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My blogging has been infrequent for the past couple of days due to the wrap-up of the telethon on Thursday and the needs of my family.

I meant to write about the San Francisco Chronicle shocking expose on the illegal aliens hauled in for crack cocaine dealing - only to be let loose again because of the insane Sanctuary City policy by the liberal idiots that run this place.

Instead, I'll toss over to my friend Michelle Malkin who is never short in the contempt department for this so-called public policy.

I'll be you can't guess who one of the biggest supporters of sanctuary city status for illegal aliens?

Did Mayor Gavin Newsom's name trip off your tongue? I wonder how this is going dangerous, illegal and contemptible situation is going to play in his newly announced run for Governor?

The Gelled One will have some explaining to do to San Diegans, and the rest of California.

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom launched an exploratory committee Tuesday to consider a 2010 run for governor.