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Al Gore is a big, fat phony. But then, everyone knows that. Except the dopes who still believe in Global hoaxing.

I am loving the folks at the American Prosperity Institute for pointing out the hypocrisy of algore! My right-blogger pals have the story.

Gore's Hypocrisy Exposed in New Video: His Entourage's Lincoln Town Car Outside Global Warming Speech Idles w/ AC Cranking for 20 Minutes!

(on the AFP blog:


We're back from Al Gore's big global warming speech, and boy did we have a great time! We had a dedicated band of taxpayer advocates out in force, pointing out the high economic cost of global warming alarmism - starting with $8 a gallon gasoline.


Of course, we saw plenty of hypocrisy -- especially the fact that Gore didn't ride his bike or take public transporation to the event.  He didn't even take his Prius! Instead, he brought a fleet of two Lincoln Town Cars and a Chevy Suburban SUV!  Even worse, the driver of the Town Car that eventually whisked away Gore's wife and daughter left the engine idling and the AC cranking for 20 minutes before they finally left!


Check it out in our video from the scene: