, and it ain’t pretty.


ABC News Blows It

My fears for Sarah Palin in the hands of Charlie Gibson were realized. While I have yet to view World News Tonight, Michelle Malkin and others have. I watched a clip of Gibson trying to play 'gotcha' over the Bush Doctrine, in which Governor Palin appeared to hesitate. Governor Palin answered the question correctly. But this condescending attitude is going to backfire. reports that Gibson relied on the Associated Press. Um, that would be The Fake But Accurate news service.

UPDATE II: says Palin holds her own.


While the East Coast is seeing Palin shortly, those of us here in the Western states still have to wait a few more hours to watch Charlie Gibson interview Governor Palin in Alaska.

But ABC News is touting its exclusive here.

As you watch the Charlie Gibson interview, keep this in mind. Charlie Gibson is a liberal.

And some "facts" on the ABC website about Sarah Palin are wrong, including an allegation that she fired a librarian in Wasilla because she wouldn't pull out some books that Palin wanted censored.

That story has been de-bunked numerous times.

More on the interview when it comes across my airwaves.

Today - September 11, 2008 - marks the 7-year anniversary of the most horrific attack by terrorists against the United States.  Please take a moment to stop and think about where you were when you first heard of these awful attacks taking place against our nation, and the thousands of lives lost on that fateful day. We made a declaration as a nation:  "never again."  We swore we would not forget, and that we would not allow apathy to set in.  It seems that so many Americans have forgotten what took place that day, and the on-going war that is being waged by radical Islamists against the West.

My friend Joe is writing to you this morning from Dearborn, Michigan where he  traveled with a colleague to host a special screening of the movie, "Obsession: Radical Islams War Against the West."  (More information on this special 9/11 event can be found - HERE).  

He's  holding the screening in Dearborn, MI because the city is commonly referred to as the Muslim capital of America.  Law enforcement authorities have arrested scores of local residents for engaging in activities that support jihadists who wish to kill Americans and hurt our nation.  You can see the results of a Google search for "Dearborn" and "terrorism" to see what he means - CLICK HERE.  Some people in the media have asked if he is concerned about offending the sensibilites of some Muslims by holding this screening in Dearborn.  His response to them has been this:  why on earth should we apologize for asking ALL Americans to stand united in denouncing the tactics of terror, tyranny and violence in order to advance a perverted form of any religion?

The passengers aboard Flight 93 fought back against radical Islam on this day 7-years ago, and we must not ask anything less of the American people in continuing that fight until that threat has been defeated.


Please stand in solidarity with Americans today in Dearborn, MI today and everyone who turns out at this special screening of "Obsession" as we declare that we will never forget and that we will never be silenced. If you run a blog or website, please post a link to our website:

Many people are eloquently writing and speaking about the seventh anniversary of the hellish national nightmare we endured in our country. But shockingly, in some parts of the country, no one my local newspaper (the San Francisco Chronicle) there wasn't a single story honoring the fallen who were murdered September 11th 2001.

So I turn to Lawhawk, who has a somber accounting of then and now.a moving piece, updates on where we stand today, and links to other writers whom I admire.

"....Anyone who walks around Ground Zero in Manhattan would find people selling photos or books of the 9/11 attacks, along with photos of the day. I find that somewhat crass, but at the same time, it's important that people see what happened that day and not forget what happened. The further away from 9/11 we get, the more the details fade away. It is just too important to let that happen.

Then again, there are plenty of people who don't quite get what happened on 9/11 is a reflection of an ongoing war by Islamists against the US. They don't (as seen by comments
here). It can be traced back to the the PLO hijackings of the 1970s, Iranian attack on the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979, and through to the Hizbullah bombing of the US Marine Barracks in 1983, the 1993 WTC bombing (which happened 15 years ago), and then the attacks on the US Embassies in Africa, the USS Cole, to say nothing of the dozens of terror attacks in between.

The failure treat the Islamist threat seriously convinced Islamic terrorist group leaders, including Osama bin Laden, that they could launch ever more audacious attacks to impose their view on the world - to force the US to leave its allies hanging and to enable the Islamists to establish dominion. It was only after 9/11 that the US responded to the Islamists' war on the US with the kind of vigor necessary to defeat the Islamists.

Al Qaeda and the Islamists disdain for non believers grew increasingly violent as they saw that they could attack and attack without repercussions. They saw that there were tremendous weaknesses in US will and security, and they took advantage of it, to deadly effect. Now, they have to spend more time watching their backs than plotting future attacks."

Bloomberg Reports: Democrats are afraid of losing the election.

"...After months of leading in voter enthusiasm, fundraising and most surveys, Barack Obama lost momentum to John McCain after the Republican convention last week. McCain has gotten a boost from his pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate and has surged ahead of Obama in some national polls, while running even in others.

Arizona Senator McCain, 72, is drawing larger crowds to his rallies than ever before. Illinois Senator Obama's campaign, meanwhile, may struggle to keep up the record fundraising pace it has maintained all year.

The campaign's ``novelty has worn off,'' said Representative Bill Pascrell, a New Jersey Democrat. The Obama campaign ``seems to have lost its speed, its response time.''

mccain palin crowd

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, joined by his wife Cindy McCain and at right is his running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, at a campaign event in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on September 5, 2008.
(ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

"....Public support for Republican Party candidates to the House of Representatives increased dramatically this month in the United States, according to a poll by Gallup released by USA Today. 50 per cent of respondents would vote for the GOP contender in their congressional district, up eight points since August.


Democratic Party contenders are second with 45 per cent, down six points in a month. Six per cent of respondents would vote for other candidates or are undecided.

Polling Data If the elections for Congress were being held today, which party’s candidate would you vote for in your congressional district: the Democratic Party’s candidate or the Republican Party’s candidate?
  Sept. 2008 Aug. 2008 Jun. 2008
Republican 50% 42% 42%
Democratic 45% 51% 52%
Other / Unsure 6% 7% 7%
Source: Gallup / USA Today
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 823 likely American voters, conducted from Sept. 5 to Sept. 7, 2008. Margin of error is 4 per cent.

This is for all the ladies out there!  As a result of Obama’s BAD joke, a new idea has been launched. All the women who are offended by this can send Obama their lipsticks. Now we all have ¾ used tubes sitting in drawers that we’ll never wear again. Send them off!



  (Guys- get your wives and daughters lipsticks to send!)


Send it all to his Washington DC office at the address below:

 Senator Barack Obama
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Read more at THIRDWAVEDAVE, and listen in to my interview with Andrea Shea King last night!


Lori Byrd at Wizbang writes,  "The Anchoress pointed me to these great McCain-Palin "lipstick" buttons that were created by "a home schooling mother of 8 - with one seriously autistic child" who she said could really use the $$.  The graphic is pretty cool."

Very cool. Order up. 


My, what a difference a few days can make in Presidential politics. MediaBistro has the stunning news that the MSM is shifting from Obamania to persecuting Palin.


"...For quite some time, Sen. Barack Obama has dominated media coverage. So much so that even the Washington Post's ombudsman had to call out her own paper for skewed coverage.

Now, via the Project for Excellence in Journalism, we learn that a shift has occured, thanks to Sen. John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin:


    For the first time in three months, John McCain generated more coverage than Democratic hopeful Barack Obama last week. But McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, earned even more attention during Republican National Convention week, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

    Palin appeared as a significant or dominant factor in 60% of campaign stories the week of Sept.1-7 while McCain registered in 52% of the stories. Obama appeared as a key figure in 22% of election coverage last week. His VP pick, Joe Biden, was a leading newsmaker in 2%.

    Taken together, storylines focusing on Palin accounted for 45% of the campaign newshole last week. The biggest Palin narrative was the response to her selection (28%), which included her Sept. 3 convention speech. Coverage of her personal and family life accounted for 10% and stories about her public record registered at 6%. The claims made by the McCain campaign that the media were unfairly attacking Palin constituted 1% of last week's campaign coverage."


Full report can be read here.

This news, plus a 12-point lead that has opened up for Team McCain may account for John Fund's report in the Wall Street Journal.

"... Democrats have airdropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers into Anchorage, the state capital Juneau and Mrs. Palin's hometown of Wasilla to dig into her record and background. My sources report the first wave arrived in Anchorage less than 24 hours after John McCain selected her on August 29."


Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) has now risen to the top of the Obama campaign.

The Very Top.

Barry, a word of advice, if I may.

 Women Vote.

Republican women are on Sexism Patrol. The Obama campaign is reeking of desperation. What are they scared of --a girl?

What a bunch of sissies.

Man Up!

I will be appearing tonight on the Andrea Shea King show to discuss the PDS symptoms and experts who are available (like myself) to cure the afflicted. Listen in at 6:00 pm PST.

ARLINGTON, VA -- Today at 7:00 p.m. EDT, Gov. Jane Swift, Chair of the Palin Truth Squad, will hold a press conference call to discuss Barack Obama's comments about Governor Sarah Palin this afternoon in Lebanon, Va.

Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee further information about  my exclusive story yesterday involving the so-called veterans group attacking Governor Palin for releasing details of her sons deployment to Iraq.

Here is an excerpt:
Jon Soltz, a former U.S. Army Captain, Iraq War veteran, and chairman of, is claiming that gov. Palin violated operational security by revealing that her eldest son, Track, would be deploying to Iraq. Soltz repeated the smear on another prominent political web site, the Huffington Post.

