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Column warning: Today I will discuss prisoners and condoms. Literally, prisoners with condoms. So beware.

Prisoners have sex. This we know because the rates of HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are pretty high inside the hoosegows. If you look at the statistics for AIDS in Solano County, Calif., especially in the early years when scientists and doctors identified the disease, the numbers skew due to the prisons in Vacaville.

It looks like we’re closer to San Francisco in AIDS cases than other suburban counties. Bureaucrats and liberals like to tout condoms as the No. 1 way to prevent AIDS and other STDs. That is false. The No. 1 way is abstinence.

Oh, now, Cat, you know that isn’t reasonable,” the Cat Critics say. “Teens and prisoners inside male populations are going to have sex, so they need rubbers.”

Well, lucky for the big boys inside California State Prison Solano in Vacaville, Calif., bureaucrats have decided to distribute condoms.

But there’s a hitch: The guards are going to have to bust these guys if they catch them with opened condom packages, according to a story in

What’s next? Distribute heroine, pornography and liquor to the prisoners, but forbid them from partaking?

Cat, that is really stretching things,” the Cat Critics cry.

This bureaucratic idea would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. The corrections officers – the guys and gals who deal with prisoners face-to-face – think the idea stinks. They’re correct.

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