Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


This is a picture of a hateful feminist lesbian who spit on an Iraq veteran. Our friend BashMan and his buddies at have outed her, so to speak..

This beast has too much testosterone. Mix that with her hate of America and you get, well, probably a supporter of Barack Obama.

Here’s what BashMan and his buddies found out about the Hateful One. She calls herself a “beerwhore” on her Myspace Page, but here’s more from Pat Dollard’s site:

Well, Louie and I decided to do a little digging.

Louie’s Uncle Louie got involved as well.

We wanted to ID this classy broad.

This is what we know:

Her name is Anni Telfer. She is originally from Bakersfield, California, Bakersfield High School Class of 2004…her claim to fame is that she actually founded the very first chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network at Bakersfield High School. Bearing that in mind, one might tend to think that she’s probably an advocate for tolerance, and no doubt, by her participation in the “Peace Protest” in Santa Barbara a week ago, a peace advocate, as well.”

Let me just break in here for a bit of editorial comment. Melanie and I have spent years looking into the eyes of Medusa, uh, Medea, the pink creature of the deep hole of hate that the world knows as the “peace” crowd. These are some of the filthiest, rank, hateful, mean-spirited, disruptive pukes on earth. They have attacked our Marines, soldiers, Gold Star parents, patriots, veterans and anything that has to do with loving America.

Back to BashMan at Pat Dollard:

Louie has found out that she lives part time in…(drum roll, please…) Vietnam.

And here is her MySpace Page, Louie’s Uncle Louie thanks Unbreakable for that info.”

Go to (Pat Dollard’s site) to read the entire rundown on this beast and to view the original video of her spitting on an American hero.

After looking at her MySpace Page and reviewing her spitting incident, I suggest that anybody who wishes to approach Ms. Hateful “beerwhore,” get all of your vaccinations, especially for rabies.