But the claim Gov. Palin violated operational security is demonstrably false, which Soltz, as a former soldier, should have know before posting his claims. CNN's Anderson Cooper dismantled Soltz's transparently partisan attack, pointing out that the Pentagon announced Track Palin's unit was deploying to Iraq back in May, and that the unit itself had announced a public deployment ceremony a month before Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate. Two separate field-grade officers contacted have confirmed that Palin in no way violated operational security.

Some news agencies have released far more about Track Palin's deployment and his unit, including claiming to know to which province his unit would be deploying in Iraq. Without the benefit of any evidence at all, Soltz claims that the McCain-Palin campaign must be behind this disclosure. Though it damages his credibility and tarnishes the veteran's group he chairs, Jon Soltz has put his credibility and that of on the line in hopes of undermining a proud soldier's mother for releasing already public information.


An actor friend of mine sent me this casting call for a planned video attack on Sarah Palin by the left-wingers.

Is this crap never going to stop? Oh wait, that was a rhetorical question. But ..but...but Obama says he wants to keep this election civil, right?


Update: Marooned in Marin reports that the director of this video is a self-proclaimed sex addict. (Reader provides punch line here.)



Union Status Non-Union
Run(Usage) YouTube viral video spoof of Sarah Palin, focused on adult humor.
Rate Actors to Receive Copies for Personal Reel. This Film will have High Exposure on YouTube.
Submissions Due By 9/11/2008
Callback Dates 9/12/2008

Audition Dates 9/11/2008
Audition Location 
2727 Mariposa St.
San Francisco CA 94110
Shoot/Performance Dates 
Call Back Location 
2727 Mariposa St.
San Francisco CA 
Shoot/Performance Location 
2727 Mariposa St.
San Francisco CA 94110
Sarah Palin receives a call from McCain asking her to join the Republican ticket. She accepts, but has a very unusual surprise up her sleeve... She reveals a special, secret fetish for Obama.
Project Notes 
This will be a short 2 minute film with real viral potential, since it will reveal a top-secret election toy that is sure to be the talk of the water cooler.

Opportunity to work with renowned director, Caveh Zahedi.
Audition Note 
3:00 - 6:30 PM
submit JOHN MCCAIN / Non-Union / Co-Star / Male / Caucasian,Hispanic / 40-80
Wardrobe: Business suit and tie.
Rate: Artist to Receive Film Copy for Reel. This Film will have High Exposure on YouTube.
Role Added 9/8/2008 5:06:00 PM
Other Current Roles
submit SARAH PALIN / Non-Union / Lead / Female / Caucasian,Hispanic / 25-50
Leading role with considerable speaking lines. Ability to perform Alaskan accent is a plus.
Wardrobe: Sarah Palin's classic business suit outfit.
Rate: Artist to Receive Film Copy for Reel. This Film will have High Exposure on YouTube.

A left-wing organization that I have tangled with publicly in the past has identified its newest target: Track Palin. 

That’s right, a 19-year old private who happens to be the son of Republican Governor Sarah Palin is now being used as a pawn in their quest to gain power and undermine the war in Iraq. 

This effort is being led by Jon Soltz, who runs a 501c3, called  Soltz is demanding that the Department of Defense investigate a so-called leak of Track Palin’s deployment details to Iraq. The hidden agenda is to investigate Sarah Palin for 'leaking' deployment details. has circulated a petition demanding to know who gave these details to the media.

“When someone chooses to bolster that story by leaking classified details to the media, it allows the enemy to gain valuable information that allows them to strike at a symbolic target of importance – and all the troops around that target.  It’s dangerous, it’s illegal, and it needs to be investigated” says Soltz.“Whoever is divulging this information to the media should be prosecuted and punished, if found guilty.  Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or of another party, we should all agree that we cannot accept anyone feeding classified details to the press.  Join us in demanding the Pentagon investigate.”

While this sounds patriotic, and indeed commendable, I can assure you that and Jon Soltz are only out to score political points against the Palin family and Republicans in general. It is not a crime, nor a misstep, to announce a soldiers department for the war theater. All troops are held in Kuwait for an indefinite period of time, and deployed to various FOB's according to their orders. That information is not become public.

In 2006 VoteVets  targeted vulnerable Republicans like Sen. George Allen in their quest to hand control of Congress over to the Democrats. One of the front men for VoteVets is Gen. Paul D. Eaton, a savage partisan attack dog who was tapped by the anti-war movement to help lead the campaign that eventually forced out Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. VoteVets used Eaton in a push to pressure members of Congress to sell out to the Islamic terrorists and cut the funding for our troops and their missions in Iraq.

In an appearance on the liberal "Real Time with Bill Maher" show reveals Eaton's white-hot, deranged hatred for the Republican Party and his great willingness to serve as a partisan hack for the Democrat Party.

Watch his appearance – and pay note to these two particular clips: And with the arrival of a Democratic controlled Congress, thank God, on 7 November, we've got a chance to unsort and to figure out how to get out from under this. … (3 minutes, 17 seconds into the clip)

So many military believe that Republican administrations are good for the military. That is rarely the case, and we, uh, have got to get a message through to every soldier, every family member, every friend of soldier, that the Republican Party, the Republican-dominated Congress, has absolutely been the worst thing that has happened to the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps. (4 minutes, 22 seconds into the clip)

The co-founder of VoteVets, Jon Soltz, identified the group as a "pro-military" organization, saying, "We don't support anybody who doesn't support the military."

And who does Jon Soltz point to as a stellar pro-military leader?

It was Nancy Pelosi.

Soltz goes on to say, "We want to win this war, that's why we're here."

So. My question is: Which war is it that Soltz says they want to win? obviously favors losing in Iraq. They favor losing to Iran as well.

It turns out that VoteVets, led by Soltz, co-founded the website with former Democrat presidential candidate Wesley Clark.

Watch the video incriminating Soltz. Plainly speaking, this network of liberal Democrat activists are trying to gain more power for the Democrat Party, and they are willing to undercut America, our troops and their missions, just so they can score political points against the Republican Party.

And they are willing to use Track Palin as a prop in the power play against his mother, her running mate, and our country.

With the polls virtually tied between Obama and McCain (I say virtually because McCain is really leading at RCP) the game has moved into high gear. That means every assault on the GOP has to be answered in real time, without hesitation.

The Dems are now trying to portray Goveror Palin as a flip-flopper on the Bridge to Nowhere and the issue of earmarks.

Amanda Carpenter at advises the Obamans to bring in on!

McCain's Rope-a-Dope Strategy

I believe it was John Podhoretz who first called attention to the Bush "rope-a-dope" strategy during 43's first term.   It went something like this: 

BUSH43: "I'm calling for a $1.7 trillion tax cut"
DEMS: "That's WAY too much"
BUSH43: "OK, I'll settle for $1.1 trillion"

BUSH43: "We don't need congressional approval to go into Iraq."
DEMS: "What!  No way.. you've got to go through us first!"
BUSH43: "OK.  I'll give you the issue to vote on."

(Of course, that was before the bully pulpit withered away, neglected.)

Thankfully, the McCain camp has dusted off the playbook and is making good use of it.

MCCAIN: "We might just release the VP name during Obama's speech"
DEMS: "Don't you dare!"
MCCAIN: "OK.  We'll steal the thunder away AFTER the speech."

DEMS: "Palin is a lightweight who will wither in front of a national audience."
MCCAIN: "You're probably right.  Better set expectations REALLY low."
[Palin rocks St. Paul]
DEMS: "Ooops"

MCCAIN: (thinking) "How are we going to lower expectations after THAT performance?"
DEMS: "Palin is REALLY good at reading a teleprompter, that's all"
MCCAIN: "Gee. Thanks."

PRESS & DEMS: "Where is this Palin girl?   She'll bomb under our scrutiny."
MCCAIN: "Hmmm... you might be right.  We better not let her out."
PRESS & DEMS: "She needs to be on our pitiful shows.  Stop hiding her!"
MCCAIN: "OK, OK.  We give in."

You write the rest of the story.

( Ed: Justin Hart is a genius, he's got those tricky McCainiacs all figured out)

Remember the controversial Priest from Chicago Fr. Pfleger who mocked Hillary saying "There's a black man stealing my show!"??
He's back, this time, he attacks Sarah Palin:

It's official - Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were forced out of their political anchor positions at MSNBC.

Please folks - get a grip, hold back those tears, hug each other for support. I know its devastating news, but we'll just have to live with it.

Conservatives (like me) have railed against the blatant bias by these two clowns, especially Olbermann who let no insult, no lie, no slander against myself and others remain unspoken.

 Senator John McCain's campaign got involved, going as far as writing to NBC to complain about the appalling coverage of Sarah Palin after her nomination.

 And until recently, MSNBC gleefully paraded Mathews and Olbermann as the 'new face' of its network.

Not anymore.

"....After months of accusations of political bias and simmering animosity between MSNBC and its parent network NBC, the channel decided over the weekend that the NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host David Gregory would anchor news coverage of the coming debates and election night. Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Matthews will remain as analysts during the coverage.

The change — which comes in the home stretch of the long election cycle — is a direct result of tensions associated with the channel’s perceived shift to the political left. "

“The most disappointing shift is to see the partisan attitude move from prime time into what’s supposed to be straight news programming,” said Davidson Goldin, formerly the editorial director of MSNBC and a co-founder of the reputation management firm DolceGoldin.

Looks like Chris, Keith and the squabbling children at PMSNBC are getting a time out. The grown-ups are back in charge.

