Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The word from Ron Winter, respected military author and decorated veteran is that there is some funny business emanting from the Obama campaign now in Afghanistan.

From Winter's Soldiers blog "My military friends wasted no time today informing me that the word out of Afghanistan is that troops were ordered to attend the Obama "breakfast" that has been all over the media and blogosphere. More to the point, some troops also were ordered to alter their identities, at least as far as their home states are concerned, for the benefit of the Senator's campaign.

Apparently, the Senator's campaign people wanted to make sure that the photo ops showed the Senator talking with service personnel from the appropriate parts of the country. Appropriate in this case apparently meaning places where he needs a big boost in the polls."

My goodness gracious. This could get very interesting. A Democrat party hack like Obama acting like, well, a politican? Unthinkable!