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San Fran Nanny, aka Nancy Pelosi, wrote a book to show young people how to go from housewife to Speaker of the House.

It appears that no one really cares. Hmm, with Congressional approval ratings at 11 percent nationwide, I wonder why?

One of my least attractive personal qualities is my delight in schadenfruede; enjoying the misfortune of others. I only engage in this distasteful behavior when it comes to phony, lying hypocrites. They are usually left-wing nutters. So I can't help but notice that my book "American Mourning" co-authored with Catherine Moy, rose to #6 on the bestseller list in the first 24 hours of release, while "Know Your Power" by Nancy Pelosi is languishing at #41 on the Non-Fiction list since it's release last week. That translates to 2,700 books sold.


And I have FAR LESS name recognition than Nancy Pelosi.

The Most Powerful Woman in the world seems to be missing a little firepower when it comes to moving her message. If she can't sell her own book, how can she sell her politics to the rest of the country?