Update! Real Clear Politics has McCain pulling ahead overall. Fantastic news, due undoubtedly to Sarah Palin's popularity.

It's just one poll, but we'll take 'em when we get 'em.


“In the new poll, taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote. The survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters, has a margin of error of +/— 3 points for both samples.”

My pal Rob (N.Z. Bear) observes that its too bad USA Today led the story by reporting the 4 point lead among registered voters in the second paragraph. News of the 10 point lead among likely doesn't appear until the eighth. But media bias aside, googly-moogly.

Rob says another blogger pal "Ace" just tipped him to the new McCain slogan:

That's right, Trig is a Fake Pregnancy Changeling Baby.
What are you gonna do about it, punk?!

Now that's the sort of confident straight-talking leadership we need!

The blowback for all the faux scandals is hitting big time.



I really hate saying anything nice about former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown -not because he's a Democrat (annoying as that may be) but specifically because he tried to screw-up one of my most successful pieces of street theater during the impeachment proceedings against William Jefferson Clinton. (More on that in a minute.)

But I am forced to acknowledge that he has a damn fine column in the San Francisco Chronicle, a left-leaning newspaper that is hemorraging red ink and laying off staff fairly regularly now.


Da Mayor has actually figured out that Sarah Palin in playing in Peoria, Pinole, and Pontiac, although the jury is still out on the Potomac.

.......The Democrats are in trouble. Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign.


Palin's speech to the GOP National Convention on Wednesday has set it up so that the Republicans are now on offense and Democrats are on defense. And we don't do well on defense.

Suddenly, Palin and John McCain are the mavericks and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the status quo, in a year when you don't want to be seen as defending the status quo.

From taxes to oil drilling, Democrats are now going to have to start explaining their positions.

Whenever you start having to explain things, you're on defense.

Wily Willie is a pretty shrewd dude. I know because he discovered that I planned to bring 5,000 of my closest friends to the San Francisco mansion of billionaire Gordon Getty, who was throwing a fund-raiser for Bill Clinton while the rest of the country was focusing in impeaching his lying a--.

Brown ordered the police to cut our crowd in half, separate us, in order to make the crowd look small on TV and in the newspaper. Didn't work, but Brown cackled about that trick for years afterwards. 

We still managed to prevail by passing out our sexual predator alert around Pacific Heights mansions, letting the swells know we Republicans take public safety seriously when Bill Clinton is around.

I really miss the 90's...they were so much fun.

 Ya think the GOP and its conservative base are fired up now?

Yah, you betcha.


A photo of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his Code Pink bundler, terrorist supporter Jodie Evans, has finally surfaced. Ironically, it most likely was released by Code Pink.

You remember CodePink? They are responsible for harassing and assaulting the Marine Corps recruiting office in Berkeley, as well as sending over $600,000 to the families of the terrorists who murdered our troops in Fallujah.

Medea Benjamin and Jodi Evans, co-founders, have also disrupted the RNC convention, and were booed by the delegates.

The photo is included in a video report by WCCO-4 in Minnesota about Evans and her Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin infiltrating the Republican National Convention the night of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night. 

The WCCO reporter, Esme Murphy, included the unsourced photo of Evans and Obama to illustrate Code Pink's claim that they go after both sides. Murphy describes the photo as a Code Pink member "interrupting Obama", yet the the photo shows nothing of the tension and hostility that Code Pink shows when confronting targets like John McCain or Nancy Pelosi.

Most likely, the photo was taken at one of the several fundraising events for Obama that Evans has either hosted or attended. The photo is seen in the 1:45 to 1:55 segment of the report as hosted at YouTube.

Here’s the backstory and my original reporting, alongwith Kristinn Taylor.   Updates will be at and   

She's a crack-addicted, porno whore who shot Sasquatch dammit which is why we can't find Big Foot buried under the frozen tundra in Alaska poor poor Sasquatch and all the polar bears and wolves who died because Sarah Palin sent out goon squads to murder wildlife which just sucks it makes me sooo mad WHAT A BITCH.

(Sniff, sniff.)

Yup, the crackpots with keyboards have been spreading some wild rumors about Sarah Palin, and people are sick of it.

Charles Martin started a list everyone needs to bookmark. It de-bunks the Palin paranoids on steroids. 

Bias? What media bias? The TV heavy-weight (pun intended) who dominates the female demographic cried her eyelashes off when Obama delivered his powerful acceptance speech at the DNC in Denver.

But when Sarah Palin, the first female nominee for the GOP in history crashes the Nielson ratings with the highest numbers for ANY convention, EVER ...Oprah shrugs. Rolls her eyes. Professes objectivity. Yeah, right.

Drudge Report is in the cross-hairs over this story.

The TVZone has Five Reasons Why Her O'ness Should Interview Sarah Palin:

1.) To talk about motherhood, her family and Bristol; if you're really hung up on politics, O, then this doesn't have to be a "political" debriefing at all, per se, but a larger look at even more important issues, which your show claims to care about.

2.) It'd get a huge number. Hell yeah! Perhaps one of the biggest numbers in "O" history. This is a mercenary business, O, in case you've forgotten.

3.) It'd get the show back to that sweet spot of "relevance" and "news-worthiness." Wonderful to have all 150-or-so Olympians on Monday's season premiere, but the Olympics are old news; Palin is fresh news.

4.) Of course, it's O's right to support Obama in whatever forum she chooses, but she's simply too transcendent - her word - a cultural figure to pretend she's lil' ol' objective and non-political Oprah on her show, and yet Obama's most important supporter in the WORLD when she's not on screen. That's a silly artifice, transparent to all. Why not get Palin on and say, "OK, lady, I happen to think this guy walks on water. Now you tell me why he doesn't, and let's go at this." That would be great TV, and far better than a dreary debate between Palin and Joe Biden.

5.) O helped secure at least a million additional votes for Obama but probably lost hundreds of thousands of McCain supporter-viewers - if not more - to her show in the process. Here's her chance to say to everyone, "I have a right to support whomever I choose, and now to prove to you just how open-minded I am, here's the gun-toting mama from Alaska on the show."

Back on the campaign trail, the object of Miss O's affection, the Big O, seemed well, defensive. Ed Morrissey the race card was tossed on the table - again.

O+O = Zero.


Everyone is still talking about the political world right now, and I can hardly blame folks.

But something else happened in the past few days (besides the re-birth of a doomed GOP candidacy.)

Please read my latest column at WorldNetDaily about the murder of a fine young man who was destined for greatness, but will never achieve it.

NEW YORK — Barack Obama apparently isn't the only "rock star" in presidential politics this year. After days of intense media coverage about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's qualifications, more than 40 million Americans tuned in Wednesday to see for themselves what they thought of her.

The huge audience for Palin's acceptance speech rivaled that for Obama's address at the Democratic National Convention six days earlier, and set a tough standard for the top of her own ticket. Her poised speech, primarily going after Obama and touting McCain's case for the presidency, was gushed over by many analysts.

An audience of 37.2 million people watched Palin on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, Nielsen Media Research said Thursday. PBS estimated its audience at 3.9 million, based on a less reliable sample of several big cities. Nielsen does not count the audience for C-SPAN, which also showed the speech.

Last week, Nielsen said 38.4 million people watched Obama speak at a Denver stadium on the six commercial networks, along with BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo - four networks that didn't cover Palin's speech. PBS added an estimated 4 million to that total. Nearly 2 million more women were watching Palin than men, Nielsen said.

Viewers were far more interested in Palin than Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. Biden's speech to Democrats last week was seen by an estimated 24 million people.

The challenge now is to carry the excitement of the Republican National Convention forward to November. Newt Gingrich says that Governor Palin needs to "campaign toe to toe against Senator Obama, preferably on college campuses across the country."

Back in St. Paul, tonight's speech by John McCain didn't stoke the conservative fires, at least until the very end, when he rocked the house. But his style was flat, and he struggled with the applause lines and timing, and it didn't read well on television. Of course, expectations were high after the barn-burner delivered by his running mate and new political star Sarah Palin.

McCain got fired up at the end. Here are the best lines of the speech.

I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s. I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here. I loved it for its decency; for its faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people. I loved it because it was not just a place, but an idea, a cause worth fighting for. I was never the same again. I wasn’t my own man anymore. I was my country’s.

I’m not running for president because I think I’m blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need. My country saved me. My country saved me, and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her for as long as I draw breath, so help me God.

If you find faults with our country, make it a better one. If you’re disappointed with the mistakes of government, join its ranks and work to correct them. Enlist in our Armed Forces. Become a teacher. Enter the ministry. Run for public office. Feed a hungry child. Teach an illiterate adult to read. Comfort the afflicted. Defend the rights of the oppressed. Our country will be the better, and you will be the happier. Because nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself.

Still, the speech was disappointing because Senator McCain is not comfortable with a set piece, otherwise the comparison to another Republican President who stumbles under the lights will be inevitable.

Now, back to celebrating a winning team against Obama!

                              THE BARRICUDA AND THE MAVERICK.


                   Lori Byrd at Wizbang has linked to a great reminder piece from Gateway Pundit about the women in Pepto Dismal Pink who stormed the RNC - Jodi Evans and Medea Benjamin, also known as Barack Obama bundlers. Make no mistake - these women are traitors. They have sent money to the families of terrorists who have murdered American soldiers. They are an insult to our country. 


Stunning numbers for the RNC as America watched Sarah Palin's beaming face coming into our living rooms, speaking from her heart.

