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For those of you not familiar with please do yourselves a favor and bookmark it.

An anonymous blogger (even to me!) almost always attends the Berkeley anti-peace rallies and has wry photo commentary that I devour like a rabid jackal.

I was disappointed when I went to his/her site and found nothing after EaglesUp and other pro-troops put on Thunder Strike, where hundreds of bikers roared through Berkeley to stand in support of the Marines at the Recruiting Center, enraging the moonbats.

But I had nothing to fear. Zombie rose from the netherworld and put together a very impressive piece. Zombie emailed it to me a few minutes ago.  



The video near the top of the report is the juicy part, with the lefties going into howling convulsions at the mere sound of the National Anthem:  



BTW, near the end of the second video, the World Can't Waiters are chanting "Melanie Morgan loves torture!":  



Good luck with the "From the Frontlines" fundraiser! 

                                                        -- zombie

Thanks, Zombie! also has coverage.

Berkeley Rally, KTVU NEWS  

And Syncro at posted a thread and even put a picture of me and EaglesUp organizerDoug Lyvere up on the computer. Whoo Hoo!



Melanie Morgan and Eagles Up's Doug Lyvere, SgtMaj, Marine ret