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Please believe me when I say that I have no claim to psychic abilities whatsoever.

 That is why I was so shocked when I got up this morning to check my computer before heading to Palo Alto to visit with our veterans recovering from head trauma at the Poly Trauma, Spinal Cord, and Poly Rehab units only to discover that my buddy Tony Snow had passed away.

You see, I had a dream last night that included Tony and Tim Russert, who were hanging around together at an insider dinner in Washington, D.C. Both turned from the table to wave at me. Weird, huh?

 I didn't know Tim Russert, but I knew Tony. And as far as I was aware, Tony was hanging in, still battling the colon cancer that killed his mother as well as claiming his own life.

Tony Snow was a profoundly decent man. A committed Christian, with a loving family, and a pride in his country that knew no bounds.

Tony was also a gifted writer, commentator, and talk show host which is how I knew him. Everyone at Fox News, where he worked for a long time before becoming the White House spokesman adored him. Funny, warm, and loyal.

I introduced Tony to the CPAC convention in Washington, D.C. in 2007. Tony and I spoke backstage, and I could tell he wasn't well, even though he put up a good front. A few days later, he announced his cancer had come back.  

I certainly hope that the Bush deranged crackpots who wished Snow dead, or thought about his dying and considered it Karmic justice will SHUT UP today. Yes, Karel, that means YOU.

Let his family grieve in peace. PLEASE. Let us remember a good and kind man.

Tony, we will miss you. God Bless you and your family.


It was simply too much to ask for - some human decency from the netroots crowd.

Noel Sheppard at documents the sliming of a friend and colleague.

*****Update: Much as after last week's announcement concerning the death of former Sen. Jesse Helms, Netroots commenters are dancing on Tony's grave today. As I have no interest in giving this too much attention, and don't want to copy any of this feculence here, readers can opt on their own to click on the following links to see how the supposedly compassionate left behave when someone on the right dies (vulgarity alert):

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