Palin_sarah Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's highly anticipated speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night nearly matched the record-setting numbers of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Palin pulled in 37.2 million viewers across broadcast and cable networks, according to Nielsen Media Research.

That's 55% higher than Day 3 of the DNC, when her Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, and President Clinton took the stage (24 million).

It's also up a sharp 99% from the Republican convention's third day in 2004 (18.7 million) and easily bests the numbers viewers attracted by George W. Bush when he accepted the nomination (27.6 million). In fact, it came close to upsetting Obama's historic address last Thursday -- the most-watched convention speech in history (38.4 million viewers).

Tie Me a River

CBS News has the election all tied up, but let's take that with a grain of salt, shall we? Rasmussen polling has the more definitive (and accurate) data.

The presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain is now even at 42 percent, according to a new CBS News poll conducted Monday-Wednesday of this week. Twelve percent are undecided according to the poll, and one percent said they wouldn't vote.

This is in contrast to a poll conducted last weekend, where the Obama-Biden ticket led McCain-Palin by eight points, 48 percent to 40 percent.

McCain has also closed the enthusiasm gap some with Obama, but it still exists. Fifty-five percent of Obama's supporters are enthusiastic about their choice, and now so are 35% of McCain's. Last weekend, just 25 percent of McCain's supporters were enthusiastic about him, compared to 67 of Obama's supporters.


Hillarys gals agreeing that Sarah Palin is receiving unfair treatment by the elite media.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Sarah Palin found some unlikely allies Wednesday as leading academics and even former top aides to Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsed the Republican charge that John McCain’s running mate has been subject to a sexist double standard by the news media and Democrats.

Georgetown University professor Deborah Tannen, who has written best-selling books on gender differences, said she agrees with complaints that Palin skeptics — including prominent voices in the news media — have crossed a line by speculating about whether the Alaska governor is neglecting her family in pursuit of national office.

“What we’re dealing with now, there’s nothing subtle about it,” said Tannen. “We’re dealing with the assumption that child-rearing is the job of women and not men. Is it sexist? Yes.”


Palin's speech electrifies Marin conservatives

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Former conservative radio talk show host Melanie Morgan of Greenbrae said, 'Sarah Palin electrified the Republican Party and dazzled Americans. A star was born tonight.' (AP photo/Ron Edmonds)

Former conservative radio talk show host Melanie Morgan of Greenbrae didn't mince words in her assessment of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday.

"Sarah Palin electrified the Republican Party and dazzled Americans," Morgan said. "She truly hit a home run. A star was born tonight.

"Her story was so compelling. I think she'll slay Joe Biden in any debate."

Newt Gingrich Smackdown on MSNBC

-Michelle Malkin Panic is setting in with Liberals, attacks intensifying

-Josh Trevino

...There is the Sarah Palin you saw on television, and there is the Sarah Palin I saw in the XCel Center here in St Paul, Minnesota. I don’t know how it played on TV. I don’t know what the news media said. I don’t know how the pundits assessed the speech. I don’t know what narratives the blogs are spinning. I only know what I saw. I only know what I felt. I only know what effect Sarah Palin had on the thousands of men, women and children assembled to hear her accept the Republican nomination for Vice President of the United States. I only know what word describes all that best.

The word is electric.

-Mark Tapscott

...It is difficult to imagine what else Gov. Sarah Palin could have done tonight to improve her performance. The key is that she has the same gift Reagan had - the ability to speak the ideas that unite and motivate the base in the everyday language of Middle America in a manner that reassures, inspires and entertains.

She and McCain still could lose in November, but what we witnessed tonight is so very reminiscent of the evening in 1964 when Reagan stepped up to the podium and delivered The Speech that launched his national political career. Palin's was not as philosophical or issue oriented, but she clearly established her claim as the emerging spokesman of a revitalized, insurgent, populist conservatism.

-Amanda Carpenter from

prediction: media is going to start calling Palin "cocky"

-Mike Gallagher "It's Official, America Loves Sarah"

 N.Z. Bear <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> was asked whether little Piper Palin licked her hand and smoothed her baby brother's hair?

"...She did indeed, and I immediately turned to my wife and said "She just won
the election, right there."

At the risk of getting too high on the cool-aid: if I were Barack, I'd be
extremely worried right about now...

Lori Byrd says:

Peggy Noonan's not on this email list is she?  She must be feeling pretty silly right now.   My blog post title is "So much for the redneck beauty queen mayor of a pissant town"  How much are they regretting that line of attack right now? 

Update II: Mark Tapscott has reaction, Melanie Morgan has a great Palin graphic, and there are some excellent comments being posted. I really like the one from Modean who recommends Biden wear a cup for the debate.


The atrocious, demeaning, sexist lies leveled at Sarah Palin are being orchestrated by- who else- Democrats. Why? They want to force McCain to dump her from the ticket.

How do I know? Hillary supporters are telling us the stratergy.

Fight, Sarah, Fight!

Joe Biden's 21-year old daughter was arrested over the weekend for obstructing a police officer during a bar brawl in Chicago.

But the campaign won't have any comment, saying quote "it's a family matter."

Say what?!!

Oh, EXCUSE ME! This arrest took place in 2002! Funny, I didn't hear about it then. I must have missed the crushing media play it received.

Outraged GOP women, including McCain campaign finance chair Carly Fiorina, held a news conference today and  blasted the media and democrats who have attacked Governor Palin for sexism.

.....In a comment sent out by the Arizona Republican's aides, adviser Carly Fiorina said she was "appalled by the Obama campaign's attempts to belittle Governor Sarah Palin's experience. The facts are that Sarah Palin has made more executive decisions as a Mayor and Governor than Barack Obama has made in his life. Because of Hillary Clinton's historic run for the Presidency and the treatment she received, American women are more highly tuned than ever to recognize and decry sexism in all its forms. They will not tolerate sexist treatment of Governor Palin."


It's too soon for links (I just heard it on the car radio.) But here is what Peggy Noonan is saying about Sarah.

....Because she jumbles up so many cultural categories, because she is a feminist not in the Yale Gender Studies sense but the How Do I Reload This Thang way, because she is a woman who in style, history, moxie and femininity is exactly like a normal American feminist and not an Abstract Theory feminist; because she wears makeup and heels and eats mooseburgers and is Alaska Tough, as Time magazine put it; because she is conservative, and pro-2nd Amendment and pro-life; and because conservatives can smell this sort of thing -- who is really one of them and who is not -- and will fight to the death for one of their beleaguered own; because of all of this she is a real and present danger to the American left, and to the Obama candidacy.


Andrea Peyser of the New York Post wonders when we turned back the clock to 1958?


Byron York at NRO is reporting (speculating?) that some conservatives are going to find Levin Johnston's (Bristol's baby daddy) presence on the stage tonight problematic.

But I have a different take. As the mother of a 17-year old teenager, I think that the presence of the father-to-be sends a strong statement that he is welcome in the Palin family, a place where Momma Sarah and Dad Todd can keep an eagle eye on him, and help mold his values and particularly his parenting style in the future.

It would also make a nice statement tonight if Bristol is wearing a ring on her left fourth finger.


The applause for Sarah Palin is rolling through the dome in St. Paul, Minnesota as Senator Leiberman extols the McCain/Palin ticket. Fred Thompson is doing a superb job describing Mrs. Palin's experience and character.

But I am seriously disturbed by the viciousness leveled at the Governor, and her 17-year old daughter. It's a double standard, and it is sickening. 

Justin Hart, a right-blogger who has stayed on top of the Democrat slime machine, says it is no coincidence that US Weekly is firing away. 

This is an ugly front page smear:


Erick Erickson did a good job covering this:


Of course, this is the same magazine that lauded and praised the younger Spears daughter for her out-of-wedlock baby.


On the front page their running a poll asking readers if Palin should step down.




Contact info for Mark Nechis

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Contact info for US Weekly:



Within the next week, Governor Sarah Palin will be defined forever in the eyes of the public, Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of said. 

In a statement, Viguerie said:

“A critical rule in politics is: Define or be defined. Fairly or unfairly, Dan Quayle’s image was set within days of his selection as a candidate for vice president, and, forever after, the media sought out evidence that fit in with that pre-conceived image.  

“Liberal Democrats are working quickly to Quayle-ize her. They are downplaying her experience and expertise, and trying to define her as ‘just a little housewife from Alaska.’ And, with the help of their friends in the media, they will get away with it – if the Republicans let them.




Former Presidential candidate Fred Thompson is going on television this evening from the Republican national convention in St. Paul with a vigorous defense of our Vice-Presidential choice, Sarah Palin.

The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes is breaking the story.

Fred Thompson will forcefully defend the selection of Sarah Palin tonight in a speech Republicans are characterizing as "red meat." He will argue that the feeding frenzy over Palin's is the result of "panic" from the Democrat-friendly mainstream media.

"What a breath of fresh air Governor Sarah Palin is. She is from a small town, with small town values, but that's not good enough for those folks who are attacking her and her family. Let's be clear, the selection of Governor Palin has the other side and their friends in the media in a state of panic. She is a courageous, successful, reformer, who is not afraid to take on the establishment."

There might be some truth to the contention that Hillary supporters, disgusted by sexism in the Obama campaign, are changing registration to vote for John McCain. One guy is none other than John Coale, Fox News anchorwoman Greta Van Sustern's husband.

