Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Hola mi amigos! That’s a little Spanish lingo for those Obama supporters who think we should learn to speak Spanish instead of insisting that immigrants to America learn to speak English.

As you know, I have been ‘on the beach’ lately. I have just returned from Akumal, Mexico (formerly an unknown fishing village until Bill Gates cruised up in his 52 foot yacht and wrecked things for the rest of us, but I digress.)

This is the view from mi casa.


And this is the view from the ocean of our modest digs.


Pretty swell, huh? It’s called Dos Jagueros and our family rented it from a picture on the Internet.

You might be wondering what I did on my summer vacation. Mainly, I spent time thinking out my next career move.


And I spent time with my family.


Morgan girls including my sister Michelle (bottom left) nieces Maggie (top left) and McCayla (top right) and Melanie (bottom right)

The Morgan’s get carried with the M thing. (Not pictured are Marissa and Mark Morgan.) Kinda strange, but what the hell.  We like it.  

Politics and more coming up. I have lots of venom stored up after a relaxing time South of the border. Here’s a toast to booze fueled political rantings!

Senor, una cervaza, por favor!