Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

There are hundreds, if not thousands of instances in which the anti-American, left-wing peace thugs have desecrated the memories of heroic soldiers who have battled for our freedoms and many who died for them.

In fact, my organization Move America Forward has documented attacks on military recruiting centers, bases, soldiers or their families in our Sedition Report

But if you wonder why I have engaged as passionately as I have about the importance of honoring and acknowledging service and sacrifice --wonder no more. This video truly shocked me. And I consider myself unshockable in this regard.

Watch this video, from the aptly named Michael Crook, the biggest attention whore on the planet.

 And be sure to watch your blood pressure afterwards.


I emailed my friend Michelle Malkin about this loser, and she warned me that he is the most hated guy on the Internet. With links.