...Some good lines in this interview, including Coale's trashing of, and hitting Obama's inexperience which he says should matter more than whether Gov. Palin is appropriately experienced, and he says there will be some big name Democrats coming on board in support of McCain to be announced soon

The Palin family was forced to respond to rumors about their beautiful baby boy Trig, who the fantatists on the Left were portraying was actually born to Bristol, Sarah's 17-year old daughter.

The scum wrote all sorts of vile lies, forcing Governor Palin to acknowledge that their teenage daughter is pregnant, will keep her baby, and marry the boyfriend.

Who would engage in such loathsome innuendo, allegation, and flat-out lying?

A Lot of people want the answer to that question.

ArcXIX is the Kos diarist who started all this stuff on the Palin family and the baby. ArcXIX has pushed the story that Sarah Palin's youngest child is really Bristol Palin's child.

If you go here, you will find a profile of a user at the website.

If you follow the Google Cache, that was oddly changed on August 31, 2008, you will notice that the user's AIM user ID is ArcXIX.

Is 24 year old Charles Hartley the diarist?

Is this the person who started all the trouble for the Palin family? And if so, is he connected to the Obama campaign? I think we should find out.


MSM is beginning to figure out that Palin is going to help, NOT hurt, the Republican party. 

Palin's unmarried daughter is pregnant

Reaction is flooding in from around the right and left side of the blogosphere. I'm keeping tabs for you.


"I have said before and I will repeat again: People's families are off limits," Obama said. "And people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin's performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and how a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be a topic of our politics."

On charges that his campaign has stoked the story via liberal blogs:

"I am offended by that statement. There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us," he said. "Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I thought there was somebody in my campaign who was involved in something like that, they would be fired."

--Ron Winter wonders "what kind of country are we?"

--Erick Erickson at has this take..

I bet it blows up for Obama when we remind everyone he considered this a punishment

Also, I can't think of anything better than for the fever swamp to devolve into a tabloid magazine for the next week ignoring substantive policy issues and turn hypocritical on "private matters" as they keenly put it.

--Amanda Carpenter at suggests a huge backlash if Obama tries to take advantage of the Palin family choice.

--Ben Domenach at has the most eloquent, moving response to   date here.

--EM Zanotti says...

I'm working on a post, but I'll be are they (Biden, Obama, the feminist whackos) going to hit her on "reproductive freedom" now? Both she AND her daughter faced pregnancies that were unplanned and problematic, where they could have made a very particular "choice" and neither one went the easy route.


Right now, on the BlogHer list, I'm seeing two lines of attack -- one, that Palin and her husband forced their daughter to have the kid (unlikely) and the other that Palin supports abstience only education so "how much education about sex did Bristol have...SEE abstience only doesn't work."


They can't attack it without being hypocrites. Though that's never stopped them before...

--Leslie Graves opines...

I wouldn't claim to be an expert, but I've worked in post-abortion ministry for years.  The leading post-abortion researcher has paid for a number of public opinion surveys (some done as add-on questions by Rasmussen) on how the public perceives post-abortive women versus the pro-life movement. In these surveys, he found that there's a huge commonality between women, whether pro-life or pro-choice.  The commonality is that they hate the practice of woman-shaming.  Whatever the laws should be, women should not be shamed, regardless of what is going on with them reproductively.   That is, many women viscerally reject and are offended by politicians and political messages that attempt to make hay out of shaming women for the particular choices they made, or what's going on with them in terms of a pregnancy or an abortion. All that by way of saying that I think that it would be a very bad mistake for the left to go down the shame-blame road regarding Palin's pregnant daughter. Juno, anyone?  Leslie Graves

--John Hawkins weighs in...

n a sense, I think it makes for a nice contrast to Obama,

"Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.”

Kos is now admitting that the Sarah-Palin-Fakes-Trig-Pregnancy story is false (after the umpteenth post) but takes the opportunity of Bristol's announcement to bash abstinence education.  Classy. On Sep 1, 2008, at 2:34 PM, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. wrote:

I'm starting to see some blog comments and commentary to the effect that it is wrong of the Palins and the McCains to expose their daughter to the national media circus that would, reliably, ensue once her pregnancy was discovered. On the other hand: The whole emotional ordeal of realizing you're pregnant and then doing the right thing, and having to tell your boyfriend, and your parents, (and your high school peers--always hard) is actually harder than facing a national media circus.
The only people who think it is horrendously hard to face a national media circus are the very people who are creating the national media circus, and who are uncivilized barbarians in the first place for even presuming to comment on it in public, other than to wish everyone concerned the very best.
 Leslie Graves


We're going on five days from the Thursday speech of the century and Obama has received NO bounce.

Rass's poll out this morning (just minutes ago) shows poll numbers unchanged.  But, here's the clincher graph:

"Obama receives favorable reviews from 85% of Democrats while McCain is now viewed favorably by 90% of Republicans. Both men are viewed favorably by 60% of unaffiliated voters. Enthusiasm among Republicans for McCain is up significantly since the announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Fifty-one percent (51%) of GOP voters now have a Very Favorable opinion of McCain, the first time he has ever topped the 50% level in that measure. On Friday morning, just 43% were that enthusiastic about McCain. "

Read about the poll results here .

(h/t Justin Hart)

I complain.

 I whine.

 I moan.

And then I bitch and complain all over again about the Hollywood bias that manifests itself nearly every day concerning a proud, pro-American point of view in your local cineplex.

It is a deadly serious problem that puts our troops in harm's way in the war theatre of Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East.

Andrew Breitbart, author and editor for the Drudge Report verbally cold-cocks David Erhenstein, a Lefty Hollywood blogger and journalist in a five day ideological duel sponsored by the LAT.

Here's a picture of my pal Andrew. Handsome devil, huh?

The cyberspace clash wasn't even close. Andrew is the clear-cut winner, even when I take off my partisan spectacles.

IT'S HAPPENING! Just as I predicted, although I hate being right about this.

 The anti-war sentiment is this country is spilling over to our troops who risk their lives to serve America. And it's happening in my backyard.

Iraqi war veterans returning from overseas treated like dirt at Oakland International airport.

Here's the e-mail that is causing outrage all across America.

Direct link at

But Media Matters is salivating over it's newest hit to the usual, taking out of context remarks and manufacturing outrage over it.

It's the same group of people (crackpots with keyboards) who tried to get me fired, and the rest of the KSFO morning show .

Media Matters, a George Soros funded organization dropped it's grenade last week, feeding misquotes, out of context statements and outright lies to their attack dogs in the media and Congress. Now John Kerry and other left-wing democrats are amplifying their charges, and calling for a resolution of denunciation when the Senate resumes later today.

Read more about the slime machine here, as reported by Peter Wehner at 


Sober minded scholars are pointing to the benchmarks established by the administration--metrics that can be quantified about why we are winning against the Islamic terrorists in Iraq.

From the Wall Street Journal and Fred Kagan is an excellent analysis.

Or maybe I should say that the chuckle truck pulled up over my comments about the (Ron) Paulestinians...feel free to add your own comments.

Well, somebody came up with a test to take to shake out where you are most ideologically aligned.

I took it.

The results showed that I'm closest to Senator John McCain.

Interesting. I never would have guessed that I'm such an ardent supporter of the good Senator. 

See for yourself.

And leave it to my friend Andrew Breitbart at to come up with the strangest reports.

I'll leave the commentary to you folks.

‘Baby John’ Update: DNA Test Set for ‘Family Heirloom’ Mummified Baby

09-27-2007 8:04 pm   -  WMUR-TV
Dateline: Manchester, NH

WMUR-TV: A court ordered Peavey's family to bury the baby unless they could prove the baby was a relative.


From the and two liberal writers comes a piece berating the Democrats in Congress for NOT DOING ENOUGH (to undermine our troops in a time of war.)

If the consequences of failure weren't so enormous, I would have to laugh at the pathetic dynamic at work here.

If you've been checking my website for the past few days, you undoubtedly noticed a lack of postings. I caught that dreaded summer cold from the teenage unit, and I lost my voice. Not good, especially if you are a talk-show host.

However --the world continues to turn and the troops are continuing to win!


Thursday September 27, 2007
Part 1: Jerry and Randy open up the National Defense and speak with Debbie Lee, the mother of a fallen American soldier, and discuss her trip around the country, and "Move America Forward".
Thursday September 27, 2007
Part 2: The National Defense highlights another great story made possible by the VFW's "Operation Uplink", and then bring you the truth about the USMC Silent Drill Platoon's denial to film by the San Francisco Film Commission. The Silent Drill Platoon were just featured on last week's National Defense, and Randy and Jerry cut through the excuses given by San Francisco.

From comes this little tidbit --Cindy Sheehan missed her arraignment in Washington, D.C.

No doubt she's in San Francisco campaigning for Nancy Pelosi's seat.


Bench warrant issued for Cindy Sheehan

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 27, 2007 04:24 PM

Code Pinko alert:

A bench warrant was issued Thursday for antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, who did not appear for arraignment Thursday in a Washington, D.C., courtroom to face charges related to her Sept. 10 disorderly conduct arrest at the Capitol.

District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Michael McCarthy issued the order to Sheehan around noon, a court spokeswoman said. The warrant means she is to be taken into custody and brought before the court. She also faces one count of unlawful assembly.

Someone ask Hugo:


Even if the mainstream media doesn't know it yet --millions of us rallied to the side of our troops, and we have made a difference for our country.

Savor the moment before the battle begins again.


