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A Scottish newspaper is reporting, according to educators in the U.K., that school-children are receiving lower test scores because they are relying on on Wikipedia for factual information.

I have longed to see this story written, after having been victimized by the Wiki crowd for several years.

My teenage son, (who is not particularly political) has come to me after checking Wikipedia and reading some highly inaccurate descriptions of my biography and activities, grilling me about why I said this or that, engaged in controversial activities, when in fact, none of the things he was reading ever occurred.

I tried many many times to correct the untruths, but left-wingers keep changing the biography, and even the description of the book I co-authored with Catherine Moy called "American Mourning" is dead wrong.

Unfortunately, TV bookers and other media researchers rely on WikiPedia for factual information that is NOT FACTUAL. 

Now students across the world are suffering because of this situation. Which must be corrected.