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I watched Al Gore on yesterday delivering his BIG endorsement for Barry Obama (and I mean big, as in huge girth) chuckling to myself about how the Obamaniacs think this is going to make a difference. I wonder.

I have also been wondering about how Gore's 500 million dollar effort to force us to 'reduce our carbon footprint' is playing out.

Turns out, not so much.

Leslie Graves tipped me off to another Liberal, Democrat, RED-HOT hyprocisy.

You all may remember last year, the day after Gore won his Oscar, that a tiny think tank in Tennessee released his energy bills, which were outsized.   

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research (TCPR) had access to the bills because in Tennessee, all utility bills are a matter of public record.  TCPR came under a relentless assault from the usual suspects online for a week after their revelation, as chronicled by Deroy Murdock here

 The response from the Gore camp was to send out many press releases about how they were installing many green improvements to the home to reduce its carbon footprint.  That may not have worked so well, because TCPR has just now sent out a "how's Al Gore doing a year later" press release, revealing that his home energy use has increased by 10%.