Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The radical anti-war, Marxist, and violence prone organization The World Can't Wait, plus their sisters-in-pink are calling for a massive counter-demonstration this weekend in Berkeley, Calif.

I am joining with EaglesUP, motorcyclists from around California, and beyond to remind the Berkeley City Council we haven't forgotten their slander of our Marines and others in the military.

Read this posting from WCW - it's scary how stupid these people really are.



Mass Non-Violent Rally & Demonstration Map & Directions

On March 22, hundreds of right wing, pro-war bikers invaded Berkeley to rally in front of the Marine recruiting station, waving signs calling for locking up unpatriotic "traitors" and "waterboard the liberals."

On June 21, they are coming back with their "call to arms" to "support the troops" spreading thru veterans groups, motorcycle clubs, the Boy Scouts, and pro-war media.

The eyes of the country were on our anti-war resistance this Spring, and that's what the right wingers want to attack. Their goal is to intimidate the people of Berkeley, including the City Council, who despite capitulating on their original resolution calling the recruiters "unwelcome and unwanted intruders," still haven't apologized to the Marines.

Clearly, Berkeley's outpouring of resistance to recruiters this past Spring still poses a threat to the warmongers' plans - our anti-war resistance is something they want to snuff out before it spreads.

This gives us a unique opportunity to turn something negative into a positive! On June 21, the major media spotlight will once again be on Berkeley and the Marine recruiting station. Let's show them that the people of Berkeley (and the rest of the Bay Area - everyone should join in!) stand against the war, the torture, and the recruiters that are preying on our youth.

Come to this mass nonviolent rally with your family, friends and neighbors. Let's speak out, bring banners, wear orange jumpsuits, and bring some reality into the mix.

Let's show the world that there is nothing "honorable" about fighting this illegal and immoral war, and that we will not allow fascist thugs gunning motorcycle engines and shouting "USA NUMBER ONE" to become the new norm - in downtown Berkeley or anywhere else!

(Ed. God forbid that anyone should take pride in America, celebrating that we are number one most compassionate, giving and generous country in the world, willing to fight for the freedom of the oppressed.)