NOTE:  “We’ve yet to have any Republicans switch,” noted a senior Democratic leadership aide, admitting that the strategy of Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to force repeated votes on Iraq – a tactic designed to force vulnerable Republicans to end their support for the war – has largely failed. “We need a new plan, and there isn’t one.”

A dope-free, pro-troop high
Friday, September 21, 2007 by Melanie Morgan -- I'm riding high after having caught a life buzz this weekend – and no, I'm not talking about side-effects from the dopers in D.C. smoking ganja at their anti-war rallies and "die-in." I'm jacked up because of the success we saw this past w...


Democrats succumb to MoveOn jackals
Friday, September 14, 2007 by Melanie Morgan -- The backlash over's vile advertisement this week attacking Gen. David Petraeus has the jackals of the left sniffing around for a way out. The brainiacs at probably giggled like school boys with forbidden magazines whe...


Burning Man vs. burning pride in America
Friday, September 07, 2007 by Melanie Morgan -- Driving down Interstate 80 through California's Sierra Nevada Mountains with my differential on fire, a slow rage started building in me. Labor Day weekend traffic was wailing along at 5 mph, and I was looking at the backend of hundreds of...


Greatness forged from war
Friday, August 31, 2007 by Melanie Morgan -- This is a story of two stars that burn brightly, one gold and one blue, both bathed in the light of a mother's love. Marc Alan Lee was 28 years old when he gave his own life to save the lives of others who were trapped in a building tha...


Finally! Combating the anti-victory crowd
Friday, August 24, 2007 by Melanie Morgan -- A few months ago, the national media coverage of the war in Iraq was downright depressing for military families and their supporters. News media coverage of Iraq was showcasing acts of violence on a nightly basis. Television commentators s...


The defeatists' double standard
Friday, August 17, 2007 by Melanie Morgan -- Last week, I wrote of the hypocrisy and irresponsibility of Army reservist Jon Soltz, co-founder of the defeatist organization A few weeks ago, Soltz attacked the integrity of a fine...




I REALLY wish I were more computer proficient--maybe I'll sign up for a Junior College course on Blogging 101. But the fact of the matter is that I don't know how to jigger my own posts in the order I consider most important, or even chronologically. So you folks get what I see, when I see it, or catch-ups from the past week.

Last weekend in Washington, I got a brief opportunity to hug my friend Ron Winter. Then we rushed off separately to make sure that GOE 3 stayed on track against the moonbats.

Ron is a Vietnam war veteran who has an eagle-eye on the body politic. He writes with clarity and conviction. He fights like a warrior for our American values. And he stays strong and resolved in the face on the American Left.

Read these postings when you have more than five minutes. Ron has a lot to say.


I've been out of town all weekend, and haven't been following the latest on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad planned visit to the United Nations and Columbia University --as well as the New York Times EDITORIAL BOARD.


Michelle Malkin does the heavy lifting on the developments.

I'm riding high after having caught a life buzz this weekend – and no, I'm not talking about side-effects from the dopers in D.C. smoking ganja at their anti-war rallies and "die-in."

I'm jacked up because of the success we saw this past weekend during the pro-troop/pro-veteran gathering on Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., as the Gathering of Eagles III and Move America Forward's "Fight for Victory Tour" temporarily re-took the streets back from the "Blame America First" crowd.

And why does he insult the very troops he used to command?

This man might be Hillary Clinton's running mate. God help us.


CLARK: Sort of like that. But they're space invaders. They have laser weapons and stuff and bust down your doors and rough up your women and throw you on the ground, really, I mean.

Watch the video here...


There's so much to keep reporting on the GOE rally and the after-action reports.

Judi McLeod

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Canada Free Press, my dear friend Judi McLeod weighs in on the events!

Cliff May of Defend writes a very concise article for Scripps Howard about the fizzled efforts of and their crazy co-horts.

"A few short months ago, the anti-war left was feeling its oats. On campuses around the country, professors were receiving letters asking them to steer students to "a major new organizing initiative to end the War in Iraq -- Iraq Summer."

My friend Megan Ortagus (who led the GOE Rally in the Pledge of Alliegance) sent out this urgent notice today.

Unite for Victory 
Wednesday, September 19, 2007 
 Dear friends, and their cohorts in Congress claimed 2007 the “Iraq Summer” and boasted it was only a matter of time before they forced troops out of Iraq.

The Politico reported that one of the leading anti-war activists said this of the GOP, We’re going to smash their heads against their base and flush them down the toilet.”Friends, the radical anti-war groups have never been more serious and today they are getting help in Congress from Senator Jim Webb.Senator Webb is introducing a deceitful amendment labeled, “Support the troops,” but it is anything but supportive.The Pentagon, General Petraeus, Secretary of Defense Gates and leading military officials all agree that this legislation is nothing more that a slow bleed on our troops which would actually tie the hands of the Generals on the ground, making it even more difficult to fight the war on terror.This is just another sneaky tactic the radical defeatists are using force America into surrender. 
We need your help!
Please call 1-888-362-2813 today.
 An operator will connect you to your Member of Congress. Please tell them the Webb amendment is just WRONG! Tell them that victory is America’s only option in Iraq.  Who do you trust to fight the war in Iraq: General Petraeus or Congress? The Senators below are on the fence – make sure they hear from you today! Senator George Voinovich (OH) - (202) 224-3353

Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK) - (202) 224-6665

Senator Arlen Specter (PA) - (202) 224-4254

Senator John Sununu (NH) - (202) 224-2841

Senator Susan Collins (ME) - (202) 224-2523

Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) - (202) 224-4944

As disappointing as the MSM media coverage of our event in Washington, D.C. is (as usual) at least C-Span covered it.

My opening remarks for Move America Forward were snagged by the bloggers.

Here's the edited version of the rally .

and more video of our counter-protest in the streets!

Don from Lake Ronkokama who wrote the book "Everything woth knowing I heard on Talk Radio"

Catherine Moy, me, and Joe and Jan Johnson (Gold Star Family members)


But I'll eventually spit it all out so you folks who couldn't come to Washington, but supported us with your hearts, prayers, financial donations and good wishes can enjoy the moments that I have.

Diany Nagy. (She's on the far left)

She's so cute. And single, too.


She's a singer in her soul, mortgage broker by day in the East Bay, patriot every moment.

She's a TINY little thing, but she sure can belt out a song.

Diana went out with our MAF folks to watch the lunatics of the left shout hateful things at America. She came prepared. Whenever she heard the F-Word or someone cursing the troops, Diana whipped out her Holy Water and spritzed the crazies. They actually stopped shouting. God works in mysterious ways.

Listen to the song that she performed at every single one of the 28 stops across America in our Fight for Victory tour.

* Videoclip with excerpts of "Where Freedom Flies" - CLICK HERE

 More photos, and some text from Pam at (bumped to top)

The proceedings began around 9:30 am, and Kristinn Taylor from Free Republic led the public in a rousing chant of USA, USA!

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 007.jpg

Kristinn then passed the microphone over to Melanie Morgan. I'm not a great note-taker when people are talking, but I managed to take down some of Melanie's remarks, along with remarks made by other speakers. Melanie was full of pep and energy, praising "the patriotic Americans who stepped forward" to give a message of "love and support for our troops." Something she said was echoed throughout the rest of the rally: "We will win this war...surrender is never an option!"

goe sept. 15, 2007 010 (2).jpg

{ED. I'm holding up a T-shirt for the crowd to see --it was a gift to me from Lt. Colonel Joe Roth at Camp Victory when I was in Iraq. It's the purple finger of freedom with a message of support from the Iraqi's after their historic vote. It's a gift I will always treasure.}

After Melanie's opening salvo, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Megan Ortegas, the National Anthem was sung acapella by Kit Lange (from Free Republic). The audience joined in. Rev. Hawke then gave the invocation. As part of his invocation, Rev. Hawke prayed to "enlighten those at the other end of this Mall, in that domed building, [that] surrender is not a word in our vocabulary."

Some of the speakers included Larry Bailey and Chris Hill from the Gathering of Eagles. Chris was very impassioned. His remarks included the following: "I would bleed on that flag to keep the stripes red, and I know I'm not alone...I don't care what they [anti-war protestors] have to say do not speak for me."

goe sept. 15, 2007 012 (2).jpg

A couple pictures from the Victory Caucus link above:
Thanks Spree!

Michelle Malkin just flashed me with this news.

US Park Police confirm: Vietnam War memorial was vandalized

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 17, 2007 02:38 PM

We brought you our video report on the Vietnam War memorial last week. Now, the Park Police confirm:

The unidentified substance that was found splashed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial earlier this month was the result of vandalism, the U.S. Park Police said today.

Sgt. Robert Lachance, a spokesman for the Park Police, said the investigation into the incident is continuing, but the detective on the case had ruled it an act of vandalism. Lachance said he could provide no more details because the probe is still underway.

The oily substance was first reported to police the evening of Sept. 7, National Park Service officials have said. Dark blotches were found along a stone curb at the base of the memorial for most of its length, and at least two of the wall's panels appeared to have had something splashed on them.

Park Service officials said they did not know what the substance was, and at first said it was unclear if it was the result of vandalism or some kind of accident.

Park Service spokesman Bill Line said today that maintenance and preservation crews were still working to remove the stains and marks, but were proceeding with caution to avoid further damage. He said the crews were trying to avoid pushing any residue into cracks or grout in the stone.

"We're purposefully going to take our time," he said.

Line said it could take another week or more to clean, but officials remain confident they can remove all the stains.

