Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror
My buddy Mark Williams and I spent the past several days in San Diego filling in for our friend,  Roger Hedgecock, on AM 600 KOGO Radio.We had more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

And you know how much I love monkeys.



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Mark and I want to thank all the staff at KOGO, including Program Director Cliff Albert, producers Jimmy Valentine, Macarena, and Angela. They made us feel very welcome, and helped us produce a show that we were very proud to put on the radio. We attacked the moonbats who are trying to drive Blackwater International (the private security firm responsible for keeping Congressional Critters and Senate syncophants safe) out of San Diego, mocked a ‘Scientist’ who felt very smug about filling-up her Pius, er, Preius automobile while simultaneously denouncing the Bush energy policies and happily pronouncing Global Warming is real because President Bush declared it to be true (don’t ask me to explain that one!)

 But if you want to hear our shows, here is the link to the podcasts.     


Next up, “From the Frontlines” live on on June 26th.  So many cool broadcasts, so little time.