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It is an Internet tsunami that is heading across the country - and by tomorrow, every single network newscast and print outlet will be awash in the news that the Rev. Jesse Jackson used the "n-word" to describe how Obama is talking down to his brothers and sisters.

TVNewser first broke the story, which has been confirmed by Fox News.

By mid-day tomorrow, the cable TV shows will have all kinds of people of color talking about how it's okay for black folks to call each other the N-word, but it is NOT okay for white people to do it.

The crackpots with keyboards, the Daily Kos kids, are speculating that this is a Fox News plot to undermine support for Barack Obama - the looney left is blind to the fact that Fox announced last week there was more on the tape, but they chose not to air it because as Bill O'Reilly said "we are not out to get Rev. Jackson."

I think we have seen just about the last of Jesse Jackson. Liberals will denounce him, African Americans will see his comments as self-serving, mean-spirited and classless, and the media will go after him like rabid jackals.

Say buh-bye to Jesse's already tattered reputation, and his ability to shake down corporations for personal gain. Air America is reporting that some Chicago activists are demanding that Jackson step down from the Rainbow Coalition.

Maybe JJ should just re-locate to LA and spend some quality time with his illegitimate daughter. A little 'practice what you preach' kind of quality time. 

It's over for Jackson.

 Al Sharpton must be celebrating tonight.