FYI, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone providing information leading to arrest and conviction in the case.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day Thirteen - Washington DC -

 Gathering of Eagles III vs.


(Jan and Joe Johnson, Gold Star Family members featured in our book "American Mourning" with Cat)

Diana Nagy selling her CD 'When Freedom Flies"

She travelled all across the country performing for every single rally!

Sal Russo, Chief Strategist for Move America Forward

Our Side lining Pennsylvania Avenue waiting for the Moonbats who were (as usual) late.

After the rally, folks still milling around.

Aren't these GREAT signs? 

The 'Fighting Deb's' Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns backstage

Debbie Lee with her Aunt Betty

Chris Hill from Gathering of Eagles who gave an impassioned speech 

Lt. Pete Hegseth of Vets for Freedom

American patriots who humbled us by their presence


Langer's best line of the piece he wrote from the fizzled anti-war protest was when he was watching the small(ish) crowd of moonbats doing stupid, meaningless acts of civil disobediance --"I lit a disappointment cigarette."


Michelle Oddis, Erica Young and John Mansour spent their day in the District --mingling with smelly hippies and foul-mouthed 'peace activists.'

Here's their coverage.

One of the BEST things about last week's wonderful events in Washington was getting to meet in person so many bloggers who have supported our troops, and written positive things about what Move America Forward is trying to accomplish.

I raced off the stage after the rally on Saturday to give Pam Meister a HUGE hug and thank her for all of her excellent writings and friendship.

Pam blogs about it here.

John in Dublin just provided me with the YouTube link to Congressman Duncan Hunter being introduced by me at GOE 3.

Congressman Hunter is a great man.

He bought dinner for our group TWICE. He listened to everybody's worries about the troops, and helped many Gold Star family members with individual problems.


..Michelle has put together some amazing photos from GOE III.

'Us' Versus 'Them'

I hugged and kissed my husband, my son, and Riley the wonder dog ---and now I just have a quick minute to post a round-up of the media reports from our WILDLY successful Fight for Victory Tour and the DEEPLY moving GOE III in Washington, D.C. I had to the privilege to co-emcee with Kristinn Taylor of

We also held a Capitol Hill news conference on Friday.

We showed the thousands of cards, letters, and sheets of support for our troops AND their mission.

  I'm gonna give you some secret inside stuff from GOE before tomorrow's radio broadcast. Deborah John and Debbie Lee, our Blue Star and Gold Star Hero Mom's who travelled all the way across the country with our Fight For Victory Tour, went over to the 'die-in' by the Commie Code Pinko crowd, and confronted them.

The Fighting Deb's went into combat mode. When a moonbat woman confronted Deb Johns with ugly language, Deb got right back in her face. And then this crazy woman SHOVED Deb.

Big mistake.


Problem handled.

Earlier in the day, Debbie, Deborah and I went to confront Senator Harry Reid for calling our troops losers. We were furious. This picture shows us delivering our spittin' mad message to Jim Manley, the chief spokesman for Reid. He was NOT happy to see us. 

Move America Forward Confronts Senator Reid’s Office on Betrayal of Troops

Our delegation approaches Senator Harry Reid’s office.  The delegation included Melanie Morgan (Chairman, Move America Forward), Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (Vice Chairman, Move America Forward), Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns.


Reid’s spokesman next informed the delegation that the discussion was over and that he had heard the message and had nothing more he wished to discuss.

And now more from Freeper Jenny Hatch!

I stayed home from church and am watching the rally right now.  I started crying when Chris Hill spoke and have just been bawling like a boobie the whole time.

This rally is going to stand as a beacon for the future.  I can't stand the progressives at C-span, but God Bless them for documenting GOE III.

My blog round up is one of the most comprehensive in the sphere.  Check out the movie I made of you storming Reids office.  I LOVED the look on your face.

God Bless!

P.S. has tons of photos and blogs, too!


While I am in Washington, D.C. representing so many of you who want to come but can't, please know your sentiments will be heard via C-Span. It is planning to record the entire rally, but it will be tape delayed. Check local listings.

If you are logging on to sign our petition 'Support Our Troops! And Their Mission in Iraq" please know that your e-mail is confidential to just Move America Forward and your address will never be posted or sold anywhere.

Secondly, due to safeguards to prevent duplication, only one e-mail address for each signer is allowed. I know, it's frustrating for families who want to sign for each e-mail address. We're working on that.

I am hoping that we gather at least ten thousand signatures to support our troops before I leave for Washington, D.C. to join Gathering of Eagles, EaglesUp, Vets for Freedom, Families United and dozens of other pro-troop organizations for a SPECTACULAR rally on the National Mall on Saturday.

The last time I checked the numbers we are at 6,000 signatures. We need more! Keep signing while I'm gone. I'll check the numbers from Washington.

99.9 percent of the country can't come and raise the flag and support the troops AND their mission, as much as they want to. But you CAN do something that won't cost any money, but will make a difference. Sign the petition, and then use our very friendly function to call Congress.

Please. Speak Up Now. America Needs You.


 The sneering, condescending, antagonistic attitude towards General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker during Capitol Hill testimony about the positive news coming from Iraq is causing heartburn among the anti-war, anti-troop crowd.

"Democrats scramble for Iraq strategy " from The Politico, September 12, 2007. "In public, Democrats maintained a brave front, dismissing recommendations from Army Gen. David Petraeus as too little, too late and suggesting he was the puppet of an unpopular president.  Behind the scenes, though, Democrats are scrambling to deal with a new dynamic on Capitol Hill - they're the ones who are trying to come up with a new political strategy on the war." 

"Dem Candidates, Pressured by Anti-War Base, Still Find Consensus on Iraq Policy to be Elusive", from: The Hill, September 12, 2007  "Democrats are in a box on the Iraq war debate, lacking the votes to pass legislation ordering troops home by spring but tied to a support base that wants nothing less. ... Absent any significant changes in the political landscape, Democrats are where they were before the August recess."

From: "Democrats in Box on Iraq War Legislation", Associated Press, September 12, 2007 "Two days of testimony by the top U.S. general and diplomat in Iraq have emboldened Republicans and robbed Democrats of momentum as Congress prepares to debate proposals to force a withdrawal of American forces."

From: "Democrats' Bid for New War Policy Blunted By Testimony on Iraq", Bloomberg, September 12, 2007

And I do too. After all, it's what motivates me each and every day to do what I can, however small it might be, to protect our country from the Islamic Jihadists who hit our country hard and awakened the sleeping giant.

I haven't had time to post earlier because I'm going Mach 2 with my hair on-fire to make our Move America Forward caravan across America a success. The 'Fight For Victory" Tour is generating huge media because we have a powerful message--America will NEVER surrender to terrorists.  This is is important because it communicates to a larger audience than just the wonderful, warm, huge-hearted patriots who show up along the way of our 27 cities, and directly to our lawmakers who are in charge of keeping us safe.

Where were you when the Trade Towers came down and America changed? I was sitting in the anchor chair at KSFO radio in San Francisco, where I do my daily show.

I looked up at the TV monitors, catching a glimpse of an airplane going into a building, and a puff of smoke. I knew immediately something was awful, horrible beyond words was happening, beyond a mere accident. That premonition was borne out with my co-host Lee Rodgers, who is also a pilot. We immediately suspected terrorism. The events spooled out over our remaining three hours on-the-air, with the news becoming worse and worse. I called my husband at our home, instructing him to turn on the television; a plane hit the World Trade Towers and he needed to start issuing instructions to our staff at KSFO and KGO, where he is the Program Director.

From there, we went into crisis mode, understanding that America was under attack.

That day, and days thereafter, I saw American flags popping up on cars, in stores, outside homes and it made me proud and glad that everyone of all political persuasions understood what happened. It saddens me enormously that most of the country has now fallen victim to the lie that our war in Iraq has nothing to do with September 11th.

Terrorism is evil. Period. If it strikes New York City, or Beirut, Lebanon, or Madrid, Spain, London, England or in Baghdad, Iraq --it must be stopped. We must be the warriors for freedom that our forefathers were in stopping the spread of Nazism. After all, Japan attacked America first. We joined the fight against the Nazi's.

I hope that the people of this great country understand that analogy. It's not that hard to grasp. 

Glenn Reynolds at has more on 'context''s an important thing.

Please read it.


Here's the e-mail I'm sending out to every single person I know or hope to know on the planet!

Excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor, but CNN did a fact-check on the claims made from in the full-page advertisment taken out in the New York Times today.

Wolf Blitzer has more. (Wow, I can't believe I'm typing this.)



One of our most sacred Memorials has been vandalized by the anti-war Left.


damage to vietnam memorial

See the shadows on the lower part of the picture?

It's acid. Splashed over those heroic names.

damage to vietnam memorial 

Are you outraged?

Are you disgusted?

Contact Congress and let them know we will not stand-by and watch this happen to the memories of our war dead.


It's easy, and it will make a difference. Your e-mail address is confidential.


Cat Moy is live-blogging over at the Daily Blog File at Move America

Here are some of her posts.



Unable to stay away from the television cameras for longer than five minutes, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and her Code Pinko friends were arrested on national television today.


(Here is the arresting Cindy Sheehan earlier this year.)

While General David Petraeus was delivering good news that  America will be able to draw down our forces and bring some of our troops home in Victory.

Ms. Sheehan believes we should leave immediately. And cause the death of millions in Iraq...making the death of her heroic son Casey meaningless.

From The via Drudge Report

How do the Left-wingers in charge of do it? Walking, talking, breathing and acting like normal human beings. In reality, they are pondscum.

These despicable, vile individuals have stooped to a new low.

They have called our American General in charge of the Iraqi theatre a 'traitor'!

...Good Lord. It's too stunning for words.

The Democrats, sensing they are about to get a political ass-kicking when the Congress hears from General David Petraeus next week, and the success of the 'surge' of fighting forces in Iraq, are now changing their talking points.

Like Lucy with the football, the defeat-retreat-surrender crowd keeps yanking the ball away from our troops, fearing a score in the war against Al Qaida.

Fred Kagan writes at the Weekly Standard why a "Middle Way" that Democrats are now yabbering on about is stupid, and counter-productive.

Here are the highlights and the actual text.


Osama's little videotape reminds me of Democrat talking points.

From Breitbart.TV

Bin Laden: One Solution to Escalate the Fighting and Killing Against You’

Osama bin Laden appeared for the first time in three years in a video Friday released ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, telling Americans they should convert to Islam if they want the war in Iraq to end.


I wrote a column for World Net Daily that ran today. It's called 'Burning Man Versus Burning Pride.'

The Nevada desert rats linked to me and I have been flooded with hate e-mail. Kinda interesting, since these guys are searching for spiritual enlightenment.

Not a good start on the Kosmic Karma thang.



Back Channels | War backers spreading the message: Finish the job
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Move America Forward has a pro-troop, cross-country caravan under way, with 27 events planned as the group makes its way from California to a Sept. ...

Good Wednesday morning from Tucson, Arizona. We've woken up early and are getting ready to host the Tucson pro-troop rally for the "Fight for Victory Tour." Today we have a veteran recently back from Operation Iraqi Freedom and so we're very excited.

People keep asking us where they can join the caravan, or how to get more info about the upcoming pro-troop rally stops. All the details on the"Fight for Victory Tour" are available at the Move America Forward website:

We'll put out a more comprehensive report on the progress of the cross-country, pro-troop caravan, but here's what we can update you on for right now...

*** FOX NEWS CHANNEL: We've now learned that Fox News Channel aired are port on our national caravan and pro-troop rallies! And after national radio exposure for the tour on Mark Levin's and Jim Bohannon's shows, we were pleased to receive an invitation today from G. Gordon Liddy's Show.

We're working to get a live report from the caravan broadcast on his show.And yesterday we had C-SPAN calling to ask about the "Gathering of Eagles"rally on September 15th - and they told us they're discussing the option of broadcasting that pro-troop/pro-veteran rally live to the nation!

*** MEDIA GETTING EVEN STRONGER: At our last several stops we've always had 2 or more television cameras and usually radio and newspaper reporters there as well! Our military mothers have been doing interviews with BBC radio as they travel down the road. We pick up reporters from other European news services in Texas, who travel with us. These reporters say that European audiences find it fascinating to see such a vibrant pro-troop movement here in the United States as there is not too much in the way of pro-troop activities across the Atlantic.

*** NATIONAL REVIEW TO THE RESCUE: National Review joined in the multi-front effort to get the message out with this posting at their website: The Tank

*** AND THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Previously we passed along word that the Washington Times had a piece on the national "Fight for Victory Tour." Add to that the Washington Examiner now: Antrim: Move America Forward rallies troops

*** SUNDAY IN COLORADO: A pro-troop rally takes place at 7:00 AM in Boulder, Colorado (1048 Pearl Street) with the local patriots leaving after the rally ends in their own caravan to join the "Fight for Victory Tour." If you live in Colorado, you've got to do whatever you can to make it to the rally. Then jump in your own vehicle at the rally's end and caravan on over to Wichita, Kansas for a big pro-troop rally with the "main spoke" of the Move America Forward "Fight for Victory Tour" caravan. Meet our band of road travelers and speakers and help give us that positive boost to march onwards!

Antrim: Move America Forward rallies troops

Sep 6, 2007 6:00 AM (4 hrs ago)


Political tensions are skyrocketing in anticipation of Gen. David Petraeus’ report on the progress in Iraq. The war on terror and the Iraq war should not be partisan issues. But there are those who are determined to make them so. If there were ever any doubts about how the Iraq war and the war on terror were being used as a wedge to grab political power, the recent actions of the Democratic leadership put them to rest.

Read the article here .

Kathleen Antrim (in pink) Melanie Morgan, and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich 

I am humbled to have such good friends, some of whom I have never met.

Judi McLeod is one of those people. We admire each other very much, have e-mailed for years, but I have never wrapped my arms around her for a well-deserved hug.

Judi McLeod


Judi is the Editor of Canada Free Press, and writes about some 'difficulties' I have had lately with the Leftwing nut jobs. 



I've seen the video of Fred Dalton Thompson announcement of his presidential campaign on the Jay Leno show, and I gotta say I wasn't much impressed. I like FDT and want very much to support him. He seemed a bit unfocused. I wanted him to come screaming out of the gate with some funny lines, and razor sharp reasons for wanting to change the country with his Presidency.

Yeah, I know he's Security, Unity and Prosperity. But come on! Where was the

excitement? But hey, maybe it's just me. 


Since I have an early bedtime, I can't stay up late to watch FDT on the Leno Show. But by tomorrow morning, I'll bring you my take.

In the meantime, the candidates on Fox News Channel took off the gloves. I admit, this is the first time I watched most, but not all of the GOP debates.

Guiliani did a passable job, but Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo had some wow! moments.

My attention got diverted when I went over to the Drudge Report.

This is the picture on the site.


That's a powerful image. I'm just sayin'. I don't want Barry Obama to win. But this visual is going to strike fear into the hearts of the Hilly Clinton crowd.

Washington Times article: Patriotism, on the march

by Susan Duclos

Attending the Move America Forward rally yesterday are Debbie Lee, a gold star mother, Melanie Morgan (center) and Duncan Hunter, a presidential candidate.

Full transcript at Wake up America: Exclusive Interview with Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward

Radio talk show host, best selling author has life threatened because she is pro-troop, pro-mission supporter


Click on at top of page to see Danny's report on the beginning of our historic tour!

Advance leaks to ABC News spells DOOM for the political prospects of those engaged in calling our troops "Losers" and actually WINNING the war in Iraq.

General David Petraeus may just steal the thunder from the Retreat-Defeat-Surrender crowd.

Plus bring some very welcome news to our military families who miss their soldier-heros.

Gen. Petraeus Preps for Much-Anticipated Iraq Progress Report

Gen. David Petraeus talks to ABC News from Camp Victory in Baghdad. (ABC News)

Here is a sampling of what OUR side is writing about the launch of a historic road-trip by Move America Forward!



I've just returned from the gruelling first 24-hours of our Fight For Victory tour, which launched in Carson City, Nevada, stopping in Sacramento, continuing onto San Francisco (the belly of the liberal beast) and then onto Modesto, California.

I BURNED out the differential of my big Honkin' SUV, we were BUMMED out by the "Burning Man" Smelly Hippies Weirdos on parade (200,000 40,000 returning from the Nevada desert to hog up our freeways while we caravaned from stop-to-stop) and we were BUSTIN' with pride by the patriotic response of ordinary Americans who stopped what they were doing on their Labor Day holiday to greet us.

Our two 'Debbies' Deborah Johns (Blue Star Mom) and Debbie Lee (Gold Star Mom) were terrificly eloquent and amazingly effective at each rally stop. Lt. Colonel "Buzz" Patterson was also a BIG hit, as well.

We had VERY nice crowds numbering in the hundreds at each stop! Despite the Labor Day traffic and hour late appearances in Sacramento and San Francisco.

We were counter-protested at Senator Reid's office in Carson City by, oh, lemme see--a couple dozen anti-war leftists (some of whom heckled us at our rallies.) Not one single counter-protestor in Sacramento and, get this, SAN FRANCISCO.

While the National, State and local Democratic party sent out MILLIONS of e-mails to counter our PRO-TROOP message, the best the wingnuts could muster was a couple of dozen? Lame, really lame. Thought this was the Hot Summer of Protest against the neo-cons. NOT.

In Carson City, we had two TV cameras, and local newspaper coverage. Sorry I can't forward all the coverage, our tech people are working overtime. (Most of our staff is on the tour.)

We had six to eight television hits (complete 3 minute packages) in the Reno-Carson City market, all of which was extremely positive. As in LITTLE BIAS, much pro-troop coverage, favorable discussion of General

Petraeus upcoming report, and GOE, VFF, Eagles Up big D.C. event. This has got to be irritating to the notoriously thin-skinned Senator Harry Reid. At each stop, we pushed Victory Caucus for signing the petition for Congress.

 Haven't seen the media coverage for Sacramento or San Francisco yet. San Francisco was wall-to-wall Bay Bridge 'opening early' coverage, drowning out our very uplifting rally in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office.

Okay, I am officially out of activist go-juice. Must.Go.To.Bed.

Please see our Daily Blog File at for more details. We will be updating from the road. PLEASE keep pushing our rallies and get some boots on the ground in each location.

Melanie Morgan
MAF Chairman
KSFO Radio

P.S. When I got home tonight I found YouTube video from a woman I don't know, Jenny Hatch, but I would sure love to meet her!

Must WATCH --funny, and moving, too.

The Blogs are sending out the word --the ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERSHIP is arrayed against our pro-America, pro-troop caravan that leaves tomorrow, arriving in Carson City, Nevada Monday morning.

Can you frickin' believe this?

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