Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


Move America Forward,, and a whole phalanx of bloggers, radio stations and on-line publications are joining together to tell a story in narrative form about the success in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to acknowledge our troops in a way that has never before been attempted.


Sending the single largest shipment of care packages in U.S. history to our American fighting forces in war zones thousands of miles away --Iraq and Afghanistan--with the help of an All-Star line-up.

Details at (please contribute!)

Michelle Malkin and I are psyched to use (her technological expertise) and (my large rolodex) to bring together Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dr. Laura, Lt. Colonel Ollie North, Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, local conservative radio talk show hosts like Michael Graham in Boston, Brian Sussman in San Francisco, Mark Williams in New York, Roger Hedgecock in San Diego, Martha Zoller in Atlanta and many more, PLUS Kelsey Grammer of "Frazier" and the awesome John Ondrasik from Five For Fighting. This is just the partial list (see below.)

You can also hear some of the broadcast at various radio stations across the country including KSFO in San Francisco, KOGO in San Diego and Salem Broadcasting stations in various markets.

(Photo courtesy of KSFO Radio, July 2005)

Listen to Rush Limbaugh's show Tuesday. He is going to talk about "From The Frontlines" as we attempt to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars it will take to make sure that over 50,000 care packages are delivered to America's heroes by July 4th.

Since we worked together (cough, cough, mumble, mumble several, er, many) years ago, Rush has taken the country by storm and re-invigorated AM radio, saving us with his incredible intellect and broadcasting skills, creating an opening for other talk show hosts like myself to have a voice in the liberal dominated media.

Rush is using his talent (on loan from God) to support the men and women of the military who are breathing dirt, grime, desert sand and the hatred of Islamic fundamentalists, while separated from their loved ones and experiencing excruciating loneliness AND executing their mission with professionalism and honor.

My organization is profoundly grateful to Rush, Michelle Malkin, UStream co-founders Brad Hunstable and John Hamm, and every single guest, military representative, Gold Star Family Member (those who have lost a son or daughter in war) and all others who are joining together on the broadcast beginning at 4 pm EDT until midnight. (1 pm PDT until 9:00 pm.)

The Honor Roll, please.

Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan

The Office of General David Petraeus

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton

Rush Limbaugh

Ann Coulter

Sean Hannity

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Lt Col Oliver North (Ret.)

Actor Kelsey Grammer

Comedian Jackie Mason

Singer John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting)

Laura Ingraham

Mark Levin

Monica Crowley

Mike Gallagher

Rich Lowry - National Review

Kathryn Lopez - NationalReviewOnline

Jed Babbin - Human Events

Joseph Farah - WorldNetDaily

Matt Lewis -

Ron Kessler - Newsmax

Kyle-Anne Shiver - American Thinker

Navy Cross Recipient Marcus Luttrell

NBC's America's Favorite Mom - Patti Patton-Bader (of Soldier's Angels)

Cliff May - Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Larry Bailey, Chairman of Gathering of Eagles

Julie DeMaria, Operation Care & Comfort

Iraq War Veteran - Pete Hegseth, Vets For Freedom

Gold Star Mother, Debbie Lee

Gold Star Father, Mike Anderson

Gold Star Father, Mark Crowley

Gold Star/Blue Star Parents Joe & Jan Johnson

Bev Perlson, Band of Mothers

MilBlogger Matt Sanchez

Vietnam War Veteran & Author, Ron Winter

Brian Sussman - KSFO, San Francisco

Michael Graham - WTKK, Boston

Mark Williams - WROW, Albany

Roger Hedgecock - KOGO, San Diego

Martha Zoller - WDUN, Gainesville/Atlanta

Kylie Williams, Miss Florida 2007

Radio Talk Show Host, G. Gordon Liddy