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by biener777 2 hours ago
This was by far the best production our conservative icons have ever put on! I am absolutly excited at the prospects of the alternative media methods to get our message out! We can now safely ditch the mainstream media outlets which have abandoned all semblance of true objectivity LONG ago! We now have the best chance to launch from a limitless platform. Cudos to everyone who worked so hard to...

by bellaherna 5 hours ago
This was a great idea! Thank you for putting it together & THANK YOU TO OUR TROOPS & their families for all that they do & sacrifice for us!!!!

by Zbigniew 6 hours ago
Although I'm not American, I've watched the beginning of this show in the evening and then I've watched the entire show today. It was a superb production. I'm not an American, but I am a sympathizer of MAF and Melanie Morgan. So I wanted to tell them that I was interested to see this show. Go, Melanie, go!

by usarocksallday 15 hours ago
this was the best internet experience I ever had. thank you all and God Bless America.

On Thursday's Just In, Laura interviewed Melanie Morgan and Michelle Malkin about their amazing 8-hour live broadcast that connected viewers in the US with troops in Iraq, "From The Front Lines." The broadcast featured a star-studded lineup including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik and our own Laura. "From the Front Lines" set a goal of raising $500,000 to send the largest care package in history to our troops, and more than doubled that goal, raising over $1 million! Congratulations to Melanie, Michelle and everyone involved with this incredible effort!
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Melanie, Michelle, and the whole team,

AMAZING JOB... Absolutely amazing...


I ended up starting watching about 2 hours in and couldn't stop until it was complete...

I had donated before the teleconference, but with just over an hour to go - I was compelled to donate again...

Double your wildest hopes... amazing - $1M...


Be Well


God Bless You




San Mateo

KSFO Listener

WorldnetDaily Reader

Michelle Malkin reader

Mark Levin

and many more... most of your guests..


Thanks again - I am honored that I am able to help...