Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I'm too familiar with so-called progressives. These leaders of leftist thought have given us gay marriage, freaks dressed in pink who attack our military, and tree-huggers who literally live in trees and throw human feces and urine from buckets onto police.


And it’s all OK – if your mind is warped by progressive thinking.


 Liberals/progressives/socialists/communists – or whatever they call themselves these days - have tolerance for only their own ideas. If they don’t like something, liberals attack with the fervor of a pool full of piranha. They even break their own rules of political correctness.


Two good examples are Jesse Jackson’s threat to cut off Sen. Barack Obama’s testicles, and a movement in San Francisco to kick out the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps from local high schools. Both show how liberals cover for each other, no matter how outrageous their behavior.


FOX news, which has the tape of Jackson’s crude remarks, hasn’t even released the worst of his raunchy rant. I would think the Secret Service might want to talk to somebody who threatened to neuter a presidential candidate.

But all is forgiven and the mainstream media – the handmaidens of Jackson and Obama – have had very little to say about the foul outburst. This is because the two are “progressives.”


At least Jackson only hurt himself and what is left of his tattered reputation. What San Francisco school board members are doing to high school kids is outrageous and racist.

School board members Eric Mar and Mark Sanchez are running for re-election in November and decided to politicize children’s’’ futures by crippling JROTC. These self-serving politicians figured they would gain progressive Brownie points by forcing the JROTC out of San Francisco schools and taking away P.E. credits for JROTC students.


The school board already approved eliminating JROTC from the district by the 2009 school year. One reason the school board voted for the drastic, discriminatory and racist move, is the military's anti-gay "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that prevents gays from serving openly in the armed forces.


Banning the program wasn’t enough for Mar and Sanchez. They want to stop the district from giving physical education credit to those in JROTC until the program ends, but that effort failed in June.


San Francisco high school students, who filled rows of the meeting room for two hours waiting for the budget meeting to end and the special session to begin, expressed their devotion to JROTC during public comments. Many held signs that read "I love JROTC" and "They want to get rid of our PE credit! That's crazy!" according to the Bay Area Reporter.



 (photo courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle)

"No one asked about the students ... people who care about the program like me

are being left out," said one Mission High School student. "I am also a bisexual, and I don't feel any discrimination at all," she said, leaving the podium to the applause of other JROTC supporters, according to the Reporter.


The banning of the JROTC is discriminatory and must be reversed. San Francisco schools are made up mostly of children of color: African-Americans, Chinese, other Asians and Hispanics. Whites are a minority in the district. So taking away JROTC would strip the 55,000 students, most of whom are ethnically diverse, of opportunity.


And a bisexual student says JROTC has never discriminated against her. So the “progressives” shouldn’t have a beef.

Plenty of parents do, though. And voters will get a chance to redeem San Francisco schools from the depths of racism and discrimination.

On Monday, JROTC supporters delivered 13,600 signatures to City Hall to get a nonbinding resolution on the November ballot to show support for JROTC. The group needed 7,200 from registered city voters to qualify.


A lot of people said they were anti-military and anti-JROTC, but they said they wanted students to have a choice," said Neal Jaranilla, 16, who will be a junior at Balboa High School this fall. He spent the past five weeks collecting signatures, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


"They had no idea they would awaken this sleeping giant," said Nelson Lum, a Vietnam vet and father of Amy, a JROTC member, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s   C.W. Nevius . "This is an issue that goes beyond political boundaries."

It crosses boundaries all right, and sets back gains for children of color in the San Francisco school district.


Speaking of that, where is Jesse Jackson on this racism? Apparently he’s too busy  thinking of ways to emasculate Obama.


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